Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on December 31, 1956 · 6
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 6

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1956
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PUZZLE NO. 102 S i , 1 . i i i IP Ig pj iMiiTft tTfSl ' . 'I : 41. a nIn e r j : Slate. v ; PRINT C1EARLY .Your' Name Street & No. Phone Number Citv .,.....'.....;........ In the box at right please PRINT the firt letter oi your last name hr jr and-xlear. 12.31 Mail to "Little Fooler No. 102. Postoffice Box 6307, Chicago Tribune, Chicago 80, 111." All entries must he delivered by the postoffice to Box 6307 not later than 1 p. m. Thursday, Jan. 3. CLEW DEFINITIONS v -."Clews Across J: 'To imitate or-mimic. ' ."St 'Man's have pro- .4vided a great many of the '..,. world's troubles. . "7 'To r- money could aptly be .called foolish. . l -People with . modern,, pro-( 'gressive ideas would not ap-!- 'prove of such. an action. 1(L There's nearly & 1 w a y s . a .'' chance for one who is this I' Ao make a fresh start, "l Something" valuable is pro- 'dueed by this. 5' Mistake. ' 1(5." I Rearrange letters of " gun." ITi 'A. person should be helped fto do his work better by 'this. itL ' Primary color. 13.' American soldier Islangl. . 20.-- The of the times would be seen in : realistic historical pageant. 24 Used for- drawing heavy . burdens. 2fC'Every that breaks brings distress to many. 2C- If you . someone, .'."he'll annoyed. 29. In which 'there are a lot of ; - excitable people. . SO. Soldier may spend extra k time polishing ' up; his ap-' pearance when Tie has im- .-portant - coming . up.' . . . .-'' SL -Belonging to me. 2. 4. 5. . 9. 11. 13. 14.. 21. 22. .23. 27. 28: Clews Down The public might well be enthusiastic about the this shown by beautiful ' young film actress. " . Human upper limb. When' redecorating the outside . of. an old house, you. might well think it, worthwhile to give the front door anew . . . " A gardener's work might well involve a lot of this. . Two-horned; ' crescentlike. A : t is a mat ter of inclination. -. It is. sometimes difficult? to remove signs- of .this from 'clothing. People watching championship fight on .TV are likely to- be disappointed by : r- end. Opera singer's ability would be severely .. t e s t e d by You'd expect even driver 'with reputation for speeding to slow down when he sees this ahead. " Prospective heiress deeply in debt may well be greatly relieved to learn wealthy eligible bachelor would be glad to - her.. Three strikes and batter Is Month. (jritragn Baity Ertfrnne Monday, December 31, J956 Parti Page 6 JF ' MIND The Rules . 1 J Work the" puzzle. " Solve it ,as; you would- any 'other cross-, word puzzle. , 2. After ' you. ' have filled in your answers neatly- and CLtLRJLY, clip out the puzzle anri PRINT your name and ad- dress in the coupon. Then mail to.the address given below, 3. So as to help '. speed up . effecting and handling entries, any entrant who sends in a win-. tiing entry which is pasted on . the back of a postcard or oa the 'bapk. outside of an envelope. 4he same size as a postcard will . . , be given a bonus of 10 per cent . '. df his prize money. Note: please do not inclose postcard entries iri, 'envelopes. Entries on post-. - cards -.wiiich are inclosed in en-.' lelopes. will not be eligible for th'f above bonus.- J ? 4. Address your entry ' to ' 'Little Fooler No. 102, Post- .. office Box 6307, Chicago Tribune, Chicago 80, 111." All entries of solutions tb Puzzle No. 102 .printed today, must be delivered . ''bit the postoffice to . Box 6307 " riot later than 1 p. ni. Thursday ,- Jan. 3, 1957.' Winners, if any, will,-be announced as soon as ".possible , in- The Chicago TRU3UNE. '..' "5. For the correct solution to " Puzzle No. 1D2, submitted in accordance- with these rules, The Chicago Tribune will pay $3,000.- If more than one correct solution is- received, the prize money will ' be divided equally among the. winners. If no correct 'plutiQn to Puzzle No. 102 is re- e'eiyed, the- prize money will be added- to the irize . money for Puzzle No. 103. 6. Everyone is eligible- to compete except- Chicago Tribune, employes and members of their families. You pay nothing. Just send in an entry. You may submit as many solutions as you wish. You need not buy The Chicago Tribune to compete. You may submit an entry containing a hand, drawn copy of the puzzle design. To be eligible, ' such an entry must contain-an exact size facsimile of the puzzle which' appears In The Tribune. The facsimile must include all the- black squares and must be on opaque paper or postcard: Facsimiles made with carbon paper, or tracing paper or by mechanical duplicating means are not eligible. The Tribune may be examined at the Tribane offices and at public libraries free of charge. . .7. This is a . contest of skill. Study the clew definitions carefully before writing in' your answers. Only one answer, is best. The Tribune will appoint a committee of judges to consider .all entries and select the prize winner or winners. By entering, all entrants agree that the de cisions of the. judges shall be final and .binding. No entries will be . returned. All become the property of The Chicago Tribuns.-. 8. In fairness to all. The Tribune cannot discuss this con test by mail, phone, or-in any other way with, contestants. Please do not phone The Trib une about this contest.' ' - for the right answer to the puzzle above 3n V :'.Today's; puzzle above is worth $3,000 in prize money. Get the right answer and you're a sure winner.. Every winner is paid off promptly. ..Mail your answer at once. It must be received, at the special contest postoffice box 'not later .thah.'l p. m. THURSDAY, JAN. 2r. " - y- iq;bonus ; ..-v.. Remember winners. get a 10 bonus on top of their, prize money; if their jentries are 'sub--rnitted- on postcards: or pasted on backs (out- "sidcf, NOT inside). of envelopes joi postcard size.' Clip, the puzzle along .the ..dotted .lines and it will 'fit easily on a postcard. . . " HEART DOCTOR INSISTS A GOVERNS BRAIN It's Not Just Complex Machine, He Say$ New'-' York- Dep.' 30 .'( Is the human brain just a fantastically complex chemical and electrical machine?- Tiny amounts of. hew found, chemicals can give -us- hallucination. Put other drugs into the brain, and you dream every night.. '. '. Qr is there a mind that is needed, to-.control the brain-unknown forces that' are expressed as thought? The answer today from .Dr. Irvine H. Page 'of Cleveland is that we must.haye a mind. He's Heart Specialist -. Dr. page, a heart specialist,-raised the question at the' closing session of the annual meeting' of the American Association for. the Advancement of Science, One "synthetic chemical, nicknamed LSD-25, Causes haV lucinations when given to- hii-. mans. But .this is counteracted or abolished' by serotonin, chemical which- exists natur ally in the blood and in the brain.- ' Other ' scientists find-that a tranquilizing '.drug, reserpine, apparently, works because it increases the. amount of-serotonin in the brain. Saise Philosophy Question There is growing, evidence also, said Dr. Page, that- the brain secretes chemicals such as. pituitary gland hormones and possibly - a chemical known as cerebrotonin that regulates blood pressure. ". " All of these sort, of adven-, tures into the chem i c a 1 changes going on in the. brain have raised again a number, of philosophical . questions con cerning the nature ot thought itself. Dr. Page said.-He said-he thinks there is not enough evidence "for any firm belief that the mind is only a series, of complex elec trical circuits hot unlike the industrial electronic. ' brain.' "A iriind," he said, ' " is required to control the brain.!' Study Own Role The scientists . voted today to expand a study of- what sci ence can do to help solve prob lems partly created by science such :as radiation dangers from H-bomb. fall-out. They acted after, a. report from an interim -study group which said the main cause of an impending crisis " in re lationships between science and society -w,as'! that science has- failed to win its proper place in managing public affairs in a. day when decisions depend so. heavily .upon sci ence and scientific knowledge.' BUS STRIKE SET FOR MIDNIGHT IN SPRINGFIELD Springfield, 111., Dec. 30 UP) Negotiations -.between a trans portation .worker, union arid the Springfield transportation company broke down and a union official said' a bus strike was inevitable.. ; John M. -Murphy, ..president of local 1429, Amalgamated Association of Street, Electrical, Railway, and Motor Coach Employes of America, called the strike for midnight tomorrow. He declined to give- spe- cific details but said the union was seeking more in wages, benefits; holidays, and pen sions.- Company officials also de-. clined to comment on: the issues. Ray Edmund'soh, state labor mediator, . and F'r a n k Heanig, federal mediator, withdrew from the meetings. Both said they were unable to aid negotiations further. ' . Cigaret Starts Blaze; 30 Routed from Flats Thirty .'persons were routed from a three story brick apartment buildir g at 3516 W.. 13th pi. yesterday, by a firfe which caused.'.damage estimated at $4,500.-Chie Harold AValtmari of the 2,8th battalion said the fire apparently' started from a. discarded 'oigaret. -. Weather '.Forecast;; Miji for the United Slates Forecast foDvlia"": ' " V ' y m f jr t cp ' ' .- " .. ' SNOWIIUIIHII RAIm! ' ClOUDY' ' MLfe " f A. O-' " V 6- II -.111 ill CONDITIONS; DEC.70.1 9566 :30 P.M. RAIN. 1 FRONTS (EXPECTED AT :30 P.M.)COIO WARM sssssssssi STATIC ; WIHO ' IMI-HICil TEMPERATURES FORECiST FOR CITIES SHOW! 5 SPEED (MPR) Of PRESSURE AREAS National weather forecast based on maps of U. S. Weather bureau, Central standard time. OFFICI AL . WEATHER REPORT if Aimr. AiftTrnn irr REPORTED SEEN INTWOPLflCES ROAD CONDITIONS ILLINOIS:- Highways generally clear . except, few scattered slippery spots . In the . vicinity of Pontiac' and Dixon,. 111.;' snaw wiil spread over remainder, of driving area this eve-'jting; brief period of freezing, drizzle likely to precede snow; roads probably will be- slippery. ' INDIANA: Scattered slippery spots north; occasional snow with little freezing drizzle tonigh.t. MICHIGAN; Few scattered slippery - spots on main highways; occasional snow tonight, WISCONSIN: Scattered slippery " spots;- occasional snow and freezing drizzle.. IOWA: Allhighways normal. ..FORECASTS . INDIANA: Snow flurries- likely- extreme north today; turning colder -.north .in; afternoon; rather, cold north and east tomorrow. LOWER MICHIGAN: Snow flurries and local snow 'squalls today; north, arid turning colder south; cold with a few snow flurries near Lake Huron tomorrow. UPPER MICHIGAN: Snow flurries -and windy today; colder west and . central Monday;- .somewhat warmer west tomorrow; chance of snow in afternoon. WISCONSIN: . Snow flurries north . arid east today; -turning -much . colder; somewhat warmer west. and ' central tonioYrow; chance of snow northwest. ' '. . IOWA: ; Colder . today and tonight; 'little '.temperature change tomorrow. .- sr tr " I Place of observation State of weather" Dec. 30,- 6:30 p. m. Central standard time ' ; Albany, clear .-. . '. 7 Albuquerque, clear . 54 Amarillo, clear .'. . 70 Atlanta, clear 57 Belleville, clear ..... 50 Birmingham, clear ... 60 Bismarck, clear ..... '47 Boise, cloudy 28 Boston; clear 16 Brownsville, clear . . 76 Buffalo, snow 15. Casper, cloudy . :' 45 Charleston, clear ... 55 Charlotte, clear ...... 50 CHICAGO, partly cloudy Midway official . 35 Grant Park 35 Cincinnati, clear 35 Cleveland, cloudy ... 24-Columbus,- clear - .... 30 Denver, - clear ,.. 62 Des Moines, clear ... 55. Detroit,' cloudy 26 Dubuque, clear ...... 39 Duluth, pt. cldy. .... 36 El Paso, clear .'....,, 53 Fargo, cloudy .....-. 40- Fort Worth, clear 73 ' Galveston; clear ...... 72 Grand Rapids, snow. 27 Green Bay, Cloudy 23 Helena, cloudy 45 Indianapolis, clear 40 Jacksonville, clear 60 Kansas City, clear ... 63 Los Angeles, cloudy ' . 72 Louisville, cleaT .... 44' c u as 3 23 .33 30 , 31 30 23 23 8.. '45 6 34 33 26. 13 ia 18 15 17 36 : 28 ir 13 6 25 26' 40 51 15 -6 25' 15 34 32 50 31 s'Lt C 3 .40 .01 STORM BRINGS BIG SNOW, ICY ROADS TO NEW ENGLAND Boston, Dec. 30 tSPA storm that dropped up to 15 inches of ' snow, in some sections yesterday was followed today by a cold wave with below zero temperatures, encasing some New England highways with a heavy coating of ice. In Maine," Houl ton reported 15 inches; Presque Isle 14; Caribou, 12; Old Town, nine, and Portland, eight. Portsmouth, N. H., reported six; inches, and Providence, R. I., two inches Boston , had five, inches. '.- The weather bureau warned the six state area of the coldest temperatures of the year tonight. Five to 20 degrees below zero, was forecast for Maine. No Opposition Groups, East Germans Warned BERLIN, Dec. 30 Reuters Walter Ulbricht, East Ger nian communist chief, .today warned' that the party " will not allow the formation of organized groups to defend opinions differing from the general party line." In the party newspaper Neues D e u t s c h 1 a h d,. he wrote: "After an exchange-of views a resolution will be adopted which will then .be' binding on all members." . Madison, clear .-. .....' 36 Marquette, snow 15 Memphis, clear -.. 59. Miami, clear . . - 65 Milwaukee, cloudy 35 : Mpls.;st. Paul,-cldy. . 43 Molirie, cloudy ...... 46 New Orleans,' clear ..'71 New York, clear-.. 25 Omaha, clear 62 Oklahoma-City, clear. 70' Peoria, pt. cldy.- 42 Philadelphia, clear .. 26 Phoenix, cloudy 71' Pittsburgh, clear 20 ' Portland, Me'., clear-... J7 Portland, Ore., rain .' 37 Quincy, clear 50.. Raleigh, clear . . . .-. . . 45 Rantoul, clear 38 Rapid City, pt. cldy.. 57' . Richmond, clear' 39 -Rockford, clear ......37 St. Louis, clear -. Mj Salt Lake City, cldy... 37 San Antonio, clear .-. . 77 San Diego, cloudy ... 9 San Francisco, cloudy 56-' Sault Ste. Marie, snow 4 South Bend, cloudy . 31' Seattle, rain 41 Spakane, cloudy ..... 28 Springfield, clear ..,44 Tampa, cleaf .......' 63 Traverse City, snow . 24 Vandalia',' clear 47 Washington, clear .-. . 31 Wichita, clear. 69 Canadian Calgary, cloudy ....... 38 Edmonton, pt. cldy,. 38 . -6 . 1 : , 36 . 17 . 31 4 '... 8 .11 32 46 9 17 ... .24 .. .- 43 .... 14 . .... 27 .... 36 ... 25' ... 21 ... 39 .10 J07 2 ... 29 ' .14 ' 29 ' ,.; 25'.' ... 16' .:. 40 24 '. '.. . 7 .. 31 ...' 17 ... .43 ... 47 ... 40 . ' :.. -II .06 15 -.01 30 .01 22 .... 29 4i -. 11 .08 ''27 ... 24 ...' . 29 27 . 32 :. -10 '...' tK .. .. 23 -4' :.. .15 .04 24 ;04 -5 .10 37 .07 69 Montreal, clear . Quebec, clear ... Regina, .clear . . , Toronto; cloudy , W'innipeg, snow , Alaskan ' ' Anchorage, snow ... 31 Fairbanks,, pt. cldy.. 5 Juneau, rain 42 Hawaiian-Honolulu, clear . . .'. . 83- -. Foreigrt temperature's 6:30 - p. Aberdeen, cloudy ...'.. '.-.. London; rain Paris, clear Berlin, clear Copenhagen, cloudy Stpckholm, cloudy '.i., Rome, rain '..:... Warsaw, clear Madrid, rain ....... i Casablanca, rain Mexico City, cloudy. a-J . 46 . 44 39 ... 51 .. 30. .. 34 , 50 .. 12 ...41 .. 57 u 63 M.- See. the Right Answer Next Sunday! The- right answer to the puzzle above, plus the "'names of winners, if any; will. appear. in Jiext .' Sunday's Chicago' Tribune. Remember a new .'Little Fooler" will' be' presented in the Chi- cago - Tribune neit Saturday r : Sunday, and Monday. .'; ' ' ..-.' STORM SLAMS CANADIANS' SEA PROVINCES HALIFAX, N. S., Dec. 30 W An.'AtlantiC storm born off Cape Cod slammed into Canada's maritime provinces to-day. It knocked . out commu: nications and power facilities anl left, highways strewn with splintered poles, trees,' bricks and glass. . . ' The main blow was- felt in the. heavily populated Halifax and Dartmouth area' of Nova Scotia. Winds averaged 55 m. tv h; Gusts reached 100 m. p. n. . Air lines flights from Boston and- Montreal were canceled Police in Halif ax asked church goers to- avoid electric wires lying, in the .streets. -RESORTS -ARFUINSAS- ARTHRITIS is easier fo tive-With bl HOT SPRINGS MAJESTICTreDE.7-7793 -MISSOURI- ' HEALTH HOLIIJt r rm'"" Chicago Off fJEKfr1 -CALITORNIA- Free! Los. Angefe County color sightsee. ing niap. Hundreds of points of interest. iO movie star homesljielps plan vacation he'rrony season. Write All-Year Club, Lbs Angelas-17,' Cclifojni, Dry. G-5. AGGIE MACK .TO'BUPGET H5 ' -ALLOWANCE '60 MB CM GET ALOW om rr -Missing. 3 T. Trace: Twq sisters, 15 and .14,-ob jects . of a wide' search siroce they disappeared Friday night from tneir home on the south west side, were' reportedly seen the next morning near where the three slam Chicago school . boys were last- seen Oct. '. 16, 1956,' The ' Tribune was told last night. -The. girls are Barbara Grimes, 15,- a Kelly High school sophomore, and. Patri cia, whose 141h birthday is today, a 7th grade pupil at St Maurice's school. Their home is at 3634. S. Damen. a v. .' . They' left home'at 7:30 p. m. to go to a movie. Some- of nearly .100 policemen' seeking them were .informed that the girls may have been seen at 11:05 the same night when they left' an ' Archer av. bus at Western a'v-. Reported Seen Later Jack Franklin, 68, of 3647 Ainslie st., a guard' employed by the Admiral corporation, television and radio manufacturers at 4159 N. Knox av-., said he met two girls answering descriptions, of the missing sisters at 9:40 z. rh. Saturday in Lawrence av., near Central Parkav.- It was . their rudeness, he said, that made him remember them. He said he heard ' one say to the other,! " I.' wonder where the bus-stops." Franklin, on his way home with an armful of groceries, said he told the girls " You ve passed if," and pointed to the stop at Central Park av.. "3600 west. --..' . '". One. of th girls retorted, ". O, shut up," .and the ' two walked toward the designated stop. ' '. Boys Believed Seen Nearby The s c h o bl- boys, ' Robert Peterson, 14, and John Scheus-sler 13, .and John's' brother, Anton Jr., 11,. were believed last . seen-in the bowling alley at 3326 Montrose- av., about- 8 p.m. Oct. -16. Two days Jater tiieir' naked, bruised - bodies were found .in ' the Robinsop reserve woods near Lawrence and the Des' Plaines. river,.' a few 'miles west of where Franklin saw the girls'. ' ' Mrs. Loretta Grimes, 48, the girls' mother -who is being treated for hysteria said her daughters never stayed .out late oi .exhibited signs 'of de-linquehcy .They -had $2.15 when . they, went to an' Elvis Presley movie- in- the theater at 4207 Archer av. ' Investigators thought it was possible the girls had gone oh a date with sailors Last 3Nov. 28 they came home will: tvsfO sailors they, said they mt-t in a Loop movie. A few days agd, Patricia- naa coniidea to -a friend she had received a let ter from a sailor acquaintance . jp - " 1 ' - ; ' X . :, " -.v ...v..'v.'.-....s-;. TkV .J'..:.vL:-'U:v:v'JkV . w -y7 . . .tTRIBUNK Photos I . . ' Barbara Grimes (top), 15, .and fier siiiet', Patrkia, 44, who have' been ising Jrom-hpme at 3634 S. t)amen av. since Friday riight. informing. her he would be in Chic'ago"'f6r the holidays. . Dorothy Fisher, 15, of 36 11 " S. ATcher av., told police she .. talked 'to (lie two girls briefly iri tho-. theater , at 10:30 p. m, before sh&.left to gqrlrome. She said the girls were alone. .." Driver Identifies Photos .A CTA bus 'driver identified their pictures as .those of the girjs" who lef his' ,est-err av. at-11:05 p', m,. and .started, walking 'across Western ay." Mrs.-Crimes, who has four-other chydren, is .divorced. Her former husband, Joseph, ' , 2738-'W. 61st St., joined police in' the'- search. lie'. and the . mother told police-' the girls had no " steady boy friends'." Barbara was described as 5 feet tall, weighing 100 pounds,-. with browri eyes, dark brown hair,' and' a. fair complexion.',. She was wearing'.a gray tweed , skirt,- a yellow biouse, a-g'ray ' three-quarter length - coat, a . gray babushka, black ' "baUe: rina.- shoes, and white.' bobby-sox. . -.-".' ' Police said Patricia is 5'fcet 3 inches tall, weighs . 103 pounds, has. brown eyesj dark brown. hair, and. a fair com plexion, and was wearing blue:. jeans, ' a' yellow sweater, ( a black sports jacket with white .. stripes down the sleeves,, a white, babushka,- and '.black- slippers. . .. Capture. Mental Patient. ' Who Fled with' Shotgun Harold Jackson, 41, of 5215 S.- Albany "ay., a mental pd- . tient who was permitted to return to his home for. Christ-., mas from '.Manteno- state hospital,' fled from his" home yesterday with-a shotgun after a quarrel with his wife, Rose. He later, was arrested at 106tb st. and Torrence av. arid -held by police.- . '-'-"' " i i - ii - Me pecipep to cut pown ON HIS SPEW PING ANP - 61VE UP A LOT OF THINGS : VEKV COMMMCLE,! I THtKJK that's- what.j SAIP, UNTIL I FOUNP OUT eiVIN3Uri$ ME ! I LITTLE LULU SOME- Cr OUR GUESTS ARE ARRIVING ...YOU GO RIGHT TO - rrrrn 111 t- . rj PC, LULU,' -13- 12-31 THEY'LL PR03A5LY PILE V-7 THEIR HATS AN? COATS i on My BEt7... mm j ' . . . - , rrJr'J:' ' ' SMILIir JACK ow; mV toe ! cumsv I AAAVBE' YOU'LL LEARN JO DANCE SMOOTHLY WHEN YOU- TW'FACT 1 THAT SENOW POMAMOR.15 givinC you 7w' bis rush POESN'T MAKE YOU AMY OLDER THAN I! tZ -'51 HA' GIRLS AT MUTSi yoU'RE SILL 1 WELL- I OWE IT JLsitt-SASiSAlMAGV EIGHTEEN ARE! ' ' If "to MAKE SUCH A-FUSS TO HIMT3 &g NICE . fCfiOorr 7MT.X : MUCH MORE GROWN J OVER A MAN AS OLP , : TO HIM -HE RESCUED L SAVP PFCAA ' UP THAN BOYS jf AS SENOR PoNAMORf ME WWEtl I WAS- h MCHVMMO CWiyA TH'SAME AGE I -' f 1 HE'S AT LEAST TWENTY- FREEZING' yiuj- ' A'CWS SMITTY C ju'ACnnroAOF'.-P.iPTV 1 A GOOD 7JME -or

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