The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1953
Page 9
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T, JUT.T 18, 19S8 (AMC.)' lOUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Motor Hoople rYuf> rve iseo^ IESAD,PICKAX/ IMAY A\AI<E A 6MALL SIDE WAGER; <?N LAUGHI^S goy t Ifo DEFEAT awN /MFLATTSRS AT THE ROUNDUP.'EV6R HEAR OF rtf FLATTENS. I POTH/i TAKe.s A-Hoa OP A FELLER'S HEAD WlTW .. HAKD5 LlkB }/MOP— PUTS , A 6HOET • CIRCUIT IN, ! "MlSKlNS iTH§ LAST] suy us ^AesLeoy WAS JU' BURNS-* NOW BURN* soes ABOUND WITH MIS FACB '61ITCHED LIKE-A BASE .6ALL.' ©H' CRUDE ?CHftp,e?T? OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams f i DIDN'T SAY A & ABOUT VOU EH 5L'S PRIVIM 1 .' HE J'T 5AY NOTHIN 1 — „,_, THEY WEVER COMB &*CK HERE, SO PON'T MENTION! IT. 4 XT'S ALL-. TW3 SPRIWfiSAM'A [ BOAfeP IS ALL I KNOW.'/ J^- 1 ^ •^* -;-r iD TO i«&(l THE IMTEEPREH-ER. &l> S»r^.*('~« , *.-, •//' V 'fH'/l ' *• 'll'/.i^U 7-lg Jl?«iLLl1M&, VAINLY CHEI$ AND AMAIZA ^EAKHTO?. AtELLO ANP FABIAN PCWIPEY... •<^^J THE L06lCAL«POT4... I'VE SOT ONE/HOge '«5^ HUNCH... THERE'S A .TOWN-./MAytJE... WE'LL HAVE THE WORLD AT"" OUK FEET.' h /I WATCH MAN PILOT ' SPACE SHIP OH EIPE FiZOM VENU$...IT . I CAN KfN lilW.' EfZ...HEH, 7 HEH...5-$T/IY A WAV FKO/V1 THE CONTROLS MY^WEET!. •41*1 i)4- lead Courier News Classified Ads. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal *Bells Kirby Drug Stores Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors ,. & Of' O N ' tt II o L E S A L E 111 N*r*k Broadway rk*B» 4511 and 1512 For Better Plumbing, CRANE & STANDARD FIXTURES Earl Walker Plumbing & Gas Fitting 418 South Lake Phone 3553 OWN YOUR HOME! Som« Builders Build Just Houses, But W« Have Built You a Home! THREE buutlful Brick homes to choose from. Built of th« yery best materials throuBhont. Large Lifetime Geneva kltchtnl. Forced Air Central heating systems. Partially Air Conditioned. Tiled Baths, equipped with American Standard colored fixtures. Insulated walls and ceilings. Thes« houses have 2 bedrooms and den or can be used conveniently »» 3 bedrooms. Car ports or attached garage. Large landscaped lots on paved streets. Located at 504 Hardin Street, llfH & 1108 North Fifth Street in Country Club Area Addition. Open for inspection Sunday 2 to 8 P.M. Week days by appointment. See or Call Johnny Marr or Russell Marr Realtors and Builders Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant - Promised Land Massacre Mbuntains tty Frank C.Robertson XXIX '"THE problem confronting Cass Dean was communicating her knowledge to Pete Morrison. She would be endangering his life as well as her own. Besides, it was difficult to know she was helping ;et another the man she loved woman. Still, the thought of throwing in with Zad Barnes grew more repugnant every day. She had to see Pete—thai would 9* "I might go up there and find out what's happened. w "Too much danger on the way But if they don't come pretty soon I've got to turn Betty over to Tobey or he's likely to turn on us That Injun is getting too big for his breech-clout," Zad growled. It dawned upon her that Two Rivers would be at the mercy of straighten out a lot ol things. She had been maneuvering day by day to get more freedom of movement. The Indian. Narra- (futs, had been detailed to keep her under surveillance, and it was irksome. She protested vehemently to Zad about being spied upon. He grinned. "1 don't want any- was playing with dynamite. When Zad arose from the table he summoned the white men of the post to s conference in his quarters. Cass went to her room, and noticed that Narraguts was nowhere in sight. She threw shawl over her head and went tor a walk. It was dark when she returned, and so far as she could thing to happen to you. He's 8 see she h ad not been followed. bodyguard." "Well, I can get along without one," she snapped. "If you don't call him off I'm liable to shoot him." "Got a gun?" he queried. She flushed. That had been a glip. She hadn't intended to let Zad know about the small derringer she carried in the bosom of her dress. "Yes, I've got a gun,' she said, "and 1 kno\v how to use (\ it. And the next time 1 take a walk I don't want that Indian tagging a w jde detour, but half an hour along. 1 The .next time she went for a Valley, walk Narraguts remained out of view. She took longer walks down the river, and stayed away longer, but she couldn't ride away without being followed, and each nishl Narragutj camped just outside her door. vile mood, bear," she pened?" said. "What's hap- "I don't know. I looked tor Wilkinson to bring that wagon-train Barnes, or had it been Impossible down here us fast as ho could I've found out they're laying over in a two-bit town 200 miles from here. Tobey and his bucks are letting restleu." the Indians if Zad lost his control English. |and he had brought a note from Nate. , "Indians have got B»tty again, so I'm going back to bring the boys," the note said. Thanks to Walter, who knew every inch of High Valley, their camp was moved to a place where it could be discovered only by accident, yet was within easy reach of the spring. They saw Jess Williams occasionally, and even obtained a few supplies from him, but Jess uar no longer alone Zad had sent cut an old Indian called "Smith" to help with the sheep. Smith couldn't speak a word of Zad understood that he She stopped at the corrals, and saw that there were a number of saddled horses tied inside the open sheds that served as stables. If she was going to try to reach Pete she would never have a better opportunity. She knew horses, and iho led out one that looked fast and acted gentle. She led it tround behind the sheds before daring to mount. Once in the saddle renewed courage came to her She had to make later she was on the road to High r\AYS passed, witl •*-^ about Betty and n impatient. He knew from Jess Willlami that Cass had received One evening she found Zad In » his note, and Jess had ways of You look cross as a knowing that nothing had happened to her. Was she just angry with him. in any way? Nnte Wilkinson had not returned oithor, (freatly to Pele's surprise, but UM Indian bo/ Walter had, Pete watched by day, and scouted by night, but found nothing to aid him in the search . that had now become all-important. Usually Walter was with him. They had just returned from a night expedition and got to sleep when they were both awakened the shrill whistle—Jess Williams' signal. Walter returned the signal. When Jess came in, Cass Dean was with him. "Cass!" Pete exclaimed. He ifted her from her horse, and when she was on the ground be <issed her. "You rotter," she said. "Kiss- ng me when you're in love with another woman." IJE had an urge to tell her that she was wrong, that he had always beer, in love with her But somehow the words didn't come. "I've been perfectly all right Zad and 1 are—are good friends. Only, this is the first chance I've had to slip away from him." "Have you got any news of with no news Betty?" Pete asked. no word from • "No. But I've got a hunch that Cass, Pete became more and more Juan Chee Knows where she is. He comes and goes like > ghost." "At least she is better of! with ils slavers than she would be with Tobey's Indians." "Now," Cass said, "I'd like some information. , What happened to had she actually fallen lor Zad your friend Wilkinson? Why. instead of coming on to rescue hi.i for her to communicate with him daughter, is he resting his teams 200 miles north of here?" A sharp suspicion drove through Pele's mind like an arrow. (To Be Continued) Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 5 SATURDAY, JULY 18, 195J 6:00 My Hero 6:30 Amateur Hour 7:00 Saturday Night Revut 8:00 Range Rider 8:30 Lone Ranger 9:00 Juniper Junction 9:30, To Be Announced 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Sports Reel 10:30 Wreetling 11:30 Talent Scout 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off SUNDAY, JULY 19, 195k 10:30 Previews and News 10:40 Mm Peaturette 10:55 Sen. Albert Gore 11:00 Conedy Circus 11:30 Frontiers of Faith 12:00 Mr. Wizard 12:30 American Inventory 1:00 Burns and Allen 1:30 Beulah 2:00 Roy Rogers 2:30 My Son, Jeep 3:00 The Chimps 3:15 Sunday Muslcale 3:30 American Forum of the Air 4:00 Meet the Press ' 4:30 Slim Rhodes 5:00 Soap Box Derby 5:30 Place the Face 6:00 Big Payoff 7:00 TV Playhouse 8:00 Stu Brwin 8:30 Favorite Story 9:00 Racket Squad 9:30 News 9:40 Weather 9:45 Toast of the Town 10:45 Your Playtime 11:15 News 11:20 TV Recital Hall 11:50 Sisn Off MONDAY, JULY 20, 195J 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong Schor 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 Hawkins Falls 9:15 The Bennetts 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Shopping At Hom« 10:15 Love oJ Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Guiding Light 11:30 Garry Moore 12:00 Meditation 12:10 N. .vs 12:20 Farm News 12:30 Hornemakers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Welcome Travelers 2:00 On Your Account 2:30 Ladies Choice 3:00 Atom Squad 3:15 Gabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Industry On Parade 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Flicker Comics 5:15 News 5:20 Sen. Gore 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Bob and Ray 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Name That Tunt 6:30 Howard Barlow 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Summer Theatrt 8:30 Who Said That 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight in Sport! 9:55 Weather 10:00 Wrestling 10:45 News 11:00 :an Against Crlm* 11:30 Suspense 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off "Officer, have you seen a man about 35, wtaring a blu« «uit, yellow tit and glasses? He wa« with m« but I guess he got lost!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEND* YES.FRKKIBJL LARD'S OLD J06 IS OPEM,' HE'S WORKIMG Our AT THE LAKE THIS SUWWER. I I FI6UEE IF I WOEK 7 DAYS A WEEK AND BORROW A LITTLE HEBE AMD THERE , I'LL JUST BE: ABLE TO SQUEEZE THROUGH THE SUMMER.; KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodlnm Chlorate, n% pqrrl Fine treated for drj application. H2.5D per IN It* A. H. WEBB CULVKRT tae co. Hlway II, 8UU Llm rh MM r WHAT D YA MEAN 8Y AH OLD FLIRTATION"? THIS IS THE REAL THINS,TONI, AND IT WILL NEVER DIE.' i THINK I'VE ear HIM EATINS OUT OF MY HAND HOW! f-is WHAT DO YOU KA/OW/f AND I THOUGHT YOU CITY FOLKS WAS SO ALL-FIRED • SMART! TIME—THAT'* ALL , REBNY-- A LITTL.E TIME! WHY SHOULDN'T I SHOOT YOU, EPPIE* SOU HAVEN'T KECOV- EKEP THE MONEY WU'VE BEEN WORKING FOX ME LSN& ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO TOUSLE CKOS5EKS, HAVEN'T YOU, EPPIE? SEE THAT 5PIPEK, BETTER FINC7 OUT WHO \ TOOK CARS OFSmFEM —.OK I'LL. HAVE TO TAKE CARE OP VOU, -( EI7PIE1 pflfcLF COU5CIOU5, <™ Efcsy is DIM- LV AWkRE ONLY Of SUDDEMLV THOUGHTS COUE WTO SUMP FOCUS. f rvnulan! me ^vl IW CtI- ir r*M_c: „ NO CHIEF) HEW B\G \FACE MEDICINE ' MEDICINE MAN HEN2. \ STEON6ER THAN BIS TALK. YOU SOTTUM MEDICINE STRONGER THAN SUN BULLET/ NOW 1OU MAKE UM MEDICINE! WE WAIT/ YOU FIX UM! THEN^-- i ~X WHAT3 \ SAY ITS THE BRWES SHOOT MANY /WAUGHA THAT 1 tA9T WORD ARROWS/ WAUGH! / HE I MEAN? / IN THE BOOK s ,~-x THERE'S A PARKINS PLACE J v I CAN 66T INTO.' j CTHIS is GONNA>)\| T] BE viisLJ I 1 7 MOLD FT, WHILST I GET OUT AN' PUT A NICKBL IN TH' METER.' WHAT'S THE I KNOW, IPEA,? I'M J B'JT NOW IT'S yees PE? AN HOUf?... MOT EVEN IN THE PARKINS PLACE . . . AN' IT LOOKS LIKE YEP? GONNA NEEP EVERY MINUTE OF /T!

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