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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 1

The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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THE WEATHER Forecast: Cloudy, showers. Temperature 7 a.m. today wu 63; noon, 70; Tribune thermometer. Mon. max.

76; mln. today. 61. Sun above horiion 18 houra 14 mm, Sunrise. 4 20; aunaet, 8.34; moon rue.

1.27: moonaet, 13.45. Detailed Weather Report, Page 11 HOME Edition VOL. XLI. WINNIPEG, TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1931 24 PAGES Price cent; With Comic. 10 cent.

No. 138 AFHt EEfflSffl SDKS wamm WORLD PARLEY ON WAR DEBTS IS PLANNED 'London' Diplomatic Circles Perceive Move to End Depression GERMAN STATESMEN CONCLUDE MISSION Daily Mail Believes New Economic Crisis is Arising LONDON, June 9 Diplomatic circles in London believe that a new world conference on war reparations and debts will be called at an farly date. The opinion i baaed upon the weekend conference at Chequers between British and German atatesmcn, the coming to Europe of U.S. Secretary of State Stimson, and Secretary Mellon of the treasury, and other incidents, and also Exchanges which preceded the parley at the prime minister' country home. U.S.

Attitude Hidden The reiterated denial of special purpose in the Journey of the U.S. cabinet minister to Europe does not upset the conclusions of the fliplomatj. The possibility of suspension of debt payments to the United States Billed with a reparation moratorium for Germany, occupied a large part today in newspaper speculation over the result of the i 'inference between British and German officials. The Daily Mail featured a despatch from the Vossische Eeltung of Berlin predicting the Reich would drmand postponement of the deferable" payments of the Young plan as soon as Chancellor Heinrlch Brurning and Foreign Minister rlulius Curtius returned from their conference with British officials. On the basis of that, the Dally Mail predicted Germany might suspend 'pnrations payments next fall.

New Issue Arise The possibility of calling for a general suspension of payments to the United States In the event of Germany's default is occupying the tc'iinllnued on Vjge TWO DEPUTIES ARE CHARGED WITH MURDER I By AeeoclMtd Preia ARDMORE, Okla. June 9. Murder chaises were filed here today against Deputy Sheriffs William Guess and Cecil Crosby for the laying early yesterday of Emilio Cortes Rubio. young cousin of the president of Mexico, and his chum, Manuel Girnez. Each officer said the shooting occurred after the two Mexicans, students returning home from t'nited States schools, had displayed automatic pistols.

Young Rubio. 18, and Gomez. 22, were shot while parked on a highway nwaiting the return of Salvador Cortes Rubio. a cousin of the former. MARKETS AT A GLANCE WINNIPEG WHEAT 1 to 11 lower.

NEW YORK Fails to hold gains. MONTREAL Good gains. TORONTO Prices improved. TORONTO MINES Firm. arfA Ships Mail Winnipeg malls close at the Gen eial Post Office dally: For the West, 8 a.m.

and 5.30 p.m.; for the East, 9 a.m. and 5.15 p.m.; for the smith, 6 a and 4.45 p.m. The next British mail clones in Winnipeg 6 a.m.. June 11, leaving in hoc June 13, In the Empress of France. Specially addressed European correspondence closes in Winnipeg at 3 p.m., June 10.

leaving New oik, June 14, In the Hremen. Air mails close at the General Tost Ofrice dally: For the South, 8 15 a for the West daily, except Saturd iy, 0.40 p.m. Steamships Oi nml inn Pacific: Empress of Australia arrived Cherbourg. itur d.iy, 11 a.m.; Southampton, 6 p.m. Cimnril: AMtanio.

arrived Monti eal, Monday, 8 p.m. 1'iitich: l'arU, due New York, qu irnntinr, today, 2 p.m. Hamburg American St. Louis, clue York. Wednesday; Mll wnukee, due Hamburg, today.

North German Lloyd: Bremen, due New Yolk, Friday; Berlin, iirived Bremen, Sunday, 1.30 p.m.; Columbus, arrived Bremen, today, 11 a.m.; Europi, due Bremen, today. White Star: Lapland, arrived New York. 8unday. 8.30 a.m.; Adriatic, arrived New York, Sunday. 830 a Homeric, due New York, Wednesday, p.m.; Cedrlc, arrived Cobh.

Saturdny, Belgen Inml, arrived Cherbourg, Saturday, .30 Antwerp. Sunday, 6 30 p.m.; Liverpool, Sunday, 4 30 a.m. Cameronian Winning Famous by John A. million people CANADIAN DEPUTY MINISTER'S SON WEDS (By Canadian Preea LONDON, June 9 The marriage will take place at St. James' Spanish Place, here tomorrow, of Dr.

William Egan. son of W. J. Egan. deputy minister of immigration, Ottawa.and Dr.

Dorothy Mcintosh. The bride elect is a physician of the Infant consultation clinio at Greenwich. The couple will spend their honeymoon in Canada. LABOR RETAINS GATESHEAD BY REDOGED VOTE I Major Evans Elected In Straight Party Contest by 1,392 Majority (Canadian Presa Cable) GATESHEAD, June Labor retained the Gateshead seat in the House of Commons in a straight party vote In yesterday's by election. The result, showing a loss of 6.000 i labor votes, was announced today, and was as follows: Major Herbert Evans, Labor 22.893 Col.

Cuthbert Headlam, Cons. 21,501 Labor majority 1,392 The by election was caused by the recent death of Sir James Melville, solicitor general in the Labor gov. nment who had been elected in tne lMt' general elections with a mRioritv 16.749 in a four cornered ftuht. Gateshead has returned a Labor member since 1924. The re 192g wag.

Sir James Melville, 28.393 L. Orr Ewing, Conservative 11. M4 I.IVio nl 10 S14 har(llv 1U I fn majority of 5,371 In Liherkl bv a clo.e maioritv in 1923, and returned Labor candidates with majorities of 9,336 and 16,749 In 1924 and 1929. compared with 1.392 majority Labor received yesterday. Spanish Mayor Lynched For Monarchist Views; MADRID.

June 9 Fernando Pit ado, former monarchist mayor of the town to Solama, was lynched In his home by a mob after he refused to turn over his office to a newly elected republican mayor. School trustees seeking new teachers must be able to choose between many applicants if standards are to be raised and the best instructors obtained. "Teachers Wanted" advertisements must be read by all prospective candidates. For $1.50 The Tribune will carry ten lines for six days in "Teachers Wanted" classification an advertisement reaching an important group which reads this newspaper exclusively. In this way The Tribune widens trustees' powers of selection.

Low "Teachers Wanted" Rates ehf arUnmr English Derby Here la Cameronian, famous three year old owned of the exeat EDSom Downs Derbv. More than half the annual classic. Near the finish were King George and Queen Mary and other members of the Royal party. It was a thrilling flnLsh, and Orpen is shown pressing Cameronian for victory, with Sandwich battling all the way to the wire, finally to take third money. RAINS BOON TO CROPS IN MANY WESTERN AREAS Welcome Moisture and Cool Weather Cheering to Rain that fell in many sections of Western Canada late Monday and early today further helped to relieve drought conditions that hava existed for some time and made the crop outlook more encouraging.

Report from many sections of the West, reaching The Tribune today, indicated welcome rains had been experienced, serving to alleviate conditions. Forecasts of cool weather, with scattered showers late today ami Wednesday, brousht smiles to trn faces of agriculture In Maniioba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Llerht showers were experienced In Winnipeg and vicinity In the night. Dauphin reported licht rainfall, sj did Beausejour, Neepawa and Gimli. Only a few drops of rain fell in the Emerson district.

Bkh Fire Quenched Rain starting at 3 p.m. Monday and continuing through the niftht quenched bush fires In the Gypsum vile district In Northern Manitoba. Fire rangers had battled the bush fires over the weekend. Although the outbreaks had been brought under control by the rangers, the rain soaked the district thoroughly and dissipated the possibility of flames spreading. Parched fields revived to tome extent In Saskatchewan and Alberta following the passing of moisture i laden clouds.

In the (Juill Lake section, and in the vicinity of Re gina, welcome rain fell. In south ern saskatcnewan area, nowever, no rain fell Near Saskatchewan it was riuuuy mutiy. KtviiiH. piumioc rain before tomorrow. Rain rail in Alberta i Considerable rain fell in Albci U.

j' l. Watson, Independent 3.688 Late Monday the Calgary district. 'Analysis of yesterday's voting had a welcome hower, while Leth ahnwa tnat whlle the total poll de bridge reported rainfall lastln? 1 crc(15ed by 10,000 votes since the three to five hours. The moisture i elections, the greater belt extended as far east as Medi of reduction feu upon the cine Hat and Manybcrrics. Labor candidate, while the Conser At Arowwood, a two hour cloud vatlve garnered practically all the burst brought rain ami hail, with antl.ijlgor voteg that had Dn dls.

some damage to gardens but no trlbuted thee candldates in damage to crops Precipitation was election reported as two incnes. In the northern district of Al 1 berta. particuUrly around Edmon ton. some i rain fell. Heavy rain was reported at Red Deer.

Temperature Cooler Serious forest fires smo'ild3'in through Northern Alberta over 'he weekend were whipped into flumes in the heavy timber areas near Edson, Marlboro, Wolf Creek und Spirit River late yesterday. More than 200 men are battling the numerous fires. Cooler temperatures were ex periened In Manitoba. At 7 a.m. yesterday it was 53, and by noon tha mercurv had risen to 76.

At 7 a.m. today It was 51 and at noon the temperature reached 70. tlon in the province was only .04 Inches. The barometer reading was 2962. Wider Selection Dcwar, winning the renewal jammed tne nistoric course lor CABBAGE AND CAULIFLOWER PRICES FIXED Set at Four and Eight Cents a Pound.

Respectively, For Duty Purposes By Canadian Prees OTTAWA. June 9 The price for duty purposes on cabbages has been fixed at four cents a pound and cauliflowers at eight cents a pound. Instructions to effect are going forward to customs collectors from the department of national revenue today. The object is to protect the Canadian market for Canadian vegetable growers. The new instructions take effect on all such goods purchased after June 10 and in transit after June 11.

The weight of the containers is included in figuring the value. The effect of the new order, it is expected, will be to prevent the dumping of these products from the United States on the Canadian market. Winnipeg citizens will not have to pay more for vegetables because of the duty of four cents a pound on imported cabbages and eight cents on cauliflowers, an nounced from Ottawa today. The effect of the ruling will be to stimulate the market gardening in dustry in the prairie provinces. This is the opinion of the head of one of the largest wholesale vegetables houses in the city, expressed to The Winnipeg Tribune today.

Local market gardenrrs cannot hope to supply all the early Winnipeg trade, he said, but British Columbia can. Indeed, to a largu extent the coast province is already doing so. Will Steady Prices The big advantage to local growers will come in the summer when their crops come In. They will not have to meet the United States competition. The result of this will be to steady prices.

There will be no great glut for two or three weeks and a consequent waste. Prices during that season may be a trifle higher but at that, time the cost of vegetables is so low that the verv little increase will not be felt. There is also a strong probability that Winnipeg market gardeners will be stimulated to try and sup ply an earlier market British Columbia and local growers should be able to supply enough for the early trade so that prices will not be to any appreciable extent greater than at the present time. Will Be No Glut Market gardeners are naturally pleased with the new ruling. Several who discussed it today agreed that their greatest benefit will be the steadying of prices.

They do not expect to get higher nrices. but they feel convinced that the duty on United Stat' a vegetables will result in a steady local demand for their produce. i Voluntary Trip partit'S Deny Holdup Lands One in Cell ULL, Wuc, June 9 A few up the Bank Provinclnle here yesterday, escaping with about J3 000, Joseph St. Louis. 3T, a laborer, walked into the police station.

"I thought you mifcht try to han thin crime on nie. so I came to tell you I didn't do it," he said. St. Louis was promptly arrested and later three eyewitnesses of the rotinery asserted he was the man who stro Ie into the bank shortly aftir noon yesterday, with a undr his arm. and walked out with some M.00O.

A cheige of robbery while armed has been laid against St Louis. LIBERALS SPLIT WITH LABOR ON LAND TAX BILL Life of Government Endangered by Attitude of Snowden CONSERVATIVES ATTACK FINANCE ACT "GAG" Measure Carries In Scenes of Uproar in House of Commons I By Associated Press LONDON, June 9 Disagreement between the Labor government and the Liberal party over the new Land Tax bill was reported by the Lab orite Herald today to be the root of a possible serious crisis affecting Liberal cooperation and the life of the present ministry. The Liberals have advocated an anvndmcnt to the measure which It waa said the government originally accepted, but which Rt. Hon. Philip Snowden.

chancellor of the exchequer, decided on closer examination would be destructive and refused to endorse. Lloyd George Awaited The return of Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, Liberal loader, from Scotlnnd. la awaited In order to settle the trouble.

The House of Commons wa thrown Into an uproar last night whfn the government used ita powers to stifle discussion In the committee stago on the finance bln Members of the opposition protested the eovernment's action as "monstrous and wicked" and accused it of gagEing the House. Thir charges were met with equal vehemence bv Laborlte members and the government carried its various motions by substantial majorities with the help of the Liberals. Battle Over "Dole" Trouble also is brewing over the roval commission report on reform of the employment Insurance system which recommends decrease in benefit payments and Increased contributions to the fund, which is heavily in debt. These recommendations are opposed by all sections of the Labor partv and may be supported by a considerable Liberal vote. $500,000 FIRE SWEEPS SEATTLE'S WATERFRONT SEATTLE, June 9 Fanned by a strong wind, fire au.ont ihrnup'h six buildinss on Se attic's waterfront today.

Damage was estimated at $500,000. AUSTRALIA TO SLASH INTEREST RATES ON DEBT All Parties Unite In Plan To Rehabilitate Nation's Finances (Canadian Prelt Cable I MELBOURNE. June 9 An nouncement that government and opposition alike are agreed that expenditures must be reduced and will co operate in carrying out a huge scheme for conversion of all the government's Internal debt to lower interest rates, was cheering news to Australians today. Prime Minister James Scullin. head of the Commonwealth Labor governm nt, conferred with Hon j.

A. Lyons, opposition leader; Hon. John Latham, deputy opposition leader, and Sir (Jeorge Pearce, opposition leader in the nate. Agreement Reached Afterward thr conference of Commonwealth and state premiers drew uu a report to which all agreed, which stated that carefully considering tne nn 1 position it was unanimously decided to prevent immediate eic I fault and general failure. All ex pendi'ur mu be substantially 1 reduced a.s the first step toward restoration of prosperity.

Slash In Interest The rcdue tions in interest rates i will affe'Ct fedetal and state loans totalling $2,780,000,000. The total reduction In Int'irst payments will amount to about 22'? percent, which obviously takes a heavy load off the various governments This cour Is only part of a general rehabilitation schnme which will possibly involve increases In various a 20 nercent cut In I trnvirnnirnl tipnil it llie find reduc tions in the scales of pensions and public wage's and salaries So far as the Internal conversion plan is concerned, it Is pro pesed to reduce interest, from Ave and a quarter percent, or more, to four prrce nt on securities totalling from five i0 three and sevrn eighllis pe rcent on securities totalling $225 000.000. and from rates under five percent to a rate of three pe rrrn! on securities totalling 3,000,000 Britons Are Involved in Wage War Caused By Depression Reduction in Cost of Living Fails to Win Consent to Cuts in Pay By A. C. CUMMINGS I From Tht Tribiu London Bureau CopyrlRlw by Souttwm Publlihlnc Co.

Ltd.) LONDON, June 9 A bitter wage reduction struggle has begun in Britain a struggle which befoie the end of the year may lead to more than one Industrial upheaval. Demand for wage cuts have been made on 3.000.000 men and women who are resisting with all the economic might their trades union afford. Engineers numbering nearly 1.000.000, shipyard men numbering 200.000, building workers numbering half a million, as well as chemical workers, boot and shoe factory employes and others, are already involved In prolonged negotiations with their employers' organizations looking to eventual reductions in their pay cheques. Living Cost Reduced The employer' case I that foreign competition give them no alternative. They live by export: they must meet foreign exporters' prices; and they cannot do this unless the wages factor is lowered.

Also, they say that as the cost of living has fallen, moderate reductions in wages will not Involve any lowering of the standard of Ufa because the smaller wages will buy as much as before. The employes, in reply, point to larger output. They assert that in most trades today the efficiency of the workers has markedly Increased. Even among docker the output Is 22'4 percent more than it waa six year ago. Furthermore, they contend that If the British manufacturer, as a body, put their businesses on the same up to date basis as their rivals on the continent of Europe, they would be able to meet tho foreigner In tin world's market with equal, If not lower price.

Purchasing Power Cut Whatever the right and wrongs of the case may be, there ts one side of the present wages "war aDO'ii which there I no dispute. That is (Continued on Page Twenty) FRENCH PROS TIE FOR LEAD IN OPEN TOURNEY Andre Boyer and Rene Golias Shoot 71's to Set New Course Record Asiociated Prist Cable! DEAUVILLE, France. June 9 Andre Boyer, professional "of Nice, France, and Rene Golias, of Paris, led early finishers In the French open golf championship today with 71', a course record. Marco Churio and Tomasco Gen ta, Argentine golfer, were tied for second at 73. Some of the international Interest In the tournament was taken away with the scratching of Horton Smith, U.S.

pro, who won the French professional competition two years ago. R. A. Whilcombe had the best of the British scores, a 75. Jose Jurado.

the little Argentine runner up In the British open, had a 76. His putting was off. His worft boble in that phase of plsy was the missing of a six Inch putt at the ninth. The course over which th championship is being played I only 5 756 yards In length. Joe Klrkwood.

the trlck hot artist, had a 74. placing him well up in the list on his first round. Aubrey Boomer, of the St. Cloud Club, had a 73. a did Marcel Dal lemagne, another French Britain's Super Flying Boat Expected to Eclipse U0 Will Exceed Speed of German Craft and Carry More Passengers I From Tiia Tribune's London BurMU CnpyrifM by Southern Publtahln Co.

Lid I LONDON, June 9 Britain's reply to Germany's great flying boat, Dornli DO which has Just flown the Atlantic, now is nearlng completion it Vlckers Supermarlnc Works, Southampton, and It 1 expected to prove not only faster than the German rival, but able to carry more passenger and double as much freight. It will be easily ca pible of crossing the Atlantic in a series of hops, say from Scotland to Iceland, then to Greenland and Canada. With six engines of 900 horsepower, It will have a speed of 145 miles sn hour and a paying load of 18,000 pounds, compared with the Dorni DO speed of 134 miles hourly and a load of 9,000 pounds. It will have accommodation for 40 J. A.

CHISHOLM MADE CHIEF JUSTICE OF N.S. By Canadian Pre OTTAWA, June 9 Mr. Justice J. A. Chlsholm, of the Supreme Court bench oi Scotia, has been appointed chief Justice of Nova Scotia.

Official announcement of the appointment wa made early this afternoon. The new chief justice succeeds the late Chief Justice Robert E. Harris, whose death occurred a few weeks ago. POLICE BELIEVE MAN WHO BEAT GIRL ARRESTED Is Held Until Injured Girl Is Sufficiently Recovered To See Him Police believe they have arrested the man who attacked nine year old Kathleen Town on Saturday and brutally beat her over the head with a stone, Inflicting a deep gash. The girl, who resides at 2 Willow Tuxedo, was returning home at about 10.43 p.m..

Sha was attacked for no reason and left lying on tne street. Her assailant ned. On being taken to Victoria hospital It was found that there wa a bad gash on her head which required eight stitches to close. Today she reported to be greatly Improved and It Is hoped that she will be able to leave the hospital this week. The girl described the man who attacked her al young and plump.

The man. held anawer this description. When she recovers, Kathleen will be taken to the Central Police station to act If she can Identify the man. Several girls living In the River Height district have recently reported that they were molested by a man. Police believe that the same person Is responsible for all the attacks.

News in Brief BAN GAMBLING CASINO DUBLIN, June 9 The Free State government today rejected a proposal for establishment of a gamb ing casino at Bray, A seaside resort. UNEMPLOYED RIOT SANTIAGO, Cuba, June 8 Three persons were Injured last night when a crowd of unemployed person rioted and clashed with police. Soldiers and police fired their revolvers many time in an effort to restore order. CHINESE BANDITS DEFEATED FOOCHOW, China. June 9 Provincial force fighting bandits throughout the greater portion of Kuklen province were severely defeated today near Kienning bv a warm of outlaws from Klangsl province.

The marauder forced the soldiers to retreat eastward. HINDU EXECUTED India, June 9 Hari Kishan was executed today for hi assault last December on Sir OeolTrey de Montmorency, governor of the Punjab, when an Indian police oHlcer waa killed. JAPANESE BANKER DIES TOKIO. June 9 Prince Hiro kunl Ito, 62. membfr of the House of Peers and auditor of the Bank of Japan, died this morning.

MISSIONARIES QUIT YENPING SHANGHAI, June 9 Ten United States Methodist Episcopal missionaries stationed at I g. Fukian province, withdrew from there to Foochow because of the menace of Communists and bandits passengers, with sleeping quarters I for 20 I The British craft Is built of dura 1 lumln metal, which is immune from attack by sea air or sea water. The air ministry's Intention is to carry out a series of experimental flights before the new and wonderful flying boat is placed In regular service either in the Mediterranean or elsewhe re. The wing span of the new mach Ino will be 174 et. The span of the DO Is 157 feet, six inches.

The British cmft. with Hit overall length of 107 feet, will be 24 feet, four Inches shorter than the DO X. The wing area will be 4.000 square feet, while thnt of the German machine is 4,883. The fuel capacity, at 2.225 gallons, will be 1.225 gallons less than that of the DO X. The main structure will be of Btainless steel and will include a covering on the leading edge which will provide the torsional rigidity essential to the monoplane wing.

Kxperlmcnts conducted with scale models Indicate the machine will have a landing speed of 72' miles an hour. The Initial rale of climb Is expected to be 750 feet per minute. The normal cruising range of the plan' will be 700 miles, hut she will have a maximum range of 1.3O0 miles. 31 MEMBERS OF DIVER RESCUED: 18 ARE MISSING Submarine Poseidon Goes Down Off North Shore of Shantung Peninsula FIVE OFFICERS, 26 MEN PICKED UP BUT TWO DIE Two Cruisers and Aircraft Carrier Start for Scene of Collision lAuociatad Praia Cabla LONDON, June 9 The Eritish submarine Poseidon was sunk today In a collision near Weihaiwei, on the north shore of Shantung peninsula, in China. Official announcement of the sinking was made by tile Admiralty late today.

18 Men Missing Five officer and 28 mn were rescued, but two died from tnjurie. Eighteen men still are missing, the Admiralty said. The Poseidon collided with a merchant vessel 21 miles of Weihaiwei Bhortly after the noon hour. Grave fears were entertained In London tonight for the 18 missing men. Whether they were In the submersible when she went down could not be learned.

The twin 10,000 ton cruiser, Berwick and Cumberland, and the alr crart carrier Hermes have started for the scene of the collision. It was not known whether tba merchant vessel suffered serious damage. Launched Jun 21, 1929 The Poseidon was launched at Barrow, England, June 21, 1929. She was 260 feet long with a 28 foot beam. Her armament consisted of one 4 Inch gun and eight 21 lncn torpedo tubes, six forward and two aft.

Her slsterships axe the Pandora, the Peseus and the Proteus, all built at about the same time. The Poseidon and her slsterships of the clas formed the newest type of submarine in the Royal Navy, although not the largest. Her sire Is exceeded only by the Xrl and 26. The Poseidon had a surface speed of 17 knots and a submerged speed of nine knots. The accident is the second of it kind within the last month.

A Russian submarine sank In the Gulf of Finland during fleet manoeuvres. The Soviet government has been reluctant to discus that accident, but other vessel of the fleet have been dragging the. gulf for the hull over since the ship was lost. 24 Sunk in 1924 In 1924 the British submarine 24 was sent to the bottom when the battleship Resolution rammed her off Portland, England. Forty three men were lost in that collision.

Two years before that the 5 was sunk and In 1925 the went down off Portland with 68 officer and men. LEACH LOSES IN BID FOR MAYOR OF MINNEAPOLIS William A. Anderson Elected Second Labor Indorsed Candidate to Win IB Aaaoctated Preael MINNEAPOLIS, June 9 Minneapolis voters, for the aec ond time in the city' history, yesterday elected a Labor endorsed candidate for mayor. William A. Anderson, an attorney and former North Dakotan, won an overwhelming victory over George E.

Leach, former mayor, in the municipal election. In 276 out of 353 precincts Anderson had 56.104. and Leach had 34,904. Anderson Is chairman of the Farmer Labor state central committee. 15 Refuse to Tell What They Earn, Face Prosecution F'IFTEEN men, believed to be earning fairly high salaries, are facing prosecution for i fuslng to reveal annual earnings to census takers In South Winnipeg.

Action will be Uken if the Information is not given within the next 48 hours. T. George Kidd, census commissioner for the district, eaid today. Despite the Insistence or the enumerators, who have pointed out their authority under the Census Act, these men have been adamant, Mr. Kidd said.

The action contemplated Involve swearing out Informations before Magistrate R. Bannatvne, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police court. "Thesr cases of refusal are In striking contrast with the admirable co operation which the enumerators are receiving evervwh in Greater Winnipeg," Mr. Kidd said..

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