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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 7

The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 7

The Baltimore Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:

THE SUN, BALTIMORE, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 4, 1920. i banded with far. These combinations of satin and poulette are worked oat in several gay shades with some little va- A Few Striking Ideas For The Palm Beach Visitor FROCKS DEAR BUT CHIC New Sports Dresses Priced Up To Census Taker's Many Questions Must All Be Answered Fully Some Queries May Seem "Too Personal, But Each -Forms An Important Link In A Chain Of Data Which Will Be Of Inestimable Value To The Government. HEHMAX. Werner Syndicate. $175 In Shops Here. HATS ALSO WILL COME HIGH Really Smart Models Are Tagrg-ed At 950, But Very Nice Sailors May Be Had At $20. They are high, both In price and from the ground, the new sport dresses now being shown for the Southern tourist, but they are dazzlingly smart. Sixty-five dollars to $175 is the range of prices for the advance models, but they are guaranteed to uphold the Baltimore girl's reputation for style in any resort from Ashville to Palm Beach. Thk Sun artist, whose business it is to decide what is beautiful and what isn't, admits that the white satin ones, trimmed in bands of camel's hair, worthy to be called "costumes." There is considerable rivalry between two classes of sports dresses the frocks of fantasi and those of satin and camel's hair. Both styles can be developed with hats, bags and parasols to match, in material, as well as shade. Of course, when milady appears in one of these costumes she is worth enough; as she stands, to send, a -boy to college for a year, but she is "lovely to look at," as the dramatic critics say of Belasco shows. Fantasi A Hew Material. Fantasi is a new material that is an elaboration of the lovely corded silks which have been in favor several seasons. One of the large stores is showing a model in fawn color that is particularly stunning because of its simplicity and long artistic lines. The skirt, tightened in a little around the feet, is covered to below the knee with a smock of fantasi. It has mysterious fastenings on the side and the back is formed of two panels lined with turquoise blue. A heavy silk embroidery of turquoise blue interwoven with Persian shades is the trimming, and the waist line is only suggested in this frock with a narrow sash. A hat made of the same shade of fantasi can be found to go with this dress, the hat following the Napoleon shape, with its only trimming a small ornament of turquoise blue beads. This dress should have a bag to match and a parasol with ivory handle tipped with amber. But even more smart is the suit of white satin and white and yellow camel's hair. This model has a plain satin skirl with a heavy band of the canary-colored camel's hair of poulette, as they are calling it this season, around the bottom. The jacket, a sleeveless affair, is not even seamed up the sides, but is held together with loops of satin caught by yellow buttons. A sport shirt is worn with this and a tam hat of the camel's hair or one of the new high-crowned sailors, banded with camel's hair in about the same way that winter hats are Iriation of style in the jackets, though tney are an snort with nigh-waistea oelt. For the golf course there is a plain skirt of black and white poulette, with tam and scarf of the same heavy material to match. Price Is Only 81TB. Then there are coat suits of "Kumsi Kumsa," a silken material that suggest brocade. These are not. as jaunty as the camel's hair frocks or its chic as the fantasi, but they are very handsome for the more mature woman. A number of clever devices in tailoring are employed in these suits, such a subtle sort of shirring around the collar to soften the severity at the back. These suits suggest maturity. They are a mature price, too, $175. Especially smart hats now in the shops include two soft-crowned turbans one in rose, the other in blue threaded with gold and trimmed with a tassel of gold-colored silk. Then there are sailors, of which the smartest are trimmed with bands of camel's hair, while a $50 model shows the drooping brim. This hat has a flame-colored crown embroidered in brown silk. It is lined with brown straw and the only trimming is a bunch of miniature pine-combs. Tne sailor hats range around $-0 in price. IiHtt Directory Publisher Dead. New York, Jan. 3. George B. Mar-tindale, publisher of the American Law Directory, died in a Brooklyn hospital early today of pneumonia following an operation for appendicitis. lie was born in Newcastle, in 1S04 and lived in Chicago prior to coming to New York 15 years ago. HAVE YOUR FURNITURE RE-UPHOLSTERED NOW Get ready for the coram indoor season, when you want your house to loo's: the best. 5-PIECE PARLOR SUITE From Up We Call For and Deliver By Auto Truck NORTHWESTERN UPHOLSTERING CO. 1312 Pennsylvania Avenue Madison 3139-J Baltimore Maryland New York no President Wilson in his recent proclamation, "is to, secure general statistical information regarding the population statistics. No person can be harmed in any way by furnishing the information required. The census has nothing to do with taxation, with military or jury service, with the compulsion of school attendance, with the regulation of immigration or with the enforcement of any national, State or local law or ordinance. There need be no fear that any disclosure will be made regarding any individual person or his affairs. For the due protection of the rights and interests of the persons furnishing information every employe of the Census Bureau is prohibited, under heavy penalty, from disclosing, any information which may thus come to his knowledge. therefore, earnestly urge upon all persons to answer promptly, completely and accurately all inquiries addressed to them by the enumerators and other employes of the Census Bureau and thereby contribute their share toward making this great and necessary public undertaking a success." Where The Data Goes. The census taker who comes to you is personal point of contact which starts operation of a vast machine. After you more or less begrudgingly supply him with the desired information he forwards his records through a census supervisor to a central office in Washington. There in one of the big emergency war buildings the data on the large schedule transferred to small cards by means of mechanical punch, which makes holes the cards to indicate the particular facts to be recorded. Until this census machine, designed with a lever working in an arc, had been operated by hand. This year the holes will be indicated, the cards punched and the complete record made in one operation by means of a new electrical device. Automatically assorted by another machine the cards are then shot into tabulators. These lemarkable electrical contrivances are capable of handling 425 cards a minute. By an ingenious arrangement a pin tox is brought down over each card. Those needles, which meet an untouched space, are repressed. Those which pass through the holes from electric contacts and register op a series of dials, which record the desired information. The data is then taken by the statistical experts of the Government and prepared for publication with a speed that astounds the rest of the world. Most of countries have tried to emulate us, none has been able to approach the efficiency of our system. Constitution Requires Census. The Constitution requires that a census enumeration be made every 10 years the apportionment of the Representatives in Congress. In 1790 the First Congress passed an act calling upon President Washington to secure the enumeration. Only six questions were asked, but the census takers had an even harder time of it than now, when encountering indignant housewives or suspicious farmers. Not being experienced in the art of census taking, the investigators met with kinds of rebuffs. Many of the inhabitants thought that the enumeration was some scheme to foist a new kind of taxation upon them. There was also opposition on religious grounds. The Testament records an unpleasant account of a venturesome king who brought down the wrath of Heaven by taking a census of the children of Israel. Yet, in face of all these hardships, besides the physical difficulties of covering country, the first census was collected by 050 enumerators at a cost of little more than a cent per capita population. There were no printed schedules. 1. This new bonnet, combining dull tones of brown and flame color, is an expensive model, as the crown is hand 2. The sport girl will be very dashing at Palm Beach this year in her camel's hair suits. The golf costume in this black and white striped camel's hair and silk shirt, and the walking suit is of satin with bands of yellow camel's hair. 3. The turban style in this hat is made up in green silk' threaded with gold. 4 and 5. The new sailor hats for Palm Beach are trimmed with camel's hair, following up the fur-trimmed hats for No. 4 is orchid colored, with bands in camel's hair or poulette in contrasting shades of orchid, and Model No. 5 is brown, orange. embroidered. picture has skirt, scarf and tam of the Northern winter season. Model with the bands of brown and burnt sus enumerators in taking their accounting of the nation the Census Bureau will be able to have the population returns ready for publication by "March 15, making the fourteenth census a record-breaker in all respects. Howard and Lexington St. Even the headings on the pages were written by hand. Although there had been some accounts taken by populations before 1790, the United States census of that year was the first instance in history in which, the need for periodical enumerations at definitely fixed intervals was recognized and provided for. The results were so satisfactory that England, Denmark and Norway recognized their importance and started plans to take a census of their peoples. they did not get started until the beginning of the nineteenth century. Scope Enliwsred. In 1810. In 1810 queries about the manufactures of the country were added to the eight general questions. The scope ot the inquiry became enlarged in the following enumerations, and in 1850 a census board was appointed, and the "first modern" census was compiled. But the decennial inquiry was so extended that mechanical assistance had to be found in, order to handle the returns without too great delay. In 1870 the first effort was made at electrical counting. Marshals ana then supervisors were added to the force. The number of enumerators exceeded 50,000 in 1900, and it was decided to make the Census Bureau a permanent office. Necessity had forced this development step by step, for it would have been impossible to handle the recent re- turns without such assistance and man agement. For the 1920 census new improvements have been devised, and it is expected that the population totals will be completed two weeks earlier than heretofore. Ex-Servlce Men When plans were being made for this fourteenth census it seemed that there would be some difficulty in getting the requisite number of clerks and enumerators, on account of the decline in he market value of the dollar. Ex-service men came into the breach, however, arid the full ranks of 5,000 Washington clerks and 87,000 enumerators were soon filled. For the first time in the history of the American census women have been appointed to jobs as supervisors. One of these has charge of all the special census clerks living in Washington, and of their general welfare and working conditions. Negroes have been added to the force of enumerators to expedite the gathering of the information among the colored people. School children have been enlisted to explain the work of the census and convey to their homes the information that the taking of the census is a gigantic task that can only be carried out if all people co-operate in giving the enumerators correct and complete answers. With such co-operation it is expected that the work begun on Friday will break all previous records for speedy In Connection With James McCrecry Buy Furs Here Now Practically Our Entire Stock Consisting of Coats, Coatees, Dolmans, Novelties, Stoles, Scarfs, Muffs and Matched Sets, all of which are high grade, dependable qualities now offered At Generously Reduced Prices When you take into consideration that we own these furs for less than they can be replaced today and that our prices were marked on our low cost, you will more genuinely appreciate what a really golden opportunity this is. The following are typical of the many offerings now made Br ALEXANDER Copyrighted, 1313, by the Alined with a paper badge, a book of instructions and an insatiable curiosity, a stranger soon will come knocking at Tour door. Standing on the threshhold he win demand admittance and there "will be no denying him. Memories of the past will be revived. Ten years back you had an experience with another man carrying a similar badge and instruction book. When he began prying into private family affairs you ordered him out of the house, but he came right back a Federal officer and forced you to answer his questions, despite all your protestations. So you ask the .1020 visitor in. He looks around for a long table, opens his portfolio, pulls out a large blank, spreads it open and then looks at you quizzically. You may fidget, but the composure of the man will not be the least affected. He is a census enumerator and comes to you backed not only by an act of Congress but by the United States Constitution itself. Then, He Begins His Worlc. Leisurely turning over the pages of his little guide book he completes the preliminary preparations. He pulls out his pen, runs his eyes over the 29 columns of the schedule before him, and then begins his inquest. After recording your name and address, he begs to be enlightened about your relationship to the head of the family. You answer. He asks if you are sure. While you counter, he opens another point of attack and starts talking about your home. You begin to tell him about the profiteering landlord who raised the rent four times during the last year. But the enumerator stops you. Hu is not interested. There is no room on the census sheeito record your observations. What he wants to know is whether von own your place or pay rent for it. If you are the owner, you have to tell about the mortgages. Then starts a personal description. Liooking up from the instruction book, the enumerator asks about your sex and color. That is not enough. He wants to know your age last birthday. You tell him you are 30. He looks up with suspicion, and then looks down again quickly. Warning number 123 in the instruction book tells him that most ages ending in an "0" or "5" are approximations given by persons not knowing, or not wishing to give, their exact age. He asks for your age again, and then records it, shaking his head dubiously. More Questions Follow. "Are you single, married, widowed or divorced?" In those instances where the enumerator is a woman, it may be well to keep an eye on the young men of the family. This is Year, when it is quite the proper thing for the lady to pop the question. Although the census takers are not allowed to keep any copies of their reports, they may make mental notes of the eligibles, and plan a subsequent "follow-up" visit. You answer and wonder if more intimate relations are to be treated. The personal survey, however, is at an end. and you feel relieved. Queries about citizenship and naturalization- follow, and then comes a discussion about educational qualifications. Whether you have attended school September, 1919, or not, the investigator asks about your ability to read si iid write. It makes little difference what language you know. It may be Friulan, Basque or White Russian. As long as you can read and write it your education is quite satisfactory. "Do Yon Speak English?" Satisfied with the answers to the fore- ing, the enumerator then takes up the of your nativity and mother He makes inquiry about your parents. You give him the desired in-rrmation. He then suddenly turns round and asks whether you speak You are exasperated. After spend-ua all this time, it seems that the census enumerator ought to know whether yu are able to talk the language of the hnd. Half apologetically, he explains that the language question, which should have been placed near the educational group, is numbered 25 on his chart, and follows the queries on nativity. He is under orders to maintain the sequence and get answers to all the questions in their order. A bit more sympathetic, you listen for 1 he next query. It is about occupations. If you have a profession or calling, he will record it and then ask for particulars. If you are a weaver the enumerator wants to know in what kind of mill you work. If a lawyer, he asks about practice. If a seamstress, he wants to kfow whether you work out or do it at home. You then have to tell him whether you are an employer, a wage-worker an independent entrepreneur doing work on your own account. No Work, For Housewife. But if you tell the census taker that you are a housewife, a cynical smile will cioss his face, for the American house-vife, the Census Bureau has decreed, is not "gainfully employed" and is therefore listed with those who have no work, I lofession or calling of any kind. Women doing farm work for only a few hours a day are in the same category. "What is a housewife, anyway?" once asked Sam L. Rogers, Director of the Fourteenth Census. "Do you call the woman who never goes near the kitchen than to admire its spotlessness and liirects her household from an office by the same term that you give to the women living in small apartments and doing all their own work? Can you classify the woman in rural districts who attends to the family vegetable garden, takes a hand at the hoe, puts up quantities of preserves and does all her housework besides? The questions the census takers would have to ask for such a classification would probably be more personal than the women would want to answer. How many would stand for the taker politely inquiring whether she did her own washing and ironing?" "Family" Ha New Menjiinxr. Asking one other question about a farm schedule if you have a farm, the enumerator stops, blots his sheet and then turns back to Question 1. Yon imagine that you are through, but he informs you that he must enumerate similar information about each member of the family. This word "family" for census purposes has a somewhat different application from that of popular usage. Boarders, servants, friends, all persons livinc in the same dwelling with you are part of your family. It makes no difference whether they are related by ties of kinship. If they are part of your household they are considered as members of your family. All the occupants of a hotel or boarding house constitute a census "family," officials and inmates of an institution all ccme together under the same category. On the other hand. tit watchman who sleeps in the back of a store is returned as a whole family, while his wife and children who live on the next street are reported as a separate group. Strange are the classifications of the census Tfcrongh For Another lO Tears. Completing the queries about the family, the census enumerator folds up his population sheet, and pulls out a npplemental schedule to record the records of the blind and deaf mutes. If no additional information is forthcoming, the man will close his instruction book, replace the fountain pen in his pocket, slip his sheets into his portfolio and bid vou a good afternoon. You will through with the census enumerator for another 1U years. You may be peeved with him, for taking up so much of your time. You may be angry for his seeming impertinence. But you should not forget that he is and resources of the country and replies are required from individuals only to permit the compilation of such general engaged in a civic duty of the utmost importance to the entire nation. President Defines Purpose. "ffho-poi purpose of the census," said the the is a on this the but for all Old the MllllllHllllllMf, jpllllllllllHlllllip -ijjj' 11 P- compilation and publication. The census this year is starting earlier than any of the others. From 1790 to 1820 the census enumeration did not begin until the first Monday in August. From 1830 through the 1900 census the count was taken on June 1. The thirteenth census was started April 15, 1909. This year we will have a New Year's Day tally, for all records will be based on the first day of the year. May Be Ready March IS. Although the population table will be but one of several records that are made, it will undoubtedly be the most desired. More than 50 representatives of New York's business, civic, social and religious organizations have taken steps to obtain preferential treatment from the Census Bureau by the early reporting these results. It is pointed out that during, the present period of reconstruction the census facts of the Empire State will prove of national importance if the information is prepared in properly detailed form to make analysis of districts possible for research purposes. It is expected that the final tabulation will show a marked shift in the direction of urban populations. In 1910 the rural residents led their city brothers by 7.4 per cent, of the total. Some of the agricultural leaders say that this advantage will be maintained. But what is the use of indulging in prophecy? If the people of the nation assist the cen- a Piano Your "Silent" Piano or Exchange Ordinary Player Toward Knabe Ampico Reproducing No. 1 HuJson Seal Coat; 40-inch length; large self-draped collar and bell sleeves; was $485.00. Now $395.00 No. 2 Natural Mink Cape Coatee; very fashionable; with belt, and beautifully trimmed with tails; was $745.00. Now. $595.00 No. 3 Caracul Dolman, with large shawl collar and deep cuffs of Australian Opossum; was $495.00. Now $395.00 No. 4 Hudson Seal Coat; 36-inch length; large self -collar and bell cuffs; was $375.00. 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