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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1940 PAGE 2 THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE SAIL to the land Golt Ruh Mones iprc to li'e auke yor 1 tc arl.enturei in tre tiesv North! Ycr iNp? A iu urious Pa( Pr res liner, visit Pnncl Rupert. Juneau, Snagway. and oti tr pir.turese.ue Northern ports. 2.000 carefree mile of sheltered truiling in the calm waters of the scenic Inn He Passage. 9 DAY "PRINCESS" CRUISES 3 0) 1S105 nil reham rr week! (allwc 3 SPECIAL 11 DAY "PRINCESS" CRUISES Jn IS.

July 16, and S125 Amt ft. ti Sitk and rBT. nfinrn rart 1 i Wrlt nd Kf rlh inrlurtfd txrtpt at Skaffwa. WEST COAST CRUISES llnelndint meala and Wrthi irtnna tn Port Allre onri return. sBPft Crllfei ol Pf rt I bm Vancouver Island SA990 dara fc VanrnaTar to Prinra Runert '40 and Return 4 dt PaaWpfira oWera mnd rrrniplera nrtwn rriu fiA a Mffmnarion frtt' Apnt or enr nn, mm Main at Watheton Open 6.30 Daily SPENCER NANCY HifMaqo THACV ELL GREEN "JTANLIY LIVINCSTONE' Alto: THE OLEASONS "SHOULD HUSBANDS WORK" Petit Point Dmnerware 0 Lfl'H Stage Film Reorganization Looms 1 HER FIRST PICTURE SINCE "GONE WITH THE WIND" Tk KTMni unforgettable ScarUtt O'Har in tha most mamorabl romantic drama inc 'Smilin" Thru' playad on your haart atrinT! As War Prunes Bv HAROLD HEFFERNAN I TS erse.

is market business rt tiii nu, nations', Hn! snod 'a organiation Iniiust a'ici' li fts in the er.ti. nitinn putuie and as a The vshuh sill lie felt not alone Hollywood Miiiiios tint in New Yolk home offices, film exchanges and theatres, must effect a eener'tl of a ppn mat el nt. And actuality not V. st' ps kni.cking 11. tow ard lk'11 to s.t but genet al hint already in of the several recent convent.

or.s. Must of there a the action ma mr stud.o onwnt.or.s. Most or tnem an iioiincd fevser pictures for the 41 season and all are reserv ing the ght to cut planned pro grans in half shoiill theatre going eon i tens continue their gloomy trend. Talent Pool Hinted Acting salaries will not only come down, but studios will carry fewer players under rotifact. Only the actual stand out stars sin as those of the "lirst ten" in box office ratings, and perhaps a few who come close to that mark are likely to have steady jobs in the new Hollywood area.

Discussed In some quarters is the Idea of a general stock player pool, into which the over burdened studios could dump excess player tlent. this scheme, 1'ki lo tors now under rnnt studios would be release thrown into this group. talent. I'nuer this scheme, about contract to ieri and group. tacn would he guaranteed work for a certain of weeks lat a reduced sca'i'i fioni all the studios oyer a years time.

Last of the dollar daling contracts signed in Hollywood svas a straight seven year deal which Clarke Gable won from (' M. la it fall after he Hnished his job in "Gone With The Wind." Although no official figures were out. It is said in reliahle quarters that Gaule is now drawing close to a week for fifty two weeks a year, with "a month off for hunting." The war had been under 1 RAY MILLAND 1 Starts "TJ mi'ieteis mete 9 trembling frnm i 1 If TODAY ONLY lf li "IRENE" LsC 7 OMm6 $30 Lucky Seal v' (. LUCILE WATSON VIRGINIA FIELD 1 MARIA OUSPENSKAYA C. AUBREY SMITH ') yfl TOMOUROW! pri irJll i i UV i News Camera Covers War Flames ACTUAL SCENES OF FRENCH CITY BOMBED FROM AIR B.E.F.

IN REARCUARD ACTION REFUGEES FED BY BRITISH Captured Nazi parachute troops in England. Seamen rescued from bombed destroyer at Allied Flecti steam in Mediterranean. War fever mounts in Italy. Alfred Duff Cooper, Minister of Information, speaks for nation. MONTREAL SEES BICCEST MILITARY PARADE.

Plus the Feature ANNA NEAGLE 1 1 in "IRENE' 1 and Screen Movie Melon wiped out and so called "foreign" percent tip ithis from the Latin today on the eve of a giant re dails ci.ti a liivt that thoiuiu hly iiet up must way a roup'e of months when was handed this rah pact. Spencer Ttacy. under a new arrangement, following his "Hoys' Town" success wilh its subsequent aca demy a.satd, is repotted to be getting SVii'i'i a week. othti weekly stipends ate i 1 niouest. Mickey Ronll.Y.

biggest money maker of last year, gets weekly mid into the same approximate classification fall such brilliant lights as Tyrone Power. Hette Pasis. Alice "aye, Errol Klynn. James Cagney. Soma Heme.

Bing Crosby and Iieanna IHirhin. h. T' o. e. Ir.

MacMillan Bars German Works (B Thf Canadian TORONTO. June 5 Sir Ernest of the To MarMillan, principal ronto Conservatory of Music and condui tor of the Toronto Symphony orchestra, said today he had not played any work hy any modern German composer this year and intends to continue excluding them. He was commenting on a decision announced Sunday by Reginald Stewart, conductor of the Toronto Philharmonic orchestra to ban the music of Richard Strauss nnd other living German composers because of Canadian anger against nil Germany and the destruction of the Vimy Ridge war memorial by Nazi homhers. Sir Ernest, who spent the Great War as a prisoner In Germany where he had been studying music when the conflict began, agreed with Stewart there is no reason for discriminating against the works of Beethoven. Wagner, Bach and other great German composers of the past.

think one of the sinking things about present day Germany is the fact it has not produced any groat composers." Sir Ernest s.iui. "1 can't, however, see tVit Beethoven has anything in common yvilh Naz ism." Motorcycle Car Crash Hurts Two 'pVO pei son. were injured in a 1 collision between a motorcycle and aulo at Portage ave. arid al p.m. luexiny Myrtie Ingram, 111.

IKS Kentyte. st St. a pa.ssengct on a niotorcwle operated by E. K.d.d n. of 257 Alhanv st St I ho.

tal 1)1 lliSes. was admitted to Geneia 1 suffering from cuts and Her cor.iiition was favor aiile today. K.dd as sent h' me I after treatment The cwie ytas in collision with an auto driven hy Dennis Cole, lirrt Nairn st 'I he car was tutn Uig east on Portigc ave off Mary land nt tlie tin of the mishap. Fall On Stairway Injures Elderly Man Samuel Sigurilson. tin.

of Klmn aye, is in cntical condition in (ieneral hospital today as the result of a fall down several steps in the Hank hotel, 1 Iti Princess at p.m. Tuesday, 1'nconscinus and suffering from Ipossiole fractured skull, Sigurdson 'was found at the fool of the stairs 111 the hotel. A witness said the an fell a few steps from the bottom. In Dance Recital In a revieyv of Heyeihy is, dance tecital pr.nted Friday Trioune the name Audrey Miller yeas inadvert omitted. Miss Mdiei ple s.

nted a military tap solo, and also ired in chorus numbers. Midget Tube Hearing Aid Rated Highly htu Ui tin It fin. It mini; cfturt' to? tti, I Milt' nt tin ol ti; in? li' irtlifc; tMiuuiiii. nt Th 't a Mii cirpi tt itt ha nitst.ti.'hn ifMiini'iiiiui, in Ifiiitg ih il ami tnf nt It? in. 'itnf tits fi nit i.

Mirnn: hnr ir tf tj nyf hy th I Tiiv' ritiji nf Mimie.ii'tA. Inwa. f'lJ1. StMllf' Tl) JUKI oUlt'Ir, bv I I'hnu tn Mtniifitpoiif. ht hmI 111.

nth, nnd hy phyni' (pf thf 1'iiitfd and in nif i foreitn, rountrW' ixp.i'" ai. d'iinm VrntitiK fi ft nf 1 1 iD 't nnd Tur Bidn all ttnf wr. a nirunps ITt'stiTipTi Mi I'ln'mii v. nr I Adi WANTED FOR 3rd DIVISION SKi.NALS, C.A.S.K. WIKKI.KSS AM) TKI.K (iKAIMI OTFKATOKS.

MOTOR V( FIST S. FINFMKN AM) FLF TKH IA.NS, Arrly Rm. 12 Minto Armoiu'es, 9 to 12 a 2 to i m. Culy. 1 1 1 i J7I1EATHES (At, Advertised) ARLINGTON The Raint Came diaina, slatring Tvrone Power.

Mrmi l.oy 1 ami i.eorge isreni Also The Saint of London I genet all. BEACON Vaudeville de la reire. i i a The St longs, lope expel Three Agnes Warren, song anil dunce and Annette, physical culture. i.otdon firming, juvenile piano accoidion player. Nurse Edith Cavell, drama, starring Anna vsdh George Saunders and X.i Pitts.

Torchy Gets Her Man, comedy, with Glenda 'ar Icl! and Baitoii MacLane. BIJOU Marines Fly High, melo drama, with Richard D.x, Chester Morris and Lucille Ball; Rooki Cop, melodrama, with Virginia Weidler; Tim Holt and Ace the onoer uog; crisis in me Kacirie, March 01 Time. CAPITOI Irene, musical hit, starring Anna Neagle, Ray Milland, with Roland Young, Aian Marshall, Miiv Rohson and Rillie Burke, at 12.H1, 2.10. 4.15, 6 15. ji).

Also Kick of Time, short, showing at 12 2 fS. 4 5. 6 10. lil.lo. Stage attraction, "Dr.

Query," at 8.IK1. COLLEGE We Are Not Alone. drama, starring Raul Muni and I. Made At Jane Bryan. News Night, with Preston Foster and Lynn Ban.

CRESCENT Ninotchka, comedy drama, starring Gieta Garby and Melvin Douglas. 20,000 Men A Year, with Randolph Scott and Preston Foster, Living Tracy, Green; DE LUXE Stanley and tone, drama, Spencer Nancy Kelh, Richard Should Husbands com ed, The Gieasons. ELM The Sun Never Sets, diaina, starring Douglas Fairbanks, and Basil Rathbone. Torehy Runs For Mayor, comedy, with Glenda Farrell and Barton Mac Lane. FOX Of Mice and Men.

starring presmeo ana ex Burgess Meredith and Bennie1 the regrets of the unit at Fields. Little Accident, comedy, tne loss of Co1 Bootn to ith Hugh Herbert and Baby P0 "'n In London. Sandv. FUR Balalaika, musical, starring Nelson Eddy with Llona Massey and Frank Morgan. Pride of the Blue Grass, with Edith Fellows.

GAIETY The Light That Failed, diama, starring Ronald Coleman with Walter Huston; Brother Rat and Baby, comedy, with Piiscilla Lane and Wayne Morris. GARRICK The Doctor Takes a Wife, comedy, starring Loretta Young and Ray Milland with Gail Patrick. Reginald Gardiner, Edmund Uwenn and Georges Mer tax a. KINGS Jamaica Inn. drama.

starring Charles I.aughton. The Day the Bookies Wept, comedy, starring Joe Penner and Betty iiiaoie. LYCEUM Star Dust, drama, with Linda Darnell, John Payne, Roland Young and Charlotte Greenwood, lit 11. 2 2a. 5.00, 10.10.

City of Chance, oiama. with Lynn Baii. Donald Woods and C. Aubrey Smith, at 1.25, 4.00, 6. 9 10.

METROPOLITAN Till We Meet 1 Again, love drama, stal ing Merle O'loi on, Geoi ge Brent. Pat nnd (leialdine Fitzgerald sun, at Mill. 4.HI, 7.30, lo. 20; Smashing the Money Ring, stnrmg Konaid P.egan shows 12 20. 9.10.

OSBORNE Eternally Yours, diama, starring Lnurette Young and Iiavid Niven. Tower of London, diama, starring Basil Rath bone and lions Karloff. PALACE Golden Boy, drama, starring Barbara Stanwyck and illiam Holdon. Missing Evid ence, drama, starring Preston poster. PARK Honeymoon in Bali, comedy drama with Fred MacMurray and Madeline Carroll.

Lone Wolf In Pans, with prancis Lederer and Krancis luake. PLAZA Four Wives fadult) starring the Lane Sisters and Claude Rains. Stronger Than Desire, drama, starring Vilginia Bruce and Walter Pidgeon. PARIS Man Ahout Town, comedy, with Jack Benny and Iorothy I. amour.

King of the Turf, comedy, starring Adolph Men 1011. That's Right You'r Wrong, come ly, with Kay Kyser and Ins orchestra. May Kohsun and Adolph Menjou. Tell Your Children, adult, with Dave 1 li; 1,111 and Lillian Miles. RIO I Was a bpy, wai time drama, w.lh Madeleine Cat roll and Her heit Marshall; Hi Yo Silver, ac t.oii weHietn, Lee Powe.l, lleinian Biix and Chief Thunder Cloud.

ROSE The Roaring Twenties, drama, starring James Cagney and I'riscilia Lane. Fast and Furious, with pianchol Tone and Ann Sotlnrn. ROXY Everything Happens At Night, with Son a ll. nie and Hay Milland. Blackmail, drama, stalling Kdwnrd (1.

Robinson and Km 1 lusscy. STARLAND Swanee River, musical in technu olor. I on Ameche, Andiea Leeds, Al Jo. son; British Intelligence, (irama. Boi is II.

TIVOLI The Grsprs of Wrath. 1:1.1:11.1. with Il.nry Kotida and Lane Selected short MlMieCls. TOWER The Great Victor Herbert, liaic.a. starling Allan Jones and Mary Martin, or Love or Money, comedy, with Lang and P.oiiert kent.

UPTOWN Congo Maine, with Ann Sot hern and John Carroll. The Invisible Man Returns. VALOUR of the Tropics, una. HedJy Lamarr a. id Uo i 'I ly lor.

Non Stop New York, a Hi with Anna Lee an i John 1 WONDERLAND We Are Not A'one, diama sv irring Paul and Jane 'fmirt a u''i Walter 1'i ig' un and K.ta Johnson. 1 I Police Testimony CIIIKF Constable flonrge Smith, still under direct examination by his counsel, IX. I. Guy, K.C., at the Donovan police iirobe Tuesday afternoon, continued denial of evid 1 erue given previously by members of the Winnipeg police the chipf constable said, in I ind, viilual grievanTS likely to exist in any body of men of similar size. Pistol shooting records of Consts Ul SCJIIS S.

George Boal and Cleorge je ChusJIey I were filed bv Mr. Guy to refute 'evidence of these constables that! iney nail nu oeen given oisi.uc lion in pis.oi sno.ui.ig 'T us iha mni hi' enirif hnhinrl. "1 risto shotinK competition," said the Chief Constable "1 haveio( inlluence of Deputv Chief always keen on pistol shoot Charles Mailver, had been as in.e i In the matter of a tine being imposed on Const. Chudlev for lie his heat Chief Smilh explained that the patrol checked un on the oin stamp an(1 foMnfi hp was W.L.I. Officers Honor O.C.

At Farewell Dinner FAREWELL dinner for Lieut the Winnipjeg Light Infantry by officers of the regiment in the Marlborough hotel Monday evening on the occasion of his departure for London to assume new duties. Col. Booth regretted that the Winnipeg Light Infantry had not been included in the third or fourth divisions and slated that he had not accepted his new position A AG. attached to Canadian of Adplai1p hv piicemen Knew me regimeiu was noi .0 or cnff hy ()f nu)npVi pajr mobilized of gloves and a hat. that were drop He said he was confident Xll iui, EmPire 'reval1 b'r ofhail' waiting for jury trial on an other charge.

and materials. There would be a place for every man wishing to 1 Soap bubbles rise because the serve and when the final roll uaslwArm hrenth Inside them Is less caned Canadians would ha(e goodjdense llian the cooler alt of the caus to be proud of the part their room. count niAvi, Cni Rnoth main. tained. Lieut Col.

N. R. Nagle said the regiment would make as great a icontribution as in the last war. even 'though its part so far has been small. The men are ready and only waiting the call to go, he stated.

Other speakers at the dinner Included Col. C. Ackland, M.C., V.D.; Major D. Williamson and Capt. F.

Storey, mess president. Major oiiceia attending inciunen: Lieut Col. C. S. Booth.

Col. C. Ackland, Lieut. Col. N.

R. Nagle, Major D. Williamson. Lieut. A.

S. Ayden, 2nd Lieut. S. Oakes and active officers Major H. Critchley, Capt.

K. J. Delaney. Capt. U.

F. Storey. Capt. F. O.

Storey, Capt. A. N. Sommerville. Capt.

C. Rout ley, Capt. J. G. Protheroe.

Lieut. J. Morrison, Lieut. G. MacKidd.

Lieut. N. A. McLean, 2nd Lieut. N.

S. Bergman, 2nd Lieut. H. Bretz. 2nd Lieut.

A. Palmour. 2nd Lieut. D. C.

Dingwall, 2nd Lieut. F. Boothrovd. 2nd Lieut. K.

MeCon nell, G. Schoales, S. L. Davies. Two Are Remanded On Breaking Charge amq a aa.ii a cnihU nu'i'lir ciiii, 4 1 ivni 'II neloli iointlv chnrcen with hrle.

ing into the Kensington cafe, 213 portage early Monday, and smashing open the sate to steal elected iurv trial in citv nolice court ue.sday morning and were remanded to June 11 for a pielim inaiy hearing. The two were arrested in the vi PAT O'BRIEN FITZGERALO INNII talNIS ftANK MiNUO. ADDED RONALD RIACAN in SMASHING THE MONEY RING" ON SALE ETTOTTiVrrjH t. HiiC S3 UXji SEPTEMBER 29th RETURN LIMIT 30 drugstore for a longer time than nivessary. When Const.

Chudlf. i i u. i Z.J ted him. Const wno hld mm. .1 1 1 1 1.1 .1.

planted nun lie vstisiieai iimci 111,111 restoration to natrol duty because mt r.i taker because of illness. The dc 01 "iini.inny. putv chief hail suggested this sal George Uurnett was chosen for thai Const. Shinglcton could re 1 the position because of his known main on the force long enough to, entitle him to i he been discharged immed Col. Booth, officer commanding for the last five years, was given who followed ft trail from the rob TOMORROW STARS S0NCS C.RLS and a 1 1 ion South Seas laughs! it Poromoufil prMntt BING CROSBY DOROTHY LAMCUR BOB HOPE "Road to JAtMEtODPER BETTY FIELD.

SEVENTEEN cLA i 0Lt The Light That Failed" "Brother Rat and a Baby" VALOUR Portacie Valour Phcoe St 744 Wm. Roqeri Silverware Robert TAYLOR Hrrly LAMARR "LADY OF THE TROPICS' ANNA LEE JOHN LODtfl "NON STOP NEW YORK Ad Ave. Phone 331 Plil Point Dinnerw.irr Today Douglna Fairh.inm Jr. Baail Rathbone "The Sun Never Sets" Olenda Farrell McLean "Torehy Run tor Mayor NOW UNTIL A DAYS FROM DATE OF SALE RETURN FROM WINNIPEC Salt Until September 29th. Return Limit On 30 Dayt From HOLIDAY IN CANADA THIS YEAR AND SAVE EXCHANGE CM ui regarding free B.infT Jriiper lecnnicoior PHONE Data ot Sale.

our ne rum, Refuted lately his fars of wn irt would not hnve entitled him to "Tioniili' Ckiiif 1ifi nnn nf tnp hPst friends Shincieton had in the dopartmen," Chief smith "nd had nothing to do with holding him bark from re instate i Burnett Chosen it became necessary Vi it Ymama nfti (I th inspector! Eml.e. due to retire as head of the morality department. number of men, He wanted to promote a member of the uniformed force, hut could not find a man with experience in the work of the morality squad, "a difficult, depressing job dealing with the record for incorruptibility. The. rhinf Hn ruif tnnt nilhr Walter Hughes or William Rohson1 was titled to head the sipiad, and 1 the police commission felt that nesv blood was needed 220 Provencher Ave.

St BonHate. Ph. 201211 Doora Open i.JO 16c till Bfe DOROTHY LAMOUR In (Adult) 'MAN ABOUT TOWN" and ADOLPH MENJOU In "KINC OF THE TURF" Tretaiirp o'Gold to Ladlta fred MatMurray MadeMne Carroll "HONEYMOON IN BALI' Franc. Lderr Franc Ornha "LONE WOLF IN PARIS' POGEMS' SILVERWARE to Lad'ta Open 30. to 6.

La it Show 8 50 mm Supper Show IF. (A.llllll.. I CHARLES LAUGHTON "JAMAICA INN" JOE PENNER BETTY GRABLE "DAY THE BOOKIES WEPT" DINNERWARE GIFT NIGHT ANN S0THERN JOHN CARROLL 'CONGO MAISIE' PLUS I Ad Jill "THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS" DON AMECHE ANDREA LEEDS AL J0LSON 'SWANEE RIVER' IN TEC.INICOLOR HIT No. 2 BORIS KARLOFF, In "British Intelligence" Ban NELSON EDDY LLONA J( The axreen'i lovelieit ijjs new afar in a trorv I It thrillini at hr own If "BALALAIKA" Also EDITH FELLOWS in 'On.) unninr rtr TUF Dl I I IT DACC" rrviuc ur i nc dlue ri Tvronr Myrna Oorg POWER LOV BRENT "THE RAINS CAME" S.iint in London' (Gen.) i WI9 Mam at. Phone Church 63 l06 PAUL MUNI JANE BRYAN "WE ARE NOT ALONE" Adult Prelt.n FOSTER PARI "NEWS IS MADE AT NICHT 5 lK'k at Pov.era 54 t80 U.iro.irj William Molden "GOLDEN BOY" Preston Foiter: "MtBilng Evidence" TONIGHT IS GIFT NIGHT Srirgent at Shertjrook PAUL MUNI JANE BRYAN "WE ARE NOT ALONi Walter Rita JOHNSON "6.000 ENEMIES" (Adult) Corydon Phone 46 at Hugo Greta QarbO DOUGLAS 'NINOTCHKA (Adu'f Randotph SCOTT Preatrn FOSTER "2O.OO0 WEN A YEAR" mrmm By Chief Bolh Hughes and Rohson hnrt bern members of the squad under 1 r.

tir I I'HHio Prthann whn hflrl been acting inspector in the an sence of his superior, was made a detective sergeant. Const. Hughes later applied for a similar promotion, but the chief decided there was not the need for another sergeant. afaan inmptg Kniy aaaaaaa audevillE 6BIGTIMEACTS6 Featuring American Stars 2 Grand Screen Shows 2 ANNA NEAGlt aundara Zaau Pitta (Arlulll Oao. Nurse Edith Cavell OUnda Barton MacLan "Torchy Cctt Her Man' Aduttt to p.m.

XS; Evo 256 AIR CONDITIONED jg. ialtO Portage Ave. at Carlton Ph. 26 UHfTPt TODAY rKkkUtUl TO LADIES Oct your iperial coupon for th largo loaf dith with thin watk't pit "Clasbake" 2 Great Screen Shown 2 Kay Kyeer and hia orchratra Ma ROBftON Adolph MENJOU "THAT'S RICHT YOUR WR0NC Dave O'Brlan Lillian MILES 'TELL YOUR CHILDREN' NOW PLAYING Richard Ola Lucille Ball Cheater Morr.e "MARINES FLY HICH" Tim Holt Virginia Weidler "THE ROOKIE COP MARCH OF TIME (Adult! Crisis in th Pacific NOW PLAYING fij MADELEINI CARROLL "I WAS A LEE HERBERT MARSHALL SPY' (Adult) LYNN ROBERTS POWELL HI YO SILVER" Mewa Cartoon "Gorilla Hunt" OHN STEINBECK'S NOVEL "THE GRAPES OF WRATH" With (Adult) Henry Fonda int Dirwell Alao SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS JOHN ST EI BECK'S MIGHTY NOVEL! "OF MICE AND MEN" Lon CHANCY. JR Burgeaa MEREDITH HIT NO.

2 (Adult) BABY SANDY Hugh HERBERT Florence RICE "LITTLE ACCIDENT" 2Se MASSEY FRANK MORCAN Lorftta VOUNQ Davtd MVCN "ETERNALLY YOURS" RATH BON Borla KARLOFF "Tower of London" (Adult) Montrose and Henderaon H'way Snna HENIE MILLAND 'Everything Happens At Night' G. Rob.naon: "BLACKMAIL IT GIFT NIGHT TONIGHT An at S.irgent 23 5t.9 Jamea CAGNEY PrUnlla LANE "THE R0ARINC TWENTIES' Frflnchot Tone "Faat a Funoui" Gift Mqht TrtniQht Ar nit Marion Taci Pho 204 090 The LANE 61MERS Claude RAINS "FOUR WIVES (Adult) Vlro nU BRUCE Walter PIDGEON "STR0NCER THAN DESIRE" Mountain Phona McGregor 54 J22 Allan JONES Mary MARTIN "The Creat Victor Herbert" June LANG Hot.ert Html "FOR LOVE OR MGN Ml ill I PTt AIR CONDITIONED EEACOBsf I MAIN AT RUPERT PH. 97)13.

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