The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on February 4, 1924 · Page 10
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 10

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1924
Page 10
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THE WINNIPEG, EVENING TRIBUNE, MONDAY", FEBRUARY 4, 1924 . . ; WINN! fcjiiW""" ' Invimi. Piinnccnolvnuon,eno? .08r0 .Vt Iccngregation fetes ".JJS - 11 JlKybeen iettledvLlke yovi, I - vjll I 10 THE WINNIPEG EVENING TKTBTJXE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1924 i Canada Wins Highest Honors in Amateur Hockey in - s Beat United States 'CRUCIAL HOCKEYf world's amateur hockey champions liCurlers Set For In Chamonix Final, TONIGHT; Start of Bonspiel World e u cl tl a 01 ti n ri P ;3 3 a n V t ft 3V A a a Ts W tc M ft rv r TV n ve M Let Score is 6 - 1 in Hard - Fought Game McMunn Assists in Scoring I special Cnble to Tii Winnipeg Tribune HAM 'MX, Feb. 4 Canada c reigns supreme In the ama - teur ho. key world. This fact was decided here yesterday when their merry little hand of pin 'k - Huispri d fiioi - ed nf the United States team by a six to one score in tli final of the Olympic hockey olaas.e. In winning this game the Canadian confirmed the Prophecies that had heen made freely around here hy all except the 1'nited States team and lis moat ardent supporters. And there was no question as to which was the superior team when they met. It struck the writer that the American team wns out to stop their ojiponents first and score afterward. If this was the case, they were com - pletely foiled, heeause the Canadian, checked back Just as hard, and a lit - tie faster. As well as dolnp this thev paid Jutt enough attention to their combination and shootinir to tally six goals while their opponents were getting one. Unutelfish Hockey Tlie Canadian line played unselfish hot key. When they Bot In a position for a chanee at the l.'nited States goal If they could not score themselves, they passed the puck to someone who wns In a better position. Thii Is well brought out hy a look at tha summary, as It will be found there that only one of the irnals was an Individual effort, and this fell to Dunn Munro, the Canadian defence star and captain. Harry Wilson was brilliant on the line. He scored two of the goals and assisted In two more. He was dead on every time and It wsa only brilliant work of Ia Croix in the American nets that kept him from acor - inr many more. Hooley Jmlth and McCaffrey were not any more thnn a few Inches behind Watson In effectiveness. Smith cored one goal and assisted In two while McCaffrey notched a brace. The other fell to Dune Munro, who drove a shot through the defenre that La Croix never did see. It almost tore the net from Its moor - In rs. Hnrnld McMunn, the young Wln - nlpeiTKer, and Slg Slater, of Montreal, were not used for much of the time, hot when they were on the lee. filled In with lust about as much effectiveness as did their predecessor. McMunn in Limelinht McMunn broke into the llmelk - ht 1m . - . .i - .e i Went down" tWice with Watson I Stick - h.mdllnK Virilll.intly and brine - lng the thousands of snertntnr. to tneir reet, he completely fooled American de'ence. But in dolngyMB he found himself out of poltii , shoot. Quickly snapping thrf to Wat.on, the latter ee;stie(J Jt through for the last gnnj.f 'tne It vas one of the ;tt,t KonR n the game; the - . cneerln for tylnutea. " was something about the Canad'en play that the Cnited States team did not show. "Kitilh" was written nil over the Maple Leaf boys while Individual and unpolished combination made up the American attack. However, don't think for n minute that the Canadians had any easy time of It. They had one of the hardest games they ever had. and were a mighty happy hunch of athletes when the final whistle went. GAHADIENS WIN ROUGH CONTEST Frenchmen Defeat Ottawa 1 - 0 Major Penalties and t Fines Handed Out KATIO.NAL IIOCKFV IKW.II r w. I.. Ottawa IS 11 4 Toronto 1 - , 7 B Hamilton 15 6 ft alontreal 13 Pta. MONTH FAT., Feb. 4 - the'r way buck Into trniitii for .V.llm.Hl llorky lnKuo t I V - (iff hi.nri - Smurilfi n'ulii u - lt. n ihv l'lankeil th chaint K'ttfhr'i! roiil. In ion Sfiiiiion 1 - 0. Ihllvic K'.tif h - r'n roul, In th ft ml porlo.1. wa th. lon mUj t f the ram' nn! ii?it t h L.""l,:!!,.h - ,,hl" ' " th roro.ofrom ,; "A7mn ln,meV,n";,f', St. Palilcka. .na w:. d , . , 't.'s tlie thrl e .!.rn iiroamea l'irta them litirin.m ooa.lloi,. Vealna. to offrr mi,) nv - r1 at nt an ovfr - tim irnin m! r".lhl 1fftnt. Mnnth hn.l Sprnru Clrirhorn wtrm rnt for nfrirrvHl rcsiti in the flr. - period. Moth rnrv tvwti mnior ppnnlt ! . while Mnniha wki Hm wurd?d a $15 flnt by Iiurlnr th eni flv plnvfru wr (n - inrM. Both r.rn. llouchf n1 Hilly TiO'irht - r tooK 1h - count nn - i Httrhmnn unrlr tnt.lrnl r;v'. I't - nn - fny and Bronl - hnt wei ahghtly Injured. I.lnf - iip CTiftf1!na V na. s. i.'lhorn. Munthn. lor"nm. Jollat, V, novjrhr, O. Clef horn. II. Bntir her, Jr V, CflTiemn. Ottawa Hn - wllct. a. Pourher Hltrh - ftn, TUnrv, I fnnrny, Tfroa1hot, (imp - ' - II, Parraiph, Smyiu, Welman. Summary Iral tarlod 1, Canalieni, W. Bouchtr. 18 40. tfond and f rtTrfl periods No for. Ai i liuvk. VETS SOCCER , - TEAM MEETS 1 bing. You K 1 muscles. The pein easrv - Pros - aroaiei un m Dome iruu. druggist today cents. Sloan's Liniment kills pain! Whenever it trip Is contemplated or elatlves cr friends require to be ln - ought to Canada an agent of either Ih Canadian National Railways 01 th Cunard or Whit Star steamship companies should bs consulted. Reliable tip - to - dale Information, erne and attention la always available. Ad vt. i i - rilASIOMX, France, Feb. 4 u.ima won the Liu r:lun evrnt of the IHA O.v.npit; winter kit hu h and af led 1U OUn - pic p.niits lu h' r ..or u hen Uu - 1 pin ion a hut k tcftni deit - nlcd (he I iiin'i Htat. - e In the final of ih. hi., ken eerie, ly a of fi - l. It was a f,,at .,.,1 . f - .. . . ! .Ti'" cTi'i " ULi" i M'"" ''iu aii Hi v.ime was .,vr STORY OF THE GAME . r,iN M iMiitiK, nu in i - 'i oi - iiitiit ie;iin on r;i i n 1 1 1 ;i y in a iiiev jhyleuy nhuu.tfii and ntuinwiiig from di feati'il the I nlcons Hire to two. ,Th'.mool,m.M ann flrilarl of th. Pun - A"d lo"'1'1 f V lire out to dlipl. - ailiun ofli - tiaue rommnatoii ovriwliflinml ca I e their p" 1 n ma rice, tit briiiinnt itiiiiv.jimi pi.iy of i Or t im. - d ' This is what Jink Hinthe' nnd his. Hlute.. As r.aul.rlr as thouh - t - 1 l.nys an! out to prevent. It lot.kt, n;,h:t':!C,,e ivi,c - - '. aim or from Munro to tin. ill to Watami 1 nml 'he ri - nia mini, - lew pasto - arid Into tlie net. !rury, wl.o atorerl t!,g i hoards are pit ked up (I u I in" tll Ion. tally for tha I'll, rjl.l ao after a flay tht plaveis HI le nr I with in,:iK.;:;a:y':1i:i;h.'u,:1!;;n - u out - i.ou of uci. - n. i - lor the fniKMlian itoal ami J1 J ear. eiiiothrreil ttie lu.l lvi.;ual atforta of the f Selkirk has heaten 1'ort Arl'llir In L!'"' '""" fnrwann. Llioth their previous naiiiei. the firt - t;.!roV;::;.e,t!',,h,','e ,,y :i.f,,"r ,,,i,"7 "r:? key riiniiiirnrrit. The am bail not pro - und 11,0 ccontl time at the head of reed mini, limn t o tniniite! whtn - 'thu lakes hy a four to two score. BOO WHa tilrPdlliu frntll tho mil Hn.l IM. I'I'IiIm tnt I... tfiUn ns on lint r.itinn "'" ""V" " ," " r ' iZVL &r - in t V, oT.'nin.. ". ," , ."",:1 they i, L'.Z.J'VL' i M' c?rthr ruahej down the ha only to be . Tln'h liettHlt the rt'nliir i - it.n .t r.,,,ilnn coiin,,n , r. n,e,h",n;V.;, perferlion heart - hr. - o k 111 for the I 'mini states. The pm - lt ai - nue'l to pum ra.i - JoZIlv.'i'"";.',n lu! ,"rk nf lh ''"' a" foraanla. Hard hai ki lierklng wit of III - 11. avail. The f:,at .k.'r;, and ai Irk hanlina of the itnria sm - . r. nr.. .,,. tlea wj a lull a ,.un o,. relentleaa . L'anuiliait inarhlne. I u .. .. .... . I Th. .ho,..n;. ;; the inoit hard - rousht an.Iawifieat hockey I IV ! leureux, Connors and Haie. ix: xz;'"iy"w wmL"? - "' - . t,m"ort: ;ur;.nne Siatea muter th. pre. mi,, of ,h, i,i ,,r . llorlit ml and (Spiers;, I - en - c - ordliiale.l rnnmlian team. Time after 'aril. ltrowne and HufThs; Bubs, t ?,'.,.c VJii . "k cr"'1 "" Into Canaitlnn territory only to ha filler! aa ha reai hed Itamaay or Monro. Khota irom omenta tna I'n. of point were eaay for Cameron - I'unur rneera rose .a th liopular 4 nnaillana r the I'niteil maioa nnca ana drove ilia bullet - Ilk. ahota at t.anrnli. The refer., had hla dlfflrultlea frnrn th. npenmr ani hla frenufnt caut'nnary a - l - monlt'ons e - eired of lull, avalj. Coli; - lona b.l ween rival frenuent Aa th. ram. prurreaa.d tha R ates team prohahlv not In aa t - onct cnn - 'llllon aa th. fanndlana. ahowed th. ef - feet of their Individual .fforla to alem th. combined rushra of their opponenta. Tha oocnalona on whlr - h they aver, abla to hrrnlt v for trlea l.'arne fewer ami their general l.y mitfered In cnnre,,ueni e of fittlRue. Th. Ilomlnion repreaenlatlvea aeemel to be a cod dnal frerher and the atlaek hultr. still reta'nlnx he beaiillfiillv ro ordlna led plnr to whlrh they owed thtlr aurcraa In tha earlier stasia ut the gam.. Continue I'reaaiire riurlna? th. alxtleih mlnu'e of play when the tolled Stntea eahauated and tnsirei - lng on a:nlra fnucht to prevent tha rolllnj up of a larae nrrr - i.r,..,,,,, th. ruck ,hru: - - - a ir"; J" " loit ve i neri e u '"W"""""?': ' I la Im that th. Cnna side anil that: "',' their so;.t. Mm off. 10 1 In th. .cor. raiire - .. a renuiy tne reanectlv. merit '''.V'.f. m"'' ,h" '? hi . "r,,ry Aht - l nrrri for th '"" N mil ,,rr Hy antlltltr th. ClllOdlana: that ah, hev von. nmnm nan', apneara of. tc.r ,hi.n tint of hla roll.agne. In th. I rrnilnar co'umn, bat In each In - tanc he' '. merely th. laat link In th. comhlna - I Hon. Hpavlnl Train Arrlve - a .pcci;,i train cn - i. from Part, laet Nlatea .nlhiielaala m.'i' h all. nc r , ,v, when ,,, . out an" aom. o'f waa due to the vnciferona .ncourancmetit ...,n .nr., iiroain - i pam an I lta Lunonrtera. who wer. all rathered 111 on. section of th alnn.l .1 Th - - - .K - J'1" Meal, dear and eld, and th. lea wan Munro. ih I'nnarllBn mptnin. tinil Rmnll 'Htsln of Hi ITnlttxl flljitm tPHin, rt?nlve1 flnnl Innini' - f arm frum I:ihtii' ,h n l h c'iir or iho rink. ThrTi wnn ronliliir bU wrnnltn ovr ih rtttw hit' - rr.niii.r. ni TOfl V - rHfCk I n , '"v1 th pturt fur m vt - mi in. which ra".c,.?V,T p'u'A," fn tht nrnt furr - orf ini Diinxoti u in vt. on, Hiir ponifiel with nnf wmt ii,.1 i, 2 ,r.,r2f) of riy Thera wua blood In .very pi. afier Wminn rcanmed. and mnny of th. vera eve rv "". .'loiiieii Turby","f,M,5rr,,.rBl,;;r '.earn had anv advantage. Finally Mr - 1 'nffery ami Kmiih sot clear and went . r - mitii paaaci enoi a son,, tn. ou. - k reimun.linir orr McCarthy, akata as he waa covering in rront or tha net. MeMtinn Hntia Wlteon Waa uad tin from hod v. - h.l. . Iin: and t '.rn off; MrMinn waa auhatltut - ''. nd Hvnolt replaced Rice, who waa - .' - - .iiok ..., a ro'i Hon Fllti Munr.. IV - i.aori rims f.ack and acor.d after 70 acrirt,,!. will, an unetnpalile .hot on a in' fro ! Mm Ph. Irury. th. t'nited Slate, rentre. ec u B Mi. puck from a fac. - ..fT .nd .lud - .t I - iitlr. Conn. Man l.ain. at'ortng on. for U, - ' I.'C le.l Htnlea The atanda .a the t.ama ann. - r. M - ht with h mdred. of Prn'e'h andT'nM.'d'a ''ad of 87 pins with a score of 190 Nlatea nuMw.a - l - r. In )I.M. 11 Itill Vint tu - . ...Ill - mnA 2i ed for the eeixind rrlod hut lllc. woa J4 w.Tk and had to h. taken off after three Jgl minute, play. Synolt taking h'a plac. liSiThcn folinw.d ten nilmat - . of fnrloua l'tu - 'ea. In whlci, lha ...nn m ...... Canadiena every turn. Wataon eln - hr.t Abel on airong rnntendlmt ! c - e nrlt aa.l Abel count. re. I with one on ! t H bin arnrllnr hla .ilv.r.. t - r..i ... ' t, 1 ' Jl 1 n. n fr i t ,,,1,,,,,,. ' r.. 1' ..' .., - ?. - .'. fcrv waa I m 1.1 out. M. M aot. - tltriln. an :?. ""vm M - i - .m. ho wua Munro eloaed the period . i.i... .. - 1..' : ... .L " ' upp.r corn.r Hie th'rd period wa a repetition of tha aernn l m far aa alvle of play waa enn - earned. Small attenil"d strictly to boa'. , nca and nlai'ed a feat game In both I .l - f. - c - an.1 offen... fiynott, who replac - ! ed nice, nsaln Immediately tnlxc.1 .. , . iilh Jtunr.i and both Weia sent off the 1 Ice for one minute, j I'nroproii the Canadian goalkeeper, waa . called tir - on to fun aev.n .hota for th. oal tn rap'd aiicrea.lon from th. atl'ka "f Tt.11rv. smi tn.l VcCarthy. Then ; McMunn. for I'.nada. eltu'lni? hnih Pmnlll and Al. l. Iiaaaeed the mirk ,n Wnli... orel ih. laat goal, afl.r ftft - .n nilnut.e I' of nT ty. The announcement of fnrm.r Prealdent Wl'. - c. 0 - th Itomedlate'y after th. .ranclualon of tha match, althourh eape.1 - ed lv hui'd - eda of epe - l tore, ram. aa a Ih"I.'" "' """""a art 111 thrlll.d by th. i.i.i i,..ii juai w, in. .Bed. T'le ennoiin - e - ment waa m.d. throurh amrllSera and - iv .ii neaoa were bared; there waa a mlnut. of ." - nr. while the United Sl"ca flr waa ha'f mn..d The line - no fr the match Waa - nltea stntea I'oaltlon Canada Cameron . Rntn.iv . . Man ro .. s - nnh Wcr - afTcry Watson T ac rnlx Clo',1 . Hmi II rt. l, , ' U Hefenre )"iry f - aire ... ' I'!. - TV'n. . ... M - i'iirtliv .... Wing ..... nummary : F t period 1 Car. da. tr.Hna, S - O0 - , J Criia' - . Wat.on. 3 00 ; 3. t'nltel gtatea i l)'"vi '.0. i S - .on.l period a Canada Rmlth. 11 OO 'a MeCarf - ry. 1 00: 6. Canada od 7. Canada, Vt'ataon. 12 00 'nlt1 S'ate.. 1. OR SNOWSHOE . W1NS CLOSE TODAY to ntar In tha Car - ntcTt PatiirdeiT ra it tna laat dar an 50t PlifimHi - V immbir of ww viiuiiiuvi ia banr handed In. and jha rarnlval il from averv Hudann - a C'OnoM. e WO rd . iidiei t. Port Arthur and Selkirk Meet at Amphitheatre - Fast Game Expected Tonight one of the most Impnr'tr.; g.imes of the season to both the ., . . ..... ... . , ' in All IM 1. 1 .it ri' n;l K u .li'ls I ' I Played ut the Atnphitl.eatr,. fuitn Jumped to within one pmtif of tliu of th closeness of the hatllti ex - tonlKtil. - Kddie Cnroenter. coach of the viMtots, reported this murnitnJ that all his team were In rhi1 shape . ..... .. ... - r ct.minw tnrouKi. tne fawn Without Injury. The Se.ltir tejlm had a workout ter the werk - ehd 'J K k MtiKhes reports everybody W!l '.,nri ronfldent of vietorv nnJ. cnn' "1"lt ,, ,, ! The teams will likely linen;) like this: I t.ik... onot r. !.., ! - . . a.. HZ . ' "it .' O Meara, Barll and lliatnlow. NARVOLANSKY IS BOWLING VICTOR Ted Hill Defeated by 19 - Pin Margin in Series For Saratoga Trophy . The Saratoga cha.r'.e bowling tmriliv lina lin - ia.i e. . aun time beini"" - ,f',.UBt I'at T,?;Tr;,i, n. Saturday night nnskv und Ted Hill rolled a s'eries of five games for possession of . i... ..i.: v ,. rZ I 943. while Hill recorded but 9:4. Hill did not display his ue - unl form. It was the first tune since the inaug - uriition of the event that Ted has n lied below an average of 200. He chose alleys 15 nnd 18 and falling to ,.. tha. e.r,,..u nn K'n 11. ta - fiu roll, l, in. .11,1. e,1P hi - (lnivtifill '"r his (lownrall. lt had tho breaks in his favor. but he also had a lot of good hits which left sing'e pins standing. The first game gave Nnrowlanekv Hills JM. Hill had two splits and blow and finished up with 103. Ted , , j . , . .., ,,..u ..... n .... ot ,hom 1,11 l,:,' lc nn(1 live P'n ,J spn re in the second game when ke spilled 214 to I'ats 17.'. Three sets I ..e j..i.i. i ,i - H.I...I . ............ ... ... ".. e."'. Narovlnnsky 21 1: while two splits held Hill's score dow I, to ISO and I'at was 2) IU's up nKaiu Hill never got hack In the running again. The fourth game was evenly fiiiiatait, Nnrovlunsky adding three it. - ipns to his margin with a H9 count ' ", JS l - y H, II. The last t II 111 t silppru in a nrnce of doiinlo!, but a I split and a blow pulled what looked a biic imo, down to 131. Pat finished with 17S, leaving him a fnnr. R;n of 19 pins In th, live games. Hill 11110 three mows nnd live splits; Na - ,y v, mow, n.,d t i;in.. These tw o tnindlers will likely 1 meet again next Saturday night as inn p,,w has tin) lust chiui ,e to Chan .a challenge. The scores follow; Hill: 153. 214, UO, ISC, 191 - 024. Nniovlansky: 190, 172, 214, 1S9. 178 - 943. CRANES TEAM STILL UNBEATEN Stovets Take Low End of 3 - 2 Score in Fast Commercial Hockey Game Iefcitliiir iovla in tha fTi'ft mm of in rr - tsjon, i.'t iinf i v - :i 't'OiI ii'i dntl P in In th' C l 1 H.M - kfy ifnpme af th St. John' h Olym - vo rlrik. Stt'.urday af - ' nt'on. Th a - ir waa 7 - 2. Wiih nun stft.hriiri ti ihf lln - up. th 'ntit - i elmn - f a v tt lfn: rtveinflit ow' t'i";r timt rnni"i. TIip two per il wt - r rinfr. h cum nrlvimr hnrd to rk a l - id N'.:litr wan tj' - . - c!fui, mnt tt: liilrd peri - 'd na I'urifJ wf h the 1 a' "r a t '. i'r.i ut a outsit irr - 'l t ln r o,i - 1 ponen' V I in in; tifrotl and maintained th - 'T iiTnlpf natil r i it - il. h hf non, V olrir and TMnrland nrifil rr th wi'l Md'ow!, Tm - v's anl M.i nly turnrd in tlie fii name for t)ir iitrra Tlip tonnn Wrrfr Nt,,vi - 1 Mrnowvll. Tp1, M. - Klheran. Mnnlv, nuh. Hutlifrlant. Klunnery, (Jrfvre. iMiTfr. Wrnn - Ttetl' r'nirtand. Rcld, Wnol - nrr. S"nhnion, H uttli!naon, ! Union., Kfiip. F!n.lly. Itr - - n M ,ora won thlr flrat ii - torjr of t1 )tn hy dfitinr th Un,.f and Hnrq fhiti. 4 - 3 Th frst rf".(.i wua rl mv b'i tha Vr.t,r erw fmisht - d tha eeci'Tiil parl'nl with a mnrir'n of 'hrea f na la A whlrlw nil attm - lc tn th third pfrtfn! hv the a:uckvf.r.) t - m ent - d wl'h two B on l a, put thejr f.nled to tla lha .rt. - IN LIMELIGHT &0 tSIMFSON WINKLEK Joe Simpson scored the only goal of the game tsattirday, In which the Saskatoon team lost to the Eskimos. In one of his characteristic brilliant rushes. The fans were given a big surprise when Hal Winkler went Into the nets ntraln for Edmonton. He had re ently hern ri'loased by 7 J& t It iimJ Into the nets Rffain for Krtmonfon. He had re cnt.y l.p. m n - loased hy - . . , . . Kenny Mckensle. He turned In the greatest game of bi carter, . THIS team defeated the United Slates team in the final of tlie Olympic hockey tournament at Chamonix on Sunday by a C - l score. Heading from left to right they are: lluoley Smith, ANADA remulns supreme In the amateur hockey wcrli and hearty confutations are due the mcrrf little band who so nobly defended the prestige of the Maple Leaf ai 'Chajiionlx. They went ovet them intent on wlnninpg. And they dWin the event. fairly, cleanly and honorably. " I ' - IITE are proud of those bo They V have brought gUu - y - to Canada and to themselves. Winnipeg was vitally Interested In the series because ojie of lta own boys was on the Cunadinn team. This was Harold McMunn, the siceriy little I right winger of the Falcons. Harold, who by the way, wa born in Lanark county, Ontario, has lived in Winnipeg since he was two years old. That makes him a Winnipegger to faces we are concerned. TT seemed rather a cu'a'l.'tenc6 as 1 we sat In the rink Saturday night wntchlng Falcons play Fort Arthut,' to think that four yearj ar'v - 'thtee of tho Fnlcon players .ere over nt Antwerp witn tneir I ,eam defending Canada's honor on the ice surface. I a a a I I 1 1 were vvauy nyrun. v uiiu 1 vloimnneson ana muck, woou - .Iran. The rest of that farc.ius term nf 1920 are still n the game v.itn ' th, exception of Chris Fr.dllnnson. ;ill,lo and Frederlckpon arel Iwith the Victoria Cougars, Goodman " JJUiiun aim x,v..o.. ..aigary. This team, like ths present augmented Granites, did its duty and did it well. They gsve Canada its first international hockey title. AN analysis of the work of the Canadian and Vnite.1 States t M ' , 1eaf jtnnding out strongly In 'Ka " . teams shows the wearers or me ' comparison with t'nrle .Sa - c's h'vs i In tnhulatlon form here Is the way nnfnnP - on wit n t nr e n'p a i a. way It looks: Team Goals For Ant i 10 S 73 6 P W 5 5 Cannes ., United States HAL WINKLER IS BACK WITH ESKS Plays Grand Game When Shieks Are Beaten by Simpson's Goal BnMONTOV. Alta., Feb. 4. Ek;mni d.fat.d Saakatoon ( reaienta 10 In a .renuouaiy conteated hockey gam. Saturday night, on .oft ic. "Peerle.a Joe" Slmpaon waa tha hero nf tha game. To him fell the hon..r of coring lha only S""1 'o'1 H'at.. W aacen.H after tho urn. .ta" - l. Kroni the firat fac. - off Keala went down and waa checked at th. Sa - ka'oan defen. - e. Rcia - . (l.r - linnuette nd Coo't went down, t - 'mpaon h.rolie.l the puck away for Cook and ru.h - ..1 for Saakatoon territory with all hla .need ll.atlnx th. whole Haaliatnon team h. let fly a low fnat drive llc'na - wiirth nllaa - l ant lha ruck reaied In co - ner of the pet. It waa a wonderful piece of work and Jo. ram" In for a bill 0floTli tea n had ..vera! opportunities to acor. In the Srat p - riod, hut. r - winx to th - tick? condition of tha 1c. wh'eh rna puclt control dlflcull, and to the truly marvellous exhld tlon of innl t - ndlne on the rrt of both goel'ea. Un a. opportunl - t'ea aver, wnaied. The trim - wua raKR. - d nic.t of th. I'omMnallon waa .1 - moat Impoaalhl. elthntisli tlicr. were many efforts to ot It koiiis , On th. plav th.ra wa little to chooe. between th. Thev hud an ennal ahnre of tha plav although th. Kali'moa had mora hot. on goal. In th" laai tin minute" of Ih. third r'rtod the Hhelka threw all caution to tha wind and brought five rhen forwnrd. Thov turned Ioob. a terrific attack on th. F.aklmo defence, hut th. dcfe'idcra put up one of th. hli't inna of la - fena v. piny e.n for a long tlm. and th Fh.lka wer. forced to accept defcot. Whll. th. gam. waa .trenuoua and hard fought alt th. wav tliet. wns little roueh plav. Ttnth t.m. were out to w'n. hut , - - ' e - i thev did not l"t that ovcr - rl Zt the had to atav on the ,,e to do !t. II,. (tnardrd th - rrt. for tha FklrnAa nnd turned tn one or !ra V?1 1 nlated aiwond wM"? clUrVnre7rh:r,vf.Tftonf t h? Th h,7. l!ra bTJt .Vim of i on th Prram. Cecil Nmy wlnnin thla niirnrnloua. It waa Hal beM BAtna of vnt ,n fl m haain tai ret - t rham It. a - ah.. It OTl 1.. .aalnlonahtn tlma b 22 aeronrin. Ale Rhlli1a H!mpali and - rrnpp nra - a !e - a or ered t for atnvlnir off the determined Pbeik ataka. The!r dffenre ni airtight. Kenta. Fparrow nnd Arbour play - td (treat hnekev on the line For Pnaliatnon. Hftlnworth wna apnln the otita'aiidliiR atnr. ll? work wai mur - nlfli'nt nnd ha pulled his tram totr - V - wr ftnie nd a - mln with hla tln p.nv LimriH Prntt waa tho plrk nf fin fur wn "i'n. with lietoe a cloaa aeford Hill Cook plnyed writ but not up to hla uaunl trtandai'd. The anmmary: Vlrat poriotl - 1. Ktr'Titon. Rlnon. :S Send period No at ore. Th rd per'od No arore. The line up: f - .on.omnn nirn. - r. n iireon 1 mpp, rleon. MrCorml' - k and I - uti'lrdnle. BaaVatoon II nlna worth, Cnniemn P - eng. Ilriae Cook. DprMnguette, Bcott, tl - m t and Mita. Rafarao Jimmy Gardner. U. S. HOCKEY t. Paul evened tha larlea and retained the lead la group two L'nlt.a fitatea Ama. t.ur hork.y l.asua by defeating Cleveland 3 to 1, at Cleveland Saturday. u"ur. Vocr r,ni h" ,,' "" clared fnriaite'l o Plttahurth 3 tn 9 n th, ,hlrd wh,0 n.upVoteaua oai and left tha lea, centre; Harry Watson, left wing; Dune Munro captain), defence; Albert McCaffrey, right wing; Beattie Uamsay, defence. Inset, Jack Cameron, goal, and Harold McMunn, sub. fMtEAT HIHTAIS acorel more goals against Canada than did th. Sm." i tll,f.d states than against any of the others. This was expee'ed us these two tvere generally toncettea to he the only two really good teams There was the battle over the referee as a side line to the clash between United States ..nd Canada, which in soma ways was quite interesting. UJ. S. HADDOCK, mayiger of the United States Team, had bit. ked the tirooo. - ats of the Cana dians from tlie start. He even tried! in iret a rullnu: through that the I games should he plnjed lu XlKD periods of 15 mUintes ea,cii This was hotly pr" j the Cana - dians Hi' ".nrown out. IN' th the selection of an official the 1 buttle waged long and hot. Haddnck stoutly refused to consider anv name that was Pritlsh. He was strong for LaCroix, a Frenchman. f ! , ... i i uw r.v r - it. inuy new m iarui 11 this with what looked trim here like a delightful bit a s - trcoalic 'irony. "I'm not too certain that tne French Iat rolx is not a aiitani re , intlve or tne American guumeepcr LaCroix," chirpeal wee Billy, In the contest for the third and fourth places in the hockey tournsment, Great Britain was victorious ever the, Swedish team by four to three. I.MtANCE ana Cscecho - B'ovaV la ' have decided not to play off for fifth and sixth places ni will 'divide the three points invo'.ved. The Swiss founl themselves very much out of It In this tournament. Thoy did not win one game. ,'T,"E appenrnnce of the CanaiMan I , V'ntnH flfntPa t,nmS W 1! he of great value, educationally to . ..... the Kuropean teams. IWv wn. see. how the pame should he played find will plrk up some much ne - defl hints ! on the value of good combination and I accurate shooting. HOCKEY PATRONS MUST BE ON TIME TONIGHT TV) the hockey public want the games to he started on time and do I he pubiio wish to go home early? These arc questions for the fans themselves to answer. ILntely thej. have got Into the habit of coming to tho games late. With a heavy sale on Saturday night It was seen that there would be a lot of late comers when stnrtlna; time arrived. In order to help those who did come early hy not having people pass them when the game was In progress 11 was held up five minutes. But never again this winter, Is the new order. The game tonight will be started at 8 30 sharp and the.rir.k management asks all reserved seat holders to he - n their plnres a few minutes before that time. It will mnke It easier for everybody If you do. FAST TIMES IN SNOWSHOE RACES J. Woolley Wins Feature Event at Annual Holly Club Meet Holly Snowahoe cluh members held their annual racea rtaturday at Mnnltoba college. Kvery raca was welt contested and owing to the light going, tltnea marie bordered on the senaatlonal, Woolley's time of 13 aeconda for the 100 yards and Scavlng - ton's time of 6. 15H for tha mile rua ba - i tog exceptionally good. Scavlngten ran a t.Vrt'11 m2 Ton w,?h .a'lrom , ' - V tjj J jrt. h m . ; . . -; fouKhi for amranA nX thlUla juat hen tin Markla to tha Up. Detalletl reauHa fallow: 50 yurda 1. J Woolley, 2. W. R. KHley. 3. W. Thornifood. Tlma 6;. Ho If ml!e run 1. J. D. Kllley, 2. H. Scnvtngton. 3, Andraw fhlehla. 100 y.irda durh 1. J Wooliev. S, W. R. Ktlley, 3. P. fr - mlth. Tlma 15 flat. 25 yirda bnrkwnrda 1, J. Kenaud, t. A'.rx. Khlelda. 3, 1. timlth. Three - Ittrafd. 100 varde lKIllev and Killer. 2. Pith mil P - imc - ur. 3, Hhlatda land Bimpion. Time in aec. m One mtia walk 1. C. G. Nary. 3. Alas 1 Shields, J. 0o. .Varkie. One niie run l, H. p - nvlnrton. Z. An - j drw jihlalda. 3. A watte. Time 6 15. 100 yarda veternna 1. A. T.. Harn. 2. K. J. Raoaotn. 3. U. U Strlngar. Tlma VJ ireonda. ViO yarda da - h 1. I Wofl!lf, 7 VT. R. Kliiev. a W. Throrood. Time 32 ae - a. ladlea' raiay 1, Aurora club, 2 On wero r'ub - Tuf - of - ar All fftara pullad fouth End. Club rela 1 Weat End: J. Renaud, J. T. Kllley. W. R. KMley and J. Woollajr, 2. North Knd. 3. Centra. SKI - ER BREAKS KNEE CHAMOMX. Fth. 4 It ft mar Omtredt. of c,rnd Parb. Htlrh , menhrr of the I'n'ted Stntea akl - 'n trim In the rviymrl1 winder aporta. aufTrd a broken hnaa In making fata Or at Jump tn compailUoa bar FALCONS BUMPED IN HOCKEY RACE Port Arthur Takes Saturday Game 3 - 2 Turvey Badly Hurt W. I., rta. 14 11 t 4 4 1 It Tort Arthur Falcon. . . Fort Willtiun Selkirk . . . FALCONS aimost kissed their chances of getting Into the' playoff good - bye Saturdny 'sr.ien Aey feu before the vii,'mg j?nrt Arthur tnm ,h a t.ifv, - ... t. . tjifle .j fivo score, I it wag a welcnm elenme two points for the Port Arthur team. Selkirk were three points to the good in the standing and a loss to the hend of the lakes hoys would have been a serious setback. They are right up in the running now and the game tonight viil no doubt be a repetition of what will be seen In the playoff at the end of the echedule. Falcons 111 luck Jinx kept on their trail again Saturday. Each time this gink works he eet In his deadly work within the first few minutes of the game. Saturday It was Turvey and he will be lucky to play again this winter. In a scrimmage In front of his own nets his face connected with a!e,stln8 t'n' for some of the older f;ylng skate and his chin was almost j nklps. carved off. It took nine stitches to Some Missing Members make good the wound. Wally Frld - 11 ' somewhat disappointing to flnneon Is still out of the game from the leg cut he received last Tuesday. Had Game In It and. Tort Arthur had tha gama In hand til the way Saturday. For a few minute, at th. .tart of th. firat and second period, end the taat few minutee In the laat period. Fnleona preaaeil hard, but outaida of this the vlaitora reared eaally and did not seem to be going "full out. THF. STANDING. Wally Fyrnn gets credit for holding th. ecore down to three goals. Had It not been for hia senaatlonal work there's no ''i'.'.Vl.T'.J''!' hpoen.d. Hia.gor. as his third man Dre'fed and nut the aorrel tonnad lad In n.any a tiirM corner. 'Joe Olson waa tha moat danirerouB man on tha P - iIrnna lint. He got farther in than any of hla team matfi and had I.orne Cbabot flying dta - tr.'Ba alirnala many t.maa. Carroll also teamed up well. Porta won tha ama on their agre - atVenraa and aeneral flnlah) to their at - ; tacks. Their hookcheck'n by tha for - ' ward l!na waa deadly and whan thfv ! a - arted In on an aitark they uauallv ?n , aoma piara. Hera la whera tho lorala fel ( dawn. Going in on an attack they wero i Inclined to bunch at tha de.fenra. Thi : consequan' - a waa than Iota of paaees went j unuaued for want of aomaona to be In thHr rlrbt places to ahoot. They m1m.1 I many chnncra for a acora la thla way ana in poor Biuor;nfj. Ire Ho ft at Btart. Play waa atartod on aoft lea and tbe few pa U'hcB of water made tt hard all ; durlnjc tha firat period for tha playera to 1 control tha puck properly, play had only be?n ffnlnir a few mlnutea when Turvey went off for repnlra. MrCallum took hla , place. Tha lorala organized many early ' ruahea, but fell down bndly at the defence. Bither a bad pnia or an 111 directed ahot losing them tha play. liyron picked off two beanttea from 1 Oray and Cox. but on a combined attack 1 with Gray. Connors and luiaa. ths llttie j centre man of tha Porta notched tha ftrat 1 ifoal of the frame. Connora had to re'lre 'after a coirainn with flomera. From then I on until tha end of the period Wally Byron waa aa buay aa a, one - armed paper hanger wi'h tha Itcit. But ha held oft j everv attark. Play atarted In tha aaennd period with harder lea and the game was faater. Fal cona for tha early part kapt thair poal - . ttont and out - checked tho vlaitora. Joe Olsun and Woodall went In on a nice corn - hi ration, Olaon taking tha pass and fllpned It In backwardB pnat Chabot. The crowd then got Its ma and did lta best to help tha locals win. Pud na Hoorea. Bomera went off for tripping. McO - llum broke through and ilmit made tha grade, hut Chibot quickly turned tha ahot a eld a U'oodall got through all alone, but In hla hurry mlaaed tha net three feet with the s'tot. pudaa then put bia team In the lead on a ahot from tha aide. Fa I cnn were playing ona ahort when tha goal waa acored. Olaon and McMunn combined danger ona'.y but the lanky custodian wna on the Job with hla heat exhibition onWlnnlpeg l thla eaaaon. Wilson tallied tha laat goal of the period on a ruih with Cot. lrtnny Coi opened tha final period with a anappy ahot that hit tha poat. Byrnn brought the crowd un several times with senaatlonal tavea. For ten mlnut as It waa a ,rleg of rushes from one defence to the other and Anally pomera boke th monotony with a shot from tha aide that did not look as if It left the lea. Everybody was atandlng atlll. Including Chabot, and In wnt the nuck. Then tha Fs Icons p reaped In aamet and it waa only an nnd work by tha port Arthur defence that kept thlnga anfe. Wilson and Johanneaon both made trips to tbe Ice hot tf - r too atrenuoua checking Shortly before tha gama ended Carroll gt through alone, but Just aa ha waa anout to ahoot. Wilson poked hla feet from under him a1 epolled whatever rhanre "i ci i iv. ii g gum. c tea mar gave Wilton the gate Porta Taku lefena(v. Porta wera all un The defenalva In the last momenta of the gama. An occnalonnl ruiih aaw two forwards up. but their ef - forti wrra mostly concerned with keeping in pressing Faloxvia out of danger. WI!aon and Rrydge played strong hockey on the defrnr - e. They did their uau - tl amount or rast rnecicing. chnbot waa good in tha nets. Tne Una was alway dingerous with lta hook checking and aiori fSMTi game ini gave h.s heat how of the aeasnn here. A Oray was ma aaina as ne always is ana that la raying a lot. L'Heureuv waa uaed only a few t'mea. Ha relieved at centra. Connors waa out a let and looks Ilka a handv sub. Uatea. tha new sub, did not pet any farther Into the game than hla uniform. Ttia Team a Port Arthur Cliauot, Wllaoa. Brydga, Gray. Pudaa, Cox. 1Hauraux, Counora, aUaue, Falcons Byron. Johannaeeon, Turvey, tioiars, Olson. Woodall. McCallum, WooU - uin, Carrol. Offlclala Maiwel? and Cray. OoaJ lumiuiy First parlod it f0u Aru.ur, Oray, IN. Second parlod 2, FaUona, Olaon from Bomsra, 1 O; 3, Port Arthur, Pudaa from iray, 5 30; 4 Tort Arthur, Wilson from rtti, 12.05. Third parlod 8, F Icons. Pomers. 10 30. renanira rirat period, none; e.ron4 r.riit. Som.ra, WoodaUs third vortod. M'Uwa, Jttkanaeaaoa, More Than 150 Rinks Likely to Take Part in 36th An - nual Event I.N'XIPEG'R 36th annual cutting carnival will get underway Tuesday at 1 o'clock The stuge is all set, Ice conditions are perfect and evcry - pointa to a most successful w thing points to a most successful I spiel. The usual tno.'e of p. ocedu, c - is to start curling In the morning. siratheona J. A. wiiaon. Joha T. Haig, It has been necessary to deviate l w. J. Finiuy, o. H. Onl.. Geo. Howaon, from this rule in order to meet v. ith f Kred Hody. n. U tludaon. W. L. Jirria, reuuests from country curlers who i P. M;ni,.rmlil, Geo. iiarrow. Ne.a wiaa. atei unnlilp to iret into tha cifv in ' un w "" U Mc!eod. H. J. Gourley, ate unable to get into tne city in T d g u j a. M.Diarmltl. a. A. Lang - time to take part In the mornln - j lry " draw. Consequently the 1 o'clnclc Terminal - T. J. Lowe, John Mi Ditr. draw will start the world's grcatcul j nu.i. II. is'. Alduua, J. Far.uaoD, J. J, curling carnival. The weather man started working for the bonspiel yesterday. The told taps were opened wide and the thaw which was in evidence last week, threatening to hinder the curling to a cereetin extent, has been pushed into oblivion. Jack Frost bis taken supreme command. The list of entries. It Is expected, will go well over the 150 mark and while this is not a record, it is en exceptionally large number, considering the exisitlng conditions In tlie country. I'p to last night ISA rings had forwarded entries. This list was swelled considerably when today's mail was opened. The city rinks came through with a big majority and similar to past years the Strathrona and Granite cltfha led the way. The Furby place club has 17 rinks In the event. well known skips ns Clordon Hudson, last year's champion; Cliff Wise. N'es Wise, Hilly Klnlay will again compete for the silverware, Granites produced wiM - lrs. 'MfwWfj. Hoviatd Wo. - d. A. M ' Blackburn, Pr. Alexander Jimmy ifiillespie, Ed Smith and "AbWe" L4 - iliespie, Ed Smith and gar being among them Campbell's 36th 'Spiel Thistles also came through with good representation. Thirteen rinks from the west - end club will bo out after the prizes. Of these Malcolm Campbell is the most widely known. This curler has the. distinction and honor of taking part In every Winnipeg bonspiel, and the way he Is going, he is still good for a number of years. Ed Call, Hilly Ellerby and Joe Davidson and other well known Thistle skips are out after prizes. The remainder of the city clubs are well represented, some classy rinks being lined up from the newer clubs. give promise of providing an Liter - i K,now lnal " points as mmneaosa, Neepawa and Deloralne will not have rinks In the 'spiel. In past venrs these towns have always had strrng rinks here and they generally departed with some of the jewelry in their grips. ' R. B. Rice, a frequent visitor from Toronto, writes to the effect that he will be unable to make the trip this year on account of being tied up witn competitions in the east, lie has Dan MacNell, former Winnlpeg - Entries were received this morn - Inff frnm Headlngly, J. E. Ptitlf!fre, Fort William Anil a rink from Wept Klldonan. Thin will nut the list over the 140 mark. The entrlen from the States will put the list over tlie 160 mark. The following ! a list of entries to date: PORTAGE BEATS C.P.R. HOCKEYISTS Plains City Intermediates Register 8 - 2 Victory Over Winnipeg Aggregation f Special to Tha Tribune PORTA OK LA PRA1RTK. Fen. 4 Tha Port a ire Intermediates defeated tha Canadian Paotftt a, of Winnipeg. In an exhibition fttttiif B'ijr'J? by th fr'r ef 5. Th locaia showed more apted 4id better combination than their adverairlea. Tha Pncl - flea seemed to play too much Individual bn - key and wer aenerally slopped btifora they advance far. It was not until tha second period that any scoring waa done, the lorala amring four tlmea. In the final frame Port.tpe acored four more, bringing their total to eight, while the Pacifies managed to gat the puck past Cook twica. Mne - up: Portage Cook. Sharps, Bcott, Pell. Brown, Urobb, Robinson, El wood. Camp - hell. Pacifies Napper, - Manaon, E neraon, Kelly, King, Kern ah an, Jlolt. Mayslak E.r!a. - Ofticlal Coatlgan. rnizic COI.MK IK lOST Struck down on Upton by a motnr truck. Sunbeam Peggy, well known rough coatel col.le, rnn off and baa disappeared. "Peggy" hua a good record on allow benches ai;d Is Just 11 months old. Her owners. Mr. and MrV P. C. Finch, will ba pleased to her of her whereabouts. VEGETABLE SYRUP Used by Dr. Thacher For Gae on Sour Stomach, Constipation, Indi - gettion, Coldt and Hun - Down Condition We were asked the other flay to explain why so many people got such quick relief through the use of the vcrretahle syrup presr - ribed by Dr. Thacher why it so often gave relief after harsh drugs and medicines had failed. - Why You Feel Badly Pr. Thacher found that the ma jority who called in him with various ailments were suffering because one ..;..! ...... .,, - ... ..t - - .4.. - iri.1 - inai -, ni" ..ii. vi uivin. organ Is the liver. It aids dlKesflon, helps prevent constipation and purify your blood. But, when it becomes cloftged and sluggish it cannot do these three things. Consequently you often wake up mornings feeling dull and tired and frequently suffer from one or more symptoms sueh as poor digestion, coated tongue, faulty movement of the bowels, colds and a general run - down, nervous and upset condition. And, medicines that fall to correct the causa of this condition fall to five you lasting relief, v Get Quick Relief! Try this, yourself! Just a few spoonsful of the vegetable svrup pre - srrlbed hv Dr. Thacher. Notice the quick difference In the way you look. aaU. deep and feel!. This vegetable OF HARSH DRUGS Ai MEDICINES I - t C.P.Tt. J. 8. McKay. W. Thomas. J. U. CioHhy. Clue W M. Hay. J. O'H.ra. E. J, Pupa, H. Iliad, U. Armstrong, M. i'eter. SOIh. licer Lo.iga R. H. Brownett, J, ,T, t'Ui.liia, A. L.. iienatm, A. J. Porfia, M, W. Tlilraell. P. U. Thorlakaon, W. U linlt'a.M.II.ow, J. C. titaplea. Klmwood J. Mt - Kee, J. tiangatar, C A. MnlHlnter, P. llourae. e't. John'a O. Htunnard, G. E. 8hra "'i'. J - Morton. J. Ired I aimer. A. ( la. Devlin. Fort Rous. W. H. Ktnnlng, (X. T. Saumtera, D. Btevt - na, W. Voungraaa, T - K. liltiaon, Alea. McDonald. . Granite A. U. Eufar. K H. Umlth, W, II. Qulnn, R Mil.tan, O. (!. Kti'N'alib. Jaa, MiiMalion, H. Wood, T. P. PI. mine:, A. M. Hlnckliurn, Dr. V. O. Williams, F. t,. Caaalil), Iir. A. a. Alexandor, Jaa. Gil. leaplo Heather W. N. Ragland. 3. B'.akley, S. U. Gowa. J. A. Melmll, P. R Thark.r, Joa. llearn, D. C. Why!.. W. O. Graham, Thlatla A. F. Partridge, II. F. R, Blakle. A. J. fitlth.rland, Malcolm Camp. I hell. B. II. Call, W. E. Kllerby. nonaM tanipli.ll, II. M. Ppe.ehley, J. A. Campbell, F. Wurrsa, J. Davldion, i. Walkar, A - Mclntyr.. Tlephoaea R. Toung, H. Gllmoor. COUNTRY ENTRIES Aaalntbola M. D. Stephen. Amru8viiie - - F. C. 6hcpperil. Doweman O. W. Staples. Blrtl. - fFrank Manwarlns. a Cypreas Ktver L. 1 1. Burg.ta, Clanwilllopi M. N. Pedarson. llauphln Ir. Trimble. rigln P. R. Jaoi. TJm Crog - k Joa, Wood. Kyiitm T. M. Altars. F.utereon A. Blair. ' Foxwarren J. M. Buriahlaon, J. Ham Fort William J, G. Macdonald, J. at Rut ledge. liladetotw J. A. Wakefield. (ilenboro A. 8. tlam.a and D. J. C1UM, Klllarney A. H. btllwelL. Kipling W. Smith. Keewatln Q. W. Armatrong. Kennra L.. Johnson. Kamaack W, II. Blmpeon. Mlnltonaa U 11. Llvesley. Morden Jaa. Andrew. DAkvllle Jaa Ingram. Portage la Prairie N. F. mtra. Rouleau V. A. Cochran. Beaton w. H. Bullock - Roland T. H. Lytle. R.thwell W. A. Cameron. Selkirk a. O. Blnipeon end D. A. Ms. Intyre. Tllaton A. I.apolnte. Tuxedo Malor f). W. Trevl.aren. l'alverslty W. Rokaon, A. McMurchy, John Mcwatt, F. W. Smith, M. O'l.ay. X K. Hopper, D. J. Halllday. R. p. Moffati Vt'awaneaa XL B. liters. Batdur Alex. Fowler, J. Johnsoa. Naplnka W. R, Coagrove. Weat Klldonan Jaa. McL.IIan. Headingly Two rlnka. HAMILTON I, ST. PATRICKS, 2 Tigers Double Score on Pats in Fast and Exciting N.H.L. Contest TORONTO. Feb. A Maintaining a pao that fairly beggars description, tha Kim II ton Nat lonal League team defeated Bt. Patricks Saturday by 4 - 2. Old tlm era wlia watched tho atrujfde, voted tt tha nvat exciting nnd fustrst gama seen In many a long day and they did not deny liana Uton's right to victory. Their combination waa much Improved. Thev lad at tha end of tha first perlof by 2 - 0. wera tutscored in tha aeoond by? 2 - 1, and landed tha only counter ii tha last 20 mijiiitis. ' Himmcdi atf - ayt had the better of th argument. Billy Purch broke up ilia nuhM with his great poke checking while the Orer - i brothers, nMy assisted by Den nny and Itoarh, iroved dangerous on the U. irk. St. PMrlcka put up n great battle and never gave up trying. They the mistake, however, of trying to boat tha visitors on lone rushra. nummary rirst period 1. Hamilton. Roach, IS 00 2. llam'tton. W. Orern, 100. ffocond period - Bt. Pnts. Adama, 5ff 4. HamHton, Uurch, .15; 5, St. Pat A - V. ma. 8 00. Third period 6, Hamilton, W. Green iooa Tha T.ine - np Ifnnillton Forbes. Itnndall, Prodgera, Ttun - h. Tt. Green. W. Oreen. Do u char 4, Ronch. Penneny, Ppring, Pnott. St. pats . Roach, Oorbeatl. Hiuart, Aams, Nobla, lve, Jackmn. LoughMn, Art oijr. Referee. Mike Rodden. CHICAGO ATHLETE SETS NEW POLE VAULT RECORD BOPTOjf. Feb. 4 Ona new world's ra - eord Wris eat a Wished and another twica en. united In the 25th annual track mt of the Boston Athletic association here Saturday night. K. E. Myers, of tha Chicago A t hie t to association, acra tetania cleared the bar at 12 f - - et 10 Incltee, aer ting another new world" t Indoor record when he won tha polo vmlt. The bet previous mark. 1 S feet t V Inehea, wa eatabhahedi by Myera in 193. .... I TAKES FLAGE yrut iknown as Dr. Thacher's Liver and Blood Syrup) contains Ingredient known to I'liyslclana for their correc. tive and health building properties. Start taking It after the next meal to cleanse and tone your liver and bullet up your system. You will be com. plctely satisfied; otherwise drupRlst are authorized to refund the entire cost. Dr. Thacher's Liver Blood Kvrtit. Is sold by F. K. Arkcll. 800 t - arpent Ave.; Avenue Drug Company, I32i Portage Ave.; Allen Prii(t Company - , 1C6 Grosvennr Ave.; Wack'a Fhar macy. 233 Kelvin St.. Elmwood F. U Brown Drug Co., 175 Osborne St . ... . iur. yaimriie nna aionev A vm ; Dunlon Drug Depot. 263 PortRra Ave.; Frances 4 I.yall, Notre Dam and Princess; V. Kirkwood, 681 Portane Ave.; Lincoln Park Drug Company, 1640 Main St.; McCullough Drug Compnny, Ltd., Sherhrook and Portage and Sherhrook and Broad, way; McLellan'i Drug Store, J79 Sel. kirk Ave.: A. J. Penis, 1847H Port, ace Ave. St. James; Poynti & Com. pany, 871 Westminster Ave.; Reld'a Drug Wore, (66 Osborne St.; Redwood Pharmacy, 410 Redwood Ave.) Rohert'i Drug Stores, Hi Loran Ave.. 1440 Logan Ave., and 179S Logan Ave.; Service Drug Stores. Portage end Smith St. Portage and 'iirry St.; Shaw's Drug Store. 9ai Main St.; and br leading dnigslata la every city and town. Advt. CITY ENTRIES

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