The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on July 20, 1929 · Page 12
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 12

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1929
Page 12
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12 THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE. SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1929 Society ""DALE hands like lotus buds i that float . . ." ' "It is astonishing how little women know of 'dressing' their hands," declares a well - known actress. "Oh. yes, every woman knows that her costume isn't complete without the right gloves but that isn't the end of hand dressing.' I'm speaking1 of the use of jewelry. So often a woman's hands are j marred rather than flattered by j rings and bracelets. No amount of beautiful, flawless stones in exquisite settings, strung on the fingers, can be as beautiful as a single ring to enhance the beauty of the hand. Even though one may own a number of expensive and beautiful rings, to wear more than one or two on a hand detracts rather than adds to one's appearance. And more than one ring should never be worn on a single finger except, of course, a wedding ring and solitaire. "An imperfect hand may be enhanced immeasurably by an intelligent use of jewelry. A single ring on the ring finger will make the hand appear Vnger and slimmer whereas a ring should he worn on thu little finger only when the hand is gracefully shaped," Miss Daniels advises. ; "Hands may further be enhanced by bracelets and today's fashions permit, of as many bracelets as the pocketbook will allow. A wrist watch or closefitting bracelet at the wrist makes the wrist appear smaller and the hand longer. With the bracelet further up on the arm, the wrist will appear larger." '.The Hon. Herbert Marler, Canadian ambassador to Jnpan. and Mrs. Marler. arrived In Winnipeg this morning from Montreal en. routs to Jnpan. Mr Francis Jones is spending a few days In Winnipeg, having arrived this week from New York. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Huntting 8 re spending the week - end at Mrs. Walter Hastings' island home, Lake oi the Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baker, of Minneapolis, ate irceiving congratulations upon the ftirth ot a daughter. The Misses C. S. Gunn and W. H. MrWUlianis have left for Kenora, i ,1 . .11 lha end as Kueats at Mrs. C. G. Car - 1 ruther's summer home. Mr and Mrs. Gerald Griffin have left for the Lake of the. Woods to he the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hastings. Mr. and Mis. W. A. Smith left Friday for Krcwulln, where they will join Mrs. Walter Hastings bouse party at her Island home. . Miss Maude MarArthur is a weekend guest, at Mrs. C. G. Carruther's summer home at the Lake of the Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Hclliwell have left for a visit at Jasper Park and the Pacific coast . Mrs. R. M. Noble entertained at a bridge luncheon, Wednesday afternoon. In honor of Mrs. W. J. Dawson, of Vancouver, and Mlsa Evelvn Maclvor. of Edmonton, who are the guests of Mrs. A. K. Leonard. Covers were laid for twelve. Miss Letty O'Brieh has returned from an extended vacation to the Pacific coast. Miss Marv Graham has returned from London. Eng.. where she haa been studying violin at the Roval College of Music for the past three years. Miss Graham will be heard in recital on her return from a vacation and will open a studio for violin Instruction in the early autumn. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Helmbecker will leave Tuesday for New York and will aail, July 27, to apend the next lew wceka on the continent Master Jack Moore, of Calgary. Is Spending his holidays with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Meaden, Yale ave. The marriage of Miss Emilv Roll - wagen and Mr. Ronald Walton will take place July 27, at 630 p.m., at the Snlern Reformed church, cor - ner of Burrows ave. and Andrews II, Winnipeg, Man. Mr. and Mrs. D. M A. Natircn - Oau left for Kenora. Out., for their vacation, where they will spend a pjonth. Mis. D. H. Tolmie and the Misses Tolniie expect to li'ave in September for an extended holiday In England. The Mi?ses Marione and Jolly VniHcr are holidaying with relatives n Cohoiiig. Ont. Mis Ruth Carruthers will return Sundav from an extended visit in Edmonton, Calgary and Lake Louise. . Mrs. Francis E. Metcalfe, 340 Ash ft., entertained Wednesday evening In honor of Mu - s .lean Minty, a bride - elect of next week. v m In honor of Mirs Katherine Alrd, vhn left Monday for Africa. Mrs. William Bird, Miss B. Aird and Miss J. Alrd entertained at a picnic recently at Tianscoua. A bonfire and marshiMiillow toast weic among the ii'trrctiona of the evening, supper being seied at midnight Those present were: Mrs. H. Am il, Mrs Joseph Kra.ei, Mrs. J Duffv, Mrs. A. Fitzgihhon, Mrs. T. Hastleld. Mrs S. Alrd, Mrs. K. Howard, Misses M. Murray, M. Henry. M. Cook, D. Bird, 1J. Henry. O. Toirance, N Cliiford. 11. Clifford, Messrs. J. Kuegar, B. Grey, C. Murray, W. Connors, J. icott. W. Bird, J. Millar, F. Desllts, A Potter, J. Duffy, R. Peaks, C. ik - niy. S. Aird, E. Howyard, D. And, F. Bird and A Bird. . In honor of Miss Anne McDonald, a bride - elect of August, the Mlsss Edna Andersnn and Anne Wrathall rntei talned nt a miscellaneous show, rr at the lattrr's hurrt. Medwav Jipts. on Wcdncslar evenine. The inon.s were riecnt. - itrd wnh bummT Towers The gii'st.s were" Miss .Vine McDonald. Mrs. X. McDonald. Mrs E T. Lane. Mrs II Bond. Mrs. K. Bond. Mrs. S Wntht. Mr E. vw aili.i1!, M ;.'",s faric E'ving. P.Ma . .VI - flol'onald. Helen Mc - V'. r.aM. 1 ' 1 j " I t - .? Hv ' I i I nar(. ' . ' ,m - 'ZJifff I i S Pearson I 1 L JSfc; I 1 J . - ' I Trestle Stalls Shoppers on Visitors to French Capital Note the Hatless Man and Maid By ROSE PATTERSON Staff Correspondent of The Winnipeg Tribune and the North American Newspaper Alliance PARIS, July 20 The Paris hatters are, pour le moment, mad hatters. Luxuriant tresses. long enough to wave In the breeze, but fastened down with cosmetics, are bad for trade. Moreover, no hat. no traditional French politeness; how Is one of these hatless young men to salute a lady? This Greek or H may be Roman fashion is doing more damage to the T. F. P. than It suffered in the days of the towering wig. There waa the Due de luzun of those days; no hat might crush bis lovelv curia, but he always carried one eo he might describe a aemi - clrclo and make an atmospheric disturbance with It when any fair occasion came into view. Here It may be well to remind the traveller that It Is but a part of the T. F. P. when a Frenchwoman offers her left hand; It la Indeed a compliment, for according to the old rules her right hand was reserved for Inferiors. But to return to our hatters. If these gentlemen are to be appeased me e renin Darner will nave to set nut to lure the adult, client as he I lures the Parisian child. Model aero - ( planes and motor cars adorn the! children's salons, really - truly models ' In which all the gadgets work, and ! in one of these the hannv Infnnt U : seated while the shears are got to work. Why not therefore, combine '"first steps in aviation" or "first flutters In flight" with the hair - cut? A handbook might be provided and the price of the hair - cut raised accordingly. The idea la capable of almost limit , , xperiment First steps In all ! of things, for example, with : less experiment Rnrl. t.t Ihlnna suitable models,' might bo provided j In the big stores for bored husbands , whose wives are shopping; they would come In very handy in sales limee. The sales are. of course, well under wav at the moment Those trestle - stalls are set upon the pavements, heaped up with never - falling bargains, and there Is madams in her thousands, trying on a hundred gloves before she is satisfied, matching her piece of material against a thousand ornamental buckles before finding the one that will do. going away eventually not only with the usual rolls, packages and parcels, but with saucepans, mats, platters, window fittings and such miscellany. She scorns not to carry It. all home unless her husband be on hand to stagger under most of It; but he Is not so devoted a sales attendant as his English counterpart. . A Tip For a Peep LE TOUQUET: One of England's wealthiest peers. Lord Mlchelham, had amusing experiences the other week - end. In the Casino he saw . I mn n..(r.n. - ti... ,u; - man drop a flve - 'rano chip; the peer Immediately picked It up and handed H to tne man. whereupon the Impressed owner insisted that the five francs be shared and Lord Michel - ham had perforce to take two francs fifty for his honesty. On his way home this sort of thing dogged him. for an old lady on the hoat mistook his yachting cap for the headgear of the Pullman car man. and when Lord Mlchelham seemed rather unwilling to reserve her two seats on the train to lxin - don she thought well to expedite the matter bv pushing a half crown into his hand. Eventually, as Lord Mlchelham had two places reserved In his own name, he handed them over to her and made good his escape. What, Mr. Shaw! No 8pinachT TRIESTE: While Bernard Shaw was tourneying round the Adriatic th hntelkepers found out a lot about his likes and dislikes In food They discovered w hat he rata even ir tnev tailed to learn whv. A lot of their special dishes had to he nnnmlfinpH uli.n ih.,, n..n.i . :.; i'"uf, i iuhkiiik mil i'1 - .i iii iiiuiK!.. that Mr. Shaw does not like aspara - j - gus. spinach or mushrooms The supermen likes boiled rice Mr nd F1 - s Hare and fam - with finely chopped parsley, and a' llv returned today from a three tvpical lunch menu Is two eggs i weeks' holiday sprnt at Mrs W. H. boiled, fried, or in an omelet, a plate j Raker s summer home, Malachl, of rice or macaroni, a dish of dried 0nt - vegetables, beans, peas or lentils; a I dish of fried vegetables, a dish of Mr. and Mrs Fred Rohlnson have Iresn vegetables, a salad and a flour. or custard sweet. For dinner Mr Shaw has a similar feast, preceded bv a vegetable soup But Mr Shaw s friends say he often lunches very simply on s couple of dishes. A Plague of Rats MILAN: Enormous Issues of mils have had to do service or what s. r - vice thev could for a pied piper Hats everywhere: I hey even ate up a carelle In the OUbllC cardens U'r having been declared upon the ro - dents and manifestos placarded aooiiT tne ri'v. nousennicters werelKittv Murray will return during the supplied lately with deadly plllr week - end frpm a two weeks' visit at tdeadly to rats, but harmless to all Minaki, Ont. Intrigue Paris Streets . . & - ? other animals) by their loral police ''f W 4 stations, fciarlv bulletins Issued after j t ' iT the placing of Innumerable pills re - I lF ' ' ported their wholesale disappear - jyr XfL. ance. but the enemy's losses have yet r ' M'i to be fully ascertained. I ;.i asS .mlcT?: " f V I A New City of Light ROME: They are planning to make Rome, by night, one of the loveliest cities of the world. Signor Uraslnl. of the new Italian academy, has suggested that many of the statues now in museums be brought out and grouped In the Pin - clan Gardens, the grounds of the Villa Borghese and the Palatine hill, and that llood - llght Illumination enrich these gardens, which should then be kept open all night. This flood lighting and the styles of Indirect Illumination are magnificently carried out by the Romans and Slgnor Braslnl believes they might be well applied to the greater classic relics, the Forums, the Tombs of ths Anplan Wav. the monuments of the Palatine hill, the Baths of Caraealla. Evening tours would then be arranged to these places and open air cafe concerts organized at a little distance from them, with films showing reconstructions of tha ancient life of the famous sites. If these proposals are put Into effect It Is likely that the Colosseum will be left In unlllnmlnated grandeur, a dark dream of ancient splendor, wrapped In ahadowv night or bathed In silvery moonlight. "Never Kin Anybody!" RERI.IM "Never shake hands without your g'oves on. and of course, never kiss anybody." savs the German slate committee for p'uhllc hygienic instruction. Kissing they have been '"vlng to put an end to for a long time, but It will nerslst Trle gloved hand for preetlng Is somewnat reminiscent of Shaw'e "Back to Methuselah." where the dress reformed statesmen take a piece of what looks like cellophane paper out of a box and clap it on to the palm of the hand before greeting a colleague in the usual jMmsn manner. Jrli t . - I f """j" ' n"nI ,ls removed ."V" , meticulously hygienic I "nd when you pass a number I Th going to work In sports! coats and rubber shoes, looking re "'"'"""'J iihb cycling cluh on a walking tour, you will doubt whether they are the sort of folk who will put on their gloves before shaking hands especially Indoors, where, one . I sunics. special Indoor gloves for hand shaking would be hung up in the hall! Car for the Officers MALTA H M.S. Eagle, the aircraft carrier, which picked up the Spanish flyers, recently brought In a cargo of 16 motor cara for officers serving in the Mediterranean. This waa a record cargo for one of KM. ships, but. It was not carried for love. The officers will rejoice in their cars as they came oy a vessel wnicn later achieved such distinction, but th admiralty I charces frelsht! i charges freight! Railway to Ice Caves VIENNA To go by train S.ono feet up the Dachatein and by scenic railway through the gigantic Ice caves is the joy the Austrian federsl forest"8s "nrr Propose to oner lour - isis or tne nappy future. The Ice ! domes, halls and grottoes, lllumlnat ed by searchlights, could then be viewed with ease. Five thousand feet higher still, on the mountain summit, they will build a first - class hotel, and make good automobile roads up to the caves, which so many visitors deem one of the magnificent sights of the country. "Doctors' Row" In Theatre WELLINGTON. N Z - Doctors are so often sent, fnr that It Is difficult ! for them to go to the theatre or the cinema; tney are even leti lied rrom the ninth hole in their game of golf somel iines. A theatre here Is sympathetic, and has provided a doctors' row. Every seat is titled with a telephone, anil the doctor gives his name and number to the box office before ha proceeds to enjoy the evening. If he is not dest ned to enjoy the whole evening, a low buzz brings him bark to cl ,aUlllu an.l h. nm,.... a Ann j versation all hut Inaudible to the rest of the house. At any rate the scheme j seems to go a long wav towards i u i .. . ,ui 'nr victoria Beach, where they will be guests al Pine Hurst Inn. Canon Tremavne and Miss Tre - mayne, who - ,.ent a few davs In Winnipeg en route from the West the guests of Mr. and Mrs R R Wilson, Wellington crescent, left Friday evening for their home In Mimico. Ont. ; Mis - s May Wilson has returnd from nctrnil Minn , . .1, n iiii ni rnii n 1 ! ... I Mrs P. A R Murray and Mis 1 : 5' Li iVtoscff 8 . j J ; - 7 Mrs. James Walstrom and her son Jack, with Mr. Wal - stroni, have arrived from Two Harbors, Minn., to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Lee, Kingsway. The engagement of Miss Margaret Muir to Mr. Harry,, er. Jessie Henderson, to Mr. John Wickwire Foster was announced today. The wedding will take McLennan, youngest son of Mr. ami . . "Mrs. C. McLennan. 3:iU Martin ave.. place aeptember. , i tlmwood. Wedding to take place .in ,i i i cr j f n i August 17 in Parkview Street, I'nit - Mrs. Lester Pearson, with Mastei Geoffrey and Miss Patricia !cd Church, st. James, rearson, have arrived from Ottawa to be the - guests of Mrs. I Pearsons parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Moody, Ash st., River vccl iiXw Heights. The engagement of Miss Eric Hamilton Olmslead has will take place August 11. fnOtO Or AITS. WBlSiroiIl ny UHUVIII - urii.ri, Mlsg Uciie hy Campbell, and Miss Mulr by Crux L .... Photo of Mrs. Walstrom hy Gauvln - Gentzel. Mrs. Pearson by Jessop. - "EVE" g 1 i ''pHERE are no more dress shows I I visit The d"lgncrs have ! .... into conference fnr planning I ih. .ntiinin fashions and their doors are only darkened now by clients who rush In wun lasi - minme ora. We envy these people, shut up in their cool, deserted salons, working out their Ideas wnicn a B'""B to nrinor inem in so mucu. i round of the day becomes exhaust - Inn - for we who wear the models. We see familiar faces at three and four different places throughout the dav. and then we find them later on dancing and supping Fashions are in a particularly happy mood Just now. Bni - u - r A BRIGHT DEA The beauty doctors love these busy days, for they know that we; are going to come lumoung in mi the first free moment for a special pick - me - up for the skin. Some go In merely to he re - made up by cool, expert fingers. I remember last season how mv milliner hit upon the bright Idea of having a beauty doctor on the premises, so that you could have your face prepared and smartened up. before trying on hats. LINEN ! VESTS Lingerie collars and vests sre still worn. Crepe de chine frocks have collars and vests of limp, coarse grained linen in pale colors; or white. I The neckline for evening frocks Is changing ever so allghtlv. It j dins down more nt the back and : rises In front. Waists are marked, either slim belts or wid" sashes all truly feminine touches. bv ' A NEW i i i m p I - i'.c Many frocks are taking on a new and subtle line just ah.ive thv knee This looks like another waistline, made by godets. Mime - g line y time times put in on a slanting from side to side. In the day this line is marked hv a large flat bow where the godet begins ; lowest. In the evening, a bunch nf flowers or an outsize crystal j brooch is substituted. I - aee frocks ; look particularly charming in tihs! design. r lowered frocks are everywhere you want to ask or friends and celebrities. "What was her flowered frock like?'' instead of "What did she wear?" Sleeves aie varied, long and slim or flutterv from the elbow. DAINTY I tlflBKUIULKItS I Embroideries on chil.lien's frocks I grow more and nun c fascinating. j A dress of white organdie I saw recently had forget me - nots scat - tered around the hem, with lot Muriel Kathleen Leslie to Mr. been announced. The wedding brown beads fining among th flower - heads. Cross - stitch Is an - j other favored form of trimming. I Thatched cottages, nursery rhvme fok amJ flow.crg ar, the most nrmni.r ri(,,i0.n PPU'" designs, SWEATER AND TURBAN TO MATCH. A sport fashion popular at Palm Reach has been tha sweater in white or pastel tones with matching knitted turban, and separate matching or whlto pleated skirt in , silk or wool crepe. Both sweater and turban are of a lightweight r.ephyr wool, finely knitted. STRIPES FOR SILK FROCKS. Striped tub ailk has fashioned i some or ine cleverest sleeveless frocks seen at Palm Beach. These combine such unusual shades as chartreuse and brown on white; three greens on beige; and rose and blue on yellow. 8AVINQ IN LAUNDRY. Many hostesses of unquestioned smartness are savinc on laundrv I hills bv serving their guests nap - ; kins of paper. With fluted borders. ' unil rpnl res nluiHH nr r.trrnA i,i ,olor. thev are most attractive in ,nHll cocktail or larger r.ankin i ' NEW TIRES FOR BABIES' PRAMS. Bab.V now can roll along In her ,,,., nr. i.tiiunn WIMi, n a Lllllli;i 11 were ner motor car, lor some of 1 the hnnilsnirkfi.t new hnhv rrH. ages are ntten witn pneumatic I tires which not only prevent Jolt - ij Ing. but at the same time make I the carriage easier to push. i ;THE PRACTICAL SIDE OF SMARTNESS FOR SPORTS Here is a good idea for the city worker who can manage to get in a game of tennis during her luncheon , Hour, or has to he at her tennis club directly after office hours without anv time for changing her frock Get your dressi. - aker to make you a little sleeveless frock of very pale, almost white, shantung with a long. 1 plain coat to match. The bodi should be cut high at the neck with a turn - down lingerie collar and a red leather belt at the normal waistline, j Have a red cardigan to go with if. 1 vou c - in wear the red cardigan over vmir frock in the office, as nothing ' looks quite so unsu'tahle as bar - , arms in orfice hours. The cardigan i also will look well on the courts ' At. the same time, the long shan - tung coat worn over vour frock ';oie to end f' - om business, with a ; I small, close - fitting red hat. will give 1 'he correct town tailleur touch and look ever so suitable and smart RS. PERCY CCNLIFFE POWYS announces the engagement of i her daughter, Constance Robinson, ! to Mr. Alexander Stewart Camp - bell. The marriage will take place July 30 at Shediac Cape, New Brunswick. R AND MRS. R. R. MU1R announce tha engagement of their daughter, Margaret Ruth, to Mr. Harry Wickwire Foster, son of Major - General and Mrs. G. L. Foster, of Wolfevllle, Nova Scotia, the wedding to take place September 7. Dr. and Mrs. George Clingan, of Virden, Man., announce the engagement of their only daughter, Dorothy Mary, to Mr. J. N. Campbell Hobson, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. Hobson, of Grenfell, Sask. The wedding will take place August 7. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Koas, nounce the engagement of their daughter, Eleanor Beatrice, to Rob - em Crawford McKibbin, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. McKibbin. The wedding will take place in August Mr. and Mrs. John Irvine, 230 College st., St. James, announce the nneiipempnt rf their voiineest Haiieh - ment of their eldest daughter. Lulu Gertrude, to Mr. Robert W. Jickling. of Winnipeg, only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Jickling, of Morden. Man. The wedding will take place August 17. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Halliday announce the engagement of their youngest daughter. Grace Brown, to Mr. Oscar E. Johnson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Johnson, of Kenora. Ont. The marriage will take place In August Elgin ave.. wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, l.har - one biins, to Mr. .jnnn Clinton fancis, ne wrcuung to lane place Mr. and Mrs. W. Siddeley White - 1 wood, Sask., announce the engage - ment of their daughter, Kitty E.. to, John Wesley Edwards, son of the. late Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Edwards. Kemptville, Ont., the wedding to take place in Vancouver the middle! Aiicrii.t i of August. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Glcnnie, of Oxford, Nova Scotia, announce the. engagement of their daughter, Dorothy Clinton, to Mr. Albert Lloyd Stovel. son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Stovel, Winnipeg. The marriage will take place August 24. Mrs. Robert Owens announces the . engagement of her eldest daughter : augara trimming, and carried a!jonil90n La Fleche ' Ruth, to Mr. James A. Leslie, of bridal bouquet of sunset roses and ' Drayton, Ont , the wedding to take - valley lilies. i place Aug. 7. I Miss Roberta Robertson, sister of I LAYCOCK MAYHEW tne hride, was maid of honor, dress - . ,..,i,i ,.. i.,,,i , ,,, , . . n u !ed in a French dress of vellow ' A wcdfl1"'8 so'nIYd al.,' Mr. W. J. Reggs announces the chiffon, trimmed with chartreuse me of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mu - engagement of his daughter, Han - flowers and vellow felt hat to match new. toxwarren. Man.. July Idi.t ! nah Ellen, to Willism R. Moore, of " Innlpeg, Man. The wedding will lake place August 14, at St. Paul's 1 United church. - .v. . . . .,lhc rnBaement . is announced of uracr iouise nennis. youngest ,lniiD - htr nf Vtr W 1 n..i 1 Winnipeg to lames .anc Aus ten el lest son of Mr James Austen' of To on o Th" wd, lrm ,k; nle. 1 n inwj r iAL", I .AUUM II, Ottawa Society OTTAWA. JUIV lion. Dr. H. J I King and Mrs. King and their n'w, J Miss Esther King, of Vaneouver. B.C., who have been abroad for the I '"p?'0""' miM ,m"ly ' r" I L n, . , Col. C. P. Meredith is expected to return to Ottawa next week from Banff. . Mr. and Mrs Allen Christenscn. - who have been visiting the letter's par - ents. Mr. and Mrs F. C. T. O'Hara. for a month, have returned to their home in England. ... Hon. Jean KnU:ht. French minister' to Canada, has left for a three weeks' t - iur through the maritime province ind Gasp. Mr. and Mrs. r. H, Wiggins v tth their three children, motored from Winnipeg and '"'e the - :mps:s f Mr. r t ea naver, at v oouoriugc. tjni. i Hon. James Mm dork and Mrs Mm - dock are leaving on Sunday for a 'trip to Newfoundland. 0 Afew Members Presented at Courts Held at Buckingham Brilliant Courts Attended By Prince of Wales and Duke and Duchess of York r By MURIEL FRASER LONDON - A really great event - me rungs nome - coming aiier months in the; country was celebrated in London this week. And the nation showed its joy by standing in their multitudes along every foot of the way of the Royal procession. The streets were flying with bunting, children threw roses and on nil sides rang the long and resounding cheer "God bless the King!" At Buckingham Palace the crowd shouted themselves hoarse until finally the King and Queen appeared on the balcony, the King holding In his arms his tiny granddaughter the Princess Elizabeth. The two Courts of the week, the second and third, were as brilliant nlTnlra nu tVipIr nreHerpssoi'S. Till! . r . or convalescence in int;u,h vusuilr. nf tvlo . ,n - f Prince of Wales and tne uurness "" ""'y ! ' nf .York were present at one. while j Shaw could adequately handle It. the Duke of York attended the I The Gultrys are still with us play - other. An Interesting feature was! ing In that most exquisite "Mozart" the presence of some of the wives j which shows off to perfection the nf the new Socialist M.P.'s, whom i beautiful dancing, lovely singin;t. Mrs. Arthur Henderson and Mrs. j Clynes presented. Mrs. Dawes, wife of the new American ambassador, was also Presented bv Mrs. Herder - son who. in ner turn, preseniea ; ne didn't feel comfortublc In musi - eight of her fellow - countrywomen, comPdv nnrt Mr. Arthur Marhet - a aj u n,nr.. ' snn J"8' back from America Is to T uances , (iike hs pncr, Mj?, MRrRarPt nn. A week of dances H ushered in nerman will play the lead a well by the great annual Scottish festi - ;as the only feminine part in Ml val, the Caledonian Ball. It is one pi0 Tithet adge's "The Tiger in of the few dunces where rules of j,llin ; which will show her in i dress in the form of kilts and clan completely new role. Kor she tak. s tartan sashes are strictly adhered thp pnrt of tn(, daughter of n min - to. Other features of it are tne , rn - in - cr in the Malayan iun ! reels wnicn r:ui ice. ufiuj xkh:i - ton. is organizing and for which 8hc..has T'. . ,.! , , r i?,. T?Z Scotland Americans Celebrate Speaking of national affairs leads me to mention that Americans will celebrate their famous 4th by a ' dance which will have the double purpose of helping the funds for the American ward In one of the ! hig maternity hospitals The party i Is to be distinguished by American "features" they are. rather amus - . ingly - iced water, maple sugar Ice cream, cutting - ln dances. American I favors, etc. Lady Carisbrooke is to be hostess. I Swimming Party I Another original party will be1 that of Princess Imeritinsky. the setting of which Is to be the Moroccan swimming bath nt the International Sportsmen's Club in Gros - ' venor House. The guests are in - ! vlted for swimming and bacon and ' eggs! - And last of social titbits; on my list is Lady Ludlow s party . which had for its entertainment 1 no less a treat than the giat Chaliapin himself, as well as Wolfi rMiiiieiurnnnn. nir uuv Mtiiiin.ii. The guests included the King of Greece, Viscount and Viscountess D'Ahernon, the Earl and Countess of Bessborough, the Marchioness Curzon. Viscountess Harcourt and l.ady Hoifora. Fans In Evidence Fans. I'm told, were very much in great Coventry figures of past re - evidence at the last Court, some of! nown to be represented, were s which were; of rare beauty. I Ceo' - ge. the patron saint of En; heard of one which was like a' l md, who Coventry claims for i great falling fountain of jade preen I (iwn. Falstaff and his raceeri rrc feathers and of anrther on which ; nient, Coventry men and vninr . was painted a landscape of trees who took part in the Wars of il i'nd little cupids dancing on the looses, and the Civil War. nltopethr lace panels. Other fashion notes, a gorgeous, well - organized, uniqii" and from p well - known French and lovelv spectacle. WEDDINGS a SCOTT LAV B A quiet wedding took place In St. Margaret's church the evening of July 15. of Gladys Lillian, fourth d niPhter of Mr. and Mrs. T. 11. P. 1,'iii'b of Tlidale. Sail... formerly of Winnipeg, to Mr. Scott, of Winnipeg. vn Brown SHANNON RICHARDSON A wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. Richardson. Sflfi Sherburn st., on the evening of July ; . .hrii their only daughler. Alice1. i , , nian.ji,(, Joseph Henry Shannon, youngest) .. f Mr .nH Mrs Cenrce Rhan - ! non. Fork River, Man. Rev. Hugh McFarlane officiated, , McELHER AN ROBERTSON Christ ciiurch. Carlwright, Man! - tnha. was the scene of a pretty wed - .i .. rr ui Wh ir..i whnn Klnr - dmg at high noon today when Klor - I ' " aigary. i ne nrme s goin:; - en4 Mary, daughter f Mr. and ; ' "at ere; , marriage to Maxwell M Elheran. son of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. N. MeKlheran. Greenwood Place. ill HIHip iu,m am ui iuihiiii mode, hat of white mohair with The flower girl, Nora Daly, niece of I J, H.m . when their youni.. the bride, wore a soft green R(,or. daughter, Ethel Louise, waa tinu - l gct'.e with ecru net l - .ee and carried ' ln marriage to Jas. Laycock, secoi - i a basket of msp petals and sweet j sh f M,v ,JI'd Mrs. .1. W. Live - . pea. The bride's mother wore a i of Foxwarren. The rerctnony v. - gown of black flat crepe and cor - ! performed hv Rev J M Mui' i' - - iqe bouquet Mrs M. W N Mc - of Kt - Wu'Appclle, uncle of .'t - 1 r - l'lH'n. IIIIHIIIT ill inn pinotll. miwr :m ''"Pted model of Mozart blue : orgette combined with appliqued ' l,pt lace and brilliant ornaments. with black mohair and lace hat ver fox fur. I he churc.i was decorated with ferns and rudbeckia hit La. with the guest section marked with white rihnh1on - ... The Lohengrin wedding mu ch was played by Mrs. P. V U alts. ?JV M',.rinln V 'rn!'!K f T.T - ter Miss .Nora D.vidson sang Be - ure'' with a violin oblicato bv Mr Alex. Robert .son. Mr. Simpson N M.Elheran. ol w'.nnipl - g. a - tended the gio.m ' the ushering being directed by Mr. " "onrnson. following the ceremony the bridal I rar,V received on the lawns of the I bride's parents. Later Mr. and Mrs. ! M. Elheran Kft on an extended motor trip. They will reside In Win - nipeg upon fheir return. R IDG WAY JOHNSON A midsummer vcddinc was s"l enHu."d Wrdnesdiiy. Jul' - 17. at 11 a in., at the rr.tdeni - " of Mr. and M' - s. N. H. .lobnson. .Veiavnl. v hen their daughter Grace the b: i!" of Edward Ridgy - ay. formerly of Shell - mouth. Men. Rev S. P. Rondeau. , W'oodrow. officiated The hride was afii - ed in sn orchid georgette gown with a veil held In I place with oisinge blosi - oms. She car - ned a buuciuet of roses and lilies of house, however eccentrlo they may sound, are that kid gloves have little cuffs of printed linen, shoes and bags are of the same fresh material and trimmed with leather and another fashion in bags Is the masculine - looking tobacco pouch. The newest stockings are to - front ones, the fronts plain and wKh auch dangerous - looklrut thincs : wn.n, nrt u.,, .uf7ui - Ina of stela it'a - niit , ,,., .m.n,i.'. , and report that for evening we are to wear long black lace gloves that Is a motif which Is new, old. picturesque, and somehow quite In character with the long and lovely dresses now worn. Play a Failure Theatre talk centres round Mr. Hubert Griffith's "Red Sunday" which is a kind of magnificent failure. The story is of Russia in the last twenty years with all its leading figures the ill - fated Czar, Trot - skv. Lenin, Rasputin, dramatized. It is a great theme, but of such i u Ai.. and of course inimitable acting of Mile. Printemps. Mr. Owen Nares has laid down his part in "Hold Everything because he admitted and her clothes will he the garb of a woman in the wilds. Mr. Robert Lorain hss stepped - and none too successfully into th thoes of the comedian In "This Thing Called Love." a bright little comedy of married life written by Mr. Edwin Burke. And lastly. Mr John Drinkwater's fine plav. "Abraham Lincoln." is being performed in Vienna. Its first presentation so far in German. Unique Festival The ancient city of f.'ovenliv celebrated this werk a unique f' - s i - val. There was a grand carnival with a procession illustrating the nd romantic history of Coven - try which vsn tour miles hw. i.pi - sode history was enacted. Rut the star turn, was without doubt, the famous Lady Godiva, who once, as everybody knows, rode naked through the streets with only her long, golden tresses to cover her. The present Lady Godiva. Miss Muriel M. - eleiup. was dressed in silken tights, but instead of the once one wirkpd "Peenicc Tom" who was n,,.;,!, fnr hi enriositv. tens of thousands of pronte witnessed her p - (sslng. Ill lact rime iiom nil over ! Ei,Knnd to see her. On a white I charger along the narrow, hlllv. . ll)rblrd streets of old Coventry j she roo jn company with her "hus - ; rand" Earl Leofric and her "sons' Afgar and ' Hereward the Wakr. 1 eralds, a jester, Benedictine nuns. Saxon women and thanes. Other the valley, and entered the living - room with her father, meeting the groom under a decorated nrchway I youngest sister. Miss Mildi - d : Jjhnson, gowned in a bouffant fro: - '; f rose georgette and carrying a Her youngest sister. Miss Mild. "d louquet ot sweet peas and rnrnailo: was maid of honor. Another s!s' - r. Miss Lillian Johnson, attired in a ti i - - green georgette dress, plaved ft" Lohengrin wedding march 'and companled Mrs Walter John - ' - who sang "In tne Garden of M Heart." groom was attended by li Liclgway, Shellmoutr "ar - Little Lilas Johnson, a nlce of th - ide, was llower eirl and wnr. .. frock of yellow crepe de chine. The bridal party, relatives and out - of - town guests, numbering 45, eniey - ed a wedding dinner and reception at the home of Mr and Mrs Iver Johnson. Melaval. after which Mr. and I 'cl iv. ",0.' Rn n " 8 n d f ' V The bride i Mrs. Kidgway left bv motor for iZ IlT un. ''l f J" , T,'1 Mo11"""" .mn" 1 'M t - of. own K u - . , ,'no( V'rrr1 UI Aonoa AnH.,.ar,n I i r 1 i tk. V.rin. b''. .'.'.'n ,movw .111.11 ,.11 arch decorated with white ere,,, streamers, bells and orange bin. - . soms and banked with peonies and I ferns. The bride entered the room with her father to the strains ! the "Bridal Chorus '' played hv ! her sister, Mrs. E. McCredle The bride wore white gcoiget' I with veil and orange blossoms, o I I cart led a bouquet of Ophelia brid I ,. with ,,v of the vaPV ,, , ! niairh - n hair fern. She was attend, ,i K., i,a i,. ir t castilian red geor rette. and c in . - I cream roses and ferns. The gro - r.i was attended by his brother, Walter Laycock. After signing the register, the company partook of a wedd - r. . breakfast, the table being centi - 't with the bride's cake and decorated with white streamers and Oells. A toast to the bride was given by Rev. J. M. Murchlson, and responded to by the groom. The bride's travelling costiun was a smart tweed suit, opening over a figured blouse, with 1 at to nr - tch She wore n brown fox f i . '.he gift of her f;'hcr. Mr. !:nd Mis. Lav. - oek left hv ' n - tor f"r P'nT. ard ntVer we. - l point.' On their return they rl i - e ide Foxwa' t their home, south - west of vn i Miss Pat Fold. Plaa apts.. is spending a few weeks at Jasper, Alia. - A

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