The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1953
Page 3
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__tVMDAT> JULT M, BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS f Reds Asked Truce, But Why And How Will They Use It? \ , ' 'i. .. By JAMES MARIOW WASHINGTON (AP) — That the Communists wanted truce in Korea was apparent But why they wanted it, and what they hoped to get out of it, can only be guessed at There has been a lot of guessing. On« thing is certain. Becaus they hold. North Korea, they hav an act card in the diplomat! Poker game-Mhe peace talks— which begin within 90 days of th signing: of the truce. The United States and the Unitei . Nations want both parts of Kore; "^unified. They didn't feel they coulc do it themselves by taking Nortr Korea from the Chinese on the bat tlefield. What they couldn't make the Chinese yield by force they wil now ask the Chinese to give up by request, since there can be no uni fication unless the Red Chines' withdraw from North Korea. This would be quite a request The Chinese could hardly be ex pected to grant it unless they go In return something they prized more than North Korea. It. may be wishful thinking that they woulc consider it at all. Here In Washington there has been a belief that the Chinese might agree to unification of Korea if, among other things, they were admitted to membership in the United Nations. But this country, backing Nationalist China, which is a U. N. member, has consistently opposec membership for ed China. Both houses of Congress have expressed opposition to such a move. And Secretary of State Dulles has jisaid the question of Red China's 'membership in the O. N. 'has no place in the peace talks about Korea. That might seem to slam the door on China's chances. Not necessarily. Even with the United States opposed, it may yet turn out that Red China will get into the U. N. That problem could be handled at the U. N. instead of at the peace talks. Since there can be no unification of Korea until the Chinese- end the United Nations—withdraw their troops from all Korea, the peace talks could limit themselves to the question of withdrawal only. After the foreign troops leave, the Koreans—North and South- could hold a national election to choose a single government. But this by Itself is such a complicated problem that solution of it seems unlikely soon. For one thing, the South Koreans far outnumber the North Koreans now. If the election were between the forces of South Korean President Syngman nee and pro-Communist North Koreans, there wouldn't be much doubt about the outcome of all-Korea elections. With the Chinese forces withdrawn and South Koreans elected to control of the country, .what would be the fate of those North Korean Communists who had been faithful allies of ed China and enemies of South Korea? Would Rhee permit them to roam around, reorganizing their party, first in North Korea, then infiltrating South Korea, and eventually trying to take over the country once more By force or subversion? If China abandoned its Korean Communist allies to the mercies of South Korea, it would lose face with its Communist friends in the rest of Asia. It could, of course give the Korean Communists asylum in China. Eventually these Korean eds could filter back into Korea, set up an underground, and work for the overthrow of hee or, after his death, of his friends in control of the government. Since the Chinese haven't tipped their hand yet, there can be nothing but guessing until they do. Pravda Sings Peace Song MOSCOW W) — The Communist party newspaper Pravda declared today the signing of the Korean armistice proves that even the most complex current international problems can be settled peacefully. In a lead editorial. Pravda repeated Soviet charges that American aggression started the war and declared the Russians always had oeen working for peace. It also blamed the United States for "dragging out" the armistice talks and :or South Korean objections to the "ruce. The paper warned that American officials bear responsibility for seeing that South Koreans do not violate the armistice. The Communist party organ, with other Soviet newspapers, reprinted Premier Georgi Malenkov's prom- se to North Korea of '"every possible aid" in rebuilding war damage and reuniting the two halves of the divided country. The Soviet leader's pledge, made n a telegram to North Korean Premier Kim II Sung, hailed the armistice as "great victory for the Corean and Chinese Peoples' Vol- mteers." Malenkov's pledge did not explain ust what aid the Soviets and their Hies will give the North Koreans. President Eisenhower asked Con- ress yesterday to appropriate 200 million dollars as a first grant from lore than one billion dollars the United States probably would spend o help rehabilitate South Korea. BOBBING BUOY. STOP!— The Soviets even have imposed the Iron Curtain on water. The buoy means the end of the American sector (in foreground) of Berlin. Beyond the buoy, where this boat sails on the Havel River, is the Soviet sector of Berlin. Machine Seeds Grass HARTFORD, Conn. t/P>— New embankments on Connecticut highways are protected from erosion with the aid of a machine designed and built by employees ol the State Highway Department. It is mounted on a truck and blows a mixture of water, fertilizer and quick-growing grass seeds into the slopes. PAGE THREB TO SING HERE — Al and Ivy Walsh, radio and concert singers, will appear here at 8 p.m. Thursday'at the First Methodist Church in "Lest We Forget," a program of sacred music. The program will be open to the public. Mother and 4 Children Perish in Fire WORCESTER, Mass. Wl — ' A mother and four of her children jerished early today In a fire that .rapped them in their one-story wooden house in a remote section Worcester. The father and two other children escaped. The dead are Mrs. Barbara A. . Thoren; John, 3; Elaine, 8; Richard, 11; and Joyce. 15. The mother's body was found in he kitchen near the back door, ler arms tightly clasping the body if her 3-year-old child. The father, Chester, suffered they could not say in their hysterical condition. The children said the family extinguished the pillow fire and they all went back to bed. The father said he was asleep on the living room couch when lie smelled smoke. He told authorities he ran out the back door, ran around to the front, breaking windows as he went, and tried to set in the front door. His entrance was blocked by the flames, he said. Judith and Stephen said they last saw their mother apparently making her way out the back door with burned and cut hands Judith, ,5, %% SghT th^lSer^t^ Joyces twin, and Stephen, 13, were, 1 sa feiy but went buck into the wt injured. i nouse probably for the other chil- Cause of the fire was not deter- dren mined Immediately, but Judith and tephen said there had been a fire l a living, room pillow "earlier' i the evening. How much earlie: The accordion, favorite instru- nent of many young Americans, chieved its popularity after its uccessful use on the radio. FIRE AUTOMOTIVE, LIABILITY INSURANCE LET US INSURE YOUR HOME, FURNITURE OR AUTOMOBILE WE INSURE LONG-HAUL TRUCKS and TAXIS LONNIE BOYDSTON Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3331 Office in Martin's Mens Store • Puppies « • parakeets • Kittens • • Canaries ' • Tropical Fish • — All Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. G. Jerome 133 S. Division Ph. 8075 When its time To Repaint you'll save money by selecting good paint. Good paint lasts longer and the longer intervals between painting: lowers your annual cnst. We recommend VAN-CALVERT Paints, made by "America's Oldest Mixed Paint House." Phone 4552 and we will figure the cost and recommend a good painter. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. U. S. Navy Lost 5 Ships in War; 82 Others Hit VOKOSUKA (in — U. B. Navy headquarters said today five U. S. Nnvy ships were sunk and 82 oth ers hit during the Korean War. Navy casualties totaled 337 Americans killed and 1,585 wounded. Tile headquarters s u m m a r y called the Korean naval fighting a "sf range war" because of the casualties suffered by naval craft ami personnel, "without participating in a single naval engagement." It added that "never once did a battle occur far from the sight of land." "All action," the headquarters snid, "look place with surface ships hoving within stone's throw TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Drug Stores HEARING SERVICE J. C. Cowen, Mgr. 1327-29 Sterick Bldg. Memphis 3, Tenn. 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