Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 10, 1946 · 24
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 24

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1946
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ryrwy aa ajs 24 CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE i lWW.y, Jon. 10, 194 .downtown: DOWNTOWN- Looking at Hollywood 111 ' By Ifodda HoppT H OLLYWOOD. Cal., June 9 Durrjl Zanuck has bought "The Dark Wood," a novel by ClirMInt? Weston picked as book-of-the-monlh. Looks at tho it 11 be Jennifer Jones' next after her next. That's tallin 'em. The story is about a girl who lost her husband in the war ana a returned veteran who lost his wife at home. . . . Zanuck assures me that he has no idea who'll play "Amber" when that picture! CetS rollini? HC'itn Tjma Turnor n(lv rflhl rA m In mnr- kaantU.i have been suggested. But even if he could get them, they're too highly associated in GI minds as pin-up girls to pass as "Amber." I doubt that Betty Grable would do the part. Unlike most girls who've made their success thru song and dance films, Betty wants to stick with them. She - has no ambitions to be Camille. , . . Moss Hart wired Zanuck: "George Kaufman and I arrive on the 27th with mallets In hand." They'll take on Darryl and Howard Hawks In a croquet match here. If the latter don t get beat too badly In the first game, the four may do an exhibition match for charity. She's Nobody's Baby Yvonne He Carlo and Stirling Harden long distance each other every nignt. lie lives on his boat at Wilmington. Since I did a feature story on xvonne. in which she claimed she was lonely. I've had letters irom a batch or GI s asking for her address. They assure me they could remedy the situation pronto. ... That superb actress, Lucille Watson, is back from New York and Into the BIng Crosby-Joan Fontaine epic, "The Emperor Waltz." .-. . Gene Kelly's young brother, Fred, is testing with Anne Jeffreys at R. K. O. . . . Sidney Miller pulled a Tom Sawyer on Mickey Kooney, Virginia Weidler, and Jackie Coogan. In-vited them all over and put them to painting his house. . . -. Ferry Jiajueu hjs nrsi song, -Koseiie," after his Mrs. ... I hear that I-uu,e ouiainjr. salary ror "The Razor's Edge" is the largest expense Item for the whole picture. Congratulations! , . . Dick Tracy. I mean Ralph Byrd, is out of the army and back but not In the Dick Tracy series. J Change of Heart Yes Charlie Chaplin has started a new picture, which may account for his directing the GI theater on the air. A picture, to sell, must have good will. . . . Jack Wrather swears he loves his Hollywood pals, but he s busy naming his pigs after them. . . . Victor Moore, Injured in a boat accident, telephoned Roy Del Ruth that he'd be here on schedule for "It Happened on 5th Avenue." ... Bob Montgomery hopes next June will be a quiet one for him. Two years ago this month I'v W. "'V oriI,a"ay lnvasion- -ast year he was dodging bullets in They Were Expendable." Now he's got a couple murderers chasing him O-Hrt , " n k?' V ' "e,en Wa,ker' CorneI W,,de' and Maureen ,Wl11 be ln there runnin 'or -The Home Stretch." . Clifton Webb, mother, Maybelle, and Greta Garbo, are his only visitors at the hospital where he's suffering from acute bronchitis Alice Uarrlrn,t Wrk 0" th Screen but wil1 do a radio show with Phil fCopyrlKht: 1948: By The Chicago Tribune! r i i in BALABAfl & KATZ Air-Conditioned THEATERS Gilda Staggers Thru a Drama with Thick Plot "GILDA" Preetaraal y Columbia. Tlrtd by (harlea VlHor. rraaantaa) tha ( mini Artiste thealar. THIS CAST Oilda..... .......Kit Hayworth J oh nn y Farrell.... Glenn Ford BaJlla MundMn George Mac-ready Obrrgosi... .Joseph Calleia Vntia rio..... ............... Steven Geray Caary ................Joe Sawyer (apt. Delrado.... ............ Gerald Mohr Gab Inu ..Kobert Scott German..... ...... l.udwlg Dona lb Thomas Lfllor4. ...... . Don Dnaglaa Grrmaa Lionel Kuyca Little Maa S. Z. MartrJ HoeTla George J. Lewie Marl Sm Kay 'Household Forum -Br Louis BargtU LYWr , iB&kig j ,N PERS0N mMAlZm ICE BALLET f I I " ' 1ir..ii7A; C i BEAUTIES 1 B!;.rin -'fti' "TSnSimX 1 J ARENA V ICE ARENA! ' ,t ll tmWSD H DAREDEVILS V I ' I CHICAGO M jACIt SST J i s- ir - as, uy . i . 5 m. llX,taMUHU -Columbia'. tKHNICOLOt. trlowp , I WfWWW' open . t tiff v iiiHH 'jtiyn 1 i I tt and viRue MfirMaml1"""" F Sr,e:'0"'C'00', CLASHING HEARTS . . . JDOWNTOWRT- Vfhe 9reat oufdorst ' III AtlllllJ MbtT TV t f By Mae Tince Here Is another melodrama of the hard boiled school, offering sinister affairs In Argentina which include a cartel and a gambling house, a scar-faced smoothie, with a number of nazi pals and a beautiful young wife to whom he's Just a meal ticket; a good deal of discussion about the similarity between love and hate, plus some vigorous face slapping by the hero and heroine. Glenn Ford plays one of those tough heroes. This time it's Johnny Farrell. a young American stranded in South America. Cheating at dice, he s about to be killed for his ill gotten gains when he's saved by Ballin Mundson, a sophisticate who whips out his knife tipped cane in ine men oi iime. rom tnen on, Johnny offers his savior a dog like devotion and becomes his assistant in the luxurious gambling casino which is merely a front for more serious business. Johnny's loyalty lasts even when mundson turns up with the glam- orous Gilda as his bride. It's obvious from their exchange of sneers that Johnny and Gilda are no strangers, Mrs. Mundson proceeds to two-time her husband, with Johnny acting as a surly protector and provider of alibis. When Mr. M. is out taking care of a bit of a murder, the young people stop fighting long enough for one clinch, and you know who catrhes them. The plot gets thicker by the mo-ment. Gilda's husband flies in a plane which crashes at sea in plain view of Johnny and the police. Gilda becomes Mrs. Farrell, but soon learns that trie ceremony was only a form of revenge. There are further complications before it's all over. Staggering around with this plot on their shoulders, the players, all of thern competent, have a lot of trouble being convincing, particularly with the dialogue provided, which offers frequent triple doses of remarks about making your own luck, the old love-hate angle, etc., umce ., unicago When I must water my plants in the evening, J am careful to soak the ground with oui wetting the leaves. I have learned that when one waters plants so late that they can't dry uu morning, this continuous moisture tor some hours ages disease. encour- Mra. Fred P., Oak Park A weekly dipping of a fiber broom in teDid water win xeeD it from brittle. V W rTaTlf fc3 Joel McCREA Brian DONLEVY W$MS Sonnv TUFTS " Barbara BRITTON CLASHING HEARTS IMPASSlUNtu I I DC I hadv rnnPFR n INGRID BERGMAN edvantur V w JJ OWNTO Wfi- JJOWMTOWf. BOWNTOWlf- I Thit daringly dramatic Hayworfh dance t too, tinging "Put the Boma en Mama" I V . i 'EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT GILDA I Rita IOTORTII os tantalizing BAIA8AN A KATZ UNITED ! -'ARTISTS i- RANDOIPH .DEARBORN "(JiMcc (7 DOORS OPEN S:4S A. LATE FEAT. 11:00 P. Columbia' Pictur-of-lhe-Yaar with GLENN FORD George Macreody Joseph Calleta DECIDEDLY She knows how to . v V i I ' ' use herpersonoli'fy (irmiBSEE- V Vr? U ! i I f V assume otxsu; "DEADLINE at DWIH" A- y MA0.-STATI 111 It I 7t to ahu taa LAST "PARADISE" 10:30 P.M. runs ALAN LADD VERONICA LAKE WILLIAM BENDIX "the BLUE DAHLIA i9 JOHN PAYNE MAUREEN O'KARA Sentimental journej" Ur I r Madlton-Clark. Onen 7:45 A. M. 3ML.L.C -KXTKA LATK SHOW nOKOTMV ft ON G ETHf L MrGUIKt BHtNT BARHYMORC The SPIRAL STAIRCASE' r.V"Rv,w"y "DICK TRACY" LAST "STAIRCASE" AT 12:30 A. M. getting Katharine F Racine. Wis. Here's one use for that razor stran whirh is too old for its original purpose in me. use u as a shoe horn, -after cutting It to the proper size. jnow Your Idea! by even a glimmer of unrelieved humor. Miss Hayworth is sultry and sullen with a will, but much more enter-taining when singing "Put The Blame On Mayme "quite a ballad, by the way, and Mr. Ford is likable in spite of the fact that he's never permitted to smile. The star's costumes are a luxurious display, and the settings are lavish. Gilda" is glamorous b Ut plum and It takes almost two hours to un- reei. -, - ; i " ii s. .1 - ' ? filmed it full Vv I ofbluthesl' s Milland is only OKE of the men in her life -...and what a life of love she leads! Paulelte CODDARD RAY MILLAND fcloban ion STATE t LAKE The MONROE THEATER IMKTORIXE "l prpsput the finest and the greatest in screen entertainment" iHonroe tnnnrne nt ilrarhorii Our mndBrn tooling plant ii now ln eneritlon ut. a.m.. to ; ze to 6:30. plua tan HAT MILLANU . ROBERT WALKER JUNE ALLVSON "SAILOR JANE WVMAN "THE LOST WEEKEND" OPEN :45 A. Ut. LATE FEAT. II 5 P. M. .SOUTH. BALABAH & KATZ THEATERS Comforfobfy nDQITXi oil waw fr dryr II 111 t coarse nar -7-af a reduced price If you have difficult hair this is just the peimanent to give you a soft, lovely wave. You'll enjoy its natural, lustrous beauty, and our reduced price for this Jine wave is very moderate. Our Restvled Hair Shaping 1 Joseph's beauty salon IS E. WASHINGTON Phone STAtt 7837 LIU en 1 MYRNA LOY LION AMtCHt "SO GOES MY LOVE" Plu ANN SOTHERN GE0RHE MURPHY "UP GOES MAISIE" -SOUTH BROS. THEATERS ' ji vii 1 ununBaiw - "et,'' "T: :, j ' rff77jT& fell J A Jmo TTbmJ jt i I lll"- iiM to 1; zse to buio. piui taull w I BAY MILLAND . ROBERT WALKER j( i I II JANE WVMAN I JUNE ALLVSON II ' T r I I II II TAKES a WIFE" l.'i'ilif CT M 1 1 R J jjTom.: 'Swamw Watar & 'Talet cf Manhattan j .j M i wjiJLfjA-M-LLLJi rv r" - rT y yr- 5 ' 1 S -Dfti 3 3o - .'J." II ' . " 1 t '.MiU I 1 'v"'""waaaaAV'A j tore Show Evary Sar. Nflh. 10:45 P. M. lTfiITH: ffiiTfl 3 .T- r. tz "tMiiaay r. IF re THE AL8INS V a.vnwi Bnw J. tANO Hfi WCOLBERT aWELLES iy NORTHWEST. EALAEAM & KATZ THEATERS ComfortobJy CEJCUXDIL SUBURBAN WAUICEGAN & GOLF RDS JOAN FONTAINE THIS DAY 1 "BEHIND MARK STEVENS FORWARD" THE MASK" WARNER SOUTH SIDE'S FINEST ENTERTAINMENT A 79th-Slony frt Parkina Op. I 30. Lat Faat. 9:40 bensatianal! Human! Open ,J ALAN VEKONICA 1:43 LA DO ?T LAKE "THE BLUE DAHLIA" "pavne" "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY" CLARK GABLE. GREER fa A RKfl N "AnvrMTIiAC tutra; "Wmlnu Shlpmatm." Lt Fralufa 8 :50 86KMARYI AWn kavfrancis smash! IIIHtl ILMnU'-ALLOTMENT WIVES" Plua DYNAMITE! "PASS KEY TO DANGER" TOWER REGAL STAGE SHOW IN PERSON WITH HIS GREAT BAND! LIONEL HAMPTON KINO OF THE "VIBES" A DRUMS! Red & Curley Th Rimmer Sisters Chicago's Own JOHNNY GRIFFIN VYini BROWN Madeline GREEN ayrey. "THE SPIDER" WEST THEATERS 8ALABAM & KATZ " Comforfobfy (ECLIKDIL lipprt 1 :4 yurliMra hlanwyufc -linrg brunt "MY REPUTATION " Plua Fay Emarun Zaehary Scott DANGER SIGNAL" Wife Wins Husband Back Again B&K PARft - 1:15 JAMES MASON rMnMUIdCi Ana Tdd. "SEVENTH tiL Piu Johb LOSfr. "W ef Mania" 1.- f aL Ti i i -rr rX "Sa- 'V '',v-Cafvs J j-jj-ifaa, fcmw'aaV' -n- - Hamniii -JuiAlHi...,,i:g, J jjlaiaiial K C W A N N K N 0 W S that the was to blame for her husband's coldness. Ana's doctor told her how wives often risk married happiness by careless, "now-and-then" feminine hypiene methejds. He advised using Lysol disinfectant for downing always. Cleanses thoroughly. Deodorizes. A proved perm-killer far more dependable than salt, soda, or f ther botnerasde solutions. Yet so gentle for douching, it jron't harm sensitive vaginal tissues just follow easy directions. More women use Lysol for feminine hygiene than any other method. Try it. ' For Feminine Hygiene use . M k, Laaa A f ti Mm Ox always SENATE Opa 1 :4S ESTATE Opea I AS B6Cent.PIc.i Opaa 1 :4S B&K MANOR Opaa I :i INGRID BERGMAN Zaehary Scott" neon i DniiimM AVALOfi & 'BELLS of ST. MAR YBeJSman CAPITOL CLARK GABLE 7Uth-Hals. Free parkins Op. 1 :30. Last Faat. S:4U Reckleul Romantic! "ADVENTURE" 6A CTRHTCflOn 63rd-Hals. Gall Patrick Jl I1HI rU.U -MADONNA'S SECRET' Joha Loder. "WIFE OF MONTE CBISTO" B (CI CD 1 Y 9h-h'nd Frea Parkin i.IL.nLI Human! Tender! Suepanseful! Inarid Barpman. Gran. Pack. 'SPELLBOUND' JEFFERY 7lt-Jalfry RHODES 79th.Rhod!a OGDEN 6Jrrt-Ahland In grid Bergman Gregory Perk "SPELLBOUND" Penny Sinfltetnn "LIFE WITH -BL0NDIE" GROVE 7Bth-Cottaa HIGHLAND 7th-Ashland Van Johnson Faya Emerson 'BORN FOR TROUBLE' Humphrey Bogart Ana Sheridan IT ALL CAME TRUE' World PLAYHOUSE ,?",,,!n:,ta;45A M- ADULTS ONLY I WM CITY". es GREATEST FILM OF A IX TIME I S&K CONGRESS Opea 1:45 GATEWAY Opaa 1 :4b CLARK GABLE GREER GARSON "ADVENTURE" Ei. 'Muaieal Shipmates' Last Faat. 8:50 p. m. I ill VI "ICTUKI LULJ C3j CLARK ZPTAt Late Show 12:45 Randolph Scott. "CHINA SKY" And -THE LONESOME TRAIL" -WORTH- THEATERS BALABAK & KATZ Comforfcbly (EdlXIDIL Upn 1:14 Barbara 8IANWYCK. I. m. BHtNT "MY REPUTATION" Plus FA YE FMERS0N, ZACHARY SCOTT "DANGER SIGNAL" JNORTH. SHERIDAN oZI.V COOL RAY MILLAND JANE WVMAN PHILLIP TERRY "THE LOST WEEKEND" Jess tiinrn GIRL" julie BARKER I a- a.-a. mm. BISHOP B&K TERMINAL 0 Jen I Ab CRYSTAL Opea 1 :45 B6KB1LTiM0RE Opaa 1 :45 B&KBELPARK Open 1 :4S ingrid Bergman Gregory Peek In Alfred Hitehceex't 'Spellbound' Extra ! Tumfuf FMturcttet Haughty Nanette' Last Feat. 105 p. ai. WHIRoee Open 1 :45 B&K DRAKE Opea I :i rs)-i r Judy Garland HARVEY GIRLS" Plus Carol Landia BEHIND GREEN LIGHTS" SINCI WINNIN TMt ACADEMY AWARD INGRID BERGAIAX SPEUBOUtfbl , with GREGORY PECK ' AND SRECrFD SHOers -NO MAN'S LAJVD- OI'E.V :0 I5e to -3 8&poRTAGE..LAEbt.crT,.? stadium TEATRO "ADVENTURE" JEVANSTON. Plut RICHARD CONTE. "THE SPIDER" B&K Alt MIR!1 I 0s- B'" Crosby. Bob AUllllnALHopa. "ROAD TO UTOPIA" Plus KEYS LUKE. "TOKYO ROSE" CUnDC 75th-Kinalon In Technicolor I dllU 111. Judy Garland. "HARVEY GIRLS' Suspense Thriller! Rich. Conte. 'The SPIDER CARTOON SHOW "fd i:30a. m lHn luuw nU" BUY TICKETS NOW FROLICj SSth-Ellis In Technicnlor Judy Garland. "HARVEY riri S'' Suspenaa Thnilerl Rich. Cpnte.haSPIDER' fnCMfl 79lh-Hals. Abbott A fToslello UUiirlU la "THE LITTLE CIANT" "CLOSE CALL FOR BOSTON BLACKIE" 7lsl-Pa. Tachaitaiw! GREENWICH VILLAGE" "SHOW BUSINESS" HAMILTON- Joan Davta In OAKLAND M" D"i- trJlWW tlAJLF''rl'J!JAnStJLJi!Jlsi' Tarlinicolor ! IIMCTII 47lh.Se. Pky. Mystery Thriller! KII.I "UNDERCOVER WOMAN" Abbolt aV Co.follo. "THE LITTLE GIANT" UPd 1:45 LAST FEATURE 8:55 P. at. BING CROSBY INGRID BERGMAN "BELLS OF ST. MARY'S" Entral In Crlor "H A WAIIAN MEMORIES" Open :JU JOHN PAYNE. MAUREEN O HARA SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY" Plus CHARLES C0BURN, JOAN BENNETT COL. EFFINGHAM'S RAID" aft VriflllC l INGRIO GREGORY awuua. I BERGMAN. PECK 38.2 Brdway $ PELLBO U ND" fla Wi.l1 I tn ' In TECHNICOLOR "NAUGHTY NANETTE" Plus COLOR CARTOON 4031 Lincoln BOTH THEATERS COOLED "do" DEVON BraaVway Cooled by Refrigeration VAN JOHNSON FAYE EMERSON. "BORN FOR TROUBLE" HUMPHREY BOGART ANN SHERIDAN. "IT ALL CAME TRUE" Lalest World Nays Events) linnr Sli Sheridan Op. 1:30 p fill I IllUUt Dally Durk Cartoon! WUUL JACKIE MORAN. "HAUNTED HOUSE" "THE GHOST SHIP", RICHARD DIX "OVER THE WALL". PRISON BREAK! LIBERTY fV,... COOL 5 HITS! "SUKN.WN DON BARRY grant "BADMAN OF THE BORDER' ANDY CLYDE CO M EOY PLUTO Tew at Jerry Open 6:00 iic to 39 Judy Gar!a(i4 John Hodiael 'THE HARVEY GIRl-S'1 EMBASSY iCr sFu".S COOL Richard Conta, "SPIDER" Faya Marla ABBOTT aV COSTELLO. "LITTLE GIANT" irvin: 4003 Irvine Park J IN TECHNICOLOR! JUDY GARLAND. "THE HARVEY GIRLS "BEHIND GREEN LIGHTS," CAROLE LANDIS COOL cool AVON FULLERTON at KIMBALL open 1:30 ZM plus Ta Till 8 P. M. "SAN ANTONIO" IN TECHNICOLOR! ERROL FLYNN ALEXIS SMITH VERA VAGUE. ROBT. BENCHLEY. "SNAFU" CROWN ty Op. 1:30 COOL "Sally O'Rourke" taii Kusseu "Action in Arabia" Georp ,,T nmwi, ci onino- is. Mayes e&K CENTURY Starts 2e B6N0R$H0REj upon l ;.o Open 1 :3U PANTHEON' open 1 :3U 'BELMONT Open I :d0 CLARK GABLE GREER GARSON JOAN BL0NDELL "ildvciiliirc" Extra! "Musical Shipmates" Last Feat. 9:55 P.M. ADf Of- 12-30 COOL "Laura" Grna Tiernay, P 1 D. Andrews, V. Prita. Tem Conway "Falcon in Hollywood" A. Curtiss "Oestiny" "A. Ladd;fi&J( AlCCinP "" 1 :30 Stephanie ia" George i UMMZJIUC Bachelor. "UNDERCOVER Pim "MUBQER IS MY BUSINESS" m Att 74fi Sheridan Opea 130 pnAI "'v'W DOROTHY MrGUIRE. uUUL GEORGE BRENT, "THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE" "ONE WAY TO LOVE." CHESTER MORRIS 1607 W. Division nnni Opens 10:00 A. M. UUUL. VAN JOHNSON. "BORN FOR TROUBLE" HUMPHREY BOGART. JEFFREY LYNN ANN SHERIDAN. "IT ALL CAME TRUE" B&K VARSITY s'eL Veronlra Lake phis "HOT CARGO" Aeuonl Sta. ABBOTT At t COfTKIX plus "TTTF. SPIDfcK" B&K VALENCIA "THE LITTLE GIANT" B&K C0F0NET 8t op1Bi "BOAC TO UTOPIA- plua "TOKVO BOSS.-' -HIGHLAND PARK ALCY0N "SPELLBOUXD" Ingrid Bergman, Gresrory Peck ALSO "NATTGTTTT VANETTi" WILMZTTE Open 6:00 S5e to 6:39 Gregory Par Inirid BrrsTia WILMETTE "SPELLBOUND CLENCOE. BIOGRAPH 2433 Line. Op. U:5 DAVIS 4I4 Line. Op. I :S0 VIC ShPfT -Bilm. Op. 1 :30 All Thrs Thater COOL ABBOTT aV C0STS4.L0 "LITTLE GIANT" RICHARD CONTE FAYE MARLOWE THE SPIDER' Extra I la Color "Naughty Nannetto" Last Feature All Theaters 10:10 p. M. MnWAY 0p' 1:30 COOL Fred Mac Murray IIIIUnHI "Double Indemnity" Edw. G. Robinson, B. Stanwyck. "Woman in Green" Basil Rathbone "Shadow Returns" Mystery Thriller W00DLAWN c'ATHrw, Jaek Oakie "MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE" I invrf Nolan "WOMAN IN GREEN" Basil Rathbone 6CINE I Open 6:15 ABBOTT and COSTFI I n "I ITTI F GIANT" plus Richard Conta. "THE SPIDER" b&k CO VENT Open 1 :30 HOWARD Open I -,m VAN JOHNSON Trouble' phrey Boo art me True" IVAN JO 'Born for Plus Humpl "It AH Ca AMERICAN C N. Ashland B'DY STRAND 1641 W. Roosevelt THEATERS COOL VAN FAYE JOHNSON EMERSON BORN FOR TROUBLE HUMPHREY ANN BOGART SHERIDAN "IT ALL CAME TRUE" 1611 W. Roosevelt fSAftl "SCARLET HORSEMAN" UUUL 'REFORM GIRL" SHOCKING! SENSATIONAL! Preston Foster, "CORRUPTION" JOY CRAWFORD 'BV-Lfvinrr. COOL UNDERCOVER WOMAN" Mystery! Suspense! Cheryl Walker. "MURDER IS MY BUSINESS" RqY 0''- 1:30 C00L Where She '."""""" . 'pen. rvonne Da Carlo. Preston f . hunaernead" Roddy McDowall, Eaalusive SS!1!' vrinta or mi century" steph. Bachelor HHFTFfJ 0tt,a 8:00 C00L Jhn Wayw WIIt.IC.l1 "Dark Command" Roy ". w"er pianaon "Among the Living' At. DrUier. S. Hayward 'Road Alcatrar' JACKSON LATEST NITWS A CARTOON Specialty "Fella at Hyde Pk. fZ Kn,n;ir' "ALLOTMENT WIVES" 'LIFE WITH BLONDIE' Pmyrth8,!rI; nvnn Madison at Cicero Ave. nnn UinU CAROLE LANOIS and (lUUL WM. GARGAN. "BEHIND GREEN LIGHTS" JUDY GARLAND JOHN HODIAK 'THE HARVEY GIRL8" In TECHNICOLOR WEST END bZZr COOL 8upens! "MURDER IS MY BUSINESS" "UNDERCOVER WOMAN" with Boh Livingston SCARLET HORSfMAN" A BUGS BUNNY "OUTLAWS OF ROCKIES" A CARTOON F AYE MA RLDW e "THE SPIDER" BEHIND GREEN LIG HT3" Carols Landls PrNTIIDV 1421 w- Madliwn S Features CCll 1 UA1 Jack Oakie. "On Stage Everybody" John Wayne. "Lawless Frontier" 'Uabby' Hayes IJKAD END KIDS, "KEKP KM fH'OGING" 4 CTAD 24i Judy Jolai Oarland Bmllak THE HARVEY GIRLS" KBNT TAYT.OH . i VIItiilMA GKKY 3434 W. "(iih Abbott and Costello. "LITTLE GIANT" Preston Foster JN COLOR Smooth as Silk" MICHIGAN iflAmVrleil1 Ke", COOL JOHNNY WELSSMULLKK, ACQUANKTTA TARZAN ASO THE LEOPARD WOMAN" CHESTEB MORRIS. LYNN MEHBICK "A CI.OSSE CALL FOR BOSTON BLACKIE" HIGHWAY wa2, aU. OPEN 1:30 Abbott Costello "LITTLE GIANT" Carole Lanals. Wr. Oariran. 'Behind Orwn Llahta' I'AHTOON Klinw. June lV-m)V TICKKT9 MW KTMRARK" 6210 Kimbwk oikn n so Chester "SMOOTH AS SILK" Morris "CIoe Call for Boston Blackie" Also Hoy Rogers "Cowboy and the Renorlta" MAPniTFTTF e3rlJ Kedzle Abbott and lllrtlXUL I AtiCoslello. "LITTLE GIANT" Carole Landis. Wm. Oarfran 'Habind Green Lichts CARTOON Show, June I5th, SIVY TICKETS NOW! HARVARD 3rd-Harvard Open 12:45 p.m. " Gay,LKU "HARVEY GIRLS" rm n.TV S-S-JJ-Vyil I "Born for Trouble" IT. Bogarl jsnn r-enrinan jt CAM K TKLK ftll-Krdr.Se Van Johnstt r 'VIENNA" 8:0010:05 feature 6:15 8:2010:25 LHlCAoo.W-KlfiA -tense, excitinq, realistic." N. Y. Daily Nes engrossing, auspenseful" N. Y. Her. Trib. "PARIS UNDERGROUND" Colorful scenes of fhe liberation strnacu mus'c "POSTWAR VIENNA" BUCK'M 3319 N. Clara. St. Humphrey Bogart ANN SHERIDAN. "IT ALL CAME TRUE VAN JOHNSON, "BORN FOR TROUBLE COOL GLENC0E Open : ; v is 3 JOHN WATJS. WALTKH PinCEOK, CLAIRE TBKVKR "DARK COMMAKD" JilATWOOD Ciari, Gabifc, rf 6 arson "ADVENTURE" & 'MUSICAL SHIPMATES Lvin-Vatini lUUtJrJUV Ann bhartdun, Humphrey Bogart "IT ALL CAME TRUE" Ffty Emersoa Van Johnson "BORN FOR TROUBLE" COOL Open 1 :30 BING CROSBY ftfrtmerte cool nilWIIIWIta. Argyla- Kanmera DOROTHY ar BOB LABOUR " HOPE THE ROAD TO UTOPIA" SIREN of the AIRWAVES " TOKYO ROSE" fill? 17 Dearborn at Division. Bequest Flints Feature at 6:00. KMW. 10:1a HENRY PnvnA .in am r.vsi.ip OLIVIA lie HA VILLA ND. JACK CARSON THE MALE ANIMAL" Am. THE SURF DIGEST BERTHA 4 Color Cartoon Riot ' COOL DOROTHY LAMOUR, FRED MarMURRAY BETTY HUTTON. "AND THE ANGELS SING" CLAUDET1E COLBERT. JOEL McCREA "PALM BEACH STORY." BUOY VALLEE 308 W. North Onen 5:00 Anni John Wayne. Roy Rogers uUUI. WALTER PI0CE0N. "DARK COMMAND" JOHNNY WEISSMULLER. ACQUANETTA "TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN" PLAZA GRAND S43S W. North Carole Landli Open 5:15 "Behind Green Liiihia" The Muslral with a banc Jut" SZL "HARVEY GIRLS" ALAMO 83 W. CHICAGO AVE. FEAR!! I.NGBIO BERGMAN S- "SPELLBOUND EXTRA! NAUGHTY NANETTE" In Teehnieoler NEW -PUSH BACK" SEATS far Year Caattart " mm rapip LIDO GREER GARSON "ADVENTURE" 'Musical 'Canin Casanova SbipmaUt' Pluto Cartooi AUSTIN LATEST NEWS 1)1 ?C 1 ATr1 Q. ritaaeralaL . JWiiJVilV,E. Vmii Lorra "t Btrausw Maraha Huns "I fnr J-'vie"" JoJin . arr. i-Clier IOr CVIC Ceuorai Comlnar Thura.. Frt.. Bat.. 'BaaA ta Jr. Uinir B.iers. Fairt-anas, HAVING A WU.NDEHi t L TI.MK."' AUSTIN I- A';,C'-V-MKS. Ii RADFORD SYMPHONY ts'37 a""i5Sr.prEHi JUDY GABI.ANP. 'THE HAKVt-Y filHlJ- NITA 2915 Milwaukee Open 6:00 Sherlorlt Holmes, ' voire of Terror' Mumtny'a Tomh" Jk "Hhot tn the Ksrapa" LOGAN ADELPHI 7b7. c Open 1 :30 Glortoua Technicolor Hltl SMS? "SAN ANTONIO" Bobert Benchley. Vera Vaitue SNAFU SOUTH James Mason, Ann Todd "THE SEVENTH VEIL" It Dares to Strip Bare a Woman's Mind! Yvonne DeCarla Rod Cameron b T I Hfj f I fa tvwiioa Lfevariv m.u (.ameron M I LHII I III f "Salome. Where She Danced" MiriUCCT (Penny Singleton. Arthur Lake rfllUrfCOl '-LIEE WITH BLONDIE" Tke CSQUIRC ai s a hicmi aU "ADVENTURE" CLARK GABLE, GREER GARSON And THE ESQUIRE HOUR , Feature at 2:35, 5:05, 7:35, 10:10 Frea Parking at Dearborn and Oak LANE COURT AHMITAGE-CLABK COOI. OI'EN 1:30 JI DY OAKLAND, JOHN HOOIAK "UAKVEY GIRLS" Also "NOKTinVEST TRAIL" LAKE SHORE 1,174 ZXu IS & 9:00 ran Janacr. 'V'llt'.N MYUANtlKltlt M.MlltY" 1 :T.t and llkiiS, Jioua MasM'V. "(INK HOMANTIC NIGHT" Milwaukee at Hawyer Op. 1 :H0 In totor. Jiulv tiarlanit. John Hoitlak. "THE JIARVKY :1UIJ" J0 Elston Av.. Open i:3 P. M. Kenr TaTlnr, "HMOOTH AS fill.K" t'ltOSHY-HOPE-LAMOI'll, 'KOAlf TO I'TOI'IA' RIV0LI 3:iifl Ivawvenre Ave. Abhott-Costello, -LITTLE til ANT" Also Kent Taylor. Virginia Grey, "Smooth aa Silk" METRO ninir Enrol t'lyna Alesia Smit r AKfk. -SAS ANTOMO- 5H50 W. taka Dirk Powell. "CORXEBEtV DflPVlUr S23 Disney'i "Etrdinand the Buil KULJMlL Jiy. K. Taylor. "Smooth aa Si!r Boad tn rtopla.' B. Oosby. B. H"pe. P. Lanmvrr no IT IDIC Onus :00 MARSHA HI Vf 0XJ IKlj "I.KTTKR KOK TYIW.- plua "TAR.AN ASO THE l.:ol'AR0 WOMAN" CICERO. PALACE SUBURBAN OAS PARK 5215 W. 15io Opens 1 nrniNn t-.M r.s i.i?HTm" JI'HY 8AHI.ANT. -THK HAKItl ftlKLS" VII I AC ABBOTT t'OSTEIJO ViLLAO LITTLE OlANTT- Bob Uvlntston. "TXDF.BCOVEB WOSUN" BLUE ISLAND . LAMAR Marlon at Lake St. 'L' Cooled by fief rlgeroton GREER CLARK JOAN GARSON GABLE BLONDELL "ADVENTURE" "IN THE WILDS" and COLOR CARTOON t.illt World ,Vw HrrntMl i NEW LYRIC Ingrid BERGMAN "SPELLBOUND PARK RIDGr GUKIIOHS 1'KCK :.iL5;!i!LK LtoPu- DES PLAEYES DESPLA1NESU AIR COND. Op. ' umphray Boarart, "IT AI CAME TBI'S" A Van Jniinaon " B.irn tn Troubia ELIVIWOOO PARK- HARPER CAROLE LANDIS, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO "LITTLE GIANT" "BEHIND GREEN LIGHTS" UVnC DIDIY Dana Andrews, Richard Conta. HIULrHIIA "WALK IN THE SUN" CTJTC 11020 Air Condltlnned Betty Hutton. O 111 Li S. Mirh. B. Fitzgerald. "Stork Club" William Oargan, Jiancy Kelly 'Folloiv that Worn an' CALIFORNIA Wm. Gargan, Carol Landls. 'Behind Green Lights' MARSHALL SQ PflR A I 5th-Clro Open 6:00 Free Parking JTDY GARLAND "HARVEY G1KLS VAN JOHNCON, 2S71 W. Carmak Bna "Life With Binnille ' KORV FOB TROUBLE" IEX t.lrht." Ahholt 1162 K. 3rd Bt OPEN 12:30 Carole Lanills. "Behind Omen fiwlello. "I.1TTI.K GIANT" ALEX SSC6 W. Madison "P Als Uaria Mootii. rrsitoo Tost. i oisney rraiure . , . . 1 f":J Advertise in The Tribune KEN wBur "Letter for Evie Open 1:30 SNAFrT" VETtA TAOPR JVf.r KJ i.iirTf nrivri Hume Cronyn RAM0VA Pftnny Htngleton. 3rth-HALSTKD OPEN 1:00 Kay Franc, ''Allotment Wivw" Arthiir I,ake "Lite with Blond!' COMMERCIAL AIR COND. 9150, Comm. Otienll:ao. Janet Hlalr. 'TARS and SPARS" & "LIFE with BLONDIE" V A D Ot :0. Maa-sha Hunt, A-.. t. IV. "A LMtnr L)I 1 n TV IV i. p, j oo. Judy Garland "THK ttARVEY OIHLS m Technicolor Also AHHOTTAt COSTELLO "LITTLE 1ANT WINDSOR Op. 1:30 A III COND. Humphrey Bogart. "IT ALL CAME THUlfi" And Van Johnson "BORN FOB TROUBLE" T17 West Sheridan Boad (Just East of Broadway at S000 Korthl Edvard Persson "SUN OVEH KLABA" plua "WE HOME TOILEBS" 540 N. CLARK ST. OPEN 1:30 BEHIND OBERN LIGHTS" In Color. Judy r.arland. John Ilodlak. "The II array Qlrla" ROSEWOOD 1823..Ttro"S:30 Cronhy, Hope. Lamour, "BOAD TO LTOPIA" ESSEX CAL0 RIDGE Ahhntt Ar 1550 DEVON Op. 1:30 New Show Blrhard CONTE "THE SPIDEB" Coftello, L-I-T-T-L-E G-I-A-N-T" SOUTHERN COOL BLNti CltlWHV DtlitOTHV LAMOUB IIO Jlol'K, "THK ROAD TO ITOI IA ' "TOKYO BOSK." SI HEN 1F THK AIRWAVES I Ak v 1"k " '' sc men JUAIVIZi HI MPHKEY BOO ART KJKJ L, ANN SH EHI DAN, "IT ALL CAMFJTRfE" VAN JOHNSON. "BOKN FOR TKOLBLE" TOWNS "TARZAN and the 8:30 ruzrvi' Leopard Woman" Marsha Bunt. John Carroll. "A Letter tog Brio" SfjKiST PARK Onena 'Xifa 111 nTlIi?n :t0 with ww.iuiii FORESTS Kay Franrla. l'aul Kelly, "Allotment Wlras" LIL P,enk ' ' ."DOLL FACE" Tom Brenneman, 'Brenkrajt In Hollywood" 3 Cart. J. Carroll lor Eiie" Also "TAIt.AN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN" NEW MENACKIC I DELUXE 1141 Wilson JLDY OAKLAND "THE HARVKY iIRLS" Also Landls. Wm. Gargan, "Behind Oraen Lights" SUN O. Brant, Op. !:4'. "ALONO CAME JONES" friETa flarv Cooper. L. t'ung. YJLkJ i 1 H S. Went "Xwin Beds'' at "Uns Conlassioa." imH MORSE John Wayne Vera Hruha Balsinn. "STAOKCOACH" Ann Miliar, "SAD US W AS A LADX" RITZ Op. 5:30 In Terhnlrolor. Judy Garland. John Ilodlak. "THE HARVEY GIRLS" Ho Rirhard Conta. "THE SPIDER" ELM to ORAM) AVENLR Btrti. Coot Faya Marlowe THE Sl'TDMs- Wanderar e " Wasteland" Jaa. Wima ELMHUKST YORK 'COOL! 1.NUS1D BEBCMAM OKEOORV PECK. "SPELl.HC-t SW Color raturtie. "NACtiHTT NAMLTTK" VXZXA PARK Deanna Durtiin, Franrhot Tws m i ion lL.L.rIU -BECAUSE OP HIM" J. Weissmulier "Tarran and tha Leopard Woraaa" LOMBARD DUPAGE IN GLORIOUS TTCHNICOI.O Judy Oarland. "HARVEY OIRL Carole Landls. -BEHIND CBEFN UCBTa" GLEN ELLYN Hi? V UCDUVM OP- 145 Last Faat. 10:10 O-VIV l.lTT III 1NOR1D BEBOMAN Gregory Perl' In HltrtMwtra "SPEU.HOlND" LA GRANGE B&K LA GRANGE 1 TNOHID RfHC.MAN Gregory Jpeds ta aitcboock ' UPELLBOL'ND" f CM John Hodlsk. Judy Oarland ln Coa ULLil "TUP HARVET C.IRLS" Carole Landls. W Oarssn "Behind Oraati Llghta" HINSDALE OIBJCflAI C Enoy smgla Feature ta) jCroahy. Lamatte Hnpa. 'Hoad to I 'tout.' ? j a 4( niULI?a'CTONr HEIGHTS ARLmr.TO' "HARVEY GIRLS" Jt'DY OARLAND JOHN WODIAK DOWNERS GROVE TIV0LI "Spellbound AIM ingrid Kmnai raaar f aaat Lire WITH VLOHDSM

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