The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1931
Page 8
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!:- Crist Mi!!, 219 Years Old, Turns Out Product CONSHOHOCKO.N, P,i. IUPI — An "old grist mill whos; undent water wheel has turned continuously for the past $19 years i IS.ick In 1930 Ihc o.irly sottbr; . K-qnp.stf il l!ic council «f Ihc province to construct n iriarc direct load to tin- mill. The pjli'.lr.n \vjs . favor.illy rc:-ci\,»(! ;iial liic ruail, Mill In nsf ulUT .Ml yj.iri. was ' conslnstti'd. -. • - y »-— --- ,.^.»o r ni,j> , A riot's n<*e k krtit cool Ijv (lip sheltered by a group of massive, coiillim-il ovapnrntto!, «t inuUiuro yiillou-s a mile west of town. 'seorc-iod by the lat-sl ( ;l:ni:i. JRITZ THEATER ROBE THEATRE -; Friday and Saturday I Friday and Saturday The \}i£ Fight' See Willinin ITainos and Dorothy Jordan in His Latest and Host Pic-lure Tailor Made Man' Now Ruiiniiifr a t Ltnvu'n State jjj JMeinphi.'i. Adm.—llalinoe—10 and HOc -10 r.n.1 3f, c . Sunday and Monday r <.ri.'1 VI- \>:-* ? |l*3 mil BOOK* 5 SURVEY' i 'flu* Autobiography of Lincoln SU-f- fi us Is On- lluuli 'I IMI Nil Oil: Slir.nlil Ml-i—.1 Tdnant :inil !•)<In-Hilly \Vlsr Slujy of Modern Armrli'A l>y tliii Cri-atr 1 .! of the seller. And its success brings llis O'AII lIlMVIlfult. lie tnd been happy lu his cot- .scrimping on u few FYnsftlinnal! -bines Cinisu pi-cxUiclinii'from Day-id hclsisco's Stin-iilB Stat;o Ilil. . iiv .iwcci: CVITON N'i:.A Srrvirc Writer Lincoln .SU'llens, famous "mi!:':;- rakcr' of :i generation 11311. :;as written Ills niitobluxraphy—a lat tvD-voliime alliilr ]mbllsli«l by | U:irccm-l, IJr.KT ;uul Co. ai:il sc:i• hin nt $7.53. Tlio price may s?cm "'s' 1 - 1: " 1 '< ls wrth H.'NOI in yeru.s ' Mc " ns tmcr «""e » >»^ I'm Mr. Stelfens Is ft dls!llusl;;n- ed reftmner; and troin sue!) m-n Vivid n,,ry ,,r a f i,, C ai, K ht iiZdTnt ^ct^nier- '.\ ;i rniillKjl. U>lwci;]) hvn inn life for' more tl, ; ,:i t™ <l.-:Hues, iinil Hre he tells \vliat h? sew candid niH U-.biviu. Ho eivi'S the ' Imldir" on evcryih.n ; fioni the M?N:i:ii:ii-n irhil t;i tli 1'ivor.S. Lola Williams and .luce Adm.—II lii.iuirid ixamds a yean Lut for- ttino l;rh:n.s problems with which he ciiunul cu[io. It enables him I} many die one woman on enrlb \i!.<mi In.- shrml:] lul have married —a si'llisli. luxury-loving member of Ihe iki-aylng aristocracy—and .-.lie remaps his life In short order. From his country cotlnKe he has In nicive, to nil vxpcrusivu house in \joiulon. He iins to support his v.-ift-'s K'-nU-el hut moneyless relatives. He has In mlnjle In a focln! niuiiil dial appalls him. Worst of all. lie has to write, not io cxnres? wlial is In liim. bill to ninltc more money for his wife and liLs n "v si-ale of living. This, nf ruin-so, lends to Irugedy ::ml I think ihc author has slcl-' s;:-p[>ed :i bit by having the luxury- lm-iii s ulle die. at lust. In nu nlr- niTidi'iu. 1 think, too. lie 1 •—nji unique., [annul nila I'-.priilU — " iu.\ury- He eivi'S the • In-iide" on evcryih.n • ,'"' s *" l> '"<•'• at ll)sl - '« nu air- > ,-, . fioni the McNamani irbl t:. tin L ,"" nmillllU - ' tw >'!<. loo. he has (.rlllMU Mexican revoliillon, from II:- Ver- 11"' 1 ™ 1 '? Ill!lkc 'l" llc believable tlic ] , sallies irace eontercnco to |!K. Us: I I151 ' l ' 1! ""»' «'!"ch she Is supposed !>;H|)|| " f Hcf.s Cos In Cinclnnall • , l wssfss - 'he ylrl the novelist •""I' 1 / But Ills bonk Is a ti'iMt ileal nin-c ! s ' 10 ", 1 ; 1 havc '"arrlcd-a qu | 5t than a lucre <lescvi|]|lon ol h,s pu. *" l "ji'- sl1 ' 1 ' iiinncfl Audrey—is so i hi big newspaper sensations. It Is ;: "" lt ''' ln " : ' e "tlracllvc tlmt. one I: l ( M:..I.. I profoundly muvinn account or HIP """ ' l "' l ° ' Mf . to '""dsrstand how I ; iverv L'o:d picture of '.he ibwnfil! |of the ol:l Kuista. Let me add that this Is irt an "animal story." The doss arc not really the principal characters, nor Is there any sentimental slobb?r about man's dumb friends. -UK- nous" Is n sincere and intelligent (Idiom! study of life In Itnssiu before, during and alter tlie revolution; anil it is lit by n ready 1m- mor that makes the reidliv- of U pleasure. 'The nogs" Is published by t! |J. H. Lipplncott Co., and costs a>S> A (;itoi;r 01- SOMNKTS iiv KDNA ST. VINCKNT ,Mfl,l,AY 1'rcbably 1 don't iu-.>d KJ sav more about "Fatal fntervlew." by Edna SI. Vincent Millny, than f; li)ll you tlmt it Is no'v on sab n! Ixwkstores al $2 a copy. It Is 'her flr.n book of vcrs; hi lhre> VT-mid it consists of n Rrou'j of sonnets. If, now and tli?n' =•—••• -' them seem stilted and alfeclted. they have a sonority and a nj-, ness of Imagery (bat mnke up to:It. Nearly every sonnet contains at least one line that yon me without ineunins to. "Kami Interview" is published by llnrpcr nnd Urothers. You'll find the laugh nnswcrs in the fast comedy of hard babiw and hardware in EL EREMDEL FSPI DOR SAY Mr£emon tf Orange The picture that pokes fun, in' , - g^tejd ot a gun into 'your rih-~-_ Now Running Also in St. Louis. Komahccof small town (:;irls Airting v.'ith Ji'l'c :md c m p t a t i o n | n Chirarjo! Our Gang Comedy- and News. | Atlm.—Matinee—10-25 — 40c Night—15 and <!0c. j Alrfo Conictly and N«\vs. Adm.--3Iiiliiieu nnd Nighl- Goming—Nonna Shearer in "STRANGERS MAY KISS". . and "TRADER HORN". ; CnmiiiK—"KAST LYNXK". 10 niul 25e ' than a mere <lescvi|]|lon ol h,.s , i In big newspaper sensations. It Is ;: I profoundly muviiin account or ihr 1 clwnue that has come over Amcri- |cn chirliiK tin- past qinrlc'.r of .1 century. It Is n nailunal history, stripped clown to its essential.*. It 1:, deeply pcsslmlslic an.l aii!n:iln;;lj hopeful. Ei'L-n lo outline the innjor points Mr. Stelfens lias loucticd ivoulj lake far more s;mcc than we Inivi nvnllnble here. His study ol ]x)litl- eal corruption, for example, Is an encyclopedia In itself. Ills account of tlie Russian revolution Is bcUcn than a doirn of Hie ordinary volumes on I Sat i-real ei-ent. Ills de- Mi ijitlon ol the Versailles pence conferrnci- Is 1111 education In it- .self, ills /lory (if tlie McNamnn. trial Is as Ihrillln;: ; , s anythini; yon will read nil year. Hi'st of all, however. Is ihc spirit. I3u'i Ilncls expression on almost eveiy puije. Mr. Slcitcns has been dlsillusloiii-d as lew men nre cJisillnstoiied. He has discovered thai i there Is n:o:e hope for pioxrrss In the iwlltlcal boss nnd In tl-.e har<l- | boiled Industrialist .lli:in In all the irclormm Hint ever lived. He has discovered Hint tiie "b:-it people" almost nhvav.s stand scjuarely In the way of reform, lie discovered | tint comipilon is the Inevitabl-j v -jaccninpniiii-iient of politics. '-»J P But lie is not dlscmirasvd. He can ,lo.7k nhcatl ns uell ns liackwiixl. And he sees, throiiBh all the weUer of confused currents nn-.t contend- in|; lorccs Ilial m:\ko ti|i our tiniL'. a transfiguration lor democracy—a liiinsngurnllon that is to lie a trl- nmp!i more profound and nil-inclusive than \u have daie.l lo d.-eam Uy nil menns. rend thus book • * • HOW SUCCESS ISltOIIOti'F THAfH.DV TO A WRITER Aiiy book by Philip Glbbs is fairly sure to be Intelligent nn:l well planned, peopled by living cliarac- lers and Including, stmieho-.v. n thoitBhtfiil study .of Ihe llfuiijs tint (he war mid Its clianses liave brought to. the modern world, especially to England. This Is eminently (rue of "The Winding Lane," Mr. Olbbs' ne'.vcsL novel, published by Dcubli-dnv. Derail and Co. nt $2.5J. j "The Winding Unie" tells of r j young English novelist, pnlnfulu shy nnd unassuming, who seeks seclusion in an Isolated country collage, where he writes a book, that becomes, to his amazement, n bcsl- yoiiiis man chose Ihe otiier one. In ('tlier rcsi)CeL<i. ho'.vcvcr. "TlTc Wlncltnit Lane" succeeds admirably 1'IUIIp Cilbbs Is a latcnted writer and Mils Is well up to his standard! A DOO'.S-KYI- VIEW OF Till; lll'SSIAN KKVOLUTION To tell tbe slcry of the Russian levoliillnn from the rlev.i>olnt of lln-ee or four assorted <! ogs ma ,. wimd lilte ulier nonsense; but thai Is iHvci.'cly whnt Ivan Nazhlvin 'loes In "The Dogs," nnd he makes i> very fine novel of it. . Tlie dogs through whoso eyes the revolution | s seen come from vari- cus stations in life. Tdere are 'the arl.s!ooial:c- does of an old prince I here is the binieless wanrlcrer who lives in a Moscow lumber vnrtl ll:i-re are Ihe half-savage V;o's owned by the peasants I,,' a Rl ,° s - slan vlllaau. There Is (he pamper•"I !ap-ilog owned by a Pclroernd nnlnyan. They nre cut. adrift by- Hie iipbeaval an:l ttiey meet many adventures: and tlie sum total of Ineir advciilures, somehow, ijlves n ! ,^. OF SAMPLE 11 Fireside and Pi Bl Chairs Kansas May Enforce Its Old Blue Laws _:_-,-_..._ ..__.. ._ ; . Kill DA V, Al'tl.iL ';.',, IP:! jains far Saturday and Monday . aiaasa ^^^TtssffSKestJXKmasasssa^^sasss sffiEHiiasissicsanEszisH -. .jr7 I! f «iS^^ Fresh Frcm the Country blue lavs today prepared for a li'Kal bailie, which may close permanently thcrntcrs in iho state's larsrr cities. According to state statutes, it is a-jainsl Ilic law for theaters' to op- eralc on Sunday. In the larger cities, however, such as" Kansas City. Wichita and llutchinson, [lie Inw is not enforced. A recent movement has brer, launched by chib women and ministerial alliances of the various eitirs for strict enforcement of the blue laws. The most Important litht now Is underway at Wichita, where plans have been made for filiii;! of an ouster petition against the Fox West Coast Theaters Com- piiny unless it closes its shows in Kansas on Sunday. Itcsrrvalion Storts WurniTl KLAMATH FALT.S, Ore. lUt'l — Before each reservation "pay day," fiiuie proprietors arc warned ajalnst .-•olllns to Indians rubbinu alcohol. bitters, OT anything containing suf- - ficient alcohol to cause intoxication. SUGAR Jamil 10 Pounds 48c SNAP HKANS Kn-sh •j Kn-sh ire ' Lb. II) TOMATOES PINEAPPLE No; POTATOES N ^. 5 C lOc ' : No. 2'/2 Can Z\'i Can Broken Slices 25c Fresh Do/. 1C IfllPfl Uncolorcd 12 IULE.U(;oid ])„( ],b IC BUTTER I'tirc Creamery Hrookfielil or aiorris Supreme. Pound SOAP ISUPEKSUDS for 25 C Q-JELL a Fruit Flavors Package SOAP Crystal White 10 Hars 32c Values to $85 Mohair, Tapestry and Frieze upholstering, gnn.r' wilh Ottomans (o match. If you need a comfortable chair be sure (o come in tomorrow as [he.-* can't last long at this lo\v price. COFFEE Maxwell House Pound 15 AN AN AS Yellow TC i JEE,I.Y Hcfchnul -ire s. U). J I Jumbos. 13-0*. .(HI- BLYTHEVILLE C Cul Ikans ND - 2in » MATCHES Economy 2 Itoxcs BROOMS 4 ^h CWFE " PORKBEANS 15 C BACON SQUARES Sus;ir £ ne ;l 16c ROAST K. C. Kib Votind i'ound RIBS '•" t i.,lflNECKBO?)ES,.,,.6' : PORK SHOULDERS Pound lOc SAUSAGE 1'tire Pork Pound Pound 25c PORK LIVER Pound lOc ROAST PORK No Kone Pound SALT MEAT "^ 1!cl!i ^ Pound I FLOUR '"•"^"•yk . C'limpoiind -1 IJisi. ,17c QQC |j -rs.i.h. i-aiiOJ K-. I •'> Gallon 335BaEES£3a-a<23iej:ES5H3E3E 10-!b. Limit 10 pcunds BEANS Sl:uulard Q ? SS3B.) M £ No. 2 Standard -J1C ^ Can 11 POKE & BEANS 2 <* m 15° • —-^ *. W£7_ ii V3i/ ly^.-llinjf £ t ;illS JLtJ g^'aeaaaagaEiBgrryT^a'?!;^^ \st.0b i«o. 2 '^^^ 3 cans ^••^ffl/i^iBBaaKratfKffiff^BEiaaTO^BagE^^ 'J Spring Brook Pound vs&ts^&iF&sssasssssis^^ MM^M! Siveof in- Siv. .Mixed QIC Quart Ol I'almnlivc 2 Hars JELL c Country Club Assorted APPLEB1 RICE '^ ncy iiluo R T C L.,, 25° miin. (». Quart 1$*^ No. 1 Red pound BANANAS BEANS K "G^s'ri.« CABBAGE New (ircen I.b. 3 ( Fancy Simkist 3GO's -l(\C, DO/C.MI GO's -JQ( ^ KC.M1 U POTATOES. *™«^r$ c RHUBARB T-11C LI). 102 K C Baby Beef Shoulder Clfid ib. 20c, Thick Rib Ib. 15c Brisket pound '2 1 PIG LIVER :'«-SR M 2? JJL.' LI). LicJ PiG_TAILS__ BAKED. HAM 1C Lb. lU i COTT1-SAL1MA U .49 C DAISY CWSE "TJ7 1 ? '^^"•'"^^^•^•-^ Milh Fed, Fancy Tender Roasts, pound ssaH:aSE S3S^ffisr.a33KZX5H.-s^ PSP HENS T,,. 30 C LWER Uaby IJcof OAC SALT MEAT PURE LARD Jowls 1 AC 1C ,,m PIG RIBS SjDEfflAT LARD 1,1). Compound 111C ^...^,__ „ --- f.l). 112 .*««.*-. ^^a^KZ^.^rss^^^xsss^^.^sKssfa KC Baby Baby Shoulder Clod, Ib. 2^o, Prime Rib I9c, Chuck, Pound

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