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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 16

Baltimore, Maryland
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Sunday, July 16, 1933
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16' v TJTE SUN, BALTIMORE, SUNDAY MORNING. JULY 10. 1933 SHORE HOSTS HAIL JACKSON AS "GOVERNOfl" Title 'Applied Freely To for As 3,000 Greet Him At Centreville May ' HE GIVES ACCOUNT OF. STEWARDSHIP Political Significance Attached To His Speech At Church Picnic Br WALTER t. ALEXANDER City Hall Reporter of The Sun Centreville, Md, July 15-Although Mayor Jackson protested that his visit to the carnival being staged by Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church here had no political significance, he found during ah evening among the Eastern Shoremen that they are considering him for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination. Accompanied by a party of Baltimore cltv Democratic leaders and office holders, Mayor Jackson motored to the Queen Anne's county seat from Baltimore to be greeted throughout the evening with the title of "Governor" and prodded by Democratic leaders of the county to show his hand in the Gubernatorial race. 2,000 Flock To Hear Him More than 2,000 persons crowded the Courthouse Square and heard him give an accounting of his stewardship during the two years of his present tenure of office. He said the "problems which I have heen forced to meet and solve in Baltimore are, after all, not dissiml lar to the problems which have faced each unit of the State, the State it elf and our national Government" Utterance Held Significant And in this utterance the listeners found a special significance. Two Boy Scouts took prominent po rtions displaying banners reading. "What Does Queen Anne's Say?" and "We Want Jackson for Governor." A H. C Legg, former State Sen tor from Queen Anne's county, in troduced the Mayor and expressed 1 regret that no one was permitted to talk politics at the church picnic, but added that1 "if the Mayor says the word he'll have no trouble in Queen Anne's county." Raskob Speaks Briefly John J. Raskob, former chairman cf the Democratic National Committee, was on the speakers' stand and made a brief address. Mr. Raskob Is the donor of the new Catholic church on the grounds of which the carnival was held. It was a two-day affair and tonight was Jackson Night. . At the close of his prepared address at the Courthouse Square the entire party marched to the carnival, led by the Sudlersville band. They mounted another stand and there was more speechmaking and more shouts of "How are you, Gover nor?" "We want Jackson." Caroline County Heard From And on this occasion Caroline county was heard from in the person of Judge Henry Wilkinson, a municipal judge from Ridgely. He said the Mayor looked like a Governor; he had fol lowed his record as Mayor of Balti' more and wished to compliment him. The Mayor reminded the crowd (which by then had swelled to about 8,000 persons) that the purpose of a carnival is to make money for the church and not for speechmaking, and escorted by the Rev. F. Eugene Kraemer, pastor of the church, he went among the crowd meeting people and patronizing the va rious tables and games of chance. Urged "Just Say The Word" He played the race-horse wheel and won a box of candy and then returned ' it to the woman operating the wheel. At almost every step along the mid' C-Way of the carnival the Mayor was purged to "just say the word" that he - ?was a candidate for Governor, but Mr. . Jackson staved off these pleas with the protestation that he was not prepared "to make any announcements but had visited Centreville "just to attend the picnic and meet the people." Organization Meeting Called ,' As a climax to an evening of huzzas for Baltimore's Mayor, the district . leaders called a meeting in the Cen treville Hotel for the avowed purpose of forming an organization to further . the Gubernatorial aspirations of Mayor Jackson. But even this meeting failed to smoke out the wily contender for the Gov' ernor's post As the crowd dwindled shortly be- fore midnight the Mayor with his ' party clambored back into automobiles and the cortege started back to Baltimore. " Spread Of Influence In his address the Mayor empha- .- sized that when a city, county or any i. political subdivision was administered efficiently and economically this influ ' ence was feure to spread to the public ' affairs of the State, adding that "when a State is governed to the best inter est of its people that influence is felt in national affairs." , .. When he assumed office in 1931, he - said, he realized a drastic reorganiza tion of the city's operations and of finance had to be undertaken if the credit of the city was to be maintained '(Continued on Page 3, Column 7) Centreville, Md., July 15 The po litical paths of Governor Ritchie and Mayor Jackson both on the Eastern Shore building fences for the 1934 Gubernatorial nomination crossed here tonight Approximately 2,000 persons had just finished hearing the Mayor speak on civic affairs of Baltimore and State gov ernment in front of the courthouse and had gone to a lawn fete of Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church when Governor Ritchie arrived on the scene. Governor Follows Jackson The Governor had come to the Shore to spend the week-end with Dr. Theodore Cook, Jr., at his summer home on Kent Island, near Stevensville. After dinner at Dr. Cook's home, where he received reports on fifth- term sentiment from leaders from all parts of the Shore, the Governor and the party motored here. Mayor Jackson had not long finished another short talk to persons at the lawn fete when the Governor arrived. He had been introduced by the Rev. Eugene Kraemer, pastor of the church, and had been accompanied to the platform by John J. Raskob, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who is a member of the congregation. Two Exchange Handshakes Mr. Raskob and Father Kraemer met the Governor and his party at the entrance to the grounds and part way to the speakers' stand, the Governor and the Mayor met "Hello, Governor," said the Mayor, stretching out his hand. "Hello, Howard," was the Governor's greeting as he stretched out his hand and the two exchanged a hearty hand' shake. The Mayor and Mr. Raskob went with the Governor to the stand while he made a brief address to the carni val crowd. ' Group Accompanies Mayor The Mayor's visit to the lawn fete and the county was arranged by Lee Price and former State Senator J. H Legg, of Queen Anne's county, who are identified in Queen Anne's politics as an opposition faction to that headed Political Paths Of Governor And Jackson Cross On Shore Ritchie And Mayor Meet At Centreville Catholic Church Fete Both Go' To Speakers' Stand With John J. Raskob Plan To Spend Week-End Br LOUS T. O'DONNELL Staff Correspondent of The Sun by State Senator Dudley G. Roe and his friends. Mr. Price is described by his friends as "one of the leaders of the younger Democrats of the county." Those who accompanied the Mayor to Centreville and stopped with him en route at a crab feast of the Fallstoh Democratic Club, at Fallston, Harford county, included: E. Lester Mulled, President of the City Council. Jerome Sloman, member of the Council from the Fifth District. Thomas J. Collins, City Storekeeper. Leo K. Ward, State deputy of the Knights of Columbus. George T. Evans, member of the Fire Board. Philip Goldsmith, a Democratic worker in the Fifth district. F. Murray Benson, a member of the House of Delegates. John M. Flanigan. Dr. Charles F. Coughlin. Alfred E: Cross, treasurer of the Metropolitan Savings Bank. John T. Wills, member of the City Council, Fifth district. Lieut. Michael J. Cooney, of Detective Headquarters. Press Indorsement Expected The Mayor's friends here on the Shore and those in his party predicted that this appearance here today and the conference he has had with leaders from various parts of the Shore will show results in the next few days in the way of increased sentiment for his nomination for Governor and that indorsement by several Eastern Shore papers will follow almost immediately. A delegation of 200 from Caroline county greeted him at the courthouse meeting. Those who met the Governor at Dr. Cook's brought him word that a sixth Shore paper, the Worcester Democrat, had been added in the last week to the list which has indorsed his renomina-tion for a fifth term. The others are the Centreville Observer, the Democratic Messenger, of Snow Hill; the Berlin- Ocean City Times, the Caroline Sun and the Cecil County Star. The Governor plans to remain at Dr, (Continued on Page 3, Column 6) SHOT THRICEMAN BELIEVED AS HE ST EPS DEAD' 32 YEARS OUT OF AUTOMAY BE ALIYE Joseph Batzer, 27, Felled Severely Wounded On Greenmount Avenue BY ONE OF FOUR FELLOW MOTORISTS COUNTIES VISITED BY HARRY W.NICE Attorney Said To Be Seeking G. O. P. Gubernatorial Nomination ADDRESSES CLUBS HERE Goes To Picnic In Prince George's And Plans For Activities On Eastern Shore SAYS 2 BANDITS FOLLOWED HIM Eddie Leonard Throws Light On Hold-Up Of Clerk Of Restaurant ARMED MEN GET $1,400 Police Connect Pair Of Robbers With Looting Of Thomas Fahey's Saloon Democratic Gubernatorial aspirants do not have the counties to themselves. Harry W. Nice, although not an an nounced- candidate for the Republican 1934 nomination, is, according to his friends, out to be his party's standard bearer and is laying the groundwork for a primary, if necessary. Goes To Picnic Almost nightly for the last few months he has been addressing ward clubs and organizations where voters have gathered for social or political purposes, and frequently he has made quiet excursions into the counties. Yesterday he went to a picnic at Edmondston, Prince George's county. For next Friday he has conferences cheduled with Republicans in Worces ter county, where he expects to take part in a crab feast. Saturday he will be in Somerset county, and Sunday he intends to spend at Ocean City, a gathering place for Eastern Shore politicians of both parties over the week-end. To Visit St. Mary's His schedule also calls for a visit to St Mary's county July 30, and on Aueust 2 he will make a speech at Tolchester to Republicans from the Eastern Shore, Baltimore and other parts of the State. According td friends who have talked over this speech with Mr. Nice, it is going to "blow the lid off the Republican party, and will include Mr. Nice's ideas for reorganization of the party in preparation for the Guber natorial contest. Missing Dog Found Wounded In Woods Jerry, Fallows Family Airedale, Taken Back To Pinewood Avenue Home Jerry is back. He has a wound on his neck and lacerated paw but he was welcomed warmly by the Fallows family and the children in the 2800 block Pinewood avenue when he was taken back home yesterday by Harold J. Fallows, Jr. The neighborhood mourned the 4-year-old Airedale terrier when he failed to return to his house Thursday night, and the three Fallows children, Harold, Jr., 13; Mary Helen, 12, and Ruth, 9, spent two sleepless nights crying for their playmate. About 2 P. M. yesterday Harold, Jr., was searching in the woods several blocks from his home when he saw a brown ball curled up near a clump of bushes. Further investigation proved that the brown ball was Jerry, so hurt that he could not walk, but still it was Jerry, - Two bandits who robbed Morris Kanow, a restaurant clerk, of $1,400 at pistol point yesterday morning, on Charles street, near Preston, laid their plans by following Eddie Leonard, one of the restaurant proprietors, Friday morning. Leonard, who was a local contender for flyweight prize-fighting honors be tween 1920 and 1930, late yesterday said the description of the men who robbed his employe is identical with that of two men who tracked him when he took $1,500 from a branch of the Equitable Trust Company at Charles street and North avenue to a branch of the Baltimore Commercial Bank at Charles and Preston streets. Connected With Saloon Hold-Up Police working on the case also con nected the bandits with two men who held up Thomas Fahey's saloon at 124 West Preston street about 1AM. yes terday. These robbers obtained $200 and a $500 diamond ring from Mr. Fahey and took $7.05 and a pistol from Joseph Grovell, a deputy sheriff of Baltimore county, a patron. Leonard's restaurant, Ye Olde Inn, is located in the basement of the Plaza Hotel, southeast corner of Mount Royal avenue and Charles street Leonard explained that he or somebody attached to the restaurant, in which Emmanuel Bransky also has (Continued on Page 10, Column 4) Letter From John G. Gates Complicates Battle Over Property CONTEST STARTED BY BALTIMOREAN Quartet Flee In Machine. Victim Ref usesTo Identify His Assailant A few seconds after he alighted from a green sedan which had stopped in the' 900 block Greenmount avenue shortly before 6 P. M. yesterday, Joseph Batzer, 27, was shot and severely wounded by one of four other occupants of the car. The machine then sped south on Greenmount avenue. Several hours after the shooting police were looking for a suspect who has just completed serving a six-month sentence in the House of Correction. Batzer, who has a criminal record and is a familiar figure around Green mount avenue and Eager street, was taken to Mercy Hospital, where it was found he had a bullet wound in the chest near the heart, one in the shoulder and another in the left thigh. Won't Tell Who Shot Him In answer to a question by Lieut. Robert Davis, of the Central district, as to who shot him, Batzer replied: "You know I won't tell you. I have nothing to say." Later in the evening Charles C. DiPaula and William H. Maynard, Assistant State's Attorneys, visited Batzer at Mercy Hospital, but again he refused to divulge who shot him. Batzer lives with his mother in the 1700 block Cliftview avenue. Charles Schattall, who was sitting in his automobile across the street from the shooting, narrowly missed being hit by one of the bullets. Bullet Whizzes By Spectator The slug crashed through the wind shield and imbedded itself in the upholstery of the car beside him. Mr. Schattall lives at 4224 York road. Witnesses said the automobile con taining five men stopped in front of 920 Greenmount avenue and Batzer alighted from the front seat Another man got out of the rear seat and, spectators told Lieutenant Davis, a few words passed between the two men as they stood beside the machine. Pulls Pistol And Fires Suddenly the other man pulled a pistol and fired several shots. Batzer dropped to the pavement. The other man jumped from the machine, grabbed the man who had done the shooting and pushed him into the automobile. The car then sped away, leaving Batzer on the pavement A passing taxicab took him to the hospital. Nobody Gets License Number The witnesses told police that the shooting happened so quickly that no one was able to get the license number of the car. Batzer' was released from the City Jail two weeks ago after having served six months on charges of attempting to burglarize a garage in the rear of the 3700 block Eastern avenue and of assaulting an officer. Six other men also were sentenced at the time on the same charges. He also has served sev eral other sentences, police said. Green Plums Believed Fatal To Essex Child Catherine Nelsser, 4, Dies On Way To HospUal After She Had Eaten Unripe Fruit A 4-year-old girl died as she was being taken to the City Hospitals yesterday after having eaten green plums, Baltimore county police, who investigated the death, were informed- Ruth Crist, of the 800 block South Port street, who was taking the child to the hospital, told Coroner Jacob Dallman and Patrolman William T, Eaton that she was visiting the home of Arthur E. Neisser, near Essex, when his daughter, Catherine Henrietta Neisser, became sick after eating sev eral unripe plums. Upon arrival at the hospital the Neisser girl was pronounced dead. An investigation is being conducted by the coroner and the Baltimore county police. Litigation" Pending In Ka nawha County (W. Va.) Circuit Court Seeks To Wed Step-Mother; Finds He Cannot Get License Applicant Learns Maryland Law Forbids Marriage. "Won't Get Third Husband," Says Woman Wait-ing At Towson Courthouse Gate "F. D. R." Has Narrow Squeak In Mouse Race With "Albert C Dark Rodent Wins Only Because Favorite Is Forced To Carry Extra Long Tail In Democrat Handi- cap At Linthicum Heights Carnival . Charles Fulton Gates, 4200 block Berger avenue, yesterday learned that his father, who had been missing since he left. Baltimore thirty-two years ago to join a circus and whose death was thought to have been proved satisfactorily in the Circuit Court for Kanawha county, West Virginia, might be living in Texas. Gates had entered suit in Charles ton, W. Va., to contest the will of his grandfather, : Lovelt C. Gates, who died in 1926 and left an estate valued at $35,000 to $40,000. Several days ago, according to word received here, a letter signed by John C. Gates was sent to Charleston from a city in Texas. Tells Of Wandering Life John C. Gates is the name of Charles Gates' father, and the former was the son of Lovell C. Gates. The letter was addressed to Lovell C. Gates, and from the text it was indicated the son was not aware of his father's death seven years ago. It recounted a wandering life of thirty-two years and said the writer was in ill health and in need of financial assistance. The arrival of the letter complicates the legal battle over the Gates estate in which Charles F. Gates had claimed the share of the grandfather's estate which would have gone normally to his father. Reported Killed In Wreck Charles F. Gates said he was an infant when his father left home to join a circus. The next word his family heard from him was through news paper accounts of a train wreck near Cumberland which listed John Gates as one of those killed. Believing his father was. dead, Charles F. Gates brought suit against other beneficiaries, contesting the will on the ground that Lovell C. Gates was incompetent mentally at the time the document was drafted. At the time the will was executed John C. Gates had been missing twen ty-five years, but a proviso was inserted to the effect that if he were found within one year he was to receive one fourth of the estate. Otherwise the bulk of the properties passed to other mem' bers of the family. Since John C. Gates was not located, his son Charles brought action to set aside the will and get that portion of the estate that would have gone to his father. "Proof" Of Death Offered In a chancery proceeding before Judge Arthur P. Hudson, the son, rep resented by Clarence E. Martin, of Martinsburg, president of the American Bar Association, and George H. LaMar, Washington attorney, endeav ored to prove through depositions and other evidence that John C. Gates was dead, and that therefore, the son was the sole heir at law. Under West Vir ginia law the courts presume that a man is dead if not heard from in seven years. Insists County Aid Unit Participates In Slash Whitmore Cites Inquiry At Office Mrs. Mcintosh Lays Report To Misunderstanding The Rev. C. W. Whitmore, retired Reisterst6wn Episcopal clergyman last night took issue with published reports that the Baltimore County Children's Aid Society would not par ticipate in the twenty per cent, cut in unemployment relief allowances or dered by the county authorities. Mr. Whitmore, chairman of the People's Unemployment League of Maryland, which protested the reduc tion, said most of Baltimore county's unemployment relief is administered through the society, and inquiry at the agency's office revealed that families on its relief list had not escaped the cut. Mrs. David G. Mcintosh, Jr., presi dent of the society, said the reports originated in a statement which she had intended merely to convey the fact that the reduction was ordered, not by the society; but by the county Trustees of the Poor, and that it did not apply to the society's activities outside the field of unemployment relief. Coyly she waited with her mother at the Towson Courthouse gate yes terday morning while he went In to get the marriage license. - She was his stepmother. The marriage license clerk didn't know that at first. But the clerk did know something the prospective bride and bridegroom didn't know that in Maryland stepsons are not allowed to marry their stepmothers. Give Sams Address The prospective bridegroom was 29- year-old John G. Holt, a Sparrows Point tin mill worker, who lives in the 800 block Woodward street, Baltimore. When he told the marriage license clerk, G. William Parker, that his bride-to-be was Mrs. Mary D. Holt, ten years his senior, and gave for her the same address as his own, the following colloquy ensued: Mr. Parker Any relation? Mr. Holt No-o-o-o . . . that is, er-er .... Mr. Parker No relation at all? I've got to know, you know. Mr. Holt Only my stepmother. Reads State Law "Your stepmother?" the clerk gasped and, the prospective bridegroom nodding confirmation, proceeded to opine that in this State such unions were not de ripeur. Lest Mr. Holt cast doubts upon the accuracy of his legal lore, the clerk hastily produced 156-year-old Article 62, Section 2, of the Annotated Code of Maryland and read therefrom: "A man shall not marry: his grand mother, his grandfather's wife, his wife's grandmother, his father's sister, his mother's sister, his mother, his stepmother, his wife's mother, his daughter, his wife's daughter, his son's With victory apparently certain, the favorite, "Albert C," struck a wet spot in the homestretch and let F. D. R." scurry home the winner last night in the Democrat handicap, fourth and feature event on the mouse-racing card of the Linthicum Heights Vol unteer Fire Department carnival. Among the also rans were "John N. Garner," "Alfalfa Bill," "Cox," "Byrd," "AL" "Repeal" and "Ma Ferguson," who was a leading contender until she pulled up in the backstretch to do something that looked like powder ing her nose. "Albert C the favorite. "carried big weight" the official han dicappers said, alluding to the ab normal length of his tail. The mouse-racing event had been scheduled for Friday night but bad to be postponed because the stables of field mice collected for the occasion were cleaned out overnight by an epi demic of coughing sickness or pneu monia or indigestion the stewards were not certain of their diagnoses. Last night twenty-five thoroughbred white mice waited in the paddock for the post calL They broke from unique starting stalls, which walled them in complete darkness on all sides till the barrier was sprung, loosing the . ten starters into as many individual lanes, sepa rated by wooden strips three inches high and topped with a wire screen. They raced down a twelve-foot straight' away, brilliant lights being placed at the finish line to lure them out of the blackness of the starting box and down the stretch. Fall Into Harbor Ends In Drunkenness Charge Frank Stuback Narrowly Escapes Drowning Taken To Eastern Station Frank Stuback narrowly escaped drowning in the harbor at the foot of Chester street early last night when he was pulled ashore in an uncon scious condition by two passersby. Patrolman Charles Waeer. of the Eastern District then applied artificial respiration, which restored him to consciousness. Another treatment was administered at Johns Hopkins Hospital and then he was taken to the Eastern Police Station where he was charged with being drunk. Stuback said he was 35 and lived in the 2100 block Bank street wife, his surfer, his daughter's daughter, his son's son's wife, his daughter's son s wife, his wife a sons daughter, his wife's daughter's daughter, his brother's daughter, his sister's daughter." And, to make the job complete, the marriag elicense clerk went on to read that in Maryland "a woman shall not marry: her grandfather, her grandmother's husband, her husband's grandfather, her father's brother, her mother's brother, her father, her stepfather, her husband's father, her son, her daughter's son, her husband's son, her daughter's husband, her brother, her son's son, her son's daughter's husband, her daughter's daughter's husband, her husband's son's son, her husband's daughter's son, her brother's son,' her sister's son." Won't Get Third Husband The clerk said: "There!" and Mr. Holt gave up and left with the dis appointing tidings for the woman who waited at the gate. Receiving it with a shrug, she said: "Well, I guess I won't get my third husband." Wanted To Support Family It then developed that George Holt, deceased father of the disappointed bridegroom, was the slender, modish Mrs. Holt's second husband and the father of but one of her four children, the youngest, aged 4. She has, she said, a son in the army. "We wanted to get married," Mr. Holt explained, "because of the kids. You see, I'm working steady and making overtime lately. So, this morning we got on the street car and came out here to get a license. Thought we'd keep out of the newspapers that way. "Well, I guess there's nothing to do now but go home and get some sleep." CONSOLIDATION OF AIRCRAFT GROUPSMADE BJ Becomes Part Of General .Manufacture j. - ing Corporation , i BOTH CONCERNS . LOCATED HERE Program Announced , By Chairman Of North American Board In an effort to consolidate the various related activities of the subsidiaries Senator Borah's Wife Offers Blood To Help Psittacosis Patient Washington, July 15 (JP) Mrs. Wil liam E. Borah, whose life was saved a year ago by the sending of psittacosis convalescent serum by plane from Washington to Boise, Idaho, has offered to donate blood for a psittacosis patient in Baltimore. ' "As soon as I read about the case I called up the Surgeon-General and told him if he wanted any blood to come to Mrs. Borah," she said. "I'd be so glad if I could give it!" However, before Mrs. Borah made her offer serum for the Baltimore pa tient had already been taken from the arm of Dr. Charles Armstrong, a research expert on the disease, who a year ago furnished blood for Mrs. Borah. The Senator's wife has been making almost daily trips to Baltimore to visit her husband, who is recovering from an operation he underwent three weeks ago in Johns Hopkins Hospital. '"I am much encouraged," she said of him. "I found him with a book for the first time." Boy Hurt As Auto Upsets And Hits Shop Window Negro Youngster Treated For Cuts After Car, In Crash With Another, Overturns When a machine driven by R. Edgar Tippett and another piloted by Ed ward J. Norton collided last night at Baker and Mount streets several things happened in rapid succession. Mr. Norton's automobile turned over, struck and injured Clarence Hall, 13- year-old Negro, who lives at 1719 Baker street and finally crashed through a window of a shop at 1700 Baker street operated by Lewis Epstein. Clarence was taken to the Franklin Square Hospital, where he was treat' ed for cuts and bruises. Mr. Tippett, who resides in the 300 block St. Dun- stan's road, was charged with failing to give right of way, and Mr. Norton, 500 block Rosehill Terrace, was charged with reckless driving. Mr. Tippett and Mr. Norton were not hurt. Walter C Watson, Police Department Clerk, Dies Named To Position In 1898 And Had Worked In Three Districts Walter C. Watson, for thirty-five years a clerk in the Police Department died suddenly at 12.05 A M. today. Mr. Watson was 66 years old and had been stationed at the Western Police Station -for a number of years. - Mr. Watson, who lived at 5229 Reisterstown road, left the Western Police Station yesterday at noon ap parently in good health. He was appointed to his position as clerk in 1898 and served successively in the Northwestern, Southern and Western districts. TO HIBERNIAN CONVENTION Baltimore Delegation Leaves For Gathering In Chicago Baltimore delegates and visitors to the convention in Chicago of the An cient Order of Hibernians and its Ladies' Auxiliary left yesterday. The convention opens Tuesday and ends Friday. The party included Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. McDonough, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welsh, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dornan, Miss Mary L. Broenmg, Miss A. F. Doyle, Mrs. Mary Dough- ert. , Miss Angela Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Haus. Mrs. Mary O'Con- nell and Mrs. Nell Fannon, of Mount Savage. Book Called Indecent GetsBaltimorean Into Trouble In New York New York Bureau of The Sun New York, July 15 Morris Noon- berg, of Baltimore, who said he was a circulating librarian, and Robert Sair- berg, of the Bronx, a bookseller, were held for examination today in Essex Market Police Court, charged with possession of an indecent book. John S. Sumner, secretary of the New York Society for the Prevention of Vice, said that Sairberg had printed the book in a shop on East. Twelfth street. Plans To Organize Bay Seafood Units Crisfield Body Calls Meeting Of Industry To Help Prepare Code Plans for an organization to repre sent Chesapeake Bay groups in pre paring fair-dealing codes for the crab and oyster industries under the re covery act will be formulated at a meeting Tuesday night at Crisfield by the seafood division of . the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce, Swepson Earle, Commissioner of the State Conserva tion Department, said yesterday. Mr. Earle said he had received a let ter from N. R. Coulborn, chairman of the Crisfield association, calling the meeting and announcing the plans for the new association, which would include representatives from Baltimore, Cambridge, Easton and Crisfield. Producing centers on the Western Shore also would be asked to join the association, he said. TO HOLD ANNUAL CARNIVAL Orchard Beach Improvement Group To Sponsor Event The annual carnival sponsored by the Improvement Association of Or chard Beach, Anne Arundel county, will be held Thursday, Friday and Sat' urday on the grounds adjoining the community hall. There will be dane ing on a large open-air dance floor, bingo and midway attractions. A prize waltz contest will be staged each night. of North American Aviation, Inc., E. R. Breech, chairman of the board, has announced a merger whereby B-J Air craft Corporation becomes an integral part of the General Aviation Manufacturing Corporation, both of Balti- ore. The latter company was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of North American Aviation as a result of the recent exchange of North American Aviation stock for certain assets of General Aviation Corporation. . Succeeds Fokker Corporation General Aviation Manufacturing Corporation is the successor company of the Fokker Aircraft Corpoation. The present company and its subsidia ries have built several well-known air planes, both transport and military, including the twin-engine observation plane known in the Army Air Corps as the YO-27. At present activities of the company are centered around the development and manufacture of two all-metal transport planes. One is a single-engine transport which carries ten passengers and has a speed of 200 miles an hour. The other major development is a tri- motor plane, equipped for carrying sixteen passengers. Both ships are of the low-wing monoplane type and are streamlined to the utmost degree, including retractable landing gear. . Concentration On Military B-J Aircraft Corporation, a sub sidiary of North American Aviation since 1930, has concentrated on the development of military planes. The company manufactured the first two- seater fighting plane used in regular service by the Army Air Corps. Now it is developing a two-seater fighter for the navy, along with another single-seater fighter. J. M. Schoonmaker, Jr., remains as president of General Aviation Manufacturing Corporation. Temple N. Joyce will become executive vice-president and general manager. Mr. Joyce was one of the organizers of the Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corporation, the predecessor of the B-J Air-' craft Corporation, and before that was associated with the Chance-Vought and Curtiss Airplane and Motor com panies. F. S. Hubbard, who has been asso ciated with Mr. Joyce in the B-J Air- ' craft Corporation, will . be assistant general manager. L. R. Beardslee is secretary of the corporation and fohn C. Felli, treasurer. SPECIAL NOTICES We EeweaTB Small Moth-Eaten Bole Perfectly. 75c. Reliable Weavins Co., 208 W. Saratoga St. Ver. 1868. "Guarauteed Not to Pull Out." World's Brat Oil Burner "Oneral Automatic" See Page 13, Column 8, Classified Sec. i Quiet and Refrething Atmosphere in which to Enjoy Your SiflHdiy Dinner, 50s & r5e Served from 12 Noon to 8 P. M. gmiz Bare Restaurant 309-11 N. Howsril St. nr. Saratoga. I.OVE POINT EXCURSIONS EVEhY DAY DOWN THE BAT DAILY .7 A. M. 2.30 1'. M. Afternoons only 5"c Dax only 75c MEALS ON STEAMER B. K. R. R..Pier 5 Light St Ph. Plaza 8692 LOVE POINT ACTOMOBILE ROUTE SHORTEST WAY TO EASTERN SHORE Lesre Baltimore (Pier s. Light street) DAILY DAILY DAILY (EX. SAT.) 7.00 A. M. 2.30 P. M. 8 SO P. M. Autos SL'.m). includine dnrer. Bulto. ft Eastern R. R. Ph. Plata 8692 Moonlights Except Satorda! Sunday, 8.30 P.M. sster Exciirsite A !n An to Ferr tn Pastern Rhnre See Section 1, Fife 11. for Complete Schedule. HOMESTEAD INN Fried Chicken. Stesk and Sea Food Dinners. All yon ran eat M.nn. Children under 5 Free. ANNAPOLIS BLVD. NK. ULh.MlLK.Ml. OCULIST As aswriite in well-estuMUtied business. Re plies ennfi dentist. Hot IWWi. Snn. BEER EQUIPMENT t ... atnrii PIPFB m 73 Hanotee Miiv vnl'RX HAT AND BIEN'S Ft RMSHINUS. FixTCKES; WILLBACRI- tlCt. ISiMa, BL.X. LAKEWOOD POOL N. CHARLES. AT 26TH. ANNOUNCES A REDUCTION IN PRICES EFFECTIVE TODAY DAILY (Adult) - OA. M. TO 11 A. M 40o 11 A. M. TO P. M life 9 P.M. TO CLOSE aOc SUNDAYS (Adults)' 2 P. M. TO 0 P. M B5e 9 P. M. TO CLOSE 40e JUNIORS AT ALL TIMES.... 25a SWIM IN A o Yi 1 iti FILTERED POOL PLEASURE ISLAND BEACH MARYLAND'S ATLANTIC CITY Natural Sandy Sloping Beach TWee In ths Chesapeake jd QJ " Sundays 40e Powerful flood lights tor night bathlnf. DANOINO SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS FREE PARKING. CITY PRICES. BEAUTIFUL PICNIC GROUNDS Take North Pt. Road and follow siimt DISTILLERY SITE Building 10,000 sq. ft. 37 acres fast land. 28 acres low land for off fall. Two streams. Railroad siding. Artesian water. Fifteen minutes from Citj. New property. Can be bought at reasonable figur. REPLY TO BOX 18621, SUH. Seeing Is Believing 100 MOHAIR SUITS . SIZES 34 TO 37 BRAND NEW While They Last FOR MONDAY .ONLY , $1.65- Bermans Loan Office. Inc.. 638 W. Baltimore st. MARYLAND POLO CLUB Tersus PENLLYN CLUB, PfflLA. . Maryland- Polo Club Grounds Sterenson. Baltimore County 4 P. M Sunday, July 16t Subscription, 2.Vs - TODAY ' CAPE MAY 'BEACH Bathing Dancing Parking ADULTS. 25c CHILDREN FREE EXTRA Mories. Candy to Kiddie FREE Eastern Are. to Josenhsna. Turn Right MIAMI BEACH PRIDE OF THE CHESAPEAKE BAT Fnrmrrlr Tom Gerabty'i Bay Lodge at Bow- ley's Qusrters. . ' ... 300 Feet Sandy Beach. Safe Bathing All ?haoe l.roTP oincuy rriTaie Will Rent by Day to Churches, Sunday ScbooH. jihn rti?an. Wolfe 6900. Ere. Wolfe 6960. Plymouth Motor Corp. will hold a Kbool In Balto. for training salesmen. We need 4 men. Training be brief. Intensive, prepare yon for immediate, attractire income. Ep. not necessary. M. H. Anderson, Inc., 353 Hanover at- nvirt . V .VI. TftUADDATO Chick Sale in DANGEROUS CROSS ROADS Soecial aflnen aiTrscuoii , nm,nnnsuii x ism. SHARKEY ra. CARNERA SCIf A XZE'S THEATRE. North A I'enna. Aee. WANT TO BUY U1 Modern home In Park Heights or Mt Washing to sections. B'W nmr floor. Advise Iwirt pnee and full description. dsiv isiqa nnv DR. FRANCIS K. KING. DENTIST Announce the removal of his office - to 1.1 Eat 22nd Street. AprotntmenTS n""5 daily, ereninga and Hundaya. iu Lojieraiiy v . i

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