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Indianapolis, Indiana
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AS 14 SOCfETIES TO SIHG AT EuBY ViCTOiTS FUHERAL WAS MARKED PERSONALITY AMONG GERMANS OF CITY. FAMILY RELATIONS UNKNOWN Henry Victor, a personality amontf the Germans of this city, who was lrlckeo rlU on the IttJi of this month, tiled. Saturday erenloc at tie twaf mesa hospital. He waa to some extent roan of tnytT. and not kwirn what vrr his family relation previous to r.i comic to was born January 11.

IKS. to the nmriivi Pfimiwin. and came to tfcls city direct from iierlln in 1. It was said that In Berlin be bad a racceef ul business man, dealtn to silk and dress roods. also connected with a private tank and wa worth ideraWe mony omu na wa.

wiu, an.aJSlction the eyes threatened him with total blindness. He vir tsk to a hospital, where he re melne for aererai mown, ootoi imu. irrafrtd in hie Etial new. and be left Germany practically a broken tat a. It wm umuw wax of a rood family and bad re "reived a pTOOd exjursiion.

fter comlnr to Indlsnaonlla he waa for a time la a number of different rmptor vr ents. amona which waa that of eol lectcr for a brewing; company. went Into the saloon hulne at Madlaon avenue and Morris puct he afterward removed to Maaaa ehusetts avenue and NoWe street, wnere he continued the aaloen business in prop erty ne. had oougni at. in yruwi.

ouaiaeea corner. Conference About WML Some time before be waa etricken be 7 t4 a conference with Leo VL Rappeport and made a abort will. In which nothlnf waa set out. except that he'deatred rtsppaport to be eaeeutor f'1" e1 "'fiili "tMirtna the court proeeedlnaja In the Khodlus caae," aald Mr. Rappaport, "Mr.

of CtrnakTnV and dtil aa aaarutor he ahouid have a peraon of hi own aictlon. He went no further making a will, thouajh he to me several time aoout coins no. Aiwr Via m.a efrU kan I vial ted him at the t)ea i. k. waa then rinth mentally and physically Incapacitated.

have found a tabulated Statement writ ten by him some lime a In whlrh he i k. ahmit ftVlsnn Ctonaiderable of this la In mlnln. stock WhlCl now have" not the value he placed on thern II He held about n.flno in at or a or inersw p. i )n ftmith filda Turn Verein. which he or ran jzed sixteen yaars eso and of which he waa president nnttl fire years irn, when reUred from that position.

His beet possession waa the property at Noble atreet and Massachusetts avenue. He made hl money in thla city. He waa a nfan who save liberally to several charities. He gave 1600 to the Aitenhelm Ho clsty (the German old folks' home), of which he waa a life member." Member of Many Societies. Mr.

Victor waa a member of Columbia lodge. Knlrhta of Pythias; the Oerman House, tha Mjettnerrhor, the Suth Side Turn Vercini the Liedertafel. a alnslnc ao ciety which he organised a year ao and of wihich he was president: the Haruaarl and Oerman Pioneer Society. In spite of bis year, to hide his white beard, which wss thick and flow! tag he colored it a Jet black, which eervd to attract attention wherever he went. Tha funeral services will he held at p.

m. tomorrow at the hall of the South Fide Turn Verein. There will be slustng by a number of musical societies and an address by Philip Rappaport. The body vwlll then be taken to the crematory of Klanner A Buchanan, where a brief service will he held by the Kntrhts of Pythlaa. SOME LICENSES VOID.

exemption Certificates May Not Be Based on Primary License. Acfordlna to statement made ln the office of the state superintendent of public Instruction, an exemption license based a three yeare license for a kindergarten or primary teacher la lliea al and void. The statement waa made when the fflce had a report from South Bend to the effect that teachers in 8t. Joseph county were In a quandary because exemption licenses which they held under such con I Unit a had been questioned. An exemption license Is issued by a "Tounty superintendent, when the teacher 'holds a thirty six months' license to teach In the common school, and exempts the holder from taking a furyier examination as krit aa he continues to teach In the county In which the exemption license waa issued.

It appeared from the South Bend report that exemption licensee had r. been Issued to persona holding only primary or klnderrarten licensee. The practice was commoa. It waa aald. throughout the north part or the state.

B. O. Bunnell, assistant stale superintendent, said that it was not the theory ef the kindergarten or primary license that the holder should tesch under It In any except a primary kindergarten echojol. and that If an exemption license were lasued thereon the holder might. If It were valid, teach In any of the com won schools of the county in which It as Issued.

7 HIGHER COURTS' RECORD. SUPREME COtUT MINUTES. ltTi. The Cleveland, ClncJanatL Clitcase A St. tiOMls Railway Company vs.

Charles Ol Rente C. Appeliaat'e Brtef (I). 1IT1S William Rliey Mr Keen ys. A Rowea A Company at aL Madtsea S. Ap aellant'f brtef til, IlteV Rcaeoe Baraett vs.

State ftf Jadiaaa. Hamilton Appeilaat brtef (. 1IT41. WUIIam Tamer vs. Piste In dlana Hamlltoa C.

C. Annellaat's brtef rial. The ladhanapolis Tract loa and Terra I Sal Campaar vs. Joarph E. HaaU t'H Appaliant's brief Adniph Wllhelm va.

John Lawtjo. rte C. C. Appellee's brief r. riThV.

The CTtlaeoe 'atBal Bank vs. Kisuea. treasurer Vaaderbsrg county, Indiana. Vandarburg aX Appellant brtef BLTREME COURT NEW SUIT. an7.

Henry Risen ul? n. Amos Burr a. Plks. Record. Aaatgntnant at errata.

Pesfcipe aad notR APPELLATB COURT MINUTES. Kat The JEtn Tadeatatty Cecnnanr af Rarb fWd. Conn ra. State of Indiana as ret. the Hi Pour Stone Ctanpaay.

Martoa A pe.laata' dismissal. 7 SCO. Vsndalla Coal a a Ha erkamp. by his aaxt (nead. atari Haver.

antn. i ninaan v. Appellant "a brtef fmv Arnellant'a petfUoa for arai J3 Iu ejections of Mary i Harblaaa te V'' aat win sat teecswerat ef 3trr deesaeed va John at sL Arnaiieat'a petltioa for additional time. Granted tea days toa far adSt ieja Modara Woodmen America vs. Mary rrtc Appellant petlttoa txi APPELLATK COURT, Naw i 7KJ.

Henrr W. Etreamaa vs. Tbecaaa Rna tpa et sU Vaadarbunr a. Reoord. Aastca anest errors.

Joinder ta error. INDIANA MARRIAGES TERRS HAUTE, September X. Cards have been received anaoanx lag the marriage ea September IT ef Must ilertina Ouitas aad George Bowers at Elizabeth, N. J. Miss Cwul tas Is a daughter vf the Rev.

T. L. Coaiiaa. formerly pastor ef Centenary rhvm fc. ta Terra Haute, and later et Robert Park, ta Indianapolis.

JErFERSONVTLt.E. lasU. fVptember Xtise Beesie May Hard'n. daughter ef Mr. and Mrs.

Preston w. liard'n, of ista city and Fred ean Mitchell, et St. Charlea. Ki. ere married Saturday evening at the home ef the bride's parents by the Kev.

Charles Truby. HUVTIVGTOJf. September Charlea Strickland, a moaiciaa of thla ettv, eon of the late Rev. V. Strickiand, exit book writer end publisher, sill be snarrled a te Xlise Oiace Cone, a muilc teacher of county.

PEDICAL, cured; woodarful Si rovery by a iruircist ef years' experience; sway wr. a. I cathartics. Senj tor be il Inttmrti'vi. PwaltiveJy your fi re for or causa.

SAML'U L. I Ai.iw Th Dert. 1. Canton. O.

i ICn icke rbacke Hall Uses AUTO As another example that Indiana v.t 1 lja Union, as was the opinion expressed yesterday by IGeorre VS. Knorr, private secretary to the assistant eecre Itary erf agriculture, the Knlckerbacker Hall Kindergarten I lnitmctora will ose an automobile coach this year to Carry Its youthful puplii. Thi is looked upon with much jfayor amonr educators who hare bten troubled hereto nths when the snow forced their students to remain at home. The automobile, which was deairned and bailt by the Orerland I DIED. LAKUKILniE Ulin UnnUr.

beloved I daurhtar of Mr and Mrs John angi ldt. died St M. a. rpenter 5. nlnet.n yesr.

I rnural at Iar teaidenea. til Hiaiie rt. Wsdnsadsy. svumber si. at Friend, I mued urlaJ at imm )U I EHLE Georrle.

dtl Surlay. Peptemer barsJ service at resldenca. 7i0 N. Imont ave Monday vteri.W Hurts! Xuesday. eptmber OOTH Msrl psulln 1th lsiurdsy.Sep.

(ember I (. at i ea New Jerser st. Vun rx'. Tuii). tl.

o'clork. St rr frlrnda Inrlted I Burial private. No flum T.ilflbl 1 1. I I tr nvtiDi.ii aeventy lhree. si ihe her brother Caleb Earlasnvid 7Tt Middle dmr.

Woo i ruff Plae, beptemtr Funeral and bunsl private at a. nv. Wedssds HAM ILTON Grace tember 24. II SO E. ril.

f'urdav. Kei a )itn Kunernl services MotidS). Ieptcinl" It rn at N. Wsrmen av, Frleti.l. Inviled.

Hurial Franklin. Ir.d Tjeadav. at.ral KM i A LL1N IN Tliomas Hahmln. of Mrs. Thomas Halllnln 41 Proepci at.

Waa kilted tn auto actldetit at IVrtlai.d, i irr lui will reach Indianapolis lan of week Funeral notice later. TUCKER Fred Tucker at city hospital. Mat arday. September ti Funeral from the home of bis wife's parents. Mr and Mrs Rliert Randolph.

UU Michigan, tepteniber I Card ef Thanhs. Wt wish to extend our ere thsnki to our many friends, the of I. minister. I Singers, nelghbori and all who an heautlfulb expressed their by klndneae and twautlful flowers MRS RAMI KL liENSMORE AND SON fard ef We wish to tnsnk our friend, anl neichbor for the kindness shown us at the desth our lilt), daughter Leva Ellen BERT LECKER. MR AND Mlti la Lev lag RemetnbraAce.

In sad. bJt loving remembrance of beloved husband and father, treorae our LaFlamme. who was called away from us "i Saptember IKS Father is rone but not rorgotten. Never shall his memory fade; Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger Around the rrave here he la laid. PROM HIS LOYINO WIFE AND DAUGH TERS.

1 la Loving Rewteenbraatee ef our dear mother. Anna Mareuls Harden, who died, four years ago today September i. Another year has passed by. near motner. Making four since ytu mere called away.

But your sweet memory ever lingers In our horns, desr. ever Uav Son and daugh ter. WILLIAM MARQIIS. NA w.i NELLT. AUTOkiOBILE ASBlLANLb FLANNER BUCHANAN S30 N.

IIMbuU at. Phone Sil FUNERAL DIRECTORS BLANCH A RD. MOOKK a TUBin. 1U N. I la ware st Phones all.


Phones I4et FUNERAL DIRECTORS JOHNSON A HASS I Maseaehuaetts ill Aiaoama St. New phone to Old Main 14 PUNXRAL DIRECTORS AtAMS A KRIEO FR. 11 and If W. Ohio et Telephone u. FUNERAL UlRECTORS FINN 13 2 srket St.

Both phonea WIKRT AKKRA. L'NDKRT AKERS E. H1SKT. US) Oil era. New phoae te.



Illinois St. rtettors welcomed al hours Write for booklet. SOCIETY ANT CT.UW MKETINOS, SOCIETY I. F. Members of Lincoln Lodge No.

apt. I. O. aad Lewis Akla eex ampmept are requested te be at eoe aer Merldiaa aad Vermoat eta. Monday evea tog, September X.

at J.U p. sharp, to participate ta parade aad reception tn honor et grand a4w Auaa B. Cork rum. Parade saoeea teaanptly TJS p. sa.


MURPHT. Recording Secretary SOCIETY MASONIC Indlanapolie todge No. MS, p. and A. M.

Called meeting for Monday evening. Septeniber I. at o'clock, la the West India aapoUe Maawaic temple. IB) W. Morris st.v for wrk la the Master Mason degree.

VaUtlng brethreai welcome CLARENCE ROBKRSOX. W. M. CARL JONES. Secretary.

SOCIETT ASONIO Logaa tedge No. ITS. P. aad A M. Called meeting Tua.lay.

Septea ber rt. at o'clock nv. ta lortic rooov Masonic tempes. Work: Master Mason degree. Via! tors Invited.


tar lodge No. I K. of will bold resrular sweeting Twewday evest tas. September U. o'clock.

Will be due nutbt. Com up and pay your dues la the L. RICHARDSON. P. A.

ELANCHARP, et aad S. SOCIETY K. of P. Rewusar aweetmg ef Py thagoraa lodge No. 3X.

K. of Monday eventwg. Sereeeaber Work ta rasa: of Katsht laltins eeotnore ARTHI TVRFIN. of R. aad S.

SOCIETT MASONICCalled neethc of Oriental Me Ne. end A. Tueeday eveetng. Sefteenber r. at 7 o'clock, foe work ta the Bret dearree, laiunsT arvrrew rweaiir eleeene.

CHAS, B. jg. FrW.WT r. MOORS. Peitary.

SUK aLK oat TaSAUK. VR SALE OR TRADE A Sae retail bunaeae ea llttno thte ritj WiU sU frea J.0o 1 5. CO a year. Invoice a boat Want clear real estate.

Investigate a rood. Soni ieMnr baslneea. Oood reasons, THH K1NNEAR HIATT. COu SO. State Life.

lee. FOR SALE OR TRADE New aad ap to date stock general werehs adise: rood railroad town of ao eompetttioa: rood cash trade; co openinx: poor health reason tor. selUng. A A resa owner. ITC Newa FOR SALE OR TRADE Aa eld eetafclisbed downtown boarding teb)e: owner movj te eountrv: trade for tana ttanv Address Ex yew a i I I st It nf pt.

ly pi the THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1910. it fy FOR KINDERGARTEN CLASSES. schools are the best coach, on a trial cmri iauutfrs, automobile and ues. It Will be arill add comfort Uve widely separated ried them to the time than they Automobile Company, Uvelv is the kindergarten instructor, LOST Ut i c. Rtsmlr.s or and I tbi tlck t.

fmm to (. raford vine. Ket.teti.l.vr lteturn to l) UAKK. cmrp if sne Studio, iriawfordsvllie. Ind.

Kewad I.T eKher on nnyl fcnlm car r.r th tvntm Hants, yd mainms w. a. tlbU Retu )tTJ Arlnd sve llmerd. ii7THlark ar.d tsn d.i shout months oid unmmrr, Il Kor an). ln.

hon or Iilinoln K.aard li'8T On Wadljwm excursion. if'id watch anJ i Klr.dfi New 9s? fb. encran I. i 1 hrtarxl MiT Two nckti tn Memphis, Tenn Reward If ald If arv jmad Big Four ciy ti. ket office or LJLL LOST HI ue enameled diamond shaped class pin.

alth letter. A A Return iil2 N. Alabama Reward nmle ili.dle bull pup. four whl: o.iar. white hair, ne Inch tip tall ward :4 Ashland ST feet while I i ketlvK.k contslnlig in paiier irtheaat pan of cltv Lil rsl reward Wt ruf! lTtt I i i L'.

ground bar mar. about l. hands high heevy mane and tall, foretop cllpt ed Phone. 4T7 Uberal reward. LOST Ka tern Star pin.

name and address on.baik call SM or return to il Aluhnma. Hevunl I A 8T Saiurdav Mark late on lillnola 1 slued a keepsake reward I'SlI North HM liST Irvlr.Klnn car pendant et with ssrnetn and pearl Reward tail Proe, 14JI LOST Nose In Illinois car on Sunday I'h. nr li LOST Pearl A la Ka tna Rew srd 301 LOST OR STOLEN. 1.0ST OR STC'LEN Spotted pony. on left hip aad steel lire, open busrv.

from Center church on Rl iff road SunCay night. GEO fcTKEL, Harding nrt house ulh of river STKAVED OR STOLKJ. STRAYED OR STOLEN Large striped Dane. ears trimmed, wore black collar; plate bears "Miss A lloueer. 371 Central May be possession of sniail negro Reward 1UH atl.k HOKhEb AND VElIICLSVa.

FOR SALE WESTERN HORSES Just arrived with one of the bent lot of unbroken horses ever offered for sale ln the Union stockyards Btg growthy young stock Csttl. pen 1306 and U1J SI TH EKLAND FoR SALE Black Shetlsnd pony. Inches high, gentle, well broken, fine drlvir. sounu. three years old suaranteed.

IliO. new driving wagon to match. M1. Shetland poov colt, a beauty. 1100.

I)R. A. ROSE. Clovcrdale, Ind FOR SALE Below cost, new brougham coupe. aix paaeanter rockaway.

phaetons; our ewa make; atnctly prims. IRV1N RORblNS A CO Tenth t. snd rsnsl. n'n eai.t i mum hei ALL ALSO Kr.AlM IO Ul 0 WAUON LA ROE COAL DON BUX'K BOX ON TRUCKS. 10 BRAN FOH SALE Six pair mule from I to I year BlSiNESS CHANCE Orwry and meat mar old: one pelr weighs lbs.

73 Virginia i ket. doing 60 day caah: north lde loiatlcns. avenue 1 Neat mm. sit ion ln cltv II. jon cssh or invoice VHP Cll IT.lwwt Unnhl.

i mounted work hsrneas. used only a day I and half JAS OOjILL. Southport. Ind I doesn't hurt him for work 1907 W. Vermont Phone Main S4T7.

e.r v. i t.i.j. 'on iv. eieui btg horse. 1 pounds, most sell by Tuesday.

CIS Fletcher ave. FOR SALE Good, big work mare, suitable for coal wagon, also extra good driving horse, cheap pony 1C34 Meridian wcr a i rlZrrr.rn Tt.nn to, i Spencer. Ind FOR SALE Rut her tired lop delivery wagon. 7V. H10 Illinois FOR SALB Two work horses and harsesa Second house uth of river on Harding et.

FOR SALE Two horsea twe phaetons. lie? Kv Mlcaigea. OR SALE Horse Call Broad Rlnpie NOTICE bids wlU be received by vhe trustee of the Indiana for the Blind until 10 Friday. September lil on the following: ill Regular supplies for the month of October. 110.

TOO feet concrete floor Zi papering 15 room. Annual contract, will be let on the following Lisnfr tams. tsilet paper, butler, milk and ice A list of the needed supplies may be found ti file In Roon: H. tstehouse. BT ORDER OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES.

NOTICE The board of trusteee of the Centra. Indiana Hop(ial for Insane will receive aeeJed pmpieals unil Frfc'ay. September 3ft. at a sa for furnlnhtng a full line of supplies for the month of October. 231 Estimate book will be on tile at Room 11.

Statebous. from and after Monday. September r. 1H. By order of BOARD OF TRUSTEES.

XOtTCE Tbe Teuton No 4 Saving aad Loan Aseocla'ttoc of Indiana pr ha will boM Its annual meeting of stockholder and eiectsoa seven T) directors en Tuesday. October 4, IMA at Its usual place of meeting. Noois JOSEPH ORINSTE1NER. Pras. OTTO BCSCHING.

Sec'y NOTICE Ha re veor furnace pat ta order for winter by JOSEPH GARDNER. 3 Kentucky ave. Teeephcoe SS NOTICE Get It new. A safe deposit Vox ta the METKR K1SER BANK vaait, ft per year. NOT ICS Five wed red woemeae cards for tar.

tntaa wertt. VICTOR, printer. US a Market. rAaJttlra. 1 AIKl Ok AN Tfc.

svTC CLAIRVOYANT MADAME LA LELLE. the gettutse Egyptian palmist. Is eew perwanect located at Masaacbosetta are. a lady of wonderful taieata, clvtcg red lab is advice ea all parUruiars pertaining to enre bapptneas; past, sul aad future re rem led: readoxgs coaa eeaUal and aaxtafactsoa oaraateed. CLAIRVOYANT MRS.

RICHARDS, aptrltoa! tedium, can be censafted ea ell business: readme dally: queettoas asked; ajo rltlng aoaeT tlsra and aypweDexB taogfat. Hewra. te e3 X. mtPQie ss. PERS ONALSa PE.KSON AL MICHAEL JEFFERSON has takea charge cf the real estate ceparrmant ef Meyer eUser Bana.

aad wilt be prsaaed have his friends list their property with him. PKRSONAL Lock the barn before the Is atolea. Get a safe deposit boa far rear at the METLRKIoLR BANK. Motor Coach v. (7 and pleasnre to the schooL The students from one another, but the motor trip recentlyvxhered them and car school building with ease and in less could otherwise be assembled Miss Julia mtf jjnucipai, 10 truuiiisiiui.ic auuuv.

declares it will have many practical val used tor nature Sluay trips ana wiu stimulate a general interest in school work. Miss Julia Blr'ES8 CHANCE. HI" SINEWS CHANCE I have for sale one of the best department stores In r.orthrrn Indiana In one of the beet to na of about inhabitants, does t3i.0"0 business annua. ly. with an annual expense of here Is a lraln at fc.O00.

Also xoo.1 stock cf raer cham'le on one of the best streets In Indl anai ll. will Invoice sbout IvW. look this up EDGAR CLAYTON, 6U Woodlawn sve. HI' HI NESS CHANCE For Sale: Electrical and fixture business In city rs.oy). in northwest.

Annual business all local work. Will sell sll or half Interest lo man who can run the business. Thl proposi Hon will mske a per cnt. on the rejured. Address Box 2M.

News. Hl'SINESrf CHANCE CI rcu instances sbsolute i lv my leaving city', therefore will I im 11 chesp circulating library; only small tn vMtnifnt. d'Mng goo.1 bu.mewi; suitable for I lady or (rrntleman. Apply CIRCULATING LI HRARY. care Francis phai'nvacy.

140 N. Penn vanla BUSINESS Wanted: Mar. wlin 1 who has Ikad experience ln farming to take I chaise of an irrigated farm 'n Texas. This Is a flne opportunity for the right man. our hare will be sbout 12.000 for six months work, nUtt te In shape to goat onte.

Address Box i Mi Neas I BUSINESS CHANCE For Sale: Fire Insurance Agency Four union companies; price for qiilck sale. nab bun, 'eatabjiahed for many Address. Box SS57 News 7f, Ul Mtbs CHANCK A complete wood working plant, consisting of flftenn machines ai.d horse power engine and 40 horse power iHilier. will sell very resaonable. Adlress liox MTV Newa I 1 took of groceries and notions; will Invoice About 13.090.

doing A business dally, leaving the city Is nan for selling. Address P. O. Box 4. Oat vs.

ton. Ind. BUSINESS CHANCE First class, completely i equipped. 70 barrel flour mill for sale, at KntghtstowB. Ind; population.

good grain district. For Information and terms see J. NEWBT. Knightstowp. led.

BUSINESS CHANCE Interest In an old and auoceesfu! manufacturing concern ln Indiana polls. Do not reply unless you mean bu.tne.s. Address MANUFACTURER. P. Box IS, Irvlngton.

Indianapolis. Ind. Bl SI NESS CHANCE Wanted Partner with IS 000 to start building supply business: advertiser has exceptional connections to make oney without risk. Address Box 3810. News.

BUSINESS CHANCE Will sell hslf interest tn paying manufacturing more than I csn handle alone. Address Hoi 3793, Newa BL'SINEfcff CHANCE Drug store ln prosperous Indiana town of 3 000: all new fixtures and stock; will invoice Main. uncle. Ind BUSINESS CHANCE Why take chances on Are and burglar Safety depoatt boxes. 11 per annum.

MEYER K1SER BANK, the Arcade. BUSINESS CHANCE Party with 110.000 to can buy a controlling interest In es tsbllshed business earning JO per cent and good salary. Address Box 34. BI SI NESS "CHANCE Men with 500 capital lo run towel and apron supply service In Indiana cities For information address Box ISS4 New BUSINESS CHANCE Oood paying clothing ana foot ousinee. wuin it iii.i ui'iwis, n.

rlMn well tabllahed business. Address Box S7TJ. News. BUCK MlLLER Zli Law bldg BUSINESS CHANCE Candy and cigar store, on Washington fin fixtures and good business; tl.tH: caah or trade nl CK MILLtK BUSINESS CHANCE H00 takes a rooming bouse on I Via war st. first class I room.

BUSINESS CHANCE ood paying restaurant cheap, on account of sickness Call S3 W. St Clair. BUSINESS CHA NC Grocery and meat mar doing a cssh business, will H.V, SUA Vem a I ket; well located aril for cart. only. Address Box 3S4S.

New. BUSINESS CHANCE A nice little restaurant. doing good business: wUl bear Investigation. 104 Virginia are. BUSINESS CHANCE Five hundred business cards for sec; anion work.

VICTOR, printer. IS Market BUSINESS CHANCE For Sale: IJ per cent, mortgage Security worth 11.000 Box t. AUCTION SALES. i AUCTION SALE We will sell st auction, on Wednesday. September fS at T712 Cornell lot of good furniture, of six room: 1 good Starr piano, two oak bed rocra suites, three Iron beds, sprlngx and mat I Hn.n frui, (tniet Avmin 1 ter and Wiltons.

good a rew Urge leather tarne oietre msNwanv Da lor suite. I two An oak secretaries and bookcase com hined. oak dining table, six leather dining chair, one large ofiVw chair, lot of center lands, six good rockers, sanitary couch. Arabian baseburner. used four months: Art Girlaad" baseburner.

used one winter; kitchen cabinet, beocn wrmgrr am launory i outat. lot ot aee aianes ana suverwsr. cwa i leg tees! la aad many things not mentioned. "MILLS rNASeei Lombard bldg Main TOM; New 173, AUCTION SALE At auction on Thurwiay jlentember at I p. at 14 I'enn sylvan la st Elegant mantel foldina bed.

three I complete bedroom suites, springs and full cot i Jf I.LTlow. lac ttr. Itrr aad aaadea. yards of bruaarm carpet. yards good, lugraia carpet, couch, dining table and chair, seven good rockers.

Morris chair, like new: kitcbea cabinet safe and table, refrigerator, center stands, washing Machine and laundry outfit, larxe atxed heating stove, steel range, almost new; ail the dishes cookinx utensil and many other artl rire not mentioned. good are all nice and clean aad ta good shape. No good shown until ttroe of sale MILLS A WTN Auc tloweera. Lombard beuldina. Main 7C3I.

New rra K. AUCTION SALE We will eeS at aoetma furnj ture at Leak's storage house. tS Senate next Friday, a a. m. Deerrtponn later McFADOEX A MORRIS.

Aactioaeera. Stats Life Mala SH5. New Moi. AUCTION SALE Of furBiture aad booawhold goods at Shank's aacttoa and storage boose. CT SVSH New Jersey st.

en Thursday. September 3. at a. to. SHANK A LONG.

Auclkmeera POBT. COW EX. Manager. AUCTION SALE When you buy your new ato re. doa't grew away yeai old eterre for a soar.

I pay as high as rs far baseburn era. See me before seJling roar oid goods. GLAZER'S. Ot Fl Wasblnjrtoo. Mala 134 AUCTION SALE Wise people sell thesr SB HAktlt rn rv.

vwn aj ran tci oso sMxxa. WANTEXe Wui but swoved hand Mexwe I Brash; price must be low. HAYWOOD TXRJX AND QL'PMEXT CO S3 X. IHlaoia. i 1 I I I TDK (L4L FA SMS, VOSTAXA LAND BARGATX.

MONTANA LAND BABUAXK. det aerMk Tadewatoa cootr. Uoataaa. ata mil from Bro4Ttw; arv pa ww rJi voe4. i BiUa K3ba ud mim from aew JL EL P.

Br. um; ry oe mub plow tuMt rxsrpt 1st acres: a atoaa; rte aaU; na water ia akuBdaan at art Uara ail inol ft: beu rU this rar ta 17 bnbi: in araiaai ran ta kaabals; baak deposit ia broaTtew iacraaasd Paa last aara How ta jBax tor a poor croy yaar ta a Bra cocatrr? Stat ezperisieataj farm aa JotBiBc Statiiar lukd wilivr at ratail S3 a tS par aera. Prcaent awaera arattara aar urea states and cac't rTtos fl4 par acra. so anjr WtU aaaitT ai (3 oext year. CHAS a ELWOOD.

Trustea. 5 Palaoa JCinneapotia. Mina. FOR SALS GREAT SOUTH GEORGIA Traisrssa br tha ATLANTA. HitOilNGHAX ATLANTIC AILHOAO.

I sass ailaptsbto to tha ai list raaa af enwa AU taa aaooey traps of ssota pHettraUy arotfaeaoV For lltaratara Imtnf with eoeuac reoatrr. its aoU. clncata. cfearcb aa4 caaot aeaatacs. vrua W.

B. LXAHT. Oeneral hnapr Araot. aUaata. Oa, FOR SALE FREK TRIP TO PECOS.

TEXAS. HOMESEEKERJ EXCURSION. OCTOBER rita todr (or mr Texas laod propoatttoo. are tonttnr tha ri 1 "Eclieaa cattM raacn acres i. near Pecoa.

Reerea eoaaty. west Texas, into farms. The boom has started, land ar IUn fast at Ki4 to per acre. Before pruS this land will doable ta vaiaa. Write or eaJl for csreuiar.

maps, terms, ate. at enca. JASts a OKA FT. Jooastoa btCA da ctaoatt. FOR SALE Farm.

2W acres, la) acres fin Muscataiuck rier bof torn land, balance up had; one roam bouse, one room hoaas and tw I room hoaxes; four bams; four wells, tine orchard rood level stone pike to firm, Ave miles of Siedora; price per acre; this Is a rare barrain. and a ill stand the strictest in vestigation. L. PATT1jON REALTY Ul E. Market si.

FOR BALE Say. yon fellow that wants farm, better Invest Irate our farms; wa hare tha roods aad can dellrer them; the cheapest land in the state, considerlnr the quality: Tlslt na. tarestlrats our farms, oar neighborhood, our school systems, churches, market facilities, health, watrr. crops, ererythinf that roes ta make sn Ideal farm community. BUTLER VILLE REALTT ButlerrlUe.

Ind. FOR 6ALE 30 acres black loam in Pnlaakl county. Indiana; lays Jcvel. two sood seta buildings; 300 seres In cultivation; acres In naMnni with twiitf timKer wtf drained and ta bih state or cultivation: near Ih drica'u' rVo uak cuAtTtJN, 3J woodlawn are. sale Doa't forret these cheap eaatam I uinom rarms; no better land anra nsra: no better climate: plenty rain when you need It; good never failing springs: good crops of all kinds, this land win double In valus ln short time: excursions go to Moakogee twice each month Pend for circulars.

EDGAR CLATTuN. C2 Woodlawn ave. FOR SALE 81 acres in Morran county, three miles southwest of Morrantown: half good tillable soil, large apple and peach orchards: sold lot. of peaches and ancles this year; fair Improvements, on a rood road: erica $2,100. M.

ARBLCKLE. I mcse block. FOR SALE The cheapest J00 acre 1 farm in Indiana at the price. per acre; II. down.

three and five vears at per cent if interested write DATTON M'CON NAHA. Plttsboro, Ind. FOR SALE Cheaper priced lands with umt advamtages and profits aa obtained with higher priced rarms. Apply at THE J. E.

M. I AGENCY, over i N. Seventh st. Richmond. ind.

FOR PALE Timber Investments Urn and small tracts of One timber and timber lands. also sawmills: close to railroads; on easy terms. Particulars free. A. T.

SWIFT. Jericho. Ky. FOR SALE The cheapest TOC acre farm la Indiana at the price, ta) per acre; down, balance three and five years at i per cent. If Interested writs DATTON McCONNAHA.

IHtt.lvnrn Ind I FR 8A LB Twenty acres, near Stop 4. Shelby viue line: partly wooded; running water: beautiful bunralow site; low price for few days: no trade Baldwin. FOR SALE Florida landl will produce from IjOO to per acre: write for our propositions today before prices greatly Increase. JAMES A LIMLE CO Portland. Ind.

FOR SALE For bargains la farm property. well Improved, cloee to good market. In good fanning locality, write or call on C. F. BENSON, over Interurban station.

Columbus. Ind. FOR SALE Five acre, nine nillea from monument, i National road and car line. Inquire YSS Y. Ohio New phone lss; Ohio FUK TKAUI 1'AkMK.

FOR TIUDE ift acre, three rnrie. Nashville. Brown county; four room house, orchard, barn. 41 acre ln cultivation: nan of crop wheat sowed BAILEY A BAILEY. 2( N.

Delaware st. FOR TRADE A wo hundred scre farm, one mile from town on pike road; good Improvements, 160 acres In cultivation and tiled: to exchange for. a stock of goods Address M. POISEL. Medaryvllle.

Ind. FOR TRADB Ie acres, Iroquois county, linnets: t40 acres Terry county, Texas. Want merchsndlae. Address Lock Box Hoo pea ton. II 1.

FOR TRAIE Three room house, Falrvlew Settlement, for two lot near Haughville. 919 Pearl ft FOR TRADE li'OO equity In modern on Thirtieth st for lot and caah. Phone North FOR TRADE A good improved eighty acre farm for an automobile. Addreaa W. POISEL.

MedsryvlHs. Ind. FOR MALE OR TKAUI REAL ESTATE. FOR SAI OR TRADE Fine business block In good town In central Indiana; price tS.onii. will trade for good farm.

Also have 7'd aire fine Arkansas rice land; will trade for I'kvI fsrm of about SO acren goo.1 land In central or northern Indiana. EDGAR CLAYTON. 631 Woodlawn ave. FOR SALE OR TRADE Iots 7n Kurtx's Thirty fourth Street sddltlon Will consider propertie. In any good town W.

WEBB. 7o4 Iemrke bldg FOR SALE OR TRADE 1n acre choice Texas land. I'D cultivation: five seres peach or firH two houses, well fenced; take half trade. balance term CREICJHTON. 3tl Lemcke.

FOR SALE OR TRADE Forty acres ln Brown eountv. Will trade for lot In city. Address Box 371. New WANTED REAL ESTATE. WANTED If you have a high class lot.

Iocs Led north, a home or double house for sale, see me. Call personally or writ. NEWTON WRIOHT. 401 Law bldg. WANTED From owner, good building lot.

north of Fall creek. I between Meridian and College. Old phone North VV. WANTED To buy from owner. cottage or modem: tS1'" down, balance monthly.

Address Box S'4. New. A.vTEI To buy lln cheap lot east, near car ryinf ton. jfiy AXTEIJ FARMS. WANTED To lease, cash rent, a farm from sj acres up adjoining city with rood buildings, plenty of bam room If you have a nice place and wish It well cared for.

investigate. Ad dress Box lag. News WANTL Practical poultry man of experience desire parmer having tract of ground near city that can be used for breeding plant. Call or address Z' Kenwod ave. I'OK TKADI KfcAL ESTATE.

roR TRADE Sa0 equity ln good roora home Ray near car line, for lot east: prefer Tuxedo. THOMPSON. 01 Lw Vj. i FOR TRADE Cottage; Worthtngton. Ind.

rood auto, value fTaO. Address Box for 3T73. News. FOR SALS OR TRADE FARMS. FOR SALE OR TRADF acrex southeast of city, on Shelby villa road, for rily rentals or larger faxm.

Residence on north side for resJ imi ti crawfordsvllla. bldg. a FOR SALE REAL ESTATE. h.TfI,. price li.ioS.

BAILET A BA1LET. 3 N. Dela ware. TTZ rirrTFr i Irve rooea bungalow. HO cash.

per month: Brlghtwood car. wuth aTT corner Twentietn and Hovey. C. RTDEB, HTH Illl oia REAL ESTATE If you have a lot paid for. we wtll furnish the money aad baiid you a kjuse oa easy monthly payments MARION HOME BUILDING CO.

C4 Law bldg. REAL ESTATE Fine lot Tuxedo park, south nt New Tor: arte street: seas: every mag paid HEATON 15T E. Market. Room T. REAL ESTATE Nice, two story.

I room mod era house: Tacoma oae half square north Tenth at For price and terms ase 33 s. liimots at. REAL ESTATE Beautiful seven loom cottage. hath, furnace, gas. elertiklty.

front and rear rxtrrhee. barn: beautiful lot, Owmr, as College REAL ESTATE Modera double; walking dis taiice; SVJO casts, nasi are hu. ee X3 W. W'aahingtoB. FAX, ESTATE ESesrant aew.

modem, doable hardwood finish, fine location, north. 13 per cent North 71 REAL ESTATE New edgfct eoora baagalow oa very reasocabls terms, by ewaar. esat 3C Pepnertvanla et REAL E3TATTS Modem six rooxn. cottars; Tweaty eecoad at. PsxUcaiara.

address Beg sTSL yewa 1 REAL ESTATE Cheap; 1 lots oa Byram are. Phone 4S3. REAL ESTATE Acre tract a SUBURBAN HOMES CO. State Ufa kids. Hl SIS 4uS ZY.

two of TH ings X. GEO. TO ftALK RK.4.I. KSTATK. RAL ESTATK SPECIAL BARQAINS MODERN HOJIES ap NORTH Pvrcaasra a Modern HOME of rwran Pantrr.

Bath, Faraace, oa KCVWOOD ir Near S3nt Ooa square nuaots St. Car Uaa. TOUR BARGAIN. For a New Strictly Modern Hotaa of room. Pantry.

Bath. Faraare. Larre Frontaa. ftrar Two lia prwd Streata. NORTH.

JUST THE OOZT, HOME far TOC. For Oaa af Tfcosaj Naw Center Halt and tivtna roam trpa of HOMES. Hardwtiod Floora Quartared Oak Fla faih and a BEAlTinX NEW HOME, aartna Coat tha mcr non than U.Sd to Batid tha houaa. aar mxUlnf Uta Vaiae of tha Lot. lEaat Fraot.) llStN ETerant Strietiy Flm CUsa Modem HOME on PARK improved rrt of Street.

THOIOEST RESI rENCE LOCATION NORTH. Hirdsmd Finish and Ftoora, Juat what TOt want in a HOME. tt.M Eleaajit New ftrtctly Htrt Grade Mixlrn HOME on WASHINGTON BOVLEVARIX New and New been orrupted. Sura to pteasa TOtr ana aafc tha prlTi)ea of showtns tkmuitMa atntent HOME. Elegant New Modern HOME af rooms.

Batn. tAanorr. inw. Pan try. East front on NORTH DELAWARE STREET.

Owner City cause for selling. SEE US FOR BARGAINS ta HOMES. OUR TODAT 8 SPECIAL: ovv nr nip atriirp KF VTTTFT L. ELE GANT AND COMPLETE MODERN LARGE HOMES on NORTH MERIDIAN hcreet. of those Large Lota.

If you a ant somethlnr Strictly Flrst Claaa la the CHOICE RESIPENCB DISTRICT Will be sure to SUIT TOC No. E. Market St. Phones TIT. REAL ESTATE 112 5 ACRES Fine Rich Land WEST OF RIVERSIDE PARK.

NEAR SCHOOL. CHURCH. ETC Excellent Conditions for Raising Chickens, Vegetables and Fruits IT BEING OOOTJ SOIL AND NEAR C1TT MARKETS. PRICE SB PER ACRE, ONE THIRD CASH, BALANCE EAST. Can be sold ia parts if desired.

Marion Trust Co. MARKET AND CIRCLE. REAL ESTATE Barrain north, on improved street, east front, front porch, reception ball. parlor, anting room, music room, dining room. kitchen, back haU.

laundry, and bark porch on first floor, fcur large bedroom with large ciosets. sewing room, den, two bathrooms. linen closets on second floor, larse finished attic and room on third floor, good stable, city, well and rain water, hardwood floors, excellent heating facilities, lot i0xlS; thla 1 roperty cost If sold within thirty day will take; thla Is a rare opportunity; If you mean bimtnees rati at office. 1. A HAVE LICK.

1 i Talbott bU. REAL ESTATE LOT SPECIAL Fine lot on Central south of Fortieth COW. 100x300 lot on Pennsylvania near Forty second, on car $4,560. EDWARDS EDWARDS. 118 Market t.

REAL ESTATE If you're looking tor a good rental, investment in good buy this one: fix roam house on Linden south rat part of city: cellar, large lot. some fruit price. II. SO; will take tfm cash, balance Ilk rent. Also eight room house on W.

Twenty fifth close to Northwestern car line; good high lot. good barn; price for quick sale 13,00. Look thus up quick. EDOAR CLAYTON, (U Woodlawn ave. REAL ESTATE New seven room, all ahlngle house: furnace, bath, electric lights, ge.

hardwood finish, hardwood floors all over house: cistern water. Thla house Is almost completed and can be got ready for occupancy within two week; price. tS.SJo; l0 caah balance 30 per month. THE SOUTHERN LUMBER COMPANY. IIS snd SIS K.

of P. bldg. Main or New 107. REAL ETATE tl.000 down, balance like rent, will get a fine, new. never been occuDled home on N.

Pennsylvania st. It ta a California bungalow with many new Ideas. Three bedrooms and outdoor sleeping room. Living room lix24. Old fashioned fireplace, beamed ceilings, full lot.

on car line. Special Inducements thla week. Look THE KINNEAR HI ATT SOI Mate l.lfe Maln HO. REAL ESTATE A very" modern brand new elBht room house, on north ld. near Thirty fourth snd New Jersey.

Fverythln; atrlctly up to date. A beautiful home for soul, one on terms any one can meet. KSO down and balance on monthly pay men ta This will be nspped up quick. Act. THE KJNNEAR HI ATT CO Ml Stats Ufa Main 140.

REAL ESTATE Seven room, east front house In a district of beautiful homes, new never lived ln; every modern convenience. Including hardwood floors up and downstairs; price I.F'O; terms, toOO cash and P0 per month; N. Rural st. THE SOUTHERN LUMBER COMPANY HIS and i K. of P.

bldg. Main or New phone 107. REAL ESTATE RUBBER ROOFING tl .3 PER ROLL. 8. a RHODES A PON.

Both phones tKO. MP W. Washington. REAL ESTATE Acreage tracts north. Three pieces of ground one half mile north of Whit river, on Pennsylvania.

Washington boulevard and Central ave. at 1330 per acre, on reasonable terms Will most certainly be worth 11.000 per acre within two or three years Investigate HARRY L. ROBBINS. Law bldg Phones Main i77. New JJiiO REAL ESTATE Rural new ea' front brown bunicalow.

with three upotelr. sleeping rooms, every modern convenience; everything new and clean i never lived In), hardwood floor up and downstairs: price $.1.3 cssh. and 3 per month. THE SOUTHERN MBER COMPANY. HIS and Hit K.

of bldg. Main or New J7 REAL ESTATE A brand new modern home on N. Pennsylvania, north of Thirty fourth. Mere is something fine. Nicely decorated, hardwood floor throughout Fine basement with furnace, laundry snd coal rooms.

Will sell for ll.Onv down and balance Ilk rent. THE KIN NEAR HI ATT 501 State Life. Main le REAL ESTATE New, modern eight room home on New Jersey, near Thirty fourth. Something very choice, both In arehltecturs and location $6otj down and balance on monthly aymenta. Just think of It THE K1NNEAR ATT Ml State Life Main 14iiS REAL ESTATE Double house.

lx room side; furnace, bath, electric lights, gas ranges, gas grates, cistern, hardwood finish; walking distance; E. Vermont ltt and 1404; price U.U: rents Ml per month. SH1MER BKOrl and Hit of bldg Main or New 107. REAL ESTATE Three very choice lota on Twenty eighth between Illinois and Me ridian opposite beautiful private park. Very reasonable.

DR. W. N. SHARP, a Newton Claypool bldg. REAL ESTATE Business property.

IHM. near Illinois and Nineteenth; pay a flM monthryj one tenant, long lease; aa I per cent. Investment and growing la value. Ad dress Box 3877, News. REAL HPT A Om acre, between Fiftieth and Fifty first lust east of ear line.

li4.4x.T8 4 Can be split Into three II foot frontage lots: cheap DR. W. N. SHARP, Newton Clay pool bldg REAL EifTATE Two bouses, on payments i three tenements) on lot. 8.

West ea stockyards car line; brick pavement all paid; small amount cash and easy payments. MUZ T33 Lemcke bldg. HEAL ESTATE 8ix roin. semi bungalow. an asphalt street, strictly ovodera tn every detail: gas.

water, datern. decorated ready te occupy; price U.4U0. uot Parker ave. pbuoe Woodruff l'AS. REAL ESTATE Five room cottage, pantry aad vestibule, nne grape arpor and ormeat waika.

well and cistern. H.ioO. jSCt McPhersoa avenue. REAL ESTATE Flee roorne and bath: eleetrte llrhts. gas.

eel tar. furnace, if Sewlred; small cash payment. KS moeuhly. MITCHELL, ZL2 Indiana Trust MH(. REAL ESTATE Lot, S(J75; tempersry house good well and outbuildings; fruit trees, out years; good fence: on Cornell north Forty elgbta.

ail jsroao Hippie 2. REAL ESTATE My reeidenee oa N. Merldiaa have garae and all modern cxasvewtearee; price; easy term. Aooreas Box ant. Newa REAL ESTATE Cheapest lot north, ea Cen tral souta Tairty eigntB; aJl Improwe mcnts mane: snzuc; price z.m.

Bw E. Sixteenth. REAL FSTATE W) acres near reasocteble terms. 115 per acre; rood build CRAW ruKU. tz.

Washington REAL ESTAiBv eoteavaia piece of property; oea reasonaoew nrejusnn. tau at e3 N. Alabama evenings. 11 a. m.

REAL ESTATE Modem homes; easy payments: write for terms. RYDER. lainota. REAL ESTATE Free hundred for lac; union work. VICTOR, (Market Brtner.

Us REAL ESTATE Sown. per moeta buys tU3 E. Mlnaeaeta aC MITCH FT. 221 la diana Trust Bldg. REAL ESTATE A safe deposit bos for Use tbea oae cent a day at METER KISEJI BANK.

REAL ESTATE SeWt; bouse, barn snd lot ta village: good locatioa for' doctor. LAURA LESH. 1 uncle. Ind. REAL ESTATE Vacant lots aad improved property for.

sale ta say part of the city. WOLF, second floor Lemcke bids. REAL ESTATE See HENRY STUMPF far turn csn. Zla 8. Psaneyrvaasa.

to It a so are bold out you FIN Can bege UJk yoe their confe 1 1 im re jrvra TNANCIAL Wl ARB TKB ORIOCtAL LOANING $10 UPWARD TO THOSE WHO ARB CNTRXTARXDr! CAm rtr. mc.rvrr. an AB0O lctb bene fit to ant ma v. especially TRS WORKING MAM. WHO HU NO FX UIUTT TO TAKB TO A BANK AJl Ins MONEY XB uw vrer on TO HIS AND HUMILIATB HIMSELP TF.2L RSiTULOR TKUiNO HI PR IV ATM AFFAIRS.



DO NT BE DECEIVED YOUR OWN NOTE Serored by aereoaal piopeitp. ewe as PtTaV NITURC. PIANO. HORSCa. WAOONA attav, la ail the eaaurUy we ask far a teas ef aas aaaeuas frora is gut.

TI EXTEN ED ease ef eicfceese ar ether asJsfrsif as AppOea phone ar asaO eta pt atteattoa. Central Loan Association 203 State Life Building. It EAST WASHINGTON SECOND FLOOR FRONT ROOM. PHONES: MAIN II H. NEW 4T1A I FINANCIAL Binsjuiess Men ALWAYS USE BUSINESS METHODS DO YOU? A Suggestion Wbea a business aoea lets eat a aoatraeV aay for the building ef a bouse the eontraetee hose bid repreeeais the LOWEST PRICE gets the Job.

We euggest that vow fellow the boat' aeaa man'a example If yoe are going te borrow moner end look around for the LOWEST PRICE. See the others, but don't overlook aa aa we KNOW that we eaa SAY TOO MONET. WE WILL LOAN 175 FOR THREE MONTHS FOR 13. Sa. FOR THREE MONTHS FOR Si ML Otber amounts st the same preportloav WE WISH TO STATE EMPHATICALLY that this that you get the PULL amount la CASH and lhat NOT ANOTHER CENT IS EITHER DEDUCTED IN ADVANCE OR ADDED TO THE STATED COST OF THE LOAN We caa give you one year tn which te repay the loan ia weekly, monthly or quarterly Installments Ws loan from to lro on fur niturs.


PHONE OR CALL State Loan Co. V306 Odd Fellow Bldg. Cor. Pen n. and Wash.

Sts. Both Phones 4619 "Ira mmm TO GET OUT OF DEBT Moat men get Into debt, not because their earnings are Insufficient for their expenses, but because tnelr expenses are bunched heavily a certain seasons. Reallxirur that the wise thini do is to borrow sufficient money to tide over these hard places many have made matter irse ty borrowing from loaa sharks at such extortionate rales that their expenses became more than their earning capacity, and naturally iney sept geiiing oerper and deeper 'Into debt. Is to relieve and to protect such aa these mat we inaugurated the plan of loaning WW IT year. At thla low rate the cost of a loan slight that It Is nut a burden even te the man pf small Income, and the loan Is easily repaid during the months when the sgpensvs 11 uii per cent, a year on fig ia only a month.

per cent, a year oa la only 13 a month. per cent a year on IUW Is pair a month To borrow money at per cent It Is usually i imi wv iei hiu. security or government bonds as collateral, but to deserving persona we loan money at thla rate oa House Goods, pianos. Horsea. Waaona.

ate. with removal, and your friend need never kn have borrowed the money, because WE LO JlTl AbtUlUI JSlfl iuaoe. AETNA LOAN CO. X. Peansylvasia upstairs.


AN CIA Moeey left In our ewe. i oa city or farm property ta sums ef iioste note aad apward St lowest rates at mraisa nosry wiuwet aetay, with pvivt or prepaysnciK. 11 oeaireo, loaa sney be repau in sway bwiht uaunneau aad Interest reduced aceordlngjy. GERMAN lIVLBi rrwiyiTWa St. FIXANCIAL Why Pay sad toe VA DEPOair BOX waee caa gel Jus aa good for (I par year at the MEYKR aUSsUt BANK, It.

Waaalagtae sereecT FINANCIAL Moaey for ealsrWd people. ea keeping bowse and others ad rs need apoa owa aaovrs; cheap. rates; easiest terms: VeotlaL wr oueinase invtlea. IX tl. TOLMAX.

Tl Indiana Pytfeiaa bldg come Penney Ivan ia sad Massachusetts sve, east of DoetofTVre. FLMAXCIAL FIRST AJi nw ou arUHTUAUJS LOANS VACANT OR IMPROVED REAL ESTATE. MARION SKCCRJTirS phones 1155.. Mela PCS. Law blda FINANCIAL Large amount of private fuads; lowest raise, r.

st iumu and FLOREA A lEinEsyntKER, Law FINANCIAL Wanted: To borrow, en Aral security oa farm; win pay i per cent, out as Address los ri. mm co. ST. 8 to on of "a a I sv'e POR vt.a mcrt Fl. rtL 41S per FTNANCIAC FINANCIAL UUj 11 est ef their clutches.

nn't 5W aViaH 4 EXORBITANT RATES any longer, vialt the mm mwm here yes can borrow for three months at. a total coat of en! IkM. and ether aaxoosts for longer Uma at aaaae proportion. No delay. No Publicity.

Money the same day you apply, and you get the FULL AMOUNT the loatn. We lean en Household' cima Teams aad Wagons, eta. leave tha property la your possession aad you pay aa as you get paid a little each wees 'or months Just as yoa caa spare It "SAVE THE DIFFERENCE" AT The New Independent Loan "Company SOJ East Washington Street Over United agar Stores Corasaay. Bell phone Mala TMS. Mew sheas t9A flnancxal THE LID IS NOT ON OUR MONEY mmmmim 4 Plenty sf It te loaa la say amount from te 'OQ ea house hold goods, horses aad wagosa.

plaooe aad ether chattel security of value. We Can Help You If yoe wtll let us know the amount yoe want. The transaction wui be completed the same say. Alt business atrlctly eonfldsatisL Loans made la all parts et the city; alee at ShelbyviUe, St. Paul.

Ceenatmrg. Orwea nld. Knlghtatowa, eptceland, Columbus. Franklin. Martlnsvllla.

DanviUa. Oresocastia. PlainSeld. Lebaaoa. Nobleavllle aad all town reached by taterurbaa roads.

Mall or phoae application receive our prompt attention. Remember Our Rebate Plan If yoe seed money, flltf out taa following blank, cut It out aad mail 11 te tm aad ear agent will call oa you. Mama, Wife's Kama, eaea Strwetrt aa4 Nomowf. iMiMHHMHautatti, eitt.MI City. Amount WaatsdV eeease ee eeeeea te eS)eea Call ea er addreaa INDIANA MORTGAGE LOAN CO.

Established UST. ROOM 4, LOMBARD 24 1 2 E. WASHINGTON ST. Both phones CSS. FINANCIAL IF YOU NEED MONET Ws will loan you any amount rmm 111 to t30, ea your furniture, pianos, llv stock, etc no publicity; lew rates; easy terms.

Call, write or phone us. Loans made la sll towns reached by lntsrur baa. CAST MARKET ST. LOAM CO. LAW BLDO.

134 E. MARKET ST. NEW 413. PHONES MAIN tat FINANCIAL Oa dUunoada, watehee aaiarf tea, furalture aad etkse property. Reapeot able terms.

Strictest nrlvaoy. Eatahiishsd ltta Over iadlaaa Dry Goods Ca lEatraaca 113 K. Washlagtoa.) WILaoX. FINANCIAL To replace a 12.SUS loan oa reaidence. per and pay It semi annually; flv.

year term; Be commission. Ad drsss bos Newa FINANCIAL Money for aaiartasl eeupie; aew eat rates, longest time, eeaieet terms. Bust Bess strictly eonfldeaUai, AkTNA LOAM OU. IS K. Penasylvaala.

FINANCIAL Have money te loan in any amount te established manufacturers ao4. Jobber a Address Bos 1 Newa FINANCIAL To loan II0S, too. lew. and up. Iiw rate.

Privilege ef preparing. W. 8. HICKMAN. P.

O. Bos FINANCIAL First mortgage loans; lowest rales. JAMES LOW La, 11 and Wbsa building. FINANCIAL Sis per sent, moaey ea real ee tala. GEO.

WOLF, aseoad floor Lemcks bldg. FINANCIAL aafety Sepoeit saxes. pa year MRTtCR KISRn BANK, the A res da FINANCIAL Ready fends te loaa. HAS I MA A CAHAt.AXIB. Peiawaee.

i.f.oal notices and propostls. notice city advertisement, department of pcbuc parks. office op thb board. INDIANAPOLIS. September J.

liA TO' WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Notice Is hereby given by the hoard of park commissioners of the city of Indlanapoila I that it is desired snd deemed Bcssary' make the following described publlo imeTTl. prevements In the cltv of ladlanspolts. ss authorised by the following numbered improvement resolution, adopted by said hoard the 12th day ef August. 11: Improvement Resolution Ne. 11 rer the Improvement of the highway known as Thirty eighth street and as extension there westward rrons tne ww mew.

un v. toi avenue to a point 1.2S4 feet west ef the center line of Northwesters avenue, by grsd tng aad graveling the roadway, laying cement combined urb and gutter, grading lawns snd resetting old and, placing new Inlets sad catch basin lids and extending dAI "work done In the Viaking' of aald de rrtbed publle Improvement ah AO be la ar cerdanee with the term and conditions of k. imwrnimut resolutlos aa adopted by the board of park corn mi.lmir the above named day, aad the dialled drswmga Plana profiles sadL specifications i.k ne. nla lid may be seen In tbe office ef said board of par commissioners ths city ef Ind' asiaM s. m.

at its office In id city as lb time rnd pUce for the public consideration ol the "oposed improvsment. at which time Id board of park, commissioners I hear a.l persons IsterVsted. er whose property la 11a le to be aseeaseel for saio whetnsr tn oeneina wVeperty liable to be assessed for soeh Ini lm at and the benefits the c.ty of ad laa. polls wtll equal tae thereof. Mmnll By order er in.

don era irMM rJ i i JOHN APPEL. CHARLES R. COFFTX FERDINAND MAYER. Hoard of Park Commissioners fNYDER, aecr ry "roK AiTtiM.mii.iji. baLE Bave www muI'Iiiiiii al TbsrV." prlcea AXWELL DRISCt INDIANAPOUS Lllnels snd Vermont atreeta SALE Aeowrn 7 equlppee; gw News jiiLE Mf five passenger towno best 4 mi sen.

or HALE One new IIki runW: lH mod awl at once. INDIANAPOLIS AUTO Maryland. SALr' Autooiooiie la fLrst claae condiiKm. 4,7 luMor. ToftAir: LNION TK.lNftH A it Slut AGE OX Ernest H.

Trtpo. preeident. On.v lxwa goods takea Packing E. Ohio and nion trscks. rricno gTORAGK FISH BACK WARKHOIS ID A17 S.

Pnnyl snia. Phon" 1. A A in in ews wi.i cent, of tne newspaper readers of Indt anspolia.

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