The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1953
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 27, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (AttK.) COURIER PAGE FIVE RECORD SHOP By RICHARD KLEINER, NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — The singer, Cathy Ryan, Is a .live ringer for Miss Starr, and Mercury's Rusty Draper, a star in his own . - - . successful invasion of popular mu-i right, is sounding more and more iie, by classical musicians, espe-llike Pi-ankle every record . . . Co- Arizona Officers Break Up Village Dedicated to Practice of Polygamy By JAMKS OAKY SHORT CREEK, Ariz. (AP) — Tlio multiple families of polygamous Short Creek were , . SD )ji asunder today by the wrath of Arizona. ' ' „„ , , ... WlUlll Ul /\l 1/.L/1UI. . JUT 1 „..,..... — •-, • • - - | "The'slate"hurled a united task force of 102 officers al the hllle settlement before ™vL s Sie4riS Kstenlay and took into cuslory 33 men, 50 women and 260 children. ;rt Merrill, the handsome Met bar-1 the size of the average living room, ;rt Merrill, the handsome Met bar- the size 01 me average living room, i-urnc-hed a sum-erne effort tone who is about to do a little Uoensineers can hear how records I' "'S ?er ^eTrooted SffS^SS^i^'-^j^,^^ - >—v «. — » -- -''V^r^oT «v Tut- m Accir-c. R^ m i» w *n« colony of po*vqanusts that lias op- . ( . . Mtwllln((ftri ftf "whit* siavns n.;ued, . . , We iegar<l the ireporiec i-eiiortinR on the raid, charged that proof of Riiil- those who have been virtinf nf his own Deing maae win sounci at nome. '• ; - ,.,,.,, „„ ' Mcr?m?Ws he's readv to record I ON THK CLASSICS: Remington colony of polvqanusts that lias op- (( , production of .. white . s iavrs .ueuui su>b nL t> Ji-'tuj' u jLLwiu, ,__,. , e „,.,,;— fo-.jir-ri nonr ihf> Utah border for ..-,._ ' „ ,..:,, , i—„„ rt r rtt .nn.-,inrr ;ome'poplar songsrS hVn^ »™ <" e ^ah bo « lc '- for are the son<>s • which it calls "Musirama." It's a 20 years. IdcRi-ailinK slavery from ""••• -• • •---•- ! GOV. Howard Pyle called the cult mcnt of their birth foulesi conspiracy you 1J "A singer with a classical back-] ground," he says, "has to be more j fateful in selecting a pop song to j "ecord than a pop singer. The song • has to fit the voice. I wish I'd dis- • covered -I BeUaVc'." I When that major delail is ironed; out. Merrill hopes lo join such asl Patrice Munsel. Jan Peerce, Nelson Eddy and Mario Lanza in producing hit pops. "People today aren't afraid of] classical singers." Merrill says. I "They've seen them in the movies and on television. That's why anj opera star nowadays can hope to | make a popular record that will I sell." 1 It's easier to make a pop record, which may take an hour or so to wax than operas. Most of the operas take a week to record. Merrill explains that the longest part is spent in "balancing" — setting the orchestra and the different voices' at just the right distances from the mikes. "Some voices are stronger than others," he says, "so the singers are. usually at varied lengths from the mike. Not mentioning any names, but there are some who sneak up.over their chalk-marks, so they'll sound bigger on the record. The control room usually itatches that, though." u Which makes it attempted oral scene-stealing. THE POPULAR SIDE: If imitation, as they say, is the sincercst j form of flattery. Kay Starr and' Frantic Laine should feel mighty flattered these days. MOM'S new nJEATING~ equipment ROUND-UP SALE! $ 40 $ 30 $ 20 TRADE-IN TRADE-IN TRADE-IN on your old healing opplianc* with purchase of automatic NEW FLOOR FURNACE or GAS WALL HEATER {LIMITED TIME) DOWN PAYMENT months to pay Halseli & White Furniture Company 113 S. Division Phone 6096 -DICK'S PICKS- \v? vesard the reported who are without hope of escapins', P™«cd'.™. ™ ""^ cn '. l " 1 J,.^ h : the mo-; in the province of the civil autnor- ilies." POP SINGLES: "My Love. frly Love" and "You're Fooling Someone" (Joni James, MOM); "Lighthouse" (Rusty Draper, Mercury); "40 Cups of Coffee" (Ella Mae Morse, Cnpitol); "Sittin' In the Sun" (Prankie Laine, Columbia*: "Volcano" (Lola Ameche, Mercury'; "All I Wantls a Chance" (Al Martino, Capitol); "Gaviotta" (Percy Pailh, Columbia); "My One and Only Love" (Wally Scott, MDMi; "A Fool Was I" (Nat "King" Cole, Capitol). POP ALBUMS'. "Erroll Garner Plays for Dancing" in a new Columbia album, and if you can dance to it, you're good. But it's fine piano . . . Turk Murphy dishes out some real "Barrelhouse Jazz" on Columbia. The album, actually recorded on the bandstand. Is vital and exciting. CLASSICAL: The sound track of the movie, "Julius Caesar." brings Caesar, Cassius, Brutus, et al, into the home on an MGM album. John Giclgud, James Mason, Marlon Brando, Louis Calhern, Greet Garson and Deborah Kerr are some of the actors, and the men come off far better than the ladies. It's a nice way of getting your Shakespeare. could I In Salt L?ke Cily. Utah. ' the possibly imagine." He said girls of church of .Jesus Christ of Later- I ir.mvtduais wmcn nave mM-n i v..>ic. --a down ol these pifilalled j brought to our attention have been uvre permuted to remain m were arrested along with i promptly dealt with by our ccclesi-; homes, their needs provided * - • ~ ~ - 1 ! ' al tribunals, and thai upon! state. combination of new studio techniques and a special condenser- type mike, and the result is sup- uncier 15 years of a<;e were forced into marriages with men of all ages. Half the older males of the Short Creek p-itriarchs. The adults were charged with nearly a dozen different offenses, including sUuulory rape, bigamj open and nt torions cohabitation contributing tc the delinquency of minors, and marrying the spouse of another. Two men were accused of having -ix wives, two of having five, one of having four, and numerous others with having two or three. Four of the wives reportedly were only 13 years old, two were 14 and two 15. Biff Operation The raid—largest police action in the state's history—was launched at 4:02 a. m. as the moon hid itself in an ellipse As police cars moved in with ?irens screaming, a signal light flashed from a hillside. Three explosions—likewise warning signals —ripped through the darkness. Despite all of the secrecy of the 26-month investigation, ihe colon- isr.? had learned the raid was coming. Officers, knocking on doors, funnel only women and children in Ihe houses. In the grey light of The arrested men were hustled off to jail nt the County seat. King- day Saints (Mormon) said that "all: nun, 400 miles distant. Some of InlVaciions ol the moral cone by j the women were to be jailedloo | individuals which have boon Other .mothers and their children ">e ' by me Tobey's Acts Living On WASHINGTON Ifl — Even after death, Sen. Charles W. Tobey struck a blow'for his lifetime cam- pnllin against the nation's underworld. A Senate commerce subcommittee report made public Saturday niRht declared U. S. waterfronts are plagued by a mixture of corruption and communism. It termed New York docks the "foulest" of them all, and called for the removal of Joseph P. Ryan as .head of (he International Longshoremen's Association. Tobey. New Hampshire Republican who had signed the repori us subcommittee chairman, died Friday. Twenty-live million acres of American soil now are under irrigation.* served by canals that would stretch five and one halt times around the earth. The fed,,, eral government alone has invest- ,ide of Stone Mountain led two billion dollars in irrigation Death Stalks Stone Mountain ATLANTA 1*1—A man trapped on the sleep side ot Stone Mountain disappeared in the darkness last night a lew minutes after crying, "1 can't hold on much longer," police reported. A. rescue party was organized and searched for the man but found no truce of him. The group planned to renew the search today. Stone Mountain police said the man. waving a white shirt and calling for help, was first seen about 8 p. m. halfway up the almost sheer wall of the 1,100-foot mountain of granite. The Sangdong mine, near Yong- \vol, South Korea, is one of the most important tungsten deposits in the world posed to ^e "especially clear and tne dawn - lne y s »° Ued a lar * e con deep . . . More companies follow- i 5- p gation of men and some women . . . ing Columbia's lead of re-recording old classics, to take advantage of the better sounds produced by modern methods. Sleeping Giant Claims Victim rocks below. Less than three months ago a Princeton student, John K. Ewing, 18, of Benvyn, Pa., died on a Sleeping Giant cliff when a falling rock hit his head. n school. standing near ihe village , The American flag had been hoisted overhead Suddenly the people burst into song. It wns "America." Then they sang hymns Leroy Johnson, 65, a purported leader of the cult, spoke for the colony. "We have done no wrong," he asserted. "We practice our re- lijion accoi"ling to our beliefs. We believe in the original tenets of the Mormon Church "The women don't have to marry if (hey don'l. want to. I defy anyone to prove that any girl was ever forced into a manage." But a sobbing 17-year-old girl RED TERROR The eyes of six-year-old Eva Kapus reflect the terror of the story being told by her father, Dr. Gcza Kapus, after His escape from Communist Hungary to Vienna. A lawyer, he had been deported to a small village. Then secret police held him responsible for all minor violations happening there. Determined to escape, he and his family fled across the barb-wired Austro-Hungarian border. He and his daughter made it, but his wife was critically injured by a border guard's hand grenade. HAMDEN, Conn. Ml — Hamden's Sleeping Giant has claimed its second life this year. The Sleeping Giant, a range of hills with a contour resembling a prone human form, has many cliffs to lure the adventurous, Saturday afternoon 16-year-old Thomas, Beck of Bridgeport undertook to climb to the "Giant's i told offu;eic.. Head." starting his ascent from "I was told I had to marry a the floor of an abandoned trap| 70 -> ear - ol d '"an. I told them they]' 11 •ock quarry- When within 20 feet 1 could kill me first. They finally of the top of the 200-foot cliff, the gave me a second choice of marry- boy slipped, plummeting to the •«••? a 45-year-old man. It was so Stabbing Brings Fine, Jail Term hopeless, I gave up. I was fourth \vife." Gov. Pyle, in n radio address Read Courier News Classified Ads. In Municipal Court, Saturday Zack Mays. Negro, was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon in the .stabbing of O. B. Baker after an argument July 18- Mays was fined $100 and costs ;iven a 30-day jail sentence. ...j case of Robert Smith charged with driving while intoxicated. was continued again until Aug. 18 after agreement by counsel. Quick Relief for HEADACHE NEURALGIA Test STANBACK yourself . . . tablets or powders , , . against any preparation you've ever used. FIRE AUTOMOTIVE, LIABILITY INSURANCE LEt US INSURE YOUR HOME, FURNITURE OR AUTOMOBILE WE INSURE LONG-HAUL TRUCKS and TAXIS LONNIE BOYDSTON Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3331 Office in Martin's Mens Store ii'ojects. msm Do All The Baby's laundry! Maket boby'i (lolh.s IOOK <l«an . . . IMEtl dean . . . FEEL fluBy-drf! Hubbard & Son Furniture Waiting Nixon Says Things Are Better WASHINGTON Wl — Vice President Nixon says the Eisenhower administration's biggest accomplishment has been "restoring public confidence in Ihe integrity, loyalty and efficiency of the nation's public servants." In an interview. Nixon said vc c - tcrday he interpreted last year's election returns as symptomatic of a feeling among voters that personal considerations were Interfering with major policy decisions. He said the people are now regaining confidence in their leaders. I By way of example, he said many j who disagree with Secretary of Ag- i riculture Benson and Secretary of j the Treasury Humphrey still re- i gard them as able, patriotic men. [ Seven thousand pounds of steel products may go into construction and equipment of a six - room house. For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. VETCH New crop vetch seed now being sold by Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 West Main, Blytheville, Ark. Check our competitive prices before you buy. Phone 6856-6857 LAY THE CORNERSTONE.., to your dream home now by opening a savings account at your Farmers Bank. You'll he surprised al how fast your savings grow when you deposit a certain amount each week. It's a sure way of realizing your home for tomorrow. 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