The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · 19
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 19

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1951
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THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1951 PAGE 19 The Week's Best Buys List Includes Turkeys, Celery, Sweet Potatoes As the holiday period approaches the busy home manager begins to think of turkey, turkey accompani- . ments and all those customary delicacies which go along into making I nanksgiving a real home-coming festivity. Turkey, the main attraction at this season of the year, is in plentifur supply and prices are expected to show little change, according to Russell C. Hawes. marketing specialist. University of Maryland Extension Service. There appears to be a liberal supply of all sizes, including the Beltsville turkeys, which recently have become quite popular for those people with small families Ten-Pound Average The Beltsville turkeys, ready to fnok, average around ten pounds There, too, are plenty of large tur keys. Usually the larger birds sell for less money per pound and are considered the "best value." Other economical Thanksgiving suggestions are apples, cranberries, grapes, grapefruit, celery, onions, weet potatoes and tomatoes. Eastern-grown apples continue In abundant supply and an out standing value. Use apples now while they are low in cost and of good quality. California grapes, are arriving in greater 'Volume, the Red Tokays being the best value in grapes. Florida grapefruit is reasonable in cost and improving in texture. . Florida Tomatoes Arrive Florida tomatoes, supplementing the tomato arrivals from California, is holding this item in the "best-buy" column. Celery and sweet potatoes, two "musts" for Thanksgiving, are reasonable in cost. For those that are not having tur key, chicken meat and pork are "good buys." Frozen fish filets, me dium size Grade A eggs and cheese are recommended as budget- stretchers. Cranberry Chutney 1 can whole cranberry sauce lb cup raisins 1 unpeeied, cored apple, chopped V cup finely chopped celery 1 teaspoon powdered ginger Combine all ingredients. Store in refrigerator several hours so flavors may be blended thoroughly. French Toast Offers Dish For 'Brunch1 dish 4, is new way A perfect "brunch-French toast. Here's a to fix it. Waffled French Toast 3 eggs . f. , -. 2 cup milk Few grains salt 2 tablespoons molasses . 8-10 sfices enriched yeast-raised bread Beat egg. Add milk, salt and molasses and mix well. Dip the bread slices in the egg mixture. (Soak for 5 minutes if desired.) Grease waffle iron well and bake bread slices. Or heat butter in frying pan and brown bread on both sides, adding more butter as needed. Serve with golden molasses. Makes 8-10 pieces. Tuna, Macaroni, Cheese Tuna fish mixed with canned macaroni and cheese makes a quick casserole for supper. Season with a little grated onion and top with crushed potato chips. - Prune Shake Treat For Youngsters Treat the youngsters to a "Frosted Prune Shake" and they'll do all sorts of afternoon chores. The , shake is packed with food energy and nutrition which will spark any number of otherwise tiresome projects. It is no trouble to make. f Frosted Prune Shake- l?i cups cooked prunes Yx cup granulated sugar 3 cups chilled milk Vanilla ice cream Prunes should be cooked extra soft. Cut prunes from pits into small pieces. Add sugar and beat to a pulp with rotary beater. Chill thoroughly. Beat in milk or shake 'Jgy FLOORS aY3H ,Tn BRIGHTER1 in shaker. Place large spoonful of ice cream in each glass, add prune mixture, and top with more ice cream. Serves 4. "Fell" Speeds Roasting , . There's a reason for leaving on the "fell" or outside skin when you roast a leg of lamb: it speeds roast ing time. I GUARANTEE RICH .Masses Flavor m wfh DUFFS Gingerbread m. m ft Save y II JUST ADO WATEU fTU Money-back' 1 J guarantee V?r J on packtge. JTV . , , 1 " ' '" yj By Mary Lee Holland Sunday BREAKFAST Grapefruit, ready-to-eat cereal, shirred eggs with bacon, hot corn muffins, and coffee, eocoa or milk. DINNER Chicken broth with rice, barbecued porkchops with Teaches, mashed sweet potatoes, frenched string beans, vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce, and coffer, tea or milk. SUPPER Minced clam stew with crackers, diced mixed fruit, raisin nut cookies, and coffee, tea er milk. . Monday BREAKFAST Orange juice, oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, buttered toast, and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Hot deviled eggs with mushroom sauce, toasted corn muffins, Waldorf salad, and tea or cocoa. DINNER Meal-in-one casserole, tossed green salad, rye crisp, baked apples with eggnog sauce, and coffee, tea or milk. s, .Tuesday BREAKFAST Mixed fruit juice, shredded wheat with sliced ba-' nanas, hot crusty rolls with jam, and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Thick vegetable soup with croutons, pineapple and cream cheese salad, and tea or cocoa. DINNER Braised beef liver with bacon, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas, chilled celery, butterscotch pudding with light cream, and coffee, tea or milk. Wednesday. BREAKFAST Grapefruit, hot wheat cereal, poached eggs on toast, and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Toasted cheese", tomato and anchovy sandwiches, hot apple cobbler, and tea or buttermilk. DINNER Roast stuffed lamb shoulder, mint sauce, oven-browned potato, creamed parsnips, sliced beet and onion salad, cranberry rarts with whipped cream topping, and coffee, tea or milk. Thursday BREAKFAST Stewed prunes, ready-to-eat cereal, bacon and eggs, hot toast, and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Casserole of scalloped mixed vegetables, hot bran muffins, canned fruit, oatmeal cookies, and tea or milk. DINNER Hot tomato bouillon, curried lamb (leftover) with boiled Special Scrambled Eggs With Shrimp Ingredients Two tablespoons butter or margarine, 2 tablespoons finely diced onion, i cup finely diced celery, one 5Vi-ounce can small wet-pack shrimp (rinsed in cold water and drained), 6 eggs, i cup evaporated milk. V cup cooking sherry, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, Yi teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper (to taste), dash of hot sauce or cayenne. Method Melt butter or margarine in top of double boiler over direct heat; add onion and celery; cook gently 5 minutes. Place over simmering water; add shrimp. Beat eggs with fork just until yolks and whites are combined; stir in evaporated milk, sherry, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and hot sauce or cayenne. Tour egg mixture into double boiler; cover over barely simmering water, stirring often, until thick and creamy. Serve at once, flakes 4 servings. Fruit And. Celery Used In Salad Ingredients 1 medium-sized red apple, i cup coarsely chopped celery. V cup mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons lemon . juice, 1 teaspoon olive oil, salt to taste, IM cups drained canned fruit cocktail, salad greens. Method Dice unpeeied cored apple; mix with celery. Blend mayonnaise, lemon juice and olive oil, and stir lightly into apple-celery mixture. Add salt to taste. Fold in fruit cocktaiL Serve on crisp salad preens. Makes 4 to 5 servings. Ml AlUFUL? DUE TO COLD y MISERIES -TT rice, chutney pickle, green peas, lemon, coconut layer cake, and coffee, tea or milk. Friday BREAKFAST Grapefruit, , oat- meat with sliced dates, cinnamon toast and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Scotch broth with barley (from lamb bones), rye bread. brown betty with hard sauce, and tea or buttermilk. Luis N bit Tuna hsh supreme with green noodles, broiled tomato slices, jellied vegetable salad with romaine, warm pumpkin pie and coffee, tea or milk. Saturday BREAKFAST Sliced oranges, hot wholewheat cereal, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee, cocoa or milk. LUNCH Corn waffles with creamed chipped beef, crisp celery and carrot sticks, canned plums, ginger cookies and tea or milk. DINNER Fruit cocktail, browned corned beef hash, baked potatoes, cabbage wedges with hol- landaise sauce, chocolate souffle with rum sauce and coffee, tea or. milk. 1 - "pits ai , - -i iiaNcitsfief! Your favorite cake will be better when you add golden brown Blue Pirate Filberts. For a tempting touch sprinkle chopped Blue Pirate Filberts on top of the frosting, too ! Heap your nut bowl with filberts 1 they're a nibbler's delight. Cookies, candies, holiday treats, all taste better when you use Blue 'Pirate Filberts for added flavor and crunchy richness. Buy them in the one-pound cellophane package. wmmm Blue Piraffe , . . . they go with good eating I si us mii? o 1 (J I Goff a 5-Ib.Baa off ADBPui?Ipse ffifl) To) nnni inTivir.o mi When You Boy a 5-Ib. Bag at I the Regular Price This offer made io get ycu to try Robin Hood and discover what marvelous biscuits, breads, cakes and pastries it makes) Go to your grocer now and get a 5-lb. bag of Robin Hood Flour at the regular price. You'll get another bag for only half price,' We are making you this amaz-' ing offer because we want you to discover what marvelous results Robin Hood will give you for all: your baking. We know that once It's a Million Dollar "Secret Blend." Immense sums have been spent to see that it is jus as fine as it can be. With every bag of Kobin Hood. : f 1UU1 111CIC o a iikjiicj -yoi-a utu-j I antee that says you have to get f ! the finest results. Yes, your money $ back, plu3 10, if Robin Hood vou've tried Robin Hood, you doesn't prove to be the greatest j. s.4-l a t?- Iaiiw irfti t hotrA AtrAf ncAri will never want w use a-ny viuw. t , ivui j x You will be thrilled to discover what a difference Robin Hood t makes in your baking. You'll get . marvelous biscuits and rolls J , . the lightest, fluffiest cakes the, tenderest, flakiest pastry. There's a reason for this Robin Hood Flour is different. Try Robin Hood 'Flour the friext time you bake. Go to your dealer now and save yourself money by buying a 5-lb. bag and getting another 5-lb. bag at only half price. But act quickly be-'cause this offer is good for a limited time only. ( I LAST CHAUCI1 J V jKrfi i Jr .. . . W: THIS WEEK! OPEN NIGHTS Tue5.f Wed. & Friday Loch.Raven BIy. & Cold Spring 3317 Greenmount Ave. 3117 St. Paul St. 5400 York Rd. 'Tiif "We- gather together to ask the Lord's blessing. He chastens and hastens His will to make Known; The wicked oppressing, cease them rom distressing. Sing' praises to His tianie'y forget not His own." Mm mmm u Git-: mm Fancy Fresh Killed TOMS All Sizes lb All Sizes At Our Self Service Meat Depts. 31 IT St, Paul Lech Raven & Fancy Fresh TOMS " s,tt' Killed HENS " Sit". Cold Sprint; CHUCK Oven Ready 41c Fresh Killed ROAST Rib End Up To 7 Rib ROAST U. S. Choice Beef lb lb S-K FRESH SAUSAGE MEAT. . . 45c S-K SKINLESS FRANKS. cm, ib 61c WAGNER'S GROUND BEEF 67c TENDER BEEF LIVER 79c SAUERKRAUT ............ 2 "b. 19c LEAN COOKED HAM ... . . . 69c SWEITZER CHEESE om,;c . . . . ib 39c JUMBO SHRIMP ...ib 89c MM' .... 75c i V n HAMS Ib(5)(o) I oyners 11-13 lbs RUMP U. S. Choice VEAL BACON OVSTEKS S-K Sliced Ib Ib Sel. pt 69c I 57c 95c (SHAPES APPLES Emperor 2 -119 J Winesop J, lbs () raTrrr r jnjiti" ctiitxi) imci tx LARGE ITALIAN CHESTNUTS . . . . . . . . : . m 23c MD. GOLD SWEET POTATOES . ; .... 3 n 25c CRISP WHITE CELERY . Bch 23c BIRDSEYE SUGAR PEAS 2 Pkg. 39c BIRDSEYE FORDHOOK LIMAS 29c BIRDSEYE ORANGE JUICE . . . . .'2 can, 39c BIRDSEYE STRAWBERRIES 39c DUNCAN HINES ICE CREAM Pk8 45c KAIPEIFlyDT THIS WEEK OPENS SOP3? 'Til Tues.-Ved.-Fri. Closed Thanksgiving Day 54's & 46'$ for Cape Cod ' lb pkg eg?. Si DEL MONTE PUMPKIN Pillsbury Pie Crust Mix lDni). .2 pk" 29c Flour 6 " " pil,t- . . . . 49c-' ,b 97c Mince Meat Cros i""1"", iMc 59c Swansdown Coke Flour 'k'40c Brer Rabbit Molasses M'..X2 220 2Sc S. 2 5c I MUSHROOM SOUP ""33c 24 n cm 9 "A Land O'Lakes Butter. Woodbrook Eggs L .91c McCormick's Vanilla Ext...1 k(rt4lc Sun Maid Currants k,18c C & B Hard Sauce 49c Cream 2 Cani 33Ct Sunshine Hi-Ho Crackers rk 35c Mayonnaise Jw1" Sublw ' "r 63c Fancy Large Shrimp 45c Snider's Cocktail Sauce. . .,m n kM 28c 1890 French Dressing """"' 01 b8t 37c Cnanm IK 'Sr 47c B & B Mushrooms B"Uw,. . ,"34c 62c Manning's Cooked Hominy .'."d " 12c Whole Green Beans " ""23c 0 & C Fordhook Limas. "H 29c Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes. mtt 26f A k M . A MM - ' A j A M CRANBERRY SAUCE w 2 S. 29c Crab Soup c"m Bllclrw11 Hormel's Quarter Hams. Libby's Roast Beef..;....12 01 ""51c R & R PJum Pudding 4 01 17c-,b "" 45c Roquefort Cheese Dressing frtmj J" 46c ASPARAGUS Libby's Sauerkraut ...2 " "ns25c Sweet Potatoes Sy"""ck 2 ""39c Le Sueur Tiny Peas 2 8 81 am 29c-303 23c Niblets Corn k"wl 2 12 35c Wagners' Tomatoes. ." CM27c-nw19c Spiced Watermelon Rind." "53c Fancy Stuffed Olives 23c, 32c 61c Strawberry Pres. sin'. . ' 35c Midget Sweet Gherkins '"i"' r1 n 37c Miller's Kosher Dill Slices! . . J" 32c Libby's Sliced Pineapple ""30c Musselman's Apple Sauce. 2 ",d ""' 19c Del Monte Spiced Peaches . ..." J" 42c Del Monte Fruit Salad 303 36c Whole Peeled Apricots Mwu" 46c WALNUTS lg- Diamond Funsten's Lg. Pecans... ,. . . . . 47c Dromedary Pitted Dates. .""'JSc 23e Roeding's Pulled Figs ".. 'AAc Planter's Salted Peanuts. 35c Delson Merrimints "25c 45c; lb tello Bog Hills Bros or Wilkins Coffee. . . .,b93c C & B Tomato Juice " "" 30c Tenderleaf Tea Bags ' kf56c Mott's Apple Cider. 39cal 69c Cranberry Juice Cocktail 21e i gives fosl 8.33 symptomotic RELIEF

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