The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on October 20, 1917 · Page 7
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 7

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Saturday, October 20, 1917
Page 7
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1017. There are a number of ) systems that have proved j their worth in helping ( those Ktrivin to save a I part of their earnings. Let j us surest a plan to you. j Come in today. I 4 I i Interest on Savings Announcing the Opening of Our New Classes Saturday October 27th 8:00 to OiOO Monday, October 20th . . . . .8 :00 to 0:30 Monday, tjut hour un - i hlt pedal ttV - .r.'.U.n ii .boe a ho have sever dt'"l. Tuf;sIay,. October GOth 8:00 to 0:00 Thursday, November lt 8:00 to 9:00 'Xh'itrA, - , t. ftrw.ltotiM l ancmg with inttnictiona 0:0; to 12:00 Tuesday, Thursday and" Saturday evening DuValle'a Cabaret and Jazz Orchestra Marsh Danse Studios f; - r,ik liui' - M.g. J'.;f.'.i and Extra Profits by Saving Now! If you f - pend your extra dollar?, you get lca.n than formerly. If you eavo them - we pay you the game rate of interest as before. Savo NOW draw your interest and HAVE your "dollars when, - later on, they'll buy MOKE. Wa pay 4 per cent, interest from DAY OF DEPOSIT, on ravin;' account.. You can start with as little as one dollar. Open Saturday - Night,' G:30 to 8;30 State Savings & Trust Co. I RDM cr Dtpn r:::: CLUB 50c DINNERS 60c 75c (6 to 8 p. m.) ... Y' - - fl ' For diversion, why not take dinner here this evening where stood food nl mimic are combined In m. happy ooirtbinatlon at a nominal coft? New Hotel English Cafe IHreet I'.ntreaee n Meridian atreel. MMCCIU. HVMMY IHM'.I. 7Tif Glasses That Fit Perfectly ' That's our reputation. Bo cause we devote our time - exclusively to the scientific examination of the eyo and furnishing glasses. CHAS. L. SCHMIDT 137 N. Tenn St: t CANDY PLANTS MAY CLOSE Ncy York's Sugar Supply Continues to Dwindle. j Is'KW YOHK, October The candy lnliiivv St l?vw York city, which em - .' plovs more thn M,fti men and - women, f;cea a temporary tieup as a result of the - widespread shortage of auKtr Candy manurcturei aid toj.iy thnt . thitr supplv h.d heer ent off and that - ' vnlriis thrt commodity could be obtained! rorii it would bo necessary to clone - tht - ir I'lnnm. The surfnr stock here continues to dwindle - ivter H. Alwor, vice - president s ef the New York Ketall Orocers" Association. s,Ui there was not a grery ytore in the city, with .ten barrel ii reserve, wr.iie luindreds of stores had not a tH - i.nd of etigar for several days. . Cnul this xenr's cane and sugar beet crop!! are available probably In three ' or fo'ir weeks it will be necessary for New York housewives to prnctice (the . mot IlKtd economy if an actual sugar famine i to be avoided, in the opinion of lr. Henry Moskowitx. city tomnus - !(.niT of markets A tatenent Issued here en behalf of retliiera, white conceding sugar scarcity . which it says 1 temporary; declares there is no hoarding by producers, re - tiners or wholesalers. "There Is no excuse for the chat - King of hiih prices 'V retail dealers." the statement adds. - ' Tho wholesale price of refine. kthiiu - late,i u:!r is Mn held at S - l cents a P(jTid. Hetailers can rvalue their cus - toniHry prorit by selling at I cent a pund above this flcure. lietallers who charge prices hlcher are endeavorins to lRe undue advantaKe of the prevailing - condition and cf publio concern over this Mtuatlon." Wor tli Living For Life, is worth living when your savings account at this bank is earning you Acc interest against that inevitable rainy day. Worry " kills more people than work, niht and Open Saturday $1 starts you. IJeyer - Kiser Dank he Pay 4 on savings , 136 Last Washington. j Farmers ! Trust Co. 150 East Market St. J 1 J tit N'rth fl - reer. mahki:t wthi:i;t V tTC CARTER FAILS TO COME TO INSPECT ARMY POST COMMANDER OF - CENTRAL DEPARTMENT IS DELAYED. MORE AVIATORS ARE WISHED Major - Ceneral William H. Carter, commander of the central department of thrt I'nltn.l'li't.i.... . .. . . rura my, jaiteu to arrive at Ft. Benjamin Harrison today, as It had been expected he would. Colonel K. A. Hoot, commander of the post, said mm me generals Visit might be deferred several. days, or that he might arrrve lonignt The purpose of the proposed visit is to Inspect housing facilities at the fort with a view to deciding to what use r7 '"rMiluon i"y ue put this winter. '" niii - jti ana omcers reserve """ camps none late in November, tienoral Carter has exnreuHort - i.v. that his call be regarded as an Informal one, and for that reason no arrangements have been made to hold parades irrniKinies m nis honor. Ktu uems m - jne onicers' reserve training camp were permuted to leave for the w . - ena. and emitted rnei received the usual leaves. As Regular Troop Station. Officers at the post are of the opinion that Ft. Harrison will be used this win ter as a nation for troops, but that only as many troops will be sent as may be housed In - permanent barracks. ,That would mean not more than R.Ooi) men. .There ie now more than 1 o.irne t the fort, but more than half that number re housed In frame cantonments, which are held to be Inadequate shelters in winter. Lieutenant - Colonel Alvan C'. Head, training . camp . commander, receive.! wont during the day that a number of students from this camp will be selected by a board of nrUccrs, representing the Mrnal corps, for service as aviators. The mestsane said' that a large number of men of special qunlifkations are t. reded immediately for work in connec - t'on witli flying, and that, in addition, the chief signal otlicer desires students who can lriomt aviators. Men selected for the latter - duty will have to attend schools tiefore receiving commissions. The men chosen for the Mgnal corps aviation service will receive commissions at once, and be fent to stations. The board of officers which will make the selections will arrive at Ft. Harrison wit Inn a few days, the message said. , Schedule for Next Week. The schedule for next wcek;s - aork In the training camp Includes both trench and rifle range work. Five hundred soldiers left the fort today on three special trains for Chicago, Cleveland and Ivtroit. One hundred and Jifty rergeants of th - quart. master's department truck driversi went to leiroit for week - end visits: a similar number went to Chicago, and ?0 training camp students went to Cleveland. The 2d infantry company of tie training camp will give a dinner - dance at te CUypoolJiotel tonight. To Go to New Mexico. Major John W. Flu., a well - known suryeon of Indianapolis, - who has been in charge of the sturgical service at Camp'" - Grant. Rock ford. 111., has been ordered to t'amp Cody. Sterling. X. M to organize a surgical eervice in the . uw, ms inen in Indians polta on a visit, left today for Camp Cody to begin his new work. FINGER PRINTS USED. Factor In Sentence, of Francis Yates to Reformatory. . Identification by the finger print system was called Into play In the crimi - j nal court today durin? the trial of l raneis lates. charged with horse stealings anu it was largely responsi vlous arrest. I rr 1 III I IIP sril I n - r fv - a . r : .Z " . ".l "v"7 uur - : r ncinir ry tne scnooi. special i leni ji5 .i me j e i rerconrtiie rc - f"7 , intrumental music. Scrip - S"r' lmPSed by Ja James .v. j1 USnce. brief remaVas On the witness stand Vte, denied! ?' rSthfc he had over been arrester" Pho elffent Vnd re - graph from the police . 8 - ruilor!1 foflowt iTAR teacheraand - 'm To make certain that he hed arrested Judge Collins ordered fi prints made and they tallied thoso on In the Bertillon depart went. i - .ven tnen lares refused to admit Uhat he had been arrested. Simie lhe c hance of mistake under the tincer print identif - cation eyste:n Is about one to a million." tsald Judg Collins, "l fetrl certain you aro not telling th truth." He then imposed SCP.tC'U'C ' .STRONG fill HEEDED AS STORMS SAYS EDITOR OF METHODIST PAPER CN THE CITY ELECTION. ELEMENTS BEHIND NOMINEES The Rev. A. B, Storm. s - jperL - itersderit of the Indianapolis district of the Meth - d:t Episcopal church, a'nl editor of tie l;arapIia Methodist, published an editorial. he5 - d The Christian Vd'w," in this week's 5s.i of the rar - er. The ed' - i jtorlal rn part w a as fo;.ows: "Another mun'.'.spal elertlort I near. ; Corsciersf Joua voters are anxious to di : tbeir ovic d - .ty at the p - ,U. As usroal. I there nr cnf icttog party ir.tere;s. In ; deScrrnirUng where or.e's vote rtould be a.t several ccr.s'. - Jeratior.s are import - S & t. Stroma Man Is Needed. "TV need, and especially ihjw in Indianapolis, a strong man at the helm. Th federal government l demanding that the a dm in in rat ion of the cities near cantonment aad timjn t - e vigorous la i mayor, NEWS OF THE SUNDAY SCHOOLS Central Avenue Business Mens Bible Class Brings Dr. Lincoln McCon - nell to Lecture at Tomlirison Halt, Monday Night, on "The Devil and the Kaiser" November 4 Is 'Go to Sunday - School r Day Classes at Ft. Harrison Sunday School Notes. In fcrtngins Ir. Lincoln McConnell to Indianapolis j neat Monday night at TomMnnon hall, the Central Avenue biw.ines men's Bibl - class wi!I give an opportunity of hearing a great orator in the presentation of his latest lecture, "The Devil and the KaSser." He haa been, heard before at men's rallies in various churches and in connection with the T. if. C. A. Big Meetings. His patriotic lecture haa had wide attention throughout the country, and, from the rtandpotnt of patriotism it 'is expected that he will stir many hearts and minds to the reality f. present condition. The eonfimittee having the matter In hand regrets that it will not be able to make the admission free and will be obliged to charge a small adrmnsion fee. To accommodate those who wiwh reserved seats an extra charge will be The reerved seat sale Is open at the Baldwin tnufcic house, lVOJ North Pennsylvania street. With every two tickets eH there is given a copy of "Qood - by. iirminy," a song written by Ir, Mc - t'ottnell and his - son, J. lid win McCon nell, who is doing service in France as an aviator. Or.e hundred soldier from riipy seats on the stage and Join Lieut. Wilkinson. of th medical oincers' training cann In Mnging this war song. They will bi accompanied by Von .Staden's orchestra, which will also play a number of other patriotic selections. This orchestra in a permanent adjunct of the Central Avenue M. K. school. Ir. McConnell will be preaent and ad - dre the Central Avenue men's class Sunday morning and may also speak to the soldiers at Ft. Harrison. CALL FOR MOBILIZATION. International Go - to - Sunday - School Day Will Be Observed Nov. 4. All state and provincial Sunday school aKsocla lions of North America are naked to observe November i as an International "Go - to - Sunday - School day." About twenty of these associations have been observing the day already, but at varying dates. This Is the first attempt of the association to observe a uniform date annually. A committee of general secretaries has recommended ! the date, and the recommendation has " 1 a J ' i ' t v "Tla . J I lid CAt ' v v will - mlttee of the Kmployed Officers' Association and adopted by the International fcUinday Hchool Association.1 The proper observance of thin day Is expected to increase the attendance by eeveral millions on that Sunday. The tblects are as follows: To enlist recruits for the Sunday school. To stimulate all Sunday schools to greater activity. To advertise to the community that the Sunday school is for persons of all ages. To impress on the church a larger sense of its responsibility and opportunity in the Sunday school. To emphasize the value of the Sunday school as an evangelistic and educational agency. To emphasize temperance teaching and the Importance of pledge - signing, this Sunday being world's temperance Sun - da v - To Impress On Bll the importance OI lining up the Sunday school to help the government in such matters as Bible f'.nand Vo'VonservS thtn Promotion - and .rp""" at'" tnrougn " " t LUa oi.r ,aio Sunday school council and our asso - , To vitalize the Sunday school work j In order to maintain the proper moral! tone among the young people. To Start pans wnereny eacn iwai church and Sunday school may be kept In helpful sympathetic touch with its members who fio to the front in the world war. . ' . To Impress the great truth on the voung that while the war is changing the map of the earth and overturning customs and institutions. God and His Word Jesus Christ and His saving power, man's individual responsibility for Christian living, abide and ever will abide unchanged. The Marion County Sunday School Association Is urging all Sunday schools in the county to fall in line with this great movement. November 11 Is to be observed as "forward step day." and November IS, "join the church day." SOLDIERS' BIBLE CLASS Plans Made to Keep In Touch With Those Transferred. The enrollment of the soldiers Bible classes at Ft. Harrison Is now about 900.; The classes are taught by Pdble class teachers of the city ar.ondlmr generously with men's who i time Some or ine soioiers nate ueen transferred, and they have sent word from Ft. Jay. Camp Sherman. Camp sheihv Kt. Sam Houston. Camp Grant It is ' Camp' Taylor and Ayres, Mass . . . . . . "rieh . thalTthe Midlers thtt ncT - y ... ,.a. - , fter thev have enroUedin tc,a"s3 Jh' j are transfrred - ,KT,Il rl alZ communicate with them n' in Frahce. The fol!owup system eludes keeping In toiich - with the men untU the end of the war . M. C. A. building JNO mroen ai. j Adkinson. Lesns wi.t . uwv u.. - day. Octooer i. in W. P. Reagan; building No, , Thomas , C. Pay. and building No. S. Russel f McFall. ' . The after, meetings. - or meetings di - 1 rectly following the classes, are proving , popular. The Patriotic League will pro - .ninicti! Buildtns No. L Jenette Behrner: No 2. MIm Eloise Palmer; No. $, Mrs. J. L. ells. First Baptist School Report. The annual Sunday school rally was Sunday. October 14. with total attendance oi - r SW. The rrogram con - enrollment. 13; present. m. - iry Ip. - , r.SI. Junior, enrollment, rjo; present' vl; offering, S6.13. Intermediate enrollment. 59; present. ofTering. Senior, enrollment. CT; - present, 35; offering. Adult. enrol!r,ent, - 4M; rr - .ent. 3?: offerln?. t.7i. Home, en - foMment. S"S; present. 4S; - ofTering. The ofTering that agsregated - JiUS The fort cias , , VM"" beld a c dav as follows: ariny i. - - I new tea ing No. 1. H - E. lockey: "V. C A. were Ja NTn 2. M. W . i?underman; . ! ,,o. I'UIIUIUA - .... a .. i . ri. - Crs.nie ron. oeeif ; , (.frrirt!;. Jto.PS. r?egir.ner?. enroilroent. "Mf r present. - 3: offering. S" cent. Fri - W 1 1 U . Un.nt Si - r r - sant Tit - er. ' ( marv. rfu i'i iin v i... - . r - - . . ..... a civen to a war fund to :rlTe cheer the erforit - JTient of Uw mrainst ice. Xo man who u un - 1tr obiiauon or tinder control of the ht'jor ar - 1 vice irtter - ts can be a e i - ayor. we mar cf - pend epor it tKa.t thee - ;eTner.ta el our aocietv are p"ei?tr cax.J:5aTes who taa to eiect tte rrn who wuU la their baef. !e ar oa their r uftrss. It i a " - i ru', to find out. if we can. what candidate cr rarsdLates the underworld want elected zr. - i then vcte for the - Next to judgment foncl t?rri the character of a ca.ndidate. co - .e the jise - nent forrned in Tiew of his party r,ri,t tv.litjr - a! asciatej. No mayor i iikejy to be absolutely independent of Ms party. If r.ts party stands for . rifht thtnir both m Monncea declarations and in practice, then it l credible that the candidate will undertake to redeem hi party pledges. Of General Character. - What we here have said or shall ay is of general character, and t?ot intended to inf'sent'e enialy any one as to his vote. The principles we here state are applicable at ail times and everywhere. If they fit the present ;iuat!on. well ar.d jrood. but we are not responsible for tr.e fit. " are iee - 5y interested in rood E - overnmer.t - We telieve that more than ore candidate la a pood man. Wa eUfcve that the vote o - f pood citizens, other th:nrs heiag equal, should po n the sroKl man most likely to win, " it come to a choice between two otherwise gxxi ien." and comfort to the boys at the front. The school now has thirty - three In service Adult Bible Classes. The ad - Jl Bible classes of the city are arransrlng to support the evangelistic rampaiirn. as arranged by the Indianapolis Church Federation. Special attention will be riven to the" meetings that will be held in Keith's theater, beginning at noon November 5. Pr. George W. Sheiton, of Pittsburg, will be the speaker. Special meetings will be held for men Fridays at noon during Ir. bheltons stay and Saturdays at noon for women. Teachers Training Class. The Seventh Christian Sunday school has organized a teachers training clas of Pfteen members. Mrs. George Kitx - Inir is the teacher. The class is studving the second year's work. 'L.ife of Christ." This school haa four courses In missionary instruction. The elementary department Is studving the "Early Americans." The adult and 'teen age are studying "Heralds of the Cross." 1 The Instruction is given in separate depart menta, and from five to eight minutes is taicen up eacn Sunday morning for this Work before taking up the regular lesson. Each class has separate missionary boxes, in which the offering is made each Sunday. The boxes are opened the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the first Sunday in July. The Thanksgiving offering is used for American missions and the July for foreign missions. K. H. Cummins is the new ttiperintendent. The men's Bible class elected new officers last Sunday, and is preparing for a fall campaign to enlist more men in the Sunday morning class. The following officers were elected: President. Winfleld Stephens: vice - president, Charles R. White, and secretary - treasurer. John N. Cnllum. The cradle roll service was held last Sunday morning, at which time fifty - seven were promoted Into the regular school. Mrs. S. M Moore Is the superintendent of this department. The honor roll will be dedicated tomorrow morning. The honor roll includes fifty - two men from the Sunday school - and church, together with three others, whom the school has adopted. The names of the men will be read off befcre the school and an impressive program will be given. . General Sunday School Notes. . IOdwIn Kay M. E. will hold an every member canvass within the next few weeks. Oakland Christian Sunday school reports six young men now In the military service. The Home Presbyterian Sunday school will hold its annual rally tomorrow morning. - F. M. Bartlett will teach the business men's class of Memorial Presbyterian church tomorrow morning. The Opportunity Bible class of En - git - wood Christian bad an attendance of 201 on October 7. The Rev. A. L. Orcutt la the teacher. Hnglewood stood first In attendance and offering - on October 7. having had an attendance of 692 and an offering of $55.68. Georgre Stilz is superintendent. Changes of suDerln tendenta. Include F. Niedhamer. recently elected suDer - f i r,tiniiint nf flurmnnt Chelation ar ; Carl Koehm, the new superintendent . 0f the First German M. E. Cumberland M. E.' observed an all - day service last Sunday, it being the annl - versary of the new church. Dr. S. H. Cr1(fhton addressed the Sunday cnoot at toe ciose or me session. The Seventh Presbyterian observed I Rallr day last Sunday morning. A ' iiincrimncoua program was given. In eluding special music, readings and a short address by the pastor, the Rev. M. K. Uunden. - AnslI Mathews, of the Memorial Presbyterian school, taught the women's Bible class at St. Mark Lutheran last Sunday morning. Mrs. Ii A. McKee taught the women's Bible class at Me - ridan Heights. Charles N. Lemon taught the men's Bible class at Roberts Park Sunday morning. Miss Estella Montague entertained the second year high school class of the Seventh Christian Sunday school at the home of Mrs. L. F. Hliand. last Wednesday night. A Bible drill was given as a review of the "New Testament which was studied last year. Later the evening was spent in a social time with Bible contests. Last Sunday morning Capitol Avenue M. K. observed rally day. Every class showed an increase In attendance A Christmas tree was a part of the decorations. Miss Catherine Howard and Professor Ralph G. Winslow were the soloists. Fred Hoke and the Rev. Mr. Peek marie ahort ftddmw, A , K A i,. the children marched forward and de - r"lfQ v.iiiisuua E"is ior tne t rench ins K - oou win ciass or the First Evangelical church met Tuesday. October IS. at the home of Mrs. George For the devotion. Mrs. Gieiow a . j the One - hundred - and - forty - ninth Tsaim aiiu . "u " i"jn. i ne evenintr wan t?nt Jn , .tne d Cross. rs - ouraganner was elected president Of the class; Mrs. CWies Kritsch. vice - president; Mrs O. Kigg secretary, and Mrs. E. Katterhenfv' treasurer. M"ern'ri. n 0ctobfr 4 th. m.n. , I ridjan Height. Presbyterian church class sutper and reception to the acher. Harry K. Yockev r',. ld a - ',ass contest to run day evening the class will conduct th. WI,Irir 8crviCea along patriotic HneV xnts class ana church naa contributed nfteen roembers to the armv and has rf ,,eaMd the;r minister for six mortth service in the army camps. ist Sunday afternoon Franklin township held its annual convention anrt election of offlcers at New Bethel BtL , tut rhu rrh Tho fAllvwl. a . were elected: President, Alvin Gordon Acton; vice - president. C. S. HutchinsoaJ Acton; secretary - treasurer, Chester Hittle. Acton: adult. Mrs. C Carnev Indianapolis: secondary, E. J. Gust. Acton; elementary. Mrs. J. M. Clark. Acton; missionary. Mrs. Charles Swall Acton: home department. Miss Mary Clark. Acton: teacher training, the Rev G. C. Mitchell. Wanamaker; temperance J. W. Cortelyou. Acton. 1 The twenty - one schools of the Mar - Ion County Sunday School Association will hold the twenty - first annual convention at the Emmanuel Baptist church. Woodland and Laurel streets tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. , The devotional service win te led by the r Rev. M. E. Runden. pastor of the Seventh Presbyterian church; solos i by Ml?s Constance Amos of the Edwin i .ay - t! - jiiiuicu u?vn vi me Southern Baptist, and Miss Ruth Forbes of the Seventh Presbyterian. Addresses will be made by Herbert M. Glossbrenner on, The Spiritual Life of the .'Teen Aire." and Dr. S. H. Creighton on. "The Need of Missions In tne Sunday School.' Officers will be elected for the ensuing )ear. A g t'r.ited Ftates 5Ik fiatr r!l I1 a w . - kruifudj rcuwi . 1. est rerresentatior. pitei.t. INVENTORIES MUST BE FILED Notice Issued Regarding Storage cf Spirit and Wine. Owners of all public and private warehouses. Including those of rail - roais. wer"e noticed today that they must file on October ;.". a statement of distilled spirits cr wines which remained in storaco October 4. or were placed, la the warehouses since that date. 1 The notices were ent out by Peter J - Kruyer. collector of internal revenue, on receipt of telegraphic advice from department heads at Washington. The statements are In v - entorioa. wiiSch will be used in checking up war tax. Tn iiucuDncinno u HOLD STATE CONGRESS SESSIONS WILL BE HELD IN CHURCH IN INDIANAPOLIS. PROGRAM FOR FOUrf YEARS A state congresa of the United Brethren church will open Tuesday evening, October SO, in the First Cnlted Brethren church in Indianapolis. It will continue through four days. About delegates are expected to be present - Ministers of the denomination la Indiana, district superintendents and elected delegates from every local church will be included. It will be the largest representative gathering of the United Brethren church ever held In the state. Among the rpeakers on the program will be Bishop IL. H. Fout, of Indianapolis: Bishop W. M. Weekly, of West Virginia, and A. T. Howard, foreign m;.ion bishop of the denomination. Bishop Howard will have charge of a special devotional hour at the becin - nine of every session of the congress. - The principal purpose of the congress Is to start a movement and program for the church in Indiana to cover a period of four years. This four years program will include the field of education, evangelism, church extension and other lines of departmental work to which the denomination is to give special attention. An effort wlU be made to put Indiana Central university, at T'niverHty Heights, in better condition, financially and otherwise, to minister to the growing needs of the church. The sessions of the congress will be open to the public. ' To Stimulate Recruiting. T'nder the auspices of the American Rights Society, the Indianapolis executive commutes of the British recruiting mission, the Caledonian Foclety. the Vi'elsl. Society, the Victorian Society nd the Ancient Order of Hibernians will meet Monday evening at the Odeon hall, 10 East North street, to formulate plana to stimulate recruiting for the lirttinh army. Major Oulhrla, of the Canadian army, and Captain A - I - Brown, in charge - of the recruiting in Indianapolis, will speak. of T7l Sign 9f th Goody mar S rvicm Station DmaUr v.. rrrnnnminru Ul ) (((it)!; . r iSTMKE IN COAL MINES TO BE ENDED;AMICABLY MANY LABORERS IN MIDDLE WEST GOING BACK. GARFIELD HEARS REPORTS Fpec - lal to The Indianapolis News WASHINGTON. October 29. Reports received today and. given out by the coal admlr.Lstraticn, indicated that strikes in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and elsewhere that have threatened seriously to a.Tect the coal output of the nation, wiU be settled amicably and without drastic action by the fuel administration. Offsets Small Output. Although the tieups caused by strikes have greatly decreased the output cf coal for the week, it U probable, it was aid, that this decrca. - e will not affect the general situation, since most of the mines affected by tbe strikes were handicapped to a large extent by lack of cars. Other reports received by the fuel administration indicate that the northwest situation, relief of which la given as one of the causes for the preaent temporary shortage in Indiana, has about been taken care of, and that shipment of co.i! to lake ports will cease about the middle of November. This, it is saJd. will release a large quantity of coal for general distribution and from that time on, there will be no specific priority of coal shipments except that certain railroads and certain localities whfch now have shortages will be taken care of nrt. This will be done, however, by the fuel administration end not by a priority shipment order Miners Leaders Help. A statement Issued today by the coal dictator, Harry A. Garfield, declared that officials of the United Mine Work - era of America were doingeverything in their power to induce the strikers in various parts of the country to return to work. That their ef.orts are meeting with suceess was Indicated by telegrams received at noon, 'showing that v large part of the striking miners may return to work on Monday. ' Fuel administration official said today there waa no need for alarm in regard to the coal situation. They said their reports show that there will he enough coal mined In this country to supply the demand. It is expected that an official statement on this subject wil! bo given out within a few days. Boy and Woman Arrested. fSpeciil to Th Indiana poll News NETWCASTLK. Id.. October John Meyers, age sixteen, and Alice Myer, who says she la the boy's mother, have levn placed In Jail lo await an Invejrtlgation. They came In Newcastle lft erk and Uan selling soap abont the city and In the - . trrrtta. If Is said the boy went through trie Vaxwell factory and sold aoap to the employes. The soap. It is alleged, caused soie hands and faces. It Is also reported the boy dlsrespectf ally of the government and soldiers. me Wis NOTICE the new cars this season. You will see that a very large percentage of them are equipped with Goody fear Tires. And it's the same way the country over. At least one - out of every three new cars rolls out of the factory on Goody ears. 1 This in spite of the fact that two hundred manufacturers make tires for' automobiles. The use of Goodyear Tires on new cars far exceeds that of any other brand because car manufacturers are the wisest tire buyers in the world. . They want their cars to give satisfaciion and they, know how important tires are as a factor in car satisfaction. They make complete, expensive tests of all tires and know when they are buying the best. So when you need to replace a tire you are surest of satisfaction if you follow, the experience of the car manufacturers and choose Goody ears. You get free benefit from their expensive tests. Moreover, when you buy Goodyears from us Goodyear Service Station Dealers you get free benefit of an intelligent, painstaking tire service which ensures extraordinary mileage the lat possible nickel's worth of satisfaction. Acme Robber Co.. 857 V. ttlinoia Ht. Anto - equipment (' - . N. Meridian Kt. Harltley - IVonwer Snon C'.. 511 N. Meridian fit. (irr Motor Service. 31 - '. Meridian bt. iH - troit Klectrie !Je t.. Iftth and Meridian 8ts. Doable Tread Tire Co., r . Illinois St. - Usher Automobile - .. '. taoitol Ave. Hall Hardware Co., 1J7 IV. Waahlnrton L llnff - Iinlck ale o.. 4i8 . Meridian t. Irvinglon Carsge, 6'S9 E. VaAhagtoa SU O. IL Laaguaer, 73 W. Thirtieta bU POTTS DIET GOODS CO. JkGu) 2fcrStore &st.l8S3 It's Neither Front - Lace Nor Back - Lace MARVELA.CE vCfOCRUfT RESULTS IN ARRESTS LOGGING CAMP MEN AND LUMBER DEALERS HELD. EMPLOYES ALSO TAKEN John C Miller and his brother, William Miller, who ' conduct a logging camp In a dense woods adjoining the Sellers farm, a few miles eouth of the city, and seventeen others, including two lumber dealers and fifteen log haulers, were arrested by. the po.lce Friday afternoon as a result of a dispute as to the ownership of about eighty rive acres of land on which the Miller camp is aituated. Miller and his brother are charged witn grand larceny, the theft of about worth of timber being specified; Isaac IL Brewer, North Pennsyl vania street, and William Roach. UV East Twenty - fourth street, owners of the Roach & Brewer Lumber Co.. Chase and McCarty streets, are charged with receiving stolen goods, and the fifteen others are held on charges of malicious trespass. Suit Starts Investigation. The arrests resulted from an Investigation started by the city authorities a few months aco aftdr R. a. Hovey aud Franklin McCray. attorneys foT the Millers, had filed a suit in euperlor court sCa aai VafJS aa a TTD v 'isr - j i r m DISPUTE OVER LAND we i&wyewQ that liave come Into town F."1 - , HV".dwf JIM K - vTa.hlsgtoa t, MaddeConple Co., In - ., x . North ht. Maple Road .iri.f, 88th St. and College At.. ?Wt. B,coJr.iD h st. and t apitol Are, llm Tire bervice. 4 IS R. Meridian bt. - Keavan Aitte o 414 . Capitol Ave. iTl, ."J ' 7opth t. and f ap'tol Arc Ihirtietb Mreet Oarace, 2 y. Thirtieth et. anl.t Auto Cio., . Alabama St, JooeUhitaker bales Co, SIS . tapitol Ae. Goodyear Tires, Heavy Tourist Tubes and' T?re Saver" Accessories are easy to get frctn Goodyear Service Station Dealers everywhere. 1 The Nemo Marvelace Corset is adjusted by a radically new method a short laeinp; in the sidefront. There are three models for various types of fijrure, from medium - slender to distinctly stout. Each has the latest form of the famous Wonderlift bandlet All at $6.00 You will enjoy studying: this remarkable new corset, which our Nemo experts will be glad to show you. Second floor. The New York Sto - e. J to quiet the title ,f the land on whi - h the Miilers live. The suit was bro ;.ht against the city o', Indianapolis, and th Indiana Reduction Company. w h it boliis a lease on the Una, was tuirood as a riefendunt. i Miller and his brother allege that thr have lived on the land for tie lat thirty - live years: that they have built houses n it and Improved it. but never received a title to It. They contend. In view of these thincs, that the Uni rightfully belongs to t Seek to Stop Cutting. The arrests were made with a view of preventing the Millers from removing any more Umber from the land. According to the police the city authorities a.ert that the city haa a clear title to the land, and that several thousand Uotlars" worth of lumber has been tken from it tn the laM few montts. The lumber, the police fay. was iold by the Millars to the Roach Brewer Lumber Company. ' Sharp Replyo Exemption Plea. WASHINGTON. IVtober np - o!utinn. adapted recently by lh California Krult K.xchne, aettir.g forth that tb farmers are li a nuk - awed by hortas of lubor and pro - posir national movement ! eonvinra prenlvipnt Wtln ot the mv - mjIiv v( e - empiliur farmers sa a - las from the anny t'raft, have drawn a Nrp feply from t!.. food ndtnlniel r t ton wi!r - h declare that Hi oull.vok for nufficlent arm l:itxr in California. l aood. ixuntinic out that the prwi'i hau.lled by the frutt exchange i not erni!l war food anil slsnlMcantly etiititeattng ttiat It would ba Interesting to know the origin - of th resolution!". Qualification. f raiTur l - how Master What! Forgot fen our pan. - il a rain? What would uu think of a who went to war without a nun? Tommy I'd think he was an officer, elr. If

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