The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 13, 1940 · Page 12
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 12

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1940
Page 12
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THF WINNIPEG TRIBUNE THURSDAY, JUNE 13. 1940 PACE 12 "It wa.s ill is - th... siiiimt. - its'! - as i jiiu'il Known ;). I other in ntii.thei lilf Hint had nu t aiiain - as I! youri heen ; iok in c l"i e. - u - h other haii fi'tlllii earh other. 1 thP wrens nth :. K.!'n. h. - ti trail to t 'i . you on Ii.nid ju. - t h. . ause he's ru h mill pnmiirteni Iiain't arnlhin ever emu1 of you - an 1 Me.l ?" Slip couldn't answer at onre Then she said. "Yes, . un til. ns - iin - nil of it. Hat it's over . It w as a ; on nn part, nothing on his Ji.. ,!! nark to . - snath Anii - i a a " And ln'imw to speak of him M.nt - I I hp dui I arhe of , ai:airi. she .nt to IN - clot hc !..!. ' , .:; m.i. W'nat a: e ;mi w fai Mils alter noon III i I ti m k ol w liat Till Komi; to 'Hi io. tolll - hfiv wear. Hi ! hi ah Miiaid. fin. I Id tr ml. lt.ii Woton. i s e :n to no i.e - t man. callod ) :n i;it n.tht." 1pp lauj. hi'.l " To t nk that ail my lift' 1 p. aimed my v oM.n 1 1 i ami when it comes, I t, r.. - .v 1 ri . ii - pe'l - mei; into a ta; (.:.d ride off to an unknown rtest; - i, ition! I'.ut it's better this way. l i so much more exciting." It was after K.ien had said to Yi.k, "Vii don't want to pi tins nitei noon to see tln - m mained, 1 k !!,. ion can park your clothes pnd pi to a movie w hile I'm pun1." t iat jh called David at his home n!,d found him in. "I'm soi ry hut I won t he aha - 1 1 to to the t In a! ! . w :lh mi toil ..hi," She to d him. "Voll see load and Dep are t inc married t .d:i and I'm poiu to lown with ',eK." "Married" S; I d' U'a:' n n - inde. K - I., t tiif hnie s.ime - I'littB out. Yo;,'ie ..intf to lown Inlay. I'll ill ne up owi the week - pi d and hi ,ni; you ha. k. We'd take in some now and mht duns. I 'oes that sound as pid to you as It dops to me?' "It sounds like fun." KdVn said. She ijap h.m Kill's audi ess. "It ! 1 he Saturday annul five In thp afteinoon. I think." he said IN a parsonage living - room at thii k that atternoott. !'. ;ni and Iiee wpip married. Dee w re a hhie dress heneath her i - iiiifi i:u Ket and the sunlight cm, n,: through the window seemed to set her vivid hair attame. AM ; Too much CHOCOLATE CAKE I Childrtn oHan ot loo much of tempting foodi and thn tuffr ogoniting ttomoch point. Whan thti happens to your child don't "dot" ft with harsh purgatives and omttics, Inttoad hlp nature right tho condition by administering Mocloan Brand Stomoch Powder the ' pure, safe, mild, NON - 'Nf p - i nABll - rORmlNv pros - M J0 cription used by leading & m 1 y, hospitals for prompt C V - . sy relief from stomach point caused by errors In diet. loo lot Stgnatun S3) HOW CORNS! Quicker Relief Than Before Easier Removal c - c... TV. s; KrtlC 7.nn.riiiil now, inanKi in inr nrw juifi - .'o you nerd nrvCT ufter from corm fir tvn rn - oy quichrr rflicl, stop lli( irii - oim inn iiin'nc e l - RKK of cotm. mirf torn, bluten 1 h noolhmn, cunhioning, fl iHy pit 61(1 "a (! thn brfort Don t Cumt oR in the Kith. Scpratr Mnfiraliofumi nmco imiiwunT miiui curm or cillinun tint hut trine rricr i.r Snr l.if torn, callouttt. Duniom, Corns between f Get hoi today At all DruE. bhiie, Uept atom lid ToilclGaxU Counter. IB IjaW1!1!..'"'; wa. ! evept foi the voice of iln i ioi l man. s,cakinn solemnly an 0 . Tin' o., ".ids Wine tlemulou? on t he shou di ! "f h.'.ien's t.nloi pd oiown suit, wli.ih had open new iast sjirinn, and heneath the brimj ot the t irli - i'ruuiii'd brown felt Mat her i la t K eyes expressed the tleey emotion she fe t. The marriage! ciremotiv llevet faded to touch deep chord, in her ami rarely j laded to hnr mist to her ryes. I "Ned and I." she thought, "wpre so i lo.e to this xi ciop and now I so far awa ." ; It vas no r Handclasps. Kisses ' Hi. e peited nt them as they ran Iloill the p. il .onup. to th.p little coupe hurdened with haap1'. Dee.. wa;np throwing a Kiss to Kden. . . . The car mmnl down the quiet t;e't wheie the sin was shining thioluh the tlpes. The 'ast Kdell aw of them their heads wpre closp topdher. ... Comini; hnmp Mrs C a r v p r wear lit; her host black fit .. sank wearily in her f.nonte chair. FMen took off thp orchids, pullid off her hat. and went to place fresh Iocs on thp tirp. "It's likp losing my own chill, Dee." Mis. t"arer said. "Hut I have somponp for her room rdrea You know Mrs Heps - e Hi' - n?" Eden knew. She .a.sor.e of her mother's oldest and dciiest Irietids "W;; snip husband dud and her daughter maiT ed and wpnt aAai to l;e lis I'.epse. Coa has been livins in n smad npart - ment he keeps askinc me if I ar.'l j:e her a Sues hke mp I .'.oiiidn't live wild m son - in la a eitliPi " Turnini: away from thp tirpplnce. K ien said soberiy. "Would you likp me to marry David, mother?" Mrs. Carvpr thnupht a mompnt "Why I don't know. WliPn urn - pt oldpr. Kden. nu get ptaclicHl. I think he's a fine nunc man. Mothers think mote nhout spcurdy than rorr.ancp. Thats wroni;. I P1P - S " She held up a small hand louch from housework. "But I won't interfete with you. I'll stick to that. I ran off with your father and never regretted it But if you marry David, I won't live with you I'm going t1 stay right here in my own home. I'd he lost without m own kitchen, my own things" She st 'pped aluuptly and h owned at Kden "Why I believe yoii'tp thinking of marning him!" Passing her. Kden put her hand on her shoulder "I don't know." "If you want my hrne. - t opinion. I don't th nk you could do better " Mie smiled. "The fact is, Kden. I've pen hoping you would. Of all the oung men who've come to see you. I think David hes - t You wouldn't hap to s. tub and wash dishes and count pennies as I've had to io " Tenderly she looked it Kder, "But ou suit yourself I did. That's one of the things I IipIipvp in Mothets make plans - and have hopps but all thev ren!'. want is 'or their rhildrpn to be happy" I,' DEN and Vicky left on a 5 I o'i lo k train. At a quarter io 9 thev i - a me out of thp s'at'on i il. 1 took a taxi to Kay's apartment Wealing a .smart black dress her dark hail s'eek and sluut. Ka opened thp door and ro.dpa nr laughter in her amis "Vicky, flailing' How you've i'lown! Yes you have! Kden, I - - - hvr the in I Vou iuc uwi 0uu A "BAY CIRCULAR delivered to your home TODAY FOR SYid.av aJBiircSav MM; Mlh mill I .IHi Riijht on the stroke of 9 a.m. Friday every department of the "Bay" will be ready to serve you with timely bargains in Summer merchandise - as advertised in this 10 - page circular. It will pay you to read every page, check your needs, and plan to visit the "Bay" bright and early Friday. If by chance you have not received your circular before 6 p.m., please phone 28 551. After 6 p.m. phone 22 618 and one will be delivered promptly. FRIDAY STORt HOURS 9 , m. to S 30 p m D,.,l 3 - 2 - 2 svnt you a schoolgirl and you bring me a woman!'' Still folding the frail little tiguie in her arms Kay looked oi er her head at Kden and nodded knowingly. Her brown eys seemed lo say "I'll never tell her that y mr tce - gram explainer! everything. Perhaps she won't want me to know that it was because Hrad mait.ed Dep that s!ip decided lo come Ano if she wants me to know .she fa in her tests at si nool, ( .: !!. me. I won't ask r."i A.i 1 cm about is that n.y l.ti'.e g:r! :.iio I are together again." The apaitnient wa.s small but it was furnished with Kay's usual good taste. Thine was a hue divan, seveial uecp s. a blue rug. and white lamps . . . Alter a late dinner at a small restaurant low n tne s! I i et the apaitment daughter set sn blue divan. "I'm in he k ' iob is pel lei t v . t (lev 1 etui I'.e. and mot belle nv on th K.i i d. "M . w or.,e: i ul and nn iiojss and his wit have lust about adopted hand. sh at her. you. too. me! ' Taking Vicky s heid it lii inly and smiled 'They re ah set to adopt flailing. Thev ve tievei had any chi'dien of their own an; weve talked hours about you. In the fall you're go. tig to school, a private school, and noxt summer my work will probably take me to Kutope and you ie going with me. Then you're givng to collegp." She lookod at Kden. "It seems almost too good to be tuiP after the stiUL'glP we have had. People here have bppn most kind." K en looked at the y aunt vou nun. gla "Vicky came0' The nipi e'y thanks k eyes lighted. nodded and said, to vou Kden" Hut knew . - he me;, tit. "Yes. I'm I d:in't noil iv a man who ie. n e I d have missed a'l f I h.i I. A priv ale Pool, a mer in Kuiope co'lege. . . n.e - t lo's of Inc. Kay hft f"i' her patly the next morning Kden prepared bienkf.i. - t in the tiny white kitchen an i she and Vicky sat at the tahip by the window and ate Then Kden said, "If I were to tell you I may marry David, what would you say. Vicky?" The dark eyps searched her face. "I won't IpI you marry him!" (To ha rnntln'iwl l Young - Simpson Bridal Held In St. Matthew's The marriage of Josephine Dons, twin daughter of Mrs. Beatricj Sim;. son, to Mr. Harvey Fletcher Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Young. Rpgina, was solomnied in St. Matthews Anglican church. June st, at :t p.m. Rev. G. R. Calvert lead the mariiage lims. Ilaskels of peonies were mixed with palms and ferns to deem ate the aitar. whuh was flanked in cathedral candles. Miss Mabel Card sung O Perfect I.ove during the signing of the register. She was annmpanied by Mr. Fred Walker. Mr. Roger Young, the bridegroom's rousin was best m in. Thp ushers were Messrs. Mind; Magnusson and Arthur Puccini. (iiven in marriage by hei brother. Mr. Walter Simpson, the biide woie a dove rose chiffon piincess uown over tafleta. the Ihi'Iicp gathered at thp high wai. - t - iine. The shoulder straps wire caught with clips. Her matching Ix.lero foal in ed tjny pin tucks and short puffed sjj'evos. Johanna Hill roses held her dove shoulder - length veil In place Her Mowers were Johanna Hill roses and lily of thp valley. The In idesmaid. Miss Patricia Pi .wne. wore a tm - iioie blue sheer with a swef - thiart neckline The matching taffeta iacket - howed a scalloped edging. A tur - tafleta turban and a boii - i ui'l of T.i sman loses completed her tod. He. A family oiniur was held at Moole'S. Folio,', inc a short motor trip Mr. and Mi - . Young will live :H suite 1 1. Cadillac apts. The bride's going - away costuiti" was blue pr.nted si'k w ith a n ivy - top coat and cor. - age of whde roses. The bride's mother, Mrs. Simpson, chose a black and white wered crepe with a hi ief l.n k.'t. She had pink roses as a mrsag" The mother of the bridegroom. Mrs. Young, chose a beige cr"pe suit with a whte hat She had dpep ted roses as a corsage. ft EM chiiiimiiii vmif ffn'M mwmm m" m iw ' f r'i , - 4 w . Wi if vi' m y ; j ilk fesi KOVAI. KKKKJKKS t i r .pi v ,i i i ill - i it i i . Juliana of 1 ho Ni'thtM - latuts. hoKlinjr her baliy daughter, I'llllcf. - ss llflie. wliile till1 I Mitch lllini.ster In (."itnada, F. K. II. C.roenman. lmKIs her ether chilli. Prim - ess Ileatrix, was taken at Halifax a the ro.' al parly hoaifled a train fur the seilusimi (and safety) of a toJWfcj6.f.w r.j She ?rv3 A ,. . . I H't lion I ISI ' V ' "' I this " - I i - fj i lMiftLuQVERIlEHT W J A r15oooo Bags lol Flour ' n 11 1 III Y fin i lu.nnitiitri! - M1 m i Mil uofi mn nm nth - - - . - a.i - iar CWt1j - If CANADA ' H .Manitoba's mil (ONTKHU TioN Donations hy Manitolians to the Red Cross and other agencies to aid in the present war eilort recall the first contribution made by the proince in the Great War. Above is a picture of a, Hour sack, one of 5(1,000 filled with Hour made from .Mani - toba hard wheat and shipped to (ireat P.ritain for the u - e . p 1. . 1.. 1..1 Tl, ; I't ,.... .,,,, ,.ii i..,.. I sg ,1 I OI lilt l!I!'etl(ll vi'VIIIIIIItlll, l.", 11)11. when $.1.(1(10 also was jien to the I'.elj;ian Ke ieb fund. The Hour cost the province . 11.1.271, with three large n i i 1 1 i ti jj companies and six .small mills doinjr th - H rind in;r. ; Ceremony In Chicago 1 Unites Peggy Pullen And John M Birt Of Winnipeg The mai i lag. - ol Peggy daughtpi Fiai.k and Hugh Brown, of 1)p - of Mr. and Mis. A. Chi tnul. cousins ol the bride (ago, to Mr. John Muiiav Hut. The i. - cept.on was held in the son of Mr. and Mis. T. D. Hut. wa.s sbeny hotel. Chicago. Mr. and soo - mii.zed Sru'day altiiiiooii ul M , J',,, : i . ft for the is. - oii. - .n I o'clock m St. Pauls Kp.M.'pdl liei.sand Deliod Lakes. They wi.l church, Hyde Paik. Chicago. I'.ev. lw. ,n Winnipeg. Hellas officia'ed. Clusters of wh.te ti,,, ,,,,,),, t,ilve,ed in a blue red - peonies wcie arranged oil th' ait in m ,. with p.ctuie hat of while The of tin chu:. ii ay - slia.v. ed the Di.sden Amen w nn Chimes , - . pullen tin - i.iiues moinei. (lining the signing of the legl.stel. Wole a oe. II olue j, wll Willi model The, who wa, g, vc m mar - ' ", ;,h w'l diapp.y. .I"h,nin.i r :n. - e h her In' h. - i , v ; l,,te ee.ih.ri cmn With tlUe.l larkt - t shnuinL - , - i hiL'h rieekime. H - i 'rhapel ve,! w a.s hel.l Hi a hahi !f ulu: - s'.'i'hiiii' - t.v She - ,n.. - .r i i i ! v - of the vailev, siephiinutis ami .. . ... .. , , , . . nf w as aneruiin n nt r sisiei . M Veia I'lil . n. who nii. a till! n if P'lA'i. 1 hlle 'ette u it n til le.l ja. - k. t. She h i, I a iiamleaii of ruses - in ln - r h.i.r an I i an led a Imuitnel nf Johanna Uii' Mr. R H T - irniei nr. :,. r,f the hi .de'i norii, mis he. - t iii - in. an.l the Usher s ttel e Mr. At thill I'llllen. hrnther of the liride. an.l M. - Evelyn Wereny Weds At Sister's Home I Tile ni.iiti.iL'e nf Kvi'lvn. ilaueh - itet uf Mi. ami Mrs. I . Vnn. nt I'.i :,ir I'm. it. t.i Mi Kreilei n k I.P'hn l'ruilet. - ..n .it Mr. an.l Mis !.I V. I'l.iit.r. (,f Kul - irvt. was J siii, ninie.l the i'etiine nt June N. !at the honn of the titiile's si. - ter. Mis A Km ntsk 1 . 2Yi I'u. - hi a'.e. W.nnip (.' I' II y M - Culi. - ih nflTiateil I i; en m niarriai; hv her father the In uli" wire a jaek' t tmi n nf ,(!'! satin, the hniliic featlllel i - ii. is nf shiirnv and ti sMeeihe.rt tie. Ishrip. a h.h wa. - t hii.' marked ! he lull skil t Hit rtlapl - l ell w as la !il h a eui'iriet ol orini;.' tiins - i.ras Stie rarncil a botiijuet (.1 i S .m i t h. it t ruses. I Kur tr.iM - iiiii; the hrnle chu.sp a rioik (if i;rey u.kiI flannel silh Inner i iai kit teat in iny wire ami Link iln is Il.'i hat wi a wine . - :t mi.ile! I The hi ile'S llliil ilel win ,' .1.11 k l.nniii sh. - ei with ei.r.s.ije of re.l M - nn I M nt Ihe ill'l. I'l... let Will Ii'sllie This of Princes: slimmer resort near Ottawa. j '.l4ri v. f M . ' I lie gill mis iiiiinuiin ru oi n. I I i ' 1 lo - es lorriieil nil llll.sui . Mrs. It H. laniier. aunt of 'h - h,M. - ,,,i. vine a I print. I '' - ' P'" '"' " '""" - ''' Sh" " 'l 1 '"' - Mi. I.. S. Ili'iiris, an.ilhet mini "ft he In 11 ;iiiiiiii. wore a n.iw i'i:seriiiili. with .small navy draw hat anil i'nisa'. nf Ta! tn.'s. P'i i TO I THE SAFER BATHROOM ngagements It. and Mrs II. C. Prior. I'm - the engagenu nt oi their only I laughter, ,e;in MaignrH. to Dr. Itiian Desmond Best son of Doe - i tor and Mrs. K. M. Host, of Kil - ' larney. Man. The wedding will lake place the end of June. i Mr. and Mrs. R. Armour announce the engagement of their second daughter. Jean, to Mr Aubrey Wadon, only son of Mr and Mrs. O. Walton. The wedding will take place early in July. Mr. and Mis. A Scott aunoun;" thp engagpiin nt of then daughter. Kllen Catherine, to Mr. Harry M iirose. son of Mr. and Mrs. H K The wedding will take place June 22 in Kildonan I'nited chun h Mr and Mrs. Thomas Clarke, of Koscisle. Man., announce the en - giigeiupiiL oi ineii eniesi oaugiiiei, N,.nje .,. f) Mr A11)l.rt .tenner. Jr., eldest son of Mr. and J,,""e'' - uf 1 he wedding will take place June i; at Roseisie. Man. Mr and Mrs. Thomas Humphreys, of Alexander, announce the engagement of their only daughter, Amy Klizabeth. to Mr. Frank Haig Tyrwhitt Burton, second son of the late Mr. Frnnk Hurton and Mrs. Hurton, of Portage la Prairie. The wedding will take place early in July. Mr and Mrs. J. Healing announce thp engagement ot their eldest daughter. Gladys Louise, to Mr. John Philip lluyne. son of . Hay tie and the lale Mr P lluyne The wedding will take place June 15 Mr. and Mrs. S. B. P.etsworth announce I hp engagement of their younger daughter. Dorothy Hazel, to Mr. John Williamson Smith, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. James Smith. The marriage will ke place July ti. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bailey announce the engagement ol their eldest (laughter. Thelma, to Mr. George Mathieson, son ol Mrs Mathipsiin and Hip la'. Mr. Join I Malhiesoii. The marriage will lake place June 2L'. The engagement Is announced ! of t.ydia Hughes, young - st dnugh - r of the late Mr and Mrs. John Hughes, to Mr. Lesl.e H. Utiles only son of Mr. and Mrs. N. I.. St lies. The will take place at 7 p.m. in Home Stre"l t'loied church. June L'.i Mr. and Mrs. J. Jons nnnotinci thp engagement of their on y daughter. Anne Theresa, to Mr Venz Smith, only son of Mrs. and the late Mr. L. Smith. The wedding will take place June 2'. in St Joseph's Catholic church. i ii r - i ti l vera rv. oaroo vveos Sigward Anderson a wedding was solomnied at st ovSV Madeline, eldest daughter of Mi '" - ' c - 11 s"rt" - M . i. a v r f STAKES ME IT'S A BLACK CAT! T 7 - 1 You can't miss brinf; it nick hv Blnrk Cat 's tint aroma . . ' '.c ciard ic hat u - ra only pi r., luiadultcrai cti Vir - Rinia tobacco. And what s morr - tfcey taste 6tt&tf PLAINJ0R CORK TIP Black Cat VIRGINIA CIGARETTES FLEECY SOFT PUREX ' became the bride of Mr. Sigward wore a black suit with a enrsagf 1 Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. ' Talisman roses ar.d fern, i K. AndfTMin. of Great Kall.s. Man. ; Mr. Carl Andpison, of Croat llev P. T. Pilkey off iciale,!. ! Falls, was best man. The bride, attended by her .is - Mr and Mrs. Anderson will re - ler. M iss Irene Sarbo, of Winnipeg, side at (.'rent Kails. iff. i fiA US E THAT REFRESHES THE COCA - COLA COMPANY OF CANADA, LTD. You're all set for your holidays but, before you pack up and go, make sure your Tribune will follow you every day, bringing you all the news from home and abroad. The Tribune doesn't take a vacation but it will be glad to go with you on yours by mail or carrier, anywhere you go. Make sure you keep up with the news while you're on holiday. See Your TRIBUNE Carrier OR Call 24 331 Ask For Circulation Q, Only "Coca - Cola gives you that happy after - sense of complete refreshment. That's why millions enjoy it every day. It had to be good to get where it is. So, get a "Coca - Cola," and get the feel of refreshment. TISSUE T - '." s,.. ,1.' i. 'e nf V.. - tut 1. . N L 1 i 1.(1 B A. u il in. . '1 tl." hum" i I Mis K. Th. .in,. ') I.! I :. I h ;:ir aic l - 'i ida j . nt fc - r

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