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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 3

Winnipeg, Canada
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Tuesday, August 5, 1941
Page 3
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A STAGE Victory Sign Used In Coming Films ly HAROLD HEFFERMAN LTOLLYWOOD Warners have written the British V movement Into a war chiller, All Through The Night and 10 have four other tudiot In as many different pictures. Out of the mouth of start: "Why, any girl can be glamorous," said Hedy Lamarr. "All you have to do Is stand still and look stupid." Producer - Director Frank Capra vas asked how he liked the per - ormance of Dorothy Comingore, he newcomer, In Orson Welles' Mtizen Kane. "Fine," replied :apra, "you know, she's been in a tumber of my pictures." Dorothy leard about it and burned and ent Capra this wire: "You mean, : was in one of your pictures a lumber of times!" Son Carries On A few years ago Louise Ostertag vas a rising young starlet whose uture seemed assured. But sud - lenly she married and retired 'owing, however, that her first hild would carry on in movies, rhat wish is now coming true. Darryl Hickman, her 10 - year - old ion, is one of the most active kids n town. Scoring in Men Of Boys Town, with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, Paramount is now Maturing him in Glamour Boy, Two of the greatest scene - stealers in the business duel fiercely these days on the set of Louisiana Purchase. Bob Hope alwaya thought he could take care of himself in any spot - even against Jack Oakie but he's met hit toughest customer yet In the veteran Victor Moore. It seems Moore picked up a lot 9f tricks during the run of the show on Broadway and most of the time has Hope hanging on the ropes. One is a bit of business with a sandwich, another with a toothpick eye arresters all, according to sideliners now watch ing the contest with great glee. ' ' . August Babies . Birthdays are in order this Aug list for the following stars: Myrna Loy (2), Robert Taylor (5), Leo Carrllio (6), Norma Shearer (10), Gene Raymond (13), Charles Boyer (28), Joan Blondell, Fred MacMur - ray (30), Frederic March (31). Sam Goldwyn thinks Mrs. Lou Mil MeloifH OBERON DOUGLAS itt CiHii XukUcJt'i TfflTf Kl, BlMQEtt MEREDITH Mft AIR - CONDITIONED E3 E A C O N ain and Riiperr. 97 813. (Adult! . 6 BIG ACTS m VAUDEVILLE FEATURINC AMERICAN STARS Dorothy LAMOUR Robert PRESTON Prtiton FOSTER "Moon Over Burma" Alio W. C. FIELDS in "BANK DICK" Portage ana Carlton. 2f let (ADULT) FREE! TO LADIES EVERY MONDAY TUESDAY (No Extra Service Charge) SENSATIONAL EXCLUSIVE IMPORTED",, STEMWARE Oat Your Special Water Jut Coupon Stamped ' With Thie Week'a Place. HAND - CUT IN CANADA OARY COOPER ftMAOELEINe CARROLL ROBERT PRESTON PRLSTUN FOSTER In The rt.C.M.P. Technicolor Hit "North West Mounted Police" Alao JOHNNY DOWNS IN "ONCE OVER LICHTLY" (JflOVtJ6 . 'BEHIND the NEWS' Lloyd Nolan Doris Davtnport 2nd Plcturt 'UNDER TEXAS SKIES' THREE MESQUITTEERS EXTRA (Adult) LAUREL A HARDY In "DIRTY WORK" NOW PLAYING HELD (J OYER 6weekT GEORGE FORMBY "Let George Do It" NEW tECOND FEATURE "FOOTLIGHT FEVER" with lOneraJ) Alaet Mowbray Don. McBride Extra Canada Carrier On "HEROES OF THE ATLANTIC" il 5 l:t efASaafVaal AND SCREEN Gehrig, here to collaborate on the filming of her husband s life story, is one of the greatest women he has ever met. "In the ten days 1 have known her," said Sam, "we have not had one argument." lilelraaed by North American Newepeper Alliance, Inc.) A Gadabout's Notebook HOLLYWOOD Some months ago Carmen Miranda invited Alice Faye to spend a vacation in the Brazilian actress' glamorous Rio home. Meanwhile, Alice married Phil Harris and Carmen leased the house with a thoughtful provision. "You are all feexed, Aleece," explained Carmen. "You go there on your honeymoon. You see, in tne lease is a clause which makes the tenant give you a suite without rent whenever you decide to go." "That," said Alice, who may accept the invitation, "is what I call southern hospitality!" How well are you up In movie pronunciations? It't Hay - dee, you know and not Hedy Lamarr, when you tpeak it. Rise Stevens, the Metropolitan opera songbird, now appearing with Nelton Eddy in The Chocolate Soldier sounds her first name Ree - sa. It's Sa. tair (accent on last syllable), not Cacur Burnet o. Many people still call her Claudette Col bert, but the doetn't like that. It't Col - bear. Box Office Kingt Box office kings of 1941 are Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Two years ago they couldn't get book ings, even on the smallest vaudeville time. Eight months ago they were nonentities in Hollywood. Today they can just about write their own ticket at Universal and soon will do exactly that. Truly the movie business is wonderful. ' The brains department was discussing ways and means of getting a cavalry norse big enough for 293 - pound Oliver Hardy to ride in Great Guns. They want to get one that can keep up with Stan Laurel's nag, meet the approval of the S.P.C.A.. and still behave properly before the cameras. . Finally, Hardy tirediy suggested they change the script and let him carry the horse. Tommy Harmon, jutt finished with Harmon of Michigan, Insists he's still a free man, In tpitt of a dexen romantic entanglement! In the chatter columns. To prove it, he't been confining dates to Elyte Knox, Pattl MeCarty and Janet Blair. Despite the title. Sweater Girl. heroine June Preisser will wear but one pullover sweater in the film. However, sixteen campus cuties will more than make up for any such oversight. They'll change sweaters seven times. Gary Cooper's Pay Ranks NearTop In U.S. Treasury List By The Amoclal. - d Preaal . I WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 Film tt Actor Gary Cooper, with a pay cheque of J482.820, led the industrial bigwigs and the motion picture colony as well, in a compilation of 1939 corporation salaries made public today by the United States treasury. The list did not Include three Of th leading Hollywood studios Metro - Goldwin - Mayer, Universal and Columbia however, and corporate reports on file with the securities commission indicated that Louis B. Mayer, head of M.G.M., remained on top of the salary list witth $697,048, as he has for several years. Other actors may have topped Cooper, too. The treasury also listed: Thomas J. Watson, International Business Machines, $442,560; George W. Hill, American Tobacco Company, J420.299; F. A. Count way, Lever Brothers Company, soap manufacturers, $.183, - 210; William S. Knudsen, General Motors Corporation, $372,366 and James Cagney, $368,333. It was the last year for Knudsen in the big brackets. Since then, he has beoome the unpaid director general of the office of production management In Washington. The list represented only the salaries over $75,000 paid by corporations. It did not include many persons with much larger income who draw their checks from investments or other sources. Officials noted that 41 persons had incomes of $1,000, - 008 or more in 1939, and few of their names were on the salary list. Other big Hollywood pay checks shown by the treasury included: Edward G. Robinson, $255,000: D a ry I ' F. Zanuck, $255,000; Adolph Menjou. $174. - 999; Fred MacMurray. $240,333 Carole Lombard, 211,111; Ginger Rogers, $219,500; Sonja Henie, $249,166 and Erral Flynn, $213, - 333. Air Mail Extended Br The Canadian Preaa SASKATOON, Aug. 5 Announce ment of a supplementary air mall service for Saskatoon, with a morn ing southbound and afternoon northbound plane connecting with TCA services through Regina, was made Monday. The colors seen In a flame are caused by unconsumed properties, firt itself being colorless. . tTHEATKESj r i" i ti Laj r r i - w - 4 x i m ARLINGTON Thief Of Bagdad, spectacle, Sabu, Conrad Veidt; Lady With The Red Hair, drama, Miriam Hopkins. BEACON Six Acts of Vaudeville, featuring American Stars; Moon Over Burma, romance, Dorothy Lamour, Robert Preston; Bank Dick, comedy, W, C. Fields. BIJOU Let George Do It, English comedy, George Formby; Footlight Fever, drama; Heroet of the Atlantic. CAPITOL Shepherd Of The Hiilt, drama, John Wayne, Betty Field, Harry Carey, 12.26, 2.42, 7.14, 9.30; Popular Science, 12.09, 2.25, 4.41, 6.57, 9.13; Cartoon comedy. COLLEGE Cheer for Miss Bishop, drama, Martha Scott, William Gargan; Golden Fleecing, comedy, Lew Ayres. CRESCENT Second Chorus, musU cal, Fred Astaire, Paulette God - dard; Calling All Husbands, comedy, Ernest Truex. ELM Third Finger, Left Hand, comedy, Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas; The Saint Takes Over, drama, George Sanders. FOX Nice Girl?, comedy romance, Deanna Durbin, Franchot Tone; Quarterback, drama, Wayne Morris. FURBY Back Street, drama, Mar garet Sullivan, Charles Boyer; Life With Henry, comedy, Jackie Cooper. GAIETY Virginia, drama, Madeleine Carroll. Fred MacMurray, Thieves Fall Out, drama, Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie. GARRICK That Uncertain Feel ing, Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, 1.45, 3.45, 5.50, 7,50, 9.55; Variety shorts. KINGS North West Mounted Police, drama, Madeleine Carroll, Gary Cooper; Selected shorts. LYCEUM Affectionately Yours, comedy romance, Merle" Oberon, Dennis Morgan, Rita Hayworth 11.15, 1.30, 4.30, 7.15, 9.45; Pas sage from Hong Kong, drama, Lucille Fairbanks, Keith Douglas, 12.45, 3.30, 6.16, 8.50. MAC'S East Of The River, drama John Garfield, Brenda Marshall; Dr. Kildare Goes Home, drama, Lew Ayres. METROPOLITAN The Big Store, comedy, Marx Brothers, 12.57, 4.02, 7.07, 10.12; The Get - Away, drama, Robert Sterling, Charles Winninger, 2.20, 5.25, 8.30. OSBORNE Dr. Kildare't Crisis, drama, Lew Ayres, Laraine Day; Diamond Frontier, adventure, Virtor McLaglan. PALACE Dr. Kildare's Crisis, drama, Lew Ayres, Laraine Day; Dulcy, comedy, Ann Sothern. PARK Arise My Lowe, romance, Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland; Gambling On The High Seas, drama, Wayne Morris. PLAZA Bittersweet, musical, Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDon - ald; Youth Will Be Served, ad venture, Jane Withers. RIO Behind the News, drama, Lloyd Nolan, Doris Davenport Under Texas Skies, western, the Three Mesquiteers; Hardy, Dirty Work. Laurel and RIALTO North West Mounted Police, drama, Garry Cooper, Madeleine Carroll; Once Over Lightly, comedy, Johnny Downs. ROSE Tour Mothers, drama, Lane sisters; Dispatch From Reuters, drama, Edward G. Robinson. ROXY So Ends Our Night, romance, Frederic March, Margaret Sullivan; Yesterday's Heroes, drama, Robert Sterling. STAR LAND Buck Privates, comedy, Abbott and Costello; Trial of Mary Dugan, drama, Robert Young, Laraine Day. TIMES The Doctor Takes A Wife, comedy, Loretta Young, Ray Mil - ( land; I Take This Woman, drama,, Spencer Tracy, Hedy Lamarr. TIVOLI No, No Nanette, musical, Anna Neagle; Little Men, comedy. Jack Oakle. TOWER Love Thy Neighbor, comedy, Jack Benny, Fred Allen; Rangers of Fortune, adventure, Fred MacMurray. UPTOWN The Road to Zanzibar, comedy, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby; The Invisible Woman, comedy, Virginia Bruce. VALOUR The Sea Hawk, adven ture, Errol Flynn; The Day the Bookies Wept, comedy, Joe Penner. WONDERLAND Night Train To Munich adventure, Rex Harrison, Margaret Lockwood; Angels Over Broadway, drama, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Winnipeg Professor Lauds U.S. Attitude CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y, Aug. 5. A Winnipeg professor said Monday thnt "the attitude of the United States being a big brother to Canada is the only one to assume, and as such it has had great influence on Canada." Prof. V. W. Jackson, University of Manitoba, addressing a Chat - auqua institution audience, said "Canadians think a great deal of the head of your country." "Roosevelt is to them the defender of the faith and will go down in history as such," he declared. WHAT FUN I A I assy whose classy chassis gets everybody in trouble! "TT UUinUaTHeaeULJ. ' I I M . THE i WINNIPEG TRIBUNE LaGuardia Leads Orchestra aKWmir IIIWIIII'"'"W.I'IIUI W - II I IM lllllllllU.UIlUMIIll'llllW'". - l""" - "l.'"'"' I I :Jf 1 1 . vl, I ! ..4. A .. II . ? I " v. v - v .jr . i : V - U "V. j frV - ' - r , - nil, ifijutMi friiiiii - jiintitwumi in JBm i mm - - .Ji$mitmMtfitm. - tf$. iWin4iiiiiii) i .wMMitfiiirwM With his coat peeled off, and exhibiting; his usual vigor. Mayor LaGuardia of New York, takes the baton for a rehearsal as guest conductor of the National Symphony orchestra. He leads the musicians in The Star Spangled Banner and two Sousa marches at the Potomac Watergate in Washington tonight. Duke Of Kent Resting At Banff For 2 Days By The Canadian Preeel DANFF, Alta., Aug. 5. The Duke of Kent rested in this Rocky " Mountain town today after winding up the first week of his visit to Canada with inspections of two Training Plan in Calgary Monday. His Royal Highness and party arrived by automobile Monday evening from Calgary and are scheduled to remain here two days. No special functions or plans for the Duke's - stop - over have been announced. His itinerary calls for a return to Calgary Thursday to continue westward by air on a Dominion - wide inspection tour of establishments of the training plan. The Duke and his suite prepared to enjoy themselves much after the fashion of tourists. They changed to civilian attire for the time being. The Duke is occupying the suite his brother. King George, and Queen Elizabeth had on their tour in 1939. TWO CALGARY SCHOOLS INSPECTED BY KENT IBy The Canadian Preaa CALGARY. Aue. 5 The Duke of Kent got an fnside view of part of the Commonwealth A:r Training plan Monday in a two and a half hour visit to No. 3 Service Flying Training School and No. 2 Wire less School here before leaving by automobile for Banff, Alta., His Royal Highness, on a trans - Canada Inspection tour of establishment of the training plan, arrived by plane from Regina at 2.08 p.m., paid a brief visit to the S.F.T.S., drove through city streets lined with cheering citizens. Inspected the wireless school, then left for the mountain resort at 4.40 p.m. Most of the time the Duke spent chatting with men in the ranks. asking them questions about them selves and how they liked the Royal Canadian Air Force. But once he stopped to express an opinion himself. Nursing Sitter Marjoria Dolten of Stratbourg, Satk., taid that while the Ouke wat looking through the hotpital at the wire - lett tchool he tpoke of "how well he liked Canada and what a bright place it wat." She said he told her he thought everyone was being "very well looked after." When the Duke stepped from the big silver plane flying his personal standard at Currie Airfield, he was greeted by Group Captain E. R. Owen, officer commanding No. 2 Wireless School. A guard of honor of 104 men and three officers drawn up near the runway pre sented arms and the Calgary R.C.A.F. band played The Royal Salute the opening bars of God Save The King. A large group of air, military, naval and civilian officials were present to receive the ducal party and many were formally presented to His Royal Highness. While awaiting the other two planes in the party which flew several minutes behind the first, His Royal Highness inspected the guard of honor under the command of Squadron - Leader T. R. Sharp. Some delay resi - 'ted when the; big touring car which has been i used to carry distinguished visitors through Calgary streets for many years broke down en. route to the air field and a newer model was substituted. ' In the Interval, the Duke walked around the flying school inspecting some of the big Anson training machines assembled on the I field. j All training was halted for an' hour previous to the arrival of the ducal party, but was resumed immediately after the party left. Among the men the Duke spoke to during his stop at the flying school were: LAC. A. W. Plenty of Toronto; Cpl. J. S. Hope of Vancouver; Fit. Sgt. H. T. Wilson, Vancouver; AC. R. R. Cairns, Mirror, Alta., and AC. Gerald Christie, Tatamagouche, N.S. units of the Commonwealth Air Part of the route taken through the city streets by the Ducal procession was the same as that followed by the King ancf Queen during their visit to Calgary in 198. Many flags were flown and a number of bannerss bearing "V for victory" slogans were displayed in prominent places. At the wirdr - ss school, the Duke inspected another guard of honor and the R.C.A.F. band under the command of Sgt. Wlckford. He stopped to talk with two Royal Canadian Mounted policemen on horseback, and Assistant Commis sioner W. F. W. Hancock of the R.C.M.P. in Edmonton. The mounties were pet. Cpl. Douglas Forrest and Cpl. F. G. MacAdam. In his inspection of the school which carried on as usual during his visit, the Duke stopped In class rooms to watch airmen learning to send and receive code messages, watched advanced students operat ing machines Identical to those used in aircraft, listened to part of a lecture in a demonstration laboratory, and talked with mem bers of the classes. Then after looking over canteen kitchen and sleeping facilitis His Royal Highness went to the officers' mess and asked Cpl. K. A. Breitschmeid to "give me a cup of tea and make It good and strong." Fort Douglas Musical Chapter I.O.D.E. will have charge of the soldiers' huts at the C.N.R. and CP.R. depots Wednesday Thursday. and Zip Ride With AIR CONDITIONED .A mr9rmmm By The Canadian Preaa CALGARY, Aug. 5 Jaraes Howey, 66. old - timer of the Kew district 45 miles southwest of Calgary, who told his friends he would die with his boots on and at his homestead, kept his vow about ten days ago, it was learned Monday when his body was discovered In his lonely ranchhouse. Coroner Dr. A. E. Ardlel, of Okotoks, who investigated the pioneer's death, decided he died about 10 days ago from natural causes. Mr. Howey, was born in Holland Centre, Ont. He took up a homestead In the Kew district 33 years ago. Survivor Include: George Howey, brother, of Chatsworth, Ont; and four sifters, Mrs. G. Kei - ley and Mrs. G. Pennell, in Manitoba; and Mrs. C Metcalfe and Mrs. J. Atcheson, Toronto. Mickey Mouse To Aid War Here ! By The Canadian Preaa OTTAWA, Aug. 5. The Walt Disney studios, creators of ani - ' mated cartoons, will co - operate with the Canadian government In, producing films to help support Canada's war effort. Chairman J.' T. Thorson of the National Film Board said Monday.' Studio representatives arrived here to discuss two projects on which the Disney studios expect to start work Immediately. A series of films for the war sav ings committee featuring all Disney's most famous character is first on the list. The second project is a military training film in cartoon technique to be made for the minister of national defense. Mourning doves feed their young on milk, a fluid food brought up from the crop. 'Miracle Midway' ni'W mnwu, a i." 1 " "'.I . '""I" "'i 1 t"" 'i JJ - A. ... Mtl 1 to : i 8,(XJ Winnipeggers crowded the "World's Finest Shows'' yesterday on the Main street circus grounds, West Kildonan. The auper - thrili - ine Roll - o - nlane soun nasseneers throueh SDace at crest sDeed while "barkers" hollered, bands blared, rallopes shrilled and many other breath - taking rides went 'round and 'round! The big show will remain all week, matinee and night performances." Ml AND ALL WEEK All WEST KILDONAN "World's Finest O if ,flMf Mammoth Thrill O IIU Wo 1001 - CIRCUS SENSATIONS - 1001 N. Main St. Grounds MATINEE AND NICHT BEWARE!! ,vt TODAY ONLY M II yf A I Merle Oberon Dennle Morgan llOV' M . . . . "AFFECTIONATELY YOURS" U v of his r laniiL i ., .. ... w ; of the ELECTRIC MONSTER whose electric chtrtd body detls Death and Destruction to all who come near. ION follows monstrates the inheri of Western Pioneer Keeps His Vow To Die With Boots On UONUaTWHl ANNHUCU UIIITS0N tAMUdl CHANEY.JR. the footsteps Famous Father a character portra HIN05 vs. XNV Woman Sets New I Record For Tuna PAGE Z a I By Th Aeeoctated Prese I HATT VV T5T.ANn Mp .. Anfr R A new recora wuuus tuna umuhk jrecord for women was credited to Mrs. Maurice Meyer, Jr., of El - K.. M T .flar cha lnn.lnrt n n filR. !UIIUII A ..... ) H 1 ' V 1 Ol... IOIIUIU .... w.w pounder that measured just a shade under 10 feet in lengm. The previous record was heid by Mrs. Lyman Blopmingdale of New York, who boated a 792 - pound tuna off Wedgeport, N.S., Sept. 1, 1910. V A IR CONDITIONED GAIETY FAMOUS PLAYERS THEATRE "tw TODAY - r 1 A "The Fire Cheese" V ' I Technicolor Cartoon V I Panular Science li . v ' n1 In Technicolor V fft) I M raft " A ANNA NEAGLE 'NO, NO NANETTE Ala Ceelit Academy Road Bing LHObUY Bob HOPE 'THE ROAD TO ZANZIBAR" Advil John Barrymore Virginia Brace 'THF INVISim 6 WOMAN" Claudette Colbert Ray Milland "ARISE MY LOVE" Wayne Morria Jane Wayman "Carnbling Oih the High Si" BLEU DE ROI Enghe'h Dlnnerware Free to Ladiea Open 9.30. 18c to t. Air Cooled (AIULTIHaBHHBi Kings Supper Show 4Cfh (GK.NKRAL) ,afc Gary COOPER Madeleine CARROLL Paulette GODDARD Preaton FOSTER Robt. PRESTON Alum TAMIROFF "NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE" Table Spoon Coupon Oiven to Ladiea Tonite VALOUR A,rADCu0LTL,E0 , STEMWARE TO LADIES ERROL FLVNN "THE SEA HAWK" Jaa PENHER Beaty GR ABLE 'The Day the Bookiea Wept" 002 902 Myrna LOV Melvyn DOUGLAS "THIRD FINGER LEFT HAND" Qeorge SANDERS (GENERAL) "THE tAINT TAKES UVtn ' Frea Silverware to Ladiea 3 AIR CUINUI I lUNtu CHARLES BOYER if MARGARET SULLAV "BACK STREET" At to Th Aldrtch Family LIFE WITH HENRY" - " Ionium Devon Huh Dutnerwiirt Lionel Barrymore Lew Ayrea "DR. KILDARE'S CRISIS" Victor McLnglen IAOULT) "DIAMOND FRONTIER" Tgnight Devon Hum U inner mi aire Miriam Hopkins Ian Hunttr 'THE LADY WITH RED HAIR' Sabu Conrad Veidt I ADULT J "THE THIEF OF BAGDAD" loniyht Devon Hum . Dmnerwjrtj Lorttta Young Ray Milland 'THE DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE &p?ncr Tracy Hdy Lamarr "I TAKE THIS WOMAN" (Adult) Alio Canada Carnta On "MEN OF THE LIGHT bHIP if ! :"C' f records for Maine walers, the mark having been set by Frank Luden - mann of New York, with a pounder. HAIOID IIU WlltMrt lOHNWaYNnhnnOai HARRY CARET . Until MWM UHCS UITN UMWl t MH WUNItlUM'lUCUHmiKf AIR CONDITIONED FAMOUS PLATERS THEATRE T ROBERT STERLINQ CHARLES WINNINGS "THE CET - AWAY'V fUlS EDDIE ALBERT JOAN LESLIE "THIEVES FALL OUT" ADULT UHtU t.iU P.M. (ADLLI, 2nd Feature JACK OAKIE "LITTLE MEN" Corydon Ave. Ph. 41 m IT't GIFT NIGHT TONIGHT Frea A.taire Paulette Qoddard "SECOND CHORUS" ERNEST TRUEX (ADULT "CALLINC ALL HUSBANDS" iv..w.,i vBUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO ti BUCK PRIVATES" With the Andrewa S'etere Hit No. t 0 (ADULT) Robert Voung Laraine Day "TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN" MIBa.l - l.m.l.'IJ.l Deanna DURBIN rranchot TONE "NICE GIRL?" With Walter Brennan Robert tuck - (ADULT) WAVNE MORRIS "THE QUARTERBACK" MontroM A Air Htndtrton Cm ltd ToniQht Wm. A. Roort 1'lverwar Fredric March - Margaret tuilavan "SO ENDS OUR NICHT" Jean Roger Robert Stirling 'YFSTE R DAY'S HEROES' Adult Snerbrook Sarstnt Margaret LOCKWOOO (ADULT) "NICHT TR'AIN TO MUNICH" D. Fairbanks. Jr. Rita Hayworth "ANGELS OVER BROADWAY" Main at Air Church Cooled Martha SCOTT it Wtlliam OARQAN "CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP ' Rita JOHNSON it Lew AYRES "GOLDEN FLEECING" (ADULT) Ewtra: "Heroea Of tho Atlantic" I beiklrk Air ' Powers Cooled Lew Ayrea Lionel Sarrymor "DR. KILDARE'S CRISIS Ann Sothern Ian Hunter DULCY" IAOULT) Marion and Air Tache Cooled tILEX NIGHT TONIGHT Nelaon Hdy Jeanette MacDonald "BITTERSWEET" in Color Jane Wltnere (GENERAL) "YOUTH WILL BE SERVED" argent Air at Arlington Coaled Tonight Wm. A. Roeere tllverware Lane tiatera Jeffrey Lynn "FOUR MOTHERS" (Contrail Edward Q. Roblneon Edna Beat DISPATCH f ROM REUTERt" Mountain Air McGreaor Cooled Jack Mary Fred BENNY MARTIN ALLEN "LOVE THY NEICHBOR" Fred MacMurray (GENERAL) "RANOERt OF FORTUNE" kherbrook 4 Cm 1 and Ellica .. I9C John Garfield Brenda Marahali "EAST OF THE RIVER" Lew Ayree (GENERAL) "DR. KILOARE GOES HOME" USE THE CLASSIFIED ADVTS. "'c - ..4i FIELD Harry CAREY CHURCHILL SPEAKS ARLINCTQN STAKES ATTENTION BEATS ' WHIRLAWAY CANADIAN AIRMEN CET RADIOLOCATOR TRAININC U.S. FORCES JAPANESE SHOWDOWN BAN ON SILK STOCK I NCS LONDON LAUCHS Plus the Feature I "The Shepherd of tho Hills" John WAYNE Betty Mrs. Meyer't huge "horse maclc - erel" also wiped out all previous (GENERAL) f

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