The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on December 6, 1911 · 5
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 5

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1911
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THE SUN, BALTIMORE, WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 6, 1911. tr IN SUBURBS AND COUNTY Orphans' Court Judges Sworn In, With Judge Tracey Chief. FLOWERS FOR NEW SHERIFF Estate Of Mr. Isaac S. Sanner Is Distributed Among Widow And SonsBonds For Xew Officials. The Orphans' Court entered upon its duties yesterday for four years with Jude K. Clinton Tracey as chief judge and Judges II. Seymour Piersol and Patrick Bradley as associates. Mr. Tracey was designated as chief judge by Governor Crotheis. Chief Judge Melchor Hotihall retired, and in au address said that his term as a member of the court had beii most pleasant and closed by 'congratulating the present members. The court reappointed Mr. leorge Pauth as appraiser and Mr. William Bowen of S. bailiff. Each member of the court Ttas presented a bouquet of Cowers by Register of Wills William J. Peach and his deputies. Messrs. Hugh P. Price, John Green and Eugene GosncII, and Mr. Fauth. v."Mr. Michael J. Gaff, the newly elected Sheriff, was sworn in. and in taking charge of the office announced the reappointment of, 'Mr. W, George" Marley as his chief deputy and secretary and Mr. Caieb C. Burton as deputy. A large delegation from the Twelfth district was on hand to see their candidate take charge of the office, and numerous floral designs were'' received from his admirers. Among them was a huge horseshoe of white and yellow chrysanthemums from Mr. John E. O'Connor, across which was a white ribbon bearing the word "Success" in gold letters. Sanner Kstate lit Divided 'The will of Mr. Isaac S. Sanner, a former Sheriff of Baltimore, who died November 12. was admitted to probate yesterday by the Orphans Court at Towson. He bequeaths his household ejects to his widow, Mrs. Leonora Sanner. His property, 933 North Gay street, goes to his three sons, Frank F.. MeHin C. and William L. Sanner. They are also given specific articles of Jewelry und $500 each. Another son, John S., is to receive the income of $500 for life, which amount is to be distributed to his children at his death. Mr. Frank A. Furst is named trustee for this fund and also for one-ninth of the residue which is left to John S. in the same manner. The widow Is to receive one-third of the residue and each of his four sous one-ninth. One-ninth is given to his gramlsou, Charles Bell, and one-ninth to his grandsons, Roy and Arthur Duncan, to be equally divided between them. .Mr. Sanner directs that all his property be eonverted into cash for the purpose of making distribution, and Mr. Furst is named executor without bond. The will is dated April 1. 1908. New Officials Are Bonded. Bonds of the newly elected officials of the. county were tiled yesterday in the clerk's office at Towson. Mr. Michael J. Gaff. Sheriff, furnished bond for $10,000, with ,the National Surety Company f.s Burety. through Mr. William S. Keech, the local ageut. The Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland is surety on the boud of Count- Commissioner Jharles I. Mattfeldt. who was elected president of the board. The American Surety Company of New-York furnished bond for County Commissioner William' F. Coghlan and Mr. Henry I. Mann and the other member of the board gave personal security, with George S. Mann and Charles J. Fox as sireties. The penalty of the Commissioner's bonds is S2,50. All the bonds were approved by Judge Frank I. Duncan. favors License Reciprocity. At, a meeting Monday evening the Hamilton Improvement Association put itself cr, record as favoring reciprocity in regard to wagon license between Baltimore county and Baltimore city. The resolution was offered by Mr. 'nillara McCaUister. A committee Ayas appointed to wait on the County Commissioners to have fire plugs on Mary avenue and to have streets in West Hamilton repaired. The locating of the State Normal School at Hamilton was discussed. "John Neidhardt and John Ramming were appointed as a sidewalk committee to. have sidewalks laid between Glenmore and Hamilton avenues on the east 'side of the Harford road. A committee was appointed to wait on the Oraugeville, Belair road, LauraviMe, Parkeville, Govans and Towson associations in reference to the-roads to be built out of the ?1 ..".00.000 road loan. Thieves Make Another Hani. Chicken thieves, who have been active in and around Catohsville in the past month, made a raid early yesterday morning on the hen houses of Mr. Adam Repp, near Catous-ville. About IS fowls were taken. The thieves took the chickens from a shed, cutting the heads off the fowls. They left a new pick behind with which they bad attempted to force the lock on the main hen house. Mr. Tliomn U. Stocksdale Dead. Mr. Thomas Rkb.-ird Stocksdale. a well-known poultry denier of Franklintown. died Monday evening at his home. Forest avenue extended, after a brief illness. Mr. Stocksdale was 47 years old and is survived by a widow, Mrs. Martha A. Stocksdale, and one son. New Pastor Of Hillsdale Chnrch. Rev. Dr. Robert II. Fleming, of Lynchburg. Vs.. has been appointed pastor of Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church. Hillsdale, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the pastor. Rev. Locklan MacLean. which occurred about 15 months ago. Dr. Fleming is well known in Lynchburg, where he has been a minister for more than 2." years. For 20 years he was pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Virginia and later became superintendent of the Tresbyterian Orphanage of Virginia. During his stay in Virginia he was also a member of 'the board of trustees of Washington and Lee University and was well known in that section of the old Dominion for his church work. Dr. Fleming is very fond of horses, and every day can be seen taking his daily horseback ride through the village of Hillsdale and surrounding country. v Last evening the congregation of Hillsdale church gave Dr. Fleming and Rev. S. M. Gillian and Mrs. Gillian' a reception in the Sunday-school room of the church. Refreshments were served and a musical program given. Reverend and Mrs. Gillian, who are missionaries, will sail from New York Thursday for India, where they have been laboring in the missionary fieids for several years. They have been visiting relatives at Hillsdale for several weeks. Texas C. B. L. Elects. The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of Texas Council, Catholic Benevolent Legion, held Monday night : President Vincent Vicari. Vice-Pmideat Edward J. Doyle. Secretary Lawrence T. Scully. Collectcr-M. F, Kecny. ' Orator Thomas E. Kclley. Treasurer Richard J. MeKnight. - Marshal John B. Mccre. Char-lam Rev. K. C. Campbell. Guards William T. Scally and Michael Padian, Trustees Richard McNicliolay, John Hyland and Daniel Feeney. Representative to the State Council Peter Mul-cahy.- Alternate Jaraes-'F. Rafferty. In Honor Of Miss 3Iarie Ilussey. A handsomely arranged reception was given yesterday by State's Attorney and Mrs. Robert H. liussey at Monte de Bus-sey. their home in Coekeysville, in ionor of their daughter. Miss Marie de Sales Bus.-sey. The rooms were-beautifully decorated with laurel and pink roses and soft shaded lights to correspond. Mrs. and Miss Bns-sey were assisted in receiving, by Misses Belle and Sallie Cockey. - A collation was served during the afternoon. Mr. Michael Scally Buried. The funeral of Mr. Michael Scally.. of Coekeysville, who died of paralysis on Sunday, took place, yesterday morning. A requiem mass was celebrated in St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Texas, by Rev. Richard C. Campbell. The music was in charge of Miss Cecelia Doyle, organist. Burial was in the church cemetery. Messrs. Michael Caslin, John Owens, Frank Man-ion, Thomas Doyle, James Gavin and John Ctfslin were pallbearers. Engagement Announced. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell JIale. of Park-tou. Seventh district, announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss Phcebe Blanche U&let to Mr. J. Wilbur Cecil, of Baltimore. Their nmrrlagc will take place the latter part of the month. Miss Hale is a teacher of the public school at Shawan, Eighth district. Mr: Cecil is the son of Mr. John Cecil, 2126 Walbrook avenue, Baltimore. Sparrows Point And Vicinity., Mr. II. F. Martin, general manager of sales of the Maryland Steel Company, with offices in Philadelphia, was a visitor yesterday at the works. Miss Pauline Abbott, of Baltimore, and Mrs. T. A. Smith and Miss Elsie Smith, of Rklgely, were guests yesterday of Doctor and Mrs. W. M. Carmine. Mr. J. B. Ladd, a well-known engineer of Philadelphia and formerly one of the executive officers of the Maryland Stee! Company, was a visitor at the Point yesterday. Mr. William Wood, a student at Merccrs-bnrsr Academy, is the guest of his mother, Mrs. It. K. AVood. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Day, of Ridgely, Md., are guests of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hackman, of Washington, spent several days with relatives. ENDS LIFE WITH ACID AT 22 1:1. S. Warfleld, Of Howard Conntr, Found Dead By His Roommate. Evan S. Warfield, 22 years old. of Glen-wood, Howard county, committed suicide early this morning in his apartments, 724 North Howard street, by drinking carbolic acid and was found dead in his bed shortly after 9 o'clock by his roommate, Charles Banks. According to his roommate, he bad been in good health, although his brother, Harry H. Warfield, said he had been complaining ever since he was operated on for appendicitis about a year ago and that he had never completely regained his strength. Banks, who has been living with his sister since he, too, was operated on. several weeks ago, stopped in his apartment on his way to work and found young War-field on the bed. He called his roommate, but got n response. Going to the bed to wake hi. friend, he found young Warfleld dead. - ' He notified the young man's brother, who arrived at the apartment at 10 o'clock. Banks alr.o notified the police and, while waiting 'for them to arrive, searched the room. On the inentel he found a small bottle that had contained carbolic acid. Close "to-the bed he found two glasses, one of which had contained acid, while the other had contained water. Everything in the room was in good order. The dead man was attired in pajamas and was lying under the covers of the bed. ' Coroner Baldwin issued a certificate of suicide. The body was removed to the borne of Warfield's sister, Mrs. Frank Evans, of Roland Park. Warfield was an automobile salesman and liad been living in the Howard street apartment for several months. lie is survived by his mother, Mrs. Ella G. Warfield, of Windsor Hills; one brother and three sisters. Mrs. Frederick Mehl. of Philadelphia; Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Albert Buck, of this city. The funeral will take place from Union Chapel, near Glenwood, Howard county, Thursday morning. COST OF CITY DEPARTMENTS Statement Showing Where Money AVill Be Spent In 1012. - A statement showing the" amounts of money appropriated for the use of the various departments of the municipal government next year was prepared yesterday by Deputy Comptroller Childs. It follows: Inspector of Buildings $391,6G.X3 Commissioner of Strett Gleaning 82,658.2- Superintendent of Lamps and Lighting... 355,833.3i Harbor Board - Commissioner of Health Board of Fire Commissioners City Collector City Engineer , Appeal Tax Court .1,157,959.00 . 203.105.00 .1,089.760.00 . 76.268.00 . 6C2.233.23 . 60,830.00 liquor License Commission 17,400.00 Commissioners for Opening Streets l,011,460.Si Supervisors of Elections City Librarian Superintendent of Public Buildings Dairy City Council Mayoralty 156,003.00 27,515.00 83.900.00 03,447.00 11,818.00 3,650.00 Department of Legislative Reference City Register ....2,638.49'j.30 Comptroller Law . Department Topographical Survey Free Public Bath Commission Board of School Commissioners.. .. Board of Police Commissioners Board of Police" 'Examiners:.'.. ...'.:.. . Supervisors of City Charities Visitors to the Jail, , Reformatories General expenditures Courts.. Board of Park Commissioners... Collection of water rents and licenses Water Board ' Electrical Commission 49.7C0.M . 48.0C0.M . 13.99j.J0 . 88,599.00 .2,103.137.75 .1,272,121.1-5 ..' 6,102.'T! . 572,118.00 . 64,150.00 . 122.CS0.00 . 133,853.00 . 233.518.10 . 549,737.03 . 463,575.00 , .2,209,510.00 , 229.000.00 Municipal Factory Site Commission 6.000.C0 Sewerage Commission 4,596,881.00 Paving Commission - 1,000,000.00 Estimates for annual appropriation 40,260.09 Sinking Funds ,271.07 The total is $23,530,035.85. GOVERNMENT WINS PIFIH SUIT Verdict For $2,053.55 Against The Vnited States Fidelity Company. In the last of five suits instituted by the Government to recover on surety bonds which were on the docket of the United States Circuit Court when Major John Philip Hill became District Attorney on April-16, 1910. a verdict for $2.0o5.55, the full amount claimed, was rendered by a jury yesterday. The Government was also successful in the other four cases, which were prosecuted by Major Hill and Assistant district Attorney MeLanahan. Th suit decided yesterday was against the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company to recover on the bond given by George A. Deering, former assistant and passed assistant paymaster in the United States Navy. To Tell Of Boried City Cyrene. An illustrated lecture, open to the public, will be delivered by Prof. James Clark Hop-pin, member of the last expedition to excavate Cyrene, in Tripoli, at 5 o'clock next Monday evening in McCoy Hall. Professor Hoppin will tell of the excavation being done at Cyrene under the auspices of the Baltimore Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. He was a former instructor of Greek archaeology at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. In October, 1910, he went wth the party sent out by the Archaologcal Institute of America to Cyrene. During the campaign a considerable part of the ancient city was unearthed. A large number of fine statues and much terra cotta were uncovered. It was while engaged in this work Dr. II. F. De Cou. of the University of Michigan, and a riiember of the party, was murdered by three. Arabs, who sprang upon him from behind an old well and shot him with pistols. Heavy "Wagon Runs Over Him. His horse shying at a locomotive of tho Philadelphia. Baltimore and Washington Railroad at Canton, Kasimir Rutkowski, a farmer of Xorris lane, was thrown out and severely injured yesterday morning. The heavy farm wagon, loaded with provisions, passed over his chest, broke two ribs and nearly scalped him. Rutkowski was picked up by Conductor E. H. Copenuaver, taken to the Canton Police Station, where bis injuries were dressed by Dr. M. J. McAvoy, and was later sent to St. Joseph's Hospital. He will recover. Baltimore County Transfers. Towson. Pec. 5. Beatrice P. Bosley and husband to LeTt N. Pcarce, 2 acres. 3 rGods arid 22 square perches s.s. road leading from Wesley Chapel road to Ycrk road $I,0CO Bobert H. Bussev et al.. trustees, to Thomas L. Piirdum and wife, 5S acres on road leading from Padonia to Falls road 2,155 Both C. Corkran and lmsband to John T. Gaither. lot cor. Seminary and Front aves., Luthcrrille ' 5 Francis D. Reese ct al.. extrs., to James f. Easter and wife, 16 95-100 acres on Toad leading from Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church to "Soldiers' Delight" and 3151-100 acres s.s. Old Church road 5 Edward 51. Law to the Realty Company, lot s.e.s. Vinrinia aTC. g.r. $67.50 5 Frederick W. Giants and wife to the Mutual Life Insurance Company of Baltimore, 1 lot, Fouiteenth district 5 The Mutual Life Insurance ComiMmy of Baltimore to John G. Bay, lot Fourteenth district, leas? 99 year, g.r. $60 John G. Ray to Frederick W. Glantz and wife, same lot. g.r. same 5 Tiuis A. Mueller to Matthew Kalb. lot s.s. Fait ave.. g.r. $15 5 Marv Clemens to Henry C. Huff, lot n.s. -Lake ave 5 Harry O. Buck and wife to DaTid Wright, lot Fairmount ave., g.r. $39 a Safe Deposit and Trust Company to United Realty Company, 3 336-1.CC0 acres on Harford road 7,000 The United Realty Company to the Maryland Elpctric Railway Company, same lot.7.312.07 The Maryland Klectric Railways Company and the United Railways and Electric Company, lease and agreement of same lot, subject to rent stated in original agreement.... Charles Hillman and wife to Mortimer W. West, lot n.s. Fernhill ave., g.r. $90 ' 5 George Farnand et al.. trustees, to the Vigilant Realty Company, lot at Rognel Heights. 1,730 John Harris and wife to Charles E. Johu-son and wife, lot in St. Denis 2,500 Charles Kuoze and wife to Emil Kunze and . wife, lot e.s. Clinton St., lease 99 years, . K.r. 138.50., .., t HEARING FOR SALVATIONISTS Mayor Inclined To Give Permit To American Army. Another chapter of the long war between the American Salvation Army on the one side and the Salvation Army and the Federated Charities on the other was recorded in the Mayor's office at the City Hall yesterday, when Mayor Preston gave a public hearing to the fpiends of the American army and to the Federated Charities. Toward the end of the hearing Dr. J. W. Magrnder, general secretary of the Federated Charities, .declared that it was the eventual purpose of the organization to pet an end to all begging aad soliciting on the public streets. At the conclusion of the hearing Mayor Preston declared that be felt inclined toward granting a permit to the American army and that he would do so in a few days if his examination of the books showing receipts and expenditures did not disclose gross frauds, or he had conclusive evidence .of fraud from some other source. Dr. J. S. Lang, 937 West Fayette street, who acts for the army as a : bookkeeper; City Councilman Gross?, of the Eighteenth ward, and a number of others testified as to the good work-'of the organization, while Attorney Thomas -C. AVeeks officially represented it. Bar Meeting Next Tnedaj. The regular meeting of the Bar "Association of Baltimore, at which ofiieers will be elected for next year and routine business transacted, will be held on next Tuesday night in the Supreme Court room. It is usual for the annual banquet of the association to be held on the same night as the annual meeting, but this year the banquet has been postponed in the hope that President Taft may be present. The committee which invited the president to the. banquet was told by him that be would accept the invitation if he could do so. FOR SALE. Ton are cordially invited to call and inspect our Christmas Display of MOSAIC HOMES, GAS LAMPS. SHOWERS, ELECTROLIERS. BRACKETS, ETC. 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"Craft style" Bookbinder. n7-lm OSTEOPATHY. DR, PLEASANT C. HUNTER. Osteopath, 1215 Linden avenue. By the manipulation and the external treatment of the affected nerves Osteopathy will cure rheumatism qufckly and permanently. Call for circular, iiadiaou S5S3. NS-lm FOR THE HOLIDAYS. WE SUGGEST A BOX OF F. A. D. CIGARS, the unusually eood cigar for 5c. Special Xmu boxes of 25 and 50 from all dealers. d2-lm F. A. DAVIS & SONS. New York Confectionery, 21 W. LEXINGTON ST. CANDIES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. PURE AND FRESH MADE IN OCR OWN FACTORY DAILY. Shellbark Kisses. 2.c. lb. Cocoannt Kisses. 25c. lb. Cream Almonds. 25c. Tb. Chocolates, best in the city. t 25c lb. Cream Mint Wafers, all colors, SOc. lb. Salted Almonds. Salted Pecans, Salted Peanuts, Fine Chocolates? 4)c. and 60c lb. New York Confectionery, 21 W. LEXINGTON ST. G. T. SADTLER & SONS Invite inspection of their beautiful line of - - - ROYAL DRESDEN and MINTON CHINA COMPORTS, BASKETS and PLATES DIAMONDS and - OTHER GEMS Solitaire and Cluster Rings, superb stones of finest cutting. WATCHES, SILVERWARE and FINE JEWELRY RICH CUT GLASS Opticians and Jewelers. 14 & 16 E. BALTIMORE ST. THE KINDERMART, 1613 Linden ave.. 203 K Charles rt. Toys, Games and Children's Books, Novelties for Christmas Stockings. Open evenings until Xmas. FLORISTS. $1 UP for Handsome Funeral Designs. Flower Trimmed Sheaves, 25c. up. Cut Flowers at low prices. Mail orders solicited. Mrs. Miketta, French Florist. 834 W. Baltimore st. Gil. 1232. THE LADIES. STEVEN CHOHANY, HEn. 205 PARK AVENUE. Furs repaired and remodeled to the latest styles. Furs made to order and in stock. Moderate prices. Formerly with Nathan Gutman & Co. d5-lm 1L OTTt1 An opportunity to have your suit or polo 3 v-'-L coat tailored at remarkably low prices. They re of tine mannish cloths and made with the utmost care and exactness by master craftsmen, lou have a large variety of smart up-to-date stytes from which to select. MIR TENBA UM BEOS., LADIES' TAILORS, 537 N. HOWARD ST. MT. VERN. 4050-Y. FOR YOUR GOWN buy the novel and beautiful Imported Chinese Trimming. It gives a charming Oriental Finish. All Chinese ware at lowest prices. Seu, Ching, Cheong & Co., lSOParkav. DRESSMAKING Eclectic System taught; patterns to measure guar. ; morning, afternoon and evening classes.. 32 W. SARATOGA ST. LADIES' and Children's HATS reblocked within 5 days. BEAZLEY. 527 N. Howard st. o27-3m SLIP COVERS cut and made to order, Brass Lamp Shades Lined. 80S VV. SARATOGA ST. MANO SWARTZ EXPERT FURRIER, Formerly in Charge of the Fur Department of NATHAN GUTMAN & CO., IS NOW AT LIBERTY AND SARATOGA, Opposite Hotel Rennc-rt. Fashion Booklets on Application. $1 SKIRT CO., 4 S. Broadway; Skirts made to order SI. Suits $3. Polo Coats $3. Estimate Suits $18; special department for furs; tit and workmanship guaranteed. A. Shapero. Wolfe 2275-Y. 'PTTTT Vnr'TTTT' HI w- Lexington st., J.llii VlJijUJii, Singer Building. OSTRICH FEATHERS Dyed Cleaned Curled' and Re-Willowed. If you wish new feathers, come to us. We are direct manufacturers, savinp middleman's profits. Out-of-town orders solicited. nl8-lm NATURAL-HAIR DOLL WIGS, $1 to $3; DoU Wigs from combings, 75c. to $1.50; Dressed, loc., 50c. ; Hair Washed, Treated, Dressed, 50c. MRS. SANDERSON, formerly B. Fredericks. 205 North Liberty street. jel-12m REAL JAPANESE KIMONOS. 85c. up. In stock or made to order. Japanese Rice Cakes, pure and delicious, 10c. and 25c. a box. rn XT A T. A ( a s- 4- A 1 .1 m DON'T DISCARD LAST YEAR'S GARMENTS. I can Dye, Repair and Remodel them to the lateststyles at surprisingly low prices. M. ET EL-SON, Ladie3' Tailor. 2338 Pa. ave. Mad. 1415-M. LADIES' SHOES 7r Half Soled and Heeled ' Men's Soled and Heeled. 05c Soles Sewed On. Shoes repaired while you wait. Free call end delivery City end Suburbs. Phone or postal brings wagon. SHIVERS, Saratoga & Pearl. 33 Years on This Corner. No Branches. DERMATOLOGY I Removal of superfluous hail a specialty. Guaran. cure. Consult free leading woman skin specialist and recognized authority. Est. '93. 844 HAMILTON TERRACE (N.Eutaw). NELLIE ROWLAND, 230 N. Howard. Doll Wigs for Xmas Face, scalp treatment. Manicuring. iprp 1 "- "TTr r C Beaded net hand-em-UrJUiKA- brUWJyo broidered Chiffon and Marquisette Robes, $30 to SIOO imported Goods and Trimmings. GREYSON. Modiste, lllO McCulloh. SHAMPOOING, Hair Dressing, Manicuring, Facial Massage, Scalp Specialist. Braids made of combings, 1. Puffs. 10c each. Open evenings. Spec, atten. to mail orders. 030 N. Carrolltonav. DINNER GOWNS p'Z- mates, $25 up, making $12. DICKSON. Ladies' Tailor and Modiste, 1210 Linden av. Mad. 331I-M. MISS WARD Electric Needle Expert. Facial Electro Massage., Hair, Moles, Blemishes removed; guarantee cure; everything asceptic. Physicians' Ind. 230 N. Howard. P. GOLDMAN, Ladies' Tailor, formerly with Fueschl, 2107 Md. ave. Estimote Suits that bold their shape & wear well for $30. Fine mannish cloth & handsome lining. Superior remodeling. Fit and workmanship guar. Mt. Ver. 4J5-M. Nl7-ln T A Ti1WS! Felt and Beaver Hats. Cleaned IjA-UL CjO and Reshaped to the Latest Styles. All work done within 3 days. New York Hnt Co., 600 W. Baltimore st. St. Faul XSM-Rl. dl-lm X3IAS FURS G. FEIKIN & SON Higb-grade Fur at reasonable prices. REMODELING AND REPAIRING. 207 N. LIBERTY ST.. opp. Gas Office. 3 JO- We Take Great measure In Announcing That JI. FRIEDMAN, Ladies Tailor, 232 N. GILMOR ST. CAN GIVE SUITS AT VERY SHORT NOTICE. ALL THE LATEST FABRICS AND NEWEST MATERIALS. or; up for High-Glass Estimate Gown; making "PuCrowns, $12; workmanship guaranteed. B. CHERTKOF Ladies' Tailor and Dressmaker, 1031 Linden aenue. Madison 3834-Y. n21-lm ELECTRO VlBRO AND FACIAL MASSAGE: ALSO REDUCTION TREATMENT GIVEN BY A TRAINED NURSE. 1324 W. LAN-VALE ST. GILMOR 1591 -Y. n22-34t JUST RECEIVED NEW POLO CLOTHS SOLD BY THE YARD. TTrtre or Call tor Samples. J. HEBNER & CO., 315 WEST BALTIMORE ST. n2G-lm 98 FOR MAKING SUITS. High-grade Estimate Suits, $18. Coats made, $5. Fit & workmanship guaranteed. Repairing. Cleaning and Dyeing. K. LE VINSON. 1343 Mosher st. Mad. 1670-M. M. SHERMAN. Ladies' Tailor, lOO E. Lafayette ave. We make Suits for the most particular ta,ste. Our designs and patterns are unique and original. Popular prices, a&5m WANTED Ladies' Fur Coats and other cast-off Garments. 1127' Pa. ave. Mt Ver. 010-M. T, A TYn?C! HATS RESHAPED AND DYED JJtlJlEi5 IN THREE DAYS; 50 selections. Kandel Hat Factory. G07 W. Balto. st St Paul 3588-M. Men's Panama Hats stored free. n7-lmexm BALTIMORE MILLINERY SCHOOL. 720 North Ertaw st : under new management; full course only $10; day and night classes; easy payments. MILLINERY SCHOOL ffia and night classes; tuition reasonable: weekly pay-meuts. Call, write or phone. 31Q E. Lafayette ave. DON'T forget BAKER, with his pood reputation, who does Cleaning, Scouring. Dyeing, Repairing aiid Pressing eiuai to new; work called for and delivered. M. Baker. 1 G23 Mosher. Mad. 679-M. EXPERT FUR REMODELING Unusual facilities enable us to handle C&j' difficult pieces of Fur Work. Remodel- 2i ing and Repairing are done in a way that gives absolute satisfaction. tSi, We are wholesale manufacturers, there- Kg? fore you are assured prices considerably f lower than found elsewhere. Phone St Paul 230. 3 SAIONTZ & SIMON, 232234 NV HOWARD ST. FACE TREATMENT. MANICURING, SCALP TREATMENT, FACIAL MASSAGE. 31 N. PACA ST. Dl-3m FACIAL MASSAGE First-class treatment MISS CARTER, 322 N. Eutaw st Mt. Ver. 3367. THE LECTURES covering physiology and treatment of skin, and facial blemishes begin Jan. 15. Class limited. Personal enrollment necemary. Dermal and Featural Institute, K7 N. Calvert st. ELEC. farial shampoong, scalp treatment, manicuring lessons. C. Shirley. 1Q25 W. Lex, st. SCALP TREATMENT AND FACIAL MASSAGE. Hours. 9 to S. PARLORS, 1202 McCulloh st. HAIR, Moles, Warts, etc., permanently removed. Consul, free. Skin Specialist, 324 Park ave. PAPERHANGING. R2.50 ROOMS PAPERED. 82.SO fc3.00 KITCHENS PAINTED. $3.Q0 HONEST WORK DECORATING CO.. , , 14 N. Carey &t. Gilcaor M-h uB-lnv FALL AND WINTER RESORTS. MARYLAXD. For Permanent and Transient Guests Spend the Fall and Winter MT. HOLLY INN WALBROOK. BALTIMORE. MD. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. SO minutes' ride from centre of city. Ec. carfare. Special Rates for Fall and Winter Months. Spacious BALLROOM for rent for BalU, Parties, Weddings, etc. I. J. Filoa, Mrs. Mary Filon. Manag-er. Proprietor. ATLANTIC CITY. saarlboroush - iBIenhcim ATLANTIC CITY, J. .. Joxialt White fc Sons Com pa nv. PHILLIPS HOUSE Mass. Ave. and Beach, Open nil year. Elevator to street level. F. P. PHILLIPS. CHELTENHAM-REVERE. Park Place; overlooking the ocean; snecial winter rates. R. W. RICHARDS. Owner and Proprietor. HOTEL RUDOLF, OCEAN FRONT. ALWAYS OPEN. Offers every appointment for comfort and luxury. Sea water in all baths. No extra charge for uee of baths. Autumn rates. A. S. BUKEYSER. Mgr. JOEL HILLMAN. President. nl0-3fit BERKSHIRE INN gff;T? from Boardwalk ; $9 to $17.50 weekly : $2 up dailT. Cap. 300. Elevator, hat. to Mon... $3.50. Urnum, running water; private baths. J. JC. DICKINSON. HOTEL JACKSON Special Winter Rates. J. H. GORMLEY. AT?TJNfJTf)M c:ose to Beach. Elevator. AIVljl.UlUi Absolute cleanliness. Good table. Rooms with running water. Private baths. Wmter rates very low. R. J. Osborne & Son.o26-Ult STEAMBOAT LINES. TOLCHESTER COMPANY. Schedule in effect October 4. ANNAPOLIS AND- WEST KIVEK LINE. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. 7.30 A. M. Leaves Annapolis for Baltimore at 3.30 P. M. LITTLE CHoPTANK RIVER LINE, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30 A. M. SASSAFRAS RIVER LINE, Tuesday and Saturday, at 2.45 P. M-, for Tolchester. Betterton aad Sassafras river landings. PORT DEPOSIT LINE, for Tolchester, Better-ton, Havre de Grace and Port Deposit, Monday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a 2.43 P. M. Freight received at Pier 1CV Light "street. tf MARYLAND, DELAWARE AND VIRGINIA RAILWAY COMPANY: Steamers lv. Light St. Wharf, weather permitting. PIER X-3.30 P. M. daily, except Saturday ami Sunday: Saturday, 2.45 P. M., for Love Point and Stations, to Lewes, Del,; .30 A, M. Mondays for same points. PIER 7-11 A. M., Tues., Thurs, and Sat., for Rock Hall and Chester river; 6 P. M-, Mon., Wed. and Fri., for Crumpton. PIER 4-2 P. M., Tues. Thurs. and Sat., for Bay Landings and Patuxent river. PIER 212 noon Sun.; 4.20 P. M., Tuesday and Thurs., lor Fredericksburg; 4.30 P. M.. Fri., tor Tappahannock; 4.30 P. M., Wed., for Sharie. PIER 3-5 P. M.,'Monday. Wednesday and Saturday, for Washington, D. C, and intermediate points. Tickets at P. R. R. OUice, Baltimore and Calvert streets. WILLARD THOMSON. T. MURDOCH. tf General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt. BALTIMORE, CHESAPEAKE AND ATLANTIC RAILWAY COMPANY. Steamer3 lv. Light St. Wharf, weather permitting. PIER 46 P. M. daily, except Sun., for Tilth-man's Is!., Easton, Oxford, Cambridge and landing to Windy Hill; Fri. and Sat. trip3 extending to Denton. PIER I. M. Mon.. Wed. and Fri.. for Trappe and Tuckahoe river. PIER 4.10 P. M. daily, except Saturday nnd Sunday; Saturday. 3 P. M.. tor Claiborne and points to Ocean City. PIER 5-5 1. M. Wed. and Sun., for Ore it Wicomico and Piankatank river. PIER 1, PRATT ST.-5 P. M. Tues., Thurs., Sat., for Wicomico river; 5 P. M. Tues. and Fri., for Crisfield, Onancock and Poi'omoke river; 5 P. M. Ihurs., for Crisfield. Onancock and I'oco-moke river; 5 P. M. Mon.. for Cri3tield, Onancock and Pungoteague ; 5 1'. M. Wed., 4 P. M. Sun., for Crisfield, Pungoteague. Nandua and Occohsu-nock river. TICKETS and Advertising Matfer at P. R. R. Office. Baltimore and Calvert sts. WILLARD THOMSON. T. MURDOCH, tf General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt OLD BAY LINE Palatial Steamers carrying U. S. viail and equipped with United Wireles Telegraphy leai-e Company's pier, Li&ht street, foot of liarre street, daily, including Sunday, at .SO F. M. for OLD POINT COMFORT. NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH, VA.( AND ALL POINTS SOUTH, CONNECTING AT Old Point Comfort with C. & O. Ry. for Richmond, the steamer for Mobjack B7 Landings and the steamer for James River Landings aud Richmond, leaving Old Point on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. AT Norfolk and at Portsmouth with all Railroads for all ioints South and West, the night lice steamers for Richmond and the Old Dominion Steamship Company for New York. Week-day excursion tickets, including accommodations at Hotel Chamberlin and Sherwood. Inn, Old Point Comfort, on sale. Send for booklet, giving full particulars. For further information apply at Ticket "Office, 107 E. Baltimore st, 2 E. Fayette st.. S. A. IV. Railway Office. Continental Building, or SOO Light street Baggage checked from fesidenre to destination, tf "CHESAPEAKE LINE" NEW QUEENS OF THE CHESAPEAKE. CITY OF BALTIMORE AND CITY OF NORFOLK. FITTED WITH WIRELESS. DAIIY, INCLUDING SUNDAY. BETWEEN BALTIMORE. OLD POINT COMFORT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. 6.SO P. M. FROM PIER 1f. LIGHT ST.. CONNECTING WITH ALL DIVERGING RAIL AND WATER LINES. "YORK RIVER LINE," 5 P. M. TUESDAY. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY FOR YORK RIVER LANDINGS. WEST POINT, RICHMOND AND POINTS BEYOND. TICKET OFFICES, 1J9 AND 127 B. BALTIMORE STREET. ALSO IN WAI'liXG ROOM. PIER 1J. tf ERICSSON LINE Attractive Water Route thiuugh z the Canal for Passengers and Freight to Philadelphia daily, except Sunday, at 5 P. M., from Pratt and Light sts.. stopping BETTERTON. MD., and CHESTER, PA. Fare-Deck. $1.25; Cabin. $1.50. 15-day exc, S2.00. Returning B. & O. R. R., $3.50. New York (bv rail from Phila., $3.73; exc. (11 days), $6.00. Also through tirkrts to Atlantic Citv and points North, at Albaueh's. Write for miide. CLARENCE SHRIVER. Agent UNDERTAKERS. C! A"TTTj,T? Broadway and Balto. st. 171 0 J5AlDiIl', Canton ave. Phone. Wolfe 1256. MONUMENTS, ETC. HENRY MERKEL, Granite, Marble nnd Statuary. 9S5 Frederick ave., opp. Loudon Park. Phone. COAL AND WOOD. GOOD KINDLING WOOD For Sale. Prompt delivery. Apply D. WILFSON & SON, Howard and Stockholm sts. n!2-lm NEARLY EVERY DAY w read in tu psh..u where some coal dealer is arrested for giving short weight. Do you ever stop to think that 109 pounds of coal off your ton means that you are be ng robbed 33 cents? I give a legal" ton of coal, which is 2,240 pounds, and allow a liberal discount for cash. Telephone, C. & P., St. Paul 329. Office and Railroad Yard. PRATT AND GREENE STREETS. THE ONLY PLANT OF ITS KIND IN BAL TIMORE where it is impossible to get dirty oi slaty coal, as it is automatically screened, sized and slated and kept under COVER. SPECIAL LOW PRICES. io CORD PINE WOOD, $3.50. SAWED AND DELIVERED FREE. G. ERNEST KRAFT, COAL POCKETS, BOLTON DEPOT. OFFICE, 1302 1304-130 N. CHARLES ST. Phone Mount Vernon 4738. Md., 1411-W. COAL. WOOD. COAL. BROWN BROS. - OFFICE. . " 1ST FLOOR CALVERT BLDG., FAYETTE AND ST. PAUL STS. R.R. YARD, 1520 Maryland Ave. BOTH PHONES. n2-52t CANTON WRECKING COMPANY. 2001 BOSTON ST. WOLFE 1792. for Cord Kindling, sawed and split from 2d-hand lumber, pine, oak and chestnut, nll-lm COAL. WOOD. COAL. "TRUE FACTS." BEST COAL AND WOOD. BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED AND. THE LOWEST CASH PRICE. JULIUS HELLWEG; 218 W. Fayette st C. and P. Phone. St Paul 2316. 1518 MARYLAND AVENUE. IT PAYS TO BUY THE BEST. C. & P.. Mt. Vernon 1070. Md.. Courtland 136L $3 cn FOR A CORD DRY PINE WOOD. OU SAWED AND DELIVERED. COAL AT LOWEST RATES. E. S. BRADY & CO., PATTERSON AVE. MONROE ST. J)0O S. CAROLINE ST. BOTH, PHONES. f7-tf TTTVnr TVP WOOD FOR SALE, 3.00 IVlMJliiiMT LOAD. Immediate delivery. F. A. BIIOADBENT MANTEL CO.. President and Aliceanna sts. C. & P. Phone, 5750 St. Paul. n29-!m KINDLING WOOD for sale, special, $2.50 and $3.50 load; immediate delivery. 21Q1 BOSTON ST. HIGHEST COAL LOWEST PRICES. QUALITY. INDEPENDENT COAL CO. 325 N. HOWARD ST. We guarantee best quality of coal, thoroughly screened: 2.240 pounds to ton. GET OUR CASH PRICES. . C. & P. Phone, HU Vernon 1150. o2-tt STEAMSHIP LINES. f HAMBURG - CRUISES DE LUXE Italy and Egypt sPFf IAI TRIP by tho vrb JrCVIAL lIAir transatlantic liaer "KAISEBIN AUGUSTE VICTORIA," the largest nnd niDSt luxurious steamer of the Hamburg-American service. Equipped with Kitz-Carlton Restaurant, l'alni Garden. Gymnasium. Electric-Baths. Elevator. Will leave New York FEBRl'ARY 14, 112, Stopping at Madeira 12 lira.), Gibraltar (-1 lirs.), Algiers (S bra.), Yillef ranche (It lirx.), (Xice, Genoa (20 lir.n.), Naples 8 lirs. ), Port Said S days). Steamer returns to Sew York via . Naples and Gibraltar, .tteo the Orient, West Indies. South America, Around the World, etc. New Direct Passenger Service -Fetweea Flifladeiphia and Hamburg Write for Booklets of All Crnlses. HAMBURG-AA1ERICAN LINE, 41-45 BROADWAY, N. Y. or 4 II Till-It V. ItOBSON, 127 13. Baltimore St.. Haiti more. Bid. CUNARDLIES CARMAN I A ?f J?; J g; CAA1PANI A .;ViM Special Christmas Sailing of the S. S. MAURETANIA, Dec. 16, at 4 P. M. ' M AURETANIA 1 1: $!: LUSITANIA S:-LIVERPOOL, LONDON, PARIS, BERLIN, VIENNA VIA QI7EENSTOWN AND FISHGUARD Manretauia and Luiltanla do not fitop at Queenstown, east-bound Canadian ServicePortland, London Reffular sailings cf Steamers Carryins One Class Cabin (II) and Third Class rasaecger only. Cruises to Egypt CALLING AT MADEIRA. GIBRALTAR, AI.GIIOKS, VI LLKFRANCIIB or GENOA, NAPLES. TRIESTE, FIL'ME. ALEXANDRIA Write for Itinerary. PANNONIA Dec lu I rllAatO.iIA B I V CAROM A A la carte Jan. service I LACONIA without extra PI ICRS FOOT V. 14TH ST., NORTH RIVER. OFFICES. 24 STATE ST.. OPPOSITE 1:.XTERX. ARTHUR W. ROBSOiN. 127 10. Baltimore St. J HOWARD EAGER, tfoti N. Charles St. STEAMSHIP LINES. WilliamDeanHowells America's foremoVt novelist, writing in the peeeml-er number of Harper's Maenzlno.-says : "There is more beauty to the cunnrc foot in BERMUDA thnn anywhere else in t'.ie World. Jffi1?"0 $10-$ 15 r-ftvAKD. Meals and berth included. The Royal Hail Steam PackeiCo. fia('itrton & Son, (it'll. Agents, 22 St te St..- N. Y. ARTT-It'R HV. ROBSON, i'ZT Kant Hnltiinore ttrcet. cr any fyteair.siiip Ticket Agent. LAM PORT & HO LT LI N Eg, nr.d AU A r font I i Larjp, m.4 iu no F"rts by th Lrjp, Pa to r ttteaiBora f the, LAPSPORT A. HOLT LlfSE (.rb g Tram New York 0 b r.4 cfMob eotilb. 16 UAVS TO BIO iS iSlYS TO BUCXOS A4'E3. Par , ...pply looftl tlcfcot AfPtf .er Bl'Hti A Ueiirl Ayonta .SOt frudiioo Kjitttimce. w orii CLARK'S CIU ISK of tbe 'ARABIC 18.CW tons, flue, large, unw'v.a'ly steady rjr To THE ORIfcNS FEBRUARY 8 TO ,PRU. TO. 11J. . 71 days costing only S4..0O- A ND I'P. jncl ikIuib i ... U 'h ' 1 , H F..J I 1 : II IO Jlci- doira. Cadiz, Seville. Alsiers, ?'!rAlvn .innilno. 1 DAYS IV EmiT AND . t'on HOLY LAND, Rome, the Riviera, etc. 11U ARTHI K VV. KOESON. 127 East Raltimoic strert. Baltimore. . C. CLARK, Times Building. New XoiK. americanTi n e NEW YORK. Dec. 13 Fli I LAD 'PHI A . Dec. 23 Atlantic Transport Line NEW YORK M I X N ET O N K A . D e e t nvnov 1 1 ( T Tl" f'V g M I X 10 W A S K A . . Dec. 23 Ifi A! iNNF.Al'OI.IS.Jan. 6 Ml..MSliAilA...DPi RED STAR LINE LONDON-PARIS .VIA DOVER-ANTWERP. ZEE-LAN D Deo. 13 KKOOX LAND.. .Dec. 27 LAPLAND Dee. 20 FINLAND .lam 3 WHITE STAR LINE OCEANIC... Dee. 16 OLYMPIC Dec. 30 impair an Lino steamer. NEW YORK-QLE1-NSTOWX-LIVERPOOL CEDRIC.:. V.. .Dec. 7 L ACliENTIC. ...pec. 20 PALTIC . ....... -I)c. 14 CELTIC Dec. 28 nd rostox Ri viera-ltaly-Egypt TFF ZORES. -MADEIRA, GIBRALTAR, ALGIERS. VILLEFRANCHE. GENOA. NAPLES, A LL A A ad 1 v 1 a . CRETIC Dec. S ADRIATIC ...Jan, ivoDtc r. 12 CEDRIC Jan, 10 24 . V.' 1 X v, - v ADRIATIC, 24,500 Tons, Jan. 10 RTHUit Wr. ROBSON, li:7 Baltimore J. HOWARD EAGER, 3M X. Charles st. North German Lloyd. BALTIMORE-BREMEN. WTT.T.F.HAD ..Wed., Dec. 13. 2 P. M. CHEMNITZ '.Wed.. Dec. . 2 P. M. NECKAK !"-. ure. 7. . i... BRESLAU hat., Jan. 13, 2 P. M. One Cabin oaly, Second Cabin, $57.50. Travelers' Checks '"XEca. ,is.t 7 South Gay street. "CHAN'fTEAinpXiEirfESTRANS- C- FREIGHT AND PASSENGER. FOR BOSTON AND THE EAST, Every Sun., Tues. and Fri., 6 P. M. for Providence and the east. Every Sun., Tues. and Fri , 6 P.M. . .FOR NEWPORT NEWS AND NORFOLK. Every Sun.. Tues. and Fn.. 6 P. M. Freight received daily until 5 P. M. for steamer FOBAVa'.AH AXD JACKSONVILLE, Everv Mon., Wed-, and Fri., at 6 P. M. GEX'L OFFICE. GERMAN AND LIGHT STS. D. B. McXEFL, Agt- ller foot of Gay st. tf FABRE LINE RIVIERA AZORES.USBOXXAFLES.XICE.MARSEIELES Weekly sailings tapprox.;. oicmi nmin JAS. W. E DWELL & CO., G. A., 17 State st.N.Y. iiitTiuiiuc ivn fAnnriNA s. H. CO BttUHJ,wivu . . For Charleston and Georgetown, S. C, connecting "with stemets for Columbia, Conway and Georgetown and Western K. R., Southern Railway, b n-dTys at 3 P. M. MASON L. WEEM3 WILLIAMS, Geueral Manager, Union Trust Building. Steamer sail from Pier 2. Pitttt utreet. tf FRENCH LINE. Campf.cnie Generale Transatlantique. D'xect Line to Havre-Paris (Eance). Sailings every Thursday at 10 A. M. From Pier 5T, Worth river, . West loth t.. N. Y. Ia Lorraine Dec. . T 'La Savoie Dec 28 La Tonraine.....Ilec. 14 La Lorraine Jan. 4 La Provence Dec. 21 La Tourame Jan. 11 Twin-Screw Steamers. GENERAL AGENCY, 19 State st.. New York. ARTHUR W. ROBSOX, 127 E Baltimore st. J. HOWARD EAGERt 0 N. Charlea st. : 25 DAYS' TRIP To Cuba WEEKLY SAILINGS . Haytl ByPHIXZ STEAMEUS Jamaica (o.OOO TONS) of tbe ATLAS SERVICE NEXT SAILING Panama Colombia Costa Hlca S. S. ALTAI CMil A IND Dec. W. 12 noon. TJP The PRIXZ steamers offer all the comforts acd conveniences of our well-known transatlantic liners. They arf especially adapted for tnls service. EXCELLENT CUISINE AND SERVICE. Send for particulars. Hamburg-American Line 4145 Broadway, Xew York, or ARTHUR W. ROBSON, 127 East Baltimore st., Baltimore, Md. NEW YORK BOAT. NEW YORK AXD BALTIMORE TRANSPORTATION LIXE. Low Rates. ' c ilixgs 't'Iliform Rme" Tuesdays, Thursdays. Saturdays, Pier, Hughes avenue and Henry street General Office, 1 12 Light etrert. W. PEED, Agt. P. C. MOORE. Gen. Agt. OILS AND GREASE. PATAPSCO OIL & GREASE CO. in CHKAPSIDE. BALTIMORE. MD. Manufacturers of all kinds of Lubricating Oils and Greases, Koiler Compound ana tselt Dressing. Dealer in Linsred and Cottonseed Oil, Pine Tar, etc. Standard Exhaust Heads and American Oil Kilters always on hand. Write for prices, circulars and booklets. tf JOHN RYAN. JR.. President. METAL CEILINGS. Large Stock, prompt aerv.," econ. and pernv decor tion. W. A. tacgles, 2U . Howva u STEAMSHIP LINES. AMERICAN' REGULAR SERVICES LONDON-PARIS-HAMBURG fPATRICIA Dec. 7,11A.M. IKaiserin Aug. Vie..Iee. 12, 11 A. M. PRES. MXCOLN..Deo. 21, 9 A. M. TUES. GRANT. . .Dec. 28, 11 A. M. TUnescelled Kitz-Carlton a la Carte Restaurant, tlvmnuslum. Electric Maths. Elevator, l'alni Garden. S II amour? direct., Second Cabin only. Vill call at Plymouth and Cherbourg. Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, Genoa S. S. CINCINNATI. ..Dec. 7, 1 1 A. M. S. S. HAMBURG Jan. 4 S. S. CINCINNATI Jan. 23 Next SailiiiK-st S. S I'lUNJi ADALRKKT Dec. 1 S. S. GRAF WALDEUSEE Pee. ."0 IS S. I'ISA Jun. 16 tStoerajie only. Fastest Finest, Largest Qaairaple-Screw TarMas Steamships ia the World Sailing hour coon Jan. 20 I CARO.MA Feb. 20 I Feb. c liartfe. a 1 CARMAN I A Map 2 Stopovers permitted. SKfiS2UK233 sarasjrtrKPB RAILROAD LINES. Baltimore & Ohio Daily. IDaily except Sunday. g.Snutlay onlv. Westward. Lv.Mt. Royal. Lv.Camdea. CHICAGO (via 1S.16 I'Vm'. l'!,L iuicauu (vu enarHMJHily -1.10 I'.M. I.Zir. M. l.f.AhT.t..iVWiil-ii...l)ailv 7.4i) A.M. 8.00 A.M. C1NTI. .V ST. LoflS.. Daily 2.43 P.M. 3.00 P.M. ClAU. V ST. LOLLS. .IMilv I0..UI P.M. 11.05 I'.M PITTSBURG... .Daily 7.15 A.M. 8.00 A.M. I'lTTSBUKG PITTS. i CLE-V 10 PITTKRITHG ..Daily 12.16 I'.M. 12.25 P.M. ..Daily B.C0 P.M. ..Daily 11.23 P.M. 11.S2 P.M. . .Duilv 4 lti I'M 4 -, I' M COLS. & WHLG... Traiiis ' EVERY HOUR ON Til 10 HOUR" from Camden Station for WASHINGTON week-days, 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. WASHINGTON. Lv. Mt. Royal Sta., G.4. 7.4. rn.oo 3.00, T10.50 A.M., "12.16. 2.43, N.lli. fi.03. 8.01 lied), 18.13, A.M., IP-O. -11.23 I'.M. Lv. Camilfu. 15.00, 7.C0. , 17.20, 8.IW. S.lJ. t.00, "10.00 12.00 N.. 112.02. 12.2.r,. 11.00 si.nx i- na 13.05, T4.C0, "4.23. o. 00, 1o.05, 16.00. ;0.1t, 6.2o! 3.00, S.lti (Ltd). glO.OO, -10.00. 11.0.i, 11.32 P.M. QUICKEST LINE to DOWNTOWN NKW YORK NO CHANGE OF CARS to JERSEY CITY. Eastward. Lv.Camclcn. Lv.Mt.Royal. Parlor and Dineis Daily 7.55 A.M. H.0O A.M. Royal SPECIAL"... Ex-Sun 9.M) A.M. 9.64 A.M. High-Class Equipment o? Coaches, Parlor, Dinintf and Observation Cars. ROYALSPECIAL"Snii.oi)Iy 9.52 A.M. 9.57 A. M Parlor Diner Daily 11.E.0 A.M. 11.54 A. Parlor Dinfr I Inilv l.:t'.:M. 1.59 P.M. "ROYAL LIMITED". ..Daily 3.48 P.M. 3.52 P.M. High-Class Equipment of Coaches, Parlor, Dining and Observation Club Cars. Coaches. Phila Ex. Sun. 5.00 P.M. Ohspru Pnrlor Iliiwr llnilv fi 00 1 ' M . S.Of. I'.M. 6.05 P.M. Coaches, Phila Daily 9.00 p'.M.. 9.05 P.M. sieeprr , Daily i.i: a.m. iii,;i., i ii a nt 1.25 A.M. .L'nuj u.u n.iii. iJ.tu il.itj. New York Sleeper ready for oeeipaney at Mount Royal Station at 10.00 P. M, May ho occupied until A. M. at Jersey City. Ticket Otticea. CharleB and Baltimore sts., C. & P., St. Paul 1521; Mt. Royal Sta., C. & P., Mt. Vernon 3123; Camden Sta., -Information Bureau, C. & P., St. Paul 816. 127 B. Baltimore St., St. Paul Zm. and 32 So. Broadway. . 3.46 A.M. WESTERN "MARYLAND RW; In Effect Sept. 21, lull. Lcava Hillen Station DAILY. 4.10 A. M. Fast Mail fr HaRerstown. N. fe V. Kwy. Waynesboro, Chamhershurg and, except Sunday, Hancock, Cumbeilaml. 8.57 A. M. Western Express for Westminster. Frederick. Waynesboro. C'lmmlicrsburg. Uagers-town, Hancock," Cumberland. Elkins and, xcei)t Sunday, Emmitahurg (Bullet Observation Car). )n Sunday the run of this traiu terminates at Hagerstown. 2.13 P. M. Accommodation for Union Bridg. 4.13 P. M. Fast Express (main line), llagers-toTi, Hancock, Waynesboro. Cliambcrsburg, Frederick and, except Sunday, Emmitsburg. DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY. 7.15 A. M. York, Lanover, 11. Ai II. Division Points and Carlisle. 7.50 A. M. Accommodation for Thnrmont. 2.4T P. M. Exprtfs for Sudbrook, Olyndon, York, Hanover and Gettysburg. 5.2') P. M. Accommodation for IlHtiover. 6.17 P. M. Accommodation lor L'niou Bridge. SATURDAYS ONLY. 11.17 P. M. Aciommodatioo for Union Bridge. SUNDAYS ONLY. 9.47 A. M. Accommodation for Union Bridge and P. A: H. Division Stations to Hanover. 4Dpn not stop t Pennsylvania Avenue Station. A. ROBERTSON, F. M. HOWELL. President. ien'l Pass Ajrt. - SOUTHERN RAILWAY. N. Ik Following schedules published only as in formation. Trains lv. Baltimore via P. H. It.: 2.4U A.M.. lor Memphis. Nashville. 7.30 A.M.. 0.45 A.M., D.O P.M., for Asheville, Atlanta, Birmingham New Orleans. ii.44 P.M., for Atlanta, Birmingham. Tourist Car for California Mon., Wed., Thuin., Fri. and Hat. 5.10 P.M.. for Salisbury. AsheviUr, Charlotte. Columbia. Aiken. Augusta, Savannah, Jackwuiville. M.iiO P.M., KnoxvilM', ChaltancKiga, Iiirgirj(-ham, Shrevenort, New flileaius, Texas. l. h. hi;h;ess, T.P.A.. 111 K. Kalto. st. SEABOARD AIR LINE RWY. Leaves Baltimore. Union Station (P. R. R.) fnf Raleigh, Wilmington, Columbia, Savannah, Jacksonville. St. Augustine, Palm Reach, Mi:imi, Kniizhts Kev. Tirana and Hafana: Atlanta. Bir mingham, Memphis and the Southwest. 7..1H A. M. Daily 'Seabixiid Fast Mail." 5.10 P. M. Daily "Florida-Cuba Social." Elec trically lighted atcel bleeping vara, equippoi with frlpf'trii! fnn. 7.10 P. M. Daily "Atlanta-Birmingham Special." Electrically lighted stee! sleLping and cb senration cars, e'luipid with t-lectric funs. Ticket Office. COXTIXEXTAL TRUST REDO. C. B. RYAN, O.P.A.. R. L. JONES, Ticket Act. Portsmouth. Va. O. M. CHILTON, C.P.A., Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad. Effective November 5, 1911, 7.40 A. M. For York, except Sunday. 8.30 A. M. For Delta, Sunday only. 9.30 A. M. For Belair, except Sunday. 12.05 P. M. For Belair, except Saturday & SuudlJV 12.30- P. M. For Belair, Sunday only. . 1.35 P. M. For Belair, Saturday only. 3.20 P. M. For York, except Sunday. 4.05 P. M. For Delta, Sunday only. 5.00 P. M. For Belair, except Sunday. 6.00 P. M. For Delta, except Sunday. 11.00 P. M. For Delta, Kunday only. 1L40 P. Mv For Belair, cscept Sunday. PAWNBROKERS. S. SALABES & CO., WEST BALTIMORE LOAN COMPANY, C75 W. Baltimore t., between Pino and Arch Liberal advances oo merchandise of every doscrip. tion. Aa up-to-date Loan OUice, conducted on up to-date principles. Side Entrance to Private Office. alB-tf CONSOLIDATED LOAN CO. 1 NORTH GAY STREET. The largest and best-equipped office In the city. Goods kept any length of time agreed upon. Liberal (oang on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Eil-verware. Large assortment of forfeited pledges et private sale. Great bargains. Side Entrance to Prirate Office. Jl-tf THE NEW YORK LOAN OFFICE, S West Baltimore st. Largest Loan Office in this State. LOANS ANY AMOUNT ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, CLOTHING. ETC alS-tf MONEY TO LOAN MONEY IN SUMS TO SUIT AT BENJAMIN A CO.'B LOAN AND BANKING HOUSE (ESTABLISHED 1830). KOS. 420, 422 AND 424 E. FAYETTE ST., NEAR GAY. We continue to advrnce the largest loans on all kinds of valuables and collaterals. Jewelry of ail kinds bought and Fold. Open daily till 6 P. M. Saturdays, 10 P. M. Private Entrance. 420. a20-tf LOAN SOCIETIES. ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. ETC. MONEY Capital $1,000,000. Over 3O.00J pa-1 TO 2" trons last year. Over 8,000 ladies. NO EXTRAS. Strictest privacy. Indorsed by Why Pay More? leading banks and newspapers. Bonded to Citv and State. PRUDENTIAL LOAN SOCIETY. Maryland Casualty Building. Fayette and North streets. Home Office 'Philadelphia, Odd Fellow's Temple. Branches Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester. au9-t MEDICAL NOTICES. LADIES: ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOB . CHICHESTER PILLS. The Diamond Brand. For 25 years known as Best, Safest. Always reliable. Buy of your druggist; take no other. Ghichcsters Diamond Brand Pill" re poUI by Druggists everywhere. jemim 4

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