The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two teals a word for flist Insertion and one cent » word for e«ch eubjequent Insertion. Ko advertisement taken for less than BOc. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 LAURA LOU-BROOKHAN' 'Author of FOU SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this fall. SK us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. 9C-TF FOR SALE—1.500 bushels yellow feed corn, 75 cents per bushel at crib. it. N. Trimble, Llluourn, Mo., Phone Iti. 13C-K27 MKHK TODAY GYI'SV HrBUIDE. ID-yenr-old IVcu Yurk lyplil. narrlrft JIM \VAM,.\CK tlir Uijr nrirr »be lucfti thu a ( Ik* hnwr of h«-r irrrillhy rnntln, AV»i TUOW- FOR SALE OR TRADE—Modem 2 bedroom bungalow on llcarn st. H. L. Chambers. 21pk21 COTTOX SUED Cook's Half & Half Planting Seed. $2.50 per hundred. Phone 645. Koss Stevens. 23P-K21 FOR SALE-Town lot, 50x140, $50. Call COS. 23P-K28 FOR SALE—(.wo months oW collie pups. J. F. Tompklns, Burdette, Ark. FOH RENT FOR RENT—Apartment in lugroni bulldiiie. See Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOB RENT — housekeeping. Rooms for Ugh 415 N. 8th SI MP-K2 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prl ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hat chery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings o general housework. Mlzell, 2207 18th St. Mrs. Dora TF WANTED—Clean rags, free of buttons. Courier News. WANTED—Stale salesman wanted for Arkansas for a guaranteed product. Smith's famous salve. No cariosity seekers wanted. See Sid ney Smith, 1203 West Main St. by A I-AN CHOSIIV. jam irlurnni from n y*ar and n bnlt In l'orl» Jiludjrlnfr nri. Wallace'* flan^rt La* broken thrtr rBffftECMtnl to tuarrr Jim and <iji>*T co to Porfal Clljr where Jim kn» a thriving IJMI prnrtlro-. Ill* r*lnt1rf» ABU!J Cyimjr. Al:in Cronby iTTlfe* In fcct but »he return* (hr IrMrr unniirnrri. M A II- CIA I.OIMMi, Jln r « Turmrr fl^urcr. ninrrl** II1KK K L'llll.MI'H, rull- limmlrc'a Him. Muntliit pun* and Drnrk rktl[([i« )• killed In n frill frum n hur*r. JHnrrln rnn«nlf4 Jim nlxiul flnno- <-l:il nffftlr* nud Inter Irtla him Lt-r ntrtrrln^e In I 1 til til px unn i. nil*- tnkr. Mic rirrl.irt 1 * *hr cnrrx only for hl»:i. Jlurl hi-rnuxc 1 »lir Ijollcvca Jhn kn* 111 ken 31 n re En I'tlHIpn in IILIII-N. (JJ-JHIT firi-riitk I'll A Mi f;il!HON'« Invilntlon ID drtvr lit-r hcnHF frum n »hop pin B Uly, 'llirr* KpralnrtL Jli» Ix alirnllTf ilurlnc ihe dnj« %*hllr lUe nnklr U Urnl- ittc- Ainu 1'rnNtij riimrw In fctc Cyrmy HIM) IMI> her Jir lavc» hrr. J]ni'» nrtlval Inlrrrtipl!* the Inter- vie IT. <;yi>»7 priirulKr* lit nifct Aliin HunHny nHfraoon. Sbe kcrpn NOW GO <>\ NV1TI1 Till: STORY CHAPTER XLV pYPSY pAiisad on tho tlircsltol of Hie large room and surreye II. She could not have told wLa prompted her lo suggest this mro lim place, I'erliapa tt was Alan (merest tn art. The room was use to exMbit traveling collections < paintlags. Gypsy had been tb&i onco bclorc to ee6 ttic work or grouu of Mexican artists. The place lind Lceu almost d aerted llicn. Now several coupl were studying the pictures, atari Ing or elso leaning hack 1n the ro of cnrnp chairs dosvn the center o the room. She saw Alan and her heart Interested. Tlicro was your new lend. Mrs. fjingley—" Arc you trying (o remind me lint a fool I've been? 1 atlmliied dliln'l I? Mrs. Langloy! Sbo as the worst of tbe lot, Gypsy. II ss her fault 1 lost my Job. Sbe as lUe ono who told me running outid to parties nil night was the ay to get ahead in New York, 'ell, It wasn't Ions before, sho was irough wltb a penniless artist! 'kked up a violinist who could •rile love Bongs for her." SuMcnly Crosby stopped talking nd looked al tlio girl. "What's the god of gofnE on Ibis way, Gy"8r7" ,e said then pleadingly. "I've told .on everything I've tried sluco you vent away lias been a (allure. I've ursed myself a thousand times tor in lillot. It Isn't too laic, darling t Isn't loo late If we both bave the :ouragc! 1—1 lovo you so much! feeling like. Ibli," she told him. "You'll find another girl you card moro for thun you think you do (or mo. You see. It's really true— what you told mo lu Now York. \V« wcro lust youngsters when wo had those good tlmea together. I'll never forget them. They wera wonderful! llul It wasn't because of yon or mo. 11 was bccauso we were ut the ago when wo wcro beginning o Und out how exciting Ilio world s, 1 wish you'd como lo BCC us vheu you'ro ID tov,u. Jim likes on." T" Crosby rose. ypsy." ho eald. It's all "I know Rirl lurncd awny from him I'm sorry, Alau," Bbo Bald slowly. "I c.inio IIS.TO to tell you that It will imvc to Lo gooilby. 1 I'm never going lo let j'ou BO agnln! Gypsy, If you'll come a\va> p with me there isn't auytblng sve can't do In Hie wholo wnrlj. VI work hard. I'll malte you proud o mo. You can't have forsollen tli wonderful days wo .used to have toselher! You can't say no, darling. Your heart won't let you!" Still 8be wns avoiding bis eyes. "You don't understand, Alan," she told him. "You BCO—It Is my licart—" Crosby stared at her. "You mean." ho tald slowly, "that you're harrier here? You mean you love [ Jim Wallace?" Misled lashes marto tlio girl's •ou'ro trylug to do. U'a very k >f you. SUI>}IOBO no )usfforj;et the ast sad rites and let It go at that' hope he'll bo good to you. Good by-" He bad walked a few yards when :c turned and came back to .ber Me took Gypsy's hand. "11 there's every anything I cai do for you," ho said, "promise you'l let mo know. I'd like to fee there's that clianco for mo. Wl you do LliatI" "Of course I will. It'a sweet c you to say such a thing." "I'm not lust saying 1U I uiea It. Here — " he haudcd her a bus ness card. 'This address Trill reac me. Goodby, Gypsy. Good luck!" mediately turned back toward er companions. Gypsy drank tho hot ten. It any- no Imd lold her six mouths ago lat she was lo bend Alitn Croby way how slio would have icoffpdl 'O'.v bo \vaj gono and Gypsj'e only eelliiB uns ono of plly for blin. Unn would get over It. ot courss. lo would ect over It Iho same as lie had. That was the ronlly smnzlng v liliiRl Kho hnil recovertU cc;r.' v ely from (be.iipnll,o(.l»ftm|iHl<)t\ or Alan, Hov 'ImdUt .h»pp(!DfJri Vhen? Sho , had po U]cn.,,fiy[ibj,i mly knew fbkt pftflr^th.p'n'rs.l' foif'i ulnutcs Saturday, wh'en'th'o shock of . stehig j.AWh.'.'jiita'uy'Hih,; sac su jCemy,'.\viia'-B|WttroAh bo rest, had cond^do.' '., i; ' '^'n OUR BOARDING HOUSE ''.! »kil POULTRY WANTED — Market, prices paid at C. L. Dennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St.. west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF nuickened its beat. His b.ick was! eyos etarry. Sho nodded. "Sli toward her. Alan appeared lo he absorbed inv a canvas. He stood almost .In the ceater ot the room How slender and well built he looked In the gray suit. "Well, I've con:c," she said In a months ngo," she said, "If you'd told me all this everything would have been different. 1 cared so much tor you then! 1 Iliousht 11 was love. When you talked to me about Mrs. Langley—told mo now beautiful she was—I was terribly LOST AND FOUND LOST—One blue kid glove. Please return to Courier or call 272. 20C-K24 BORROWED from BIytheville Cot ton Oil company — One goed lawnmower. S5 reward for return. No questions asked. * BLYTHEVILLE SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 For the school year 1931-1932, the following money will be needed lor school purposes: General Control, $4,712.00; Instruction. $48,179.25; Operation of the Plant, S5.- 181.80; Maintenance of the Plant, j 5400.00; Fixed Charges, 52,700; Capital Outlay, $2iO.OO; Debt Service, 524,548.70. Total $85,971.81. If MID above money is secured an 18 mill tax must be voted. CECIL SHANE, President, C. S. LEMONS, Secretary. 24-1-8 low roice. Re turned, smiling. "And I've been waiting since before three." Two young women ivlio looked as though they might ho school teach ers passed In front o! them, Bat down near by. Crosby glanced down at Gypsy. "Isn't jthero ronie place," he asked. "where we might have, a little more jprtvacy— She nodded. "We'll try to find some place. Thla won't do." Tliey left ilio exhibition room. Outside a broad balcony looked down over the central office of the library. At the far end of the bal. cony there was a bench. Gypsy anil Alan walked toward this bench and sat down. "Now before you be§in," Crosby said, trying to keep uis roice low. "1 want to toll you that tho very day you left New York—the same day you wero married, 1 sues I tritd to find you to tell you i was 1 WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John R. Trail. Plaintiff. vs. No. 4947 Lixtella M. Trail, Defendant. The defendant, Ludella M. Trail, warned to appear within thirty Eorry for what had happened, telephoned and Mrs. O'Hare told me you'd gone away. She wouldn't say where. It was after 1 went back there—after I lost my job—that she told mo tho real truth. Gypsy, whatever made you do It2" "Do what?" "Run away from me tho way you did. Without even saying goodbyt' "But. Alan. I didn't think you'd jealous. That night 1 saw you with lier 1 thought 1 didn't even want to live. 1 was miserable—oh. I thought no one In the world had ever been unharpy! When I married Jim it was lo get away. I was honest wilh him. ' He knew there was someone else 1 cared for. But he's wonderful, Alan. He didn't asli single question about the other man. Even now be doesn't know. I've changed since I've come here. I'm not tbe same girl." "What you're trying to tell me Is bat—well, that I'm out ot It. Is .bat what you mean?" "We can be friends, Alan." He did not answer. Presently he picked up his hat, whirling it care- .essly. "Well." ho said in a tona o forced brightness, "I eipcct you' like to have me get out of here wouldn't you? Sorry I've been sue' an Idiot—" You're not an Idiot. Plcasa don' talk that way, Alan. Promise m you're going to tcel that T70'r friends!" "All right Wo'ro friends. Th kind who never see each other an send a card every Christmas. D you want a card with holly on It o wonld you prefer angels?" Tbero was a note in. hig vol tnat frightened tho girl. "I don't want you. lo go awa rMDR several mluules after ho ha gona (be girl sat there. Th balcony was Ehadowed and no ot was near. Sho let tho tears com and leaned back against the wall. | Partings had always been hard for' Gypsy. This ono marked the ter. mlnatlon ot a precious part ot her girlhood. It was something ebe would never kuow again. Alan wae gone und EO was tlio girl who bod adored him. * •Gypsy closed her eyes Tor a moment. A dozen hazy memories crowded before her—moonlight on e boat to Conoy Island with Alan islde her, dinner st Plelro's, danc- s with Alan, sitting while Al&n ade numberless sketches, only to ar them up, Inlo suppers In Mrs. 'Hare's kitchen. How lar away .1 that seemed! She opened her eyes, brushed way tho tears and dabbed at her heeks with a tiny powder puU ypsy sighed. Then sho went down lie stairs to tho first Coor of the ibrary. A row ot boots with tlio placard Timely and Interesting." abov hem, caught her attention. Sba re- nemhered a new biography wale im had Eald ho was aniious t read. It was not along tlie volume in the desk. Gypsy approached one- of the girl ichlnd the center and asked for th book. It was listed but was "out As Gypsy turned away ate rn tlced that by the clock In. tho ei trance it was 10 minutes after fou By a surprising turn of tho ^?cathe tne day was cool. She decided stop at the Plaza tea room tor cup ot tea. It ivasn't the. tea. ch cared abouL It was tho chanco be alono a Itttlo longer. A cton to ho alono with her thoughts. Sho entered tho tea room, and ca down at a tablo near tho walL waitress asked for her orde^ E presently returned, with It A woman across the room smil at Gypsy and tho girl nodded, T woman was with two othero -I ; i!io. did • lovo m. IjHo «a> amazed Ib'dUoVyiliWtniiWliig which Bbo had called frlcndllmss. loyalty, understanding — halt a dozen different names — was BOLIIO- tblug deeper. Oh. this was tovo now! She was sure of It. This was love that she folt for Jim Wallace. Jim's kindness, bla strength, that sturdy dependability which had never failed her, blB gentleness camo back to tho girl In a hundred manifestations. How could sho yos- slbly have been so blind? Sho loved Jim. Did Jim feel tho name way? Oh. Ebo hoped so! Sho thought ot his nUcntlvonesa during her illness. That must mean something. Tlioro was a telephone booth In tha rear ot Ilia tea room. Oypsr entered the booth. Sho save the Aerator tho number of Jim's offlco. Tho secretary's volco answered. "Is llr. Wallaco In?" Gypsy .ed, 'Mr. Wallaco bas gone- for tho ay," she was Informed. Disappointed, Gypsy returned to er BMt. Sub had" hoped to rido omo with Jim. It bo bad gone all ec.dy sbo ought to bo on her way. ho paid the check, stepped out on he elreet and balled a tail. Excitedly sho began lo plan for he evening. Site would put on tho rlnted chiffon dress. Jim hud com- limcnted her me llrst time tho wore it. They would bavo dinner erved by candlelight Afterward when she and Jim were alono to- ether they would Bit on tbo daveu- and talk. Gypsy straightened. It occurred HECK WOlltP A SPQOK E&AP.IAPS - MoW TfllMk ME "ROOM, IS LAST" UlGrK I SffiPS ABOUT MV CrlAM,BER AUP HEAR M EERIE -s - MOAM f •>-A^e'LAns, i-rfe TkU WOIJLP -tH ' MOAUS 1 •*' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SAVED I! By Martin o her suddenly that there was only iao way to lot Jim know how much ilia cared for him. Sbo would tell him tho truth. Sho would tell nlin who Alan really was and that what she had mistaken for lova was only infatuation, quickly killed. When tha cab stopped Gypsy pivo tho driver a bill end, without walt- Ins tor chaaso, ran up tho walk t? the house. 'Mr. Wallace camo In a while ago and went out again," Matilda Informed her. "No, ho didn't leavo any message." Gypsy war; waiting for him, soaring tha becoming chiffon frock end sralllnE, when Jim entered tin house. It wan after clz o'clock. "You look tired, dep.r," cho tola him. Jim sank Into S chair facias her. "Gypsy." ho bald In an oddly, unnatural yolcey 'T. Twal fou ts Irw, me," : _.. ; jjj clays in caption the court named in the hereof mid answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, John R. Trail. Dated April 23, 1031. R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. R. L. Nailling. WANTED INFORMATION Will man who reported finding injured man at Gravois Station en Frisco, few miles out of St. Louis, night ot April IGlh please gel in touch with E. P. Blo- nicyer, Frisco Agent, BIytheville, Arkansas. Atty Ad Litem 24-1-8-15 New Orleans Cotton IUP) NEW ORLEANS. April 24. —Cotton closed steady. Open High LDVT Close 1021 1021 1013 1044 1046 1039 1031 1032 IQVi 1103 1104 lf»8 1113 1111 1109 1133b May July Oct. |Dcc. an. FAY 0. DAVIS Alwatcr Kent Dealer rhonc 421 Invest With Safety 6^ paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in BIytheville. Secured mid Insured. BIytheville Building & Loan Association W. 51. Burns, Sec. lar Spots quiet al 989, up o. 10M 1040 1078 10M 1112 H31b merly owned by a Spanish family j '.lie New Catlrairnl hero. The vol-I pages are of vellum and the blni of Seville has been presented to j ume is about three feet square, i I ing Is of l:.itlier, bound with mctn ,v New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 24. (UP) — Coition closed stcday. Open High Low Close 1014 1019 1012 1014 1040 1044 1038 1019 1031 1014 1103 1104 1007 1110 111* 1108 1132 1135 1129 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1042 1070 1100 1112 1133 10. Spots steady at 1015, up FORGERY IS ON JNCKKASE SALEM. "Ore. (OP)— While automobile theft has predominated juvenile law Infractions in recent years, forgery rapidly is assuming alarming proj»rUons, However. W. H. Baillie, head of Oregon's training school for boys, believes that tlio boys of today ate less law breaking than Chose of 40 years ago. New Faculty Member at Duke DURHAM. N'. C. (CI'J—Professor John S. Bradwny, professor of ln\\ In the University of Southern Cal! fornia. will join the Dnke Univer sity law faculty next September. ANCIENT BOOK PRESENTED ST. LOUIS. (UP)—A book well ten 'iy monto: before 1350 and for \ND HIS FRIENDS Ih! THE VJKWLO VJ'.U- VJ£ 6-J6H. FIWD TO LOOVi FCC- "? 607.' A CETSCTIVE DID VoO T03IJED OP CROTCH... .A CRIPPL& THAT 'jii-J T DO US AUY cooo, M>7 BOY— TliAT'S THS LAST SCKT OF P6RSOSJ I'rA LCOX- il fj-reeu? VJASTS TO THE' CROTCH INSPECTED ir VJAS A CRIPPLSD PERSOW oissoisep AS A CRIPPLE .'.' HOP A TAXI FOS. -rue pouce STATIOhJ M1SMT HAWS, A TALE .'/ I'ROI'OSITION BUM- MAKES LISTEN, olAST NOU, I VUU HOT' NO UWE. FER VOU lu'W.S. i 0 WASH TUIU5S {I V.WOW5 (^ M!*S V«!UtW , TrtNK IT 0\i£R. 1 VONE SOU VLtUTV O' OlRT \N \ V(IN SHOOT SQUARE- AS , I OOT (< MINp TO V1HUT D9K1NG \ f\T, OW^ISOM? <",T is ut PM FOUOt'JlMb WJ' K\Vi USE TUBR EtOOM\M' OR VOITBOVS ER6ET, BVGONE5 BOT i (ceeos MEM-

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