The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on March 26, 1932 · 14
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 14

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
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THE SUN, BXLTIMOTIE,. SATUnD'AT 'MOTOTINtt MARCH 26. 1032 14 Classifications Nos'. I to 3 CHICAGO WHEAT PIT ASSAILED BY HYDE Board Of Trade Charged With Complete Indifference To Former's Interests RECENT ACTION CITED Increasing Of Number Of Deliverable Grades Called Costly To Producers IBy the Associated Press Washington, March 25-The Chicago Board of Trade was charged today by Secretary Hyde with complete indifference to the interests of the farmer. He made this statement in letters to Senator McNary (Rep., Ore.) and Representative Jones (Dem., Texas), chairmen, respectively, of the Senate and House Agriculture Committees, criticizing the board's action in increasing from nine to eleven the number of deliverable wheat grades. Grades Increased March 12 Immediately after the grades were Increased March 12, Hyde said, the value of the new futures contract based on the larger number declined and "producers suffered a loss." He added: "I know of no recent action which better illuminates the complete indifference of the Board of Trade to the interests of the farmer." Last summer President Hoover at tacked short sellers on the grain exchanges, asserting they were operating to "rob" the farmers. "The rules of the Chicago Board of Trade," Secretary Hyde said today, "are made in the interest of sellers- Hot farmers. The farmer has no voice in the matter. Federal Regulation Necessary - He used this incident to show "how necessary it is for some Federal agency to have a measure of control over the rule-making power of boards of trade." Upon the suggestion of the Agriculture Department, Mr. Hyde said, the board reduced the number of grades from seventeen to nine in October, 1930. "Immediately," he said, "the value of the new futures contract increased Producers reaped the benefits. Says Effect It Far-Reaching "When the Chicago Board of Trade again modified its rule, restoring No. 1 and No. 2 yellow hard winter to ttia srades deliverable at contract price, the seller s advantage was restored. The futures contract was cheapened to the value of the lowest deliverable grade. The advantage secured for farmers by the board's action in 1930 was practically wiped out by the arbitrary action of the same board in March, 1932. "The price differential is relatively imall. But the effect is far reaching because the price of the entire crop is generally based on the poorest grade that can be delivered at ""the contract price." Head Of Chicago Board Gives Reasons For Change Chicago, March 25 (j?) Discussing 'ecretary Hyde's criticism that through Increases in the number of deliverable wheat grades grain traders here are indifferent to the farmers' interests, Peter B. Carey, president of the Chicago Board of Trade, today said: "The change in the rules of the Chicago Board of Trades making No. 1 and No. 2 yellow hard winter wheat deliverable on sales for future delivery was made about two years ago at the request of Secretary of Agriculture Hyde, and were . recently altered to their original state at the request of farmers in Indiana and Illinois. These farmers claimed that they were losing 51,000,000 a year because of the yellow hard being penalized. We are not surprised at any ruling the Secretary makes, and in this case he is inconsis tent" Variation Of One To Two Cents Hard yellow wheat sells, at around 1 cent to 2 cents a bushel discount tinder straight hard winter grades. The new contracts referred to by Secretary Hyde were quoted at the close of the market yesterday to cents a bushel under old contracts which do not permit the delivery of the yel low hard winter wheat From March 12 to 23, wheat futures dropped 74-87 cents a bushel. The drop, trade authorities say, was due largely to action of the House of Representatives in refusing to modify its stand on prohibition. This action was Immediately followed by plans an Bounced for stabilization operations. The two actions were followed by practical demoralization in all of the world's leading grain markets, and the decline was not checked until March 23, when buyers apparently recovered confidence, and brought about a rally of around 2 cents a bushel from that day's inside figures. Say Kreuger Concern DoesnH Appear Strong Investigators Question Its Solvency If Immediate Liquidation Were Forced Stockholm, Sweden, March 25 (0 A commission appointed to investigate the affairs of Kreuger & Toll, the match company controlled by the late Ivar Kreuger, reported today that thus far the company's position does not appear strong. "Should its affairs have to be wound up at prices obtainable at present," the commission's statement said, "it Is not certain that its assets would be . eufficient to cover its liabilities, even if participating debentures were excluded. "In the interests of the creditors, the problem now being considered is the manner in which liquidation can be carried out without immediate realization en the company's resource!.'' Foreign Debt Situation Unchanged, Mellon Says Former Secretary Of Treasury Confers With Member Of House Foreign Affairs Group Washington, March 25 (IP) Andrew W. Mellon made one of his infrequent trips to the Capitol today and left behind the comment that the European debt situation seems unchanged. His visit was of a social nature to become acquainted with members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee before leaving for his new post at the Court of St. James. But in the corridors he . met a barrage of reporters' questions. "Do you think Europe will make any debt payments this year?" the new Ambassador was asked while being assisted into his coat. "You know as much about that as I do," was his quick response. Pressed further on the debt ques tion, Mr. Mellon said: "I have no knowledge of any change in the situation and see no likelihood of any change at the present time." He said he would leave Tuesday for New York and sail April 1 for Great Britain, where he does not expect his duties to be especially burdensome until the middle of May. Electrical Engineer Dead, Pistol At Side Bernard A. Behrend, 56, Shot Through Heart Apparently 'Suicide, Officer Tells Wife Wellesley, Mass., March 25 (IP) A policeman forced his way into the home of Bernard A. Behrend, 56, en gineer and internationally known authority on electricity, today and found him dead on the floor. A pistol lay beside the body. Police told Mrs. Behrend when she reached the house later that her husband apparently had shot himself. The policeman was called by Charles McGillis, of Waltham, who had driven Behrend to his home from Cambridge, He said he was instructed to wait out side, but when Behrend failed to re turn McGinnis tried to get into the house and found it locked. He became suspicious and called a policeman, Dr. Frederic A. Stanwood, assistant medical examiner, said Behrend had been shot through the heart, but de clined any further statement. . Mrs. Jzctta Jewel Miller Faces Jail Term Threat Head Of Schenectady (N. Y.) Welfare Bureau May Be Held In Contempt Schenectady, N. Y., March 25 (IP The, threat of a jail term today hung over Mrs. Izetta Jewel Miller, onetime musical comedy singer and now head of the Municipal Welfare Bureau, as a Supreme Court justice heard argument on an order to show cause why she should not be held in Lcontempt of court. Mrs. Miller, who at the Democratic National Convention in 1924 seconded the nomination, of John W. Davis for President, is charged with having failed to reinstate a woman investiga tor in the Welfare Bureau in accord ance with an order of Supreme Court Justice Christopher J, Heffer- nan. Mrs. Miller, the wife of a Union College professor, formerly lived in West Virginia and while there ran for the United States Senate, Provisions And Produce (Market News Service) United States Department of Agriculture Serf ice, Bureau ot Agricultural Economic! and the Mary land Slit Department ol Market, ccoperatini. Baltimore , Prices represent sales in laroe lots to jobbers and other large buyers on stock of good merchantable quality and condition. Fruits AITLKS- Md., Pa.. Ta. .751.00 la, 24-....85-00 and W. Va. trurlc rec. mod. Sup. mod., dem. alow, mat. about steady. Bu. baa,, Md.. Pa.. Va., W. Va.. U. S. la. 2',4-j in. up Staymans, Few fine qiial V0i Scalded T5-1.UO U. 8. la, 8-in. up. J.SII-l.WI Scalded Yorks. I?. S, up Vtiw hiclier. Scalded 50-75 U. 8. la. 8-m. up. 1.00-1.10 n. S. la. 2?i-ln. "PI Romea t.lO-t-251 Black Twigs and Starks, U. S. la, SVi-ln. P. 1.00-1. 10 Few 1" Scalded 50-7,1 I! 8. Is. Sin. mostly 1 ' Delicious. u. is (MB. W....1.3S-I.WI Full ripe.. 5-1 .UU 17. S. Is. S in. up. 1.501.B5 rnclas..2". In. up. '" oiu. Tarietiea, best Few higher. Poorer ...40-50 Boies, Wash., fancy Winesapa, med. iz, 1 .60-1 .AS Eitra fancy Winesapa. med. .1-75 F.xtra fancy Tearmaina. med. to large si". , l.tW-I.TS Fancy Staymans, med. to lame size. .1.50-1.80 GRAPEFRUIT Sup. mod. Fla., botes, as tn sije. 11, S. 1 2.00-8.50 Few higher. U. S. 2s 1.50-2.00 ORANGES Sup. mod. Fla.. boiea, at tn wee. O. S. la. 25-41 M If. S. 2s 2.75-3 75 STRAWBERRIES 13 refrif . and. Fla. eap. Sup. light, dem. alow, mkt. dull. Fla., eip.. pony refrt., pinta 20-22 Quarts, fair QUal. and dirties. 12al3c: check", WViallo.S refrigerators," as to quality, lO'jal-We.: white egg, premium mark, Jersey and Other nearby, on contract, 221ga23Vic: nearby and uild-Western hennery, spe cials (40 pounds net), lO'aa'JlMic. : stand ard (cases 45 pound net), lSals'jC. ; lower grade, LVjalTc. : medium", 17a tSc; Pacific Coast (favored limited packs), Sla-MVic. ; Pacific Coafit, fresh, hell treated or liners, specials, 23c.; standards, 21a22'4c. ! lower grades, unquoted; mediums, lO'ja'JOMiC.s marked pullets unquoted, refrigerators, ai to quality, Hal3c. .Brown EggJ Nearby and Western special packs, private sales from store, lOalOc. i Western stand ards, 13al3VJe. Live poultry Irregular: chickens. freight, 17c; express, unquoted: broil ers, freight. 2.1c. j einress, 18a27c; fowls, rroigiit. l.'misc. ; express, l.'atSc. ; roosters, freight. 10c.; express. Tic; turkeys, rreignt, 2la2ic, ; express, Itia.JOc. ducks, freight, 12ai;tc. ; express. lHc Dressed poultry weak; chickens, fresh, unquoted; frosen. Jiln27c ; fowls, fresh, 10a22c. ; fronen, 15a22c; old roost ers, fresh. lOal.'ic. : tror.en, unlimited: turkeys, fresh. 15a23c: frown. ITallOc ducks, fresh, 20c; frozen, 16al"c. Washington jMarkets (TJ. S. Department of Agriculture Serrlce.) Washington, March 15. eond., best.... Few Poorer Some unsold. I.e., 24-pt. crta. dikes ,..S0 ,...."' ,.20 25 Klon-, .20-22 Vegetables Cars Med. , Small T.ooe C, green, sie ASTARAGCS Sup. mod. Cel., doz. -bunch erts.. green, extra large. . 0. '.-.-,. mi 4.75-5.00 4.25-4.50 3.00-3.50 3.00-3.26 dos. -bunch crta., med. to lsrue 4.00-5.00 BEANS Fla. eip. ree. 'erj light. Sup, rery light, dem. lim., mkt. atrong. Fla.. mixed car. bn. taamp.. round stnngless. . O.OU-3.70 beets-sup, light. Texas, let, rrta.. bunch ed, mostly around.. 3 .10 Bu. ba 2.50-2.7O BROCCOLI Sup. light Texas, crta.. bunched, 3.50-3.75 CABBAGE New sup. fairly lib., dem. and trading light, mkt dull. Fla.. ltt-bo. ha rap.. pointed type, best 2.40-2.50, Fair dual 2.00-2.25 Poor qual 1.25-1.50 S. P.. Ht-bu. bamp., pointed type, mostly around 2.2: Few 2.00 Texas, let. crti., flat type, small size, lest, f 00-4 15 Poorer ....3.75 Old sup. light, dem lim., mkt. dull. N. T.. 100-1 b. aks. Planish 2.73-3.00 CARROTS Wetei sup. pei, dem. alow, inkt dull, common and medium 600-1,300 pounds 94.30aO.79 ; heifers good and choice,, KX)- 850 pounds J5.73a7.23; common and medium $la5.7S; cows good and choice $3.50a3; common and medium $3n3.Rfl; low cutter and cutter $2a3; bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) .25a4: cutter to medium S2.30a8.4O: venters (milk-fed) good and choice $3.30 a7; "medium t4.Mla5.50; cull and com mon l2.0Ua4.oO. Mocker and feeder cat tle: Nteers good and choice fWfl-l.Ofti) pounds Sf5.25afi.25i common and me dium Ji3.75a0.25. - Sheen lteceints 10.000: old eron lambs closing very slowly 15a23c. lower: snots oft more; other classes weak; desirable wooteq lanins u.:au.7a: few u.Ma7.iu; goou cuppers ?; most springers swan: best 112; lambs (III pounds down good and choice 10.257.10: medium S.50a 0.25; fll-ino pounds medium to choice If5.25a7; all weight common $4.75aS.5rt: ewes 0O-15O pounds medium tn choice 9.1 hi .hi; an weigm cull anil common l.7. 3.50; feeding lambs 50-75 pound good and choice 95.75at .25. Butler Plaque Finds Haven In Philadelphia Memorial Commission Arranges For Transfer Of Tablet Ousted From Navy Building Philadelphia, March 25 (") The bronze memorial tablet honoring Ma j. -Gen. Smediey D. Butler, U. S M. C. (retired) has found a haven here. Removed from the Navy Building in Washington, the plaque was sent to the marine base at Quantico, Va., but members of the Butler Memorial Com mission of this city, which raised $1,-000 for the tablet, deemed the train ing station unsuitable for it and arranged for its transfer here. The tablet bears the inscription: 'Brigadier-General Smediey D. But ler, United States Marine Corps, Director of Public Safety, Philadelphia, January 7, 1924-December 23, 1925. He enforced the law Impartially. He defended it courageously. He proved incorruptible." Student Ministers Strike At Stetson Baptists Blame President For Letting Christian Scientist Use Auditorium Deland, Fla., March 25 (IP) Nine ministerial students at Stetson University, a Baptist institution, with' drew today and gave as their reason a dispute with President Lincoln Hul-ley over use of the college auditorium by a Christian Science lecturer. They also claimed Stetson professors and forum speakers have often denied the infallibility of the Bible, forcing student to listen to "slurring" remarks about things they "held sacred." Negro Is Electrocuted Raleigh, N. C, March 25 (P)-John Robert Myers, 30, Pitt county Negro, was electrocuted at State's prison to' day for shooting to death R. H. Hodges, postmaster at Pactolus, during a holdup. HIDES AND TALLOW Hides, green salted, 13 to 45 pounds, per pound, 2c; do., 45 pounds and over, nop oound. 2c. green salted, damaged, per pound, lc. ; green, 15 to 45 pound, per pound, 2c; do., 45 pound and over, ner round. 2c: green, damaged per pound, lc. ; dry flint, per pound. 4c: dry salted, per pound. 3c: dry salted. damaged, per pound, 3c; dry calf, per pound. 4c; dry glue, per pound, 2c. Bull Hide, green salted, per pound, lc ; green, per pound, lc. Calf Skins, salted, per pound, 2bc; green, per pound. .1c. Sheep Skins, green, salted, each. 40a 30r. : dry. each, ,10a40c. ; clipped, each. .lalOc Lamb Skins, green salted, each, ana 40c. ; dry salted, each, 20a30c. Gnat Skin, green ulted, each, 15a20c. Kid Skin, each. BalOc Horse Hides, with mane anil tall, each 91. Tallow fske, per pound. Jc.; olid,. per pound,, 2VjC. Texas, let. erts'. . btuirb- ed. bent 4.00-4.2S Poorer 8.50-3.7.1 Cal., let. crta., bunch ed. mostly 4.25 CAULIFLOWER Sup. mod., dem. low. mkt. itenrly. f., pony crts.l. 50-1.75 celery- Sup, mod., . nm. and trading light, mkt. iteak., 'i rrta.. washer!. doz., beet. .1.75 Few 4.00 Poorer .,.3.fi0 Ha., 10-ln. erts., washed and pre-cooled and md. washed and pre-cooled, beat, i tn 6s. 3.75-4.00 S ...4.0(1 Few ......4.25 10s 3.75 Few higher. Poorer, all sites, 60c.- 11.00 less. cucumbers-no arils.. Sup. light, dem. lim., mkt. dull. Fla., mixed car. bn hamp., U, S. Is, mostly 3.00 EGGPLANTS Xo artla. KALE Sup. mod. ba. bai.. Scorch 80-35 Few 40 LETTUCE Sup. fairly lib., dem. mod., mkt. firm for good itork. Cal., erta., Iceberg. 4-!i doi., best 3.25-3.50 Poorer 2.50-3.00 Ariz., no offerings. MUSHROOMS . Sup. mod. Pa., 4-qt, bas., best, 75-1.00 Few higher. Others 40-nO' LIMA BEANS . Sup. lisht. Ha., bu. bamp.. ONIONS Sup. light, dem. and trading light, mkt. dull. N. Y., Ohio and Jlicli., 50-lh. ik., yellows. U. S. Is, med. to large size Ichile. rrt 50 lbs. net, Bermuda type fine ouai. . large size 4.25-4.50 Nearby green, per ino Ihmiche 75-1.00 PEAS Sup. mod. Cal.. 45-lb. erts.. Tele phones, mostly Sou Hex. ....5.;.) peppers- no arris., good Inquiry. POTATOES Md. and Pa. truck ree. light. Old sup. light, dem. alow, mkt, dull. N. Y.. IflO-lb. ks.,rnd. whites, U. 8. Is. - 1.00-1.05 Md. and Pa.. 100-lb. ska., round whites. U. Is 90-1.00 Showing blight... 75-85 New sup. mod., dem. and trading light, mkt. unsettled. Fla., hbla., Spaulding Rose, U. 8. Is, mostly, K.OO fl. S. 2. mostlr..2.7fi radishes-sup, light. S. C, bu. hamp., red tins 2.50-2.75 spinach-Sup. mod dem. mod., mkt. about steady. Tens, bu. bas., Sstot. ihest 1.25-1.35 Poorer 1.101.20 j SQUASH . No arris. SWEET POTATOES E. S. Md.. Va. and nearby truck rec. mod Sup. mod., dem. mod., mat. anout steady. B. S. Md.. bu. hamn.. jersey type, u. 8. Is, 50-an Fine qual ..(15-75 i ngr 30-40 Bu. hamp., white, yame, 8.. Is ....50-55 Few n ttier. 30,35 E. S. Va.. hbls.. whit. yams, TT. S. 1.1,40-1.50 tew Higher. 'JngT. .1.00-1,55 BU. hamo.. white vm D. S. Is, mostly.,.. 60 I "ff- 35-40 neamy, bu. hama. .Ter. "y type, TJ. S. ls.50-60 I'lgr. MLun 16-rjt. hamp. .....25-40 Sup. fairly lib,, dem. slow, mkt. dull. fta., rail, 6s, green and turning, wrod.. 144. ,n Isrger. best... 2.25-2.50 rew nigher. Poorer 1.25-1.75 -uga, green and turning. wrpd., 6x8 and larger, best 2.25-2.50 few higher. Poorer .1.00-1.50 lixT, best 2.00-2.25 Poorer 1.00-1.25 Boat, hold oriri, 6s, green and turning, wrnrt 144 and larger.l.25-1.5n Wasty 75-1.00 1K0 75-1.00 f ew higher. turnips-Sup, mod. N. J.. bn. bas....B0Bn Nearby, purple tona. washed, IB-qt, hamp. 25-40 Few higher. Eggs Market firmer. On the Baltimore Butter and Egg Exchange nearby current receipts. 2 sales, 85 eases, 15e. No other offerings. Receipt!- Butter, 19 tubs; egga, 1,675 cases. Auction Sales ghapefeuit- Fla.,959 At 2.43 LEMONS Cal., 1 cm... 2.75-8.10 Creamery Extras, 92 ORANGES Cal., 2 cars.. 2.45-3.75 Fla., 907 boxes Valen cias 2.75-4.30 At. 3.66 Butter Ladles- Extras, lb 1S-20 Firsts, lb 15-17 Packing atk., lb.. 11-12 Md., Pi., rods, lb.15-17 APPLES 1 Wash, arid., S bkn. on track. Bu. has., truck rec. mod. Sup. mod., dem. light, mkt steady. Vs., Stavraatu. U. S. Is, 2H-2 in. 1.25-1.50 U. S. Is. 2',4-in. up Delicious ... ..1.25-1.50 U. S. Is. 21i-in. up Black Twigs... 1.00-1. 25 Pa., U. 8. Is, 2'4-in. up Baldwins, few sales'. 90-1. 001 Rbls., sup. light, dem. slow, mkt. steady. Va., U. 8. la, 2?i-in. up lorks, scalded. 2.00-2.25 Rnxes. sup. mod., dem slow, mkt. stearly. With., extra fancy Delicious, med, tn large size 2.25-2.50 Bin 2.00 Fancy Romes. med. to large size, mostly aril. 1.50 CABBAGE 1 8. C. arrd.. 4 bkn., 1 unbkn. on track. Ttui.-k rec. mod. New sup mod., dem. light, mkt, shout steady. Texas, erts., apprnx. 80 lbs, net, flat type, . 4.00-4.25 S.- 0.. lH-bu. hamp. pointed type.. 2.00-2.25 CELERY Fla. and., 6 bkn., 2 unbkn. on track. Sup. mod., dem. light, mkt. steady. Fla., 10-in. erts.. bid, washed and pre-cooled to 8 dos. ...3.50-4.00 Cal.. H erts.. Ind.l washed and pre-cooled,! 7 dor. 4.00-4.25 LETTUCE Cal. arrd.. bkn., 4 unbkn. on track. Sup. mod., dem. light, mkt. steady. ... Cal., erts.. Iceberg, 4-5 doz. 3.00-3.25 C truck... 1.25-1.0O ONIONS Mich. and.. 1 unbkn i track. Sup. light dem. light, mkt, steady. 501b. sks.. yellows, U. Is, Ohio. Ind. and Mich., bast ,.4.0o! Sprouted .........3.50 T.. best 4.00 Sprouted 3.50 Med 3.25-3.50 Small 3.00 POTATOES 2 Idaho, 2 Me., 9 W. T. arrd.. 8 bkn., 10 unbkn. on track. Old sup. lib., dem, light, mkt, steady. Me.. 150-lb. aks., MtsJ U. S. Is...,. 1.90-2.00 N. T., 150-lb. sks.,rnd. wnites, u. 8. is, 1.75-1. S5 Idaho, 100-lb. sks.. Kusset Burbanks, U. S Is 2.15-2.25 elw aup. light, dem g h t. mkt. slightly, weaxer. I la., bble., Spauldine Kose. u. S. la. 5.25-5 50 SWEET POTATOES Arris, sines Tues. Port. 1 N. C. arrd. No car on track. Truck rec. mod. Suo. mod. dem. light, mkt. steady. o. mo., bu. hamo. Jersey type. U. S. l as ew 75 Poorly graded 40-50 ma., Anne Arundel pn bu. hamp., Jersey type, u- f. Is 65-75 n CAR s Exp. rec. Terr Hbt. Sup. good stock light, dem. light, mkt. steady. eia., bu. lump., green. iiac wpe. wide range! dual, and eond., few best 4so Fair eond 3.50-4.001 Poorer 2.50-3.00 very poor eond. low as 75 CARROTS Xo car-lot arris., 1 bkn on track. Suo. light dem. light, mkt. about steady. Tex., let. crta., bunched CAULIFLOWER 2 Cal. artd.. 3 bkn., 1 unhka. on track. Sup. mod., dem. light, mkt. steady. Cal., pony crta., 2.50-3.00 COLLARDS Truck rec. mod". Sup. mod., dem. mod., mkt. steady. Va., bu.' bas., mostly around 55 CUCUMBERS Exp. rec. very light. Sup. light, dem. light, mkt. steady. Fla., bu. hamp., TJ. S. la 4.004.50 II. S. 2 Fair qual 2.50-2.75 EGGPLANTS Exp. rec. light. Sup. light, dem, light, mkt. steady. Fla., lU-bu. erts,. 8.00-8 50 Fair qual 2.75 GRAPEFRUIT 2 Fla. artd.. 4 bkn.. 2 unbkn. on track. Sup. mod., dem. mod., mkt. about stead). Fla., boxes, all sizes. - ' , 2.00-2.75 Few 3.00 LIMA BEANS Exp. rec. rery light. Sup. light, dem. light, mkt. steady. Fla., bu. hamp.. 4.50-5.00 Few high as 5.50 ORANGES I Cal., 4 Fla. arrd.. 7 bkn.. 6 unbkn. or track. Sup, mod., dem, light, mkt. ateady. Fla., boxes, all size 8.25-4.50 PEAS No car-lot arris., 8 bkn., 2 unbkn. on track. Sup light, dem. light, mkt steady. Mex.. 45-lb. erts.. Tele phones 5.25 PEPPERS Exp. rec. rery light. Sup. light, dem. light. mkt. steady. Fla.. IV. -bu. erla., TT S. Is, green, large. 4. 00 Fair eond.. 3,50 Wasty .50-1.00 Med ..2.50 KALE Truck ree. mod. Sup. mod., dem. mod., mkt. steady. Va . bu. bas 40-50 STRAWBERRIES Fla., p., 4 refri. arrd. Sup. light, asm and trading rery slow, mkt. weaker, Fla., 36-pt, crta., farl- ous rarieties, holdorers, pt. 15-20 Pony rtlrig., various Ttrieti ...30-35 Few 40 La., ri Balto., to few sales to quote. SQUASH Exp. rec. light. Bup. light, dem. light, mkt. steady. Fla., bu. hamp., white, wrpd., med, size, 2.50-2.75 spinach- no car-lot arris., 4 bkn. on track. Sup. mod., dem, ligbt, mkt. about steady. Tex., bu, bas., Saroy. TOMATOES 1 Fla. arrd.. 1 Tjnblm. on track. Sup. light. dem. light, mkt aleady. Fla., As, green, turning and rioes, wrpd.. 8.25-8.50 Fair qual 2.50-3.00 Poorer 1.00-2.00 Lugs, turning and ripes. wrpd., 6x6 and larger. 2.00-2.50 Few higher. . Poorer 1.00-1. SO turnips- no ear-lot arris., no cars on track. Truck rec. mod. Sup. mod., dem. light, mkt. steady.' 6.. erts..... 2 00 The Wool Market Boston. March 23 (IP The Commercial Bullet In will ay loinonow: "A little wool has been sold this week here, but at price which how a slowly easing tendency. The manufacturers have delayed their heavyweight opening and so the wool trade have no basis of values in the finished fabric upou which to predicate wool value with any aasurance. 'The market, moreover, ha been un settled again by the action of the Na tional wool Marketing c orporation in milking a sale of 5.000.000 nound of adult mohair at a price which hardly can exceed cent a pound and which ia believed tn have been fKli cents. The average advance of the coop and adult hair for 1IKJO and 19'il Is calculated at about 2ft cents. The tariff usually col lected on mohair of this type ia 23 'A cents (o4 cents clean content). "This hair. It is nnnounoeil. has lipen old to carpet mills with the understand ing tnnt It will not be used for other than carpet purposes. Other so-called regular liner of the staple, however, are Hlxturheu hy the sale anil contend that they should he able to buy at the same price, especially as (he staple Is Govern ment nnanced In part. "The wool trade, naturally, are wondering whether they may cxnect the wool holdings of the coop to he forced on the market, and so they are moving wirn unusual opinion. "Little wool bas been moved In the West and that, mostly In Ariisona at slightly lower price. foreign markets are about steady. quotations follow; HomeBlic: Ohio and Pennsylvania Fleeces De lalne. unwashed. 20c; V.-blood comb ing, 20a21c. : 1s-blond combing, 20a21c. : ft-nioou comning. lS''.ic Michigan and New York Fleeces Pe lalne. unwashed, lSa20c: '-blood comb ing. lua.'lc. : -blood. combing 20a21c. tt-nionu comning, jKVjaiuc. Wisconsin, Missouri and Average In dlana and New England Half-blood, lialSc; -hlood. 18c: H-blood. 17c Southern Fleeees Choice medium, 17a i&c; ordinary medium, loaiic. Scoured Basis: Texas Fine. 12 month (selected!. 47 49c: fine abort. 12 months, 44a46c; fine, 8 month. 40a43c. California Northern. 40a42c: Middle County, 40a41c. : Southern. 8!ia40c. Oregon Fine and fine medium staple, 47a4Sc. ; fine and fine medium French combing. 43a4(ic. : fine and fine medium clothing, 40a4.')c: Valley No. 1, 4oa47c. Territory scoured nasisr Montana and similar: Fine staple, choice, 4Sa50c: 'A-blood combing. 47a 4Sc: 4-blood combing, 42a44c. ; i-blood comning, atia-isc 1'uiied Delaine, ssaooc; A A. BTaasc: fine A supers, 52a55c: A supers. 47a."0c Mohair and Alpaca: Domestic Good original hag. Texas spring, 17a20c. : good original bag, Texas kid, 40a4.ic, Arizona and New Mexican, lsalic: Oregon, liaise. Domestic Graded First combing. 27aS0c : second combing, 24a 2Hc: third combing. 20a22c: fourth combing, lSa20c. ; good enrding, 21a24c: first kid, SOaoTic. : second kid, 45a50c. Cape winter firsts, nominal, 20a21c. ; summer nrsts. .'nc Arundel Corporation Low Bidder On V, S, Job Offert To Dredge Pool, Part Of Ukei-To-Giflf Waterway, For $536,000 Chicago, March 25 The Arundel Corporation of Baltimore was low bidder today on the work of dredging the Dresden Island pool, integral part of the GreatLakes-to-the-Gulf waterway. The Eastern company offered to dredge the 11-mile pool in 240 days for $536,000. The channel ia 9 feet deep, 200 feet wide. The contract award will be made bn approval of the War Department. Seeks Absolute Divorce Rockville, Md March 25 Charging that she was deserted, Mrs. Sarah Vir ginia Randall, of Kensington,' yesterday filed suit in the Circuit Court here for an absolute divorce from Fred Glcnwood Randall, whose address was given as 1312 N street northwest, Washington. Silver Market New Tork. March 25 V) Bar silver quiet and unchanged at 20IjC. 3.75-4.001 Nearby, bu. bas.. 50-75 Other Washington Markets Washington, March 25 W ..26 ..25 If., lb. 24H-25H Stan., fl sc.. lb. .23-24! finis. 85 sc.. lb.22-23 Sec. 87 sc.. lb.. .21.-22 Renovated, lb. ...19-201 Live Poultry CHICKENS iMuscory. 4 lb, and Old. heary, lb.... 14-15 orer. lb 20-22 Medium, fat. lb.. 15-16 Puddle, 4 lbs. and Leghorns and other orer, lb 20-21 light atocr. lb.... 13-11 Boosters, lb 11-12 Toung. colored, as tn siae. lb 24-2 Brnilera. lb 22-25 Smaller. 1b Leghorn!, aa to rite. GUINEAS lb 22-24 Young, orer i PUCKS each Tnung. whits PeWns. 4 Smaller, each... lb, and orer. lb. .20-221 Fresh Fish, Oysters, Etc, All Vinds, old. lb. 12-14 CAPONS 7 lbs. and larger, lb., 2H-30 .22-24 lb ,0-5 .40-50 BUTTER 1-lb. prints., Tuba ....... EGGS Hennery 15 Current 14 LIVE POULTRI Winter chickens.. 18-20 Spring broilers... 22-24 Leghorn broilers. .20-21 Hens 15-17 Medium 15-17 Leghorns .; 14-16 Roosters 10 Capons - 24-26 Small 20-23 Slips 18 Turkeys, old tomi.15-18 Toung toral 22 Hena 23-26 Keats, young 45-50 Keats, old 25 301 23-26 DRESSED POULTRI Winter chickens. .21-23 Spring broilers... 25-27 Leghorn broilers.. 23-24 Heas 18-20 Medium 18-20 Leghorns 17 Roosters 13 Capons, fancy.... 27-29 Small Slips ' Tinkers, old toma.18-21 Young toma... 25 Hens 26-29 Keata, young 60-70 Keats, old 30-10 LIVE STOCK Calre 46 Lambs 4-8 Hnga. heary... 4.15-4.50 Light med.4.30-4.95 Piga 4.00-4.80 lAve-Stock Markets Baas, natire, lb. ...,15 N. C 12 Black Sea Baas, large. lb 4-5 Mixed, box... 3.50-4.00 Carp, large, lb... 10-12 Medium, lb 10-12 Catfish, whit, lb... 5-8 Black, lb 5-8 Crocus, amall, box, 5.00-fl.OO Eels, large, lb. ...10-12 Medium, lb 8-8 Flounders, large, lb., 14-15 Small to med., lb. . .6-8 Herring, lb 3-4 Mackerel. Fla., 8panih lb 20-22 Perch, yellow culls, lb. 8-10 Medium, lb 8-5 White culls, lb... 12-15 W.Ji,,m lh 5-7 W. EDGAR HARRISON. Local Represents tira, Nhtire The Baltimore Produce Markets will be closed today, a legal holiday in this SUU. New York . New Tork. March 25 (IP) Butter Receipts. 12,972 tub ; steady ; creamery, higher than extras, 22Vja23c.: extras (93 score). 22c. ; first (87-01 score). 20 a22c. ; seconds unquoted: packing stock, current make, No. 1, 18'al7c. ; No. 2, EgRS Receipt. 24,448 ese: steady; mlieil colors, standard (case 45 pound net). 15al5!4c.j rehandled receipt (case 43 pound net), 14al4tfc; no grades. 12U snecial Back, including: unusual Pike, natire, lb.. 20-22 Porgies. large, box. 8. 00 Rock, large, lb... 18-20 Medium, lb 20-22 Pan. lb 18-20 Shad. Ga. and 8 C. rot, lb 30-32 Bucks, lb 18-20 Shad. N. C and Cheu- peake. Bay, roe, lb.33-35 Bucka, lb 20-22 Trout, Salmon, lb.20-22 Trout, gray, large, N C. and Va.. ner 100-lb. box 16.00-18.00 Qlms, Urge, per 100, 80-1.00 Small to med.... 50-75 Oysters, large, raw bar, bbl B.00-5.50 Primes, bbl... 4.00-4. 50 Culls to med., bbl., .. 8.00-3.50 Baltimore (Arrivals By Boat) Cattle Beef cattle, first duality, per pound, Ba7c. ; common to medium, per pound, 3a5c. : bulls, a to quality, per pound, 2ia4c. : cow, choice to fancy, per pound. 4asc. : common to iair, per pound, 2a3c. : oxen, as to quality, per pound, 314a4c: calves. Teal, choioe, per pound, 6V5C.; large, fat. pe pound, c.: large, rough, per pound, 6c.; common thin, per pound, 4c. Sheep and Lambs Sheep, per pound 1a3c: fall lambs, choice, per pound 7aSc: fair to good, per pound, 4atc. spring lambs, per pound. 8al0c. Hnirs Straight, ner pound. SaSViC sows, per pound, 31a4c: stags, per pound. 2i4a3c: live pigs, per pound, 8a 10c.; sooats, per pouna, oaoc, Chicago nilraaro. March 25 (IP) Hogs Receipt oonnn. tnrludincr 7.000 direct: slow 10a 20c. lower; pig zoaouc. on; iw-ziu nounda 4.25a4.40; top $4.50; 220-250 pounds $4.104.25; 260-320 pound $3.00a 4.10; pig $3.50a4; packing low J3.45a s.7a; anipper tool o.uuu; esumaiea nom-over 4,000. Light light good and choice 140-100 pounds f4.z,ia4.4u; iigntweigni 160-200 pounds $4.25a4.50; medium weight 200-250 pound $4.10a4.50: heavy-welffhr 250-350 nound $3.8."a4.20: park ing bows medium and good 275-500 pound $3.40a.1.75; pigs good and choice 100-130 pound $3.504.25. Cattle Receipt 2,000; olvc 800; generally ateady on all classes;- most steer and. yearling common snd me-Hlnm urade eligible to $5n8.5fl; small package yearlings $7.50: best heifers $6.50: choice yearling $6.50a7. Slaughter rattle and yealers: Sleer good and choice. BOO-000 Bounds $6.258$. 25: 900- 1.100 pound $8.508.50; 1,100-1,300 pound Securities Sale by Auction Weilepp-Bruton & Co. Member of the Bsltlmore Stock Eichnnee. MCNSET BUILDING. BALTIMOUE, MD. Telephone FLaza 6567 Auction Dept. Wednesday, March 30th, 1932 Rose Room, Imeraon Hotel, 3.13 P.M. - SAM W. PATTISON & CO.. Auctioneers. For the account of rrhnm it may concern, we offering the following: $10,000 H. Gamss & Bro., Inc., 1st Mtge. 6 Equipment Notes, due June 1. 1940. $5,000 Tampa-Northern H. R. 6a, 1936. 484 aha. Ohin Rirer Sand & Gravel Co. Pfd. Par $100. Iational Caskits cost no more. There trt prices, designs, and material to meet every taste and need. Our showrooms otter you the advantage of election from a complete line of the finest caskets rriade. Ask your funeral director to bring you here. NATIONAL CASKET COMPANY, Inc. East Lombard Street near Jones Fall Deaths CD DIKTZ (nee ZIRCKEL).-On March 24, 11)32, CAROLINE W., beloved wife of Charles K. Diet. 2(ie Services at the Funeral Horn of H. Sander & Bon, Baltimore street anil Broadway, on Saturday at 1.30 I M. Interment In Loudon 1'nrk Cemetery. FAltnWKLL. On March 25, 1032, LAUKA ELIZABETH (nee Dohyns), beloved wife of Charles T. Fardwell. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Carl N. Wllstorf, 8411 Callaway avenue, on Monday, March 2S. at. 2 P, M. interment in YVoodlann Cemetery. - . 2S SIORAN. On March 23, 1032, at the rest. deuce of his niece, Mrs. S. J. Vander-smith, MACK, son of the late William 0. and Mury J, Mnrnn. Funeral from the William Cork Funeral Home. St. Paul and Preslnn street, on Monday at 11 A. M. Relatives and friends are Invited, Inter-nient in Wooillmvn Cemetery, 27 FAULK NEK. On March 24, 1032. (10LDIK M. (nee Duvall); beloved wife ot Robert ,1. Faulkner. - Funeral from late residence, Severn, on Saturday 1.30 P. M. Service at Deimont M. P. Church 2 P. M. Inter- meut In Friendship ( emetory, 2He PHICK. On March 25, 1032. CHARLES H., husband of Anna li. M. Price and on of the lata Samuel M. and Catharine Price, Services at hi late residence, Sparks, Md., on Monday, March 28, at 2 P. Al. Interment, in Gunpowder . Friend Meeting House. 2S FISCHKK.-On March 23. 1032. MAR (rARKT J of Anne Arundel county, Md., aged 2 year, the beloved wife of the late (icorge A, Fischer. Funeral from the William Cook Fit neral Home, St. Paul and Preaton treol. nn Saturday at 1.30 P. M. In torment In Mount Olivet Cemetery. 20 FISCIIER.-On March 24. 1032, at her home, Kenwood, Rldgeway, Va., ELLA hkpii, wife ot the late mcuaru w Fischer. Funeral on Saturday afternoon. 20 FRANCE. On March 24. 11)32. SOPHIA M. (nee Schott), beloved wife of Joseph 0, France. Funeral from her lata residence, 2007 Latona road. Hamilton, on Mon day, March 2S. at 8 A. M. Requiem Hich Mass at St. Dominic's Church at S.30 A. M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. -t PT Tniiiiara (Look Funeral Home Service Economy Quality St Paul & Preston St. Vernon 8080-S081 Accommodation! and lacilitirt that are unusual. Stewart & .Mowen Company 108 W. North Are. Vernon 1342 Death notices received too late for classification will be found on Page 2. JDeatljs u) GITTIN'GS. On March 24, 1032, MART 1U., ajtcd 8j years, beloved wil ot tne lute Andrew Jackson OH tings. Funeral from the residence ot her flauir iter. Mrs. Char es J. Lot. 4221 Ridliewood avenue. West Forest Park, on Saturday at 3.30 P. Al. interment In Loudon Park Cemetery. 2H HAMILTON". Sirddenly. nn March 24 1032, ANNIE L. (M1TT1E), daughter of the late William O. and Susan Reeve Hamilton. Funeral service will be held ' at William J. Tlckner & Son, North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Monday at 2.30 P. M. Interment In Mount Olive Cemetery. Rnndallstown. 2S HAMMOND. On March 24, 1032, ALBERT S., aged 60 years, husband of Virginia Hodges Hammond. Funeral service at hi home, Annap nil Boulevard, Glen Rurnle, on Satur day afternoon at 2.45 o'clock. Inter ment in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Please omit flowers. 1 2ne HARRIS. On JIarch 23, 1032, at her home. 314 East. Twenty-sixth street. VIRGINIA GEORGETTA nee Oliver) beloved wife of the late George W Harris. Virginia papers please copy. services and interment at iieeuvuie Va.. an Sunday afternoon. 2ei HEINTZ. On March 24. 15(32. CARO- LINE (nee Appel), aged 67 years, be loved wife ot tne late mollis f . neinu. fiork (Pa.1 nanera nlease conv.l Funeral from her late residence, 2814 St. Benedict street, on Saturday after noon at 3 o'clock. Intermeat In Lou don Park Cemetery. 2He HIl'PS. On March 23. 1932. RUBY E. (nee Lambert), aged 47 years, the be loved wlte ot tienry w. Hipp, irnna delnhia naners nlease cotiy.l Funeral service at her home, 115 North Hare street, on Saturday at 2.30 P. M. Interment in Oak Lawn Ceme tery. 2 ISAACSON. On March 25. 1932. DORA beloved wife of the late Rabbi Isaac B. Isaacson. Funeral from her late residence SA33 East. Baltimore street. on Sunday Mnrrh 27. t 11 A. M. Interment He brew Rosedale Cemetery. ITlease omit flnwera.l . .llINfi.-On March 23. 1032. CHRISTINA (ne Wlcknian), aged 71 years, beloved wlfo of rh Inte John W. Jung. Funeral from th residence of her dauehter. Mrs. Mary E. Boebel, 1702 North Patterson Park avenue, on Sat- urilnv afternoon at 2 o clock, inter ment in Baltimore Cemetery. 2fie ARCHER. Oa March 24, 1932, KATH-K It I.N k! (nee Sullens), aged 62 years, wife of the late Edward B. Archer. New York city and Passaic (N. J.) papers please copy. Funeral service at her home, 121 North Curley street, on Monday at 1.30 P. M. Interment in Mount Camel Cemetery. 27 A.MRHK1N. On Alarch 21, 1932. FREDERICK A., beloved husband of Blanche IS. Amruein (nee Boyd). Funeral service will be held at hi tome, 007 North Payson street, on Saturday at 2 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 20e FINANCIAL, DIVIDENDS, ETC. ANDING.-On March 23, 1932, OTTO L., aged 58 years, beloved husband of Dora M. Anding (nee Munaler). IBiloxi (Miss.) and Mobile (Ala.) paper please copyM Funeral from hi home, 712 North Colliueton avenue, on Saturday after noon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Oak SIXTH ISSUE OF 2.W.00O BALTIMOKf COUNTY jUKTROPOl.I TAN DISTRICT BONDS. 44 SERIAL BONDS. fleilrri hirl will bit rpFivH hv th Cnunft Commissioners of Bsltlmore Countv nntil 11 o'clnck A. M. (Esfteni Standard Time) MON DAY. MARCH 28TH. 1932. t (he office of tb ijttinmissioners. In tne Court Mouse. Towson Marvland. nnA will hei then nnbliflr onened for til or any rJtrt, of the Sisth I'sue of 12.10.-000 Baltimore Countr Metropolitan District AnnflY TIima hrwiriH irA negotiable, naranle tr. Iiearer. eourons attached, snd tnJ b registered to minoinal. Tho bonds will be dated Anril 1st. 1932. and will matura In eeries as follows: Scries 6A redeems Die ana mitnre Anril 1. 1043 Series 6B S6.0OO.0O redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1044 Series 60 t7.OOO.0O redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1945 Series 6D 18.000.00 red able and mature Anril 1. 1948 Series 6H) 19.000.00 redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1947 Series 6P 110.000.00 redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1948 Series 60 $11,000.00 redeemable and mature Aoril 1. 1949 Series 6H 112.000 00 redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1950 Series 61 tl3.000.00 redeemable md mature Anril 1. 1051 Series 61 tl4.000.00 redeemable and mature Anril 1, 1952 Series 6K tl5.000.00 redeemable and mature Aoril 1. 1953 Series 6L 119.000.00 redeemable and mature Aoril 1. 1954 Series 6M 117.000.00 redeemable, and mature Anril 1. 1955 Series 6N tl8.0o0.00 redeemable and mature Aoril 1. 1956 Series 60 tl9.00fl.00 redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1957 Series 6P J2O.000.0O redeemable Slid mature Anril 1. 1958 Series 60 t21.000.00 redeemable and mature Anril 1. 19.-,9 Series 6R t22.OO0.0O redeemable and mature Anril 1. 1960 Series 63 t7.000.00 redeemable and mature tnril 1 1011 The bonds trill he iained In dennmlnarlom nf 1,0tn and will bear interest at the rate o' W (oer cent. I oer annum, rayanie eemi-an-nualir on tha flrst days of April and October Prinrina! anri IntftrMt. reran I in IflWTU mnrie nf the United State at the Second National Bank of Towson. Towson. Marrland. Accrued interest tn he, adjusted to the data of delirerr and narinent. " Tbeee bonds are airtnonr.en rrr nanrer n.m of the Acta of the General AsaamDir or Man huid of 1924. ... . . Tii nrinrinal and Interest of these bond! will be paid bv assessment of benefits on thf nronerty benefited b the construction of anr water or scweraca ersieen, as oronnen m eair Act., bnt tbe full faith and credit of Bsltlmow County Is nledwd to make no any deficiency in tbs wrment or said Donas by an tnm.a' levy by the Commissioners on all taxable rjror rf. In , V. rVillnlV Baltimore i:ounty nas no ineorooraieo xnwv and bas an aeMM bans or St least OOfl.OOO. The total Indebtedness of the Countr ia 2.i.(ioo serial sewer oertmcares. mr wnier ,h TnwRi-f, Sewerase Area is nrimarilr liable md the ifue of the Puhlic Road and School Rnndi nf Baltimnra (Vnntr amonntinff to 3. 000 (100. nf which t40.'i,(i(10 hare been neid. and 3 500.000 Public Schnr.l Bonds of Baltimore Pminiv M wbirb 521.000 bar been mid' an.1 .2.000.000 Public Road Bends of Baltimore Orantv of which 110.000 hare been mid: and J5 5O0.OOO, Metronolltan Ditrict Bonds, of which 8120.000 hare been rasid. nri The tax rate of Baltimore County for 1932 Is 1.75. total State and Comity rate az.isi. Thm tntai Inn, nf Baltimore Countv Metro. nolitan Bonds that may be outstandin at an tim- la aaren ner cent of the total as- leasable basis of real and tansihle neraonal nronerty assessed for County taxation miroosea in tne HaiTironr" l.ountj nieiruvonum tiiiu,. Tne basis at tn present tune n ai leaai n-o. am Ann lesal Opinion will db llirnisini irnB OI rnnrKr to the successiui ninoer. u rjuei.irti. or r-i""' I. ronK ano dames r. D.enej, aLornera. iuw son' Marvland 'm... nnnna ar PT"mm frnm miip. Liinn, nd Municipal tsxstinti In the State of Mart land and from Federal Taxation. r.k fcl.1 miul ba arcmnnanied hr a cert! fled check ro the order of the Countr Comraia genera or Baltimore innir in a wim rqnai n nne ner cent, of the face raliit of the bond' bid for. . , . Tin rlaht la reserred to reiect snj and a! ' nnnraiT a (Labkb. FRANK 9. (SIVfcN., . W. HOWARD MltXlNfl. Cotmty Ootnmiiifioners of Baltlmor County' Jl'HN K. n A V I. i nier , icrj. BKNTZ. On March 25, 1932, SARAH ELLKN (nee Hosfros), beloved wife of William H. Bents., Funeral from her late residence, 8814 Milford avenue, West Arlington, on Monday at 9.30 A. M. ; thence to All Saints' Chapel, where Requiem Mass wili be said at 10 A. M. Interment, in Mount Olivet Cemetery. 27 BROOKHART. On March 24, 1932. GEOKtiE W., aged Tl years, Deiovea husband, of the late Mary C. Brook-harkkfnee Hyland). Fftieral from his late residence. S462 Cardeni avenue, on Monday morning at 8.30. Mass at Little Flower Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery. 28 u ....... - ..u-hnni inM frnm atnra. nn credit, 'l5al7;Wumi,.UJ; 1,300.1,600 founda 7a8.i tae.?t,aili3.6.I.Ul.1..2.2e.28 I.awn Cemetery. 2fie BIGGS. On March 24, 1932, at City Hospitals, Wlbl.IAM v., Husband ot the late Esther Biggs. Funeral from the Chenowlth Funeral Home, 3615-17 Chestnut avenue, on Saturday at 3 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 2fie KAUFFMAN. On March 25, 1032, JOHN .T. nt Snnir Harbor. N. Y. Funeral services from the residence of Mr. H. H. Flitton, 4012 Eldorado nvpniie. West Forest rark. on Mon day at 11 A. M. Interment In Mount Olivet Cemetery. 27 KF.MPF. On March 25. 1932. MARY L., aged 11 month, infant, daughter nt Emory 3. and Mary J. Kempt (nee U'rott). Funeral from her parents' residence, 435 South smallwood street, on hatur-dav afternoon at 4.30 o'cloek. Inter' ment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 2(le K UOKNTTNG. Suddenly, on March 22, 1932. FRANCIS XAVIER. beloved husband ot Frances (nee Dideo), in hi o2nd year. Funeral from hi lata residence Marcaret avenue. Essex, on Monday nt R.15 A. M. Remiiem Hla-h Mas at Our Lady of Pompeii Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. Ji en PHICK. On March 24, 1032, ISAAC PRICE, aged 72 years, beloved husband of the late Caroline L. Price. Funeral from hi late residence, 2S1T West North avenue, on Saturday afternoon nt 3 o'clock, Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 2e PR10L. On March 22, 1032, FRANCES, ncioveu wits ot tne lute Jonu a. t'noi, in her 72il year. Funeral from the residence of her daughter. Mr. Mary Pospisil, Eastern avenue road, on Monday nt 11.15 A. M. Solemn Requiem High. Mass at St. Wenceiiliius Church at 10 A. M. Inter-mont in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 27 RKTHMAN. On March 24, 1932, ELIZA- bhih (nee sedlmaycr), beloved wifa of Bernard Rcthman. Funeral from her lnte residence, 5000 Hudson street, on Monday, March 2S, at 9.15 A. M. Requiem High Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 10 A. M. Interment in Sacred Heart Cemetery. 2S RICKL1SKY. On March 22, 1032. MAR- J tiA (nee jjiuiunas), Deloved wile ot Martin Rlcklfcky. Pennsylvania papers please copy.) Funeral from , her late home, 227 South Greene street, on Monday at 9 o'clock. Solemn Requiem High .Mass at St. Alphonsus' Church at 9.30. Inter-ment In Holy Redeemer Cemetery, 28 SAFFRAN. Suddenly, nn. the evenini or juarcn ma::, JUblZAKKTil D, (nee Werb), widow of John Saftran. Funeral from the home of her daughter, 108 Leeds avenue, Arbutus, nn Monday at 8.00 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Benedict' Church at 8.30 A. M. Interment in New Cat he-dral Cemetery. 27 SCALLY. On March 25, 1932. at hi home, 1036 Alsqulth trcet, JOHN F., beloved husband of Rose Haney Scally. Funeral services at St. John's Church, Valley and Eager streets, on Saturday at 11 A. M., followed by Interment in Cathedral Cemetery. Solemn Requiem High Mass at St. John Church oa Wednesday at 9 s. M. 26 SCHNICK On March 25, 1932, CATH- ERIXE T.. beloved wife ot the lata George H. Schnick and daughter of the late Margaret G. and Henry S. Ball. Funeral from her late residence, 1211 Bolton street, on Tuesday, March 29, at 11 A. M. Interment in Loudon, Park Cemetery. 2Se SHEA. On March 23. 1932, JOHN T beloved husband of the late Catherine Shea (nee Treadwell). 29 Funeral from his late residence, 1748 Harford avenue, on Tuesday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Paul's Church at 9 A. M. Interment in St. Joseph' Cemetery, Texas, Md. SHEATS. Suddenly, on March 24, 1932, WALTER FRANCIS, beloved husband ot S. Kathcriue Sheats. Funeral services will be held at his home, 913 Kingston road, Stonelelgh. on Monday at 11 A. M. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery. 28 SLECHTA. On March 25. 1032, ALBERT, beloved husband of the late Myrtle Slechta. 27 Funeral from hi late residence, 721 North Milton avenue, on Tuesday morning at R.30. High Mas at St. Wenceslaus' Church at 9 o'clock. In-tcritipnt in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. SMITH.-On March 24, 1032, SOPHIA, beloved wife of the late William J. Smith. Funeral from her late residence, 2111 McHcnry street, on Monday afternoon t 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 2Se SPANGLER. Suddenly, on March 24, 1932, ALBERT E., aged 17 years, beloved son of John J. and Alvina W. Spangler (nee Rode). Funeral from his parent' residence, 2605 Ailsa avenue, on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment in Emmanuel Cemetery. 27 LEONARD. On March 22, 1932, suddenly. LOUIS H., aged 47 years. Funeral from the residence of Mr. Get Smith. 3230 Foster avenue, on Saturday, March 26, at 2 P. M. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery. 26e LERCH. On March 24, 1932. MARY, FLORENCE LERCH (nee Hahn), beloved wife of the late Alexander M. Lerch. Funeral from ber late residence. 2833 Montebello Terrace, on Monday at 11 A. M. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. 28 BROOKS. On March 23, 1932, WILLIAM F., beloved busband ol Ida jsrooits fneo Garrefti. Funeral from hi late residence. 25 North Glover street, on Saturday afternoon at 3. P. M. Interment Lorraine Cemetery. 26 - BCCHSBATJM. On March 23. 1932 HENRY, beloved Husband 01 Bopnie M. Bucnsbaum (nee uoeii). zie Funeral from his daughter's reel dence, Mr. Otto A. Doebereiner, 3017 Gwvnns Falls Parkway, on Saturday at 2 P. M. Interment In Baltimore Cemetery. 2he LYNCH. On March 24, 1932, AVALEXA. of Sixth avenue, Glennurnie, wo., aea 77 years, the beloved sister of Ida M. Snyder. .. Funeral service at the Wm. Cook' Funeral Home, t. Paul and Preston Btreets. on Saturday at 4 P. M. Interment at Baltimore Cemetery. 26e McCALL. On March 25, 1932, ROSE A MePAT.T.. Funeral from the residence of her sister. Mr. Eugene P. Donnell, 410 Randall street, on Tuesday at 8.30 A. Al. uequiem Mas at pc. aiary oiar of the Sea Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Cathedral Cemetery. 2 BURNS. On March 23, 1932. at the home of his eon, J. M. Burns, two Fountain utreet. Havre de Grace. Md. WILLIAM S., aged 85 years, beloved husband of the late Katherine Spink Burns. .Funeral service at the bove residence on Saturday, March 26, at 2 T. M. Interment in Angel Hill Ceme tery. " CHijrpv On March 24. 1932. WII LIAM WALTON, beloved iiuspana oi the info Alice Freeman Cherry. Funeral from his late residence. fllO North Bentalou street, on Saturday at 3.30. Interment Loudon Tark Ceme tery. 2?e CLARK. On March 25, 1932, t her home, 710 Wynanurst avenue, itoianu Park, M A K i , wue oi tne ibis ui. J. Clement Clark. Due notice of funeral. 26e CURLEY. On March 23, KIERAN B., beloved husoand oi riorence i-uriey. Funeral will take place from his late residence, 200 East Twenty-second street, on Monday at S.30 A. M. Re quiem Mass at St. Ann'a at 9 A.M. In terment HOiy Iteoeeiner emeiery. riF,r.T, On March 25. 1932. suddenly, GEOKliK ri., on oi we lace vieorjje and Henrietta Dell. ... Funeral from the funeral home of Eobert Brooks & Son, Calhoun and Hollins streets, on Monday. March 28, at 11 A. M. Interment In Loudon Park Cemetery. 28 TjRTTENTHALER. On March 23. 1932, WALBURGA (nee bucki), agea iu years, beloved wife of the late Henry uettentnaier. Funeral from her late residence, 3017 Abell avenue, on Saturday at 9.15 A M Rlesainor at SS. Philip and .lame1 Church at 10 A. M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. Requiem Mass on Monday at a. m. LONG. On March 25, 1932, MAURICE ALVIN, JR., son ot Mr. and Mr. M. A. Long. 702 Lake avenue. Funeral service at. the shove resi dence on Monday, March 2Sth, at 11 A. M. Interment private. 2S THORPE.-On March 24, 1932, ELIZA- ' BETH, beloved wife of the late Georgu W. Thorpe. Funeral from her late residence, fWft West. Pratt street, on Monday, March 28, at. 8.30 o'clock. Requiem High Mas at St. Peter' Church at 9 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 27 VACEK.-On March 25, 1932, JOSEPH 0., beloved husband of Elizabeth Vacek. Funeral from hi late residence, 2325 Oliver street, Tuesday morning, at. 9.30. High Mass at St. Wenceslaus' Church at 10 o'clock. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 27 WEBER. On March 25, 1932, ELLA (nee Wolfel), beloved wife of Casper Weber. Funeral from her late residence, Johnny Cake road, on Monday, March 28, at 8.30 A. M. Requiem Mass at St. Agnes' Church at 9 A. M. Interment In New Cathedral Cemetery. 28 WEGENG. On March 23, 1932, AUGUST, beloved husband of Helen Pranke Wegeng. Funeral from his home, Nuberry avenue, Woodlawn, nn Monday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem High Mass at All Saints' Church at 9 A. M. Interment In Woodlawn Cemetery. 28 MoOORMICK. On March 24. 1932. AN- v,n . . ii , riT.nT V. 1 J A n .TnBprih F. McCormlck. Funeral from her late residence, 2107 Allendale road, on Monday morning at 8.30 o'clock. Requiem High Mass at St. Cecilia Church at 9 o'clock. Interment In Cathedral Cemetery. 28 McDERMOTT. On March 25.1932. AN NIB. beloved daughter of the late William and Mary wcuermou. Funeral from the residence of Mr John J. Carr, 1043 Harford avenue, due notice of which will be given. 2K McGARVEY. On March 23. 1932. JOHN J., beloved husband ot tne late Anna Xf Mnfinrrev (nee Warrll. Funeral from 1(1 late residence, 613 East Chase street, on Monday. 9.30 A. M. Requiem Mass t St. John's Church at 10 A. M. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. 2)e MARCH. On March 25. 1932, WILLIAM H., beloved nUBDana ot Annie ocnmiui Vaveh Funeral from hi late home. 2309 Annapolis road, Westport, on Monday t n A. M. interment in Cpmeferv. 28 nfiPTTV On March 22nd. 1932. MAR GARET, beloved wife of the late Peter Martin (nee Moran). ' Funeral from her late residence, 402 North Haven street, on Monday at 8 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Elizabeth's Church at 8.30 A. M. Interment In New Cathedral Cemetery. 2S MEADS. On March 23. 1932, T. MILTON the beloved husband ot Elizabeth A, Afoarin InpA KpnDSl. Funeral from hi late residence. Blenheim, Baltimore county, Md., on Monday at 1.30 P. M. Service at Mc-Kendree Methodist Episcopal Church, Black Horse, Harford county, Md., at 2 45 P. M.' Interment In adjoining cemetery. MILES. On March 2o, 1M3, Ui)KGJii W.. beloved husband of Emma T. Mitei (nee Johnson). Funeral from his late residence, 1611 Olive street, of wh4ch due notice will he e ven ENSOIi. On March 24, 1932. SARAH ANN, beloved wife of the late Abram W. Ensor. Funeral from the residence or her daughter, Mrs. Frances R. Clayton. 14 Chestnut avenue, Overlea, on Sunday t. 1.30 P. M. Service at Black Rock Baptist Church, Butler. Md.. at 245 P. M. Interment in Boley Methodist Episcopal Cemetery. 27 MTT.T.F.R. On March 22. 1932. MARK E.. beloved busband of Cora Miller (nee Slltohl. Funeral from hi late residence, Granite. Md.. Saturday t 2.30 P. M Interment St, Alphonsu Cemetery Woodstock. Md. " 20 vTForTriiYrE On March 24. 1932.-EMILT Funeral services from the Mitchell Home, 1900 Eutaw Place, oa Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. - 26e . HAEEY H. WITZKE 1531 W. lombsrd it '4101 Edmonttaon tr GILMOI 2500. Modern ' Funeral Service. . JOHN F.DENNY Light end Montgomery sts. soma mo-nn. WEIKEL. On March 25, 1932, CLARA A., daughter of the late George William and Sarah E. Weikel. Funeral services will be held at the home nf her sister, Mrs. Walter B. Carpenter, 3308 Liberty Heights avenue, nn Saturday, March 28, at 4 P. M. Interment private. 2fie WEST. On March 24. 1932, EUGENE P.. beloved husband of Mary M. west. Funeral from his late residence, 739 North Kenwood avenue, on Monday, Ma"h 28. at 9 A. M. Requiem Mass at St. Elizabeth's Church at 9.30. Interment in Sacred Heart Cemetery. 28 WHERLEY. On March 24, 1932, SY- VILLA Hi., widow or Aouiei r. Wherley. York (Pa.) papers pleasa copy.-) Funeral from the residence of her son, Mr. Samuel C. Wherley, 413 East Lanvale street, on Saturday at 9.30 A. M. Interment in Fissel'a Cemetery, York County. Pa. 26 WILFER. On March 24. 1032, MARY, beloved wue oi uie mie jujcubki nma. Funeral from her late residence, 501 South Glover street, on Monday, March 28 at 8.15 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Michael's Church at 9 A. M. Interment, in Sacred Heart Cemetery. 28 YOE. On March 24. 1932, MARTIN J., beloved on or Henry ana tne mm Margaret O'Donnell Yoe. Funeral from the home of hi I-ter, Mrs. George A. Farley, Fulton avenue and Favette afreet, on Monday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Martin's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment Cathedral Cemetery. 28 ZEHNTERT On March 24, 1932 THOMAS M.. neiovmi ul Sophie Zehnter (nee Thormann). Funeral from hi late residence, 3211 Frlsbv street, on Saturdav at 3.30 P M. Interment in Loudon Park Ceme.-tery." FUNERAL DIRECTORS (2) LILLY and ZEILER, INC. 403 8. Wolfe st. Fbona woireiisa. STFFB'S Modern Home ror unerais. 1000 W North an Madison jf II lino tt mm H. SANDER & SON BROADWAY AND BALTIMORE. Wolfe 12B8. MARTIN W. E. DIPPEL, INC. Ann A Lnmbarrt SSO S BnnrL Wolfe 131-43M, CEMETERIES AND LOTS (3 Visit "Oak Lawn" ! this complete, modern cemetery. Selert ,lot her- ;'wher wrpetual car to y, h. than a promise." Improve with a f0"."-T2 iiw "OAK LAWN" Park Tlan. aa desired. Lot orfces are nimt reason.hle Terms to auit yoa err, m , c71 fneftinn. tfontinuti pn Sent PogeY,

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