The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 16, 1916 · Page 28
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 28

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1916
Page 28
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 191G. Z3 B - aV,J J Just Received Today and Bulletined, Specially, . for Oiit - of - Tovn Patrons Pyrex to meet the demands of gift seekers. It consist of Or.e casrerole with cover. One shirred egg dish. Or,e pic dish. One bread dish. ' One au gratin dish. ' Six individual baking dishes.' If you want one of these sets you should get'it at once. The supply is limited. We Prepay Shipping Charges We have Pyrex baking ware in all sizes at upward from lziic. ; v Downstairs. A Distinctive Gift Book The Collected Prlnt of n r - , - p n r Y.""" i ? 1 nH - iU I Ik 1 Li til E Ik J for the past yrar, and . 'VELMA'S VOW" A Daahlr.f ,orrl, by r.'Iss Fawn Lljiplncut In One Attractive Volume. A f n" prrK'nt for any one wljo appreciates Tf - nl American humoir. Hokton Globe. '.. Vrri'"l a7"' reartr to IT!!1 at Nj Iui. - ';s C'ro, or n l" ottallol t a.l art or - l t. - 11.00. Iiy iia:l jr.fH( - l. II. 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If u do this, we kr.ov you wiU make ojr i!!H!d purchase here. iMi'oii'rru OF DIAMONDS R a ami 4. 1 - .', . Mrridia St. Cr7, (') 'A i I 77 Pictured at $5.00 You have certainly heard of Pyrex, even if you haven't used it. Pyrex U a kind of cooking utensil made of glass. It holds heat longer than any metal and is so attractive in appearance that food cooked in it may be served from the same dishes. The shock of sudden changes of heat or cold seem to have absolutely no effect on it. AVe have never knowtf a piece to break from thi3 cause. The 12 - pieco set. of Pyrex pictured is a special holiday grouping designed Little Stories of Daily Life Some Strategy No, Rategy. "Really," said the younff man aa h leaned over the cirar counter at the cor ner drug: store, "I can scarcely hope that any one will bellere this story. I will Just tell It and let It go at tbat. My wife the other day bought a dozen eggs no that Is not the most ,1m probable part of ' the story yes. she bought a dozen egs and hung them up In a basket In the cellar some distance from the - floor above. Hearing a noise in the cellar she was afraid to go down stairs, t tiptoed my way half a doaen steps down and there I saw a fine piece of strategy I mean rategy aa one could wish. "Three rats in a string, the top one on the cellar wall the lowest one in the basket, were passing the eggs from one to another. I made a little noise and the rats pulling themselves tip to the top of the wifil disappeared. "Eleven of the twelve eggs had been takem from the basket. There theywere all In a row on the top of the walL "I went upstairs to call my wife to show her those eleven eggs. I wasn't gone more than five minutes. When she came down the cellar steps with me and I was pointing to the top of the wall well, the eggs were gone. Then I looked into the basket for the twelfth egg. It. too, was' gone! An even dozen, at' - 4S cents! "No, I don't expect you to believe it I Just tell the story. Maybe you'll even doubt the price of the egs." Frenzied Finance. lie was a newcomer In the city and had Just reveled in one of its thrills. "It happened right near the mouth of en alley." he told the other fcllowa at the bar. "I'm from a little town, and nobody ever.held me up there. But I got a right good start In new sensations here. Just as I passed the alley some fellow threw his arms around my arms and' held me. Another man sla.pped one hand over my mouth. He used the other hand to go through my clothes. First he got my In - gersoll ahd then he got about in silver. " TVhere's yr froghides?' he asked. " 'My what?', says I. " Ter froghides,' he says. "What's themr says I. " 'Greenbacks,' says he. "And then I knowed what he meant. Eut I didn't have none." E. H. LlfiDLEY MAY LEAVE I. U. Report Say Head of Philosophy Department Will Go to Oregon. , ?po - ta! to The Indlanapol! News irLOOMINGTOX, Ind.. December X6. - Xr. Ernest IL Lindley, head of the philosophy department of Indiana university, will resign soon to go to the University of Oregon, according to a report here It is KiUd Dr. Undly will take a year's leave of absence, during: which his formal resignation ould bo withheld. Dr. Lindley lui - s not made any statement regarding tli report.' !r. Undiey has been .connected with Indiana university more than twenty - rive year?, and has been a member of the faculty nearly twenty years, lie received hi A. H. decree here In ISaJ. and his J - . - m. me loilowinsr vear. taklnir hi Ph. 1). at Clark university in li'T. Since men ne nas Deen in me pr.tlosophy and iisvciicioy aeparrments Here, ilis lee tyres in the classroom and over the state have given him a reputation as one of Indiana's foremost educators. At Two Below Zero Rooster Crows Hour and a Half Early tSrctaI to The In3ianapolta .'rw GREENCASTLE.. Ind., December 16. James Foggy, who has been wakened for several years by a rooster, has lost faith in his faithful g - uide. Mr. Daggy lives near a chicken yard where a rooster has been crowing at exactly 4:30 o'clock each morning for several years. The bird has nover varied more than a few minutes. Mr. Paggry beard hint crow yesterday morning, and got out of a warm bed with the ten - .perature 2 below ero. His clock had . tapped, but he continued dressing, an.l bad enough clottunR' on to keep from freeiins, when, he looked at his watch. It aid 3 o'clock. The rooster had betrayed Mm the coldest moraine of the winter. CICERO CHURCH DEDICATION. Indianapolis Minister to Deliver Ser mon for Christian Congregation. yprtal The Inianaro". Newt NOIUPSVIIJLr:. Ind.. Iecemberi. The Rev. C. W. Caubie. of Indianapolis, will preach th sermon at the dedication tomorrow of the new Christian churvh at Cicero, which has been completed. He wi,l be assisted by the F.ev. it. v. Crouch, the pastor; the Rev. U. C.'Howe, of NcMesviUe; th Rev. A. W. Wolff and the Rev. 1U H. Marsh, of llamtitou county. Many pioneer ministers of Indiana held pastorates at Cicero. Noise Attributed to Cold Found to Be Due to Flames j t?r"ll to Iba Indlanapoha Neiri COLUitBCS, Ind.. December K - Mrs. Clarence Barkes heard the house crack - Inland bulled the covers up closer under her chin. She remarked to her husband that the hv.:se always cracked - in cold The craokutg grew loader, and t - l.e x.i t up in bed t - if Mmet!;;r,sr was wrong. 'ne cot ner of trc rft;i vi .is in I'.atiie. - . Rarkfs grabbed a bed qu - .lt anJ tae "f .iiiies. A ch.mncy bad set tu ' ".o tr.e wall japr. . M . OF SWEDISH. EXHIBITION CONTAINS MANY BIG EFFECTS. I J - : ART INSTITUTE ATTRACTIONS The exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures by Swedish artists from the Panama - Pacific exposition now beinjr shown at the John Ilerron Art Institute, is attracting - the number of visitors that this rait her sensational attraction deserves. The collection will remain on view through New Tear's day and will then be sent to the Toledo Art Museum before it Is returned to its, home port. The opening reception to the members of the Art Association for the annual exhibition Is announced for Friday evening, January 5. 1 ' " Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 T. C. Steele will Rive an informal talk on the Swedish exhibition in the galleries where It is on disT'lay. ; An additional exhibit bf Importance is a rrllpftion nf American Indian reliuues. which are arranged in the lower eaft gal - l lery, lent by M. L. Andrews, of Bryant, Mo,, through' the oinces: of tne sr vouis museum. :, The Swedish exhibltlpn has been viewed bv thousands of people during its Itinerary to the leading museums over the country, as arranged by W. II. Fox, of the .Brooklyn Museum, through the Swedish commissioner. The various subjects, including vast snow covered fields, raow covered forests, snow Covered cliffs at the coast, and the winter sports pictures, illustrate the near - arctic life Of the Swedish people. Several pictures, particularly those by Anshelm Schultzberg, give the light and color to the landscape peculiar to the twilight eilect of the Swedish summer night. BJq sirld Stirring ' - Effects. Anno j Eoberg, gives, perhaps better the others, save Oscar Ilullgren. the overpowering and relentless forces of the sky, mountain crags and deep moving sea.1 a tremendous feeling and deep understanding of the typography of r the country,, a splfitual interpretation" of the bigness of the Creator and the temerity iof man. with his boats on the seas and his houses tarlir nnivw1 under in their tinv ihar bors, give us the sensational element for Which we look in this fascinating nijrth - land. ' Our American artists succeed in painting winter landscape, with bare trees, ice swollen rivers and a general feeling of chill in the air. but whep it comes to vast stretches of snow, or the study of surface "quality" on drifts and the subtle chance in color values' on the windblown rifts, they have t taloe off their hats to their Swedish confreres. Thev secure their effects with various methods and the varying technique adds an element of interestjand shows an independence that we admire, if we do not always approve. - Sehulzberg is direct and Is most easily understood, while Fjaestad (pronounced Fee - ay - stad), with his stippled effects, to give distance, mystery and vibrating atmosphere., . is mo're difficult to comprehend. ' Fjaestad, if somewhat, finical, is very; lmrressive with his vast' spaces, such as in bis moonlieht effects, particularly No. K oiled Meditation," .where the lone human figure seems to be standing on the "edse of. the universe." with only a few snow - covered rina trees to keep him company. ' Gustav Torsander also used .at stippled effect in technique, but with a more simplified "poster style" of arrangement In composition. I Masses of Drifted Snow. Erik Iledberg Is fascinated with masses of drifted snow, piled high over barns and fences, and succeeds in, interesting the observer with a very "simple motif with a single spot of color, as of some barn or other object emerging. .from the masse of white and gray snow. The list of figure painters is, of course, headed by Anders Zorn, great painter and marvelous euher. Only ono painting, and that not entirely representative of . this master, i ; sent, but wo are glad to have his "Delecarlian Girl in Winter Costume,", beautiful in Its directness of handling, if not as colorful as we might expect. Elsa liaeklund - Celsing's two full length portraits . of a girl tobogganing and a young man skiing are excellent pieces of worlt. Her sincerity of purpose Is evident and her. fhterest in the national sport and her artistic perception are not idealt w,ith j lightly, as might have been . tne case with some . artists in representing the fieetness of action. 'A subtle piece of artistry in the matter of arrangement is evinced in the "Boy Skiing." To avoid the rather feeling - that the figure is skating out of , the corner of the picture as bo leans forward, and down in tho pport, the artist has given his head an erect pose with eyes i looking far ahead "on the horizontal." thus preserving a sense of balaince and stability. Several - "very good portrait studies have previously been mentioned, such as Anna Wrangel's portrait of an old man with an earthen water. Jug. and Mas - Ollc's Delecarlian peasant type of an old man. with long silvery hair. The same artist has a profoundly interesting study of Rector Her.rik Schuck. in which a reflected light of bright green illumines the contour of 'the face and figure in a re - , markably true registry of tone. An Interesting Portrait Emll Osterman's portrait of Frofessor Carl Curman deserves greater praise than given at first notice, when the picture was seen under less favorable lighting. The three - quarter view of the head facing the llsrht affords an Interesting study in the shadows that nwdel the likeness of 'this rugged type of Scandanaviait echol ar. It is always interesting to see how an artist paints - the rather uninteresting wearing apparel of a man and in this instance the artist has succeeded, defining the lines of the figure underneath the folds of cloth without the cloth seeming to be made of armor plate, ai is so often the - case with bsRHant technicians. Antony tho more lowly types, Wilhelm Smith's "Plshcrfolk" Is an interesting bit of revelation' of color In the out - of - doors. The juxtaposition of bright violet, blue,' green and orange of their costumes and thn 'brilliancy' of the white fish in the net attracts the observer. Another good picture by Wllhelra Krrlth "ts his "Winter Afternoon." picturing the front door - yard of a house, but several others of his work seem confused and "wooly" in. effect. Gabriel Strandberg shows a number of bl.s low types of the city slums that are UKly In nentiment. His "Cripple" is his bo."t work, a sincere piece of rendition of character Krnst KusaI Is an animal painter of ability, but his study of ducks is perhaps his best work. Urunn Llljefors pronounced LU - ye - fors), the great painter of bird life, has sent only one picture, a very large canvas, representing two eagles with their prev, a white fowl. The decorative painting of Carl .ars - son, so popular With the Swedish people thems - elves, have already been noticed. The Imaginative drawings of John Rauer and illustrations by Klg:strom with their unusual power of execution, have already been noticed at lenpth as well as a number of other praphie artists Including Sicce Rerestrom.' Ferdinand Poberg, Johansscn - Thor and. Carl Peterson. Additional Sculptures. Since' the first notice of the Swedish exhibition in these columns additional sculptures have been installed. The group cf small bronzes by " Ruth warrani mu'iaiun ymiav xor the evuence oi uimsiiai aruji: jercen - tion on feeling for 'the 'beautifully homelv." Her "'Rusv Little Girl." working away at sew mg is delightful. The Little Crirpla Foy" "is an ir - .t cresting i - iece of work. Her "loune I'easant. Woman." balancing the water buckets is sincere and beautiful, and she strikes a deep note in tho bas - relief of the "Piaherman'a Vife." seated on the rocks, looking out to sea. and another of a group of fisher folk "Waitir - .s in Vain." - Herman Nec.jd has a reiparkably r.n head cf a your.g c!rl in carved wood Ci!:e.l. - "F.virteen "Ye - irs OM" Ar.der's Wis - jler's "Peasant Violinist" Is good, also John Roycson's Cor.solauon." . I.eiM JKr.i s - - n - ives a hu morons incident in the illustration of a fo - k tale in her "Ch:?i8.e!:nc." A. mythical little "trftll babv." (with 'tall arid eaif, has In - fri s - ibstif.itcd fa." the real baby of: a i.'!y of treat estate. Her vipressiou of coiufternaUou and grief is auioiiai, to STRIKING PAINTINGS THE REGIOf OF SNOWS ABE MARTIN. 0V (Oi J0K "Let me Inflict th' punishment on .our song writers an' I care not who makes our country's laws," 'said Tell Btnkley this mornin'; When it hurts V buckle your skates you're gittin' ole. say nothing of the baby trail who has been placed across her knees for punish ment. The decorative effect of mediaeval group. I 1 Axel Feterson'a carved work groups of the people of the "nlainer tvn" ar astonishing for their characterizations and directness of tochnique. "The Village Trial" is a. literary and dramatic document out of the province pi nign art," out none the less interest - . Ing. Their appeal is immediate for the ; reason of the "kindly satire" and the clever artistry of tle carver. 1 "The Game of Chess" is another strik - 1 ing group in the naivete and delineation of expression on the faces of the two men playing the same. Incidentally it might be remarked that the tam tit i cness is mentioned in the earliest lihuhic writing - s of the Scandinavians. Other sculptures in hronza will rciv further notice. RENA TUCKER KOIILMANX. Art Notes. The collection of sketches painted by Wayman Adams while on a sketching trip in the South and West, illustrating life in New Orleans and in Chinatown, San Francisco, is being shown under the auspices of the art department at Indiana University. ' . The exhibition of pastel drawings of J'ew York street scenes by Glen Henshaw, now being shown in the Newton Claypool building in Dr. Brayton's suite, is bv far the best showing that this talented artist has made. Some truly remarkable effects of lighting of clouds In the late afternoon suns and at night with the electrical displays of the metropolis, are of a high order. The painting by Albert Bierstadt called "Whytes Lake, Estes Park," presented to the Art Association by Pelavan Smith, has been lent for an exhibit at AVash - ington, 1. C, for the national park conference in January. . ' .. INDIANA NEWS IN BRIEF ROCKPORT Mr. and Mr. ' Gore W. Hile, of Dale, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Saturday. ELWOOD The Associated Charities, an Independent organization . formed hero aeveral years ago, haa been merged In the new Chamber of Commerce. LAWRENCEBURQ Mr. and Mrs. E. Darwin Bowlby celebrated tha flftletb anniversary of their wedding at their home in Harrison town - hP. Both were born in Dearborn county. GAS CrTT A Pennsylvania passenger train, Friday, atruck and killed William Tamder, airs thirty - five, of Ft. Wayne, when he was walking along - the track looking for wire trouble. RFsirVTTXE Herbert Gilnon has left for Fpokane, Wash., to collect $6,600 the supreme court cf that state hat ddclded in due him for injuries' he suffered on' a street car la Spokane two years at. ' LOOANfiPORT Fir at the Isac Ream boasdlng and - rooming - house FrUnv evening drove roomers into the zero weather. The building was almost destroyed. The damage will amount to about J2.000. VINCENNES After deliberating nine mln - Aites a jury In ths Knox circuit court found Alexander Evans, age forty - four, . guilty. of attacking a gjrl and sentenced him to from two to fourteeu ysara in the state prison. WORTHINGTON Pupils of the Worthlngton high school gave the operetta "Polished t ebbla." Friday evening at the opera hoiioe. Miss Nelle Jean directed the play, assisted by EmniPlt A. Rice. Mls Beatrice Kindred wss pianist. MICIIIGAV CITY Miss ESrmina Carry will leave New York for London and will become a nurse in the allies' service in France. She la the daughter of E. HV Carry, millionaire president of the Haskell - Barker Car Company, of Michigan City. BLOOMINGTON Mrs. Charles Deckard, wife ef a farmr, living near here, was burned so seriously Friday she may die. when her clothing was Ignited by an overheated stove. Members ,of the family extinguished the flames by rolling her in the snow. , MONTICELLO An indictment against Jar FtCKkton for perjury In t - sdfylng to flleld examiners of tha state board of accounts was quashed by Judge VVason because of errors in the Indictment. Tha state wlil file a warrant alleging against Stockton. , NOBLES VIT.LE A north - bound lnterurban car struck a buggy driven by Edgar Moshaugh at a cronslng a mile north of here Friday night, and the bCMe was killed instantly. Moa - t.auph escaped with a few Flight bruises, although the buggy was demolished. MCNClE The Munrle lodge of Fugles celebrated the payment of a debt of 31,010 on a fine lodge building by burning the mortgage at a social session. Two hundred rabbits, three roast pigs, many fowls and twenty gallons of oysters were used for a banquet. MOORES HILL A - senior piano recital at Moorcs Hill college was given In Carneglo hall by Mrs. Lela Mary Power, of Ijiwrenceburir. assUted gy Misa Mary Moynahan of Indianapolis. President Alfred F. Hughes, of Moorea Hill college. Is in New York city on business. NEWCASTLE The Church of Naxarene. In North Main street, will be dedicated Sunday. The Rev. Bud Robinson, of Pasadena. CaJ.. will have charge of the services and the Rev. T E. Harding, district superintendent, and the Rev. If. J.. ESlloU, the local pastor, wtil assist. DELPHI The new rresbyterlan church at TtockP.eld. which was built at a coat of tU.WQ, will bededlcated Sunday with services in the charge of the! pastor, the Rev. Francis M. Davis. Tha Rv. O. L. Prentice, of Romney. and the Rev. Lmmett P. Day, of Delphi, will assist. j BEDFORD Olive Shtvely. who pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to commit arson. w sentenced Friday to the Woman's prison tor from two to fourteen years by Judge Swaila. After being released some time ago on her own reoognlr.anre ahe left the city, but waa arrested In Illinois. WIN A M A O The trial of William Honk for connection with the Pout murder near Alilne, in 1915. has been continued until tha February term of the Pulaski circuit court,. ..The Rev. C M. Arthur, of Boswell. haa accepted a call to the Christian church here. Mr. Arthur is a graduate of Yale university. CON N F RSVILLE - Robert Agee. age forty - nine, dfed Thursday night of a revolver wound, suffered December , w hen - policemen Harry Daniels and Roy A - lama went to Airee's houee to forca him to move out and a fight fallowed. Adams shot Agee twice in the hack. Age wounded officer Daniels in the thigh. Agee leaves a wldiw and a son, Carlos Agee, aae sixteen, who waa slightly wounded In the aama quarrel. FRANKFORT New traffic signs at street, corners hera have caused several accidents to autoroobla driving around them. Charles lira, a merchant at 'ambria. attempted to drive around a aign Friday night, and the steering apparatus of his automobile locked. Tha car crashed Into an electric light pole, breaking U. and the poe fell on the machine, demolishing the top and windshield, and injuring Gum More than converslnna have been reported during, the alx weeks' revival services held . in the tabernacle here, w hich wt:i rlosa Monday evening. EvanKetlJt John Hamilton and bis party will learva Monday for Duluth. - j C - nEHNSBT - RG Mrs. Wllilnm R Wood, ef Anderson, rsed through here rictng a horse on hr way home from Irving. Ky. When with her husband In. h Kentucky town a. bourht a fine adi: hre and ene said she would ride It horn a. The tero weather did not change her plan and she has averaged thirty - eight mi'ea a dy. The entire distance Is IsS miles David Fnsteln, age forry - eight. of. Injlanapolla, was shockel by electricity at tha LAC, traction atatlon hers Krldav afternoon when ha stepped from the platform to a rail that bad become charged. lie waa rescued by bystanders with a rope. He waa unconscious several mlnsitea. S TfELB YVTLLE Drl George il Inloir, county coroner, in his vrlict on tha dath of Alfred Clcue, twentv - four years old. who was ki!i - i "r1day morning ia an autontobl - e accident here, says death was cauid '"by a broken neck and fractured fku'.l respiting from an auto skiidlng and crashing Into a tree." lieoftte Har - ding and Ray Bird were "In the car. Luis Ma'.h - s, who isS'i! concussion of the bra.ii. is aaghtly ImprovM b'Jt Ms condition uil remains serloua. 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TOE DAYLIGHT CORNER. a? Washington and Meridian H. H. Harrison, Pres. . . 'j - - j 1 Store Open Tonigfit Until 9 p. m. !j ! ! i ! M : j I : J L .il r: .'( .U,,J il 111 . A J oy fid Christmas Will result to those who receive our Blue1 Books 'with - a small deposit as a beginning. They teach thrift and independence. . . - .' Bankers Trust Company 10 East 5Iarket Street was drlvlnjr the machine, went to Indianapolis. Ha wa Buffering - wl - .h frozen feet and ars, and Intended to borrow money of friends In Indianapolis to so to Florida, he said. ANt)ERSOX The closlngr gesiilon of the OI I y III iJ ijrro x i iunj ... a it. , by 300 memkra and several 06 the irrand lodge , officers Knlfrhts of Columbus from Logans - ( tort. Muncie. Marlon, Kokomo and other points in xne ecxin uibtriufc viui district meeting here Friday nlitht. when James H. r lanercv, 01 rew iuin, ui;iviiio u.bM.a s the principal speaker. . J INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL CtiVINGTON Five of the eleven townships In Fountain county have employed agricultural instructors for school and home work. WIN AM AC The Citizens National Bank of Wlr.smas mailed Christmas Club checks Friday to many depositors for amounts of from $12.50 to t3. The total this yesr was more than $5, - 0J0. . CORTDOX A farmers' sho'rt course has been conducted here this weeK under the direction of Purdue university. There hav been classes in dairying, cattle breeding, poultry, stock Judg - ing. ai.d domestic sclrnce. " WINCHESTER The Citizens Water and Light' Company, of Winchester, has announced a reduction in rates, effective January 1. The minimum charge a month for lights will be "0 cents, and the minimum charge for water, JS. NEWCASTLE Records at the county recorder's office show that during the last eleven months K.OIS.OSS worth of real estate was sold In Henry county. Farm mortgages totaled t?.2,334, - and releases $tl.S... .Three Newcastle tanks have distributed more than $Q,000 In Christmas savings. . SHELBTVILLE Veterinary surgeons of Decatur, Johnson, Rush, liartholomew and Shelby counties have formed an organization to be known as the South Central Indiana Veterinarians' Association. Tne brnanizatlon metn - s; wss held here.i Ir. A. W. tubbs, of this city, wes elected president, and lr. C. H. Alnb - worlh. of Ureetishuissr. secretary and treasurer. The next meeting will be held at Franklin.. January 18. MUNCIE Whether Muncie shall have an electric light company to compete with the Muncie Electric Light Company probably will be before the public utilities commlnsion in January. The city council has wild the municipal light plant conditionally to Jack Stock - dale, of Andarsou, and probably will grant Slockdale a franchise. Then ritockdale wlil have to show the service commission that the plant h proposes to construct is "a convenience and a necessity." ' FRANKFORT The Ingram - Richardson Manufacturing Company, wnlcti recently built a bJic plant hre. liAS b - gun operations. The company establinhed a branch of Its Beave.r Faiia tt'a. plant hre to manufacture porcelain table tops, enamel slims and similar products. - Fifty men are employed. ...The Mo Ltougall kitchen cabinet factory, which suffered a MVtra fire loss several months airo, has rebuilt the factory tnat burned and haa added a new addalun. About ZuO men are employed. HARTFORD CTTT Unable to meet claims on a large contract at J'.amia. Ark., and another In Kentucky. Harry Lenen. a contractor here, has been adjudged insolvent, and E. F. Hrown. referee in bankruptcy at Joneuouro, Ark., has apjxjinted W. M. teirr.agle. of iia - ni'.a, Aik., receiver The Ameruart window gia - ss factory here cloned Friday because of a hortae of gas. throw ing aooul ' men out of work. Gas procucera are to be bulit. The Johnston giaaa factory, employing ai - iut v0 men. aiso is closed because of the gas shortage. , COLUMBUS The third annual Bartholomew county corn show closed here today. The modem farmer who raises fancy cum U's not handle his prlie ears rougy. He parks them carefully In a and handles the suit - rase ith great care. Charles b. Sh - rtj of GrtensJ urK. who wn the eweepsiakes at: the show wr.n ten ear of yellow corn entered in the profesjsi'Bial class, hi pel to win the et - stakes at oodland - this week also....U.' R. V'lfwI. of H'te. iialhoiomew county pc'lltry hfeeder. - place, a value of I' - O OvO on White Plymcuth Rock chickens on exbititlon at the Coliseum po' - iitr show in 'Chicago. Flshel wen f.rsf, second and third cock; second, fourth and tfta ben; first, second, third and fourth cock - A wardrobe trunk, well planned inside, attractive outside, and strongly made all through, is a lasting delight to those who 'travel, whether for business or for pleasure. The Charles IIayer & Co. wardrobe trunks have exclusive features. The simplified method of operation, the high standard of construction; comforts and conveniences avoid much needless trouble and irritation to the traveler. Prices range from $30 to $100 A wonderful collection; from .... .....$1.50 to $12.00 erel; flrst.' second, fourth1 and fifth pullet; first and second old pen; first, second and third young pen, and a sliver cup for having the best display. - ALEXANDRIA Jay Carson, formerly partner of Charles Shaw, of Warren. In tho mineral wool manufacturing bustn - i here, which failed when fhaw lost a Rood sized fortune, Is ehe T'latntllf In a suit for iSo.lKu to go on trial Monday . In superior court in And - rson, KKainst the General Inflating and AIanufvl turing Company of this city. .Carson asMnrts he had a verba! contract with William Faye. reneral inannirr of the company, to receive HO a week for the remainder of his life. Carson isal.l he faUd to receive his weekly check after six months of employment. Faye says he had no such agreenit - nt - "with Caruon. Factories using ras from ! tho West Virginia field have been cut offJ bv the Central Indiana Gu Company because - of the shortage of gas. The domestic trade in Alexandria will be supplied during the winter A short - tifce of KM and sand at the l.ijtpinc - ntt CilasH factoty caosed the bisr taak to shut ilown. Railroad oftioiala say they will be able to supply cars for sand deliveries In a few days. Six hundred Rlass workers are employed at the plant. ' .DENES WASTE OF RATIONS. Governor of Marion Soldiers' Home Discusses Report to the Congress. Special to The lndiiinrspo!!s News ; MARION. Ind.. December 315. Discussing a - report to the congress by the ,Jn - Bpector - gen6ral ' regarding conditions at the - National Home for Veteran Soldiers here, A. B. Cramptoru governor of the home, said that a mistake by a former official had made it appear that unnecessary rations had heer. 'asued, but that this was not true, lie said "boo - tletsKlns" and ether IlleKat liiurr ra'cs near the home occur, . but declared this is not within the Jurisdiction of the officials of the home. I The inspector - Keneral reported to the congress that rations for persons in excess of the number required had been Issued in 1915, and that home officials were not taking proper steps to prevent bootlegging." A Real Xmaii Tresertt. Protect your health end ssve fuj with a storm door and Wfather strips. Call us for estimates, ilam 77i or Woolruff o Bock Equipment Co., 60i Fletcher Trust. Hoists, mUera. nir compressors, pumps, etc. Contractors' machinery for rent and sale. o 1 I'toneer Braes Works, 42 S. 1'rnnsylvanla. Aluminum, Hrass, phosphorus fcronre casting's, brass railltiKS and i - jt wiorlt a spialty. Rubber Stamp Slakera Mnee 1884. Pea!., stencils, checks, advertlslnir novelties. GEO. J. MAVKK CO.. 55 S. Meridian st. Thiele Ht arm Air Furnaces. Get rar: estimate. Sei our ne - 'i - st features. L. C. Tbiele' . S. !erid:an st. . "Ho Folrtt Flettrlc iwutini 'Iran - r, $23. SklUman Electric Co., S. Capitol ave. , . o ' Jos. flanJner, 41 Ky. Are. 1 hones J2J. Furnaces, autters,' spoutlns; - aad rooBn. CASTOR SA For Infants and Cbildica !nU5oFcrPvcr30Ycsr3 Always' bear the Sasvtur ' I - 3 u VJUl ! U. JV, UEiTPSTEAD. lr. J. P. BOSS. Irta. Mrs. Young and the War - and - Winter - Time Price on Butter Mrs. Tounjr, mother cf thrp yourpsters with healthy a p tit her husband, an out - floor worker, knows heat - prodvi. Ins foods are tssenttal these cold days and also that economy if imperative. Take butter. Good fcutter was fo Fh "consnlert - A sulstitutea. She learned from authorities that buttcrlne (oleomarparlne or rar - frarine, the three names mean the sr. - !ei of frond quality has practically the same nutritive value of hisrh prade butter, that it 13 cleanly made 1m Government Injected chnrneri - s,l front clean wholesome Ingredients (rallk. cream, butter, oleo oil. which U mada from selected fresh beef fat. neutral oil. which in made from lat fat. peanut oil. - cottonseed oil. etc., not all of which are used in any one brand or quality of margarine, that the cost was but' little ' more than half that of the butter. - She learned that marparlne manufacturers must ray a 10 - cent - a - pound Government tax If they color their proinct, which tax probably was Imposed IhrouKh the influence of interests with no mar - Karlne to sell hut that she could get coloring free and color her own If she wished. Because many people think (rood marfrartie is Inferior to srood butter - It may he assumed that at some time misleading advertising gave that false Impression and that explains this Bureau' Interest. nei report any experience t may have Tilth misleading adrertjlne r aelliaK practice, to the f Better Business Bureau of the Advertisers Club It! Office hours by appointment. Main 111 In the Pearson Anniversary tSale you will find four floors of high grade pianos and players both new and used. The prices are considerably less than usual. ' . - mm AS earson 128 - 130 North tmmmmmm OXE PHICR MILWAUKEE MURIUIALL 30 - 32 Soath XT . Bicydes, Children's Autos, ; - rtt r sj ueiOGspacies, Berry - Marsh Danse Siudios A few lessons at our studios will make yon proficient in toe new dances. Frlvafe or elans Illinois and North Street. Instruction Tiion. Maiu 63iM. EXPERT DEVELOPING AND PRINTING SATISFACTORY HF.SII.TS (.rAHANTi:r.l STUCKY'S DRUG STORE STKAMIIII 1.1 MCS. EAMSHIP TICKETS DO YC'J KNOW ABOUT R EASY PLAN '1 r CF SAVING? It will heln fou to make more money. If you make theae deposits every week jod will have In one year: El 00 6 or $".a.0 :5c f :o.oo l.oo f.v - '.eo f ;s 00 '' Sl.OO l4.00 p'.r.o . ci.Ki.ito ;l,00 fl.1S.00 ks..oo ti.'t' 1 10.00 i:o.ou To i hlrh we dd "ti lteret. Mart small and crow big. FIDELITY TRUSTCO. Ill K. Market. 11(11 fcl.S AM) HKMIHIV FA kalaW ta - rsVaUf Bet 5'Ji Are. & Zsvulvsj. Fireproof - Mxerr CentraL 2?3 ROOMS WITH EATliS. n t r i!aUt TsbU a'Kote led a la Cart WBJTB K1 BOOKT.ET. T. p - nnrrjrEr. fjcoiv In hfart cf nhopjlnj an l anius" - .. .... I rnnl. lis,rlct. Mniern brick ALlL iI 1 bull iinK. steam heatel. e - evati.r. J.'CASCiilil FLORIDA ! iTX" . 1 11 Lt rta. turoesn wiia rstcl In hot - L w rue for boo :n. Desks c Office Furniture AETNA CABINET CO. 321 - 331 West Maryland Street JUST WEST cf SENATE AVENUE. Open Evenings Until Christmas In order to serve those who do not find it convenient to do their holiday shopping during the day we will be open evenings until Christmas. X: t! 4GS Chamber of Commerce; US . Meridian. . - . rtano ! Pennsylvania Street. TO KYKRYROnY mmmmm "Kkep on Nibbling?? V rnn C HP T? V ATT. DEALERS CO., Dist. CapltoL usgons, oascGrs ST5 " M""i LOCAL AGENTS FOIi ALL LINES TIIOS. C()0K & SON STICAMSIIII DEI'AHTSlE.Vf Merchants ilationnl Dank ltK.NZrX HUO.H. Slerrhaata Usak Huildlac 1' , 1 wtrcs - eiDfrrti' - fc i 7'7 - MMU .UIJiW liunmii U.i M ton steamers epnj)f om jk fr travel la ilia tmpics. or sailmas asd raue p. "ri osricca eeoaowar. a. r.; Fr easel Bros. Merchants National Bank. r i . .1. r Vi W. Wnvlilimiini frrc. . Cordova iiutldisx First in KODAt NISHING ali i.aJ Lj3 fc J jiS St VU'.ST VASIIIf;TO - STHF.KT ;1 k. : More for Your Money t Reorganization Sale FURNITURE . Oil. V.ii,', - t

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