The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 12, 1919 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1919
Page 10
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- .10 r t i:;d!a?.'3 to cz irr chape TO MEET CI ..'CI..,. 'ATI CLUD TUESDAY RESTA TO DRIVE SUNBEAM RACER III VICTORY SWEEPSTAKES STATE PIN MEET GETS UNDER WAY COLF AND TEN - ' NIS NEWS AMATEURS ATHLETICS i. ED,fflLED'LI!!EUPOF Mniane - AnniiT mo liiUiMU nUUUI UiLh l " " r - .cr cunchto cc on J03 tiott - CAY REDS HERE TUSEDAY AND WEDNESDAY. ELKS PLAN DIG OPENING ars who have Men irrtggle - d. O' - tfit m. toe watthif - g the wtMlon yarrKt" l V. i. !dn tori jrk . - r?: the early spr'.rg rr:rg'rr.ay H and eipcct di'.i'; - net week. ! cxpe'led that 1h - r e'ar : Ji:f;M. '; x Covington, Steve Y rl.. . Ptti t aj.f. and Kdsofi )lr . n - v ) - wilt t . i tr. job Monday, with y brand rf fair weather ther fan l;.to rondl - 1 )i I he ten tiny i :'! r - oiw'im, li.o American A'' f ttK - n is' - j'm, a from iiMl tt't'J'iff), .J '(f inns U Ki v,i;J be b rc irT ... nors Tuesday 'd W'ln!1y, 4 I: i; not u n U I V li - vllt Will . A - l a fi - n th - wIM io t - 1 11 r r.! t the Indians. Pat Mn warita ar." and be may - hi in if be cuts (iTiiij'i ',r three - jl;ttr It. at Man. - - r i !'! !ri k d wants. A 'eal for f. .f f 'i it Iic i" MiorlMf.p i(.h another i ? - v ;. .1 ' i iiiti tie a t.aMf'ng rr, pri'j f.Yf.r, I tr,i 'l t!'s d' Al prooahly v. Ill , ri - - 'ed. 'l.l'.f the I - ! ia'io Is not roni. t e,. - it 1" I') r i'h thnt'th! ur. fit M;ii.iir H - r'! r ' f rvr. ti - r n to lMf'l M ),,! '.f in tici 1 j - .ji(.!'l. m tthrn tr ,)'r - l( - (iju r 1' fi tr tt ir l' :ur lifup nl I T I J ' Pirate Are Cominj. ;.'xt Mlurdav pnl H - . - nfJar tin r'itt - t.'.rjj f'liiffi t! Iff! ntl'tifn t V .i;ii(t')(i fBtki 0'J nri Monday. th r ft day, th! .'hlcK' Vhit( f.tx will .4 tcit. Tt Ifi'l ari will tlicn rst for ,tt,' - "c uti'1 h In tofidltl'in ta trim ? U'IIy t - ni tW hdlnln In Jh? oprn l - trit. T)' ImllJii. rr, tutUt - r lh j . ' ; t - r mid (i'hn,nn ori t Job, i i t.owlili fvrrl urnai'ur rij mi for fill - in, mill co l )yioii irly V)irw ifiorrii'ix for u n xhHitl'fi no vlfh lh ffn.ytofi Ilrox, B.ri lfid - i'!tit ftiav krwx - k th tock t t 1 f r irniiok to !' th l''t th ,la v n thf: f;m turned out nnually v;;h n idi "d th lvr - r rvl n IxitkN. Thfl Klkil fcrf on Jhe Job its t thin l"n - in h, irtjarnl? thtit pn i r dy M ill txt humiiirr. 'I hey I " rmtrit k r - Mtwde In vhhh Kilkn' tunfi v!,l hf fralurtd itnd thry epfct to put "i r t'fitud nt rooting not heard tinie ti Uti tf ;ik. Automohlle row in to In cm h! fund and already a corn - fitttre mm potMd of Hefh Kline, II. M. tl "r) W) He and Henry Utile ra ttoom - t'e penfle nt hull fttyerd Jind fnn in rrnl ftlll rlftht thfr. too. ashful Ty Cobb Flees to Ccudoir to Escape Admirers lANVILr:. Vju. At - rl! J2. - The To, i )rvr t rt'l Tlstfn wrro to utage a t - gjm her today after Indulfilntf In a f'Vred rriit' tnU' at Oreenoboro. ' - I r(unt f the rln. tVhli 1h ireenlK)iO vlll.iirer mlf't - antui! hi Icoaue iiMtlon, ther ). 1 a kooiI look at Tv fohb. Their irionv hftiirue po rienl arul. they His. re! fu muh at Col.b that he wy M natural h.vne?i and fleJ ti bin tJUlo!r. . jtil JSVIJ.I.K. Ai - ril 12 Th rnie ar - riva l l.rre ! !' from Mlrmlnehun foi ln imnt hatile with the. lnulav Itle t'olonela. Tn t'tt'o will r"m hr fat a before onflnif H. trip. JA'KONVI!.l.lC. Fl . Anrll J? - Miller lltiftrtn e)'l to ' U"rBfi Motl,1 m Hh . either llerhert Thonnhlp or Allen in th ranie ft the uprln rr t'1) - wllh lii.KIvn. Veatetstay not a ll a .Mrhe. In th VanWe ramp. Hu - n'na d.'ture.l inn reat di'l Xtf man more good than a workout. riUI.AriKt.TMtlA. Aiti i:.ln tha Trat of " a twa nam eria the AtMrtlre dafated tha l nlvefitjr of rennaylvanU alna yaaterday, J. tv.vr onr.KAH? thre ImI New April I? The In.llana Orleana, 6 to 3, eter1ay. 'I it a I'rilfana rail ins et - nrw a in a in inur fr. IMtiher Weaver, tf the rlkan. "it in tlie alt"ere too aon. The Un.l nff man hitalei. I'ohl aaya ha ( out for bat - iC on I ir. ij out of tut n. rrM.. Anrtl It Tha anoual w - e - (. nn aerlea bet e aen - the Ht. tmla National au1 Aoterlian le(u tama for the niy rinmi InriMi. rtena thta aflernnon. The a. b - 1ule.1 .ttriea f: Atnert - ana. Taen Ttt and l.nilnir: Natloala. t;.x1ln and nemen. ft a catnea ill h playet. EXHIDITIOrJ BASEBALL Cleveland Americana. S; New Orlena. J - ( inrlnnall NatloJialn. Jrlln t N eatrnl, 6. eMi - aro White 4; MlnneapoMa (Aaao - . hicao Cuha, t; Tueoon tauthr, S. College) Baseball. lUnovrr, I; r.triler. I. tniVana. 4: ftt Normal. 1. Wl'attw. A; Wwlvaeh. I. r'hlla'lrlnhia, Americana, t; rnnylanta, I, Vnlvareltjr of Pacific Coatt League. a!t take Cltv, tt Vernon. . lertiand. ; la Anaria. t. an Fmnrlx - o, Seattle, 0. ijtklao.1, I; acramrnto, 0. TECH VI7IS MEET. ANPEHSOK, Ind.. April llFat tima in both the dashes and long distance, rnns and Rood murks in the flelj eent featured tn dual track neet be - tveen Technical hlirh school, of Indianapolis, an.l Anderson, which vn won hv the Technical team. It to 44. on tha i liish school campus hero yesterday aft - ; trnopn. Technical Jumped Into the. lead In tha "first vent. the hVMard dssh. which - Ty, pushed hard V hi two Ander - lsn contrstAnts. ran off lu tha fast tima of 10 4 - .' rwcundA Althouch the locals on arven out of eleven firsts the meet lostyon second and third places. A nderoi won only two seconds and four thirds. Tho summary; I3 - Yard Iaoh ray (T. flm; ' Grlaamer 1 K . 1 aeint ; WUHanJS Al. third. Time, 3't - & aorontta. ':aYarl IasV W'llllama (A. first; tay tit. a - rond: Keltllnj iT). third.' Time, ?t 2 - 6 e - - ivlt. itO.iir.l laH Main A. r : Ilawklna T). vind; Jultii A), third. Time, ; - s . jJ rl Kurt Jululi (V. frt: Woods (T, r - oiid: llawkina tT), third. Time, . J nln - Vi't '. - l 1 - 4 aev!nil. Mile Kun Howard A. flrM: WoodJ T. - .mii: Mott (Tl, thlrU. Time. & mlnuiea ' J S a aecoi.da. Ii'c! Jump lUustr and Orayer (T. tied - f.vr erst and second; Cory t.Vi. third, lit i hi. S feet. I - ar - t Illsh Hurdle Verm I! Hon A , Sai: rI:.t. tit, - ond, UrlHi tl), tn. - d. T - nif, J14 - S aeoonvla. .." - Yuri Mimllra Main ( A, flrat ; ' Vi li;ln T. !Hond; CinsRS (T, third, lone. aeoi - .ti - 1 - . I'o.a ault Mi'!l air T. ftrM : Van Pel - tin IA t - fir.l ; Iner T. third. Height. S fet IIX hM. 'tot 1'ut llartman tA, rmt: Dear tT. t cM; i;r';gt tTi. tMrd. I'ir'.snca t; feel 1ru - h. V It - (J Jumiv - 1iueer (TV flrt; Orljtca (T. ae. etmlUion A). IhttM. lnsunct. 1J f''t ( t. - tie - . I.rl tr xvo cn by Anderson. 3 minatrs onuO.v - i Csod Playera Scarce. FAMNM lbLi; Ind.. April lt - Johnny Te, mnacr of the Kvansviilc ba?e - t ill Cult cf trie reorganized Three - 1 I.aT - 'K'. has ficneil Uslcr n.trtson, an eu! :.i.ler. who lormerly played with the ew London team hi the Kaatern l.t i. - 'i". Nee aya he j - nd that good j tvll i Uycrs Hf scarce, but he expects tv) lain - 'i tiitil of a tram whipped j ( - lo 1 before th ooeninij of thej Tl'rea - ! ff.)'n oti .May 7. It is likely ! tf - .nt N - wt:.' $ lc: up some of the fla - j r - s c;i t.'i M,l'UKf Inn as they are rf't'l fr - ;.m to time by Clarence J! ; - :a : :. n - cnayer. Indiana's Pitching Mainstay in Conference Baseball Race i f f Kl.rNKTII, KL'XKUL. liLOOSMNGTO.V. Ind., April Jr. C'apt. Kenneth Kunkel. who Is playing bis last year on the Indiana university kae - tnU trarn. la exrteI to be? the Crimson mainstay this conference year In the ho. Two year ro he held the atrori Purdue team to a J - to - O acore In n plt' hlt.s; luel of aUteen limlnys. He rerntly shut out the Indiana In a l - to0 store in a seven - Inning same, allowtng the tribesmen but two hit. FANS GROWING ANXIOUS IN WAIT FOR TOURNEY DATES Service Title Series Will Be Created In England Overseas Plana. Indianapolis and Indiana tennis fans are busy these days, trying to dope out the way the tournament dates will fall this year. There arc various combinations presented One of the favorites Is that if the Indianapolis Tennis Association gets the state tourney, tha Kt. Wayne Country Club will get the trl - state tourney, - or vice versa. . Another opinion is that the tri - state may be split, and some - of it' go to other states, and there are others who believe that It win hot land Inside the borders of Indiana. The central states is another event that Hoosler tennis followers are watching:. Where will It go? It would be Impossible to expect that all these - matches would romt to Indiana, or Indianapolis. The I, f. N. I T. A. doesn't do things that way. Whatever the decision, and it Is certain to come soon, tf Indianapolis and Jndlana land even two or these events they will be lucky, and happy. The awarding of events to Hoosler clubs will be gauged, on what the national bodv thinks of tennis here. A 'women's central states tournament wlll - probablv be played this year, for there are enough women tn the Ohio valley to put over a successful tour - nev.' There has also been some talk of pilttlna; the Trl - iState and playing the Mingles and doubles separate. With state tourneva on In Ohio. Tennesse, Kentucky. Michigan. Wisconsin. Missouri. Illinois, and city tourneys here, and in Chicago. Cincinnati, Cleveland. Pittsburg and Milwaukee, the central statea tennis calendar will be a full one, i.ast ami west, team Tijai.curj, m treat plains tournament and a .Mil - sourt valley tourney templated tourneys. are otner con - Aftar tha daijl for the state and . inter - atata play ara announced tha Indiana clubs wilt complete thetr tentative rlans and announce thetr achadulea. A Junior aod a boys' atata tourney wilt be hald at the I. Ti A Has thorn la planning a aerlea of Invitational park tourneys, a city alngles and double - chamcionahlp will be reaumed. and the rtty parka playexa will organiaa clubs an.f a leaaua and - on.iu - t aoma Itvaly play throuah the summer. Hawthorn boaata a wontru'a ctub which ta aotng to do thtnga thla ear. The tndianavtoha Athletic and t'anoe Club, the Indianapolia Country Ctub. tha Woodatock Club and tha Audubon Tennla I'luh are other organisations that will go in atrona: for tennis. " . ISutler now baa booked intercoilegiata tennis meets with Purdue. Indiana. DePauw. Wabaah, Tarlham. Franklin and Hanover, and alt w - ii enter a tram in the I. C A. tho a:t, and the waatern conference lennia meet. Butler took tha 1rt atep to a tuat tennla championship by defeating Hanover veMerday. two mate he out of three. Puticr's ictory Friday was a rather bard pill for Hanover. Koehler, who was eucoeasful in the slnglea. was defeated in the nnala of tha I. C. A. L. laet jear by a Hanover man. Cool' weather hss been keeping local tennis plaers off the courts this week, but with higher temoeraturea forecast the court play ucht to boom wit we - k. The cola and at of wtnj FrtUav bantJJvapned both tho Butler and Hanover tennta playt - ra somewhat tn their season ppencr at the Audubon courts. IDNnox. Anril 11. Captain W. M. 'Wash - Kuro. of the Amrrlcan army. In a match at. h covered lonrt a tennla rhamptonahip at lh Quetni Clut oJaj - . ttefewted Sunkv N. Iutl three seta to two. The score was 2 . 7 i. t , x t 'apiain Washburn played brilliantly stnet IVtuat. In the seroi - ftnala V"aptsn Washburn meet Ir. Iavien. rr.tabiy the - trmiscst Enaltah covered court flaj - f" Wta Kt an. of California, by bet ITg Miss Tigbe" by a score of S 3. C rt ached the finals. She now has to rnrct Mrs. I.ambcrt Chambers, the British woman's atnglcs champion. PIXEHl'RST, N. Aprtl H. - MlM Marfoo Ximleratcln. of tha Ui(onh Country Cluts won th woman's singles trophv In the north and south venma tournament here yesterday S - tfrattng Mra. Marlon Vanderhoff Morae. of he t !ile Tennla Clul. In the Anal oonteat. Mi a indervtrin i. on the first et . d - ort of i 1 and the second C i. Mtaa Ztndrrsteln end Vincent Tiichards and illss l lorence Kalliu sod William T. Ttldt - n. Jr., eon in the seml - ftnals of the ntltd doublca. Friday's Pony Winner. At Mot Strlns T III Brown S - lr Miga farneil t Connelly. S - ?: Jack K Connemt. " - ; I'nder C. UoWttwrnt, Robert 1 - e - e tA. Johnaon, ti - I; Nominee ((Bronnl, At Po Drucii; Rlce ;73 - lVl; 5!ac - kent id, It'irnst, iV - 100; lw Tide tSneiit - irr.. J.'JS - 'iti: Ktjrde l Morriat. 7i5 - l5; fobalf ljca ftl lrrt'i. - !': Flnr.g I.lne t:;ulea, fc0 i., lluuuinl titat - 'leion'. i - i'V. I T 1 . . a. r. t DARiO RESTATODRiYE 111 SWEEPSTAKES RACE FAMOUS PILOT AT WHEEL OF ENGLISH SUNBEAM IS CON - SISTENT WINNER. ario nextau w ho won the hir official champsonshtp ever awarded in the hi - tory of the rpeed aport in America., alii ! comptte In the & - mile Lrberty aweep - stakes, to be run over the Indianapolis i speedway Maj' Zl - The winner: of tha j 151 championship wl'.l drive a foreisn leaf., but not the Fremh Peu;eot that ihaa carried him to victory in prevtoua racea. Kesta's mount for the O.M i contest will he the same Enrllsh Sun - j beam that the lte Joseph Christtaena j n to have piloted. i I'ntJl : - ta came to thia country iesrlv in I513 he ha always driven Hun - kim rarer in the turopean conteata, startjnir with a victory on the Brook - lands spe - edway In iy.T. When he arrived in American in January - 12l. ostensibly to drive ne of the new Sunbeams that Ivoula Coatalen bad built for h lndlanatplis frM - mile event. ha suddenly awitrhed to the Peusreot team. Alphonse Kauffman. who looked after the interests of the reusreot in this country, completed master stroke of strategy when he weaned Rest away from the Sunbeam" crowd. Kauffman took Ueata to Han Francisco, where ho thrilled the racinr world by dotiuc something; tiwt no othr driver had been able to accomMlsli. the winning of the Vanderbiit and the Grand Prize In succession, lie turned the trick with the lime car that Julea GO'it drove In winning the K'l3 Indianapolis race. la Great Driver. : : Hesta stamped himself j.a great driver In the two road race by h la ability to make a winner of the old car and by bis driving over the muddy board and a - ephalt courses in tha exposition grounds. Not only was he confronted with the flat streets of the exposition, but during the greater portion of both races it rained in torrenta. During: the rest of he scored sev eral victories, his best effort being the taking of second place In the Indianapolis bOO - mile, a few laps behind Ie - Palma's flying Mercedes. His next best performance was his victory in the mile event that opened the checkered career of the Chicago board speedway. In KJ1 Darlo came back strong, winning the SOU - mlle Indianapolis race and also noting - out the late John Aitken in tha scramble for the American championship, conducted by the contest board of the American Automobile Association. In turning the trick. Hesta finished first In five of the season's big races. They're Raising 'cm Higher at the Chicago Cub Park CHICAGO. April ir. - Prices of select seats at the Chicago National League baseball park have been Increased, it was announced today by Vice - Prealdent Veeck. Seats which sold for fl.10 last year. Including the war tax, this year will be $1.25 and $1.60. Including war tax. No change will be made In grandstand prices, Veeck said, these remaining at 7 cents plus the war tar. DePauw Beats Wabaah. CHAWFOriDSVILLK; Ind.. April 12. - Wabash opened its baseball aeason In Ingalls field yesterday with a defeat by DePauw. the score being to 1. The weather conditions were Ideal for. football but too cold for baseball. Julian pitched for DePauw allowing the Little Giants but three hits and striking out eight men. The DePauw batters hit Captain Messier fr'!,'.0"1" n,m to b relieved In the fifth Inning by Jay. Wabash f'layed a poor game, most of Ie - 'auWs run being due to errors. The two teams play the second of their four - a - ame schedule at, Ureencastle next Friday. Score: It H IS Wabaah oeesovoa i j j DePauw I I j a o i o j j Batter lea t DePau w Jullttn and Millar; (Wabaani Heaaler. Jay and Clements. I'm. plre bprow. ( r a The Apprentice Pr nters will probably hook u with the Dan Riya at Riverside. Sunday The gajne promlaea to be hard fought, for both tea ma are full cf conf.ience. Although ths Primers ' have practiced but once they expert to wo good this season. The following plajers are requested to meet at diamond No. I at l:9 p. m. : Pringie. Ehrgott. Hol - k.ran. launders. Kelly. Marrls. Itafert. Stich. iiiachuff. Scheirlng, Armbroat. Holy. Fredrick a and Crabhorn. t'or fames call iToapect it and ask for Glen.. The Indianapolis D. A. C."a will open tha season (Sunday. April II, wrth the Riley All - Stare at IJnwood park and a good game la snaured. as both teams are evenly matched. The opening game will see, Noonan. Quack and Slaughter on the hill with Quill and Kelly doing the receiving. ATI playera are re - nueeted to ba at the park at 3 o'clock for a light workout. The team will be under the leadership of Stanley Feesle. who la well knom - tv theourhout the state tn the eeml - pro elrclea. Manager. Feesle la in doubt as to playing In the Civic. League this year, for Ms team was placed in Class B. If the Dirks do not place In Class A. Manager Feesle will take hla playera em the road for the sea son. Uatnoa are wanted with the best teams tn the elty before the leaeuea open. For Information, call Prospect Xi between and . P m. and ask for Henry. The North west erne are entering the Junior Tjearue with the loa of their star, third baseman. Halite Prltchard. who died of pneumonia. All members are reouested to attend prsctk - e st Riverside Sunday at o'clock. For games call Harrison Ml. and ask for Jimmy. The Indianapolis Orye will meet tha Ore ns at WlUard park Sunday at 1 :3 o'clock. The Grays are .making an effort to get in a elty league. ' ' ' The Rllev A!I - Jtar want aamea with out - of - town teams loolrina - for real oopositlon. Write Hob Jenne. 441 North Bancroft street, or call Irtngtoo 12a. V meeting of tha Commercial Hf bU I As rue wi'd be held at at Board of Trade Wuildtna - at - :3 P. rn. tonight. Managers r tha teams are nrged to be present. . There Is still a vacancy tn the Commercial Legue for one team and any team that Is coneidcrtnff playing Saturday afternoon base - ball and fir - Ires to bo affiliated with the Commercial I - .aaru may make application by a t - te - iomg the meet ins: tonirbt or trailing H. D. M'ller, secretary. Main 1M7. The H. and J. Tlrw Coinpany's stronr ball elub thla season ill play In the Manufacturers' Iearue an.l still play rmt - of - to bail on Sundays and boliday. The line - up Includes eo - ne of the fastest material of the cltv. Including; K. Plummer. of Battery R. feld artiUrry. ahfch won the championship ef th Sth division r T. Teller, with the 4th Sattalion at Camn Taylor last svason: O. C - Kellcr. last season srttn ths lower Columbia i4 gue: Rlgg - a. formerty of Kokomct. and other gvod material. Any out - of - tow n team desiring gaT"" for Sundays and holidays write or call W. C. Keller. G. snd J. Tire Company. Indiana polia. The Imlianapolia Oreentt w ilt meet: the In - dianapolia Grara at Willard park Sunday at t:3ft. The manaeer of the Grays Is requested to call Circle 37 between and S - CO o'clock, i " Anf team srtahing. a. practice rame at Frosd Ripple Sunday call Bread Ripple on the autocatlc and then 14 - HS after C p. m. , j Abbott Trojans win play the. Indianolas Sun - jay at l.JV tn Garflrld diamond No. 3. T TTX TIT (TV ! i w l Shifty Featherweight in Y" Wrestling Meet Tonight r x '" " O. A. WRIGHT. ' One of the promising contenders in the 12 - pound class at the T." M. C. A. wrestling tournament tonight will bo O. I L Wright - Wright won his class championship at the association tournament in January at lw pounds. He has since trained down In order to get into the Impound class. It la thought his moat likely opponent, when the eliminations are finished, will be Baxter. 1 - S pounds, who has won several bouts In the tournaments held at the association, and with teams over the state. The meet will be started at 8 o'clock. - One thing; is sure the boys will not pull off any Ziyszko - Iewis stuff. There will be action every minute. They'll be out to win that gold medal awarded to the champion in each class. tSome of them may be shy on science, but they will be long on energy. The meet will be stared under A. A. V. rulea. The meet will close the most successful wrestling season the V. C. A. has ever had. Hugh Webb is the Instructor. There will be four classes: Impound class, nibble. Merticas. Bain. Baxter. Schott. Johnson. Wright, Candy and Tom V'elonia: 115 - pound class. Gen - telmen. Davis and Cunningham; 145 - pound claas. Kyck. Wilson, strain and John Velonis; 15S - pound class. Tonk. Leslie and Land; heavyweight. Fouler and Scluttlng. , To Announce Place. rr. WORTH. Tex.. April 12. The place for the Wlihkrd - Dempsey fight and the referee for the bout will be decided at once in New York. Tex Rick - ard. the promoter, said here today before leaving for the east. The decision will be announced within ten days, he said. Brady Beat Jackson. STRACUSE. N. T., Aprl 12. Ralph Brady, of this city, earned a decision over Willie Jackson, of New York. . in a ten - round bout laat night. Jackeon had one round, the tenth. Saylor Going Big. CHICAGO, April 12. Mil burn Saylor, la dianapoli lightweight. 1 came to town yea terday and placed himself under tha man agement of Irney LJchtensteln. Milburn baa made a fine comeback of late. having; oi seven out of his laat twelve figbta by Knoctouif. rie expects to nght as a waiter, but aaya he ia willing to make the lightweight limit figure for another battle with Charlie White. He declaree he was aick in his last encounter with tha local man and in no condition to do himself Justice. - Mitchell Easy Winner. SfPKRIOR, Wis.. April li Ritchie Mitchell Hooted Mike Paulson six times, winning easily In a bout last night. McGovern in Trouble. 8T. LOUIS, April 12. Benny McQovern. pugilist, waa Indicted by ' the grands Jury today en the charge of grand larceny. Me - Uovern la charged with steallnr an auto mobile from Herbert Poyner, of Indiana polis, lira. - - . Cross Pond. to See Bout NEW TORK. April li The International Interest in tn revival or nosing waa evidenced today whan the N'ewark Sportsmen's ciud receiver a eaneigram front London re. questing a block of tickets for the eight - round bout between Bennle Lieonard and Willie Ritchie which the club will stage the night of April it. The request waa' made by the London Sporting Club. . rap:p n Ihe following players must report for prae - ttce - Hundar morn Ins : Wim rirf.i.i.. Hteele. Agnew. Ooogherty, Warnei. Cowden! Nelson. Schever. Budrtg and Pohle. inrougn tbe work of coach Scanlin tba Clover - Leafa will be able to present a strong lineup this year. Uniforms are waiting for .1. ' mey. Ji - iery, A. Clara. F. bmlth. C. Clark. M. Jefferson. J. JefTsrson tK s? B - '" Th team will play in .iT v . . games call Froa pect 4M and ssk for Joe. The Bolen Schiable A. O.'a claim a forfeit oer the Indianapolis Rupps for an alleged A Sunday school baseball league will " organise Mondav at n , K - - tr r . Managers or representatives from 'the following schools are requested to be present. Olive tirmE:hTh'rd Jrtstlan. hst Tenth Street M. t. Central Christian. Tuxedo Baptist and T . T i ma win b the laat iw vvuiiDf into ine ieeg"ue. Two of the best teams In the city will be seen In action Sunday st Willard park, at 1:30. w hen the Rupps and the Wlllarda elaah. "uiij, srs composed or rour of tbe f a - 5" id9rI' Fed playera. Cutainger. (.Ilia. Sullivan and Cantion. along - with Johnny Nlckum, Tim Shaurhnessv. Manuel wagner. tainy Sullivan. - Joe Rllay. pake and Jack Poole. The Rupps are confident of winning. All playera should be at 437 Kentucky avenue not later than l;go.. Teams de - " '"a mmej wiib mis stronar nin call Main 137 - or address John Rochford. 4U Abbott ' The Northern Juniors have orraniaed for unuioi aniun. i n itneup wm be Geiael Wilbur. Uantb. Arnold. Raymond. Devaner snd Spillman for tbe infield: Xorris . wVtT "1 h? ?' - Tbey - t , m trenf ear - Ola CiSSS - All teams having - access to a diamond .m'.i.. inar awmes call Washington 1J77 between g mnu w t.. m.niM HK lor tt S COlCl. A good game Is expected Sunday whan the Cain A. C's crosees bats with the Military A. A. .The A. C's have entered the Civic '' - to niaae a good snow in. 1 - pirn - q s tfw new pi; and feels confident of wianlna - the trn ninar Use Junior trophy. The Knights of Columbus baseball team will practice - . Sunday mom ins; at at Wtllard park. Al Feenoy. Pat Fox and Toney Laniahan are requested to be there. All players on the Chrlstamore Jonior team are expected to be en hand Sunday afternoon at Spadea park when the Chrietamorea will meet the Dassan A. C tn a lively - cort - tesC Those who wish to try out for the nine are aaked to be there in time for opening practice. The Southeast erna are without a game1 for Sunday and would like to hear from s fast city club. They are bavins; trouble in booking - games for foture dates. . Games can be booked for by calling prospect litS or Prospect 517 and ask for Mason. A new recruit in the form a left - hander has been added to ths team of the Oriol Mida - ets who wilt play the Western Cuba at L.lnwood park. The Midgets are anxious ta book games with speedy teams snd would be glad to have them call Irvington IHl and ask for Joe. ' Tbe Pathfinder A. C.'a have organized a (food fast team in the sixteen to eighteen - year - old class and would like to nook a game for Sunday. - Call Relmont 4 - uJ after C p. Tn. aod aak Xor AL 1 STATE BOWLING TtlEET Oil AT CEflTRAL ALLEYS LARGE FIELD FOR ALL CLASSES CHANGES ARE. MADE IN SCHEDULE. Tha tenth annual Indiana state bowling tournament will get under way tonight at 7:1 o'clock, when eight Jocal five - man teams face the pins at the Central alleys. At u o'clock eight more teams compete. Including one from Peru. The tournament will continue until May V The prise money to be divided aggregates CSt One hundred and thirty five - man teams. 2 two - man teams and mO individuals will taka part In the meet. On Sunday the pin spillera will take the alleys early, commencing: play at 11:30 a. m. with teams from Kokomo. Huntington. Muncle and Shelbjrville shooting in with local clubs, the Stafford En gravinli Company and Capital Alley Marines vbeing . the local clubs scheduled at that hour. This change in the original schedule waa made in order to allow. the out - of - town bowlers to make their trains. Accompanying the T. "W. Warner Company team, of Muncie. will bo a brass band and other features will bo Introduced. Special nights have been arranged for various cities and organizations as follows: April 13. Kokomo; April 14. Marion Club: April 18. Indianapolis Elks No. 113; April 19. Gary: April 2u. Terre Haute; April 2. Kt. Wayne: April 36. Olivers, of South Bend; April 30. Indianapolis All - Stars; May 3, South Bend: May 4. Anderson and flichmond. Today's card and the amended Sunday schedule follow: j . . Saturday Schedule. FIVE - MAN KVXNT. 7:15 P. it. Alley. - ! ,: j - ... Fesm's five. : Indianapolis. i 10. F. B.'a. Indiana poll a lt. 8u - Mes.Na, Indianapolis. i - f - 12. Brunswick Tire Compear. Indianapolis. 13. Fletcher American National Bank, Indi anapolis. 14. Chic Press. Indianapolis, li - K. Z. Marks. Indianapolis. U. The Gibson Company, Indiana po'is, FlVE - MAN EVENT, f:30 P.' M. Wege - Stanford Marble and Tile Company - No. 1. Indianapolis. 10. Wege - Stanford Marble and Tite Company No. 2. Indianapolis. 11. Diamond Chain and Manufacturing Com pany, Indianapolis. 12. Taerart Baking Company. Indianapolis. IX Indiana Democratic Club No. 1, Indiana polis. Indiana Democratic Club No. . Indiana - polls. 14. IJ. 1. Ptru, Peru. Jinx five, Indianapolis. . Sunday Schedule.; FIVE - MAN EVENT. 11.30 A. M. . Thorn Specials. Shelbvville. " is. T. W. Wsrren Companr. Muncie. 11. Huntlnttton Y. M. A.. Huntington. 12. - Progresa. Kokomo. IS. Capitol Alley Martnes. Indianapolis. 14. Menlgs Cigars. Kokomo. IT,. Sanitary, Kokomo. . 14. Stafford Enrravtna - Co.. Indiana nolla. TWO - MAN EVENT. l:4i,P. M. 9. Todd and Van Aua - lalL 1. Hudson vand Davia. 11. Karnajis and Pa rise y. . . 12. Slater and Hunainrfr. IX Kulow. Jr.. and Maudlin., 14. Under and Coburn. 15. Btlttj - and Plosa. e J. Danlela and Unger. INDIVIDUAL. EVENT, 2;45 P. M. s. Karnajis. V. Parlsey. . IS. W. Slater. 1 Hunslnger. 11. U Kuhw, Jr.. ?. Maudlin. It Xv Lln)r, J. Coburn, c. Maudlin, Jr.. JX W. Stltt. P. Plosa. . - 14. O. Daniels. J. F. Unger. lo. L. Todd. Van Ausdali. 14. J. Hudson. S. Davis. TWO - MAN EVENT. 6:43 P. M. 10. P. Scblelmer, R. Nordholt. 11. H. Sands. 8. Lsivlck. 1 - 11. . Henry and Brown. ' IX Sudholt and Meat - all. 14. Heckman and Noble. 15. .Snyder and Lrftgue. 1. Burred and Walker. . INDIVIDUAL, EVENT. 6:45 P. M. . S. Sands. 8. Lovtck. 10. P. Hvnry. D. Ward. - v It. E. Sttdhotr. J. Mescail. 12. McCaffery, O. Noble. 13. J. Snyder. Ig - uc. 14. H. Bitrral, C. Walker. , 1. V. Scblelmer, D.. Nordholt. FIVE - MAN EVENT, t P. M. 9. Capitol Alley Ave. Indianapolis. 1. - Federal Pattern Works. Indianapolis. - 11. Oldsmobile Truck. Indianapolis. 12. CitUona Gas Company (Prospect), Indl - t ana poll a. IX United States Encaustic Tils Company, Indianapolis. 14. ( Franklin Press. Indianapolis. IX Frank Fox's Grocery and Meat Market, Indiarfapolla, , 1. Irvln Kobblns Compaoy, Indianapolis. " Ahead of Jack Dempsej - 's athletic carnival which will show here In Tomlin - son hall next Friday night, is Billy McCamcy. one ot the big boxing promoters of the west, and who. It will ba recalled, managed tbe late Luther McCarthy. . McCarney Is bubbling over with en - thustasm about Deinpsey. He predicts that Willard won't laat five rounds with the youuthful challenger when the two men clash July 4. "When you sea Dempsey Friday night," says McCarney, "you will take your first look at the next world's heavyweight champion. I am confident that Willard will prove easy for him. Why the big fellow hasn't participated in a real match since he won the title from Johnson. True, he met Frank Moran at Madison Square Garden In New York, and he didn't show anything: against Moran. who left the rinr clamoring for a longer bout and Just look what your own Jack Dillon did to that same Moran just a few months later. "I am not one of those Individuals who class WlUard as a piece of cheese. He is undoubtedly the best big man in the ring todsy. But that's Just It. He's too big'. Why. when ho gets into action aaalnat Dempsey he'll be in his own way. Deropsey has tbe speed of an aeroplane and he can hit like a torpedo." Boxing was never more - in favor throughout the country than it is at this time, according to McCarney. He says that tbe army training; developed It into a clean, manly sport, and barring a few of the top notchers of by - gone generations. ' there is a better class of .men In the roped arena today than there has ever been. Don and Beefy Are Pals Again After War's Restraint COLUMBUS. Ind - . April 12L Before the war Columbus had an independent basketball team, the Columbus Commercials. It was a strong and husky team, too. and won a long string of victories, lara - ely through the playlne of Don Essex, a forward, and Jvenneth 'Beefy" Lewrence. center, whose nickname was due to the fact that he was a heavyweight, and also he Is extremely talL Thev played together, and were chums on the moat familiar terms - Then the war cam and a company of volunteers was organized here. "ex was given the captaincy and "Beefy" was a private, a high private, though, for he was considerably - taller than any - one else in the company - Then the old familiarity was a thing of the past, for Beefy" never for a moment presumed on their old basketball familiarity. He saluted whenever he approached his superior - officer, and they dwelt in a world apart, u it were, in the keeping of army discipline. Essex did not keep the captaincy of the company long, as he was promoted and removed to another post, but during all the time he waa with t'omnany 1 1 there waa the same rigid line between the erstwhile chums. What the restraint meant to them no ono will ever know, for neither complained. Then the war ended, they came back overseas and were mustered out. The old Commercial team was rconranlzed and now the two are playing together. The captain is "Don" to Kenneth, and Kenneth is just "Beefy" to the captain, and the oid pais are i.appj. Even Tribe Boss Says He Has Good Assortment of Curves y z jew - rT i I STEVE FERRKLL. Here's a home town fellow who appears to ba the best bet of the pitching recruits who are trying out with the .Indians at Washington park. He is Steve Ferrell, whose only experience has been In amateur baseball. No other person than Manager Jack Hendricks said that he had a splendid assortment of curves. Because of his lack of experience he may not be able to stick In fast company this season, but if lie keens at It he is sure to be heard from later. Ferrell should go like a house afire in a Class B League. a T&fZS' BIG TOURNAMENT DATES OF SEASON TYPICAL OF NATION'S GOLF ACTIVITY AMERICANS MAY COMPETE IN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYi With the weather man certain that Saturday and Sunday will be fair, there ought to be a good gathering of golfers out for their week - end warming up. The' forecast for Saturday and Sunday Is fair, with no change in temperature. With the sun shining and spring breezes blowing, the weather should be ideaL By next week - end the golfers will be out in full force all over the state, and tha class of li19 is expected to b the biggest that has ever taken the thirty - third degree at any nineteenth hole. South Grove and Irvington IlnKs will bo open to the public Sunday. - Thirty - six Is par for the nine - hole course of the Iatfayette Country CJub over which the state amateur play will open on July 9. The number of holes, jards and par for each are: No. 1. :40, 4: No. 3 - 'i), 4; - No. 3, 310. 4; No. 4. 44.". 4; No. 5. '."JO. 4: No. 6. .Wi. 5. No. 7. 23o. 4; No. - 8. m. 3; No. 9, 4; total yards. 2.87'J; par, 3. Natural haxard abound on the course. There are ravines, trees, a small creek and slopes, and traps make up for the rest. The first three holes are the difficult ones, for they have the most natural hazards. The last six are longer, but not as trying. The entire course calls for careful playing, and if the player Is slow in getting started he may suffer at the outset. The links is such that the players are not likely to become thoroughly acquainted .with It during any tournament - play, even though the travel is twice as often over each hole as it would be on an elghteen - hole links. . Some of the big tournaments thla year are: May 26 - 31.1 - Memphis tTenn.1 Country Club, women's southern championship. June 2 - 7, Audubon Country Club. Lul - villo. Ky., Central Golf Asaoclatlon championship; June 2 - 1, Scioto Country Club, Columbus, O... Ohio championship: June 4 - 7. Apewamia Club, Rye. N. Y.. women'a eastern championship; June 6 - 7. Columbia Country Club. Washington, D. C middle Atlantic championship: June 9 - 11. Brae Burn Country Club. Weat Newton. Mass.. U. S. O. A. open championship: June - 14. St. Louis Country 4"lub. Trane - Misallopt chant, plonahlp: June 14. Sunset Hill Country Club, .St. Louis,' Olympic Club eompe - St. Louie. - western amateur championship; June 4 - 2J. Siwanoy Country Club, Mt. Vernon. N. y.. metropolitan Junior championship; June 24 - 28. Merlon Crivet Club. Hav - erford. Pa., intercollegiate championahtp. Jrly 1 - ambton tiolf and Country Club. Toionto. Canada. Canadian amateur cham - piottahlp: - July f - 11. North Shore Country Club. Glen Head. N. X., metropolitan open championship: July 23 - 25, .May Do Id Country Club, - Cleveland. Western open championship. A u trust 13 - 13. Flosarnoor Country Club. Cb - ( cago. western Junior championship; Aucuet I lS - 3. Oak it toot Pa. Country Club, national amateur championship: August 2 - 29, Detroit tJolf Club, women's western championahip. ' September t' - October 4. Shawnee tl'a.) Ct - untry Club, w omen' national championahip. ' - . NEW TORK. April I?. Word has been received at tba United States Golf Association headquarter In this city to tne effect that vteitora either from Great Britain or this country will e welcome to compete in the Canadian amateur chAjT.plonehip tournament this season. The communication. ;w - hlrh came from B. L Anderson, s - cretary - trra i - urer of the Royal Canadian (Golf Association, - vtss prompted because - of an impression gained in c - rtatn ouarter that golfers from 1 1 her countries were inellirtble. Tue statement received say that "smstenrs In good standing from England or the United States mar play." , Thus far these championships across the border have largely been confined to home talent, though of lata the Canadian bodv shown a disposition to measure skill with experts from other countries. - The champlon - thlp this year will be brld at lJ.mhton, a fine course, and it ta Just possible that a party of amateurs may decide to take In the evert. CHICAGO. April 12. LJeutenant Robert M - - Nulty. former profesaional at Lagrange, la t'ow a regular member of that organization. He has applied to Preldnt Charles F. Thompson, of tbe Western Golf Association, for reinstatement Into the amateur rank. FED SUIT TO JURY. - WASHINGTON. April 12. Final irru - meinta were completed yenterdav in the IWW.OOO damage suit of the Baltimore j reuersi .uc.,uc ,suiii wi tnniica baseball, and after Instructions today by Justice Stafford, the case went to the Jury. Attorney for the plaintiffs spent nearlv three hours Jn presenting the case of the Baltimore club to the Jurors. George Wharton Pepper, the representative of or - raj - nxed baseball, consumed onlv about half - an hour. More than half of the session was devoted to consultation between the opposing attorneys and Justice Stafford as to the In - alructiona to be liven the Jury. Ua ANY OLD TIME AT ALL. CHICAGO. April 11. Jole Ray. national A. A. C champion miler. who set a new world's Indoor record for the ' mile Thursday night, last night broke the central A. A. record for a half - mtle in the time of 1 ,37 1 - 5. The old mark was 1:57 5 - 5. set bj - Tom Campbell, then running for the University high school and now at the University of Chicago.' Ray represents the Illinois Athletic club. STIRRED BY PROSPECTS SPLENDID FIELD OF STARTERS IN PREPARATION BILLY KELLY AT HIS BEST. LOUISVILLE. April 12 - Never has a Kentucky Derby silrrvd turf lovers of this section as has the forthcoming event at Churchill Downs. Many of the cligiblea already are on the scene, and other leading candidates are slated to. arrive in the near future to put the finishing touches to their preparation on the local course. Reports from the courses where the more prominently mentioned three - year - olds are training are optimistic. Billy Kelly is said to - be at his best. After wintering well, he has been gradually - worked into form at Ijvurel by H. ti. Bedwell. of the J. "K. K Boss stable. I and will be fit for the gruelling strug gle that is sure to result when the barrier is sprung on May 10. ' " Eternal in Form. Stories front Hot Springs indicate race foHotvers there, conslde Eternal as good as in. Besides working impressively, the McClelland colt showed his old form under silks. The Wanderer, also in this stable, is rated highly. American Ace also h.s fruincd adherents by his work at the S; - a. Henorts from the east indicate great rivalry between stables of that section. and a number of eligible are being considered. Harry Payne hitney 3 Blue lajuldle. S. C. HildreUVs Purchase and Cirrus Garrison's 1 Frank, Dun - boyne. of course, and others are considered favorably. Nominations for the Kentucky Oaks have been announced by the Kentucky Jockey Club. Sixty three - year - old fillies have been named for this event over the mile course. i I KENTUCKY DERBY BUGS s aSS"s ex p ; jer, 7 ". 6 and In the 3 - 'oil ! K' - c - ier 'I :nd Wamxley defeKtf - 1 MiviU'umvrv t t"l w ftr . f""3 1 P Montgomery, 6 4. 6 1. I' - jt v t i tl.. - V 7 1 1 f q li - V ' j i'a'L courts of the Audubon Ten'nK .'lu!.. T;.. - V - - O i. v J V. - 'L . " V s s w L v ) ' ' players were handn - at'i ,j tniew hat f W e W.WJ tha jow temperature. Cor,: letinir t'.e VERBALHAZARDS. It is to be regretted that the naming of golf and country clubs does not fall within the jurisdiction of the golf associations throughout the country, for they might be able to put a damper on club organizers who find a fiendish delight In selecting, a name unpronounceable except,' to the Initiated. One of these Jaw breaking combinations ia to be found at Calcsburgh. the noted Illinois college town, where the club cognomen Is SeRnjretaha. At Utica there is the Yahnumlasls Club, while one of the latest is Tredyffrln, ,ncar Paoll, 'lu.' It It keeps on the roster of American golf clubs will suggest a list of Welsh and Indian places. In Canada clubs have rather side - sidestepped such appellations. The only three Indian names are Mis - fsitsauga.' Toronto: Kanawaki, Montreal, and Couchlchlng. Orillla. all of which arc fairly pronuncei able. INTERNATIONAL REVISES LINEUP - OPENS APRIL 30 NEWARK, X. J., April 12. - The Ituer - lational Baseball League's l?rj reason will open Wednesday, April CO, it was determined here today at a meeting of the league. The schedule for the first day Is as follows: Toronto'at Newark, Buffalo at Jersey City, Rochester at Baltimore, Bing - hamton at Reading. Pa. Two franchise changes were made at the meeting. The Newark franchise was sold to Patsy iXmovan. manager for a syndicate. The Hamilton franchise purchased last year from Svra. cuse. was sold to Reading, Pa. The Beading syndicate Is headed by Mayor Edward H. Filbert, of that city. The complete season schedule in expected to ' be announced within a few days. CHICAGO. ' April J2. Hob Cannefax and Alfredo de Oro may arrange a furelsn tn ' playiug three - cushion billiards. ' The Sport k. A W its Friday - 3 sat - s - 4 ; r - r sir 11 C3 - BUTLER i.IivE LOSES, BUTTEiiiKEi! if li . HOWEVER. CAMPUS GRINS AND LOOKS TO COMING CONTESTS. Butler's outdoor athletic rrc?ran for the spring besan Friday, and it secerns that the season wilt be one of the - most S'jccessful the Irvington col'ei - - has ever enjoyed. Official announcemer t of the decision to move and rebuild t - ,e co!?e. to convert it Into a ur.ivcrs - 'ty. and to build at once a new - cymi -, lias boosted Hurler athletics th - v have never been boosted before. 1 l;is. vith the return of many former athletic stars and the return and entrance of many more by nevt September, n,i'r cam" - pus fans squint constantly throush rose - colored glasses. Coach Joe Mvillane has ?. - - .)iincr1 that there will be no srnp. football practice. The squad will b" assembled, however, several days before the reopening of s - ssions next ft'!. Multane prefers tor his nien to spend ail their time on baseball and tfack. If Butler fans enter golf and swimming - meets this year they wiU uo o or the - .r own accord, although they may be allowed to compete, under Butit - r colors. Viinowtr Win Game. Butler was defeated ly lU"over in the baseball opener at Irwin tcld Friday, S to 6. but that doesn't pe - tn to be worrying: the campus risich. The r.ine clearly showed a lack of practice. There were twelve errors charged to the Sutler support, and had they been erased Welborn no doubt would 'have won 1ms game, for be pitched nrte ball. Welborn is a sophomore southpaw. ITo was on the varsity nine last yer. hut as an outfielder. His cn the moiitid waa almost as successful as Vis debut as quarterback in the Frank U: foot - ball game last fall, when he m.i'le l.ia - tory and a world s record hv intercepting; a forward pass and ran i - 4 for the winrring touchdown. I'.s; it Welborn. who has t'eUtrhted the school with his box work. Mui!jne 1 is on his hurling staff flwynn and ShocUiey, lefthanders, and Wams.ey and W'ocd, righthanders. The battfnrj work of Butler was also poor. Jiallinevcr was known 1.M cai' as the swiftest r'toher In th - j 1. C. ,. L... and he has lelaincJ hH f;rr - 1. Ha was wild at times yesterday, nod the Butler bovs waf.ed "bun out for r:ri pasaca and one hit batter, sithoush lie also fanned ten. 'With a littl pr.t. - t '.ce. It seems, ButlT - !! to cover rn the roujrh lrUield routine, an.l the o - ilv problem then will be to find a good V:t - ting eye! Hanover will meet Butler jc - Um n f Hanoer on May 3. in both b 11 an I tennis. Butler's next baseball game la with J'urdue, at Lafayette, next Saturday, llanovet's next fray i with le - I'auw, at Greettcastle. Two Out cf Three. In terinl.i Friday Butlor fat ed. pinch better. Ot the three matches. Bailer took the doubles and one fo - n'e. event, .ind lost one plnalc event, lit - 1 ry Montgomery defeated John Wamley it singles. 61, i 3: Allan M'i"U - 'i - M - - v was defeated by Jlusell itVil.iMi K - r day. there was a fair crowd at both thr baseball game and the tennis riatclie - . Iiurlng tlie early part of the bast - l - xM frame Butler trac' men took their u - '. tl sfternoon ltmberintr tin by rr.nnl: - ;i few laps on the Irwin l.rli "t rrt k. Iu. - !k by the way. is to bo rcp.tlroi nn.l i - i - i Info Prst - clan.s condition at c - i. e. Busier will meet i'ranklin at I - "rai - .klin pet Saturday, in track. The score of the baseball c - - .in tva.: ItANOVKn. I IH'TT .! - !?. ARIl.U A.K ' A.l.ll.O.A.K Culb'n.?h. .' a - 3 I' Xtever.b ;;!.!! Ixre'n. rf ;l II M ( 'la Tt.lf 11" J.VA'D.ll. 5 S i 0 ITwtl'UKi - 4 01 Hallm'r.n 5 10 2 ' Woo - . . .'.It H.Mo'v.lf S t 2 9 t Hare" ;t n c n M'Nult.c J J 4 l - Wnn'r.:'!., il n 2 J.VA'p sa 5 0 t O 1 SltncVy.lf 1 2 1 3 1 0 n Alrv r.lh.. 1 1 Janiea,:!l. 4 111 rib' n. p. . 8 10 0 I Totals. ;S IS 10 II Totsls.. - .2 ;i II I: Miller tatted for Part - lev In the ninth. Hanover 2 It 2 n n . 2 a - 1 llutler 0 3 0 t n 2 - 0 0 - . Ttvo - bise hit Hallmej er. Thrtt - tiit" hit Couch. liases 'on balls Mrj er. Slto. k . Ix.ienien. 2: M..NuH'y. ; : Wse - .t - e - . Velror. - i. fortteits. M.i'laMt. Kar.i - . Couch. Stmrk out WeP.orn. I: by l!i, - ntever, 10. Hit by nlf h.r Shorkl - y. Slltit bas'ea Met "larin. 3; M - ver. ; IVo;, - ipo. Jatiea X'an A nt erp, Shot - kley. I . - .,! l r - u XXViod to XVagooer to Alexanirr. l - 'mp re (Jusltcr. BRIEF TELECRAPH GPORTG IlItAZII.. Ind.. Arril 1 - riar.s for in la - flrpen - lent baset.all vUi'i t rre f - rt - f I at s meeting held here today, when t. - rn on In thn llrar.ll Ha. - rhall Ass - x - l.ttlnn ;r e'e. - tel. n. A. loulk. i - ounty flctk. is j - tr.l lei,; f the assvetation. fctm k In tin - no . a 1 1 mi . I be sold for the purisc of (.. - ml lit tr f . n - t - t r - to curry the leant oxer the til tt in I l t'' ictitnl tn th aro.jti is. pii nil fortns and the ltl,e. 11 (Inn m'I 1 r ' sale of - '"I shar. - s al H eseh. I cHti 1;.s g'KHl !aelin) material, an I fi" i ron'..! ' believe that one of the strongest t ) t l - j. - - : clubs In the state v.iU be a re.tuit of thj " ot - ganlzatlon. RICHMOND. Ind., April K. - 'Ihe wist' aoustlc mce will he he'd el the lit. h - m.., - ! V. M. C. A. during the fi! t w c r - f ? I - y . Kntry blanks sterc mHlIed lo In' a - elation today. O.EVKIAXP, O.. Aprtt 1". The t'!e - ! - ! hockey team defeated the A 1 1 - t a . - r - f T - - ronto," by a score of 2 to 1 hire i - t n;M. WASHINGTON. April 12. The iuvl r range at Caldwell, N. J - , has bn fiei.j hv the navy department n the ;'.e f - .r ti - lil9 national nmtches. The t.sllfU rr. - . reommen - led hy the national h. arl f - r i promotion of rifle practice, ran - - ,, mmo - .' - lts fur each stage of tt - ti t - t . as many as any other avai'atde rv - , a.. I hra unlimited c - aoeeliy for l':i. 'J o r ational match staff will af - rm' - e ' Cal - i about July I. Event of the w - a I Personal Appearance cf 1 j r - s 3 1 J L Z3 Li w Sensation of PuqrilL - m r. : - . .1 Challenger of Jc. Villr.ri Ce, i , . 111 J Li,.i i..i a s f - r a, JLa i kmi W 1 Ilclit, 1 i - - B Xafe VA a. aSast T' I - s a a tt, SI - J M a li

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