The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1953
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BT.YTTTRVTLT.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUBIEB NEWS CO. H. W. HAINE8, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. PREDRICKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives; Wallace Wltraer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the po«t- office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9. 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of Blytheville or any suburban town where carrier service is maintained, 25c per week. By mail, within a radius of 50 miles, $5.00 per year, $2.50 for six months, $1.25 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $12.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations We accept it always, and In all places, most noble Felix, with all thankfulness. Acts. 24:3. » * * May silent thanks at least to God be given with a full heart; Our thoughts are heard In heaven. —Wordsworth. tails. They did their last talking — or was it screaming? — in the brief, awful flash as the car hurtled toward the tree. Maybe the nurse has told Gerbc-r by now what happened. But for a long time his own condition was too dangerous to risk it. That's why he kept wondering why those darn fools wouldn't at least visit him. To save his life, it was necessary that Gerber be spared the shock of what happened. Knowing what Gcrbcr w a s spared, however — knowing more of the tragic details of the traffic accidents which kill 38,000 people and maim better than a million more each year — may help the rest of us, as auto drivers, to escape what he and his friends couldn't. Views of Others Barbs Easy lies the head of the family when he comes home late. » * * The average man likes flinirfne gowns, says » stylist. If He's married, he prefers those that cling for years. t * * According to doctors, babies are liable to catch anything. Except what they ought to catch when they cry all night. * * # Your neighbor gels a line on your clothei from the clothes on your line. * * # Friendly tip: there Is no scarcity In govern' ment bonds, and the price remains the same. All Should Remember This Tragic Story Dennis Gerber, who had just graduated from the University of Wisconsin, lay in a hospital bed at Waukegan, 111., this summer slowly mending from a concussion of the brain. . One thing, particularly, worried Gerber. He didn't remember exactly what had happened to him. And he complained now and then to his nurse, "If one of those darn fools would only drop up here and fill me in on the details." But those "darn fools" Weren't going to drop up. None of the five who were there when it happened had anything to say to Gerber. They weren't talking. Tin's whole curious circumstance had its beginning one afternoon when Gerber sat in a neighborhood tavern drinking beer and watching a baseball game on television. His parents were giving him a party that night to celebrate his graduation. He was going to be a teacher and already had some job offers. At 6:20 p.m. his girl friend, a 23- year-old graduate nurse from nearby Madison, Wis., arrived on the train to attend the party. She brought another girl with her. Gerber met them at the station. Then the three went across the street to George Mahonev's place and had a couple of drinks. Then they went out to Gerber's house, for it was about time for the party to begin. At the house, another young courile was present, and a single young man attached himself to the group. The young man's name was Grevenow and he was 23. That made three covmles. They ate and drank well. Mild, good- humored hilarity, hut "nobodv apnear- ed to be getting out of hand." as Oerb- er said several days later, in the hospital. Later the six went on a gay tour of somt taverns. Gerber's girl was wearing his fraternity pin and they were in love. Their hanpinesa bubbled over and affected the others. Everybody was very young, and very happy and very gav and life was a thing they would be able to fashion easily to suit themselves. More drinks. Now it was 6:08 the next morning, the sun was up. Maybe the six young people were singing as they headed home. They were all in the new Pontiac and Grevenow was driving around a curve. What happened then nobody knows The car must have been going fast, because when it hit the tree it was cut completely in two, None of the five will be going to the hospital to fill Gerber in O n the d«- Jury Service A Civic Duty One of the most valued rights of an American citizen is that of trial by jury. Not only is the system of courts with juries a guarantee of his personal safety, Ijut the courts and juries protect the citizen's property rights. The fact that the courts are not perfect and that justice sometimes miscarries i.s no indictment of the system. It i.s the best that has been devised by man. Often the jury system nnti juries are lambasted unmercifully, generally more .severely than is justifiable, and certainly more severely than they would be If the individual criticizing knew all of the facts about the particular jury and the particular case. Very appropriately the Texas State Bar Association has pointed out that jury service is one of the highest attributes of our American citizenship. By it the citizen participates in the administration ot Justice between men, and between government and the individual. There's a lawsuit coming up. Two litigants are unknown to you, and in a sense you do not care who wins. But as a citizen you do care. It Is very Impotrsint to you and all the people that there is a way by which disputes can be settled peaceably and justly. Some day .you may become Involved in a dispute and you would want it settled peaceably and justly. How much more it Is important when one is accused of crime. Punishment of crime and discouragement of crime are Important to every citizen In order that he may he safe in person, property and rights. It is equally important, to all that no Innocent person be sent to prison. If it could happen to another it could happen to you. — Plainview (Tex.) Evening Herald. 'May I Have Your Autograph?' Erskine Johnson. IN HOLLYWOOD Closeups and Longshots: New item: "Robert Mitchum finally agrees to co-star with Marilyn Conroe In "River of No Return" with one stipulation—his wife, Dorothy will accompany them on a location • Smart girl, Dorothy. Most any wife would "Husband of No Return' sense plot. The Movie Producers' Association reports there are 99,617 movie theaters In the world, with 54,107,150 seats. If all the popcorn consumed weekly In the 98,617 theaters was munched in unison, with the energy harnessed, there would be no need for atomic energy. And if you could salvage all the gum under the 54,107.150 seats, you could be a millionaire. 'efer ft/son's Washington Column — r. Consistency Is a Rare Jewel When, Speaking of Politicians No Socks One of Klngsport's industries, the Smoky Mountain Hosiery Mill, will soon close, a victim — not of any recession — but rather of feminine fads. For the fact Is the girls Just aren't wearing stockings in the quantities they used to. In the summer especially, the fashion Is bare legs (and that ain't all!). Fifty years ago, when the 20th Century was young, a proper, lady covered iier proper "limbs" with long, and by modern standards, coarse hose. Then came shorter skirts and emancipated legs. Silk replaced cotton and wool nnd the sheerer the stockings the better. Soon, after skirts went as high as the law would allow and legs became more in the public eye than ever before, nylon replaced silk. But all this time, nudity was tile ultimate Ideal. The flash-colored stockings were the most fashionable, Of course, Ihe logical outcome of (he trend toward naked shanks was no stockings at. all. And that is about the present stage of development. — Kingsport (Telm.) News. This Way, Please Perhaps the best suggestion for government loans to small business is that the government should not make them, but guarantee them, as it now does loans to veterans. That was the recommendation of the Hoover Commission Small business would get help, banks would get the business, and politicians and influence peddlers would be frozen out. — Corvallis (Ore.; Gazetle-Tiales. WASHING ION — (NEA) — Shakespeare or somebody once said that consistency was a jewel. He might have added that it's rarer than most Jewels when you find it among politicians. Anyway, the furor resulting in the resignation of Dr. J.B. | staff mation Center. In their opinion, , wrote a book, "Football—The Vul- Senator McCarthy has been doing I garization of the American Cola whale of a job of censoring man> whole books right off thier shelves for the past several months. In further defending Dr. Matthews, Senator McCarthy emphasized that the article on the churches was written before the author had any intention of becoming a member of the committee Matthew: chief of staff for Senator Joe McCarthy's investi- Felcr Wilson gating committee and the later "He was a free-lance writer," Senator McCarthy is quoted as saying, "projecting his own views and conclusions. What he wrote in the article did not represent the think- sijrnation of the three Democratic members, has given Washington some prime examples of political ncolisistency The bone oi contention in this case was, of course, Dr. Matthews' icle "Conimuni.-iin and Our Churches." Tt was written before Dr. Matthew. 1 ? was nnnointed to the Senate committee staff by Senator .•IcCarthy. 'flip line liiat stirred up ill the fuss was the statement that 'at least 7000" Protestant clergy- nen in the United States "are ser•Ing ihe Kremlin conspiracy." In defending the Matthews ap- loinlment, Chairman McCarthy :amo up with a prime inconsistency quotation of his own. "I do not." said Senator Joe, 'set myself up as a censor." This should be m j vs tn the necnle vho run the overseas libraries for le State Depailmt ill's U.S..Infor- r p-1 Ing of the committee. It has nothing to do, with the committee." Let the one sink in for a minute. Then recall the cases of Reed Harris and Theodore Kaghan, two former employes of the State Department's information staff, who were drummed out of government service after hearings before the McCarthy committee. Kaghan, deputy chief of information in Germany, admitted before the McCarthy committee that in the 1930's he had written plays which were probably "acceptable to the Communists" though they was nearly 10 years before any in- did not follow the party line. This tention of becoming a government employe. They did not represent the views of the government and they had nothing to do with the government. The case of Reed Harris is sim- lege." In it, Harris defended the right of the Communists to teach. "I wrote it in three weeks and I have regretted it ever since," said Harris before the McCarthy coli- mittee in recounting his youthful views. He said he does not now believe in the right of Communists to teach. This Harris book was written three years before he became a government employe for the first time. It did not represent govern- rnent policy and it had nothing to do with goveinment. For the sake of consistency, then, the question Is on what difference there are between the free-lance writings of Dr Matthews and the :ree-lance writings of Harris and Saghan. All were merely expres- There's a sour note in the marital relations of Guy Mitchell and Jackie Laghtry, who was Miss U.S.A. in last year's Miss Universe contest. . . . Cameron Mitchell, who made o hole-in-one with a putter on a ico-yard hole, just sent the club to President Eisenhower "for luck.". . since 20th Century- Fox studio discovered oil on its back lot and is currently drilling, 3-D, says Harry CImring, has a new meaning—Drilling Down Deep. Burlesque of Burlesque Her studio bosses may cringe, but Mitizi Gaynor's making no secret of her supressed desire — she'd like to be a burlesque stripper. "Not the serious type," she giggled at Romanoff's, while peeling a grape, "but a gal who peels for laughs." Mitzi's satire of a burlesqueen personal views of the varied ilar. In 1931, at ling their ,ime. Dr. Matthews had led and active life. Now 59, he was educated in theology and served as Methodist missionary In Java. In 1032 Dr. Matthews was a Socialist and a self-confessed Marxist, convicned of the necessity of a unied fron for all lef-wing movemens in the U.S. As late as 1935 he was still considered a left- winger, but shortly thereafter he changed his views again to become an anit-Comrnunist and chief of the investigative staff of the original Dies committee. He recantea his earlier views It's Lupino Vs. Lupino In 'Bigamist' By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Ml—The ladv checked the scene and ordered the cameramen to "roll 'em!" She stepped before the camera, acted out a tense scene, then announced "Cut! Print it!" This was the signal that Ida Lupino the director had approved a scene performed by Ida Lupino the actress. In this confusing situation, only Ida's calm, sure hand keeps the whole thing from ending in chaos. The fact is that Ida is directing herself In "The Bigamist." She's also directing her ex-husband's wife, Joan Fontaine, but that's another story altogether. Between takes, she becomes Ida the director, so I sat down for a talk with that side of her person- I in n tassel dance for the itagi show "Jolyana," she admits, gav ! her the idea "I only took off ' shirt and a veil but I made look like everything". There Wei !>•!•!.!> nvnotps "f aoplause at most every show. It Was the bij ^^t tr.riit of my life." But there will be no stripping even for laughs, for zippy Mit2 when she hits the night-club cii cuit soon in a song-and-danoe ac She's headed for Las Vegas an points east now that Fox has po: poned "There's No Business Ltk Show Business" until Jan. 1, be cause of no business. The postponement cosfMitzl big-paying film job overseas an she's admitting, "Maybe I shoul, have had my head examined in re signing with Fox for another yeai "But I wanted to be in the pic :ure and I was flattered that th studio was firing everyone excep age 21, Harris < just as Kaghan and Harris did. the Doctor Says— Bj EDWIN P. JORDAN. M.D Written for ffEA Service In n recent letter Mrs. J. D. i.vs: "Can children contract •onus from pets? Our cat has onus, for which \ve urn cloctor- him, but the children played him beiure we !:now about it. fore dogs should be kept off bath- Ing beaches where people go barefooted. Animals should not be allowed to bite or scratch. People should is there any chance that they may | Z^'^^ anM wash their hands after handling pets and before eating-. Kissing animals is unwise. These precautions cquire worms These are indeed interesting questinns. First it must be said that aithour.vh ciits as well UK many SO THEY SAY properly finessed the jack of hearts. South had to lose a spad a trump, and two clubs, thus losin his contract. Of course you have seen by no how Joe should have played th hand to make the contract. If no work it out for yourself befor you read on. South should plan to ruff h third spade in the dummy, bu should guard against exactly th sort of play that defeated him That's all right, judge, I've sold my car nny- way. — Chicago woman to judge who revoked her driver's license as punishment for drunken driving. * * * Too nmny people today are alien to the simple country living. - John Gould, editor and author. * * * A sign on one of the many modern housing developments near my home reads "Hunch-type Cape Cods." — Carl Gunner, author and lecturer. » • » The United states has traditionally sought to alleviate suffering, starvation and disease wherever 11 might DP found. — President Eisenhower, in note to Russia offering food to East Germany. * * * That's bumble bee cotton. It grows so short that a bumble bee can sti on hte ground and suck nectar from the top bole. — Al M. Muldrow, Texas farmer, commenting on his drought-shrivelled cotton crop. * * * It's regrettable that the new administration, which talked so much about a bold policy of liberation during lost (all's campaign should be » relatively passive now. — Sen. Paul H. Douglas, (D., 111.) betel "Free Poland" rally In Chicago. kinds of 1'ingv.v.rms ran be contracted from cms. and occasionally cats harbor intrstuni worms which are able to attack human beings. It is pi'.-sihl,-. n,cn. though not probable, that Mrs. D's children could become infected with worms, particularly if they Were in the habit of kssng or nilzzlng their pet. Another disease which cats can occasionally transmit to human beings is known as cat scratch disease, or cat scratch fever. Rabies or hydrophobia has been found occasionally in cats, and a cat stricken with this disease is a serious nienanoe to luinian beings. Tuberculosis is not common among cats, and there appear to have been few cases of human tuberculosis, cou- tracled In this manner. In mentioning • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Does Nor Mind Good Play Loss By OSWALD .TACOfiY Written .for NEA Service "I take off my hat to a play like that, ' said Hard Luck Joe. "I don't enjoy being set, but I don't mind losing to a really fine play." This magnanimous remark may have soothed Joe's feelings, but his partner was far from satisfied disease which can be I The defenders deserved credit to transmitted by cats, 1 ; (o not mean ! be sure, mil Joe should have to imply thai these animals are danger around the house since hundreds of thousands of people have eats and pets and never acquire any disease from them. Same tirnhlrm ,vith DORS The same kind of problem exists with regard tn (!"••-. iv-.v , bor a gveat ivu.ny animal parasites, made although only a lew ot i.icm cause human infection. Occasionally a dog tapeworm can be acquired from d<n;.s swallowing an ruffed with the ten of hearts 'an" infected flea A skin ,-ond'H,,,, ,-,.- 'declarer was forced to ovcruu'will his contract. West opened the jack of spades and Hard Luck Joe, playing the South hand, won immediately with the ace. He returned a spade planning to ruff a third spade in the dummy. East won the second round of spades with the queen and saved led creeptns erupt ion small worm cioscly n- vorm Infects many doi;s. It [lasses directly through the skin and there- declarer the trouble of leading tl suit a third time by returning the king of spades himself. West id with caused by a the dummy's king of hearts trump trick even had n natural though South 22 WEST *.'< V 102 »-8 G S 3 2 + K 9 8 -1 NORTH A93 VK94 « K 109 *J10763 EAST (D) AKQ7652 V Q87 » 7 4 * A Q SOUTH A A 108 V A J 6 5 3 « AQJ East North-South vul. South West Nortb Pass p iiss Pass Double 2 <f -1 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* J 2 A 3 y p ass Since he must rely on the trump finesse in any case, South should plan to draw two rounds of trumps before trying to ruff the third spade. In order to time these plays properly, South must refuse the first spade trick. He wins the second spade with the ace, takes the king of hearts, and then finesses the jack of hearts. Only now it is safe to lead the third spade and ruff with dummy's last trump. South can -eturn to his hand with diamond to draw East's last trump and can claim ten tricks. Oecp Chasm One of the deepest chasms In Ihe earth Is off Ihe coast of Puerto Rico. Brownson's Deep, In the At- antic Ocean. Is said to be 37,000 cct deep. "How do you like directing Miss Lupino?" "I. hate it." "What's the matter—she hard to get along with?" "No, no, dear, it's not that. I just can't do my best when I'm directing myself. When I'm doing a scene I can feel myself going higher than a kite in my lines. I need a restraining hand." Unfortunately, she can't supply it when she's in the scene herself. So she has an observer in Edrnond O'Brien, who plays the busy fellow married to both Ida and Joan in the picture. "I honestly didn't want to direct this picture, ' she remarked. "It was all Joan's idea. When she heard that I was playing the other wife, she agreed to be in it—if I would direct So I agreed, and had only five days to prepare for the picture. "Now I'm going around in circles. At ni^ht I have to line up the See LUPINO on Pagre 9 It wasn't in Zsa ^sa Gabor's con :ract and there's no explanatio: of how it happened, but Mami " abor's smart daughter ended u with all the Dior and Fath gown she wore In her o-starring fin.; No. 1" ... Preview Note: Marl- down "War Paint" as a big-eag vestern that sees the emergene Bob Stak as a top mae star. . °* iign-of-the-tle note: Gldes t movie stars' homes in Beverl- Hills are now hawking "TVSta Home Maps." Doble Talk m who helped her to stardom, vhether Deanna Durbin will urn to the movies: Prbder Joe Pasternak to Bri ish reporters: "I think she'll mak' a comeback." Diretor Henry Koster to me Deanna's sincere about not want ing to make pictures. Of even m- mother-in-law." i Mona Freeman isn't talkin about Bing Crosby for publication but she does have this to say abouj "Call Me Lucky," the auto-bio! graphy of the man she's beei lined with in newsprint: "Bing worked for months on thi book. Peter Martin would brinf' over the pages and Bing woulc pore over them, editing and adding and cutting He wanted ever' page of it to be the real Bing.'; 75 Years Ago In Blytheyille— Harry Carter Farr was elector, president of the Boys Cadet Corp» Sunday school class of the Firs '. Baptist church at a meeting ycster- •; day afternoon at the home of Mrs; M. c. Outlaw, who is teacher of thi class. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Morris wil-; motor to Hardy tomorrow to accompany their daughter, Jean, and Bo-, Jerta Florman home from Kami ' Klwani. Mrs. Ernest Halsell and son: Johnny, went to Memphis yester--; day afternoon to spend several day; r visiting her Bister. With all tHe creams, rouges and beauty treatments now advertised, says Aunt Sally Peters, a woman's face is just a foundation on which to start decorations. Birds of a Feather Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Small bird 4 Song bird 8 Birds 12 Anger 13 Possess 14 Egyptian river 15 Put on 16 Pentose sugar 18 Lasted 20 Chest rattles 21 Sprite 22 Wicked 24 Kind 26 Roman date 27 Pronoun 30 Music dramas 32 Delicious drink 34 Second vending 35 Egyptian god 36 Insect birds eat 37 Prune 39 Ripped 40 Observed 41 Knowledge 42 Guide 45 Plodded 49 Landed dwelling 51 Age 52 Astringent 53 Preposition 54 Birds on nests 55 Bulk 56 French summen J7 Afternoon •ocial tvtnt DOWN 1'Current JPren 3 Sorest 4 Pier 5 Unusual 6 Dodged 7 Bird's bill 8 Yearly record 9 Musical instrument 10 Otherwise 11 Bishops' offices 17 Eye parts 19 Extra 23 Poison 24 Wading bird 25 Unclose 26 River in France 27 Most robust 28 Filament 29 Gaelic 31 Changes 33 Quoted 38 Meaning 40 Appears 41 Praise 42 Pretense 43 Indian weight 44 Australian ostriches 46 Grade 47 Iroquoian Indian 48 Facts 50 Bind

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