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1 i Tangle Of Futility Marks RA. SUN THE "WEATHER FORECAST Showers and cooler today; fair tomorrow. Weather Report Page 14, Sport Section. Perlinax Pope 9. MHMHIt PAID CIRCULATION MAX Entered aecond-cUu nutter Baltimore Postofflct.

Copjnsbu 1U34. bj Xb A 0. AbeU Couipmuy. BALTIMORE. SUNDAY, JULY 1, 1934 VOL.34-D 94 Pages 1 Ite 1UC, Regular Citj Ctmer JC MORNING.

13.8,730) EVENING, 140,012 278,742 Sunday 187,185 )DESK CLEARED dv nnnccuc Ul IIUUJLVLLI HITLER CRUSHES UPRISING THREA TENING HIS REGIME; OPPOSITION CHIEFS SLAIN The Great Game Of Politics By FRANK R. KENT FORD SUBMITS CONDITIONS TO OBEYING NRA Unsigned Letter From Dearborn Brings Report Of Compliance Frazier-Lemke Farm Mor- Hitler Opponents Dead After Revolt atorium And Railroad Pension Acts Signed JOHNSON LATER MODIFIESSTATEMENT FOUR COMMISSIONS ARE APPOINTED Motor Magnate Reserved Right To Test Code Provisions In Courts -jsz iL, fx i i 1 ff President To Leave To The Stock Market Boss Washington, June 30. NO MORE INTERESTING selection of a Federal official has yet been made than that of Mr. Joseph Kennedy, of Boston, as member and presumptive chairman of the Federal Commission to regulate the Stock Exchange. It is also understood that Mr.

Kennedy will administer the Securities Act. Thus he becomes one of the most important men in the country. JOSEPH PATRICK ALOYSIUS KENNEDY is a Boston financier who has made a lot of money. After he came out of Harvard, where he played first class baseball, he became a bank examiner in Massachusetts. Then he was President of the Little day For Holiday Cruise Busy Week By PAUL W.

WARD Washington Bureau of The Sun Washington, June 30 Gen. Hugh S. i By 3. F. ESSART VON SCHLEICHER KILLED WHILE RESISTING ARREST; ROEHM COMMITS SUICIDE Head Of Catholic Action Party And Count Helldorf, Potsdam Police President, Meet Death At Hands Of Troopers 7 STORM TROOP LEADERS EXECUTED BY OFFICIALS Von Papen, Vice-Chancellor, Who Incurred Enmity Of Radical Nazis, Placed Under Protective Arrest But Later Is Freed I Washington, June 30 -President Johnson let it be understood today that Henry Ford had capitulated in his long fight with the NRA by signing a late loaay put nis nnuiuug touch upon the record of the recent session of Congress by approving what pledge of allegiance to the Blue Eagle.

The report promptly was challenged by the motor magnate's Dearborn of Columbia Trust Ccmpany. During the fice, with the result that the National war he was at the head of one of the Recovery Administrator hurriedly Bethlehem shipbuilding plants. Later remained of its unfinished business, by appointing the four new commissions authorized, and by otherwise clearing his desk for a getaway on his holiday tomorrow. It was his most hectic day since re called a press conference to explain he got into the moving-picture induS' matters. try in a big way, finally sold out to It developed at that conference that great advantage, and for the past General Johnson had received an un ten years has headed a banking and turning here nearly a week ago from Hyde Park and before it was over he signed draft of a letter written in the Dearborn offices of the Ford Motor brokerage firm.

He married the daughter of "Honey Fitz," the Boston Mayor, renowned as the singer of Company and that the letter outlined the conditions under which Mr. Ford that great drinking song, "Sweet Ade would consent to comply with the au KARL ERNST Subordinate Storm Troop Official CAPT. ERNST ROEHU Storm Troop Leader KURT VON SCHLEICHER Former Chancellor line." No one ever sang "Sweet Adeline" auite like "Honey Fitz," who tomobile code. Not Certificate Of Compliance Associated Press Copyright, 1934 Berlin, June 30 Chancellor Adolf Hitler, ruthless and un never took a drink in his life. MR.

KENNEDY is about 46 years old It was not a certificate of compliance such as Mr. Ford must sign if he had: Approved the Frazier-Lemke Farm Moratorium Act, and issued a public defense of his action. Approved the Railroad Pension Act and also defended that action in a public statement. Appointed a National Labor Board to give effect to the labor disputes resolution. Appointed the new aviation commission to study air-mail reforms and aviation in general.

Appointed James A. Moffett, oil magnate of New York, to be the new Federal Housing Commis again is to become eligible for Gov and has nine children. His wife looks the same age as her oldest daughter. He first met Mr. Roosevelt through Frank A.

Walker. Attracted by the ernment business or for what business otherwise might flow to him out of the Administration's new loans-to-indus-try program. Such a certificate of compliance not only attests that the Roosevelt views, Mr. Kennedy, along with Henry Morgenthau, Colonel signer is complying with the code for House and Mr. Straus of Macy's, was his industry but also pledges him to continue complying with that code and the regulations made under it by its administrators, the code authority, one of four to put up 510,000 each to finance the pre-convention Roosevelt campaign.

And he was out in Chicago made up, in Mr. Ford's case, of repre at the time of the nomination, having sentatives of his competitors. The letter said, according to General lot of fun kidding his financial Johnson, that the Ford company who were all on the other friends, side. always complied with the automobile code and would continue to do so. Court Appeal Riflht Reserved The letter went on to add, however, sioner.

Appointed Stock Exchange Commission composed of Joseph P. Kennedy, Ferdinand Pecora, James M. Landis, George C. Matthews and Robert E. Healy.

Named Eugene O. Sykes, of Mississippi, as chairman of Federal Communications Commission. Veto Of Farm Act Was Expected Of all of these Presidential acts, the approval of the farm bankruptcy measure is perhaps the most important and certainly the most significant. Mr. Roosevelt had been counted upon in most quarters to veto it, first because it was never on the Admin-, istration legislative program, and next 1 because of what its opponents regard as its extreme radicalism.

5 Not until the President delivered his radio address Thursday night in the SOON AFTER Mr. Roosevelt took office, Mr. Kennedy's jubilation became much diluted. He is liberal in his he said, that the company "would con views, but there were things about tinue to comply with all the pertinent provisions of the code, subject at all Hitler Wants Storm Troops Filled With Idea Oj Obedience By the Associated Press Chancellor Adolf Hitler "It is my wish that the Storm Troops shall be transformed into a faithful mirl strong link iu tlio chain constituting the National Socialist movement. Filled with the idea of obedience and blind discipline, it must help to form a man." Prejiieb Goerikq of PRUSSIA I "The second revolution now is ended.

There is no cause for uneasiness. Some Storm Troopers committed suicide. Some had to be shot when they offered resistance. All of Prussia is firm in my hands. When he (Hitler) strikes, he strikes hard and decisively, Whoever raises his hand against the Third lleirh loses his head.

Dcr Fuehrer ordered me to represent him. I shall cany on without giving quarter." National Socialist TARrr, in a statement: "Dcr Fuehrer delivered a speech before the higher Storm Troop leaders who had come together at Munich, in whicli he laid emphasis on his unshakable adhesion to the Storm Troops, but at the same time announced his determination henceforth to mercilessly slump out and destroy creatures who were without discipline and obedience as well as elements tlmt are anti-social or ahnormal. lie pointed out that service in the Storm Troops was an honor for which tens of thousands of fine Storm Troops men had made the heaviest sacrifices. Above all, he said he would nip in the hud and stamp nut every attempt in the ludicrous circles of ambitious creatures to propagate the idea of a new revolution." Victor Lutze, new commander of the Storm Troops "These three virtues shall now, more than ever, become the guiding star for the whole Storm Troops: Lnquestlonlng fidelity, the sharpest discipline, the sacrificial spirit of bravery. Thus we, who are National Socialists, will march together.

I am convinced it can then be only a march to freedom." Dr. Ernst Haskstaenol, Nazi press chief, at Newport, R. "Such things might happen in any country. I mn(t it a rule when I came to this country not to discuss politics. I'm sorry, but I can't break that rule." COIWT VON HELDORF times to recognition of its constitu tional rights, which they might estab lish in the courts." PREMIER LOSES General Johnson, who had mislaid the New Deal he did not like.

Also there were certain New Dealers he did not like. One of his pet aversions is Mr. Louis McHenry Howe, closest of all men to the President. Mr. Kennedy wanted no office for himself and had no political aspirations.

He is the the letter and was quoting it from compromising, smashed a revolt in the Third Reich today with swift retaliation that took the lives of high oppositionists to his rule. Over all Germany tonight, however with troops and machine gunners, rifle-carrying police and guards on patrol there was suspense, fear, apprehension over a civil war or at least a revolution within the ranks of the National Socialist (Nazi) party. HITLER'S POWER UNDISPUTED For the present, Hitler held undisputed power. In a day of summary punishment for those who challenged his authority the denouement of the crisis' of recent weeks, hastened by the disclosure of immoral orgies indulged in by leaders of his own Nazi Storm Troops the Chancellor "liquidated" leaders of a threefold opposition the reactionary Monarchists, the "Calholic Action" group and the Left' Wing Storm Troopers who plotted his end. Two of the dead were charged with plotting with a "foreign power" to end the Hitler regime.

FORMER CHANCELLOR KILLED They were Kurt von Schleicher, former Chancellor who wanted to restore the monarchy. He was killed with Frau von Schleicher when they resisted arrest at their country home near Babelsberg, outside Berlin. Capt. Ernst Roehm, the commander of the Storm Troops, for years Hitler's close friend. He was arrested, deposed, accused of immoral practices that brought shame to the Nazi movements.

He committed suicide. There was no further statement on the "foreign power." Representations earne to the German Foreign Office from at least one embassy asking that the "conspiring" power be named so that other embassies in Berlin might no longer be under suspicion. EMBASSY MAKES REPRESENTATION In the crushing of the revolt, seven Storm Troop leaders were memory, said: "I read the letter and then changed SUIT; MUST PAY it to read that the company agreed to course of which he mentioned this enactment with favor, a fact pointed out sort of man who likes and dislikes comply with the provisions of the au tomobile code, subject to such rights in The Sun Friday morning, was there 4 an inkling that he might approve it. as might be sustained in a court of most intensely. He is very open in the expression of his opinions, and he expressed quite a few about Mr.

Howe TYPIST $10,000 competent jurisdiction. I did this be cause I know that the President would and others. Until recently, he had not seen Mr. Roosevelt for more than a This he has now done because, as he puts it, "the reasons for signing it far outweigh the arguments on the other aide." No such doubt existed with regard hi the bill setting up a Federal retire- not accept the Ford compliance with anything pertaining to constitutional Stenographer's Father year. rights therein.

The President takes the position that NRA attempts to do IN FACT, HIS White House visit on ment system for railroad employes, al Also" Wins $3,000 In Seduction Case Thursday was the first time since he nothing that is not constitutional." Sabine And Kvale Responsible It also developed at the press conference that the letter had been taken to General Johnson by R. P. Sabine, went with him to Warm Springs before inauguration. He came at Mr, By the As-mcinted Pressi Edmonton, June 30 Vivian Bethesda (Md.) Ford agent, and Rep though this was another measure rushed through in the final hours of the session without Administration tupport Farm Act May Be Revised These two enactments were the last tt the Congressional grist on the President's desk and having finally disposed of them, though not without a suggestion that the Farm- Bankruptcy act would have to be revised Roosevelt's request and was asked to administer these two great acts. It puts him in control of the issuances of and the dealing jn all listed stocks and bonds in the country.

Mr. Kennedy did MacMillan, 22-year-old stenographer, who accused Premier J. E. Brownlee of seducing her, was awarded $10,000 by a jury here tonight. France Believes Final Check not seek the job and did not want it Her father, Alan MacMillan, a co- Has Been Given Hitler Revolt He takes it at the insistence of the President, but those who know him know he neither surrenders his views plaintiff, was awarded $3,000.

No next winter, he turned once more to criminal action was involved in the the matter of appointments. nor abandons his prejudices. Although this board was authorized case, in which the girl said the Premier ruined her life and prospects of marriage. by Congress, it was actually set up by executive order issued by the President today. It takes the place of MR.

KENNEDY'S selection will cause resentative Kvale (F. who, as a member of the House Military Affairs Committee, recently proposed an investigation of the reasons why the Ford Company was barred from selling cars and trucks to the War Department. When General Johnson made his initial disclosure that he had a letter from the Ford Company and let it be understood that it constituted a certificate of compliance, such as the President's executive order of March 14 requires of all manufacturers of products to be sold the Government, his comment was: "Sure, I'm glad that Ford has agreed to comply with NRA." At his subsequent press conference, he said the newsmen who had heard (Continued on Page 4, Column 2) Pertinax Believes, As Result Of German Develop ments, Many Powers Will Be Restored To Powerful Industrialists And Landholders shot to death in Munich. An untold number of other brown-shirted Storm Troopers were killed resisting arrest or committed suicide. no joy among the advanced liberals Crowd Cheera Verdict There were cheers from crowds out the earlier National Labor Board com He is not a reactionary, but he is no posed of industrialists and labor leaders and presided over by Senator Robert theorist.

He is not a professor and he side the building as the verdict became known. The courtroom was packed. is not much on "national "social management" or "the new eco F. Wagner, of New York. Selection of Moffett A Surprise By FERTINAX Political Editor L'Echo de Pam Justice W.

C. Ives, presidinfl. dis Ileinrich Klausman, leader of the "Catholic action" group, was shot to death. COUNT HELLDORF IS KILLED Count Wolf Ileinrich Helldorf, Nazi police official in Pots The appointment of James A. Mof nomics." Probably he would not be able to give a satisfactory definition of Paris, June 30 Today's develop one of the main purposes of the Hit agreed with the verdict, and reserved fett to be Federal housing commission ments in Germany are interpreted lerian revolution had been to deprive his decision, thereby holding up con- "the more abundant life." He is a hard was a surprise.

His name had not been mentioned in this connection or here as putting a final check to the (Continued on Page 4, Column 6) boiled, two-fisted, practical man, who knows lhe stock-market game from Hitlerian revolution. in any other official connection since dam, ally of Roehm and other Storm Troopers who plotted to seize control, was killed, ostensibly while resisting arrest. his controversy early in the history The main boast of Naziism for more them. Regime Held Dangerous According to all probabilities French official circles will regard the amended Hitlerian regime of tomorrow as per the inside. He is the fighting type of Irishman and has a lurid and salty oi ine nan wun wauer xeagie, presi With Hitler at the helm, unchallenged as his chief aide as a dent of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, over the terms of the oil vocabulary.

He could give General haps more dangerous than the former result of the day's developments, was Premier Hermann Wilhelm Johnson a fifty-word start and out- Code. Mr. Moffett, who was then vice curse him three to one in fifteen min Goering of Prussia. utes. He is a companionable, likable Astor Weds Ellen Tuck French In Society Drama Of Decade Jam At Old Trinity Rivals Big Spoils Spectacle As Unhidden Throng Scene Outdoor Reception l-'ollovvs Hitler Aide Looks On president of the same company, took the Government's side in that controversy and was dismissed by the fellow, level-headed, capable and HITLER DIRECTS MOVEMENTS The "iron fist" of the Nazis carried out Hitler's orders.

He than a year has been that work could be found for all unemployed. To a great extent Hitler has succeeded in that task since out of 6.000,000 unemployed in March, 1933, more than 4,000,000 were given some kind of a job, a good many in 'he Storm Troops and labor camps. Public Finances Near Ruin But such undertakings have brought to a verge of ruin German public finances and in fact have made of the gold mark an empty shadow. The en for international peace because it is likely to be conducted more methodically, rationally, coldly and efficiently. Therefore the French Government is sure to stick to its policy formulated last April about the military problem.

The point eagerly watched here is whether the initiation of a more moderate regime in the German home policy will bring about a reconciliation honest. SOME WEEKS ago it was understood company. Farm Bill Was Modified sent his police into the streets, keeping the busy traffic from congesting with crowd. He mobilized the Rcchswehr, the regular army. Th Farm Bankruptcy Act, approved today, Is commonly known as the Fra- ricr-Lemke bill, although it was much Mr.

Roosevelt would name as the head of the Commission Mr. James M. Landis. Recently, he has been considering Mr. Ferdinand Pecora, the Senate banking investigator.

It is modified after being drawn by its By the Associated Press 9 of Berlin and Moscow, that is, make He called in Storm Troopers from Munich and other head original sponsors. The measure gives the Soviets of Russia less anxious to Newport, R. June 30 The society farmers a virtual six-month guarantee deavor could not be continued unless rigorous measures of truly socialist drama of the decade John Jacob As likely both Mr. Landis and Mr. Pe against the loss of their property by quarters.

He dispatched Hitler own guard, the biacK-snirtea Schulz StafTel, to take command at Nazi headquarters. tor 3d' marriage to Ellen Tuck French cora will be on the Commission, but nature were enforced. Those measures were recommended took place today while a crowd of the appointment of Mr. Kennedy at -O" luiiiici WIIU fails to secure a scaling down of his mortgage by negotiation may go into join hands with France for the Conclusion of a pact of mutual assistance. No great change is expected in that respect.

Italy Applauds Hitler's He had the "liquidation" well under way by the time Hitler several thousand jostled outside the church. the head will not please the Young Liberals. Mr, Kennedy is distinctly by the extremist section of the Storm Troops, which had arranged to revolt tomorrow In Munich, Brcslau and elsewhere. By sternly refusing to com Rivaling the jam at a big sports spec arrived by airplane from Munich, where, since early hours of the day, he had directed the counter movement to quell the mutiny. tacle, the battalion of unbidden guests Astor emerged, his bride on his arm.

With grave faces they stood on the church steps while cameras ground. Then their party emerged. They hurried away in big automobiles to the wedding reception. Inside shortly before the wedding march from Lohengrin sounded, eight ushers in cutaways, white gloves and spats moved down the main aisle. A lanky, blue-eyed young man, the youth whose romance kept social circles agog, appeared near the chancel, his best man at his side.

Soberly he watched "Tucky," in not one of them. They will regard it as a turning to the right by the Presi filled narrow Church street outside ply with such wild requests and mer Tactics In Ending Revolt Rome, June 30 VP) Generally favor- With Hitler in the plane were Minister of Propadanda Jos Old Trinity, of the ceremony, dent. Those who know Mr. Kennedy cilessly crushing their promoters Hit a bankruptcy court and petition for a "fair and reasonable value of his iroperty." After that is done the trustee In bankruptcy may sell the farm back to ita original owner at the new appraisal and on easy payments spread over six years. President Roosevelt has given this measura aoma intensive study and Traffic in the one-way street was so will dismiss both right and left con eph Goebbels and Heimrich llimmler, chief of the Bavarian uble reaction occurred here today to events in Germany.

police. impeded that young Astor had to walk part of the way to his own wedding, the last hundred feet to the gate, and the bride was ten minutes late. High quarters willingly agreed that ler, notwithstanding the transitional stages he will have to pass through, is henceforward doomed to give back to the Reichswchr leaders to heavy industry, to big landowners and io tra5 ditional Prussian bureaucrats eminent siderations and regard it as an exceptionally good appointment. It is almost unique in one respect. The man choaen actually knows something Hitler was greeted on the streets of Berlin with newspaper! Chancellor Hitier'a stern measures to repress his own extremists coincided At 3.20 P.

M. (E.S.T.), ten minutes (Continued en Pifje 4, Column 4) aboul the business he is to regulate. on Pas 6, Column 1), after the church doors closed, young influence in public, affairs of which (Continued on Page 7, Column 4) (Continued on Page 12, Column 1) i.

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