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Cardenas Leads For President WEE SUN WEATHER FORECAST Fair and slightly warmer, except probably scattered thunder showers this afternoon. Details on Page 17.) Of Mexico In Nation's Most Peaceful Election Page 3. MHMNIf Registered United 8UU Pttent Office BALTBIORE. MONDAY, JULY 2, 1934 2 Cents' Vol. 195-D.

Enteral neond-oluai at Baltimore FMtofflce. Copytifht, 134, bj The A. 8. A bell Uompinj PAID CIRCULATION MAT MSS: JSI 278,742 Sunday 187,185 18 Pages The President Says Good-By U. S.

DEFICIT IN YEAR TOTALS 10 NEW VICTIMS REPORTED IN HITLER'S NAZI PURGE-YON HINDENBURG IS ILL PRESIDENT BEGINS TI TO II. S. OUTPOSTS $3,989,000,000 Spent And $3,116,000,000 Received In 12 Months Sails On Cruiser Houston From Annapolis Tor Visit To Hawaii PUBLIC DEBT TOPS PEAK OF WAR-TIME LONDON DOUBTS REASONS GIVEN BY NAZI REGIME Scoffs At Claims Of Plot And Counter-RevoliiT 1 tionary Plan 1 TO STOP AT ISLANDS IN CARIBBEAN SEA Obligations Reach $27, Hi W.V 053,141,414 Balance In VON PAPEN HELD AT HOME UNDER VIRTUAL ARREST Vice-Chancellor Has Been Named His Successor By Aged President In Political Will, Berlin Again Hears SITUATION ALL OVER NATION DECLARED OUTWARDLY CALM No Immediate Crisis In Von Hindenburg Condition: Expected Medical Experts Hold Conference At His Bedside Roosevelt Also Will Call On President Of Colombia At Cartagena Bjf DEWEY FLEMING Washington Bureau of The Sunl Washington, July 1 The United States Government went into, the red ENGLAND SHOCKED BY METHODS USED $3,989,000,000 in the fiscal year, which By i. F. ESSAEY Annapolis, July 1 President Roosevelt put to sea tonight aboard the cruiser Houston one of the fastest ended last midnight, according to an President Roosevelt and a well-wisher who greeted him at Annapolis last night.

Guardian Believes Hitler official accounting rendered today by Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury. 'vessels in the fleet for a visit to More, Firmly In Saddle Than Ever 7 Although this deficit is little more than half the amount predicted by President Roosevelt when he wrote his budget message last January, it is larger by $835,000,000 than the greatest previous peace-time deficit, which PRESIDENT VON HINDENBURG Darrow Board Brands NRA As "Adjunct Of Depression" Fostering By Codes Qf 'Monopolistic Practices Charged In Third Report Better Distribution Of Wealth Claimed Ignored By iMMAKT London i of This Sun London, July 2-England, shocked by the thoroughness of, the German suppression -of the "counter; revolu HEADS SHALL ROLL occurred in 1932, and $920,000,000 larger than the next largest peace-time deficit, which developed in 1933. tion" references are frequent to "out GOEBBELS SAYS Expenditures And Income Total expenditures for the" twelve rages, savagery, gangster methods of Hitler's puree now is chiefly inter months both ordinary and emergency ested in discovering the true meaning Copyright, 1934, by the Associated Press Berlin, July 1 Chancellor Hitler was reported todajMo have carried on his purge-by'-death pf the Nazi party by having ten additional rebelling Storm. Troop leaders executed, bringing the total killed in this manner to eighteen. This figure did not take into account those high in the nation who committed suicide or were killed "resisting arrest" as Hitler struck furiously against rebelling subleadcrs.

SITUATION OUTWARDLY IS CALM The. general situation, outwardly calm today, was complicated by revelation that President Paul von Hindenburg is ill Washington Bureau of The Sun behind the happenings of yesterday were $7,103,000,000. National income in the same period amounted to Warning Given Those Opposing Nazi Regime By Prussian Premier and what consequences they may have upon the direction of Germany's Expenditures Included $360,000,000 affairs at home and abroad. It is noticeable that there 5s very RAID IS DESCRIBED for the retirement of United States obligations to meet sinking fund and other statutory requirements, so that the deficit, exclusive of debt retirements, was $3,629,000,000. Still another little disposition here to accept the tribution of wealth," It was stated In the report.

"In the respects we have specified in these reports, the Recovery act has failed to meet this heed. "Nor has'it been merely negative In its reactions. However beneficent may have been its intents, its practice has increased an evil fraught with grave dangers to the republic. 'Charges Practices Fostered' Insurgent Group Conspired Wilh Foreign Power, Hitler Aide Declares enough to require a "major medical council" of leading physicians at his summer home at Neudeck. Washington, July 1 NRA was called an "adjunct" rather than a "foe" of the depression in a 'third and final scorching report transmitted to President Roosevelt today by the National Recovery Review Board, of which Clarence Darrow is chairman.

1 Like its predecessor, the report charged that too many NRA codes not only permitted but "fostered" monopolistic practices through which the larger and more powerful segments of industry oppressed and drove from the field their small competitors. Today's report, sent to the White House just before the President left for his vacation cruise td flawaii, carried reviews and recommendations relative to the operation of twelve calculation of the deficit, taking into account the excess of trust fund, receipts over trust fund expenditures, shows a net shortage of $2,794,000,000. The trust fund balance includes $811,000,000 of profit resulting from "It has not discouraged, but in ways we have pointed out has fostered and By the Associated Press reduction in the weight of the gold dollar. Although the Treasury, under Berlin, July 1 Chancellor Adolf Hitler's famous "Heads shall roll" slogan fortified those practices and systems under which one per cent, of the nation's population has been enabled to official Reich explanation of provocation, such as efforts to subvert the Storm Troops by morally corrupt elements and the Von Schleicher plot with "a foreign power." Move To The Right Foreseen And although it is recognized that the executions are a culmination of the recently increasing ferment and tensions within Germany, London opinion generally inclines seriously to doubt there ever was any vplot." "or that any counter-revolution ever existed in the real sense. It also is thought that despite Gen.

Kurt von Schleicher's death, widely interpreted as a "blind" to obscure the possess itself of sixty per cent, of the nation's wealth. was again drummed into the ears of "conspirators" tonight by Dr. Joseph Gdebbels, Propaganda Minister, in a "In this respect it has become not The nearest thing to official confirmation that ten names were added to the list of those executed was a statement by Hermann Wilhelm Goering, Prussian Premier and copurger with Hitler, that "a few more" executions would be announced TWO EXECUTIONS IN MUNICH Nazi quarters in Munich stated that Kerl Zelmlcr, an innkeeper, and Alexander G. Laser, a lawyer, were executed today at Stadelheim Prison "as traitors." The determination of Hitler and his colleagues to carry on relentlessly was voiced in a radio speech by Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

nation-wide speech. the foe but the adjunct of depression. Speaking to a people which had just For of what use would it be to win the law, may. use this profit for current expenditures, it hac not done so. Debt Tops War-Time Peak 'The year's financial operations swelled the public debt by from $22,538,672,560 on last June 30 to $27,053,141,414 on June 30 of this year.

The increase takes into account the' deficit of $3,629,000,000 (debt, retirement excluded), and an increase of $385,000,000 in the balance of the general fund. Gold profit was not in specific codes which the board had re the hectic and delusive prosperity been startled by the Summary execu when close beside wait the conditions that will inevitably produce another tion of men who stood high in the Nazi Government, he threatened that there will be more executions if any viewed. In twb instances graphic arts and motion pictures the reviewers recommended that the present code authorities be dismissed and new ones installed in their More Than Half Studied The President was informed in a let significance of the reshuffle, the direc-tinn nf tVio whnle move Is toward the political right, and that Chancellor cluded in this calculation. The balance in the general fund yesterday, includ Hitler has been won to a "conserva ht Propaganda Minister, In which tive military solution" of Germany ter of transmittal that the board, in economic and political difficulties. four months of work, had investigated warned that "those who conspire against the state" are "playing with their own and greater disaster." Other conclusions offered to the President by the board are in part as follows: "In virtually all the codes we have examined one condition has been persistent, undeniable and apparent to any impartial observation That the code has offered an opportunity for the more powerful and more profitable interests to seize control of an industry or to augment and extend a control already obtained.

Small Business Oppressed one attempts a revolt "Those who conspire against the state may rest assured that they are playing with their own heads," said Goebbels in a dramatic voice. Public Is Reassured He assured the public that order and quiet prevail throughout the Reich and that thelituation is firmly in Hitler's hands. Recalling Chancellor Hitler's dra Compared To Reichstag Fire The political correspondent of the France Expected To Ask Explanation Of Plot Accusation Special Cable. Copyright, 1934 1 a total of thirty-four codes, had received and examined 3,375 complaints, and had held fifty-seven public hearings. The industries considered were ing the gold profit was $2,581,922,240.

The current outstanding public debt of $27,053,141,414 compares with a peak war-time public debt of $26,596,701,648 in August of 1919. Far Under Roosevelt's Figures President Roosevelt had anticipated that the deficit as of last midnight Manchester Guardian tomorrow will cite "a diplomatic authority on who "see a dubious repetition in the supposed counter-revolution said to represent more than half the total employed labor under codes ad Paris, July 1 Official Nazi charges would be about $7,797,030,000 (includ ministered by the NRA. designation of NRA as an "ad ing debt retirement) but actual ex matic personal appearance at Munich before dawn yesterday to seize his from Germany that Gen. Kurt von Schleicher, who was killed yesterday, Meanwhile, Vice-Chancellor Von Papen, closest friend ot Von Hindenburg In the present' Government, was practically under arrest in his own private residence, which he had been forbidden to leave. Goering Promises Probe A thorough investigation of the Storm Troopers found under arrest, which included the Berlin special staff some features which attended the Reichstag fire, one of the most significant being the swift appearance of Goering (Herman Wilhelm, Prussian penditures fell considerably under his rather than a "foe" of depression appeared in a "conclusion" deal "Our investigations have shown that in the instances mentioned the codes do not only permit but foster monopo formery friend, Ernst Roehm, Goebbels and Col.

Ernst Roehm, Storm Troop leader who committed suicide, had estimates, particularly moneys he thought would flow out through the Reconstruction' Finance Corporation Premier) with a complete account and listic practices and the small enterprise said that Roehm and the other executed Storm-Troop leaders "have met ing with NRA's failure to decentralize "The nation's need, sternly revealed by the depression, was for better dis is not only oppressed but in mariy cases justification. their fate." America's territorial outposts the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canal Zone and Hawaii. In passing he will make an official call upon President Enrique Olaya Herrara of the Republic of Colombia at the Colombian port of Cartegena. On August 2 or 3 he will reach the American mainland either at Portland, or Seattle, Wash. This vacation cruise will carry the President's flag farther toward the Orient than it has ever flown.

And for the first time in history it will-be saluted in South America. One other President, Mr. Taft, journeyed as far as the Canal Zone while in office. Two Sons Accompany Him Mr. Roosevelt arrived in Annapolis by motor about 7 o'clock this afternoon accompanied by his two traveling companion-sons, John and Franklin, by Rodolph Forster, executive clerk of the White House, who will serve as the lone secretary on the trip, and Mrs.

Roosevelt, two other Roosevelt sons, James and Elliott, and a group of administrative officials. The party was met at the academy gate by Rear-Admiral David F. Sellers, superintendent of the Naval Academy, and his staff and escorted to the wharf, where the destroyer was moored to take the excursionists to the Houston lying at anchor in Annapolis Roads. No Presidential salute greeted the distinguished traveler as he passed into the academy grounds and no guard of honor was drawn up at the entrance to the grounds. Ceremony li Laid Aside For one thing, it was Sunday, and for another Mr.

Roosevelt had no taste for a ceremonious departure. The get- away today was strictly unofficial from his standpoint and he refused to have it otherwise. Thousands of Marylanders and as many Washingtonians returning from the bay beaches, however, greeted the President as he motored leisurely along the traffic congested Defense Highway. They waved gayly to him and his party -and he waved just as gayly in All Annapolis seemed to be on its doorstep as the party, shirt-sleeved and summery, passed, and the drives of the academy ground were lined with hundreds of men, women and children who cheered' a little timidly as the President went by but they cheered nevertheless. On the dock there were hurried good-byes.

Officials See Him Off The crew of the Gilmer was rigid as the President came alongside and so remained until the destroyer cast off. Jesse H. Jones, chairman of the RFC; Harry I Hopkins, Relief Administrator; James A. Moffett, new Housing Administrator; Frank Walker, head of Emergency Council, and Admiral William H. Standley, chief of naval operations, were among those In the official party to see the President off.

The Executive was greeted as he came over the side of the Houston by Capt. Walter B. Woodson, commanding, and by the members of his staff. The crew manned the rails as the President made his way to the admiral's suite, which has been set aside for his use during the voyage. Two Destroyers Escort Him Escorting the Houston as she weighed anchor and sailed down the bay were the destroyers Williamson, commanded by Lleut-Com.

William Wakefield, and the Gilmer, commanded by Lieut. -Com. Lawrence Wainwright. The smaller craft will serve as a convoy for the commander-in-chief until he reaches 'the Canal Zone. At that point they will turn back.

From the canal to Hawaii and thence to the Pacific Coast, the heavy cruiser San Francisco, commanded by Capt. Robert E. Ingersoll, will escort the Houston. The Houston was built at the Newport News Shipbuilding Company plant and was launched in 1929. Her commander, Captain Woodson, is a Virginian apd was appointed to the Naval Academy from Lynchburg in 1901.

He assumed command of Houston on June 6 of this year, first Stop Hampton Roads The squadron will reach Hampton Roads tomorrow morning and pause for an hour or so before passing out the Virginia Capes bound for Cape on Pag 2, Column 7) and the Public WorksAdministration. The same commentator also sees the "They did not understand our warn Some observers thought the result been implicated In an "international" plot against the Third Reich appeared likely today to lead to a. diplomatic (Continued on Page 2, Column 2) hand of the right in Chancellor Hit ler's stroke, again citing Goering's role ings," he said. "They speculated Hitler's leniency, but the punishment guard, was promised by Goering. would be that next year's deficit would be far more than the he predicted.

The final outcome, Gov. Pinchot 8 Sister, United States Lines Plan since he is acceptable to the Junkers and in the event of the emergence of incident. In well informed circles here it was will be greater the higher the rank. "The friendliness of the party and said the public will be thoroughly ad vised of the results of the investigation Lady Johnstone, Dies New Service To Britain a Junker state would confer upon It they thought, would be about the same the only difference being that ex Reports tonight from the country the Sturm Abteilung (Storm Troopers) has been restored by Hitler and considered highly probable that as soon as the situation clears up, the certain Nazi revolutionary aura while yet adapting himself to it. Widow Of Former British Min Sailings To Cob And Liverpool penditures would be spread more evenly over the two years, instead of the whole -nation indorses the Another special for the Fuehrer's determined action." German Government will be asked what foreign power Gen.

Hermann ister Active In Liberal Politics Milford, July 1 (IP)-Gov. Gifford Guardian, long a student of German going out largely in the first year. Deficit Due To Recovery Cost But for emergency or recovery ex From New York To Be Started July 21 New York, July 1 (P)A new fortnightly passenger and cargo service between New' York and th RrifUh estate of President Von Hindenburg at Neudeck stated that no immediate crisis is feared and indicated that the remarkable vitality of the veteran field marshal once more is baffling his physicians. Calls Raid 100 Per Cent. Success The surprise raid on the mutinying affairs, argues that had there been a real plot its exposure at a trial or at least the statement of the known evi Pinchot of Pennsylvania received word Wilhelm Goering, Prussian Premier, alluded to in a statement to the for Storm Troop leaders was a one hun today of the death in London of his eign press, reported here by the Jour dence would have strengthened Hit dred per cent success, Goebbels said.

penditures, which ran to $4,005,135,550 and which represent borrowed money, the Treasury would have been able to Isles will be inaugurated on July 21 sister, Lady Johnstone, widow of Sir Alan Johnstone, former British Min lers case in the opinion of the Ger- nal des Debate as follows: Dy the United States Lines, as part of its proeram of expansion tindpr th Physician Returns From Visit The State Secretary in the Presi- "The principal Intermediary was (Contlnued on Page 10, Column 7) (Continued on Page 2, Column 4) American flag, it was announced today ister to Denmark and Holland. Lady Johnstone, the former Antoinette Eno Pinchot, was the daughter of James W. Pinchot, of Milford, and Mary Eno Pinchot. Surviving besides Governor Pinchot Executed Poilus Are Exonerated dent's office, Dr. Otto Meissner; returned to Berlin with a statement that at present Von Hindenburg's condition appears satisfactory.

Gen. Chancellor von Schleicher, who served as liaison ugent between Roehm, a foreign power and certain discontented persons." At the same time, official circles scout an account at the New York office of the line. The service will be maintained -by steamers American Shipper and American Importer. Foreign ports of call for passengers will be Cobh and Liverpool, but the vessels will make an additional call at Manchester for are her son, the Honorable Harcourt And Widows Win 7 Cents Apiece When reports of the calling together published In London that political personalities were in Paris to establish of physicians reached Berlin the ru Johnstone, a Liberal member of Parliament, and another brother, Amos Pinchot, of New York. During the World War Lady John freight.

mor was quickly revived that Von Five Shot In 1915, After Their War-Weary Com an understanding on various questions Hindenburg had written a "political stone organized and managed the at issue between the two countries. According to the schedule the American Shipper will begin the new service, sailing from New York July 21 and arriving at Cobh on the eighth day and at Liverpool earlv th fol American hospital at Ris Orangis near Paris and later in Holland supervised pany Mutinied, Are Acquitted In Paris Because Their Names Were Chosen By Lot Most Of Pspers Show Pleasure Accounts of the German upheaval will" naming the conservative Von Papen as his successor and enjoining the army, always faithful to the President, to help him if necessary. the relief of British soldiers escaping lowing morning. The first sailing from fill all the newspapers here, without, however, contributing much to an understanding of Us underlying causes. By the Associated Press Roehm Was Executed, Not Sulolds Liverpool ror ew xorn was set for August 4.

Want Palestine Opened from German prisons. After the war she took an active part in Liberal politics. Weather Bureau Tests Are Made By Airplanes It was revealed officially that Capt, This being the case, most of the press "The Fuehrer will grasp anyone hand extended to him in friendship," said Goebbels, "but fists raised against him will be broken with unprecedented force conspirators will be thrown to the floor of their homes, broken." Goebbels started his speech with a graphic description of the raid on the Munich rebels. i "I still see the Leader (Hitler) standing on the terrace of a Godesberg hotel," he said. "The Leader looked seriously into the dark sky.

The Leader is true to his own principles. Start Made At 2 O'Clock "The Leader is full of determination regarding reactionary rebels who have cast the nation into, an unlimited disturbance, reports of which come to him from Berlin and Munich. "After only a few minutes of conference the decision is made not to wait until the next morning. We start at 2 o'clock in the night At 4 we are in Munich. "At the airdrome the Leader receives reports.

Hitler interviews the rebels. He throws his anger into their pale faces and tears off their identification labels. He then decides to go into the lion's den. Tells Of Entry. Into Roehm's Home "He rushed by car to Wiessee.

Without resistance he managed to get into the house of Roehm (Ernst Roehm, late leader of the Storm Troops and Minister without portfolio). "With incomparable courage Hitler carries out the arrests. Soon after the arrest of Roehm his staff arrived from Munich. Ernst Roehm, Cabinet Minister without portfolio and chief of the Storm To All Oppressed Jem fall-back on the natural reaction of pleasure at the confusion of their enemies, a note which was struck resoundingly by the Journal Dei De- Troopers, was summarily executed Instruments Strapped To Wings early yesterday morning when Hitler raided his home in Munich. Paris, July 1 Five war-weary soldiers, chosen by lot and shot for the mutiny of their company in 1915, were exonerated today, and the widows of two of them awarded 7 cents apiece.

A special military tribunal acquitted them to clear their names. For more than ten years the case of the Fifth company has gone from court to court, while the widows of Soldiers Prevost and Morange, aided by attorneys, sought vindication. From musty official records came the Zionists, In Convention, Call Conference Urge Action By Great Britain Atlantic City, N. July 1 JP)-The convention of the Zionist Oreanization bats yesterday. The Socialist Le Peuplesays: "What ever results from the episodes at Ber To Determine Pressure, Temperature And Moisture Washington, July 1 (JP) Army, navy and private airplanes today inaugurated the Weather Bureau's newest step in forecasting.

On the wings of each was strapped a meteorgraph, an instrument for collecting data on air pressure, tempera of America voted today to call a con lin can be considered with satisfaction, Hitlerism Is sick. It Is wearing out to the front lines while other companies rested. "At the moment when the Fifth returned to the front line," says the official record, "the German machine gunners set up a terrific, endless fire. The trenches were a living hell. The dead from the preceding attack were piled'one upon the other." The officers of the Fifth gave the order to go over the top, but the men did not move.

The commanding officers met shortly afterward and decided the whole company should be taken before the Council of War, which undoubtedly would order them executed en masse. It was decided instead, to select by lot one man from each squad. Five men appeared before the council and were ordered executed by a firing squad. When the present review court opened one of the justices remarked that the War Council never would have sentenced the men if it had known how they were chosen. But the company's officers did not explain.

ference of representative Jewry to ask Great Britain to open Palestine to all oppressed Jews of Europe. The resolution calling the conference was adopted by 7,000 delegates at the ODenins session of the rnnvon. more quickly than one dared hope, A communique stated that he had been given the opportunity to "take the consequences" of his traitorous acts, but. when he did not do so was shot. "Take the consequences" means among German officers to commit suicide, and It was understood that the communique meant Roehm had been given an opportunity to kill background for their suit In the same vein Le Petit Bleu ture and moisture, and as they ascend tion at the suggestion of Louis Lipsky, writes: "This is perfect.

We know now where we are at with these fellows across the Rhine. Goethe and Heine no longer represent Germany, but ed to a height of 17,000 feet the instruments gathered Information which the bureau coordinated later into an "air-mass" analysis of the blanket of air nearest to the earth's surface. Heretofore the bureau has been lim nptional chairman of the American I alcstlne campaign. Felix M. Warburg, philanthropist, On April 19, 1915, the Sixty-third Infantry returned to the trenches after a bloody expedition into the German lines in the St.

Mihicl sector. The Fifth company, of which Sergeant Morange and Private Prevost were members, was cut almost to pieces. But the Fifth hadf the best fighting record in the regiment, and the gaps In its ranks were filled with' raw re Goering, Goebbels and Hitler, a drunk-J announced that with the aid of James G. McDonald, League of Nations high ited to making ground observations of ard, a hypocrite and a professional himself. One Foreign Office spokesman said that Roehm "pleaded with Hitler that he himself shoot him, but the Chan.

the weather despite the fact that the agitator." commissioner for refugees, a refugee economic rehabilitation corporation "air-mass" method of forecasting has L'Ere Nouveile, the newspaper of "Hitler confronts thrm; tells them has been formed which already has been long recognized a a valuable aid to accuracy and longer forecasts. (Continued on Psgs 1) (Continued on Page 10, Column 6) $1,000,000 subscribe! cruits. The Fifth returned Immediately (Continued on Pag 10, Column 4).

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