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Indianapolis, Indiana
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RITE'S LIEN'S SHOP 45 S. Illinois St. lit ca end $15 Szits, (herccats i zzi Ea'cicaans 1 3 that are up to the minute In style and XI Jn value. ite ha no ormous Washington tret rent to pay Klta'a price M.T9 low. "Strictly fresh coun try Eggs, dozen.

awOis ivew rancake and isuek ITtii lovm A packages A. P. Corn Syrup, large cans. 500 E3TH PHONES 748 10c Evaporated Milk, 3 nr cans LdJs AT WILL BE BURIED IN RICHMOND Body of Roy W. Taylor, Cartoonist, 'Sent From Washington.

JSpeclsl to The Indianapolis News WABIHNOTON, October 23. The body of Roy W. Taylor, a cartoonist, who died Tuesday, waa taken to Richmond. ay Later rues worjHfs shop 45 S. Illinois St.

Tsisi FW Te Crn4sr Tilts Specializes on (laments. $5 $lQ $15 $20 They're' the best value In the town. Kit always mowi the neweit In Coals, DrrssM, DUTF IF YOU WANT IT PAY AS YOU GET PAID AT (WRIGHTS) Outfitters to Men and Women OPEN SATURDAY NIGHT! UNTIL 9J0 PrasraoiriSy IPrieog Extra fancy Cream ery Butter, lb ODL New crop fancy Evaporated Apricots. ri pound ltl Choice Salmon, large can i Don't fail to get a pound, of our choice Coffee," 20c, 22c, 25c, 28c, 30c, 32c, 33c a lb. We are giving sway a 17 qaart dishpsn absolutely free to each customer purchasing a large can of our pure liaking Powder.

ii THE rrpat 124 H. PENN. ST. bas aa 1 1 swaf. I i ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO.

today for burial. Mr. Taylor, who waa thlrty stx years old, waa born and reared In Wayna county. He had been employed on the Chicago Tribune and the New York World, and waa on the taff of the Philadelphia North American at. the time of hla death.

Hla mother, Mr a. A. L. Marshall, of thla city, survives htm. Are You Going to Build? 'Mepisel Wall Boari Then let us show you how yon will save money by using Xrrar( Wall Heard, Instead of lumber, or plaster and laths.

Ncponsct Wall Board standard stuJdinjrs and Joists. It comes In lengths of and10 feet, and ln plain oak. cream, white and burnt leather finish. No further decoration 1 necessary, but paint oan applied If desired. There I Are Endless Uses for Wall Board new hous.

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120 121 EAST WASHINGTON STREET ATTACK ON ASSERTIONS 0Pfi.JAC0BP.DUl INSULT CHARGED TO ALL WHO WISH CLEAN MORAL CITY. VICE AND CRIME DISCUSSED tee Editor of Tie Xews: i Sir Jacob "Pious" Decs does the7 com nrurdty a service when he so successfully attacks the circulation of the fake "oath of the Knights of Columbus, as he did In his speech recently, copies of which some Industrious organization Is spreading broadcast. No good ever comes of spreading falsehoods, and such acts always become boomerang? that injure the slanderer. 1 ut in attacking one falsehood Mr. Iunn hiraaeif stoops to fabrication, and repeats a as false as falsehood ever waa; be Insults ail of us who desire an honeat cify (roTernmrit and a clean, ryoral city In which to bring up our boys kni girls.

Mr. Ininn makes a statement he knows to be absolutely untrue when he claims that "every thief, every pickpocket, bunko Steerer, gambler, law defying saloon keeper, anarchist, white aiaver. strumpet, pimp proprietor of property rented for wineroome. rambling houses and bawdy htros is against the city administration, and! The News Is their organ." In Mr. Dunn'i own.

words. "Isn't that a peach of a. claim T'' A great statement from a sane man to maJce before sane people. Who can he think will believe It? why should any rice rut off the hand that supports it? 7Trip Suggested. Let any one who thicks the city administration Is the enemy of the brothel keepers and owners of their property, but take a lelaurely Jaunt down East Court etreet and see If he can eacape Insult from the brazen panderers of dishonor, who, Mr.

Dunn has the gall to claim, are opposing Hell's maladministration. Theae strumitis who boldly flaunt thetn l'M before the eyes of passersby and with Intended seductive glances or. Indecent exposures try to attract men and boys into their disgraceful marts. Then let this citizen ask himself why any such vlre should oppose the official who not only permits it to exist, but actually cultivates It. The Democratic party, the party of decency! Or lt him go to any of the burlesque houses where twice a day the buildings ring with the vulgar shouts of men and "boys over sixteen." who are raxing with lustful cya on the disgraceful and Indecent hoochle koochle dances that are going on In these places and ask himself If the Democratic party Is a party of decency when It has control over these places of amusement and allows them to he used for the staging, of immoral dances.

Ask Church Federation. Or let him ask the Church Federation, an organisation that Mr. Dunn places on the same side as these violators of i.the law and public morals, what it thinks of the present administration as an administration of decency. Or. better still, let him accompany this federation In Its Investigation; of wlnerooma and hotels of asilgnatlon.

Wlnerooms abolished? Saloon laws enforced Does Mr. TOtinn or Mr. Bell think we citizens of Indianapolis are fools, or that we are blind, or that we have as little Interest In the welfare of the community as they have, that they make such claims and expect ua to believe them? Ioes any person believe a single one of Mr. Dunn's claims? Then let him not take the word of The News Or the Church Federation, but go look for himself; let him spend but one hour In Investigating and the things he will see will convince him that as compared with Mr. Dunn, our old friend Ananias was a pitiful fizzle as a falsifier.

PALMER. Pottorff Funeral Saturday. Specie! to The Indianapolis News COLUMBl'S, October 23. Thefu nefal of Wesley Pottorff, who died at his home In Hartsvllle. Bartholomewcounty, yesterday, at the' age of one hundred years, win be held Saturday morning.

The services will be conducted at the Hartsvllle Christian church' at 10:30 o'clock, by the Rev. Alphonso Burns. Burial will be in the family cemeterv near Hurnsville. southeast of here. His last surviving child.

Mrs. barah E. Hacker. who died earlier In the week, was burled yesterday. Mr.

Pottorff had been unconscious for several days before his death and did not know that his daughter was dead. INDIANA NEWS IN BRIEF DEt PHI Mr. and Mra. S. I.

Ball, of Radnor, will Yelebmte thetr fiftieth wedding annl veraary 8un4ay. Mr. Ball has been agent at the Motion atailo'n in Radnor twentv four year. AMiERSON The. factory of the Model O'taaa Company, at baat been sold I'T tha receiver, J.

C. oh neon, ta William Warner a Sons, of 8ummltvlll, who were ILL Keep it in tLe Louse. A bottle of Dioxogen is home life insurance. It keeps little hurts from getting big. 25c HEAD AND NOW STUFFED FROM COLD Tape's Cold Compound" ends a cold or grippe in a few hours.

Your cold will break and all rrippe misery end after takin? a dose of Tape's Cold Compound" every two hours until three doses are taken. It promptly opens clopjjred up nostrils and air passages in the head, stops nasty discharge or nose run nir relieves sick headache, dullness. fevenshness, sore throat, sneering, soreness and stiffness. Don't stay stuff ed upl Quit blowing and snuffling! Ease your throbbing head nothing else in the world gives such prompt relief as Papes Cold Compound, which costs only 25 cents at any drug store. It acts without assistance, tastes nice, ana causes inconvenience.

Accept no substitute. Advertisement. THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1914. Open Saturday Night Until 9 o'Clock 3 ax a i "sr i mm wi Ml Gold Boys' overcoats of all wpol materials. In gray, brown and red.

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Children's $7.50 Piush Coats $5.00 Storm! collar style, of fine quality silk plush, quilted lined, islses 6 to 14 years, well made and cut full, sold everywhere at $7.50, Harvest Bale price, Saturday only, $5.00. Good Underwear There's a double i guarantee wifth every sale at our underwear counter. Every garment is guaranteed the best possible at the price, and every garment is guaranteed to give satisfactory service. Women's pure white fleeced cotton union suits, high neck and long slesves, or low neck, elbow regular and extra AQ slses. 1 tVK Women's fine ribbed union suits of silk and Australian wool, high neck and long aleeves.

or low neck and elbow sleeves, all sizes, of $2.00 quality at. Qf fTQ SUlt OXatli Women's pure white or cream color, ribbed and fleece lined cotton vests and pants, all AQn slses at. garment Children's ribbed and fleece llned cotton union aults, cream color or pure white, ages yl 1 to 16. Boys' silver gray color, heavy weight, fleece lined cotton union suits, best 50c grades, in the OQ Harvest Sale, suit OiC among the stockholders of the company. They will probably operate the factory, which has been Idle nearly two yeara.

ALEXANDRIA Earl Clearwater, a. 'twenty, of Anderson caahed a worthleea cherk, drawn for 10 on the First National Bank of Anderson, at the bhoe store of S. Mahony. He was arrested and la held in Jail. I KNIOHT8TOWN Fifty buatneaa aid professional men of Kntahtatown have formed aa ffi to Date Clu.

and will hold their flrat banquet at tha Hotel Norwood Friday evening. Cctobr SO. Robert 1. Kelley. praaident of tjii lham' colleite.

will speak on "Why We Should Hare a New State Constitution." SHELBTVIL.LE Bec aua one of the Jurors had a sale irheduled Friday. Judge Alonxo H.Air. Thursday, continued the trial of the tli. 0() autt for damages, flied by Harold Chaney azainat Dr. Hush EI: Holt and Dr.

John Paxton until 5aturday morning. The caae, brought here fiom Hush county, has been on trial nine da a LOGANSPORT Mr. anl Mrs. Walter Fher scn era usder and bonds, respectively, on rharcea of aaault and battery with Intent to commit murder on Mrs. O.

Ureshara. The two women first eng aged In a hair pulllr.g match, and then. It Is charged, Thereon atruik Mra. Oresham in the Jaw. knocking her down.

Mxa. Oresbam suffered several hemorrhage. HAKTFORD CITT The Seventh Day Ad ventiata will hold their missionary convention In this city, beginning Friday snd ending Sunday night. E. E.

Franklin, field secretary, and hia assistant. W. E. Bailey, both of Indianapolis, will be on tne prurram The school board la making arrangements to open a night school, at the high school for the extrnaton of the vocational educational training. WINCH ESTEH Chaner afeeks.

a farmer, living near Parker City, filed autt In "the circuit court against Martin F. Wwvl for ll.MO damagea te abata a nuisance. Ueeka aeys the defendant is owner of a cas nirin whlrh pumpa aa oil well, sear the home of Meeka. and that be attached a whistle to the exhaust pipe for the purpose of a "barker." The noise made by the alleged "barker causes the pialn tlT aad hia iraiij to mt sieep, ucurainf the complaint. JEFFERNTIXE Charies W.

Weaver. age foTty waa probabty fatally Injured Trareiay la a n'' explosion of a dyca killed la Chicago when the motorcycle he way waa to collision wltli aa automobile Hia bodv will brought here for trortal Plead Irjr ailty a a cKarg ot robblna the John Het erer saloon a few sights agp. John Paker, of Indtacapolla. and Fred Harte. of Ft.

'Wayne. wer bound over Yanderbutg county circuit court, their bon havtcg been xed at each. Baker avnd Harte were arretted her an 3ay. when tbey came Into the dry In an auturoobile which they attenptad to sell. L.ter.

It Is said, they adrairted tSe automobile waa stolen, and that, cbey had robbed stares la Fa, Wajaa. EcHlvaa aad Twaarrlua, Russian and military blouses, of dependable all wool materials, in gray, bias and brown. and $4 values. Harvest Sale price, while they last IS1.SS Men's Fall Needs Negligee shirts, of fast color handsome striped percales, laundered neckbands and attached cufts. 79c 11 Jf tl! 1 PEOPLE OF CHARLEROI LIVING ON POTATO SOUP FAMINE IN BELGIUM NEAR, RELIEF WORKERS ARE TOLD.

BRITAIN RESTRICTS EXPORTS LONDON. October 2S. The organization of an American commission for the relief of Belgium was completed at the American embassy last night. Captain T. Lucey and Millard K.

Shaler were to leave at once for Urueaels. where they will take a census of those In need of aid. The Spanish ambassador at London and the Spanish minister to Brussels have been added to the commission and their nationals will assist In the work. The operations of the committee in the food market have disclosed that, owing to the desire the British government that the stock, of food In these islands should not be depleted by export, and to the restric tions placed on such exportsr It Is difficult' to nna even emergency provisions in England and the receipt of such supplies from across the Atlantic becomes more imperative, it is said, than was originally anticipated. These difficulties have become more embarrassing because pressing requests have; been received for the supplies already obtained.

The commission is In formed that the supply at the relief sta mite charge at the rock quarriee of the tions In Brussels will last only until in Construction Ompany. baJf a mlie south Saturday. In Charlerol the food suplr of Speeds. The accident occurred whi.e he was la exhausted and the population la living tamplsg a cnarge jr aynamue. j.

rmppe. nis rtato soup mr lo sMefcthr hnrt." Weaver who i. i i ie comn.iswn teams ail looa has a familr. will nrottably lose Ci i both area should he recover. He waa bruise tafr tram America must come In neu SB4 la ce ated frcm head, to fxt Two bonoe in the left lec were br ken.

TIPTON Clarence, the nice months old child of John rVawley. an or the lau trie Western railroad, fell from his chair Into aa "pen gaa sto and was severely barred about the arms and shoulders A i a 1 1 Af Ttntnn rmmfv are interested In maJUca; the "naige line rt4" a Lincoln highway feeder, was to tx held at the achaothouse at Ooliemlth. Friday it Is Tranced to fcmve two biuvlred men a nd twenty live teams at work on the road la TF00 county. Cctoter 3. the date seOfor a concerted eSort In the rarious counties interested.

RUSHVHXE Mm. Maria Lord, age fifty six. wife of rr. A. Lord, of Maya, Rosa county, dra concentrated lye lth sulcM': latent, Tuesday, and dd Thura iay of the ef recer.t;y unierwent aa operation, and was toid by pr.vsiciar.s that she would have to undergo another.

Despondency over her r.lition tt la believed. her act. She ia survived by her fcuvhand and two datuch ra Deryl Case, age ten. of J. D.

Cas. lutcber raancfactarer. waa run down and eert lrjared be an autooobl driven by A. L. Ptewart.

furniture fact nrer. Thursday. Twe wheeia passed over his body. It is thought he wtU recover. EVANSVnJLri Claade Richard, aga tv osa.

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Cho tral bottoms. The commission already has bought worth of foodstuffs In the name of the American ambassador at London and the American minister at Brussels, and the distribution will begin among the local branches of the Belgian relief committee. MRS. EBERLY IS MINNEHAHA Boswell Woman Wins Pocahontas Honor Seven Candidates In Race, i Mrs. lone Eberly.

of Boswell, was elected sreat Minnehaha at the closing session Thursday afternoon of Uie great council, derree of Pocahontas of Indiana. She was one of seven candidates for the office, which places her In line for ad ICQfjfQ Only $11.85 "Soo Our Windows" 01 Our soooed carload of iron beds has arrived for your selection. In ordr to Introduce and prove the real worth of a good night's reel en ar special gaatrsa teed sprtag and ewr spejciaJ felt mattrrse we have decided te a tve aa iroa bed beaatlf ul lfll art la finish, white enamaied or any color yea prefer), KEF. An satire yne ef irow bed far your selecuosv SEE OUR WINDOWS 146 148 LWas i ngton St. i SW aP i Petticoats of lustrous percallne.

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All metal, will not rust. Sixty free trial. especially for htaaaecger Company. ri: li vancement to the highest offices of the order. Other officers elected were: Great prophetess, Mrs.

Ilesba Blousrh. Anderson; Kreat Pocahontas. Mrs. Lulu li. Little.

Terre Haute; great Wenonah, Mrs. Nellie II. Hart. Terrs Haute; great trustee. Mrs.

Alice drubs, Logansport; great keeper of wampum. Mrs. Jennl Burdr, Decatur; great outer guard. Mra. L.

K. Watklns, Kckomo; great Inner guard, Mrs. Eva Showalter. Sulphur Springs. FARE LIMITS SUSTAINED.

Commission Upholds Restrictions on Ticket Refunding. WASHINGTON', October 23. Certain restriction placed on so called fast "extra Women's light and medium heavy weight fast black cotton and silk lisle hose, Onyx" and "Eiffel" makes, ZdC Women's fall weight hose, made with double soles, doable tops and high spliced heels palr 49c 35c 25c Women's "Onyx full fashioned pure' thread aUk hose. Will compare with the aver 75c 'Women's fast black fleece lined cotton hose wlth'elastlc ribbed tops, two pairs ir Lfor 5c. pair IOC Children's medium or extra heavy weight fast black cctton hose.

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This I' 1 1 I I1' oak davenport ia 1 1 1 1 1 I i I beautiful new 'Wll I values (we CAGII 017 Open Satur day Night ij Until 9 o'Clock wmm Silk Plush Sailors Actual $2 Qualities at The extremely popular small sailors, made of fine quality silk plush. The "Wanda and "Astoria shapes, known the country over and sold everywhere at $2 and even more; sale price, choice, 98c Trimmed Hats Very pretty hats of good quality plush, tastefully trimmed with stickups, fancy feathers and gold or silver Harvest Sale price, while a limited lot last SSI, 79 I trimmed Hats Black velvet sailors with stiff or oft crowns; throe different shapes to choose from; a remarkable value offered in our Harvest sale 7Sc ji 3 I i fare trains" by railroads generally were sustained today by the Interstate commerce communion. T. C. Kennedy, of Chicago, booarht an extra fare ticket at New York for Chicago but found It necessary to discontinue his Journey at Syracuse, N.

and asked the New Tork Central for a refund of the remainder of his fare. The railroad offered a refund between Elkhart. the first passenger stop of that train, and Chicago, whlcU Kennedy refused. The com mission sustained tne railroad, holding that without such restrictions fast extra fare trains would become locals.1 Superabundance. fWaahlng ton BtarJ He speaks several languages fluently." "Tea.

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