The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on January 6, 1920 · Page 7
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 7

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 6, 1920
Page 7
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I THE IXDIAXAPOLIS SEWS, TUESDAY, JANUARY C, 1020. i ni Mi! s s 'J I ImU lid i Li i 4 u uiuuiUimSnLiio To r: c - iy What They Gay Are "Unfair Practices at ' cg::'.:ittee cf TEr; ;a!.:ed i t'nme' - t cf iCo - cperative Common Firm t - Zt Ccii - iirti tVrz Ca'.iti ior January 12. n - . Y'.ntvi:z the election cf a rom - r ;:!': it r., or, trr,m ea'.fr district tor - : :;?.? ti.e Ir.diAf: Ft'ltTitiOll Ct y,irr .i' AfHf - intlon, to protect the inter - sts. - of live !ock farmer of I n - dlsri, the i - i p t ! n :? of about 4v0 ach - furfur in lh tat adjourned last Mi - l.t. i A'fion toward remedying w);t ti - e ,v f.i' - y, furme.T ,iy are "ur.fa'r p r. t t the Jridianapoli roeH ar..c ' v !;l I ,s In t r e. hands of iotnn (Hf. Tile committee a'owII i n vf ;;; f - and consider p:.rf for ' the t - tt.i;hrnt of a ro - opra ttv : - . .;on firm at Ih stockyard in art - 'J;''rt to arut the. fafn - r a fal? prlct for hi .atock. It u&i. yirmhrn of fotrntmltirf. ' Tl - hv tVor'K committer l com - 1 of the folio ad n? fr; - n from each .district: Iirf, f. K. 1'auJ. Vtnamac; Hff, r,i, ;orK Urown, Hamilton; TMrl, ','. J. I - ort, lioswetl: Ko"rth, v.', II. f - .' - tfl. Jviroifum; J'lfi.h, K. A. V.i ! ! i :. J4fi"n: :.ih. C C Kth c r.'.n i'y: iveniri. J.ewi r'itr, Vir.rHir.t - n' i;;whf, Kred Hell. I'.uhii - vii : Mrt'i, J. W. Jialiott. Veeders - ir - ; Tenth, tJcorr KUI.l. Jr i!ci!i'iiir, - A. ;.t.rl't committee, forapiwl f oti" nn trtirn mr.ti eotrtty In lh Au - rirt, will t In b'lvidory irar.tty to I ffinhpt ot the llvj irfock om - riStt'. - ! frri Uelr. district. rJhe presl - ditihof ii.c rrmers' federation ia a 7rn,tr r 3t - of ficio of th Iiv eto'k omtM if '.rurdlfnf to the resolution j )or - t"i. . . Koi;uwlt!K the i1 Jo'irnrrlfnt of tn rT, - ' 1 t: th! llV etork rornriitte ! - - ii('t to rjit January' 12 to H!et i rrin itit - e officer - and map out a Other lalrrraf. jf.itiy of the farrnera who attended - f;e nieellnsr 'tf Jtiterete4 In other (itotlu'.i l.tzfldea live stock. Attack w - re riade on otvnera of grain elev. tur an 1 thrsm were dniwr1 - by jnii '.'t tf'f f.trmera who wer Inter - . in ! va! 'r. Th riiruktonM r - .l - J whi Air. Iirowii announced tiit nmrtinif of irraln farmera of Jt..ii." ft ould I - railed aoon to ron - K. ir hrt?i of unfair practice in If r ! ri li aii'i ( ri it. 'Joi'inlo (irDwri of southern Indl fm io attended lb mtln(r of live - utoU ' farmers renrusfd tomato , trowr of tholr part of tha state not to r trn rontrafta for th Jt20 crop intii ti'f iri haa been rtxeit for the lioi; - tnie. I'rogrnnt of (onservatlom. : - - .After several hours of discussion tde live Block farmTi decided at the afternoon lon Monday r rv. a pro trim t,C fonirvtttlm In applying the proposed rtlurmi to the shipping and ". selliriir of live stock. Many of the farmsrs. Imilgnant ut alleKed ioasea In ri.'pfnentf of rtock vero for lm mediate action. V J. Ueckett. Jn - i an4 io II s lwyer ami. Marlon county fnpr, uia chief jeaker for theao mn. "V')it I" the ue of InvestlpatlnB - ," li ni.l, "We all Know how rotten ron3itlor are. What we want to do Is rrrnAiiy thf m,' I'lck a committee with liifiiVffp and l t them start t lie tall ro 1 1 k t if . The money that In taken wway from the farmer hy the ma ripulattiic of hia ittoi'k is nothing lirt ,r iilliwuy vot)lry." While all th farinrrn agreed that i fimli I Ions ri - t rim tixi n - . I lit major - , ity vi - ie In f.vvnr ot proveedina; slowly and surely. " must make haste slowly," said Mr. Taylor. "Several of cur MvUer have put forth the best thoiu iit In remedying the evlla exlet - 'Intf in Iha harullini; of live utork t when they eatu we must nrtit herome rml3r ornl t. When wis have a, trorif? or s nl art tlr.ri wei can demand a sua re .i :ti und force It If necen - r, We will surely lose f vve ko off half cocked. We - must move deliberately Put what we do we must aHn do flnnly ami never ba k up a, atep." s or in IV OF INDIANA F. OF L. STATE LADOR PARTY TO BE, CALL ANNOUNCES REFERENDUM1 VOTE TAKEN A call for a rpeclal convention of the Indiana Ftate Federation 'of UHir to be held in this city February 13. at hk - h It Is rroposcd to orpanlje a state labor party, vast lcuf l Py tileries Fox, presidnnt. and Adedjdi i'"rltt. a. - oretary, o the Slate "Federation Monday. Th state convention of the federation in Ansrut instructed the of - Pecri to conduct a referendum vote on tho proposed labor party. Only nbout one'ixth of the mvmbTJ voted lut of that, number at least 90 per cent. Vi - crti In favor of oriranlratlon of the lutriy. Mr. Frttx sabl. The con - fMn?n will be held in Tomlinsort hull. The orolal call for the convention ejye: "The convention will not only - be com po. I of delegates from labor vnions but also from railroad labor orpr inlratlon. farmers' organisations, womrn's clubs, and al such orjranl - fation aa arw favorBt? to the lalr party movement. All central labor i:nl(in district bodies, rtnte bodies, bijildmjr trails.', m.ftal trades and all county orrinU.itlon are entitled to five dleatr. All local unions are entitled to one delegate for every rfty members or a majority frartlon thereof. lxcl unions with leas than fifty members arc entitled to one d ?lee ate." The number of votea ca.t In the referendum was 15. 4 IS. and of that number 14. "07 voted for the for - m;itbvi of a labor party and 1.105 STRUCK - BY SALVAGE CORPS Crocrry Trork lilt and Colored ttrlver Hurt. WHla a truck of the Indianapolis kily z corpsi was beinp driven north In !. - i,",iti rtr - eet to a ftre Mor - day . ' ? r ,n it hit a truck beloncirv; to i ;. Force. roc"r. North Capi - tcd avenue and Twenty - first street. HrT - i - rown. colored ISIO Norlh - w' - m aveiue. rtnver of the srrocery trCr - "is f ishtly uled about the lr - . Zho i:;ea on the riro truck were t s i re truck, driven by Captain Trt Jo - nsoti. responded to a call at the f o :.' of Viiiini tiiass. 3tc5 Ken - oo i avenue, where a tire caused ii.i ' l a rout J. Tb - i fire was '"!.: i tv frparks frr.r?i a !fi?ctive fi C::i. was prepa rir: - to move fit c: t..a property at the t. - .r. - i of the ba::quet for nEPUDLiCA?is !a Leader t Attend AfTair on January 1U, at Spencer. A r. irrbjr cf l. - i - Jtrs ef th Repubr V - cti i tate crs:.r,i - ition. . lnclu !;.. - Fre '."T'.' - li 1". i - . - horf. - - meier, aasi?t.i r.t sm ury, h r. d 7 rri y Kdmtir. 1 M. - ; - : ..(;.. ?t if e trtirmn, at'. - :id a L r - : e t a t trc.r on the eve "! - ; of J i . 1 ey IS. civ - - n by ttl - J;. - ; - . tf O - .w o county. It ' i x - T ! J :j t 'r - .itiy cf t'.rt r - tn :i rttes for t ! Kf' c - n t.' - e V." r '. :' i ; - i ut - - - ir. : tcr ;. rtalvn i:. j' - r. - 'rVof tj - cr. - ;..r, la ci.arsa of tvrrane - 1 1 p n on i n T n DATE SET F0f? HEAHI.'.'G. JosJr - e Moll lee!4e Xrfflc Orl - Binrr luoipUliit Ant !adir. Jutr - i T. I'.o'A In j;;rlor court Monday afternoon. tt next JJor.iiy a tr. da?.e for hea.rlr.g - on - the request for a t n.jKifary lr:J jriCtion. asking that t2; city olciils l restra - ined from r.i'iTr - iii ir.ts r.ew traftto or - '!:ianc. Ths pl:t!or wa t.i'i bT Vr - V.tcY"T, iiiro.1 Kou'.e t. an4 Ray 151 iliefontai ne street, in - 'j - :' - r Jr.t taxi (Jrtvers. foiiwios tie j rrf .it of JVcxer and thre ot&r laxl !jrivr on charge of violating tb tra ordinance. 4'er.dir.jf rearing' JJondar. the attorney for t.. taxi drivers and for the; city a;rt" - '! that tiie orJi ah.II be er.orce' aa to taxi dnvr t.e same an to the general PjJ;;c 'IJ.e taxi dri vera are tt retain th - ir special pr vtlez'ea and tte tn - force m r t of tf.e olC.r mctitn of tr.e oniiranr unfavorable to the c'r. a ';ff wi.'J b eld in abeyance uo'.il ti.e bearing ortbe. case la court. mm Hia for STATE IMUlilS ICOGT PER CAPITA FOR THE YEAR 1313 WAS $2255. A. W. BUTLER GIVES DATA In the state benevolent and correctional Inttitutiona. aa In the bome. experjea are rnountin.s Msrher and higher, ; Despite the fact that the Institution have fewer Inmatea than bve year asro. fewer new admissions, and a lower average daily attend - :, the total bill Krows with eacia year. - Amo XV. IJutTer. aecretary of the boarj of state cnarities. hat compiled statlatlca on the isituaflon which a.iovr for Instance, that for 1J1 the average pr capita cost of maintaining the state a warda waa IJ.3. In lls It waa t2.'.5.a; thv y r l.efore. Ie also; Cv year as;o. IZyi.7; ten years ago. IUJ.1S. The averaire per taidba cost in 1919 Increased 12 per cint. over ll; ?7 per cent, over fite year ago, and il per cent, over ten year ago. Malateaaaee Cat. Five years ffo the ; maintenance cost of the institutions amounted to S2.ei4.93C.SI. In 1S19 it waa 13.108. - 2T,Zi. an increase of J61.3i0.67. four per cent, of the Increase was for ordinary repairs; 5 per cent, cloth ins;; lu per cent. alarle and wages; 32 per cent, food and 4 per cent, for office, domestic and outdoor departments, the principal Item of which is fuel. The exact increase In each of the five divisions of maintenance expense is shown below: . r,Tliir.n. 1019. 101S. Increase. Arlmuuatra - li'm . ... .Sl.O.y 2nn . fl.VYO fl.2tT . - .lterloe POiefl 70i.72 213.464 'Cioihiua - .. ll.S05 103.70 38.003 UtiMj. iiome) - . t? and outdoor Ccpsrt. ent l.O40,C0a 707.510 341.C0S Ordinary re - Iiaira .... J60.47 . I40.A73 Sg.117 Total . ....1.30,CH7 9601.3&O Another comparison brings out the fact that the state institution have 1.43S fewer inmates now than they had five years ago. There were 13,131 September 30, 115; 11. U3, September 30, 181. The average daily attendance, in 1919 show a decrease of 9VS.31," compared with 1915. There were 6,071 new admission In 1919, ft" acalnst 6.4 41 In 1915. a decrease of 3fo. - Wfca asslysla thews. ' It Is found on analyzlogr the fig - urea that while the totals of all show a tlcrttiB In daily averace attendance, the institutions for insane, feebleminded and epileptic, the h'tate liana torlm and the Robert - W. lonsr Hospital have a treater population. The Kchools for the deaf and blind,' the home for soldiers' and sal lorn' or. phatia and the penal and correctional I nstlttit,ion nave fewer inmate than they iiad five years ago. The School " for Feeble - Minded Youth, at Ft. Wayne, with a population of 1.407, now I the largest Institution in the state. The Central HoHpital for Insane. Indianapolis, haa J. .'.96 patients; the :out heastern ilos -, Msdison. cornea third, with 1.167. t The seven Institutions for yne ntal ' cases. Including the feebleminded and epilepltc, have 6.999 inmates; the six prisons and reformatory Institution. 3.O04, and the ne - malnlnc six Institutions 1.60. The state's expense for maintaining these persons for the fiscal year was 11. - "3S.339.05 for the Insane, feebleminded and epileptic; 198.940.38 for the prisons and reformatory Institutions 69.108.0$ for the remaining Fix Institutions for soldiers and their orphans, the deaf, blind, tubercular and fick poor. Water - Prccf COVERS of the highest quality. EBERHARDT & CO. 122 S Capitol Ave. Special Dinner $1.00 Per, Plate (5 to 8 p. m.) If y o feel a real aareriaar far ttitS 4elirona inral mt we - ll nokul food, jaat drop Inte Hotel KasrKsa thta errslnR and try r Special Ulaaer. VeuTl en jay It, New Hotel English Gafe Direct llntrance ort Meridian i HAPPINESS An othertai vcey - rdere4 life may be broken into with the d is t if act Sn CAnteqof nt te defective Timn. It te iropooaible to be perfectly happy at work at play, or In your home or social life wua the conataat nasirinc ef eyee which are not functioning; properly. Good Vision if absolutely easeatlal to the full enjoyment of every phaao cf your active Ufa. If your eyea are bot - harine you. b aura to consult a reliable optora - etriat at onca. 142 X. rennvjlrania St. 0 PERSONAL Franc! II. Rankin haa returned to Indiana L'r.lvera - .ty. fra Anna M. Connor and her eona. "Wiiii and I'r.ilip. have gone to California for residence - Mr. WiJHam If. 2TrTlson a - d son l.ave s - one to AshertJie and - Cireens - boro for abort visits. The TJjeta Altha, of Telta Gamma, will meet Saturday at 1 o'ciock with ilias Irma Korn. litJ l'ark avenue. Mrs. Daniel Stewart and Mr. John Ileadrick have rone to Naples. Kla to etRit - ! ra. William ScotL M:r, Oeorfre Rarrett lloxley will join ilra. iott In a few weeks. Wayne Y. McMeans. wto has been visitir. - his parent. Mr. and Mr. O. y Mciieana, haa returned to Koaton. where be la a itud - nt at the Maaaa - chuaetls Institnte of Technology. Mrs. J. XV. Caldwell will entertain Tburaday ni?ht ' with an al iminum Siowcrifor Miss Ruth L (romme. whoa - ; 'marriac to LUoyd . Mclntorf will take place the last of this month. At the general meeting of tie o - ir.jn'i Department Club Thursday afternoon. Mis May Louie will talk and a one - act play will b riven under, the direction of Mrs. Ki.xabetti i - 'air. Mr. and Mm. R, W. Gillespie will entertain at dinner this evening; for Mr. and lira. liryant Gillespie. Jr.m and Mr. and Mr. Guy Urr.mon. Miss Mary Iiowen, of Xew Orleans, who is Mrs. Ummon, and lioyd Gillespie wiil be the other gruest. Mrs. Charie Railsback and daughter. Miss Kuth May Railsback. will receive - Informally Friday afternoon for Miss Martha Railsback and Miss Vfaod Watts, who are spending ten days with them. There are rvo Invitations. Misa Martha Railsback and Miss Watts own and operate a hotel at 8avoy In the Dlack Hills district of Kouth I)akota. Rabbi Morri Feuerllcht talked on "Raoe Recuperation" before the Council of Jewish Women Monday afternoon at the Temple. Miss Ruth Mossier sanR a group of songs Including "Down in the Forest Ronald; "Were My Bonr With Wing I'rovlded" (Heynold Jiahn). and "The Star" Oloirers). Mr. Benjamin Marks gave current events. At the Monday afternoon sneetHitr of ihe Indianapolis Association of Trl Kappa, which wa held with Mrs. W. Made i . the healthful table teverne now used so much by lOTrrier ; tea arid coffee drinkers." The Gift That orVnaxfnireary 1 or just a, remembrance. A. Wicgand's Sons, Florists, The particular housewife will insut on Surtex because it will give Dearly the same service as a pure linen towel, polish inf and drying china or glassware quickly without leaving lint or smudge. ' Examine Startex and you wiil be con inced of its splendid merit by its strong smooth finish and its attractive fast border, jtt it costs but little more than the or dinar cotton toweling. Sold m irtUclsss stores, tfsmt sUmfti en fabric. x HERMAN'S Framing is Different You - will xecognize this by comparing s ome pictures framed elsewhere. Each frame blends with the pic - ture, producing a harmony of tone that you'll appreciate, Herman's Art Store 120 N. Pennsylvania St. ' Across from Keith's , . On Second Floor i 77ic p .a - nv a III A A ss' of Health" T TSED by thonsznds ia the treatment of sore throat, tonsilitis, and other conta - giotis diseases. - Malre it your daily habit to use Boraextine Keep hcaltiry.Avcid the Inflccnzaepidcimc. Pric SOe and fl.CO pr cWfa. Gttymwn TODAY. F. E. nAJUl COe, CHICAGO L AND SOCIAL H. Adar - s. the following officers were elected: pTesidert. Mrs. Chrses It. Quick; Tice - pres;Jnt, Mrs. Karl j I - acc - f: re - rordicsr tecretary. Mrs. I Mayes T:jkirk; treasurer. Mrs. J. Fred HoUa - d; secretary. Mrs. Merriil Steele. The Oliver I. Morton chapter of the Eaurhter of the Union hU a Kust meeting at the tome of Mrs. Charles IZ. Krsr:o Monday afternoon. Mrs. A. J. Clarke was elected f.rt voe - rec - ent to fill a vacancy. Mrs. Thomas Rosson read a papr on "Some Famous Peace Treaties' ano" Miss 5ara l - a - iter. arrorspanied by M!ias Cynlia Hum, sar - g The F - attle Ilyrnn of the Repubhc.' "Dance of the Ro - roafka" Lehman). "A Dream" (Bart - Itt and - f'ome Unto These Tellow Sands" (LiForpt). Mr. Rallard Long entertained at br.dge this afternoon for her visitor. Miss - Elizabeth Smith, of Tcardstown. Ky. and Miss Elizabeth Perkins, of Klwood. Tne cuests included fr. Ralr.h C.appell and her ca'st. Mr, flrant. of Arkansas; Mrs. R T. Rlrpa. Mrs.. J. R. Iewis. Miss Gertrude bpiegeL Mrs. Kenneth Reese. Miss Carlesta Minesmrer. Mis Mary Brad - skaw. lira. Pubert McClore. Jr.; Mr. Ueorrc Moore. Mr. John Kauta. M re - John Owen. Mrs. Ralph Klvin. Mr, William Rate, of Cleveland, and Mr. George Talmer, of Sheridan. Mrs. Alexander Stewart wa the hostea today for a pretty luncheon - bridge for Miss Amy Caron. of Louisville, who I Tisiting Mr. A - R Coffin and for Mis Helen Buck, of Sturgia. Mich, who is the guest of Mrs. Roland Buck. The small luncheon tables were decorated with basket of poinsettias and narcissu blossoms and for the large table in the tlinine; room there wa a centerpiece of the same flower and Dresden candlestick . lighted with white ta - er. The truest with Mrs. Coffin. Mra. Ruck and their YKItor included Mrs. Arthur Harold Godard. Mr. J. I. llolcomb and her visitor. Mrs. Gu Amdt. - of Detroit, Mrs. Clarence ytricHand. Mr. J. R. Klrkpatrick. Mrs. John S. MacFarlan. lira, John McKay, Mr. Frank Jones. Mr. Frank Aobett. Mr. Arm in Krutiach," Miss Magenta Ryan. Mr. Clarence Pudd. Mrs. Russell Sullivan. ; Mr. G. B. Jackson. Mr. Kdward Treaty Mr. Turpe Smith. Mrs. Julius French. Mr. John Kloan Kittle. Mr. John Hot. Mr. Cornelius Holloway. Mr. Georsre Wlblhack. Mrs. Carl Anderson. Mrs. Quicldy in The Czrp There's a Reason Always Delights fAY FLOWERS Lt " b your our" of 1610 lo 1624 N. Illinois St. 3 Guardisn i in J. - - ?l Wh'taVer. rea. Cornelins Af.'son. frs. iU) - rt IV Khci.iei. Mr. John lirandr. ilrf. Raymond i:ton, St ra. jcbra :y Newcomt. Mm. V"redericfe lird. ? - lrs. Ne!on l'jnbr. Mra. Wallace O Lee. Mifs Ioris Clare. Mr. I - - rer.ce mith and ilrs. George fctewart. B re wee Cat we 11. r?erl to TTe InLiaipcs Nel irxr.VTI.VGTON. Ind, January . Miss Mary M. Cajwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Caswell of this city and Iasil Brewer, business manager of the Cleveland to.) Press, were n.amed Saturday evening at the home of the bride s parenta. by the liev. W. T. Angus, pastor of iha Presbyterian church. Miss Kate Cox. of Peru, and Geortre Ilarr.mell were the attendant. The couple left for a weddinir trip which will include visits to Panama and Cuba. Baalaeea Wsars'i M retla;. Regular meetings of the business woraen" department of the Woman's Department CluT will be resumed at the clubhouse text Thursday nit, when Julian WeUeL manager of "the Keystone Preaa. will address m - n - - ,tft',h,TiUb' 'inK V kim tablet, rifty - Fifty. Several vocal number will be givea and aupper will be served to member between S:30 and 7:30 o clock. Mrs. Grace Julian Clarke, who had been scheduled to neMaVc'h V.UU r. will be Car Shortage Hits Kset Ceaary. 5peclal to The Indianapolis Newt VIXCE.N'.VES. Ind, Jancary For the first time since the coal strike ended miner In the Knox county fields have been affected by the short - age of car. Since the reopening of The Summer Climate of Porto Rico A - '.Delightful 16 - Day Cruise $125 Up , i , i . Other Tours To BERMUDA WEST INDIES SOUTH AMERICA, Etc. Mala 1374. Foreign BHIOn TRUST GeWPflHTi 120 East IMarket Street t .V'ICTDl on Victor the m?ne they have all been work - 1 r etea :;!y until this week. Because of the shortage, only half the mines were In operation today. The shortage, accordirg to ortcials, will only be temporarily. PENSION BILL PASSES. lloaa Bill laereaslag Allewaacea Is Seat tm !eaatc WASHINGTON. ' January 6. To meet increased living costs, increased monthly pensions to civil war veterans and dependent relatives totaling more than CS.000.000 annually would be payable under a bill paased by the house yesterday and sent to the senate. The vote waa 23 1 to &3. The minimum monthly allowance under the bill is lio. while partly disabled veterans would receive J0. Blinded and invalid soldiers wouid b paid ?2 a month and widow wouid receive 130. Aaaaal faet Maatera Nlsht. Mrtj Tie Lode No. 39S. TTree and Accepted Masons, celebrated its annual part masters titt Ust r - iftt. The rrorraia coa - siated of the conferring ot the third dciree en E!!is C Ora - t. to aVtr - e aod bukcu vlrrlioR. June) C. dp, who axvel aa a Y Ji C. A. er - rUry orrfnwai. deoueved - ia - onrr In the World War." He OeterxieJ tbe V. M. C. A. ia it work ia Frinoa, r - ,.r that Oeneral Perhjr.r. a Mn. had Iprai' , iw . . . . v. - - - - . . . . . , bis - lireM on "Maeonry. an KuhhoiPtil. ' the - ViU ' " - ( r . i . t - v, .. i t - deprtlona for Knia and anarchita. 3a u - eieal numbers were p - onded by the Mtu eboni. OrkS Trio and Mr. Helen Warrum Chappell. More than Sou member attended. Leacae Direeter t Sleet. The board of director of the Indianapolis Franchise 1tko will meet 1 - riday afternoon at 2:50 in the headquarter. S04 Chamber ot Commerce. Department. Aw taw SO - . 7 ' 'J . Ml, n f ll'J'. - 'i:''3 It is significant that every .wort - whilc accomplislirncrit in the talking - machine art, every improvement of value in txiUdng - machine construction, is thexcsult of Victor sldll and progressiveneca. The Victor Company is not a mere manufacturer of trildn - ' machines. It is a creative organization. It developed the talking - machine to its present high state of perfection, and the years of experience ani millions of . dollars' spent in exhaustive recsarch and experiment all have a direct bearing on the superiority cf Victor products today. The mammoth Victor plant is devoted exclusively to the manufacture of taUdng - machines and records, and it is the only plant in the entire taUdng - naachine 'industry which makes every part of every instrument within its ovn walls. No other manufacturer today is qualified to produce an inrtru meht as good as the Victrola If the instrument you buy is to hz the bect, it must be the Victrola. Thebe are Victrolas in great variety of styles from $25 to C950, and there are Victor dealers everywhere who will gladly play your favorite music for you. New Victor Records demonstrated at all dealers on the 1st of each month. TaHdnp - Machins Co.0 Gamdsn, IT. j. GRANGE RAIL VOTE READY. Aati - StrtWe Rrfrrra4aa nnnlK to Ite Given to Senator Cummin a. WASHINGTON. January 6. Reaults of the recent referendum in the Na tional Granpe on the anti - striVe pro visions of the Cummir.s ra.:l - road I ill will be presentel to 1'hiirmaa Cummins, of the senate interstate commerce committee tomorrow by the gran ire's executive ro n - it - '. ir i t i i i - 4 i r r n 1 i Bkm v. mmms v w v mm - - Announce New Claccc: Hj) i MODAT ?' te : - T Beginner' One - step Fpeclal attention to thOS4 who have never danced. Tvr.snT S to Coast to Coast 'ot Trot A combination of steps to make your dancing fln - t i h - 1 i J 1 1 i i it w - t I t 1 Is - j t 1 - . t K i - .hcd. ' Tjztzizy, Th'zizlzy S .v at wJT Q A 11 Special Course fi; i re Private ail SU J Jm LI i i a - ' L) l ! Tree 7 Claaa Leaaeai . Private Lessen bj Arri - tncnt Ask Our Pupils - Cater Still. Ccrne rd See fcr czn M MARSH DANSE STUDIOS nccosrolzed Authorities In Modern r.allroom Dr.cir. Illinois and North Streets JIain 53C3 or Main Auto. 22 - 121 I 1 1 'i u VHctroIa rCVn, 3C0 VlcfxoU XVII, elccfru - , $365 Mahcsaar o oaa i - X 1 o. ' u u r e: :.. It v. h.ird fru; 1 e . t ' . in s r : - ' j r i .' : i. 5 : r , - ' i - ; t ;t TAT 1 . 1 1 : 'l to " - ... J t - ii t e r r views are n:Ti hi .1 pre .i r 1 : r senate. It T r o ' . " fr n ? - .) rr.ii t. '':m;n'Mri '. by a l: i km or.. 1 r. - Tin Hn w te r'o Trot A class for those wishing to get the corrects foundation. ' S VTt r.TVVT : . r - - e a : : t sr i ric .ip S '. e ; s t o i ike your '.r . - sr r s 1 1 o o t U a n .i a.O ? t DUVALL3'5 Syncopated J:.zz r ell fcTci Snappy M,nle Trick, riajtn? JOHN STi:V.A!lT pe - clnl Singer and Dancer J J - a. . 7 o . ; i jar - s - s w 4 tte. " l i TFftY "

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