The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on October 9, 1924 · 22
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 22

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1924
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V 22 Classifications Nos. I to 15 THE SUN", BALTIMORE, THURSDAY MORNING, - OCTOBER 9. 1924. Alphabetical Mdex - To WairatAd Classification!: Numbered according to the position in vhi'i they appear in the section. AH advertisements received aftrr 6.30 p. M. w-ili appear In the Evening issue of the next day excepting for the Saturday issue. Help Wanted and Lst and Found advertisements accepted for the Evening ttsue as fate as 10 20 A. M. To cancel on advertisement, phone PLaza 7700, Stations 121 or 122, between A. M. and 6 P. M. Apartment House Apartments f'r Went Apirtments Furnished Apartments Suburban. Ap irt-nents Sub. Furn . Apartments Wanted Aurtin Sales Auf flo 'ies and Tops Autf Hiring Automobile TjOns Automobile Service Automobile Wanted Autos and Trucks Board City and Sub Hoard Country and Mtn Rourd Wante I v floats nn ' Launches Hull ina Ontrirtin Busir,.is VV-r Sn;ice Hit-sines-i nfrjors Business Office Srvtce Business p: srtunities Business Pr 'perty ruslrus? fYoporty Font Business Sites. . Bua I Yopert v Manufacturing . . , Bus. r'rjxirty Warehouses Orpot Clo'nirp C'etretcrles .n t Lots Co:' I an ' W'wvl Co-p rtnorship Js'otices n m"insr Do ths. . . Petftivo Agencies V'u'"tlorrl ' Fltvtrlc Motors Kmpl-ymr-nt AKf"iTi"'S F-r Vlarden and Home Kl-rists For S-.ln 33 45 , 4 . 47 4S 53 10?i 78 83 80 .70 75 73 51 51a 52 Rtt 72 5 64 68 SO 62 61a 61 fO 2 2 SS 101 24 1 20 102 yr, 21 96 6 84 4 82 70 71 66 19 14 12 16 IS 20 0 103 7 no SO 100 Funrr 1 Directors Cm r kps. ( r r"un'! Pents and Mtjrs.... . . r'-un'' Pents and Mtgs. Wanted IT Us fr-r Went ITppv Agents. Canvassers Tlel;i Kern In. ... . H P Household Helh MMe H.r, M.-lonn'1 Pemfle 1M With Investment !? rises, Live St'Tk, Etc Ht"N n 4 F'es rts In MoTriam Tns'ru tin l,e"tbT n ' Shoo Polishes. . . . Iiepr- J ti 'cs Marriage Licenses. WILLIAMS LOCKE. John A.. 28. 270'. Elslnor avenue: Florence E., 27. KOLLEIt Z'MMERMAN. John II., widower. 61, 2927 Winchester street; Lizzie J 60. nOf'KEHSMITII BEAM. Edgar B.. 22. Shippersburg, Pa. ; Leona E., widow, 21. GRKK.N-VULLER.-Joseph M.. widower. 41 71 Roland avenue; Nellie L, divorced. 44. BUX8AUM II ACKMAN. Edward L., 32. 927 W. Lombard street; Margaret O., S3. GORE KN0CII. John W., 29, 4800 Haddon avenue; Edna M., 20. ZITOZITO. Joseph. 29. 633 W. Saratoga street; Constance, 21. HANSITN IIT7TSOX. Arthur G., 04, Aberdeen. Md. ; Rebecca J.. 32. M'DHUnO COLEMAN. Edward IL, 2110 Boone street; Virginia F., 27. OWEN SPKNCE. Samuel M., 2t. Alexandria, Va. ; Mamie L., 21. TITUS EVEKItAttT. Harry E., widower, 4S. 3105 Montebello avenue: Martha, widow, 47. GITII F'SIIKR. John W., 22. 2011 Longwood street: Grace, 18. STAGMER PORTS. Owen R., 21, Ca-toiiHvtlle; JeKsie E., 21. TOPP COLBERT. Joseph S., 22, Wash-.n'toii; Mary A., 20. IIXON TAYLOR. Frank A., widower. 44. Harrisburg. Pa.; Eva B., 3S. TRASATTI VOCCOBENL Ralph. 22 J3 south Thirteenth street; Laura, IS DUFFY ANDERSON. Frederick T.. divorced. 4t, Washington; Margaret, widow. 38. r.ROOKS-SCALLY. Eugene, 50, widower, 390 Belair road ; Loretta M., S9. KI PIN-MEIER. Paul R., 27. divorcel, 1423 Riverside avenue; Margaret A., 21. GB.AKFE MILLER. Franklin P., 27, 2522 West Baltimore street; Sadie E., 27. WEHR THEOBALD. Frederick L., 22. 3 St. John's road; Nancy DeW., 20. CARTER CREAMER. Neville W 22, 3'09 Piedmont avenue; Helen C, 22. U E S T P I T C 1 1 PKANE . J o h n IL, 2S, divorced, 1009 Sixth street; Mary A., 21. divorced. 11 UE MA N LEY. Law rence E., 30, divorced, 2'.i51 Frederick avenue; Fannie L.t 32, divorced. "WEBER SAMPERY. John B., 30; Sarah, IS. 632 South Liuwood avenue. BABCOCK MUNROE. Clifford S., 24; Elizabeth R., 21, 5220 Wilton Heights venue. Baltimore Connty, IIOWIKS GRABOSKI. Martin L., 21; Martha C. 18, both of Clearfield. Md. SMITH PENNER. Earl IL. 19, Wood- Ia n : Alice E.. 19 1502 Riverside avenue. A ACKLER. On October 7. 1921, at New Orleans, La., ROBERT HUGHES, be- , loved Hon of the late William F. and Margaret Ackler. Funeral from his late residence. 3410 Park Heights avenue, of which due no-tlce will be given. 9 BEAVER. On October 7, 1924, FRANK N. BEAVER. Funeral from the Aged Men's Home, 1400 West Lexington street, on Thursday, October 9 at 11 A. M. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery. 9 BIGGS. Suddenly on October 7 1924, EDITH MAY, aged 7 years, beloved daughter of Edgar S. and Ethel E. Biggs (nee McCauleyL Funeral (private) from the parents' residence, o(K)l EUerslte. avenue, on Wednesday at "..Hit I". M. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. ( 9 iillii'XY.. On "(KTTdjTT- 5, 1!24. at his residence, Frederick, Md.. GEORGE, aged 61 years. Funeral was October 7. Interment was in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, Md. Mr. Birt'lv was a member of the firm of George K. Birley & Sons. 9r fctTPPE R T. " n ' O t tr T. 192T at Maryland General Hospital. IDA II., aged 21. beloved wife of Otto Hupp rt and beloved daughter of Albert and Augusta Faber. Fu;;ernl from her bite resilience. 3215 East Baltimore street, on Friday, October 10. at 3.3il P. M. .Interment in Oak lawn Cemetery. lOe CUKYTLLE. Oil October S, 1924. ROBERT, beloved eon of the late Samuel and Charity Curville. Funeral from his late residence, 10i9 Greenrpount avenue, Friday afternoon. October 1. at 3 o'clock. Interment in MniTit Olivet -Cemetery. lOe DIXON. Suddenly, on October 6, 1924. on the Old Plmlieo road. WILL' AM T.. aged M years, beloved husband of Salome Dixon. lYork (Pa.) papers please copy. J Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to atte 'd the funeral service at Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church. Reisterstown, Thursday. October 9. at 2 o'clock. e ITCiio. Tu October 8, beloved wife of the 1924, MARY E.. late Edward D. fk-lio. Fu nerat from the residence of her eon, ttrc Mr. 'Oden II. Echo. 2121 Berlin t. Mount Winans, Friday after- poo n at o ciocic. interment in hoi'don iNrk Cemetery. lOe ENG'CaU. -Suddenly, on Octotter 6. 1924. at her late residence, 7 Woodland avenue. MARY. E. beloved wife of B. F Englnr. , t t Funeral, from the above residence on Thursday, October 9, at 2 1. M. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery. 9e Ijot and Found ' S J.ot3 City and Suburban 34 M il Order 07 Marine Engines S7 Manure -l Massage 27 Money to Loan 'M Mney Wantei 95 Motor Cycles. Bicycles 81 Monuments. Tombstones. 5 Municipal Notices . 99 P- rion Application 101a Patents 25 Person-Is 10 Piano Tuning 29 Poultry and Pet StocK 93 Professional 23 ' Props Is. . . . .'. . 98 Rar hf-rs and Fenders 77 Ra''i Equipment 23a Pp-1 Fst-ite rCountry 40 Pel Fst'to Ft Sale 31 Per l Fstr'to Mountain 41 Peal F st ate Suburban...- 35 Re:d Fstate W';nte1. 56 R. E. Wanted Suburban... 57 It. E. F"rms and Lan 's. ... - 37 R. E. F- rms and Country Wtd. 58 R. K. frr F.xchancce 32a R. K. for Rent City 43 R. E. Sale or Pent 32 R. E. for Rent Sub.. 44 R. E. Lo?ns Financing 69 R. K. Out-of-Town 42 R. E. Sh- re Property. 39 R. K. Sub. Homo Sites 36 R. E. Water Front 3 RepMriner and Painting 70 Rooms fT Rent 4 Rooms Furnished 50 Rooms Wan to 1 54 Rooms Wantei Furnished 55 Situations Female 13 Situations M-.le 15 Situations Male and Female 17 Spo dal Notices i Stables an ' Parus 67 Steamship Lines. ... . , . . . .104 Storage an ' Moving 30 Teachers W' nte ' , .21" iros. Ports. Accessories 74 Travel 105 Typewriters 84a Vaults ' 3 Vehicles $2 Wants 11 Wl In- 70 FITZPA'rRICK. On October 7, 1924. ROSE, beloved daughter of the late Bernard and Catherine C. Fitzgerald. Funeral wdll take place from her late residence, 1519 North Wolfe street, on Friday mornrng at 8.30: thence to St. Paul's Church, where Requiem High Mass will be said at 9 A. M. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. lOe FRANCE. Suddenly, on October 5. 1921, CHARLES A., beloved son of Mrs. Mary E. France, 1721 Covington street. Funeral from the above residence on Thursday at 2 o'clock. Interment in Western Cemetery. 9e GO' n On October S, 1924, JACOB E. GOOD. i- services from the residence of his brother, Samuei E. Good. 30S D street. Sparrows . Point, on Friday at 8 P. M. Interment at New Cumberland, Pa., ou Saturday. lOe GOSNELL. On October 7, 1924, near Reisterstown, Md., EMMA D., beloved of Irving W. Gosnell (nee Baseman). utlatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at her home on Thursday, October 9, at 10 o'clock. Interment In Ward's Chapel Ceme-tery. . t' HAD FIELD. On October 7, 1924. at his residence, 230 South Collington avenue, SAMUEL, aged 58 years, beloved husband of Jessie Hadfield. Due notice of the funeral will be piven. 9 JACOB. On October 6. 1924. AUGUST JACOB, beloved husband of the late Sophia Cornelia Jacob (nee Cook) and son of William M. and the late Catherine Elizabeth Jacob. Philadelphia .( papers please copy. Funeral services at his late residence. 1114 Montpelier street, on Thursday morning at 10 oVclock. Interment in London Park Cemetery. 9 KAN ELY. On October 8. 1924, LENA H., beloved wife of the late Thomas M. Kanely. Funeral from her late residence, 5415 Winner avenue, near Rogers avenue, on Saturday at 2.30 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 9e KARTMAN-COIIEN. On October 8. 1924, MILDRED, beloved wife of Isador F. Kartman. Funeral from her late residence. 3700 Dorchester road, on Friday afternoon, October 10, at 3 o'clock. Interment nrivt. 10 KELLY. Suddenly, on October 6. 1924. JANE E. KELLY. Funeral from her late residence, 1610 North Fulton avenue, on Thursday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem Mass at St. Gregory's Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Cathedral Cemetery. 9e KEMP. At his home. Union Town, Md., on October 7, aged 63 years 6 months and 6 days, DR. LUTHER KEMP. Funeral at the above residence Friday at 10 A. M. Services at Boust's Re-formed Church at 11 A. M. 10e . KING. On October 7, 1924, EDWIN W., husband of Olivia L. King (nee Bishop). Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral services at his late residence, 3901 Kate avenue, on Friday at 10.30 A. M. Interment Greenmount Cemetery. 10 LAUBE. On October 6. 1924, at her late residence, 1515 Edmondson avenue, AUGUSTE LAUBE. beloved wife of the late Henry Laube. Sr. Funeral takes place from the above residence on Thursday, October 9, at 2 P. M. 9 LAWLOR. On October. 7, 1924. at Par-kersburg, W. Va., DR. JEREMIAH P., beloved husband of Margaret Lawlor and son of the late Ann and John J. Lawlor, of Baltimore. Requiem Mass at the Cathedral on Thursday, October 9. at 9 A. M. 9e LEAGUE. On October 7. 1921, at th rosidence of his daughter, Mrs. George Edward Cloman, at Kingsville, Md., COLUMBUS Y.r husband of Belle League. Funeral from the above residence, on Thursday October 9. at 1 P. M. Service at Fork Christian Church at 2 P. M. 9o MAISCH. On October 7. 1921. MARY W. MAiSCH (nee Russell), aged 74 yenrx, beloved wife of the late Henry M;iisch. The funeral will take place from her late residence 1 Holly avenue, Hamilton, on Friday at 3 P. M. Interment Woodlawn Cemetery. 10 Mc.MANUS. Suddenly on October 7, 1924 SISTER CECELIA Mc.MANUS. Funeral from St. John's High School for Girls Thursday nioining. Solemn High Mass of Requiem at St. John's Church at 9 o'c'oek. 9 MILLER. On October 8. 1924. at his residence, 2033 Clintwood avenue, JOHN L., aged 32 years, beloved husband of Elizabeth Miller (nee Doylei. 9e Due notice of funeral will be given. NELSON. On October 8, 1924, CAROLINE E., daughter of the late Richard and Delilah Nelson. Funeral from the residence of her brother, Mr. Richard Nelson, 285S West North avenue, 011 Friday at 1 P. M. Services at Hereford Baptist Church at 2.30. 100 XORRIS. On October 7. 1924, MARY AVON DALE, widow of Dr. W. S Xorris. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services from the residence of her sister. Mrs. O. II Ilobbs. Hilton Court Apartmeuts, Lib erty Heights and Hilton street, on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment private. 9 PILAR A. On October S. 1921, ANNIE E (ne Foss). beloved wife of Thomas J. O'Hara. Funeral will take place from her late residence, 1520 Light street, on; Saturday at 8.30 A. M. ; thence to St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, where Mass will be aid for the repose of her soul at 9 A. M. May her soul rest in peace. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. - - 10" T..i K. Suddenly, on October 7, 1924. BELDEN. beloved husband of Mary E. Patrick. Funeral from Lisbon Methodist Episcopal Church. Howard county, Mary land, on Thursday, etooer i), Hi'4, at 2 P. M. Interment in McKendree Cemetery. 9 PETERSON. On October 8, 1924, GRAYCE (nee Halfpenny), beloved wife of Andrew C Peterson. New York and Philadelphia papers please copy. Funeral from her late home, 713 Harvey street, on Saturday at 2 P. M. Services at Fourth Congregational Church, Hull and Clement streets, at 2.30 o'clock. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. ; -lie RHINEH ART. On October 0. 1924. FRANK P., beloved husband of Elizabeth Beyer Rhinehart. Funeral from his residence. 244 Boul-din street, on Thursday at 2 P, M. Interment in Trinity Cemetery. 9e ROOERS. On October o 1924. suddenly, at Reading. Pa., HELEN, beloved daughter of Marcellus and Margaret Rogers (nee Ahern), aged 23 years. Funeral from her parents' residence, 237 South East avenue, on Thursday mornine, October 9, at 8.15 o'clock. Requiem High Mass at St. Brigid's Church at 9 A. M. 9 SACHS. On October 6, 1924 KATIE, aged 52 years, beloved wife of John H. Sachs. Funeral from her daughter's residence. Mrs. Frank Darney, 1 Harris avenue, near Belair road, on Thursday, October 9. at 2 P. M. Interment in Park wood Cemetery; 9 SCHAFF. On October 7, 1024, at 8.55 P. M., ELIZABETH (nee Frost), beloved . daughter of Agnes Frost (nee Hooper) and the late Thomas Frost. Funeral from her mother's residence, 1630 North Port street, ou Saturday . afternoon at 4 o'clock. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. lie SCHOKNHALS. On October 7 1924. LOFTS, aged 72 years, beloved husband of May Schoenhals. Funeral from his late residence. 126 North Washington street, on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in I'a Mmore Cemetery. 9e SCL UMAKER. On October 7. 1924, IUTHER L., beloved husband of the late Genevie Schumaker. Manchester (W. Va.) and Frederick county (Md.) papers please copy. Funeral will take place from his late residence. 1819 Hope street, on Friday at 2.30 P. M. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend: In-terment in Druid Ridge Cemetery. lOe SMi'lH. On October 7. 1924. WLLTAM P., aged 12 years, beloved son of Paul H. and Ida M. Smith (nee Batehelor) Funeral will take place from his parents' residence, 3122 Fait avenue, on Friday at 2 P. M. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery. 10 , SPENCER. On October 7, 1924, at 6 P. M, MARGARET SPENCER, widow of Hugh S. Spencer. Funeral from her late residence, 162S East Lafayette avenue, on Saturday, October 11, at 2.30 P. M. Interment (private) in Loudon Park Cemetery. 11 STOCKII AUSEN. On October 6, 1924. SAPH T.. aeed 18 years, beloved wife of Karl A. Stockhausen and daughter of Tnoinas and Ellen Woods. Funeral from her late residence, 1170 Nanticoke street, on Thursday at 8.30 A. M. ' Requiem Mass at St. Jerome's Church at 9 A. M. Interment in West-ern Cemetery. 9 THOMPSON. On October 8, 1924, at his residence. Oak Hill, Howard county, near Ellicott City, Md., DORSEY THOMPSON, in his 80th year. Funeral services at St. John's Church, Howard county, Friday, at 2 P. M. Interment St. John's Cemetery. lOe TIGHE. On October 6, 1924, EMMA TIGHE (nee Hopf). beloved wife of the late Patrick Tighe. Funeral services at her daughter's residence, Mrs. Louis Krogman. 837 West Cross street, on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. 9 TURNER. On October 7, 3924, at Mercy Hospital. MRS. KATHERINE TURNER. Requiem Mass at Mercy Hospital Chapel on Thursday at 9 A. M. Inter-ment in Cathedral Cemetery. 9 WHITE On October 7. 3924, DORIS M., bn'overt daughter of Howard A. and Ella M. White (nee Berry). Funeral from her late residence, 532 Annapolis avenue. Brooklyn, ou Friday at 2 P. M. Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery. lOe CEMETERIES AND LOTS. (2) Druid Ridge Cemetery, PIKESVILLE. Incomparable tor its beauty, location. eseeTlwit nnointnent and service. Lot prices consistent. Pikesyil'-e and Emory Grove cars to eutranca. City effice. 505 Cathedral street. Telephone Vernon iP.8. PiksgTiHe 159. LOUDON PARK CEMETERY. AREA. 350 ACRES. 150 ACRES UNSOLD. LOTS FROM SiSr, UP Under perpetnal care. Time navmpnts if desired. PHONES GILMOR 0772 PR VERNON 693S. PARK WOOD, Rattrmore's Strictly Lawn Plan Cemetery. Lot sold on small monthly payment if deeired. Phone Hamilton 0585 for antoe. WOODLAWN CEMETERY. Tak Woodlawn cars dirift to gate. City office. 401 TITLE- BmLTMXq. LOT in Lorraine Cemetery; cheap for cash. Ap- nly 915 S Charles st. BEAUTIFUL LOCATION Six -grave lot; $1 ca.h. Address P455. 8un. VAULTS. (3) ALL Graves admit water. ASPHALT GRAVE VAULTS kef i) contents dry as uust for ages at small cmt. Ask yur Undertaker or telephone Gi.'mor OB.'. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. (4) HENRY V. JENKINS & SONS CO.. D W. Jenkins. President. Funeral Directors Since 1799. McCPLLOH ORCHARO AND ST MART ST. VERNON 3188. H. SANDERS & SONS, BROADWAY AND BALTO. ST. WOLFE ISSB. BERTRAM W. GORE, Funeral Parlors. 1723 W. Lafayette MONUMENTS, TOMBSTONES. (5) PATAl'Sf'O GR-ANIT" I'O.. Otmosite Woodlawn Cemetery. Phone Woodiawn 55-M. FLORISTS (6) FUNERAL rij?ns. The Art Flower Store. P P. Cummiagg. 2030 Edmondson ave. Gil. 5202. BENT Anywhere-Flowers. Trees. .1 WAGNEK, 1220 N. Charles st. Vera. 7138-J. Tow son 428. FLOWERS for all occasions. HAHN & HAH.V 214 W. Saratoga at. Vernon 1949-7'J54. LOST AND FOUND. (8) AIREDALE. Nick. Lost, license S0S7. 2724 St. I'aul st. Homewood 1312. Reward. BANK-ROOK No. 15612 lost: return to Baltimore Trn-it Co.. State Rank Branch. BAR PIN Diamond and sapphire. Liberal reward. CALL GILMlR1546. CAT Lost. Gray Angora, strayed from 506 Ca.- thedral t. Reward. Yemen 2?37-J. ' CHOKER MARTIN. 1 ANIMAL Lost. sReward :r -oMiTied ''WH Lexington Bui'ding. fJoG rtmiTll white dog. with no tail, not much hair, looks like lamb. Reward. tS49 W. Red- yrood street. I)f"G Loot. Black TfrTrier. white throat, named . R ytM T'hmp A-i"ic- -F-l 3. KNGINKKR. LIC FN NO. ";p.rt04. issued October 7. l"2t- a'so Tiwto-'s Cetrate. 4 States, Inst. R ,-w:ml. 70? S. BROADWAY. ENVELOPl'S Ixnt on V. North ave., Enve'o-ies, containing keys and pajers. Reward. Peerless We ghint: Machine Co., 4124 Dalrymple ave. Ko-fst. ".'; -W. GI.A.SSKS "ost in lowntown district. Reward. Re-f-n to ( M ROBERT STRI.ET. LADY'S GRAY LEATHER HANDBAG lost, containing Iady'n Goltl Watch and Money. Kinder may keep money and return watch. 290'2 ' ' ! l-:T .Si A A V K I.i'v tv HI MINK NECICPIT ICE lost Tes lay evening in vicinity cf A"o'lo Tlieater. Reward, 805 E. '-"li--n st. K'ch's GTrige. PACKAGE containing wo bank hooks, sowing ma-rialsJoston car." Wa lb-rook 1368-W Reward. PENCIL. Ev'Tsham. Stcr'ing. initialed "M. J." RewiH. ?P.-!7 K'lmon-iwii ave. Gil. 067'7-W. POCKETBOOK Lost pockethook containins a M-sonic charm, on Baltimore or Carey street crs on Saturday. Please return to 732 N MONROE ST. 'OiKITl'BOOK ctmtninine money and identiflea ti'tn frl Tiib-ril reward. 1730 Warwick ave. t'l'RSjV Ixt containi'ig $28, in vicini'y of Maryland Theater. Liberal reward. Homewood' 3423. 624: Wyanoke avenue. (8) (Continued from Preceding Column.) RTXCLadys Siber Ritts. with Amethyst Setting. o-Miy carrcfl. 'oat in Ait. Washington. Rewarl M'--i M. V Hi'lto ) and Kenoxb road. SCARF Lwt Tuesday fternoon. B ack and White neavy s:.k sfart. Decweea r rdx' n ana -iaa.Fon s,t( on Eaaw st-eet LIBERAL REWARD. ARi:'IrX. APARTMENTS? -4-C, Slount Royal avenue and Caarles street-. ' S il RITY TRUST CO . NORTH AVENUE, nn-.s No. pfr-r- ion, eron-to Rank. W .ST WATCH L-t. b?tvv9eT Wliiteiock and fh-v,T'(gT -iTe . Twiy night. Rgwprd. Ver. 4326. for'.NTi on Mipotfcy river, near Lake Shore, Whit? bird dog. O-mer phone Yerron C603 for partica'ars. GEOROE E. HARDY. , L' ST on October 7. Bunch of Keys in B'ark Ecithe- Ho er. Reward. ROOM 601, 31 S. CALVERT ST. I'ST-Two Wrir Wirhes in envelop., cipher oil ,'trept or on No. !0 or 13 "rs Saturday. Lib-errl reward. 11 "7 Wert JTliirry-sixth street. IV5T Brom Traveling Bag. from automobile. Reward. 2837 Waldorf ave. SMALL po!d wrist watch, somewhere on Char'es treet. between Coucher " College and Johns Hopkins" University. Initial C. C. V. W. on hack. Reward if returned to 2435 N. Charles 8t. Phone HOMEWOOD T39. PERSONALS. (10) CASH IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUTr PLAVKR AND UPRIGHT PTANO. PHONE VERNON 1797, OR WRITE. REPRESENTATIVE WILL CALL. The HUB PIANO EXCHANGE, 30 N. Howard si. Mattresses Renovated," Sterilized, Recovered. $4.00 Up. U. S MATTRESS CO, Work Guaranteed. Plaza 26 19. SANTTAY MATTRESS CO B. L. rtlDDLEMOSEB. Mgr. VERNON 0935., Mattresses FtlmieHtiv' Iteno7t(1 4 Poster Ped Box Soringf,. H"!r Mat rrefses S?S each We Did POLLACKS MATTR-ESS WOBBL Now located 921 MADISON AVE. ROOFING $1.00 WEEKLY. ' Guaranteed 10 Years. No c-sh rayments. First -Class House Painting WATERTIGHT ROOFING ro.. Wolfe 8180. 1532 X. Milton ave. YOTT PAVK ANY OLD JEWELRY. GOLD OR SILVER bring it to our store and we vHli a 'low you fnl vine id exchange for ne Jewelry or Silverware. LEON LEVI. 307 and 309 W. Lexington St. WALLPAPER. 7c. a niefe; Borders. 2c yard. Beat Oatmeal lOe piece (all colors.) f WimVw Shadp. 40c. each. THOMAS & MESSER CO.. 1015 W. Balto. tt. TEMPLE RESTAUKA.nT. XINNEH. 85e. to 1. 5 to 8.30 P. M. LENVH. 40c, 11 A. M. to 2.30 P. M. First-Class CntBine. 18 E. Fayette. B E N J a M T N & C O ., ESTABLISHED 1830 LIBERAL ADVANCE- ON DIAMONDS. WATfHrs. JFtt'n RY. SILVER WARK. ETC 413 E. FAYETTE ST.. bet. Gay and HolH.tay. HOT-WATER HEAT HAS NO EQUAL FOR COMFORT. TAKK! LFa! COAL. WE GIVE VERY EAFY WFFttlY TEKMS. BOX 5441. STTN OFFICE. WALLPAPER. Side Wall. 7c. np: Border. 2e. yard. Best Oatmal. Oe. : Pclv-hroms. 25c. Tip. Best Varnifih Tile. 2Sc. CONRAD ERNST. 822 S. Charles street. CLOTIITVO DAMAGED. Moths, burns. tf.T and cuts in clohing re woven perfpet'y: msrantpeti not to nul' out. TRF "TTVBLE WEAVING CO.. 208 W. Saratoga st. Vernon 1S68. REPAIRING OF CHINA. GLASS. BRIC-A-BRAC. MARBT.F 8TATiTnY AVn AND MTSSING rTtTS RFPLACFD. Phone Vernon 446-J. 818 N. Howard st. ROOMS PAPERED. $4 UP. OATMEAL PAPER. $6. R. SIMMONS. 403 N. Pnla-W st. Gil. ?756-J. ROOMS PAPERED. $4 UP. BEST ORDE OXTMEAL. $6. " W. THOMPSON 214 S. SMALLWOOD ST. GIL 0985. HOUSE WTRING, rp45 " Six rooms. 2 halls, bath: steel cable: nothing dovrn; pay $2 wekly FATKTTT: ft KCTRIC OATMEAL PAPER- ftfi UP Paperhar.ging and Painting. Coors refiniehed. H G. Purdy & Co. 2712 W. Norffi ave. Walb- 1363. KU KLUX KLAN, P. O. BOX 261. BALTIMORE. MD. v KEYS fvEYS KEYS. Made While You Wait. MORRIS B. KLEIN. 206 X. GAY ST. HOUSE WIRED. 2. 6 rooms. 2 halls, bath and cellar. Harford Eleetrte Co.. 136 Overland ave. Mr.JCing. Haja. 0862-J. WE AYTLL rOMPn'K THE MUSIC TO YOUR SONG FOR S3 and make Music Rolls for you. PI.AYFR ROLL MUSIC STUDIO. P05 Harlem ave., Baltimore, Md. : r , v l'lll ;tlitr. Drcs P'aiting. P.uttons Covered. Hemst'tching. SIMON'S. 123 WT. Saratoga st. Calv. 0449. ROOMS PAP RED. 4 UP. WORK GTVEN PERSONAL ATTENTION. W. D N'coll. Jr.. 2041 E North ave. Wolf 414 7-J. MISS WARD FLFTPOLYSi9 EXPERT. Farial Hair. Mo'es. E'eriishea perm removed: ladies only Baltimore's oldest estab. ajiecialist. The Rochambeau. 1 TV Franklin St.. cor. Charles. GOLD ANT) SILVER ROUGHT ALSO DIAMONDS. OLD FALSE TEETH. S. ROMAN. 511 N. Eutaw st. Look for game. PERFECT TUNING. Repairing and Rebuilding Pianoe and Players. Call F. Schulze. 1201 N. Lnzeme evc-. . Wolfe 4259-J DlfSS PLATTING and Knhroidery; also Buttonholes : Buttons Covered. Hepistitehmg Pinking, B'aiding Cor ling, Elmhroidery S-allopme. Tuck-ing. HARRY C. DAY 308 AY. Saratoga st. HAVE your furniture upholstered in the proier way. Cabinetmsking i3 our specialty. M.MARK. Phone Madison 7052. 1910 Linden ava. TJPHOTTFR'VG ri-Piece Parlor Suite, with our written factory guarantee. forSl.r.85. SfPtEME CO.. AigquitTi & Orleans sta. Wolfe 0495. I WILL NOT re resronsiblc for debts contracted by mv h'"!b-nd. John K"m. Sr. MRS. MiR-CiAPFT KRAM. S3ql F"tm avenue. MISS PRICE, post-gjaduate electrologist. . Superfluous hair and fQcial blemishes permanently removed. 3 E. CENTRE ST. Vera. 3649-J. SHIRT Hospital rebuilds worn and torn shirts equal to new. without Hatching. 25c. to $L New Sbirta made to order. 830 E. Baito st. Cal. 2799. I WILL NOT be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife. Mr?. Marie Coles. BTOHARP J. QOLFS. 926 N. Central ave. FACIAL HAIR. Moles. Wart, etc.. PERMANENTLY removed. Advice free. Electric needle EXPERT. 220 N. LIB ERTY STREET. LOT?T BAT.TO ROOFING PAINT CO. 75e. a Sal.: 5 ga!.. $3 50. Roof Repairing. 948 lOLLINS STREET, near Sehroeder street. MASK COSTUMES. E. AHLERa. 222 W. Mulberry st. Vern. 3903 J. $1SKTPTS PLEATED $1. Hemstitching. Buttons covered. United. All Park v. Diamonds Ronyht For Cash. "Hughes." Ar.ra-ai.ier. 8?4 Fidelity BTdg.. 8th F1. r'arppTitr-B"'1(:Jpv : AHfrntions. Repairs. H. M. Taylor. lb9 W. LanvaJe gt. Mad. 0038-W. 'WILL Rid lour fioine of Hats, Bedbugs. Roaches, Mice. Moths. Fleas. GEO. G. SAPP, 334 Equitable Building. Ph. PL 1436. Liberty 4949; RADIANTFIRE Heaters save a ton of coal a month. WALTER E. HILL & CO.. Howard and Mulberry. Vernon 0400; PAPFRHANGTNO and Painting, the better kind. Prices reasonable; estimates promptly given: city, suburban or country. 2302 Barclay st. Hwd. 2292-W. FURS REMODELED. Myer Feiken, 224 X. Liberty, opp. Hotel Rennert. PA PER HANGING and painty : work done anywhere: best wo-kmanhip. SUN DECORATING CO.. 1632 N. Gilmor st. Phone Mad. 8793nJ. PAPFRHANGTNO. Plastcrn ; reasonable prices. 8. Lowentha'.. 729 S.Charlesst. South 0258-J. ElECTR-TO WIRING. Call Homtwood 557. H. R. TIEMAN. 2420 Greenmount avenue. WINDOW SHADES and Draperies. A. HOFFMAN. 522 V. Lexington Ft. Plaza 2909. HARDWOOD Floors lnid. old floors renewed. O. Tay'or. Ca.l jifterP P. M. Mad son 2iQ8-J. BRA'S BKDS manufactii'-ed and reflnfshed. f .LUDLOFF CO.. 507 W. Pratt St. Plaza 79t3. PPEVTT VNG'XG. Hi.-!h Quality Tow PrTce. M. GETZ. 1605 N. Appleton st. Mad. 3863-J HOUSE WIRING. r. & H. ELECTRIC CO.. 2014 Greenmount averue. Homewood 7223. ROOMS PAPETFD. $4 UP. " PHONE MADISON 2626. R F UPHOLSTER I N. M. MILLER. 1026 Aisquith streei. Fif'TAL MASSAGE. Mrs. Grab aw u7 VV. Franklinst. Yernon1690-J. FAUTAL MASSAGE-VIOLET RAY" MARSLAND. 818 X. Howarf et. Vern. 4463-J BRASS RT'DS -efinishel equal to new. Standard Plating Co.. 122 AA7.Perry St. Calvert 4257. FACIAL MASAGrT Vemon 6848. 1024 Nivth Charles st. FACTAT. MASSAGE. 800 MADTSON AVENUE BRAS" PfDa rtacqnere'l like new. Capitol Prat-ing AYork". 1023 Cathedral st. Vernon 1256. ELK"TP"" Wiring."0 wek''y;80 with xtir -a. G. D. CLARK, 237 McCnrley St. Gil. 0371-W. W'LL STORE GRAND PIANO FOR USE Ad-rfresi 1011. Sun oe"ice. F.AnAT. MAWWIK ME BAKER. 870 W. FAYETTE STREET. Gilmor 1751. CARPENTER-BUILDER Rerwirs. Alterationv (;EO. BIGGS. 443 lWren wood ave. Hwd. 181i BOOMS PAPERED. 4 UP: OATMEAL S6 . UP PHONE WAT.BROOK 1982. P ER M A NUNV 'Waving, SO cents a curl. SAND. ERSQN'S. 201 N. Liberty st- Cal. 0115. FAriAL MASSAGL, 306 Par avenue. Vemon 1261-J. HAIRDRESSING Taught by Registered Derma-Tricho'ogist. 016 W '6th st. Tuxedo 1439-J ASK YOUR DF.U.ER'for Rxj'ie'ta Chocoiates or call Liberty fr?97 Prompt delivery. flOO" PAPERED. $4 UP. H. Brotten, 733 W. Mulberry st. CalT. 0765. LOST AND FOUND. 10) (Continued from Preceding Column.) Your Breakfast Is Served! LCSCIOCS FRUITS." TFMTTTNG CERfcALS. Fruit or Cereal, Bat Rolls. Coffee. .15c. Fruit or Cereal, 1 Ego. Rasher of llacon. Buttered Tong. Coffee. . .25rv Fruit yr Cereal. Fresh Country Sausage. Hot Cakes, Maple Syrup, Coffee. . . .4(Xi POWERS & McGRAW. INC., L0NTH AND RE3TAPRAXT. 2 Can-rni-nt Locations: 8 E. LEXINGTON ST.. NEAR CHARLES.. 10 S HOWARD ST. N?xt to W. B & A Ten-fnaL Qualify Cleanlirfxa ferric. . DINNKR, 5 TO 8 P. M.. 35c TO 75e LEARN HAIRDRISSING. MRCEXJNG. ETC. $1 ') CVv-.rse $-5 NiTht Cjk?: S- Dy Class. NEW YORK pnACTY-PARLOR. rta.Wihei 1315, Baltimore's Trtrvncrt S-Hri of Beauty Work. 'OT-'OT. PARK AVE.- SHIVERS SHOE REPAIRING. Men's Half So'es, with Hearts of Oak Leather. 51 25: Ladies' HVf Snles. with Hearts of Oat lesther. 51. Wait or send them in. Free de'ive-y. KATOGA AND PI1ARL STS. SINCE 1878. I WILL NOT BK RESPONSIBLE for any dbts oontracte-t bv mv wife. MARTHA QUARLCS. HARRY orARLfS. 14.7 Matthews ave. FTTTON ROopjxo SHOP. 208 N. Gilmor st-Gi'mor 1 54 1 Old slag, metal and tar roofs rena red by experts. Guaranteed. WTVPOW SHADES a-d Draperies made to ordor. TYRTJf CO.. 23 N Norris t. Jthn R Weaver-Mgr. Madiaon 8324. Gilmor 3921. . OVLliOOATS S,;! OO $"-0 S7.00. 401 N. GREENE ST. irPITOTTURING. custom-buiU workmanshiix A. " F r-hV-iPgO ..4A.Ailuith. Wlf. 445t-W. tTPHOLSTERTNG. ftiminre reneiHng bv experta Atlantic Antiq-ie Shop. HI N. Howard jtYer. 0338. PAPERHANGING. PAINTING. First-class wort Laf. Paper Co.. 3000 W. Lafayette ave. Lib. TALKING MACHINES repaired (expert) Call, delivered free. 2418 Callow ave. Mad. 0619. WANTS. SPOT CASH FOR USED PIANOS, Plaver-Pianos and Victrolas. PHONE VHRNON 3988. or WRITE NATL. PTANO EXCHANGE, 322 N. HOWARD ST. WILL SPEND $5,000 FQR CLOTHING AND FURNITURE antique and modern . big lots or single pieces. Dining, Living and Bedroom Suites and Carpets. Pianos, Victrolas, Stock and Fixtures. F. STICKMAN & CO., 836-838 AY. Saratoga st. Gilmor 3978- O. T. BUT TERWORTH & CO. 32 SOUTH HOWARD ST. Buy and Sell Used Furniture: Large and Small Lots. ' PHONE PLAZA 4062 . FURNITURE Yv ANTED. WILL PAY HIGH PRICES FOR ALL KIXDS IN LARGE OR SMALL LOTS. . FOR QUIUK RF.UI.TS CALL mu. nrcxNTxas. 213 ST. PAUL PLACE. PLAZA 7575. , WHAT HAVE VOU TO SELL? GOOD PRICES PAID FOR MODERN OR ANTIQUE FT'RNTTrRF ALSO MERCHANDISE STOCK AND FIXTURES. FROMPT ATTENTION J. H. CARROLL. 32 S. HOWARD ST. MAD. 0547. FURNITURE WANTED. . We r in (rrc-t need of modem and all kinds of antioie furniture. Will pay you twice as much. Promnt attention given We call anywhere, city er coutury. Phon. t nee. Pisza 1931. or postal. ORIOLE FURNITURE CO.. - 937 W. Baltimore st. FTTrrNTTTJR'fc-, MODERN AND AfcflQTTE. H0USEHott EFFECTS BOUGHT. Nc Lot Too Largs. J. H gai.tox. J. B APRON, 708 North Howard rtreet. Phone Vernon 0310 and 0311. FURNITURE WANTED. Ymir price is mine if you have any Household Firnitun; lrse or small lots. Call me first and be convinced. STANLEY FRIEDMAN, CALVERT 3fi09. 709 W7. BALTIMORE ST. FURNITURE W A NT ED. Living room, bedroom, dining room suites, single pleees or entire honoebo'ds. METROPOLITAN FURNITURE CO.. 516-18 W. Ba'more st Plaza 7504. FT.ANNET.S PARKER WTLDTTv 775 OR 55R OR SIMITAR. RD. NAVY AND OWKKV. WILL PAY SPOT CAH. WIRE OR PWN'R. SATVOP MATT MTDDY CO., 256 GEORGTA AR. BROOKLYN. GLENMORE 0595. FURNTTTTRE AND CARPETS. ETcentitnally good prices paid for modern and antione furniture of all kinds. Single, pieces or ent:re W'sebo'd. Will call anywhere. P. MAHVIN-. 2902 Clifton ave. Walbrook 1398. FURNITURE OF ALL KINDS, ALSO-GAS RANGES. WTLL PAY POT CASH. CaU or write. 725 W. Baltimore st. Calv. 2934. ABSOI.UTFLY high nriees tvid for your tnrnl-ture. carnets and antique fnm;tnre of all kinds, from the hiahest erode to the cheapest: single pieces or entire ho"eholis. CaU M'i'on SR04. or mail. H PA1TF"T 105 N Small wcod at. Prompt attention Will call anywhere. AT ONCE. Old Mnhogany or Modern Furniture. Carpets nd Festers: Hty or country -T. G.. 511 S. Fre-mont avenne. Sooth 1882-W. 2ND HAND CLOTHING. Bijr nriees paid fri Men's Second-hand Clolfitng and Sh-v W'o'fe 4750 or write A. HORWITZ. 1423 East B;ltiti tre street. FURNITURE Modern end "intiqne. Wre nay h'gh prices for entire household or fing'e lota: send prfsta! to J. ROssf-xtoOG. 842 W. Ealtimora street. Phone Calvert 2128. TURN U.VD FUR'TT".'!B INTO CASH. WiH b'T sine'e. r1"cei or entire lo's. it FIO"N 71 0 AV P-Ho st. Qlvnt 11 70 J. WANTED Second-hand Saw MU1. also Planer: state location and lowest price. Address 10190. Snn office. W'F P'iv anrf S"' F"miture of EVerv Description. VICTOR FTTtNITURE CO.. 50p Enscr st.. w,-" Teir Trlret WANTED to hire one locomotive crane for loading s"-sp iron; wi'l nay good price. SAMUEL FTSTIMAN. Hn-iibrg Pa. FURNITURE, old or modern: O-naments. Rugs, etc.: one piece or entirety. MURPHY. 12 E. Read street. Vernon 1 1-56. CASH for all V'nds Stocks, Fixture and Property. Armly MR. FRANK. 1005 E. Baltimore street. Wclfe 0.34. WANTED I.Tuichrooni firtures for small plac, cash. Address 10108. Sun. ViXTET CMATJ-. SAFE. CV Gilmor 3998. Htryw TRTrvrR tatt fOT USED FURNITTTRE. 0. 2ALIS. 804 Greenmount ave. Vemon 3582-J. ALL Ki"ds of F"rniture. Hiah prices paid. 1. SOPHER. 15 N. Pine rt. Calvert 1035-W. PLAYERS fn-A VVt-rfss. Will pav snot cash. 108 AV. LEXINGTON ST. Calvert 2555. FURNITURE and G-s Ranges; high prices paid. L Rofsky. 809 Greenmount ave. Vera. 3913-J. BIG PRTCF5 fo- C'nf-M. Shoes. AVeiring Ap-pareL Charle 2047 Penna. ave. Mad. 4107-W -H.P. BOILERS for steam. Iron Pressing Out-t. A-ss 7251 Sun ofTioe. GOT) P-if tor Used Furniture. G.' Ranges. BLOCK. 914 AV. Balto. st. Calvert 4054-W WANTED Gas Range, with high ven. good condition; no dealers. 101 "9. Sun. DTMOvrs BOPG"T FOR- CASH. R. HUGHES. 824 FIDELITY BLDG. ADVANCE price? for c'otliing. shoes, etc. : prompt ettention.04S N Carey st. Gi'mor 2982. HOUSE" wird. B. X. abe and fixtures. $98. Moor- man ElecCo.. 1425 N. Gay st. W.Vfe 673t. FURNTTT'TfE rnd gas range-. 11, nnces paid. L. ZALIS. 900 W. Baltimore st. Calvert FT'PVTTUPF an-1 Gs Ranges: liiii r.nceo faid. IDEAL 829 Greenmount ave, Vernon 3244. Vt " "OI.AS and records" "bought. HIGH PRICES. 2418 Callow ave. Madison 0619. (Dealer.) ADVANCED "Rtpes Psid for Diamonds and Jewelry. LEVINSQN. 824 E. Baltimore st. FUPN.ACFS boilers, newspapers, rags and maga- rines Wa v.r;y Faper Stock Co. Homewood 2224 FURNITURE an Oa Ranges bomrht and sold. I. Freedman. 720 W. Baltou st. Plaza 5798. , MKV'S Clothing and Shoes H gh 'nrice Daii. RODIN.. 680 W. Saratoga st. Vemon 1884-MOOF.PN' nd Ant!qn "F'lrnitnre. flL""KMAN, 1704 Aliceanna t-. nr. Broadway Utt. Wolfe 8241. HELP HOUSEHOLD. (12) CHAMBERMAID (WHITE), AGE 30 TO 40; MUST STAY NIGHTS. 200 ROLAND AVE, CALL TUXEDO' 0012-AV. CHAMBERMAIDS aitress. also Cook, whito. ex- peri.iiced; stay nights: 3 adults; good wages. Te.e hone HoTewiod 0314 COOK, expert, white nomtn. for small private fami'y; excellent wages'; cooking; only; references. Address 10-149, Sun. j . COvK Goo i : stay nights; good wagesj reference require!. Tue5o 0724. or apply 203 Lug-wood ro'V ThTre'J COOK, first -class (white). Protestant; reference; family of two; wages S15. Call 12 to 2 P. M.. 4?Qi St Pan' st. COOK and ger.e-al houseworker, experienced, for apartment, fa-nily of two: references nece-vary. Mrs Duer, Gilman Att. B-3. Hwnewood 1186. COOK Refined White Girl to cook and for first-floor work, stay nights: good home and good wages. TUXEDO 1144. COOK (colored), small fam 'y; stay nights; refer--e -eouired. 218 E. BIDDLE ST. COOK (white). 101 St. Johns rc. Roland Park. or phone Turedo 0234. (""OOK (white) an! fr.t floor work; good wages; -efeenre. Phone T ibrty 36H2. rJTRL, whi.e, for G -neral Houework' stay nights; goal wages, good home. MRS. HEROLD, 2820 Over'and ave., 2nd dosr from Harford roaJ. Ha--il'on OfOS-.T. ' GIRL to cook and assist with housework, family of 2, in Ttimnn; nvit stay nights; references. MS. BENNETT, 700 Madison it. PERSONALS. HELP HOUSEHOLD. (J 2) c (Continued from Preceding Column.) GIRL (white) to cook and do taocspvrork. Phone FomewoHl 4009- ; ' GIRL (colored fa- general housework; eteadj work. S57 Y NORTH AYE. GIFL i colored i. for H-vaevvc-rk; (Oiiiil apt.; home nights. Ar.rly 7Q1 S B-oadway GiliL (ctorod) tcj Ans in Housework: DO wash-i"T ISO1 N. PatTe-son Park ave. GIRL ( white for General Housework: two ia family. 2029 Madison avenue GIRL for General Housework. 345 East Twen-tv-'eond s'rpet. GIRL for general nous-work small apt. MRS. T. "ACHS. ?3"0 Reisterstown road. HOUSEKEEPER wanted; must be able to cook and take care of two children. "Apply 1810 N WysVi'v-'tpn yr. H L" EK I I" V liit w?.ii ted ; - must know hew to r -a. Atv.It 1457 Mnttiicws ave. cfter 5. J If rSFJvI-'ITFR whined to tske care of good . j-Toi. Trimly. "ii r o"ev hs.o-j HOtTCEVFT-pER. whie. young; good pay. 1702 i m timore st. Vi oue loy. atter F. M. K'TCHEN MAID whitel. ex'-erienced. not over 40 years : rermaoent position, good wages : references r"anire: also First -Cam Cook te-nnorary. Arrlv from 10 to 12 Basement 11 W. Mt. Yer-vrr, P'ace or call Homewood 000-Y. HOUSFMATD. white; ref-rence- n'er-iid wages. MADISON .6092 and 2353 EUTAW PLACE LAUNDRESS (whltel t"ust have good references. to go to Green Spring Valley. CU P'.aza 6 1 SO. MAID Exriencel (white. Protestant Preferred, for Chamber work and sewing. Phone Tuxeio 1092. or write Mrs. R. B. Horkins. Woodbrook. Md. MAID. French, ab'e to speak English and sew, me experience- in traveling, to go abroad during winter: reference required. Address ' 9332. Snn. MAID (white) to do chamberwork and iist with care of - 2-year-old. child: must hare ref-e--'.-: nil-1'-- anall bousehold; good wages. Walbrook 0$ 72. . MAID (white!. firs-c a?. fw general work in a't.; lady living alone'- must be good cook: ref--WMred. Addri 104"8. .S"n. NURSE (white), reliable, for 2H-vear-old boy: puburbs: references: good wages. Second house on Ford's lane, near Park Heights avenue. Liberty 6112. . 1'PSEiy GOVERNESS, experienced, for 2 girls. 5 and $; references required. MRS. A. K. BAER. Slade and Park Heights aves. Paonu liberty 7714 . WAITRESS, First-class, to remain at niht. Apply Irt W. IT. VERNON PLACE. WOMAN (colored) Settled. sing'e. cook and honje-work. family of four; no washing: ay niffht; $10 per we!. Must have experience. J. F. JOHNSON. Gleabuniie, Md. Paoue Glen-burnie 2 6-J- WOMAN' (white), middle aged, der-endable for general houievork and cooVing; fond of children, husband, if anv. employed, may live in bouse. C'?J1 Walb. 0768 after 7 1. M. or after 2 on Th"ray. WOMAN Coo'- and boiew-k. rWl familv: ref-erences. MRS. IRA'ING H. STEELE. Celeste Court Apts. 1-B. 2441 Cal ow ave. WOMAN (white), re'iaoe. for general housework and cooking: mall family; reference required. ?304 A". NORTH AA'F. WOMAN or Girl, tc do genera! housework and assist with cocking: need not stay nights. 251 ' London ave.. Inington. WOMAN (white a nure tor child and housework. Good heme in suburb.. 1707 Park avenue. f,-pon OO-Tt. WOMAN (white), by the day, housa- cleaning: must be :.tat; P-fe-emce. Apply 905 NORTH CHARLES STREET. WOMAN 'white) for plain cooking in small fmiilv: good wageo. Apply 1224 N. Charles street ' WOMAN t wash and iron at home for small ("ip;'t of two. Mtdison 3390. WOMAN for cooking and lanndry work; reference required; suburbs. Tuxedo 2015. WOMAN (whJte or colredl, reliable, for ceneral housework. 1131 Light street. MAN 'white to cook and attend to apt. i-lv 1"1 Eutaw Place. 1st floor. WOMAN (white"' for cooking in Priest'i Rectory; no laundry. South 112S. WOMAN (White), settled, as cook and to answer phone. 910 W. Lombard ft. Carv. 495Q. YOUNG GIRL (wh te), plain cook and general ho"sework. apartment: two in family. 90 RO-MNI) AVF. TuTedo 0975- MIDDLE-AGED "hite AA'oman for general hone-wo-k for two. Stay nights. References. 8 E. Gcore ave.. Hamilton. MIDDLE-AGFD. Beetled White Woman to Cook and Do General Housework for two; ref-erer"-- rouired. 27 H-trford ave. WANT' D Good. PeTable White Woman for Cooking and Flret-Flco- Wrork in family of sir irt country, near station: no objection to child. Apply, with references, between 10 and 5 Thursday, at . 91S MADTSON AVENUE WANTED, in Chri-ti:in family of S, white woman, ever 40. to do cooking and general housewo-k. Write, giving exp.. references, salary disired. AY'1! -n-'ng interriew 10141. Sun. WANfFD White girl or wnman a nurse for 2 small rbi'di-en : $15 a week: references required. MRS. HENRY M. WHITE. 3405 Greenway. Phone Homewood 3820. WANTED WTilte m:ddle-aged woman, to do gen- e-l hoisewo-k for fam'lv of f '- in w" v. Write Mrs. John X. Markline. White TZall. Md. WANTE1-WATTRESS!. WHITE. APPLI 4 FAST RTDDLE STRF.ET. SITUATIONS FEMALE. C13) T BOOKKEEPER, D. E. Canhier: sett'ed. dependable worker." 10 years' e-x-oerienci Al referf nee. desires position where serv-icea will he appreciated; salary. T35. 1012Q. Sun. BOOKKEEPER, D. E.; Cashier; A-l reference: salary $30- 10295. SUN. ' BOOKKEEPER OASj-tIt.K desires evening work. 1Q645. Sun. CASHIER, ex-ierienctd. wishes position evenings. 7 P. M. until 11.30 or 12. Address 1 0fi90. Sun. CHILD'S NURSE, with oxnerience and references, desires "asiHon. Address 2206 AY. Ijerington st. COOK (colored) wishes portion; private or public. 1141 N. CAREY ST. COOK, first -clas; best ef .reference. 1062 Argyle jivnlp. COOK, experienced, wishes position. Phone Madison Q"11-T. . . COOK r.(Hil: KEFERENCES. MADISON 8424. COOK (colorfd) wsnts flrtt flooc wors in small family. 141 Pcr,ny'vania ave. COOK (cvlcvd). e.verienoe!. wants position; or-i wagc-s- -cfe-ence. 10ft74. Sun office. COOK, first class, or half-time work. Apply !737MsCulloh st. COOK, first-class, desires position; best references. 224 NORTH GILM R ST. COOK wishes position n city: stay nights. 1214 AVOYLF. AVE. Madt-KVi 5064. COOK. A-l. with child 4 yearn o'd. d-r'res position, citv country. 316 W. HOFFMAN ST. DPF.SSMAKFR would like sewing by day or weefc: references. 10647. Sun. . ':IRL (colored) wishe in apartment: rnn give references. E. NUTTER. Apt. 5. 305 W. Hitman street GIRL colored) wishes position public waiting, or plain cockirg. private family. 30 E. 20th st. H"mewocd 8859. G'RL (colored l. nea r, "wishes pesition as maid or waitress. 1201 Argyle ave.- GtPi, vvTS DAY'S AYORK. APFLY 546 ST. MARY'S ST. ' , GIRL icolorcd) wants place, chambermaid or wait- re.-tg, in city. 1550 AA'oodyear st. GIRL (colored wants plce. houiewors or nurse. 1K55 Gilmor et., first floor. GIRL (colored), neat, wishes position after 4 o'clock. 747 George st after 5.30. GIRL NEAT AvfSHES PART-TIME WORK. rA- BAKFR STREET. . GIRL (colored) want3 housework or waiting. 1334 Gilmor st. G'RL (colored) wisiies position as maid, ltl.31 GTRL (co'o"!) m haif-tiiile work. 5S5 PRr'gSTMAN ST REFT. ' GTRL (colored) w:5v-s plain cooking or house work: reference. 1034 Argyle ave GIRL icolored) want- nosition as cook; will stay niehts. 1042 N. Nolfa. st- GIRL v.ishes position as chambermaid or dish washer. Yemen 4017. GTRL (colored) wishes wo-k. public or private; Sundays oT. 631 PITCHER ST. GTRL eo'.ored. wishes work, by day or week. 1304 W. I'fayette ave. GIRL, colored, wishta housework ; -references. 544 Oxford st. . GIRL (colored) WPiits AVok mornings. 1340 Q-uid Hi') ave. Myison 3770-W. GIRL wishes Genera! Housework or as Nurse. - j-,"T"r ftirt-i. GIRL (co'ored) wuts wo-k as Nurse or Waitress. Anh ?013 OAK STREET. G'RL 'colored) want wo'k by wek in city or suburbs. 1911 McCUI.I.OH STREET. " G'RL wants half-time or day's work. 71S W. Mu'berry st. GIRL (colored), neat, desires work; references. 110S BOLTON ST. - GIRL (colored) vrcnts ttrneral ' housework ; no washing. 432 N. FREMONT AVE GRADUATE NURSE (coed) desires position. Phone MADISON 3314-J. - LADY risher-. i days' work. 9-3. or night work. -'ter 7 P M. inOfi". Sun. LAlrNDRES wishes at home firat-class rough- drv or iron; tniaU or bundle. 2444 Druid Hill ave. ' LAUNDRESS wants work, home or out; refer- f"r?. 1228 Strieker st. . LAUNDRESS experienced. desfM whing. home. large or small. 524 DOLPHIN ST. T.AUNDRFSS. fi-st-c'ss. home or out. or clean- inc bythe day M .n'cO0fill-J. MAID OR HOUSEWORKER WANTS POSI-TTON. WRITE 429 W. HAMBURG ST. NL'RSE, eipt'rience'', competent, wishes nosition yvenivgs or all night. Address 10114. Snn. NURE. exreriencedt wi'h infants. e"burbs or Q-ilfod pryfen-ed A'ess 1Q132. Sun. PRACTICAL nurse wishes case at once, good attention g ven. 603 McCabe ave. Hwd. 6332-W. "EAMSTRFSS Plain Sewing and Mending bs the day. Address 10137. Sun office. cTENOGRAPHER- h-g'.i school education; year's es-'erience. Address lPrHO. Sun. STFA"005!APHrR, firrtt -class, dires position; g"Q week: references. Ca'vert Q5S2. ASK 'NO AND IRONING at home. MRS. r'MA PO SI EY. 20 AVs Chase st. "OMAN (colored); re"i.ibe, with g"od references wants positif-n as cork. Phoue Madison 206." ''ftr To-nnylvpnia ave. WOMAN (white wishes laundrv wor- housework or cooking. Address 10694, Sun office. SITXIATION5- -FEMALE. (11) (Continued from Preceding Column.) WOMAN, reliable, wishes position as cook or general housework, in small familv 1442 PRESSTMAN St. WOMAN, reined, wants place as companion or to attend semi -invalid. P. O. Box 314. Sparrows Point. Md. WOMAN. co:orfd. wants i davs' -rx or part time; no Sunday. Cal? or write 172 S Calhoun street. WOMAN wishes position as good pia n cook : "n'ing o wi.-t ia dining room. 1250 N-GAY STRFFT. WOMAN wishes pos t ion as good plain cook, flrat-f oor work lg.-O N GAY ?T. WOMAN- (COLORED WISHES COOK'S ri.UC. 1.5.17 . CALHtUX ST. WOMAN tcolore-; wants M online Work from 9 to 1. Call at ?335 DIVIS'ON ST. WOMAN wants laundry work and day's work. 1801 White stre-?t. WOMAN colo-ed wants day's or half-dsj's work. Phone WOLFE 4704. i WOMAN tcciored wants place as nurse or plain 1 c .oking. l;?j?Q Pennsylvania ave. Mad. 9SS3. WOMAN ( colored wants position as plajn cook ii-Miyt-vio-g: ms nut ana ave. WOMAN (colored) wants place as cook; ilay "lehts: reference .1415 Argy'e ave. WOMAN (coloe1) wishes 'aundrv work ax home. MAN (cJuoivdl wrnts day's work. Address I3 1 ..Jli-ton st, Gilmor 105ft. WOMEN (2) colored, dere poirion ? cook and chambermaid. 935 MeDONOUGH ST. WOMAN i'eo!o"ed) wants cooking cty! Ttef- .-.i. i-anii,. i.iii rairmount ave. WOMAN, colored. flrs-class cook, references - WOMAN, co'o-ed. wants daj-'s work or part time. 135Q N. Calhoun St. WOMAN, eo'ored. want place aa cook or half-tunew ork. 13Q5 Jefferson st. WOMAN reliable, wants Washing of any kind. at borne. Aniy 1328 Strieker st. 'AN (colored) wants half-day work. 643 4csPjtio3; half-time p'ce. 2009 WOMAN (cr-lored) wants laundrv work at home. fj-r.g, ftoy x. F.UTA W ST. YOUNG G'RL desire posirion s typist and i--nri. A-'nrTM nn.1.1. omce. OUNG Lady, age 54. want pwuion. ixnerienced in office w-ork. dealing conrtecusiy acd intel'j-gen:iy with ro-le jwrro-ially bv pioce cr letVr: ber of reference. lOirtS. Sim Y?y,"NG LIY wishes position evenings in store. YOUNG married m"ian wihes ntzht work be-twven 7 and 12. 10184. S-n. A LADY erf refinement and eduction desires a permanent home as companion or mother's helper. Can teach piano. Must be treated as one of family. Congenial home more than high salarv ia dcired. Hithest rrference. Mr". A M. D.. 2112 A'lendle road. Walbrook. Balri-fore. Md. Phone Walbrook 13S7. A RELIABLE Lady want anv kind of Work to Tn fit TTr,r..f. 10125 Sim. BY Ycmg Lady with experience, romrion as telephone rtperator in nrivsre branch exchange; can give refere-ce. Address lOICQ. S'm office. rnJJ? WOMAN wishes work prt time. B. JOHNSON. UPS Anthony eet. COU1RFD GTRL wishes e'euing by day or half time. 234 N GILMOR ST. DAY S WORK. 7 tn 9. nsaht work; carda an-ered. 1115 Argyle ave. FT.DT'RLY Idy. Enc'ish. nositirffi as rmlrr.n in institute or hospital (exnerienced) or hoivsekeeper ! i v . K"in i-mgri. Amre niiMi. nn. EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and stenogranher de-sires position: quick and accnute: refc-ences given. 3036 Biker st Phone Belair S19-F21. EX PERI ENUFD P. B. X OPERATOR. Phone Ma-in 7238-W. 1TSTPKRIFNCED MAID fo- Light Chomberwork Sowing- references. Ph. Vernon 3545-W. GERMAN GIRL wants poslrirm a second wk in hotel or restanran. ANNIE HARPER. Gambrilla P O. Csne H-ghway. A. A. Co.. Md. (IRRMAS Girl desires position as Houseworker Arlv AUGUSTA AYE. Irvngtrm. GERMAN IAOY. flrnt-class cook, wishes position. 1302 GT.YNDON AVE. PRACTICAL NURSE Will take eases of any kind Call Vemon 1 ROrt-W. after 4 P. M.. o- -isiq y S-Tjng ,tret. REFINED MARRIED LADY wishes -win3 thoe days a week in alteration doartment of one of the larger stores or in families. Address 10fi5. Sun. REFINED, capable woman wants place as housekeeper or companion, one or two m family. 106S1. Sun REFINED Lady, 42 yearn old. desires a nosition as hmwk'e-fr. Phone Hamilton 2r57-W. RELIABLE. GIRL wishes Hoiework nl Plain Cocking. A-vnly 1105 S. KFNWOOD AVE. RELIABLE COIjORED WOMAN wants Laon-d-y or Cleaning. Phone SOUTH 1041 -J. RELIABLE Colored Woman- wishes days work. 31 North Oi'- street. SETTLED WOMAN with child 5 years, wanta a place a cook or willing to take care of home as housekeerjer. can do good plain cooking and baking: reference ; city only. 10600 Sen. TAA'O GIRLS .-ant work; no Sunday work; refer-ence. 1814 McCnMoh st TWO girls want poxition as housework erg. 607 W. REDWOOD ST. AYANTED Poxition by middle-aged Lady to Cere for Small Children; references given. Address MISS F. T R.. 7Q9 N. Fremont ave, WANTED Warhlng at home or Day's Work. MARIE BANKS 1519 Mount t. HELP FEMALE. (141 BOOKKEEPER and Stenogranher wanted in wriolesaie nonse. Addrews lQ13o. ban office. CASHTER, EXPERIENCED. G0LDENBER0 BROS., 25 W. LEXLNGTON ST. CHOCOLATE DIPPER wanted at ence. Must be exiierienced with high-grade work and rell- b'e. s--e MK KKAFrT. 32 S. Hanover St. CKOCOIATB DIPPER (EXPERIENCED). APPLY ISOO AA". NORTTI AVE CLERICAL, WORKERS. Mnst be over 17 years of age; neat, accurate and write legible hand. Apoly after 9 A. M. M. SAMUELS & CO.. 719 A Lombard at. FUR FINISHERS, experienced. Apply CHO-H ANY. (- West faratoea st. GIRLS, Over 16, for our enameling department. Apply NATIONAL ENAMELING AND STAMPING CO., 1901 Lipht St. GIRLS or ladies interested in canvassing, working on a commission oasis, no deliveries or collections to be made. Proposition being guaranteed ladies' vests direct from the factory to the consumer. ADDRESS 109f4. SUN. GIRLS FOR CLERICAL WORK Good penmanshio requiTvd. State age. eiperi- ence, salary desired. 10164. Son. GIRLS for light factory work. WM- BEEIii-hltt. 222 W. Ijexington et. GRAPHfrTYPE and Addressograoh OneraW. by banking concern; goM o-tortunity for efficient person. Address 1069?, Eun. HOSPITAL Attendants. Stte Effiployraent Commissioner. 22 LIGHT STREET. LADY iu office of a cleaning and eyeing establishment: must have department-store experience. 10545. Sun office. LAUNDRESS WANTED FOR SYDENHAM HOSPITAL, HARFORD ROAD AND HERRING RUN. MONTEBELLO. MARKER and Assorter.- a!j enerienoed ladv in our finished work dent. FULTON FAMILt LAUNDRY. 1700-14 McHenry st. OPERATORS, EXPERIENCED ON MEN'S & BOYS' NECKWEAR BIG PIECF-WORK PAY FOR THOSE AA"HO KNOW HOAV. M. M. BERNSTEIN & CO. 113 HANOVER ST. OPERATORS For power machines. Good pay. FRED WALPERT & CO., TAYLOR ST.. NR. BARTLETT AVE - OPERATORS, experienced on Draperies; also r- t nvvcov A. rr r-t,i, x. irv.vit ! I'ORTRAIT AGENTS Ht-st proposition ever offered for EMtimore and vicinity. Write for appointment. JACK SHATTLS. 35 Warren a. Newark, y. J. SALESLADIES, Experienced -in ladies ready-to-wear and yard goods department. Only those able to give reference and who are experienced will be consid-, ered. Good salary. Permanent position. Apply LAUER'S DEPT STORES, 449-457 N. Gav St. SALESLADIES. EXPERIENCED. Must be well recommended. Aply KFLLERT'S." - 109 W. Txington rt. SALESLADIFS. Aoply F. W. WOOLAVORTH CO.. C01 W. Iyexirgton st. ? ALFSI AIY to ren-iv and p-w-re work for e'eaning and dyeing. I'ooter's Dye Works. 3fn N. Howard t. See Mr. Rerster. bet. 10-11 A. M. SHOE BINDERS. Having en'arged onr depart-ent we ean "tise' ex-eriencei shoe binders: also experienced Sir.ger r'inder shoe binding machine opetators. Come ready for wr-rk M. SAMUELS & CO.. 719 W. Lombard st. ?4) (Continued from Preceding Column.) STENOGRAPHER. Mnst be eTjerienced and iNa to do acenrate xi Zw!??at i---ir coadauocs. Apply il. SAMUELS tc CO.. 719 W. LomMrd st "IL?0--1 bTVerTiaidetJt tiGc- Srh;VPH21' tt.liw. rood P.y; mu be tborWy wrWenced. Apply W ILLIAMSON A-lvNEUR CO.. K Baifm.ire and 8tl vtM. SHS!Sf-rU,-R exi-erieoeed: rm- SrjAPHK net under 25.' able asrft GEO. H. BUCHHETMER 4 SON, wS S. Ann st. - STENOGRAPHER. TTwrigTBSokkeeper. w-penencd: fanrw tegai wWk340T 5. Umbrella Co.. 324 W. BaJtanore at,. Srd fie. more money by the new tirrn mMkM BALTIMORE rj!BREI.IA OO W Balumt- ireet. Third Flooc. WAITItFSS FOR LOHSOOmT WAITRESS and Disyenser. espenenced. d w Iyri"gon etreet. WOMAN. 25-40. tmstworhy bjh!y edmted-pfitton Iead to s;Wdtd fnrnr; interest (ri perfholocv valuable; cood monfjly iacotne- also be-,Tr. lPOrt LINDEN AA"E. - WOMAN (white), honest, wjij pans ia bake ah"" f"1 -n tore: no Sunday work. 354 Pi - - j . lap 1 1 x r.inivnAi. WOMAN (ro'ored) to wash, diihes; no iaadsv work! Api-ly 24 S. Liberty st. WOMEN INSPECTORS ON GENERAL MERCHANDISE: 10 WEEK. - 110 S. HANOVER ST. YOUNG LADIES who can do hand sewing acd dress dolls. Apply Chessl?r Co.. 32 S. I'tca YOUNG Idy. a office as.siant. AppiJ in own handwriting. State ev-wrience and m1-- expected. Resident of East Baltimorsi preferred. Andrew IQrtSrt. gn':. YOUNG IAPY with eiptnence as hockW'eper. who can use tyjwriteT in a HumHng; state ae. ex:er!!ce and salary eapected. Ai;re iii."M.-. orru-e. YOUNG I iv. io Aivwer TeJeihTe a?d A-it with General Office Wirt. App".T J R- HUNT & ro.. lre-t and Srtoca s.. 2nd f1.-rT-. YOUNG Ia-iy -o ee peer dairv iaccli counter. 11S U. BALTIMORE ST. YOUNG WOMAN, iteMigr.. M-n 1 n 5 v.---s of age. to learn pbvuical culture acd rca-age work. Apply 31 5 N Ch-r;e st. YOUNG or middle-aeefi lady, who can soll.-lt for outsvle sales rroniot:na Molurale muJi ransd adranoEtnsnt for rij'at rrty. Ad drew 1043S. Sun. YOUNG REFINED COLORED GIRL PLEASING APPEARANCE AND MANNER. FOR DOCTOR S PLACE RFFKRKNCE APPLY 160C PENNSYLVANIA AVE. BRIGHT GIRL In ftaishirc demrtmer.t, experienced on aAvwttr packing and wrapping. Aprlv KDGAN-GRACE COMPANY. 21-?1S W. .araKra bt. DETROIT Manufacturer wants reined lady witi fair education for sj.-ial cuurch work. Wonder-fn opp nimitv for steanlr income AVrite today. "F." 8"6 Haj&elwood, f ttro t. Mich. EXPERIENCED CHOCOLATE DIPPERS To Work Evenings From 6 To 10 P. M. HEADLEY CHOCOLATE COMPANY, 603-610 Water St. EXPERIENCED GIRL for clerical work ad typ4y in insurance office; etate eaiary expteted. Addr-ss 10M0. Snn office. E X.P El! I EN C ED S A LI-S WOMAN. EX PI R 1 1 iN C ED Cashier; reference. KARrFTS LUNCH R OM. 24 W. Franklin st. GOOD HELPERS OX SLEEVES. 40 A BIDDLE STREET. LIVE YOUNG WOMAN to se'l advertiin5 s-rr-Ice to merchant. Apply BLUE BIRD SKKV-ICK. 10? Ist Plemant tieet. STUDENT NUJtSESj Apply Sine fcnuJojmen? "omn-iei,-,ner. 2 L.ght treet. WANTED- Piactica' Nnre to attend invalid lady. Add-es 10143. Sun cf'ice SITUATIONS MALE. CI 5) ACCOUNTANT-Bookkeeper w&nU meH aeTi Boo;f: spare time; moderate chargee. 10058. Sun KAKLii Good second on bread and oel doug":. wants iioeition. city or country. 16Q N. Gay at. BARBER, fliiet-ciaee. dwirea work. Apply II. Nin,ON. 14Q7 North Charles rt. BOOKKEEPER CAPABLE OF TAKING FULL CHARGE. Also erneritneed in account trig; age 35. Address IPI"-?. S'-n office. BOOKK EEPER Either permanent or terrponrv; now employed; trarried. Pans. U829-TV. W P. M. BOT (colored), age 17. w shea work at any kind. Phone Hfrniwood 0738-J. Bol' desires )o--iuon in jewelry 4or, do watcli d c'ryk rwt-ir-'g. 10152. Sun. CHATTEL LOAN MGR.. years' tap., desires permanent connection. 10Q25. Son. CHAUFFEUR, young man. desires pouiion. truck or private experienced. Louis A. Yorkrl. 5015 Liberty Heights ave. CHAUFFI.XR "whitei uesires noi'-icai ia private family; ran make own repairs; best at rcf-grence. m;3 Sun. CHAUFFEUR (white) desires position, crlrate l-.iperidnced cn several makes of cars; best of references. 101S9. Sun. Ill AI'FlTTlt w?iitei dmiw liOiaOT. orivate. CHAUFFhUR (whitei wi-hes r-i'joa. private e trncy. Address lO.V'.'t. K-tn of?"!N. CHAUlFi l"R (co)onel. experienced, private or truck. C: VFRNoy 29".n-J. CHAUFFEUR (ctJrixti desires poftiou. track only: references. Cal?' Madison R171-J. CHAUFFEUR (covnH). 6 years' ezper!Bc: ref-ernce. Phone SOUTH 114-J CHAUFFEUR (colcrrd. eiper. wiiJing worisr. CHEF COOK wnu position, school or faisUta - tln 1134 N. Gilmor st. COLLEGE STUDENT DESTP.K3 WORK FHOM ' V A w- - - e.iuranl work pf- 1 erred. C TROY. 7-V Reervoir street. Cook, First-Class (German) Wlha rmwirin. 1A.T2 Scakeperei ilre OitKDIT MAN. offif nianaer. d&1res positson. Phone MadiMn 347.VVA. DRAFTSMAN T?rJ-'? df-Mner. 10 jvara' experience. A4dr MASON. !Of?4K. Sun FACTORY: EXECUTIVE Seeks perrcani-nt- local coinje,, -on : forTr.-!y wih a New York flna of fud-iMria ougiaeers; rradca'e engineer with brc?id Uianufa'-trtring CA;tnence: fl'e years installing production and injj-tioo metooda. shop standaraitafion, piece its by time tttM 3s pey roil and ensts crntrot. 1012H. Snt. FARM HAND, ei'jeriened. rnarried. desinea m;- tioti near f'atHolic rhc-rii; can give references. AdHres 101". Su-i .ffirf. FIREMAN fw:it'i. ert-erieneed, waata poeiriaBl 213 S. CENTRAL AVE. FIREMAN. eT-er.rnced. l.ard worker, wants work. Arfdrei-j lQrj.'o. ?Min. : PHARMACIST, regere-1. r-3iiibie. ezparieooadL desires iosi on. Addrey 10HJV4. Stm. LINOTA'PE O-ierator ,iesim nosition. tin. S yra.. eg" 22; woked with best Stbs. Curnmnnicsn HEN RY S KOMPA S. 217 tpauidicgvei;ua. MAN. ei5ernctd with 'heavy machinery, wishes au'o repairing with reliable firm. Address 10105. Sun effice. MAN (whttei. single, desires work on gent's place; ejpert gsrdener. scber, honest and reliable; g3 reteren-e. 10145. Sun. MAN (coWedi wants p'ace ? jEnitor. butler or 'orter 13:5 DIVISION ST. MAN (colored) wishes position. Porter. Bellt?oy or Janitor. Phone Madison 061 1-J. MA N. nii iule rg&i. d sires oosiiion as night watchman. C. B. Schrlz. 1S19 E. Lombard st. MAN (colored i. rlace as chauffeur; good refer-enceR. 1302 Laurens et.. second floor. MAN iro'o-ed) wants prit4fn as fi -class cook or janitor; r-ferenceg. 327 Falls mad. MAN (cohred) wants position aa janitor: refer- -nes 14-)t MTulloh St. PHARMACIST, registered aiitant. dr? position; ftod references; experienced. 1Q676. Sow. SALESMAN, wit'o city and road experience, desires to connect wfb reliable concern; best cf, references. Address 9717. Sun. SALESMAN i26S, a proved producer, oeri for (.csition. AA"hat have you to offerl Al reference Adre-s 10fiA4. ?-un. - iSALLSiMAN 1 years M'liiig staple and specialty TOfift4. Sq;i otfice. SALESMAN, experienced, oesires Tooition or man'ifsrt'irir.- agent. Address 1Q103. Son. SALES MANAGER --HIP wanted for Maryland, or Ba'rimcre; 14 yeai"' ?a"esrr.n and executive ex-'-erience. Address 10121. Sun office. SHOE Salesman and Everiencei Restaurant Mm wants work. 103S6. Sun. WATCHMAN. Janitor. Porter, active eirrienced. tndifctrior.s man, desires ps'tion. 1(158. hun. YOUNG man. so 2i. with a grl ijersonality and a high-5.-il ed'icati:i. desires a posiucn. Ad-rfr-s to; i. Sain ci-e. YOUNG MAN, coTege graduate wlio wfll apply hinr to his work, wanta position with re lish, nrm. .nn. YOUNG MAN. trudent. want work aftr 4 and cm Saturdavs; ' anything. Address PQQM f.27. V. M. C. A. YOUNG MAN. 30 years' building selling experience, wishes connections with reliab'.e. pevna-re-it firm, reasonah'e sal, to start. lOlOl. Sur. YOUNG MAN with electrical and automobile ex-rserience desires any kind of rosinon; have Doda t"-k Ats 101TO. Snn crTice. YOI'NG MAN '2. desire employment : good edu-eation : can use tyrewriter: best refs. 10128. Sun. rxG "AX wants wkeer-ing at oisht. CaU GTLVOR "OCO-W after 6 P. M. Y'UNG Mao i27). with engine and boiier roota exp.. posiuoa. 10175. Bun. HELP FEMALE.

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