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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 15

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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THURSDAY, AUG. 17. 1939 TODAY! 1 ARTHUR LAKE PENNY SINGLETON The Boss" "Blondie Meets ADDED "TRAPPED IN THE SKY' AN APOLOGY! One it the hfiwy inr.m nvza r.f eiiMfi in tb downtown yeaterdaiy. Iht alrconditionmg plant (n thi Lyceum theatre rendered inupet atlve. The plant la now working perfectly.

To our many pat rone inconvenienced tatt night, we apologiie "and thank them for their consideration. The Management. 12 Ic I 5 AftM 25c HELD OVER COME EARLY! A MONSTER IN GAY DISGUISE! A PuH A rarry A TrmmmAv 'Assassin cfYOUT (MARIHUANA) (Adultl valour Air Coolrd FREE PETIT POINT' DINNERWARE Hady Lamarr Charlaa Boyar "ALGIERS" Ann Sot hern Burgeee Meredith THERE COES THE CROOM" TALBOT AVE PHONE 66 131 klEW DCTIT DniMT CIVCM WARE AND DINNERWARE JEAN ARTHUR "Mora Than a Secretary" RALPH BELLAMY (Adult) The Man Whe Lived Twice" Use the Classified Advts.1 ALEXANDER una 1T HldLoNOmONED VA If FOR YOUR CON mm Suns in I a In uf to of the mm, rrcHNicoioR with RALPH RICHARDSON C. Aubrey Smith, June Duprez John Gements 'iait' (tiri UNHID AttllTI FOI TNI IUHOLS FA Mt LY BEACON Air Conditionad FREE DINNERWARE TO LADIES WINNIPEG'S ONLY VAUDEVILLE! HICH CLASS Atl Featuring American Artists 2 De Luxe Screen Hits 2 Anna thlrlay Ralph Brllamy In "GIRLf SCHOOL" Aiao Paul Kally Adult I THE MI6SINQ GUEST" RIALTO DEANNA ADULT Cr ANYTIME I 3b DURBIN with JACKIE COOPER In "THAT CERTAIN AGE" AM! "THE BLACK DOLL" (Adult) WHAT DOES WAR DO TO WOMEN? Challenges Hollywood'' LIFE i To put mildly, Beostei Musion' it otto of tR Bnuleet (Mctweat evur made THE CREATEST PICTURE FROM ANY COUNTRY "first time iri "Winnipeg" Meu JWr iJ.JLi.

I I 1 I MM to 15c A 2S Use he Classified Advts. Stage Rows Of Stars Humbly Housed Imagine, if you can, a "million (aires' row'' with not a house in it I that cost more than $2(X)! Yet there is such a "street." In the first is a young woman who was making mud pies her backyard when lie was first summoned to a tilm studio for work, and who now ran count her fortune in seven figures, In the second is a young Briton, former army officer, who once worked in a Chinese laundry to re claim his linen. Today is is a star motion pictures. A friendly man of 40 years or thereabouts occupies the third. 1 'TTn'a mnvnr rf A ritv nwn ten acre ranch, cooks spaghetti din ners for his guests.

A cricket player and dean of Hollywood actors is in the fourth a veteran actor of Iwo continents. The fifth houses a wisecracking young fellow who weighs 210 pounds, son of a famous actor and actress, who is very bright in spite the fact ho got his rent slnrt plaiig dumb in a Droudwny stage success. Number six? You find a woman who smiles pathetically, greets you with flutlery voice, doesn't seem know what to do with her rjanris. Her neighbor is a young British subject who turned down an invitation to be presented to the King and Queen of England lo play a rolf in the Walter Wanger romantic comedy. Eternally Yours.

The "street" is made up of portable dressing rooms of this picture lined up side by side on a sound stage at United Artist Studios. Hollywood. The players, in order their occupancy, are Loretta Young and David Niven. starred in picture. Hugh Herbert.

C. Aubrey Smith. Broderick Crawford, ZaSu Pitts and Virginia Field. Third Time And Out By Tha Aaauciated Praaa LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17 Lupe Velez and Johnny Wiesmuller, who have disagreed so many times, are in perfect agreement.

Both uunted their divorce decree made final Wednesday. The couple separated three times and twice became reconciled, once after a divorce suit had been filed. After the third time, however, Miss Velez won a decree on cruelty charges. TO I) A KORDA LB ill UPTOWN "ci AIR Aah COOLEO Tonight, f.30 to 7 p.m., Adulta Joal McCraa Barbara atanw.k "UNION PACIFIC" (trn 1 I At t.0 and 30 p.m. P'ta Smlth'a "HEROES AT LEItURE" Watt Dianay Cartoon ttalacted Shortt compiata Show m.

Wa Weatmimtar COOLED Claudrtta Colbart Don Amrcha John fiarrymore: "MIDNIQHT" Lloyd Nolan: "AMBUSH" (On COLLEGE Main at Air Church r.Mtlwi uoroiny Llmour Lloyd Nolan "ST. LOUIt BLUEt" (Adilltl Lynn Overman Patricia Moriaon "PERSON IN HIDING Handaraon H'way Cooiad W. C. Firlda Charlia McCarthv "VOU CAN CHEAT AN HONEST MAN" jaraia coopar: "NEWSBOVf HOME PALACE Selkirk at Air Powert Cooler! Loretta Young Richard Greene NTUCKY" i Arttill Alio "MH, MOTO't LAtT WARNING" ROSE lYIES hore AIR 23 COOt FC Tyrone Henry Randolph Fonda Scott Powtf "JESSE A (Adult) Andy Oevtne: "STRANGE FACES" ft N.qhIAl Major Pniea PLAZA Marion rrt0 Air at Tach 204 0M Coohtd Charlea Laughton (AdultJ "THE BEACHCOMBER' Ray Mutand Olympe Bradna "MV IT IN FRENCH" Wonderland at her brook Fred MacMurray Madeline Carroll "CAFE SOCIETY" (Adult) Alto: "BOY TROUBLE:" Country Store Night 20 Prizes CRESCENT STS Cor yd on Phon. luqo 4ft 7M Tontght la Pr te Night Alice ay Charlea arret! Joan Davis: "TAlLSPIN" den Bmg Crotby: "PARIS HONEYMOON' TOWER Mountain Air McGregor Cocted Brtte Errol Flynn SISTERS" Adult Hurnphry Bogart Kay Franc INU OF THE UNDERWORO' 0 I THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE PAGE 15 And Screen fAs Advertisedl ARLINGTON Brotner Rat, com edy drama, Wayne Morris.

Pris cilla Lane; Gom' Places, comedy with songs, Dick Powell, Anita Louise. BEACON Vaudeville, Rust and Dale, thrill roller skaters, and other acts, 3 05. 6 15, 9.20, with hlms. Girls School, comedy drama, Ann Shirley, Ralph Bellamy; The Misting Guest, drama, Paul Kelly. BIJOU Grand Illusion, war drama, Eric von Stroheim, Dita Parlo, 12.15.

2 40. 5.05. 7.30, 9.55. CAPITOL Second Fiddle, with Sonia Henie, Tyrone Power. Rudy Vallee, Edna May Oliver and Stewart Reburn; comedy drama: at 12.45, 3.05, ft 20, 7.35 and 9.50.

COLLEGE St. Louis Bluet, melodrama, Dorothy Lamour, Lloyd Nolan; Pertont in Hiding, crime drama, Lynn Overman, Patricia Morrison. CRFRCFNT Tajlipin, aviation drama, Alice Ftiye, Charles Far rell; Parit Honeymoon, comedy with music, Bing Crosby. DE LUXE Out West With the Hardyt, comedy, Mickey Rooney, Lewis Girlt on Probation, drama, Ronald Regan, Jane Bryan. ELM More Than Secretary, comedy drama, Jean Arthur; Tha Man Who Lived Twice, drama.

FOX Yet My Darting Daughter, comedy, Prtscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn; Hotel Imperial, comedy drama, Ray Milland. Isa Mir anda. FURBY The Story of Irene and Vernon Cattle, biographical drama, Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers; Burn 'Em Up O'Connor, comedy drama. GAIETY It's a Wonderful World, comedy, Claudette Colbert, James Stewart; Confettione of a Nazi Spy, expose melodrama, Edward G.

Robinson. GARRICK Four Feathers, drama In Technicolor, Ralph Richard ton. C. Aubrey Smith, John Clements, Jean Dupret, 12.40, 2 55, 5.05, 7.20, 9.35. KINGS Angela with Dirty Faces, drama, a 1 Cagney.

Pat O'Brien; Beauty or the Asking, comedy drama, Lucille Ball. LYCEUM Blondie Meett the Bott, Comedy, Arthur ake. Penny Singleton, Skinny Ennis and his orchestra. 12.30, 2.55, 5.20, 7.45, 10.10. Trapped In The Sky, drama, Jack Holt, Katherine DeMllle.

Ralph Morgan. 11.25. 1.50, 4.15, 6.40, 9.05. METROPOLITAN Good Girlt Go to Parit, comedy romance, Joan Blnndell, Melvvn Douglas. 10.

00. 12.30, 3.00, 5.30, 8.00, 10.35. A Woman It the Judge, drama, Rochelle Hudson. Otto Kruger, Freda Innescourt, 11.30, 1.45, 4.15. 6 50, 9.20.

OSBORNE Trade Winds, action comedy. Fredric March, Joan Bennett; Little Tough Guys in Society, Mischa Auer, Ed E. Horton. PALACE Kentucky, racing drama, Loretta Young, Richard Greene; Mr. Moto't Last Warning, mystery drama, Peter Lorre.

PARK The Arkansas Traveller, comedy drama. Bob Burns; Atlantic Flight, drama, Dick Merrill. PLAZA The Beachcomber, satirical comedy. Charles Laughton. Elsa Lanchester; Say It in French, comedy, Ray Milland, Olympe Bradna RIALTO That Certain Age.

eom edy with songs, Deanna Durbin, Jackie Cooper; The Black Dolt, drama. RIO Tha Astastin of Youth, expose of the evils of marihuana, 11 50, 2 20. 4.45, 7.35, 10.00. Ty ROSE Jesse Jamet, drama rone Power. Henry Fonda; 1 Strange Faces, drama, Andy Devlne.

ROXY You Can't Cheat an Honest Man, comedy, W. Fields; Newsboy'a Home, comedy drama, Jackie Cooper. 8TARLAND Pygmalion, modern romantic comedy, Leslie Howard; I'm From Missouri, comedy, Bob Burns. TIVOLI Midnight, comedy, Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche. John Barrymore; Ambush, drama, Lloyd Nolan.

TOWER Sisters, biographical drama, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis; King of the Underworld, drama, Humphrey Bogart, Kay Francis. UPTOWN i Union Pacific, drama, Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanyck; selected shorts. VALOUR Algiers, drama, Charles Bover, Hedy Lamarr; There Goes the Groom, comedy, Ann Southern, Burgess WONDERLAND Cafe Society, drama. Fred MarMurray. Madeleine Carroll; Boy Trouble, comedy.

Star Of Silent Films Bankrupt LOS ANf.EL.ES. Aug. 17. Two rliH arlcs ago Mae Marsh was a glamorous star of Ihe silent movirs, with an expensive home, furs, clothes. She was a typical child of screen won luxury.

I Today she has only a $25 touring car, 1931 model, and liabilities of $5,250. Her petition for voluntary bankruptcy told of inability to i meet physicians' and other bills. The actress, who retired aftei her marriage In 1918 to Louis Lec Arms, New York newspaperman, was near death for several weekt in 1935 of complicBtiont following an appendicitis operation. I A contemporary of Mary Pick ford, Mabel Normand, Blanche Sweet and the Talmadee siaters. Norma and Constance.

Ml. Marsh shot to fame in D. W. Gnffllh'i "The Birth of a Nation." Twice she was coaxed from retirement for film parts. In 1923 for "Thf White Rose" and in 1931 for "Over he Hill.

ty I OFF TO THE LAIiOK Ki'ninVlaiiiii Tuiiiii Sl iu :r.t jruished theatrical figures, FKEDKIC MAKC1I, TALLULAII BANKHLAU and KAN are pictured here as they entrained for Atlantic City to bolster the strength andj f. I case for the Actors Guild, waging a showdown fight with the Stagehands' Union for the actresses. Claudette Colbert's Dog Is Banished From Studios By HAROLD HEFFERN AN for, HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 17 WhVn'w'M film producers buy Claudette Colbert at $150,000 a picture Smoky always goes along as part of the bargain. Producers are not pleased at all about that art of the deal, for Smoky Is a pugnacious French poodle with a shrill yip that has too often blasted the ears of the sound mixers.

Smoky has developed such an exaggerated tense of loyalty and affection for his mistress that he constantly snarls and snaps ai polite directors who issue oiders and at handsome leading men who ink CIbuHpii inin their Ernst Lubitsch's ankles were all I what burns me," said Ford. "It i necessary iignting ana radio tacui chewed up during the making of! would have been a swell touch to lies were installed on the Canadian Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, h'm in tne picture but who! portion of the route, Mr. Hunter Cooper was scratched and bitten. ver neara oi an inin century and one day Dirertor Woodv Van'Pion''r owning a pedigreed French Dyke, making It's a Wonderful World, raised his voice just one I A group of visitors on the Paul to Claudette and lost a portion of Muni stage, where We Are Not his trousers Each fresh rampage! Alone is being filmed, got a shock by Smoky finds Claudette morejfor an added treat. They saw a deeply apologetic, but apparently I prop man unceremoniously douse more devnted than ever to her!" whole bucket Tul of water over protector.

jthe dignified acadmy award win This brings us around to Smoky's ninK star! most recent escapade one thBt Muni leaped into a doorway, out added several extra thousands of 'heir sight, pursued apparently dollars to the budeet of Drums hy the prop man. One of the visi Along the Mohawk, and led Claud ette to a momentous decision. Never again, she promised, would Smoky be brought into a movie studio. It was one of those bloodcurdling Indian fight scenes, waged in the Mohawk valley of New York during the revolutionary war. The set was the interior of a atone church were tome 50 women and children huddled in fright at their menfolk, outside, vainlv attemnteH to fight off an attack hv Indians I and Tories.

Because of the vast I undei stood. Muni dashed out of a amount of preparation involved. 1 doorw ay into a pouring rain, sup Director John Ford urged on all by overhead pipes. Attired in hands the necessity of wrapping up dry clothes at the beginning, he the scene in a single take. Thus deliberately doused with water warned, Claudette gave Smoky one so it would appear he hBd walked last fond pat and instructed her couple of blocks in the downpour.

negro maid Winifred, to hold him tightly, The mo lie of battle, supplied by aulphur pota, filled the church interior, and, on the "speed" signal from the sound mixer, the melee began. Ahove the din could be heard Claudette't a gonized voice a he Indians through. It must have reached her dressing room. 2 Great Shows In 1 11 1 1 lt 11 i fA'f FRANCES DRAKE jT VjV EDGAR KENNEDY 'RNEST TRUEX I "''atl rarla NeWS And Lommenr I v. 'ntlttl4iai WAUS iiiuic Uiatiii I Tliiee I control of 12,000 actors andlpork mystery with one frantic tug.

Smoky ivolved In Canadian U.S. neorotia oul of the maid's aims and Hons for new lines between the bounding toward the set. A feroci ous Redman grasping Claudette by the hair let out a terrified scream and dropped his tomahawk. Smoky had him firmly by the ankle and his teeth were sawing toward the bone. The cameras stopped.

Ford went while. Prop men muttered. Fearing for his life, Claudette gathered up her still yipping pet and rushed him back to the comparative safety of the dressing quarters. Then she returned in tears to pour out me anguisneo oi.rc.or. i "The do setting in there isn't tors inquired of the guide whether it's customary lo play jokes on such an important star.

"Won't he have to go and change clothes now?" inquired a little old lady In the group. "Won't Mr. Muni be angry at the man in the overalls?" The guide urged patience upon his charges. "Wait until you see the scene being filmed and you'll under stand." he whispered. And.

suie enough, lliev aatt and EV1H Jh) Air Conditionad I DC JAMES AGNC PAT O'BRIEN ANN SHIRIDAN DEAD END KIDI "Angels With Dirty Faces" LUCILLf BALL "IIAUTT FOR THI ASK INC Prosperity Gift Nite (Adult) llto2p.m.l5c TODAY liliiRh Edward C. ROBINSON FRANCIS LEDERER Paul LkM Ceo'fe Saeoert Htery O'Neill Folies Berg ere I By Tha Aoclall PraatJ ENSENADA, Baja. Aug 17 Janet Gaynnr's successor in a film role, like Miss Gaynor herself. is honeymooning in Mexico. Rochelle Hudson, who stepped into her first big part when MUs Gaynor withdrew from "Way Down East" and who advanced quickly to stardom after several pictures with Will Rogers, was married hite Tuesday to Hal Thompson, of Hollywood, a writer at Walt Dis ney studios.

THORNBL'RY. Onl. Keeper of the harbor lights. Wesley Bail is indignantly searching for the "practical joker" who tied a heavy it DONALD OPP. EATON PHONE.

97 7IO A 25C6Z. SEE SAY (Adult) Last Times I 1 Ba" ''GOOD with OAN HESTER ALLEN a KLIN rl ToPIY Walker What is expected lo be one of the biggest revue companies to visit Winnipeg this season la the; Folies Bergere, the original Clif ford C. Fisher show, which will be seen at the Walker theatre, Sat unla. August 26. and Mondavi and Tuesday, August 27 and 2S.

There will be evening perform i lances at 7 .30 and 9 30, and ma tinees at 2.30 each day of the1 engagement. This company has just completed a 15 weeks' engage ment at the San Francisco World's Fnir and cornea to Winnipeg on itsl way to the Texas State air at Dallas and the World's Fair in New York. The company travels in its ownj train of seven cars, and carries its own special scenery and effects. It is said to number 75 people. These include a number of continental stars Franklyn d'Amore and Anita Emil Boreo, originator of the Dance of the Wooden Soldiers, Fred Sanborn, billed as the comic genius of the xylophone.

Harald and Lola, creators of the SnBke dance, Hilibert, Bird and La Rue. satirical bnllrscrr. dancers from the London Palladium, Tito Valdei and Corinne, the Trio Shy rettoa, unicycllsts and Georges Bruay, formerly of the Folies Bergere In Paris. In addition to the feature entertainers, the chorus conaistt of 50 girli, said to be picked In I.ondon, Paris and New York, Spectacular scenes Include The DiHut Fcu tui.i, Tlir Wtd and Eu the famous French Can Can. Borw who )' ceremonies for the show played a featured ie in the Alfred Hitch film, The Lady Northwest Airlines Seeks New Route Northwest Airlines which connects Winnipeg with U.S.

air services, is one of the firms ln countries. Croil Hunter, president of the company, has announced from his headquarters at St. Paul that the iflrm has filed intention to apply for permanent certificate for a route from Chicago through Toronto to New York City. At Toronto connection would be made with Trans Canada Air line's eastern services, which will connect, In turn, with trans Atlantic services. Service would start Immedialelx permission was granted and the said.

STARTS P7 MICKCV StOONEV THi MABOV eMILV OUT WEST WITH THE HARDYS' Alae Benalt Brgan Jana Bryan "CIRLS ON CXTRA, AOOID: NlWt OF THC DA BOB BUBNt FAV BAINTtB "ARKANSAS TRAVELER" DICK Ml RR rtL (Oon.) "ATLANTIC FLICHT" CIFT NIT I Oten at fc.JC tSe te ft Laat Show I bO Atr Conditioned) Wat AIR CONDITIONED RriMliia Lane Jfry Lynn YES MY DARLING DAUGHTER" Ray Milland lea randa HOTEL IMRCRiAL" (Adurl) Dtnnerware Free lo La die STARLAND ISc la I a.m. AIB COOLS Laalla Heware. In tha 9rMrt tnaw ttary F'VOMALION" (Adult) B9to Buana Oladya Oaorea I'M FFtOM MlttOUftl" FURBY FX Altt COOLED Till p.m. (Can.) Fraf Aitalra O'ngar Slogarat "tTORV OF IRENE UNO VEBNON CASTLE" And: "BURN 'EM vf O'CONNOR" OSBORNE Today Open ft m. Fredri March Joan Bennett TRADE WINDS" I Mary Bo land Mtv ha Auer Ed Horton "LITTLE TOUGH GUVS IN SOCIETY' Arlington F.aa Wavna Mor'l.

Rrlcllla Lana aiaOTMl RAT" and Otfl. RwwaM, Anita Lauiaa: OOIN0 RLACSS'' 1 I i I fV'Ti" A's Iff VI ILmJkaanvammmam OBVaAaaSaSsastaaaaaatttt Rochelle Hudson Weds Disney' Studio Writer Jm GIRLS GO TO PARIS" BLONDELL MELVYN DOUCLAS Today. 'A Woman Is PORTAOkOONALO PH. 87 809 Sonja't danling tkating Tyrene'a gay romancing new star Mary Healy's singing May's clowning THE CREATEST ARRAY OF TALENT EVER IN ONE MUSICAL HIT! (General) Iajak. iY" ala I wl edition march of rmK.iiyi J.

DONALD DUCK in Set Scours, ft i VUJ Uv THE WORLD CRISIS: Th Rhineland again becomes theatre ef possible battle. Official picturet of Germany's "West Wall," that mighty fortified line of anti tank hlockariet. ITALY: King Victor Knimanuel wiitrhes army manoeuvres Krench border. I CHINA: Chungking is bombed by the Japanese. WORLD EVENTS: Nevada Streamlined train derailed! 24 die and more than liH) ar hurt.

This deliberate wrecking of railroad i stixs nation. The Atlantic Submarine Squalus is raided again Lifted 80 feet from bottom of ocean, sunken craft it towed to thallow water. London The "MRuretania" tteamt up thf Thames river end docks under own power. i. ALASKA HIGHWAY COMMISSION SURVIY ROUTt FROM THE AIR LONDON: Blaine Rirleout, American running ace.

Is boxed kn end loses the mile race at an international track meeL (Special.) I PLUS THE FEATURE SQNJA HENIE and "SECOND ariatoaaj' Tfyawx 'fj aweater over one of the righta marking a danger spot In Thorn bury harbor. COMING TO THE WALKER 26 28 29 MAIL ORDERS Matinaei Daily at 1.30 Pricfa tic. Sic, lie. SI. 10 lint, tea.) Twlca Nightly at 7 50 ino 10 Pricas: Jc.

S1.10. II (inc. Ia BIS TOMORROW! EVENINGS. 1. 000 JCC BALCONY (CATS w3 GIRLS! What goes on here What do they think? And what do they talk about in a hotel for women.


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