The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on April 19, 1922 · 17
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 17

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1922
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THE SUN, BALTIMORE, WEDNESD AY MORNING, APRIL 10, 1922. Classifications Nosl 7 to 10 17 LOCAL PORT NEWS AND SHIP ACTIVITY Negro Lumber Handlers Demand Big Increase In Pay And Schooners Lie Idle. MENHADEN SEASON NEAR Xeeboats Latrobe And Annapolis Being: Made Ready- For Summer Free Excursion. A large fleet of bay schooners in port with cargoes of lumber are having their troubles. The negro lumber handlers have notified the masters that they want an advance from 40 cents to 80 cents a thousand feet to place the lumber on tbe wharves. As the schooner captains make charters which include loading and discharging, the increase falls upon them without having had any intimation so that they could prepare by quoting rates that would cover up the extra expense. Yesterday the masters refused the, advance and the vessels are lying to await a settlement or to have cargoes discharged by men not affiliated with the lumber handlers' organization. Menhaden Season Approaches. The fishing steamer W. L. Messick ia hauled out at the yard of the Spedden Shipbuilding Company to be almost rebuilt in preparation for the menhaden season which will soon be opened. The steamer E. AVarren Edwards is at the same plant to replace steam engines with Fairbanks-Morse oil engines, which may be adopted in others of the fishing fleet. The Messick and Edwards belong to the Edwards fleet of Reedville, Virginia. Port Paragraph. To have her tailshaft drawn for inspection, the Norwegian steamer B jo rne-eterne Bjornsen was put in dock at the Sparrows Point plant of the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company yesterday previous to loading for Japanese ports. Captain J. H. Darby, who commanded the Baltimore Steamship Company's steamer Absaroka on a trip from Baltimore to Russia with relief grain and turned her over to the Shipping Board at Norfolk, yesterday took the steamer Bannack, which sailed for Glasgow on the regular line. He relieved Captain Richard Herbert, who will be assigned to another command. The iceboats Latrobe. and Annapolis have been placed in the upper dock of the Baltimore Dry Docks for attention to hull and painting preliminary to be made ready for summer free excursions. For the first time in making contracts the name of the Globe Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company was eliminated yesterday when the Shipping Board awarded making of repairs to the steamer Quaker City to the Maryland Dry Docks Company, which has taken over the old concern. To load phosphate rock for Baltimore at Boca Grande, Florida, the schooner Jesse G. Noyes has sailed from New York. Port Of Baltimore April 18, 1922. ARRIVED. Stmr. Nelson, Rafuse, from Guanlca; molasses, to W. R. Wiest & Co. At Curtis Bay. Stmr. Mississippi (Br.), Wylie, from Antwerp via Boston; general, to Atlantic Transport Company. At Standard Oil Pier. Stmr. Georgeanna Weems, Hudgins, from Miami via Charleston and Georgetown; general, to Baltimore and Carolina Steamship Company. At Pier 5, Pratt strict Stmr. Victorious, Cook, from Rotterdam via Boston; general, to Black Diamond Steamship Corporation. At Pier 9, Locust Point. - Stmr. Munplace, Lum. from Sabine via Norfolk; sulphur, to Munson Steamship Line. At Cottman's Pier, Canton. Stmr. Ontario, Bond, from Boston; merchandise and passengers, to Merchants and Miners' Transportation Company. At Pier 3, Pratt street. Stmr. Anthony Groves, Jr., Willis, from Philadelphia; merchandise and passengers, to Ericsson Line (and sailed on return). Standard Oil barge No. 7, from Norfolk; to Standard Oil Company. State stmr. Gov. R. M. McLane, from a cruise. Powerboat Bertie E. Tull. Riggin. from Philadelphia; general, to Marine Transport Company (and sailed on return). Schr. Edward V. Hendrickson, Waters, from Mattaponi ; lumber. Schr. Lydia Middleton. O'Day, from Wilkersons Landing; lumber. Schr. Mary Lee, Roberts, from Rappahannock: lumber. Schr. Robert. White, from Rappahannock ; lumber. CLEARED. Stmr. Bannack, Darby, for Glasgow via Norfolk and Philadelphia (general) ; Baltimore Steamship Company. Stmr. Manhattan (Br.), Lazell, for Antwerp and Hamburg via Norfolk (general) ; Atlantic Transport Company. Stmr. Skiensfjord (Nor.), Auzjam, for Moss, etc., or Christiania (grain) ; Robert Ramsay Company. Stmr. Mandeville (Nor.), Sorensen, for Port Morant (ballast) ; Baltimore and Jamaica Trading Company. Stmr. Munplane. Lum, for New York (cargo in transit); Munson Steamship Line. . stmr. juauor, jonnson, ior juuh.u:x. via Norfolk and New York (general); Terminal Shinnlnc Comnanv. Stmr. Mississippi (Br.), Wylie, for London and Antwerp Via Norfolk, Philadelphia and : Boston (general) ; Atlantic iransport Company. Stmr. Ontario, Bond, for Boston (merchandise and passengers) ; Merchants and Miners' Transportation Company. Stmr. Nantucket, Nickerson, for Jacksonville via Savannah (merchandise and passengers) ; Merchants and Miners' Transportation Company. Stmr. American Star, Nichols, for Fal mouth for orders (grain) ; Robert Kam sav Company. Schr. D. J. Ward, Banks, for Salisbury; C. C. Paul & Co. SAILED. Stmrs. Nantncket, for Savannah and Jacksonville; Ontario, for Boston; Ban nack, for Glasgow via Norfolk and Phila delnhia: Cubore. for Norfolk: tugs Lau retta Spedden, towing two scows for bay port, and s. O. No. l, towing Darge American and Nos. 3 and 12 for Norfolk ; schr. Avon Queen (Br.), for Vera Cruz (in tow). CHESAPEAKE BAY PORTS. Cove Point, Md.. April 18. Cloudy, northeast, liffht breeze, temperature 62 de grees. Passed Up 3.10 P. M. lighthouse tender xiapie. Cape Henry, Va., April 18. 8 A. M clear, southwest, 16 miles; noon, cloudy. southwest, 18 miles; 4 P. M., cloudy, southwest, iu mnes. Walkerton, Va., April 16. Arrived, schr, John W. Bell, Banks, from Baltimore. Washington, N. C., April 18. Sailed chr. Coraoeake. Bramble, for Baltimore, Newbern, N. C, April 18 In port, barges Annie E. Embrey ana Howard Li, Nfff. loading lumber for Baltimore. Wost Point. Va.. Anril 16. Arrived. schrs. Arianna Bateman, for Mattaponi; Florence A. Marsh, for Clirton; juary Buckley, Lewis, for Folly, sailed, senr. Carrie S. Morse, Banks, for River Land ing. SAILED FOR BALTIMORE. Stmrs. Soestdvk (Dut.). Boston 18th; Grecian, James, Boston 18th; Missouri Br.), Boston 17th; Charles E. Harwood, Galveston 17th. ARRIVED FROM BALTIMORE. Stmrs. Conehatta, Breeden, Manchester Jflth; Gaelic Prince (Br.), Shanghai in; Arlano (Br.), for London, Norfolk 18th; 1 Sails (Nor.). Queenstown 16th ; Corcoran, jgrtoks, Charleston 17th, and sailed for I Miami; Putney (Br.), for Alexandria, Egypt, Gibraltar 16th; Mina Brea (Br.), Halifax 17th; West Nosska, London 14th; Manchester Merchant (Br.), Manchester 18th; schrs. Chautauqua (Br.), Halifax 14th; Edwin and Maud, Higgins, Beaufort, N. C, 17th. MEMORANDA. Stmr. Solvang (Nor.), for north of Hatteras, loading sugar, Jucaro 14th. Stmr. Nordbav (Nor.), Progreso for Baltimore, at Plymouth, Mass., 17th. Stmr. Stanley Dollar, for New Tork, sailed San Francisco 15th. Stmr. Essex, from Philadelphia, at Jacksonville 18th. Stmr. Merrimack, Herbert, for Philadelphia, sailed Boston 18th. Stmr. J. M. Guffey, for north of Hat-teras, sailed Port Arthur 17th. Stmr. Fort Gaines (Nor.), Langfeldt, from Port Antonio, at New York 17th. Stmr. Olen, Dunkirk for Baltimore, at New York 18th. Schr. Charles M. Struven, Fleming, for Philadelphia, sailed Charleston about 17th. Schr. Jesse G. Noyes, for Boca Grande to load for Baltimore, sailed from New York. W1RELEK3. (Positions are given for noon unless otherwise indicated.) Stmr. Oritani (Br.), Yates, Boston for! fort Antonio, 270 miles south Nantucket 16th. Stmr. City of Flint, Hamburg for Baltimore, wires will arrive Norfolk 20th. Stmr. Dochra, Baltimore for San Pedro, passed Cape Maysl A. M. 17th. Stmr. Stureholm (Swed.), Baltimore for New Orleans, passed Key West 17th. Schr. Purneil T. White, Gantt, Nassau, N. P., for Kilkenny, Ga., latitude 29.39 and longitude 80.23 17th. MOVEMENTS OP JT. Y. LINERS. Due to arrive New York: Thursday Hellig Oval, from Christiania. Friday Lone Star State and Hannover, from Bremen. Sailed for New York : Asia, Lisbon 15th; Mauretania, Southampton loth. Arrived from New York: Canada, Marseilles 18th; Chicago, Havre 16th; Colombo, Genoa 13th; Hudson, Bremen loth; Lapland, Antwerp 17th ; Rotterdam, Rotterdam 18th; Vestris, Buenos Aires 16th. Bound To Baltimore Steamers. Alexandra (Dan.), from Christiania. Shields, April 3. Alvarado (Br.), Buenaventura, ApriL Barambah (Br.). Clyde. March 30. Barrymore (Br.), at New York. Bergsdalen (Nor.), from Oran, Fayal, April 8. Clairton, Huclva. April ?. Capulin, via Philadelphia. Leith, April 13. Cs-mamu (Bfaz.), Bio Janeiro, March 24. Charles E. Harwood, Galveston, April 17. City off Flint, Hamburg, April 4. City of St. Joseph, from Genoa, New York, April 15. Deea-fleld, from San Francisco, at New York. Eagle, via New York. San Francisco, April 7. Eastern Queen, Noumea, via Boston, Feb. 10; Cristobal. March 26. Eastern Dawn, from Antwerp, at Philadelphia. Falco (Swed.), Gothenburg, April. Frogner (Nor.), Rio Janeiro, April 10. Harableton Range (Br.), via Boston, Liverpool, April 8. Hawkeye State, San Francisco, April 17. Hilton, Boca Grande, April. Jacques Gartier (Fr.), Dunkirk, April 6. Lady Charlotte (Br.). Rio Janeiro. April. Lancastrian (Br.), via Now York, Liverpool, April 10. Liberator, from San Francisco, at New York. Manchester Port (Br.), via St. John, N. B., Liverpool, April 17. Michigan (Br.), via Bostoiv. Antwerp. April 13. Missouri (Br.), London, April 4, at Boston. Moldegaard. Boca Grande, April 13. Nitonian (Br.), from Liverpool, at Philadelphia. Norfolk Range (Br.), via Philadelphia, Dundee, April 7. Nordhav (Nor.), at New York, April 12. Olen, via New York, Dunkirk, March 28. Ohio (Fr.), from Bordeaux, passages, April 2. Oregonian, via Philadelphia, Hamburg, April 1. Otho. Rio Janeiro, April. Pacific (Nor.), Southampton, April 14. Parisiana (Br.), Liverpool, April 13. Peter H. Crowell, Port Tampa, April 14 Republic, New York, April 15. Sarcoxie. from Rotterdam, at New York. Sagadahoc, at New York. Sark (Nor.), Rio Janeiro, April L Santarem (Braz), from Santos, Rio Janeiro, March 29. Sverre (Nor.). New Tork, April 16. Soesrdyk (Dut.), from Rotterdam, at Boston. Taurus (Nor.), Santos. March 20. Vulcan City (Br.), via Philadelphia, Liverpool, April 13. West Arrow, Glasgow, April 7. West Eldara, via Boston, Dunkirk. April 10. West Maximus. Manchester, .April 11. West Bridge, Narvik, April. Webwrn Maid, Keval, March 20, at Kiel. Schooners. Jesse G. Noyes, Boca Grande, April. Josiah B. Chase. Port Tampa. April. Maurice L. Thurlow, Tampa, April. Paul E. Thurlow. Port Tampa. April 6. COURT CALENDAR Criminal Court- Judge Gorter. Assignment for Today Bastardy, Law rence Hubert: false pretenses (eight cases) and embezzlement, Bertel B. Bros-vik ; robbery, Daniel Bankerd, Albert Williams; burglary, Percy Adams, James Bell. Charles T. Barnes, wuiiam iioages, Joseph Monroe, all colored; violating license law, James Dawson; receiving stolen goods (two cases) and larceny, Frank Falice; bets on races, Louis Ouprey; gambling, Harry Feldman; violating auto law, Louis A. Bennett. Part 2 Judge Ambler. For Today Larceny. John Slater, George Johnson, William Hentz, Joseph Green, George Gross, Joseph Schwartz; deadly weapon, Joseph Green ; burglary, George Johnson. William Hentz, Joseph lireen. Arthur nope; aesertion. Amos u. Sentz. Sylvester Gutzuk, Marino Marianno ; embezzlement (two cases) and false pre tenses (two cases). Benjamin H. Durtre; failure to record second-hand purchases, Stephen J. Lauer, Thomas W. Lydon ; selling liquor without license, Frederick Germershausen, David W. R'aidy ; violating auto law, Henry Didier, George Cnbalo; violating parole, Herbert Falls. Superior Court Judge Stanton. For Today Nos, 534 (pending), 1043, 1095, 1097, 1009, 1010, 1047, 781, 786, 454, 765, 1030, 1036. Part 2 -Judge Dobler. For Today Pending case and Nos. 910, 1122. 690, 645. 922, 686, 461, 974, Part 3 Judge Stein. For Today Nos. 1201 (pending), 1190, 1173, 1174, 858, 1177, 1209, 881, 841, 861, 1208 and McKeleip vs. Mullan. City Court Judge Dawkim. For Today Nos. 387 (pending), 363, 391, 356, 517, 522, 546, 316. 457, 459, 475, 515. 237, 238, 474, 486, 456, Kelener vs. Home Laundry. Part Jridse Heuisler. For Today Nos. 260, 271, 455. Part 3 Judge Stump. For Today Nos. 604, 621, 627, 628, 631, 633, 637. 638, 639. Court Of Common Pleas Judge Duffy. For Today Nos. 338, 350, 352, 353,' 193, 9, 211, 329, 389, 343, 304. Circuit Court Judge Bond. For Today Pending cases of Derlln vs. Derlin and Silverman vs. Silverman, Nos. 213, 280, 355. 158, Trenholm vs. Colonial Trust Company, 443, 308. Orphans' Court Judges Block, Galther And Dunn.- Letters Testamentary Granted Estates of William Heimiller to Herman T. W. Heimiller, $500; John Edelman to William H. Edelman. $500; Mary G. Pape to Benjamin F. Pape, $2,500; Charles F. Bonn to Henry F. Buddemeier, $500. Letters of Administration Granted Estates of Mamie R. Bruce to Roscoe De-Witt Price, $2,800; William Knight o Elizabeth K. McGederry, $100; J. C. Groome Knight to Elizabeth K. McGederry, $100; Julius Bennett to Abe Bennett, $800; Catherine P. Skane to Thomas J. Skane, $500; Henry Wittier to John P. Wittier. $5,000. Inventories Filed Estates of Kazimera Zidalis, $2,612; Charles E. Gamble, $731; George J. Thaler (additional), $9,950; Abraham Jacobs, $21,292; Alvin N. Bas-table, $252,234; David Kessler, $1,565. Administration Accounts Passed Estates of John L. Wurzbacher, $200; Arthur C. Hesselmyer, $450; John G. Nit-zel, $3,058; Charles E. Gamble, $731. Wills Filed Constance Winn, George R. Wicklein, Charles F. Bonn, Mary V. Share, Julia Geary, Thomas H. H. Stans-fleld. SUITS FILED Superior Ootrrt IilHan B. Michelson vs. Isidore Madanick, ,$5 000. Alleged injury to plaintiff in a collision of automobiles on April 2 at Lake Drive and - Kntaw Place. Samuel H. Hoffberger, attorney. City Court Godfrey A. Ott vs. United Railways, $7,500. Alleged injuries sustained by plaintiff from tilting of the step of a car she was boarding on March 17 at Saratoga and Liberty streets. Louis S. Ashman, attorney. A. B. Powell vs. Chesapeake Manufacturing Company, 429 South Sharp street, $1,000. Collision of defendant's automobile with that of plaintiff on January 14 at Kdmondson avenue and Carey street. Foster H. Fanseen, attorney. REAL ESTATE DEALS AND BUILDING NEWS V" Country Place Of J. W. P. Ins-ley, Held At $40,000, Bought By Nelson Gutman. APARTMENT HOUSE IS SOLD Dalrymple Avenue Property Brings Around $25, OOO Several New Homes Planned. Wilton, the country place of John "W. P. Insley, has been purchased by Nelson Gutman. The property, it is said, was held at $40,000. Containing about 37 acres of land, the place is situated on the Reisterstown road, near Turnpike station. Besides a residence containing about 18 rooms, the property is improved by a six-room tenant house, two barns and other outbuildings. W. C. Pinkard & Co. were the brokers in the transaction. Plans for a number of dwellings were filed with the office of Building Inspector Crowther. Arthur G. Wellington applied for a permit to build a two-and-a-half-story hollow tile dwelling and garage on the northwest side of Wendover road, near Greenway, at a cost of about $12,000; a two-and-a-half story brick dwelling will be built by A. 'Ferdinand Ities on the north side of Northway, near Norwood road, at a cost, of $15,000, and B. Wood Buch will erect a two-and-a-half-story dwelling on the southwest side of Ridgewood road, near Roland avenue, to cost $12,-000. Wilhelm L'Allemand applied for a permit to erect two two-story frame dwellings at 3505-7 Granada avenue at a cost of $14,000. - Corner apartment property at 3825 Dalrymple avenue has been purchased by Nathan Abramson from Richard Blanck and wife for a consideration said to have been in the neighborhood of $25,000 in fee simple. With dimensions of 28 by 95 feet, the lot is improved by a three-story building containing four apartments of six rooms and bath each. Abramson & Oliner were the brokers. F. N. Iglehart & Co. report the sale of property at 1212 St. Paul street for John C. and Austina B. Taliaferro to Dr. Edward S. and Lillian D. Johnson for a consideration said to have been about $20,000 in fee simple. The house contains 12 rooms and four baths. The same firm reports the leasing of the residence of Mrs. Edith Johnson, known as Linden Lawn, Woodbrook, to Gerald Howe Totten for a year. Sale of a dwelling at 3418 Edmond-son avenue for William Alexander and wife to an undisclosed purchaser is reported by Caughy & Co. The consideration is said to have been about $4,000. . REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Baltimore City. Tuesday. April 18. Louis C. Uhl, etc., extr., to Charles W. Ley-decker. 6 lots $5 Louis. O. Uhl tt al. to same, e.s. Garrison lane, nr. Mc Henry St., 78x125 5 Michael Keelty to Ona Cawood Loovis, 3805 Edmond&on ave.. g.r. $90 5 Adolph F. Vogt to Gertrude H. White, s.w. cor. Curley st. and Fairmount ave,. 12.10x70, g; r $32 5 Gertrude' ii" White to Adolph F. Vogt and wife, same property, g.r. o John J. Kirkness, Jr., and wife to J. George Wittich, Hot (lease) , - Isidor Ia Caplan to Victor J. Magruther and wife, 2605 Hampden ave., g.r. $48 5 Nathan J. Felsenberg to Robert Sachs and wife, e.s. Bond St., nr. Mullikin, 14.6x75, g.r. $23 ; 5 David Goldstein and wife to Hyman Falus and wife, s w.s. Harrison St., nr. Gay 8 William F. Michael and wife to Ephraim T. Jones and wife. e.s. Rochester, nr. Lombard, 13.9x65. g.r. $43 5 Lelia Stewart to Elizabeth S. Swart, as. Calhoun st., nr. Franklin, 13.8x98.6 1 Roman Suska and wife to William F. Michael and wife, 305 S. Fourteenth st., g.r. $42 5 Martin Kaezorowski to Alex Gregorious, 2421 Fort ave., g.r. $37 5 Alex Gregorious to Martin Kaczorowski and wife, same property, g.r. $37 5 F. Wiljiam Ortman to James Cavanaugh and wife, 3928 Claremount ave., g.r. $45 5 Olivia K. Jerome and husband to Otis T. Samnenig, etc., several lots 8 George C. Parr to Freda Ellison, 1901 N. Pulaski st, g.r. $50 , 5 David Marklev and wife to OitV and Subur ban Realty Co., 1 lot " 6 j Bradley lv. lurflim ana wile to ame. lot., i Robert Sen to Wilbam A. Rice and wife, 2 lots, g.r. $112 . 6 Rachel Goldstein to Esther Dvoskin, 532 S. Bond st., g.r. $30 5 Esther Dvoskin to Rose Weintzweig, same property, g.r. $30 5 David Stewart, executor, to Patrick Fi Me- Neeve and wife, 1729 N. Fulton ave 1,083.33 Charles Goldsborough and wife to Robert Seff, 1440 Harford ave., g.r. $48 5 II. Louis Golden and wife to Grace A. Mort, several lots 5 Grace A. Mort and husband to James O. Langrall. 5 lots 5 Barbara E. Lerch, etc., to Manraret A. Gam- ber, 2129 Penrose ave. g.r. $6a 5 Estes A. Kchimmel to William D. Helm, 2111 Cliftwood ave., g.r. $56 6 H. Ross Coppage and wife to Giovanni Schiafflno, 103 E. Mulberry, g.r. $12 5 Ellen Holman, etc., to John T. Hayes and wife, 606 Scott St., g.r. $35 8 Peter Brashkis and wife to Jacob Ola and wife, 855V4 W. Lombard st., g.r. $41,46 5 Barney Pritzker, etc., to David Schumer, etc., several lots 5 Julia Messerschmidt, etc., to William A. Gross and wife 1 lot 1 Cleveland R. Beolmear, etc.. to Arthur F. Forney and wife. 1253 Sargeant st., g.r. $39.. 5 Mary Krasser to Margaret Kineaid, n.s. Mosher st., nr. Monroe, g.r. $65 5 Margaret Kineaid to Mary Krasser, same property . Taylor Gailfs and wife to Nathan "Voloshen; etc.. n.s. 23d st., g.r. $75 5 Minnie F. Barber to Hpnry A. Munderoth, 1108 Ashburton st., g.r. $65 5 Abraham Chaseman to Leah Schreiber, 2252 Madison ave., g.r. $120 8 John W. Disney and wife to Hester M. Disney, s.s. Lafayette ave., nr. Castle st 8 Robert Reff to Liberal Permanent B. & L. A., 1311 W. North ave., g.r. $84 6 Mihu;l A. Mueller and wife to Leonora M. Wilhelm, n.s. 32d st., nr. Calvert, g.r. $126.. 6 H. Paul Pardew, etc., exctra., to Frank F. Ramey. 4 lots . 3,752 Frank F. Ramy and wife to J. Henry Baker and wife. 3 lots B Joshua T. Miller to Leroy C. Johnson and wife, 617 N. Belnord ave 5 J. Glenn Cook, etc., to Danipl B. Gunte and wife, n.e.s. Belvieii nr. Dolfleld 5 J. Herbprt Johnston to Joseph F. Smoth and wife. 1323 N. Port St.. g r. $27 8 John H. Kamm nnd wife to William A. Hiebler and wife, 2540 Harford ave., g.r. $75 6 Viola M. Rausch to Roland F. Tucker, 1407 Ramsay St., g.r. $40.62 5 Jacob Schmulovitz to William M. Schmulovitz, n.s. Walbrook ave., nr. Payson st., g.r. $60.. 5 Linthicum Realtv Company to Albert A. Winkler end wife, 2 lot 6 Charles G. Baldwin, trustee, to Rachel C. Mac- Gill, w. cor furk and .Lafayette 13.10D Rachel C. MacGill and husband to Eugene J. Leopold and wife, same 5 Robert J. N. De Lane and wife to Alexander M. Lerch and wife, s.s. Hermosa, nr. Chapanoke .....J 5 Walter L. Denny and wife to John H. Colli- son and wife, s.w.s. Fairview. nr. Grantley.. 5 John H. Waltz and wife to Charles E. Mc- Cormiek and wife, n.w.s. Cedardale, nr Liberty Heights 5 Samuel Rosenthal to Louis F. Heiner and wife, 3501 Fairmount ave., g.r. $48 6 Robert L. German and wife to Charles E. Williams, w.s. Roland, nr. Third, 13.4x73.6, gr. $60 5 Robert L. Kushniek to Paul Shapiro and wife, 923 Hollins st., g.r. $21 5 Emma X Sehermerhorn and husband to Helen G. Harden and husband, 2 lots 5 Jonas Xeudecker to William F. Tennyson, etc, 8. e.s. Belvidere, nr. Elmer, g.r. $75 5 Colin E. Anderson and wife to James Ta Monoghan. 32 E. Twenty-sixth st., g.r. $72.. 5 Frederick T. Tremeyer and wife to Charles M. Tremeyer, 209 to 215 S. Eutaw 1,000 Frederick C. McFerren and wife to Eupenia H. Braun, s s. Thirty-third St., nr. Tivoiv ave., 22.11x120. g.r. $120 . 5 F. Howard Kidd and wife to George A. Smith and wife, s.e. cor. Maryland ave. and Twenty-eighth St., 14.7V2xl05, g.r. $96...?. 5 Hettie V. Connor and husband to J. Roy Whittington. 1 lot 5 John J. Dotterweich and wife to Hannah Gombora, w.s. Spring st, nr. Gough, 45x60... 5 J. Hurst Pnrnell to John M. Green and wife, s.s. Littleton rd., nr. Longwood St., 31x90, g r. $90 5 Mary W. Creery to J. Henry Baker and wife, 2 E. Virginia ave g Robt, L. Paine to Elias T. Franke and wife, 3502 Chestnut ave 6 Edw. R. George and wife to J. Henry Baker, 1654 N. Gilmor st .5 J. Henry Baker and wife to Edw. R. George, w.s. Gilmor st, nr. Baker, 12x81.6 (lease).... Same to Preachers' Fund Society of Baltimore, 1654 N. Gilmor st 8 Aejis Co. to Edw. B. Thompson and wife, n. e. s. Chatham rd., nr. Cleveland st, 60x168 8 Louis Molz and wife to Alex. M. Lerch and wife. w.s. Catalpa rd., nr. Ailsa Ter., 50x130. 5 Henry Schneider and wife to Rudolph Yanky and wife, e.s. Covington st, nr, Clement, .11.8x75, g.r. $42 5 John A. Farley, trus., to Wm. D. Poultney, 2 lots .....1050 Augusta Windle to Geo. W. Wainwright and wife, 619 Cator ave., g r. $70 S Thos. F. Mullan to John ' C. Fowler, 3339 Greenmount ave., g.r. $30.... Baltimore County. J. R. Padgett and wife to 1 E Hahn and wife, lot 5 Harry Monroe and wife to I. II . Hahn and wife, lot . 3. H. Miller to I. H. Hahn and wife. 2 lots.... 6 C. N. Smith, et ah. to H. C. WeisMttel and wife, 327 acres Marshy Point Farm s Charles Kubilitw and wife to Konstontinos Zwinilis and wife. 3 lots Middle River Neck. 5 R. E Smith to H. M. Scotney and wife. 4 lots Glyndon v;""i Cityco Realty Co. to Richard Hyde, et aL, S lota -2- g Same to Frederick -Stone and wife. lot....-. o Leonard Endress and wife to National Fira Works Co., lot Eastern avenue, g.r. $190...... W. E Foote, et aL. to Tekla Milosh. lot Cole avenue 6 T. J. Kenney and wife to Henry Jasper, Jr., lot Eleventh district B Mutual Co-operative Realty Co. to B. B. Co- fiell. et aL, 2 lots W. T. Allen and wife to S. W. Perrine and wjfe 46o.62 Rockland Realty" Co! to G. L. Sleight. 7 lota Catonsville Manor 6 J. F. Moreland and wife to J. G. Karl and wife, 4 lots Carney Heights 6 C. J. Chapman to John Schatzsneider, 12 acres Chapman road : 6 R. H. Pleasants and wife to J. A. Horn and wife, lot at Towson. g.r. $300 Maryland Court Of Appeals. CASES ARGUED. No. 9 Beam Motor Car Company vs. William H. Karer and Katherlne E. Narer; was argued by Raphael Walter for appellant and Carl T. Steinman for No. 21. Edwin M. Wilmer, trustee, vs. Light Street Building Association of Baltimore et al.; was argued by David Asa for appellant and Frank Driscoll for appellees. No. 24. The Mayor and Council of Salisbury, Md., vs. the Camden Sewer Company ; was argued by Levin C. Bailey for appellant and George II. Myers for appellee. No. 25. The Altz Chaim Congregation of Baltimore et al. vs. George T. Butter-hoff, use of John B. Marr; was argued by Sydney R. Traub and Howard Bryant for appellants and J. Royall Tippett for No. 27. Patrick Hayes aivd Lawrence Nita vs. State of Maryland; was argued by David Ash for appellants and Alexander Armstrong for appellee. THE DOCKET. Assignment for Today Nos. 28, 29, 34, 35 and 36; Dies After Serving U. S. 63 Of His 80 Years John H. Williams, Civil War Veteran, Was In Navy, Army And Ligiithouse Corps. With 38 years' service in the navy, five years in the army and 20 years in the lighthouse service, John H. Williams, SO years old, died from apoplexy Monday at the home of Jacob Button, 3239 Eastern avenue. "Uncle Bill," as he was called by his many friends, joined the navy in 1859 and was on the U..S. S. Cumberland when it was sunk off Hampton Roads by the Confederate ship Monitor. During this enlistment he met Jacob Button, father of the present Jacob Button, and formed a life-friendship. When discharged from the navy Wil-lims enlisted in the Eighth Cavalry and fought Indians in the West. After five years' army service, he went back to the navy and was on the fleet that went to China during the Boxer rebellion. He retired from the navy after the trip to China and was given a position as lighthouse keeper. For 12 years he was stationed at the Lazaretto Light. After retiring from this service, Mr. Williams went to live with Mr. Button, and every dav he could be seen hoisting and lowering the flag at sunup and sundown. The funeral will be held from the Button home at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Burial will be in Oak Lawn Cemetery. Obituary MRS. MAHY KIBKWOOD DICK. Mrs. Mary Kirkwood Dick died suddenly yesterday at the home of a .son, David E. Dick, 1800 East North avenue, where the body of her daughter-in-law lay in the parlor awaiting burial. Grief over the death of her son's wife is supposed to have contributed to the death of Mrs. Dick, who was 78 years old. She is survived by five sons : David E. Dick, former State Senator of Allegany county ;., James K., Alexander B. and Clarence M. Dick, of this city, and William A. Dick, of St. Helena; two daughters, Mrs. William Nethkin, of this city, and Mrs. Frederick Hadley, of Waterbury, Conn. ; two sisters, Mrs. Daniel Jones, of Lonaconing, Md., and Mrs. Robert Boyd, of Denver, Col.; 30 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The funeral will be held from her late home at 1401 McHenry street. JOHX R. HOPWOOD. Funeral services for John R. Hop-wood, restauranteur, who died Saturday, were held at 3 o'clock yesterday at his late home, 12 Queen Anne road. The Rev. Dr. James L. Webster, of Hancock, Md., officiated. Delegations from the fraternal organizations of which Mr. Hopwood was a member attended. Burial was in Lorraine Cemetery. The active pallbearers were Mayor Broening, Judge Harry W. Nice, Dr. Otto M. Reinhardt, W. B. McCaddin, J. Edward Richardson and James M. Hendrix. The services were in charge of the Elks and the Knights of Pythias, while members of other fraternal orders acted as honorary pallbearers. MISS MARGARET A. KELLY. Funeral services for Miss Margaret A. Kelly, who died Saturday at her home, 1044 South Charles street, were held at 9 o'clock yesterday morning from St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, where requiem high mass was celebrated. The Rev. Mgr. John T. Whelan was the celebrant, assisted by Rev. Frank Ryan, deacon, and Rev. John Bowen, sub-deacon. Present in the sanctuary were several other priests? The pallbearers were eight nephews of Miss Kelly. Burial was in New Cathedral Cemetery. PAUL" POLTJCKI. Paul Polucki, 25 years old, 619 South Montford avenue, who shot himself Monday night, died yesterday in St. Joseph's Hospital. It is thought despondency over the death of his wife five months ago caused him to take his life. Surviving are his parents, Peter S. and Helen Polucki, and three sisters, Misses Elizabeth H. and Verona A. Funeral services will be held at 9 o'clock tomorrow from the home of his parents, 218 South Broadway. Requiem high mass will be celebrated at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. THOMAS KELLY. After an illness of five weeks,Thomas Kelly, for many years turnkey at the Eastern Police Station, died yesterday at his home, 2328 East Baltimore street. He was appointed to the force October 24, 1887. The funeral will be held from his home Saturday morning and burial will be in New Cathedral cemetery. He is survived by six 6isters, Mrs. Mamie Connor and Misses Mary J., Anna, Katherine, Elizabeth R. and Delia Kelly. DR. GEORGE, A. FLEMING. The funeral of Dr. George A. Fleming" 1018 Madison avenue, who died Monday, will take place from his late home at 4 o'clock today. The Rev. G. A, Hurl- but, of Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, will conduct the services and burial will be in Greenmount Cemetery. Active pallbearers will be Drs. Hiram Woods, Herbert Harlan, John R. Wins-low, William P. Clemm, William Cas-pari and Harry JCicodemus and Messrs. Frank M. Dushane and John S. Bridges. Honorary pallbearers will be Elisha H. Perkins, P. Bryson Milliken and Drs. Joseph T. Smith, C. Urban Smith, J. M. T. Finney and John C. Hemmeter. SISTER MARY VIXCEXT. Funeral services for Sister Mary Vincent Minahan, a member of the Order of Visitation Nuns, who died Monday at Mount de Sales Academy, Catons-ville, were held yesterday morning. A requiem mass was celebrated in the convent chapel by. the Rev. Thomas J. Stanton, chaplain. Burial was in the convent cemetery. The Sun Calendar Today's Almanac For Baltimore. Sun rises 5.24 A.M. I Moon rises. 1.20 A.M. Sunsets 6.47 P.M. Moon set..12.02 P.M. High tide .....".........12.36 A.M., 1.02 P.M. PHASES OF THE MOON FOR APRIL First quarter 5th Last quarter 18th Full moon 11th New moon 27th The Weather Forecast for Maryland a?id District of Columbia Fair today; cloudy and cooler tomorrow. General Conditions. Pressure is low along the northern border with centers of minimum pressure over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Minnesota and Alberta, and it is high in southern regions, although there is a disturbance of minor intensity off the mouth of the Rio Grande. Rains have been general within the last 24 hours east of the Mississippi river and in Louisiana and southern Texas and there have been light snows and rains over the Northern border States from Michigan and Wisconsin westward to Montana. The temperature became considerably lower yesterday in the interior of the Atlantic and Gulf State, Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and the Lower Lake Region and considerably colder weather has appeared in the Northwest over the Middle States, extending from the Central Mississippi Valley westward to California. The temperature has risen considerably, although it is still considerably below normal in this region. The outlook for New England and Eastern New York is for fair weather and moderate temperature today and cloudy and unsettled and cooler weather tomorrow, with probably local rains over the north portions of these districts. In the Middle Atlantic States the weather will be fair with moderate temperature today and cloudy and cooler tomorrow. In the South Atlantic and East Gulf States the weather will be cloudy and somewhat cooler today and tomorrow with probably local rains in Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and the Lower Lake Region. The weather will be partly cloudy today and tomorrow, except for local rains tonight, in the Lower Lake Region and with cooler weather tomorrow. i Winds off the Atlantic Coast: North of Sandy Hook, fresh west becoming southwest ; Sandy Hook to Hatteras, moderate variable ; Hatteras to Florida Straits, moderate variable. , Baltimore Weather Report. United States Weather Bureau, Observer's Office, Baltimore Custom House, April la. ? 1e it t- l. il fl If !!..! 8 A.M. 70 66 79 SW 9 00 Cloudy Noon 65 58 65 W 5 .05 Cloudy 8 P.M. 59 47 39 NW 4 .00 Cloudy Normal temperature. 54 I Maximum temperature. 72 Mdnn temperature. ..65 I Minimum temperature. 59 Maximum velocity of the wind, 12 miles an hour, from the bouthwest. Hourly Temperatures. 5 A. M. 68 1 P. M... 64 6 A. M 69 3 P. M.... 62 7 A. M 69 3 P. M 60 . 8 A. M 70 4 P. M 62 9 A. M 72 5 P. M.. 64 10 A. M 71 6 P. M 62 11 A. M 65 7 P. M 61 Noon 65 8 P. M 59 Weather By Telegrraph. State of the weather at 8 P. M. and the highest temperature recorded during the day at the stations named below: Atlantic City, clear. 64 New Orleans, cloudy 82 Boston, clear 74 New York, clear 70 Buffalo, clear 42 Oklahoma City, cl'y. 56 Charleston, cloudy... 82 Philadelphia, clear.. 70 Chicago, clear 56 Pittsburgh, clear.... 56 Cincinnati, cloudy... 58 Portland, Me, clear 68 Denver, clear 46 Raleigh, cloudy 76 Galveston, cloudy.... 70 St. Louis, cloudy.... 56 Hatteras, oloudy 76 Salt Lake City, clear 48 Jacksonville, cloudy. 88 San Francisco, clear 58 Louis.ville, cloudy.... 62 Tampa, clear 88 Memphis, cloudy 60 Washington, cloudy. 70 Marriage Licenses. SCALLT HANEY. John F:, 45. widower, 718 Bartlett avenue; Rosem, 40. WOLF-HANGMAN. Christian H., 21, 2122 West Vine street; Harriet O., 18. FROST CARE. Charles W., 69, widower, Richland, N. Y.; Arrietta B., 56, widow. MARKEL MANGER Ernest C, 25, C552 Frederick avenue; Elsie M., 24. DONALD O'CONNOR. William B 21, 111 East Grace street; Patricia L., 18. GTJISEWHITE SIEGMAN. Roy G.. 22, 3227 Eastern avenue; Marie E., 22. McNAMARA SANDERS. Robert D.. 26, 925 North Dallas street; Essie B.. 26. COHEN SILVER. Moses. 51, 1032 Grant-ley street, divorced; Fannie, 45, widow, REICH WILLIAMSON. John V., 22, 1902 Aliceanna street; Alice M., 21. WATKINS HARE. John, 41, widower. 3031 Walbrook avenue; Lola. 26. ALTWATER SCHWARTZ. Walter J., 37, 35 South Calhoun street; Leona, 38. SMITH RITTERBUSCH. George, 26; Lillie, 24, divorced, 1701 Hanover street. DERR FROST. Vernon, 27, 1621 East Oliver street; Ruth H., 27. widow. CALNAN RAMS ON. Michael F., 31, Washington ; Mary H., 20. PAGE JARRATT. Joseph L 22, 1433 West Lombard street; Ruth E 21. APPEL KUSTNER. George M., 35; Anna C, 29, widow, 1417 Ensor street. BAKER BISCOE. Martin W., 21. 613 South Lakewood avenue; Edith M., 19. GERDING ADAMS. Leroy E., 23. 305 South Highland street; Virginia E., 23. BLACCHI BASSOTTI. Vincruzo, 23 1920 Aliceanna street: Mary C, 19. GRINDER JAMISSON. Samuel E., 21, Washington; Cecil G., 18. ROBERTS GALL. Frank A., 21, 2436 East Eager Place: Helen, 16. KRAUSE CLARKE. Ernest L., 42, divorced, 1207 North Central avenue; Myrtle A., 30. HAPPOLDT SLOCK. Daniel J., 38, widow, 4 North Hay ward avenue; Rose L 30. NICKOL BECHTEL. Maurice S., 22; Nellie S., 25. 1823 Aisquith street. DTJVALL BECKETT. Dennis, 29, Washington; Mary E., 31. -v THOMAS REINER. Leroy E., 23; i sm D., 23, 742 West Baltimore street. - In Baltimore County. ' KOPPELMAN RAAB. Charles D., 24; Goldie T., 24, Parkville. DUNHAM RIGXEY. Frank J 64; Rachel V., 43, White Hall. BAYLIS. On April 18, 1922, GEORGIA, "beloved wife of the late C. K. Baylis. Funeral from the funeral parlors of George L. Schwab, 2101 Frederick avenue, on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 2i eatfjs a) BOLAND. On April 18. 1922, HENRY J., beloved husband of Cora Gerber Boland. Interment from his late residence, 2115 Boyd street, on Friday morning, April 21, at 8.30 o'clock, thence to St. Edward's Church, where a Requiem High Mass will be said for the repose of hia soul at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friend9 are invited to attend. Interment in Monnt Olivet Cemetery. 21 BRINTOX. On April 17, 1922, MARY E in her SSth year, wife of the late Alban Harvey Brinton. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral service at the residence of her son, Dr. Wilmer Brinton, 1232 North Calvert street, on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment private. Please omit flowers-l lOe BUEHNER. On April 18, 1922, DORA, beloved wife of the late Otto Buehner. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services from her lnte residence. 4101 Belvieu avenue, on Thursday at 2 P. M. Interment Lou-don Park Cemetery. 20e BURGESS. On April 15, 192i. at her home, 1831 Light street, MARGARET, beloved wife of William Burgess and youngest daughter of Kate and the late Luke McLaughlin. Funeral on Wednesday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem Mass at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Cathedral Cemetery. 19 BURTON. On April 17, 1922, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Lewis T. Streett. 1224 East North avenue, SUSANNAH, wife of the late William Burton. Funeral from the residence of her brother, Mr. Carville C. Burton, at Fork. Md., on Thursday, April 20, at 10 A. M. Services at Fork M. E. Church at 11 A. M. Interment in cemetery adjoining. Bus leaves end of Carney car line, Harford road, at 8.20 A. M. 20e CHAMBERS. On April 16. 1922, at her home, near MaysfieM, Howard county, Md., CATHERINE (nee Daly), aged 70 years, beloved wife of William H. Chambers. R. I. P.. Funeral will take place from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Doughoregan Manor, Howard county, Md., on Wednesday, April 19, at 10 A. M., where mass will be said for the repose of her soul. Interment in St. Mary's Ceme-tery. - 19 CHARD. On April 18, 1922, NANCY E., Deiovea wile or. the late ueorge 11. Chard. Funeral from her late residence, 1604 Oliver street, on Thursday at 1 P. M. Services in Mount Carmel M. E. Church at 2.30 P. M. Interment in adjoining cemetery. 20e CLARK. SAMUEL V., aged 69 years, beloved husband of Sarah E. Clark. Funeral service at his late residence, Harmans, Md., on Thursday, April 20, at 2.30 P. M. Interment (private) in Friendship Cemetery. 20e CONNELLY. On April 18, 1922. JOSEPH T., aged 2 years, beloved son of Edward J. and Mary A. Connelly (nee. O'Connor)., Funeral from the residence of his parent's, 1307 Hillman street, this Wednesday at 2.30 P. M. 19 CRAMER. On April 18. 1922. MARY, beloved wife of the late John Cramer. Funeral from the residence of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles L. Fields, 817 East Twenty-second street, Thursday morning at 8 o'clock. Requiem Mass at St. Ann's Church at 8.30 o'clock. Interment in Mount Carmel Cemetery. 20 CROWELL. MRS. VERA CROWELL, of Badin. N. C., wife of Charles Crowell, died at the General Mercy Hospital, at Charlotte, N. C, on Monday morning, April 5, 1922. Mrs. Crowell was the youngest daughter of H. A. and Margaret Webber, formerly of Charlotte, N. C, but now living in Baltimore, Md. She was buried at New London, N. C, the home of Mr. Crowell. Mrs. Crowell leaves three small children. May she rest in peace. 19e DICK. On April 18, 1922, MARY KIRKWOOD, beloved wife of the late John Dick. Funeral from her late residence, 1401 McHenry street, on Thursday at 4 P. ' M. Interment in Western Cemetery. 19 DOLAZIL. On April 17, 1922, after a painful illness, ALBERT, beloved husband of the late Francis Dolazil. The funeral will take place from the residence of Mrs. Emil Simacek, No. 3 Cook avenue, Raspeburg, on Thursday, April 20, at 1.30 o'clock. Interment in Oak Hill Cemetery. 20e DUNN. On April IS, 1922, DOROTHY, beloved daughter of Alice L. and the late James P. Dunn (nee Boteler). Funeral will take place from her grandparents' residence, 2223 Barclay street, on Friday at 2 P. M. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. 21e EAGAN. Suddenly, on April 18, 1922. ANGELA, asred 19 years, beloved daughter of Michael F. and Katherine M. Eagan (nee Repp). Funeral from ber brother's (Michael H. Eagan. Jr.) residence, 316 South Reg-ester street, of which due notice will be given. 19e FELDNER. On April 16, 1922, CATHERINE, beloved wife of the late Casper Feldner. Funeral will take place from her late residence. 2335 McElderry street, on Wednesday. April 19, at 2 P. M. Interment Mount .Carmel Cemetery. 19e FINCKE. On March 3, 1922, at Schwerin, Germany, ELIZA, widow of the late Professor Fritz Fincke. , 19e FLEMING. On April 17, 1922. at his residence, 1018 Madison avenue, GEORGE A. FLEMING, M. D., beloved husband of Bessie S. Fleming. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at the above residence on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Interment private. Please omit flowers. 19e FRANKLIN. On the afternoon of April 18, 1922, at her residence, 5 South Lin- wood avenue, JENNIE, beloved wife of Henry S. Franklin. Funeral will take place from the above residence on Thursday afternoon at 2 ' o'clock. 20e FRANZ. On April 18. 1922. after a lingering illness, ADAM J., JR., in his 30th year, beloved son of Adam J., Sr., and the late Margaret Franz (nee Moran). Funeral from his late residence, 519 South Ann street, on Friday morning at 8 o'clock. Requiem High Mass will be read for the repose of his soul at St. Patrick's Church at 9 o'clock.- Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 21 GEBLEIN. On April 17, 1922, after a painful illness, HENRY E., beloved husband of Sophia M. Geblein (nee Uter-mohle). The funeral will take place from his late residence. 1527 North Broadway, on Thursday, April 20, at 3.30 o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. 20e Interment In Loudon Park Cemetery HAAKE. On April 16, 1922, WILLIAM, aged 53 years, beloved husband of Katie Haake. Funeral from his late residence, 719 South Rose street, on Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Interment in Mount Carmel Cemetery. 20e HAILE. On April 16, 1922, S. CORA, daughter of the late Charles D. and Mary A. Haile. Funeral services at her late residence, . Cockeysville, Md., on Wednesday, April 19, at 10 A. M. Interment In St. James' Protestant Episcopal Church Cemetery at Manor. 19 HUTTON. On April 18, 1922, at her late residence, Hillsdale. Md., CARRIE, beloved wife of the late Jonathan Hutton. Funeral services at Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church on Thursday at 10.30 A. M. Interment private. 20 JOHNSON. On April 18, 1922, EDWARD T., aged 41 years, beloved hnsband ol Mary Callis Johnson. Funeral from his late residence, 2035 Kennedy avenue, on Friday morning at 8.30 o'clock. Requiem Mass at St. Ann's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment private. 21e JOHNSTON. On April 17, 1922. JOHN W., aged 68 years. Roanoke (Va.) papers please copy. Funeral from the residence of hi daughter, Mrs. James Carmony, 1241 Darley avenue, on Thursday at 2.30 P. M. 19e KELLY. On April 18, 1922, THOMAS, only and beloved son of the late Michael and Bridget Kelly. Funeral from his late residence, 2328 East Baltimore street, of which due notice will be given. 19e LAWRENCE. Suddenly, on April It, 1922, at New Alexandria, Va., SUSIE G., LILLIAN, CARROLL, CALVIN and MURREL, beloved wife and children ot William B. Lawrence. Funeral services and interment in - Woodlawn Cemetery on Wednesday, April 13? at 1 P. M. 19 (i) LEE. Suddenly, on April 17, 1922, ROBERT E., beloved husband of Laura A. Kohlenberg Lee. Funeral from his late residence, 2018 West Saratoga street, on Wednesday, April 19. at 2 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 19 MAYERS. On April 16, 1922, MARY E., beloved wife of the late Ambrose Mayers (nee Strasbaugh). Funeral will take place from her son's residence, John A. Mayers, 1228 Ashland avenue, on Wednesday at 8.30 A. M., thence to St. John's Church, where . a Requiem High Mass will be 6id at 9 A. M. 19 MEIXEKE. On April 17, 1922. ROBERT F., aged 5 years, beloved husband of Ida J. Meineke. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at his late residence, 92S West Mulberry 6treet. on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.. Inter-ment private. 20 NEWTOX. Suddenly, on April 17, 1922, E. ALVIN, beloved husband of Helen Buckless Newton. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral services from his late residence. 3323 Piedmont avenue, on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment private. 19e O'CONNOR. On April 17. 1922, MOLLIE, daughter of the late Daniel and Susan O'Connor. Funeral from the residence of her brother, Charles V. O'Connor, 1209 East Preston street, on Wednesday morning at 8.30 o'clock. Requiem Mass at St. Paul's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 19 PABST. On April 16. 1922. at her parents' residence. 3424 O'Donnell street, KATHARINE M.. In her 18th year, beloved daughter of Charles F. and Minnie M. Pabst (nee Droinmel- hausen). (Philadelphia papers please copy. Funeral from the above residence on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock: thence to German United Evangelical Church, East avenue and Dillon street, where services will be held. 19 PAINTER. On April 17, 1922, MARY E. (nee ueacn), asreo years, Deiovea tvifa nf tha Into William PnintAP. Funeral from her late residence, 1037 Mcionough street, on weanesaay at d P. M. Interment in Baltimore Ceme- wan nr. tn.ii 17 10.00 xrn a vir TT asea-4 years, oeioveu nusoanu 01 au , , , a , , 1 , a regg. Funeral will take place from his late Thursday, April 20, at 8 A. M. Requiem at St. Elizabeth's Church nt 8.30. Interment in Onk Lawn Cemetery. 20 PERRY. On April 17, 1922, JANE B. H., asred 77 years, beloved wife of Minlan M. Perry and daughter of the late Thomas and Hester Hopkins, of Talbot county, Maryland. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral services from her late residence, 205 West Twenty-seventh street, on Thursday morning at 11 o clock, interment private. M PHIPPS. On April 18, 1922, LEIVENIA, beloved and only daughter of Mary E. and the late John B. Phipps (nee Har ris), formerly of Davidsonville. Md, Funeral from her late residence, 1957 North Collintrton avenue, on Thursday at 10 A. M. Interment in All Hallows Church Cemetery. 20 SCIIECK. On April 18. 1922. after a short illness, GEORGE M. SCIIECK, aired 26 vears. Funeral from the residence of his parents, 709 South East avenue, on Friday morninir. April 21. at 8 A. M. Re quiem High Mass at Sacred neart Church at 9 o'clock, interment in Sacred Heart Cemetery. ' 19e SCHMUCK. On April 18, 1922, GEORGE J beloved husband or Louisa 1. SCHMUCK (nee Boon). Funeral from his late home, 1644 Belt avenue, on Friday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem High Mass at Holy Cross Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery. 20 SCHUERMAN. On April 18, 1922. LOUIS F beloved husband of Elizabeth Schuerman (nee Emmick). Funeral from his late residence, 1627 North Bradford street, of which dne no tice will be given. me SNACK On April 18, 1922, MARGARET L.. beloved wife of Nelson R. Snack. Funeral from the late residence, 2318 Pennsylvania avenue, Friday morninjr, ADril 21. at 8 o clock. Requiem High Mass at St. Gregory's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery. 21 WAGNER. On April 16. 1922. JOSEPH SR., beloved husband of the late Bar bara Wagner (nee senmuck). Funeral from his late home. Glen Requiem High Mass at St. RoRe of Lima cnurcn, iirooKiyn, at v o ciock. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery. 19 WARRENER. On Anril 17. 1922. ED WARD, aged 68 years, beloved husband of Mary Ann Warrener. Funeral from his late home at Glen-coe on Wednesday at 2.30 P. M. Services at Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 3 P. M. 19e WILLIAMS. On April 18, 1922, JOHN H., in his 80th year. Funeral from the residence of Mr. Jacob H. Button, 323 Eastern avenue, on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery. 19e WOODS. On April 18, 1922, SUSIE, beloved wife of the late George R. Woods. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the services from her late residence, 2701 Riggs avenue, on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 20e CEMETERIES. (2) WOODLAWN CEMETERY. Tti. Woodlawn car direct to jtate. Olty Offia 401 TITLE BPTLPINf?. FOll SALB-Four-Grave Lot in Oak Lawn Omo-tery (perpetual care). Address 3823. Sun office. CEMETERY LOTS. (3) PAEKWOOD CEMETERY. Photu Hamilton 058S for descriptive lltaratai or for rpreetatatiTa. Offic Hamilton Hank Bldg.. Hamilton. ONE full-sizo lot for txle in Lorraine Cemetery; fine legation, reasonable piice. Apply at 007 Forrest gt. MONUMENTS, TOMBSTONES. (5) THIS ORIGINAL HOUSE OF WM. A. GAULT & SON, INC., 408 N. Howard rt. Vernon 5134.. LOST AND FOUND. (8) BAG, silver mesh, lost on No. 29 or 28 car about 7 P. M. Friday. Reward. 616 Fidelity Bldg. BANK BOOK lost, Mercantile Bank, 6ffl4. Return Mercantile Bank Carrollton and Baltimore. BAR-PIN (Piatinum) Lost in Stewarts or between Charles and Mulberry sis. on Tuesday morning. Call Homewood 2416. BRA I) ED BAG. containing money and R. R. passes, lost on southbound Garrison aye. car, Monday afternoon. Liberal reward if returned to May, 3711 Edtterton road, or 308 B. & O. Building. DOG Large Yellow Newfoundland Collie, los.t about Sunday. Reward if returned to L, WARD-WW MILES, Gilman School grounds. Tux-edo 142. DOG Dark Brown German Police Shepherd Dog, lost on Saturday: answers name Fritz. Reward if returned to it EN N ED Y FOUNDRY CO.. Charles and Wells Bts. DOG Lost, Sunday night; Mixed Fox Temer and Beagle; head spotted black and white: wears collar, marked Billy. Reward. J. J. HURST. 1226 Rt. Paid at. Call Ver. 1242. DOG (Western Bull) lost: answers to name of Buster. Reward. 7 S. Schroeder st. DOG Strayed from 116 N. East ae., poodle dog; answers name of Toodles; reward. GOLD FOB : initialed "L. S. O." in script, lost on corner Balto. and Eutaw sts. Liberal reward. ARIKLi Mti. UI)., 320 W. Balto. St. HANDBAG Lost on April 16. near Braddcx-k Heights, Md. ; one Black Handbag, with Hood " markers on outside; name card inside (Miss M. C. B.). Reward. Address 3488. Sun office. KEYS Bunch of Keys lost Tuesday. Druid Hill ave., between Mosher and MeMechen sta. Return 551 Mosher St. LAVALLIERK AND CHAIN Lost on Eastern ave., bet Washington and Wolfe, about 2 P. M. Tuesday ; reward. 2642 K. Monument st . MONEY Iost between Joel Gutman's and Post-office $641). Party in destitute circumstances, liberal reward. FLORENCE CLARK, 121 Mosher street, OHIO TIRE AND RIM LOST. Reward. P. T. BARRY COMPANY, 115 W. Hamilton at., between Park ave. and Cathedral St. PIN LARGE CAMIX), loet jttween Paca et. and Junior Hall, Liberty st. In Overlea car or Elrd-man avenue. ' Reward. Phone Wolfe 7086-T. PIN Lost, April 15, Gold Sapphire and Pearl Bar Pin. Reward. Phone Tuxedo 1479. PWKETBOOK Black Silk, lost in 500 or 600 block North Charles street, or near corner Chase and Cathedral streets. Finder return to name in pocketbook. at Mo wontn iaivert st. Keward. POODLE. FEMALE, tan ears ht April 3. 245 WEST WOODLAND AVENUE. Child' pet Reward. LIBERTY 12HO. PURSE, containing Roll of Bills and some Receipts, lost in Clifton Park Sunday afternoon. Reward. Phone Wolfe 0094. SPECTACLES Pair of tortoise shell Spectacles lost in Liggett's telephone booth. Reward. 353 Lexington Bldf. (8) Continued from Preceding Oohimm. UMBRELLA. ; Silver Handle, lost; enrrowl on nun py u r. v.. nwram. iiwa. o o. UMBRELLA (Black Silk) toft In Md. ChoooUte io., on Islington st.: IMUals on handle. Reward. Phone South 0-125-W, PERSONALS. (10) GOLDEN GLOW CLEANERS AND DYERS. Hemstitchers and Plaiters. , WE CALL AND DELIVER. TEL VERNON 2232. FURS. FURS REMODELED to the latest strlea. Bear in mind that B. FKIKIN is next to Joel Outman. and has been lot the past 20 years. Pres-t-rtt thl ad. on day furs are left and receive 10 discount . FKlKirS, IV .X. MiTAW ST. PLAITING, 5c. PER YARD. Golden Glow Cleaners and Dyers. 726 N. HOW AHD ST. . SHIRT HOSPITAL. Wo will rebuild your worn-out Silk or IJncn Sblrt .mini to new nt snui! phree. Work called for and delivered. No Patching. 830 I"ji?t Bal timore street. Phone Calvert . WIRING AND FIXTURES. Complete. $92.50 : 6 rooms, bath. 2 hJK switchboards: satisfaction guar. Vernon ti908v. CLIFFORD k. HYPE CO.. 627 N. Fremont, av. PATTERN DRAFTING. PRAP1NO. nmMAKINfi. MITaTaTNIvIIY. Make your Karmenu and huts at rpasonnbl oot- I It r . IjIVINU!STI. n AUAHtl. , 17 W. Saratoga nt... near Oharle. V 37V?., HOUSE WIRING. Six rooms and bath, $44.50. WM. IT. FRANK-TON, Electrical Contractor, 21 35" Wilkena t. Phone Gilmor 3775-J. UPHOLSTERING. Give ns a trial ; satisfaction guar. J prices reus Phone Mad. r.flfli or drop postal. BALT1MORB UPHOLSTERY CO., C235 Brookfleid ve. ROOMS PAPERED, $4 UP. OATMEAL PAPER, $6. R. PTMMONS. 403 N. Pulaski st. Gilmor 27 UPHOLSTERING AND REMODELING. Your furniture upholstered in ttie proper way. Cabinetmaking is our snecialtv. Satisfaction guaranteed. M. MARK, Plione Madison 38"aT. 1548 N. Strieker st Post-Graduate Eleetrologist. Superfluous Hair and Facial Blemishes removed. MISS PRICE, 519 N. Charles. Vernon n04;w. ROOMS PAPERED, $4.00. OATMEAL TAPER, hest grade. $0.25 room. W. Thompson. Gilmor 1043-J. 1218 Offend t. Superfluous Hair, Warts, Moles Permanently removed by electrolysis. MISS WARD. 73! N. Fulton ave. Est. I !X)'3. Phone. FACIAL HAIR, MOLES" WARTS, Etc., permanently removed. Idectrie Needle EXPERT, 2d floor. 22( N. Liberty st. QUALITY PAPERHANGING. GETJ5. 115 S. Collington ave Madison 1043-J. PERFECT TUNING, Repairing or Rebuilding Pianos and Players. Carl F. 8chul"w, 1201 N. Luzerne ave. Wolfe 4259J- RATS, Mice, Bedbugs and Vermin of till kinds exterminated in a scientific, sanitary way; no odor, no poison; drop ponlal: will call. WILLIAM MrbONAT.. 14 0 W. Fayette st. , ELECTRIC WIRING. High-grade work, low prices. II. W. LUCT. Washington Park, city. Gilmor 29S4. YALE KEYS MADE IN 5 MINUTES. GUARANTEED TO FIT. 1 M. B KLEIN. 206 N. GAY ST. ROOMS PAPERED, $4.00 UP. WORK GIVEN PERSONAL ATTENTION. W. D. Nicoll. Jr., 2410 E. Biddle. Wolfe 5.10P-W. Novelty Book Ends. Baskets and Candlesticks. THE CAVE, 1220 N. Charles st Vernon 3302 Paperhanging Plastering. Work Guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. ' H. A. BRADY. 2114 W. Mulberry. Gil. 3425-W. HEMSTITCHING, 12c Per Yd. DRESS PLAITING. BUTTONS COVERED. SIMONS. 123 W. SARATOGA ST. Painting md Paperhanging. First-class work: prices reasonable. FRANK" GRAFF. Vernon 4429-W. YOUNG Lady who has interests in West, going to Omaha, Neb., by automobile; will take someone who can pay $50 of expenses. 4082, Sun. BODY MASSAGE. FRENCH-AMERICAN BEAUTY SHOP. 42.39 Park Heights ave. Madison 8878-W. WE Repair Motors for all Water-power Washing Machines, Hand-power Carpet Sweepers. Clothes Wringers. HEATH STOVE AND HEATING CO., successors to TRIBLE. 503 W. Franklin. QUICK WORK. Boulevard house, Painting and Paperhanging. 3537 Greenmount ave. Eyebrows Skillfully Arched. HYNER'S BEAUTY rARLORS. 42 W. Lexington st Calvert 0777. Est. 1895 $1 SKIRTS PLEATED $1 ' Into any style. UNITED BUTTON HEMSTITCK-ING AND PLEATING CO.. 412 Park are. HARDWOOD FLOORS. Old floors renovated. R. D. SHEETS Sr SON 939 Ashburton st. Phone Walbrook 2545-J. DIAMONDS BOUGHT FOR CASH. RAYMOND HUGHES. 624 FIDELITY BLDG., lxington Sc. Ch arles sis INTERNATIONAL ROOFING" OO. Expert. Repairing and Painting. Gil. 3770 or Madteon 0892. 10 S. Poppleton st. $1 a Gal. (30-year record) Roof Paint, $1 . STYLISH EVENING GOWNS HIRED. $3 TO $5. MRS. H. GOLDBERG, 1032 Moreland ave. Madison 0547. EVENING GOWNS FOR HIRE. MRS. M. OFFETT CLARK. 2532 Pennsylvania ave. Madison 8839. ROOMS PAPERED, $4 Up. Oatmeal. $6. H. W. PARLETT. 1917 Frederick ave. Gilmor 1 862-J, BEAUTY TREATMENT In your home or mine: shampoo, marcel, watr wave, hair dressing and facial massage. Ver. 402 I. BECOME a Stenographer In 30 days; 3 days' trial"; day and night individual instruction. 30-DAv BUSINESS COLLEGE, 335 North Charles street. Vernon 2013. MR. BUSINESS MAN-Ix't me help you collect your bad bills: drop mo a postal; will call. WILLIAM MoDONAL. 1 40 W. .Fayette st. THE PARR.ISH WINDOW AND OFFICE CLEANERS OILING AND PAINTING. AP-PLY OFFICE, 600 W. Redwood st. fotl. OLD Slag, Carey and Tar Roofs repaired by experts; guaranteed. Fulton Roofing fchop, 310 8. Fulton ave. & 208 N. G ilmor st. Gil. D09-J. TALKING MACHINES REPAIRED. Player pianos Tuned and Repaired. HEUER & KLOf'K. 531 N. Chester. Wolf my PRIVATE INSTRUCTION in Gregg & Pitman Stenography. Also Secretarial Course, PRO!'. j J. SOMERS LEARY, "I lft St. Paul st. FIDELIT Y ROOFING CO., 1324 W. Baltimore st. Gilmor 2103 SWEDISH MASSAGE. 030 N. EUTAW ST. VERNON 584 5-J. BEDBUGS, RATS, ROACHES, FLEAS" Instant Results. Walbrook 1978. GEO. G. SAPP. 1504 Munsey Bltlg. Plana fiOSV 1 WILL not be responsible for any debt contracted by my wife, Frances Ia Clary. GEORGE! B. C)aART MARINELLO BEAUTY SHOP MISS TROST, 340 N. Cbarle Vernon 3Q6f. LL.PAPoI'lU!, Kc. a piece: Gin." l2Hc. a piece; rolf UhS-OHTfcMA8 MESSER - 208 W. Saratoga st Avo7&S,r.Shf.''.e2,VlinX;vers ud Draperies. 1 fotriewood 1874 -J. CARPENTER JOBBING AND R EP A I R WORK. on t. GBR WE BROS., 824 N. Llnwood ave. Wolfe B418-J. MUSICAL Instruments repaired; used and rep i instruments for sale. Burdwise. 11 N.Howard. BRASS BEDS manurhctured and rennistied. I. LUDLQFF & CO., 507 W. Pratt Plaza 7643! GA. S,.I.AGE,1 JC?'inr,1 ani1 repaired, equal to new. f all Gilmor 195Q-W. I WINDOW Shades, Awnings made to order. A, Hoffman Co.. 526 W. Ixxington. Plant 2909. FA SHIONABIaE Dressmaking, reas. prices. 317 PAINTING AND JOBBING in all its branch!; reasonable. DEM AT. Ill North Charles st. SU.I.T, J0R5KR-5 down- S1 w. STAB TAILORING CO., 2108 II Monument st. EXPERT Tree Trimmers gc Landscat Gardeners. J. M. Sadler, 1020 N. Castle st, Wolfe 19S3-W. HEMSTITCHING while you wait at cut-rate . prices. 17 yy. Saratoga Ft. Plar,a 3752. GRAPHOPHONES repaired; will call. jT"m MILLER 10'Z6 Aisquith st. Wolfe 4086-J. OLD AND NEW- FIORS SCRAPED AND FINISHED. CALL TOWSON 15'i-J. SCIENTIFIC Massase for rheumatism and poor circulation. K. Marsland. 1626 Mad ''son ave HARDWOOD Floors Laid, Old Floor. Reftnished. .1. Eareekson. 814 N. Strieker. Mad. 495?-W. HARDWOOD Floors laid, old floors scraped, refln. G. BARTZ, 2206 W. North ave. Mad. 8155. CALVERT Uph. Co.; upb., rep., caning, enameling for satist. call Mad. 3652-J. 2220 Pa. ave. 5rTHOPEDIC Specialist : shoes made to order for deformed feet. .1. J. EN IS . 653 W. Ba It ott. TALKING MACHINES REPAIRED (EXPERTT CALL. DELIVER. 24 18 Callow ave. Mad. 0619. BTeCTRIC Wiring, $2 wkly. : $95 with "Fixtures. G. D. Clark. 3207 Frederick ave. Gil. 0371-W. BRASS BEDS reflnished and relaouuered ; guaranteed. Capitol Electric Plating Co. Ver. 1256. AWNINGS, Slip . Covers, Upholstering, Shade. SUPREME CO.. 24H Aisquith st. Wolfe 04 9ft. CONTRACTOR and Builder. Jobbing a specialty. Ford & Son. 441 N. Milton wve. Wolfe SW-W. (Continued on Next Page.) LOST AND FOUND.

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