The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1953
Page 2
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FACE TWO BMT7TEVrU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TOTDAT, JULY Z4, 19W Rtport from Moscow- Intelligent Georgi Malenkov Is Probably Man Running Russia EDITOR'S NOTE — How docs Gcors:! Malenkov look? Eddy Gilmore, AP correspondent in Moscow for 11 years, Is OUR nf the few* Americans who have seen (he Soviet Premier in action. Gilmore gives his appraisal of Malonkov — and of his chances of staying- Premier — in this article, last of a series written (his side of the Iron Curtain. By EDDY GILMOKK PARIS (AP) — Who is running Soviet Russia today? Is it really Georgi M. Malenkov? Could it be V. M. Moist ov? Is Nikolai Bulganin the real man in charge? Is it pos- to work the trick. The rivalrv between and Beria was apparent to a num- j her of Western diplomats before I loft Moscow. A certain Western envoy used to refer to Malenkov in conversation as No. 1, to Bcria as No, 2 and to Molotov as No, 3. Many times I hoard him say. |(or and themselves. Stalin seemed Malenkov ! to like it this way. "No. 2 is No 1, and No. 1 is No. 2. plaiid himself He let the clapping So I thought of Stalin when Mal- enkov walked onto the stage. He looked out over the audience and seined to Kive the deputies .some recognition. The applause was loud. But Malenkov didn't applaud hini.seU as Stalin used to up- sible that Nikita Khrushchev is manipulating things from the|f. noUBh . J°£° dark corners of the Kremlin? Or is it government by com-1 ^ do * mitlee as the Communist party would have us believe — a 1 committee composed of the parly, the government and the Supreme Soviet? And my arithmetic is not f*oocl enough to do addition and suhtrac- is 3, 4 and 5." we know about Malen- kov? Not much I've .seen him a Or, is it the army? Frankly, I don't know and I doubt if anyone outside the Kremlin knows. The dismisal of L. P. Beria— listed officiary as Mnlenkov's No. 1 lieutenant — has narrowed the field. But it , and has boon in charge since Sta- RO a little while and then hailed it by sitting down. And he sal down with the rest of the boys. The few foreign corespondents at that Kremlin sesion had Rood lot of times But I've never had .seats, find I '-nine early enough to such n good look at. him as thatiRfH one of the vacant front row policeman Sunday afternoon in mid-March just lifter SIMin's rie-.ilh and bur- lin was stricken. I believe lie saw Beria stealing up behind him nnd _ _ __ _ out of the corner of his n"IckJ c j e ctrd him r-hnlrman of the rou'n" slavic eye, i-aiifjht a slimmer oi| r n of ministers, or Premier, on chairs. A plainclothes was sitting in the fourth seat, but the ihe knife in Beria's hand. Thai he fell strong enough, or desperate ial. That was when the Supreme next to his chair, mine was Soviet met in the Kremlin nnd | best. That Fat Man Malenkov is- a fat man, but he's one of fat men who move ' IW» Hill 1 LMVl-U UIC j - " " "' '- • • .cm .DU* u lias also confused it. enough, to climinnte the high clilef- A wise Western diplomat, wifh | tain of the political police, with his many years' experience >n Sc-"M i principal henchmen, affaire, is not complelcly con- ff this is true then Beria's endorsement. Liked Ali)i) I thought of Stalin's characteristic entrances onto the platform of the Supreme Soviet's meeting with a ccrhrn grace. He's light on his feet and he walks with a quick, sure stride. He has long black hair th;H he vinced by the Beria story, tie explains: "This could be another grand piece of Russian make-believe nnd deception. They may be trying to confuse the West at this extremely important moment of our times. The Beria disgrace would be a huge hoax.' I do not held with (his diplomat —which, I'll be the first to admit, doesn't mean very much. Georjfi In Charge I believe Malenkov is in t charge ' n lot more i place. I'd seen the old Georgian [parts on one side. Dark intciigcnt people are due for disgrace and r saunter onto the podium BO many denunciation tn Russia. For Beria j times. He would look neither to hiul n lot of tviends nnd followers, {his right nor left, but out over the and He was n policeman and in any dictatorship there are a lot of policemen. Ths> don't like to give up their authority lightly or at, all. A marvel ot contemporary Russian history has been how Malen- kov was able to bring off the de- audience. No ?mlle. No frown. Just that cold Stalin sUre. Then, after many minutes, when you wondered if the anphuise wns ever going lo .slop, he'd .;it In one of the rear rows on the platform. Molotov, Malenkov nunciation and firing of his right i would usuaiy sit closest r Bcria to him. hand nian, the fcUow who nom-] but never in Ihe seat immediately united him to the post, or premier, [next to Stalin's. They always left It took an unusual man, or men, la seat's space between the dicta- eyes, If you can .say eyes are intelligent. A triple chin and lie wears the traditional party khaki jacket, long khaki trousers and usually black shoes. He knows what to do with his CHRIS WELKIN HAS SOME PALS-Getting ready for a spnce suit fashion parade in Kansas City, Kans., David Huddleston adjusts the helmet worn by little Mike McGinnis while Nancy McGinnis waits for the repair of, a drooping antenna on her pie- plale-and-crepe-paper-rufHe space bonnet. Showing enthusiasm for the current city-wide recreation program theme—"Space Suits," the children design and make their oWn suits foe exhibits, parades and contests. No. 3: 'He «emed interested In his food more than he was interested in me as a dinner partner. But talking through a translator, he did appear to be intelligent, though reticent. When I made some remark about the weather he said he was never very conscious of the weather. All in all, not the kind of a felow with whom to take a long trip on a tandem bicycle." At 52, he is one of the youngest of the Communist leaders. And, of course, he's playing for time. He is consolidating his position, or trying to. Does he have time enough? And strength and intelligence enough? I believe so. And -I believe that Malenkov, more than any single man, is running Russia. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Attila Movie Is Planned MANILA (/P)—Manuel Conde. Filipino film producer, director »nd f actor, has been hired by an Italian movie company to make a Philippine-Italian film. He is to co-produce, co-write, direct and star in "Attila, the Hun," a color world-release picture to b« filmed in Italy, France, Germany rind Spain with an International cast. Conde first became known among world movie-makers when he attended last year's Venice film festival where his Phillipine-made movie, 'Genghis Khan," won acclaims. his first public appearance after becoming Premier. He paid not ihe slightest bit of attention to Beria, hands and this doesn't include 1 Molotov, Bulganin. Khrushchev or sticking them in his trouser pock- anyone else He was in charge. po ( ets. His vohje is firm and extremely clear His delivery is thru of a practk'C'J orator. He, looks at his audience when he speaks. He seems sure of himself. He handed himself very well at. this, This was tne speech in which he said there were no troublesome issues Unit could not be solved by peaceful means, including those with the United States. sations with Malenkov. I have two notations from men who sat beside him in Kremlin banquets. j Reticent : Note No. 1. 'He didn't talk very . rmich and when I told him a joke ! he managed a faint smile. He seemed preoccupied. He volunteered no re?nark to me. He had a certain poise. However, an un- Pew foreigners have had conver- pleasant character, I'd say." OWN YOUR HOME! Some Builders Build Just Houses, But We Have Built You a Home! 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