The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on February 18, 1950 · 7
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 7

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1950
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THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18. 1930 PAGE 7 On The Screen Drama About Racial Intolerance In Deep South At Valencia By GILBERT KANOUR "IX) the expanding list of fine photoplays dealing with racial problems as they affect the Negro notably "Lost Boundaries' and -rinky thrre U to be added the adaptation of William Faulkner' novel, "Intruder In the Dust. In this reviewer' con.iidered opinion, the current photoplay at the Valencia excels the othera primarily because it deals with a more urgent aspect of those problems. The antecedent films were concerned with the tragedies that might befall light-skinned Negroes who easily could be mistaken for white. This one illustrates the frightening infection of ordinarilj law-abiding people with the fever of lynching. It is a sturdy in terms highly dramatic and objective of the lynch mob p-yt hology in a small Mississippi town, "where the scenes actually were photographed as it Is revealed when an aged colored man is accused of shooting in the back and killing a white man. In the splendidly organized and eloquent script prepared by Ben Maddow, produced and directed with commendable insight and integrity by Clarence Brown, the brooding passions and the savage angers precipitated by the murder re exposed in all their ugly truths. As a consequence the drama leaves the thoughtful spectator im-presed as well a satisfied that he has been entertained on high grounds. Juan llfrnrtnrlcz In Leading Rule plIE story revolves around an elderly Negro, a landowner who is proud to tlie point sometimes of being quietly arrocant. This Lucas Beauchamp. played to magnificant perfection by Juan Hernandez, is arrested and Jailed shortly after the murder, and while he is innocent, he is too scornful of mixing in "white folks' business" to reveal the name of the man who really did the shooting. As a consequence the town and the countryside shortly are in a ferment and a sullen crowd congregates around the prison. They are not there to participate in the anticipated lynching, but as spectators anxious to be on the scene when the relatives of the victim take the Nepro from his cell for the purpose of burning him at a stake. Fortunately. Beauchamp has friends, or rather a few whites who do not believe in lynch law. One cf them is a lad (Clawde Jarrnan. Jr.) whom the Negro fished out of a frozen river two years previously; another is a young lawyer fDfirid Brian) who takes the case despite his Southern prejudices, and another is a little old spinster f Elizabeth Patterson) who is determined upon an orderly trial and sits herself before the jail door in an effort to compel it. Finally, after several ramification"!, the? and the county sheriff (Will Greer; finally catch Up with the culprit 1 Charles Kemper . the brother of the slain man and the brutal leader of the mob. And. thus ends an honest and adult drama that In all counts deserves the consideration of adult theatergoers of n exacting turn. It goes wiihout saying, to conclude !hi brirf report, that in writing, production, direction and art-Ing. "Intrudi-r In the Dust" deserves our award for uncommon merit, the Blue Ribbon with Talma, and an additional accolade as being worth v to be c lasted among the best American films in tht history of the cinema. Port Of New York" Exhibited At Hippodrome X 1'ELL, -daKnabbit, here we go again "The Port of New York" is another of those consamed pseudo-documentary dinguses about smuggling narcotics, illustrating how, after reviving that old bundle of battered dramatic cliches and acraping the bottom of the old hokum bucket, the dope peddlers are laid by the heels. Many of the scenes were shot in and around New York, Ivhere the action of the Hippodrome film occurs, and that adds a bit of authenticity to the melodrama. But for the most part, it is all just another helping of arrant fiction interlarded with violence and death as the Government agents close in on the smugglers who have substituted dirt in bonded packages reserved for drugs. Scott Brady and Richard Rober are the investigators. Yul Byrnner is the head of the gang, and Miss K. T. Stevens is around in the role of a moll. We mention them ju&t for the records. Anagram Puzzlers Roles How is your vocabulary? There If no better or more fascinating trey Jo improve it than 6y solving thete anagrams each day. Add the letter in the first column to the xcord. subtract the letter in the second column and rearrange the let tern n as to form a new word. Ex ample: EARRING plus S minus R equal? ? ? Answer: REGAINS. Can you solve the following anagrams? 1 PROCURES E-P: (2) NESTLING E-N n) CAMISOLE D O (4) GLIMMER EL (5 REPROVE 4-F P soiuuons to todays anagrams re crusted tomorrow Here are the solutions to yester- aay s anagram: l) OCCASION 12. RENKGADE. t3 IMAGINES 14) SNUGGLE, 5 FRETTES. - ( - - , -o X COMING TO FORD'S MONDAY Susan Peters was a promising young screen actress at the agp of 23 when, on New Year's Day, 1913, she accidentally shot herself on a hunting trip, crippling lior legs. Although there is liltle chance that she will ever be able to walk again, she has successfully continued her acting career ami will star in a revival of the iopular"Tlie Barretts of Winipole Street." m-xl week al Foul's Theater. The Tolk'Of By Heriria TJOLLYWOOD, Feb. 18 Bryan A Foy. who made tome of Warners best pictures before he went to Eagle-Lion, is preparing "Break Through" with an all-star cast for Warners. It's about the break through at the Normandy beachhead at Saint Lo, which Ernie Pyle described as the most terrible thing of the war. Thirty-three hundred American planes bombed the Germans there in one action. Many of the exterior shots will be made in Normandy. "No, No Nanette" gets Gordon MacKae, Doris Day, and dancer Gene Nelson, and starts at War- ners in four weeks. Ralph RictiardKon To Play Disraeli Ralph Richardson, who played the father in "The Heiress," gets the role of Disraeli opposite Irene Dunnes Queen Victoria in The Mudlark." Jane Russell and husband, Rob Walerfield, go to Palm Springs a week to laze in the sun. Jane's RELIQIOUS Spiritual Sctenea TEMPLE OF WISDOM ITLIZAEETH H. DENNIS. Pastor 00 K. 39tb Street Taks No. Cart SUNDAY 10.30 A U. Bibls Lesson forto-ed b TRANCE LECTURES 00 P. St. LECTURE AND SPIRITUAL UZS8AOI WEDNESDAY , . J 00 P. M VTRRAQE AND rTPrRITTJAL DrvTTOPMENT CO P at. Li-CTUKi, foUowsd b Bd. ritual Messass OJilist RssdlttO THURSDAY 1.00 P. M.. 8 00 f. U SPIRITUAL HEAtTNO THE CHURCH IS AIR-CONDITIONED Ta Pablia ti Corttatli luvKtt Truth Seekers PEACE OF MIND SECURITY FOUR PROSPERITIES (rhyiical Mental Spiritual Financial) All Can Be Yours Through Learning To Hear God's Voice For Yourself Two Great Free Lectures Sunday, Robert L. Keller, Speaker Hotel Emeraon, Rose Room, Self-Appraisal Chart Free Yours to take home. God's guide to Immediate progress. Also: Four Other Free Pieces Of Vital Literature. Church of God CHURCH OP GOD Monro and Baratosa B!. PATH C. ATKINSON Pastor. REVIVAL Evangelist Bobbie Ball of Clnetonattt eenriees asch nls ht. except Monday. P.M. Sunday 11 AM. and 7.30 P.M. Sunday School 10 A M FIRST CEURCH CF GCD Richland Ave and Phnadelohla Rd. REV IRVTN E 8HRODT Pastor M A M. Sunday School 11 A VI. "Our Commitment God." P.M. "Psrlm Up to Life." A Friendly Wrlcom To All to Iranfrliral aod Rrformt MESSIAH Korth sod Prutd Hill Avenues Krn K. Bust I mi. Puu fi n ft 4i A M worahlu 11 AM ST. JOHN Lombard snd Cshrln Bs wlllisrn H Korlihum, I'n'of BuiifUy Aclioul. 8 1 A. M. ftrwimi HrtrWr u Wof.hlp. 10 4, ST. MATTHEW MsyflM and Nortn.n. Csr 1. Sua Unttll.b Ptrgothlr, Ps.tor i 8 30 AM Wurthlp 11 AM UNITED SS. LUIE L JCKH Baltimore and Pulaski trets Frsn!i A. Ltlbjr. PaMor 8 . t 45 A M. Worship 11 A.M. Salvation Army SALVATION ARMY THE Services 1021 tTOHT STRITT 44 CHtSTNUT AVENtTB 519 8. ELL WOOD AVE. .IftOl W. BALTIMORK 8T. Sundays. 11 AM. and S P.M. Tuesday and Prldsy S P.M. Services ia Corps Ctntera Christ dclphtta CHRIST ADEI.PH! AN t.CCLTMlA 0211 fttltlerttown Rosd M.tmt 11.00 A. M "Ten To. Kinsrt'.m.'' Wr nh ChrUt. Jor.tnid io "The Din" bookltxa. 12 usucs Irea. Writs 121. Sua. P Sunday Scbool ) s"iCjk I Hollywood Hopper hoping her boss H. Hughes will let her go out with Bob Hope on his tour. Says Jane, "Although it's lots of hard work, it's wonderful being with him, because I learn so much timing." British Critieize Brutality In Films 1"HE British press has its dander un over the hrutalitv in nnr films. One article quotes an ex-soldier as saying that "The Set-Up" was more revolting in its brutalitv than anything he'd seen at Cassino. They wouldn't pass "Give Us This Day" until the death scene was shortened: and made Jimmy Cagney kill a man with one bullet rather than eight In "White Heat." Frank Ross is paging Myrna Loy for his forthcoming comedy, "Save Your Kisses." Lucille Ball and Jose Ferrer are staging a revival of "Twentieth Century" at the El Capitan Theater here. He'll direct and act. Lucille was mighty good on the stage in "Dream Girl." NOTICES Spiritual Scltnr Troth Seekers 2 and 8 P. M. Come. All Welcome. Church of Christ CHURCH OF CHRIS' S30 W DclTenlty Parkway fTsks Bus 39 or 22) Visitors Wtlroms BVKDAt Btbls School. 10 A M 11 A.M. "Music la Worship 7.30 P M. "Lradins A Worthy Li's" Wednedsy. S P. M. Prsyer and Bible Study Elvis H BiiSsrd. Minister Phons Office, MO. 7371; Res , Tow ion 6210 Church of the Brethren First Ctcrcii cf The Brethren 4. M)0 Liberty Hrtshts Avenue Jacob P R.plosts, Pastor TO, ttes 10 A M Church School. 11 A.M. "Unharnessed Porer." 7 P.M. Rv. John Colbert "1U other hod In Ardon . WOODBERRY 36th sod Pool. Streets Ht. tll'i tiev w a. mnesaroner, B u,. PBRtor 10 hool 11 Hptrltuai Clotlilnt 7 -V P. a -'"I h Lamb nf od. Prl'isr. S PM World D.y ( Prsr, tiue.t M-rr. Itev, C. P, Holwipuls. Theo.ophy "ExJsteEce Eeycnfi L!!e" Sunday, r.bruary 19, 1950. 3 30 P.M. MR. THOMAS W. TOND ot Baltimort Wed.. 8 P M "Elements of Theo.ophy. Mr. i nomii w. i'ono. Lecturer Library Open Mon . Wed te prt . S-4 P M ana Wednesday, 7 to 9 P.M. THEOSOPHICAL HALL 523 N Charles Street Spiritual UNITED BIBLE SPIRITUAL. TEMPLE 1830 BOLTON ST. Services. Sunday S P. M. TRANCE SERMON SVITRY SONDAT Wed. & Frt. P.M. Messases. RIV. GRACE p. BAITER, pastor ALL WTLCOMS School of Tht Blbls TOO" CAN KNOW TKE BrBL Clsm. Mon. and Tum Renins 7.18 So Til'lnn pS!trtinn P'f. 82 BALTTMORR SCHOOL OP THE bYbI E 1713 Psr Are. LA. 433. Women's Club Bulletin Monday WOMEN'S AUXILIARY. ALPHA ZETA OMM3A PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY, KAPPA CHAPTER Ho. cml commltte. 1 P.M., Frutcrnltf Houw, 813 North Kutnw rwt. Mr, Max Hlniti, f hlrnmn; Mil. Auron LltwittltK, president. OHOfc.R Of THE AMARANTH. TNC tlUcUixti omloij, p"llttt of tWU'K'l, Itttit liitltlmrirK JIM), WlfMKNS Cl.Ull OF TEN lIII,t. Oarrien coin mitten, 1 45 P.M., Iioma of Mn. 3. MHUm Bell, chalrm&B, 537 Stain lord road. WOMEN'S CIVIC LEAGUE Oovnn group. 1.30 P.M., Pratt Library, Branch No. 22. Bellona avenue. Northwood group, 1 P.M.. leairue headquartera. 113 West Mulberry atreet. Mrs. James H. Jones, chairman. AUXILIARY OP YEDZ GROTTO Tea tn honor of new member. 1 P.M., Parle Plttza Hotel; niectlHK t follow. Mrs. ftve Lsvrnaleln, president, will preside. VNITM) titmm Or TRtlK HTHTERM, IlAtlIMUltK N, aaVolunUr nerviees, Huttlmoie Eye,, Noaa and Thrum Hospital. Mrs. Milton Levlnson, Mrs. Mauslre Htlller and Mrs. Lewis K. Ileus, rlialrman; Mia, Jooeph O. Oolilentierg, presltlent. WOMAN'S EAHTKRN SltORE gO-CIKTY OP MARYLAND Historical luncheon, honorlnti Somerset, Worcester arid Wicomico counties, 1 P.M., ParH Plaza Hotel. Major I-ouls E. Lamborn, speaker; Mrs. Elliott Best In charge; Mrs, James Fagaa, president, QUEEN ANNE GUILD Silver Jubilee committee, 8.30 P.M.. at the home of Mrs. David Bomstem. banquet chairman; Mrs. Robert H. Siegcl, president. Rehearsal for program for Initiation luncheon. 1.30 P.M., home of Mrs. C ji A Cowan. 2:j02 Anok avenue. Mr. Rnlph Silver, chairman; Mrs. Joel Hoffman, eo-ordlnstor. WOMANS CLUB OF TOWSON Executive board. 10 30 A.M.; Mrs. Oeor A. Clarlt, president. Book-review group, 2 PM ; Mrs. Alfred IlelwiK, chairman; Mrs. J. VauKhan, Mrs. H. R. Kelly and Mrs. J. Pratt, hostesses. Tea to follow meeting. ROTAL SISTERS SOCIETY OP BALTIMORE Social committee. 8 P.M J.W.V. Mrs. Philip Needle, chairman. Theater party, Relsterstown road and Rogers avenue. Mr. Morris Gen-daaon, president. AL1RUA GUILD Social committee, 8.30 P.M.. home of Mrs. Samuel Ma-lln. .3651 Dolfield avenue. Mrs. Benjamin Handler, president. TONIGHT incuucaJ, THE I AT All SOOKSTOtf S PUTNAM'S a r am u WW w s flB THREE MINUTES A DAY" by Rev. James Keller, M.M. How You Can Live a Better Life And Help Make a Better IVorld f Tha Family Reading Club wa founded to elect book for the whole family which are worthwhile, interesting and taining without being wntionl. fJach our liditor select th on book from ha many submitted by publisher recommend most enthusiastically to members. These are books that can be read with pleas ure by every member of the family that can b discussed by all, that will prized volume. How Club Members Save If you decide to join tha Family Club, you will receive tha Club' the' forthcoming selection each month. It is not necessary for a member to accept a book each month only lour during an year to retain membership. And, instead of paying Jf 2.79 to JS.50 for each book purchased, members pay only Jf 1 .89 each plus m few cent for postage. In addition to thi great saving, member receive a free "Bonus" FAMILY READING, CLTJB Rewlnsr for for-elKn relief. 11 A.M4 Miss Bnphie Pitt, chairman. BTT"mKffl r. PROFFKRIONAt WOM. rN'U (XUB OP H A LTIMOIIE -Meet ' ln. 8 P.M . Nc.fth Charles slrpet, Jtimietio H. Wuliniui, presuiritt, rniKNnnrirpririiTKnM.r o n . Met- I11K. 8 :i0 f M Jewish War Veteran Jtitildlttg, 4KJ7 Parlt UMiilits avenue, elMtlon if officers. Mis. llttiry Levitt, president. MIRIAM I.ODOE NO. 1. K 8.B Round-table dhtruKftton groups 13.30 P.M., Connreas Hotel, under leadership of Mr. tils worth Steinberg. Luncheon. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION OP EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL Executive board, at 8 P.M.. North and Harford avenues: Mrs. Maurice N. Royeroft to preside. yOMNO WOMEN'S MUTUAL AND CHARITY Uttf'IRTY Meeting. 8 P M . 42M Park Heights avenue; Mrs, AIhi Levin, president. BALTIMOrtK TUHr.lttUtJ)HIH AID WMUkTY -Meeting, :iu PM, Y.M. and V.W H.A., Mrs. Max Goodman, president. CIMin HTtrnY AHHOCIATION OP HALT1MOKK Board ot directors. 11 A.M.. liendrjuartejs, 121 Worth Charles atreet. Colonial Village Chapter. 8 30 P.M., at homo of a member. Mrs. Paul Clifford, speaker. Cornell Chapter, 8.30 P.M.. at the home of member; husbands' party. Iota Chapter, 8.30 P.M., at home, f a mem her. Mra. Sarah 8. Van-Camp, speaker. AMERICAN RED CROSS. ENTERTAINMENT AND INSTRUCTION SERVICE Braille, chess and piano Instructions. 11.45 A.M.: barbershop quartet, bowling matrh with patients. 7 PM; danclnif. contract brldK and table-name tnstrtictiona, 7.30 P.M.. Perry Point Veterans Hos-pital. Entertainment. 7 P.M., Fort George O. Meade btstlon Hospital. MuMcale. 7 P.M., fiprlng Grove State Hospital. Catooavllle. Band and dance, 7 P.M., Crowns-vllle Ktate Hospital. G?n Spring GOID tteM MU 11 A M J A.M. Daily 12 Hoon 3 A.M. Sun. Horn Delivery . 'til 1 A.M. Famous Wines AV Liquors in our new Hot Room e.s. rtav lobster delivered by calling 4o?Wsst aJrssJP "Vmo Cm pBACH of spirit in this world. frar of the loss of God's love, keeps us from serenity of mind and soul. How can tb ia sublime pence come to us? How can we change ourselves as individuals, and so collectively change tha face of the world? The Christophers have found the divine answer, and it is simple, beautiful thing that ha brought happiness into millions of lives. You will find it in one of the most wonderful book you will ever experience James Keller' "Three Minutes a Day." Father, Keller t is the founder of the Christophers the "Christ-bearer" men and women dedicated to thos aternal truth which can make our earth little lower than heaven. He show us that each of us can be a Christ-bearer; each of us can use visible things to find our way to a better understanding of the invisible Cod. "Three Minute a Day" ha 365 pages and each bears a (ingle plendid thought to begin your day. Sometimes the idea is dramatized by n eiciting, everyday experience; again, you may find an inspirational message that could change your life. Each of these reading show the spiritual reaches of God. Young and old respond to them; the hearts of the heavy-laden are mad glad by them; peace of mind for you i the rich reward for their reading. Thi magnificent new work i priced at $1.00 in th publisher' edition, but th Family Reading Club want to end you a copy absolutely free. Read th detail of thi remarkable offer below. Book of tbe Mini high quality with each four election they buy. Including these Bonus Books, members thus av a much a SO'e on Club booktl Send No Money Just Mail Coupon Wa will send you your copy of "Three Minutes a Day" at once, and at tha sama tima w will reserve a membership in your name. After you have read the tory of the Family Reading Club, if you wih to cancel your reservation, merely tell us so. There is no obligation on your part to accept membership and whether or not you join, your copy of "Threa Minute, a Day" i FREE. So if you believa in a book club which appeal to th finest instinct of every member of the family, let u introduce you to the Family Reading Club by sending you Father' Keller' great book, together with th complete tory of tha Club. Mail .the coupon now, a th number of free copie to b distributed in thi way is limited. book enter month among they can book becom 50 Reading review of entire CLUB MINEOLA, NEW Music Notes Peabody Pair Slate Recital Ttiflma Viol, contraltn. nd Frr-d fi'lfk. I'fli'irh, both of thi I'fBtiodv ConiiiTviilory facMitty, will bp hrord In rt't;ltl al 4 I'.M, tomorrow Jn C'.uloa 1111. A Peabody graduate with the Thomas Prize for out-standing a c ill e vement, Miss Viol lso teaches at the , 4'j C o 1 1 1 Noli p . IMaryl I choir i! uame ol 1 r Maryland and Is director soloist at t'redrrit k J'vlrkh Chrixt Lutheran Church nTt Soloist with the Handel Choir for three year Jn Its performance of the "MoxKlnh," she has beer heard as soloist with the Baltimore Symphony and other orchestras. Also a Peabody graduate, Mr. Pctrlch has been heard In concert and on the radio. Singer as well as pianist, he was for two years soloist at the First Church ol Christ Scientist here. Jeanne Behrend, pianist and composer, will present a recital at the Community Auditorium, North and Harford avenues, at 4 P.M. tomorrow under the auspices of the Baltimore Music Teachers Association. The Baltimore and Ohio Glee Club appears with tbe Baltimore Symphony in Its concert tomorrow at 8.30 P.M. in the Lyric Theater. Z7 More i rtl ',inAV!!.::n?.c.r. K RESTAURANT 710 N. Howard St. CARRY-0UT-711 Linden Avtnu Cantonese Style Lobster for really delicious dining p!oure Contonet Stylo lobster it en of our oil-time favoritet and is mad from tobitert - ruthed to ui from Olouceiter, Moil. And rimimbtr, ASIA'S modern otmotpher and courteous $rvk affords dining pleaturs at its belt. our intoneso btyle mmm to your homoUtV A IV J An inspiring book mind and the it th only roi for individua Yet fsar of tha future, and i t f.s ppin unconscious I Mis Address I city i Occupation Ham prlc YORK AMUSEMENTS TONITE LAST FEATURE 10 P. M.- LOEW S THEATRES e, .'WH:.V LAST 6 DAYS I fm M-C-M Cl Fsmnri it L9f ll ILIi GROUND starring VAN JOHNSON JOHN H0D1AK GEORGE MURPHY STARTS WID. tfl CLARK GABLE LORETTA YOUNG , in M-U-M 1 ' s I MASIITN MAXWILl HI KOh op,n ,3:,s M "INTRUDER LIN Till DUSTv REPEAL THE 20. TAX ON MOVIE TICKET ASK AT LOEWS TODAY l,SM OUYIA oeHAVIUND MONTGOMERY CUFT U I 3rd GREAT WEEK! starring HEDY LAMARR VICTOR MATURE GEORGE SANDERS ANGELA LANSBURY HENRY VYILC0X0N OIiL . . eS TIMES .now ROSLYN "Pest Offico Invsstiaator' alua m Crosby "Down Memory Lane" for the troubled lonely in heart HIGH PRAISE FOR "Thru Minut.t a Day" BOB HOPE: These capule of goodness are a tonic for right thinking. Three minutes day seems little enough to set aside to ad lib with our conscience. FULTON OURSLER I Three minute a day with thi fin book will make the remaining 1437 minute three, time riches in peace and achievement. TAYLOR CALDWELLt I can think of no more inspiring guide-post to full and reverent living and thinking than Father Keller' "Three M.nute Day." Offer (3 Qim am This Coupon ABSOLUTELY FREE S "THRU MINUTIS A DAY" S FAMILY READING CLUt, DEPT. 31 M1NEOLA, NEW YORK a Fltt nl m ai oik cow of "TSros MiiwlM a Osr" sblotl fr an mrv S SmbttN is tM Ffltll Ktllil CluS IS m Miw. , It I So sot is to jots tor Clue I will csnc-l tw mrio within 10 ot sftw rVMiot ot t frw Book. Otrwrwiso omoll s I I ii a member and und m tack month s mie ot the clut'i forthcoming I Mixtion, whit I mm sewpt or miit I ehoow. Thort " mtinbtrtftls Suit or le, oaiy tht rtQuirtnwnt It I to1" to accept . (n.niinum tour Clutj win Horn durio tht comlm tel awritiis st " a onl l '. 'n txKiwo "d Mixllino. a woe I will t emttled t s I" sew S with eat ton CluS ieetio I acrem. I the too ot " Mimtet s Otr'' is mio is lees tret warmer ' or oot I let tht Cluk. I I I Mr. S Mra - (Pleas Print) J I I ton SUt A it under 21 tn Canada: 103 Bond t., Toronto t, Ont. AMUSEMENTS 1 1 1 1 ii iTal il .T.f f I JL lillHK'J'Jil'JllH 10 30 M. IT'S OVNSMITCI WW WorJfc SCOTT BRADY k. i. snvtNi Ri(lir4 R0B1K mm LAST 3 DAYS! DANA ANDREWS SUSAN HAYWARD i 9S of th tonsott ssa minutei of your life? lilt? UIDDEH aoOMl CHUt flKT Isn JTU0T fN UKUW i i;Wlih Wis) am oiy8 1 I if S' KDGQCD3 1 1 1 CZ'i STARTS TUESDAY - FEBRUARY 21 t TOOT Theatre h FORD'S TONIGHT 8:30 MAT. TODAY 1M . AlMtO tfe IISCSI. h, THr MARTITA HUNT - V ? ADWOMAN LMorCHAiiior J Jf AH OltAUOOUS Cwnwtr ' A4om9 sr MAUSICt VAttMCT v John Estellt Nyd. . CARRADINEWlNWOODWESTMAff; FORD'S NEXT WEEK CI PERSON WATS. WED. 4. SAT. in THI 1ARRITTS O W1MPOII ST. Kotant Ceeol SEATS NOW JOHN SAVM csit. rUiSl-L S FOLLIES For Df ChiWrtu URIC, SAT. FEB. 18 1:30 P.M. THKKTS: JJ. 2 41. ?t. t BONNCY tOVtUtT BIKIU., 327 . Chr! Si. It. V T 444 t. Bteer t - HO fcCJ I IH f$Bl J I f tJ (NO StCHI 1' tr.o S!ra THE VOICE. Or L0Vt p?i HITH TV. AKHrii I "J - " i ' isi t 1 r V ' Mm -aT aT f

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