The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1953
Page 12
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RMWTWBLVE COUK1KK 17, 1953 Br/'ngs /?e//ef to Much of U.S. IkeReportedReady To Okay Immigrant Bill Compromise By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower reportedly has told l«gM*tir» leaders he is willing to accept acompromiso on his proposal lions of Illinois and to admit. 240,000 special quota immigrants to this country. Th» President's attitude, said to have been mude clear at a While House conference earlier this week, stirred hope for early approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee of a biU which Sen. Watfcins (R-Utah) •aid would be "usefull as an instrument of foreign policy.'.' Chairman Langer (R-Nd) called the 15-member committee Into a closed session (9 a, m. EST) after being presented with an unusual petition yesterday. Signed by five Republican and three Democratic members, the petition asked for a session of the group tonight if this morning's meeting fails to produce a final vote on the bill. Watkins said the eight who signed, plus Langer, represent a committee majority determined to g«t a bill before the Senate in this session of Congress. A House judiciary subcommittee has approved Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3415 3415 3406 3409 Dec 3431 3433 3423 3#B Mar 3449 3451 3441 3445 May 3453 3455 3444 3449 a version of the measure reported' ly not at all satisfactory to the White House. Ready With Elders Sen. McCarran <D-Nev) wa; ready with a series of amend' ments. He has proposed that the total to be admitted be trimmed down to 120.000. plus 4,000 orphans. Watkins has said he would agree to the orphan provision but won't accept such a heavy cut In the total. A compromise figure near 175,000 seemed likely, but McCarran and Watkins apparently still were far apart on what kind of immigrant would be admitted and how long the special quotas would run. McCarran is understood to be insisting that none but Iron Curtain refugees and expelled persons be included in those admitted, while Watkins has held out for the admission of some nationals of coun- ,rics like Italy where the population is overcrowded. McCarran also evidently would like to spread the admissions over j three years, instead of the two proposed by the President, on the ground that the immigration ma- I chinery can't process adequately more than about 5,000 persons a month. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Skies were clear in most of the Western states and in the northeastern part of the country today but it was wet and cloudy weather over wide areas of the mid-continent. Rain and thunder showers hit sec- Indiana and Southern Wisconsin during the night. Earlier showers fell in the Eastern Dakotas and thuncjershow- ers were reported in Northern Texas and Southern Arizonia. Heaviest rainfall yesterday was in the Southeastern and South Central sections of the country, with more than 3 inches at New Orleans in 24 hours ending at midnight. The rainfall at Macon, Ga., measured nearly Sit- inches, nearly 2 inches at Topeka, Kan., and l'/ 2 inch at Memphis. Cooler pacific air continued to move slowly eastward over the North and Central plains. Greatest cooling was among the eastern slopes of the Central Rockies. It was 66 in Casper, Wyo., yesterday 1 compared to 98 on Wednesday. Hot weather continued in the Far! Southwest. Yesterday's hot spots] were Thermal and El Centre 'alif., which reported 107, th> same reading as on Wednesday. FIREMAN, SAVE MY OIL WELL!—Yep, that's a fireman at left, above. He's Mubarek Ibn Nasar, pumper driver for nine years in the Arabian American Oil Company's modern (ire department in phahran, Saudi Arabia. Trained by Americans, Saudi Arabs drive modem flre trucks over the streets of Dhahran and Has Tanura, where ancient camel caravans once passed. They can handle a hose or man a pump with the best of their American co-workers. At right, Yanks and Arabs work together on a practice blaze at the Dhahran testing ground. TRUCE New Orleans Cotton Oct 3414 3414 3406 Dec 3429 3M2 3422 Mar 3449 3451 3443 May 3443 3450 3442 Chicago Soybeans 3407 3425 3446 3448 July Sept. .. Nov. .. Jan. .. March 2.74% 2.58'/ 4 2.51'4 2.54:1,4 2.5T/2 Chicago Corn July 1.551/1 Sept 1.46% 2.67 2.55!4 2.49 2.53 2.55'/;, 1.541,4 1.461/u 2.7*1,' 2.58 2.51V. Profits Tax Extension Signed by Ike Chicago Whear Jly 1.95V4 1.93 Sep 1.891/1 1.861/2 CORN WASHINGTON on — The excess profits tax is back on the books, signed by President Eisenhower yesterday less than 34 hours after Congress completed action on a six months' extension. Its course through the House was 2.54-!:i ! s tormy. The extension was fought 2.57'/ 4 j stubbornly by Chairman Daniel A. Reed (R-NY) of the taxwritting Ways and Means Committee. The tax, which is over and above regular corporation taxes, takes 30 per cent of profits defined as excessive. The extension, from last June 30 through Dec. 31, is slated to produce $800 million dollars. 1.D5 1.98 7 / B New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Ccca-Cola Gen Electric 155 74 7-8 . 341-2 51 1-4 : 71 1-2 109 3-4 73 Bigger Neutral Area for ROW Talks Proposed Gen Motors 58 7-1 Montgomery Ward 58 1-4 N Y Central 24 7-8 Int Harvester 27 7-8 J C Penny 91-4 Republic Steel 4;) 1-8 Radio 23 :i-8 Socony Vacuum . 34 1-4 Studebaker ... Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears 58 7-8 U S Steel 38 3-4 Sou. Pac 44 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. UP— (USDAi— Hogs 5.500: rlull and irregular; barrows and gilts 50-75 lower; closing mostly 75 lower; extremes more; sows 75-1.00 off; choice 190-230 Ib 26.15-27.10; occasional loads and lots, mostly choice No. 1 and 2 27.15-25; about 300 head 27.25; late sales 190-240 Ib mostly 26.75-80; couple loads 240 Ib 27.00 early: scattered sales 250280 Ib 25.50-21)50; heavier weights nominal; small lots and individual head 280-300 Ib down 24.75; heavier weights at sow prices; choice 180190 Ib 26.75-27.00; 150.170 Ib 24.5026.50; 120-140 Ib 21.50-23.50; sows 400 Ib down 21.25-22.75: heavier sows 18.75-20.50; boars 50 higher; 12.50-16.00. Cattle 1,150; calves 800; saleable supply mostly cows; practically no steers or heifers grading good or better; lower grades in draggy cleanup trade at unevenly lower prices; week's early advance lost on few deals; cows about 1.00 lower, very slow; bulls unchanged; vealers barely steady to weak; few utility and commercial steers and heifers 12.00-16.00; utility to low commercial cows 11.00-13.00; canner and cutter cows 8.00-11.00; utility and commercial bulls 14.0016.50; canner and cutter bulls 12.00-13.50; good and choice vealers 18.00-23.00; few prime to 25,00; utility and commercial vealers 12.00-17.00; culls 8.00-10.. NEW DELHI. Inclin Ml—Reliable [sources said today the U. N. Command in Korea has proposed that prisoners of war be brought into an enl:iri;ecl post-;irmisticr neUiral nrea for Communist interviews (ryinj; to U\lk irmm into going home, Thrse inform ants ulso stud the U. N. lias proposed to the Rods Hint the n^ iirtvs be e:\tcmlrrl to pnrmit Indi.ui troops who will 30 1--1 | tnkc ciijiiody of the prisoner:--:, to 72 1-2 ; land wit'.-.ovC RO:»S; through South 53 3-4 i Korean territory. (Continued from Page 1) The U. N. demand for a quick armistice apparently was flown to Panmunjom by helicopter Thurs day while Harrison delayed the opening of a negotiating session for 15 minutes, A message was flown to Harri son, but there has been no an nouncement of what it contained. Even before Washington sources said the U. N, had called for prompt action on a truce, observ ers here expressed the opinion that the U. N. might have made a final offer to the Reds. There was spec illation that It was virtually an Ultimatum. INDO-CHINA (Continued from Page 1) ago. On the French side, Maj. Gen. Nguyen Van Htnli, chief of staff for the Viet Nam government's armed forces, is pushing: rapidly the training of M .special commando battalions. He hopes to have them in action by the end of this year. The commando battalions, rained by French ami officers and supplied with U. S. weapons, will specialize in driving deep into the thick jungles and forest-covered mountains to seek out and destroy Vietminh soldiers. They also will lilt key Vietminh bases in surprise raids. Jet Fighter Sets 715-MPH Record By JACK STEVE.VSON THERMAL. Calif Srtbre jet and its ifft— An F8GD veteran Air new F94C Starfire fast." Meanwhile jet fighter sped yesterday from Bui-bank to Hamilton Air Force Force pilot have blazed to a new bas9 at an average speed of 670 'm.p.h. The Air claimed a now South Korean leaders have charged that India is pro-Communist and one of President Sygn- m;;n Rhee's objections to the pro- po.'™*I truce w;:s that Indian troops nno. Communist renresern:itives would have to enter South ;-:ore:m territory to deal with the U. N.- held prisoners. Negro^Church Plans Homecoming Rally The homerommc rally of Enoch Chapel A.M.E. Church lie held Sunday at, 2 p.m. on church grounds at ami Short Ko^c Streets. Barbecue dinner will be held, according to Rev. C. Franklin, pastor. Other congregations invited, for the occasion will be West End MB Church, True Light M.B. Church, Pilsrim Rest M.B. Church. Bethr! A M.K. Church and Carver Tempif C.M.E. Church. Negro Woman Fined $50 in Stabbing Case Louise Humes. Blytheville Negro woman, pleaded guilty this morning in Mumcipal Court to a charge of stiibbinK another Negro, Frank OoUiran She was fined sSO j and cnsts fr ;iss:uilt with n do°.d-j ly we:ipnn. whlli* Cothrou was fined S10 --id cost.- on a disturbing the peace clinrtH'. i Elsie \v. DuiH'iin was charged] with ovoidrrll'ire, but no actiun : was taken on the case this morning. Read Couri get 'romp i DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hours: S a.m. t« 10 p.m. with Deliver; to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. ROUTE SALESMAN Opening for ajgresslve resident of Blyllievlllc to pick lip and deliver high quailty laundry and dry cleaning at sale prices. We will furnish late model trurk and all expenses. Also we furnish dally pick-up and delivery service right to your home In Blytheville. You will need an cxlri room or Ultht rarage to store clean *nd soiled bundles. Liberal commission with guaranteed salary of $60.00 per week. Writo living age, education, length of residence in Blytheville and romplet« employment background. 'Cash bond required. White Rose Laundry Cleaners 830 Vance Aye. Memphis, Tenn. TiUOE-IH on your old healing appliance with purchase of automatic NEW FLOOR FURNACE or GAS WALL HEATER UIMITED TIME) DOWN PAYMENT JO months to pay Hal sell & White Furniture Company 113 S. Division Phone 6096 world's air speed record of 715.7 miles an hour. That's traveling one mile as you count to five. Lt. Col. William P. Barns, 32, sometimes reaching speed of more than 12 miles a minute in the nine-ton jet interceptor, eclipsed yesterday the record of 698.505 established only last November over the siime three-kilometer (1.363- mile) course by Capt, J Slade Nash. Barns flashed through two com- Jlete contest runs, each sonsisting' oE two trips in both directions along the straightaway course. Each of the eight trips was Easier ban Nash's record and the best Va.s 721.36'! when the wind was in he colonel's favor. Barns broke the record with an average of 713.G on the first run. He changed planes and came back o re-establish the record a couple of miles per hour higher. Each •un was at nbr.ut 100 feet altitude. The speed pilot said the weather 'or the runs was quite turbulent. "We didn't have the optimum conditions today," he commented. 'The temperature was right tovor 100 decrees >. but I think the tur- julence and wind cut the speed lown." How lone: does he think the rec- >rd will last? ''Prom whni I hear there are several airplanes coining along which will be capable of higher speed when they have the bugs worked out We're? progressing" Force thereupon Los Angeles-San Francisco air speed record. The jet, with Capt. Craig Keller, 30, San Carlos, Calif., at the controls, covered the distance in exactly 29 minutes. The previous record for the 324- mile flight—33 'minutes—was set by an Air Force F30 Shooting Stai jet fighter in 1350. WHICH TWIN HAS THE TOKEN?—"Which twin swallowed the Indian?" asked Mrs. .William Burtz when she brought her four-year-old twins into Atlanta, Georgia's, Grady Hospital. An Indian-head charm from a peanut vending machine was missing, and neither twin would talk because sometimes the wrong one gets spanked. X-vays showed that Patresa Lorena, left, and not her sister, Theresa Lee, had the charm. f ,"* ^ I (i ti <w Q During our Price-Smashing July Clearance Sale! Storewide Sale Nary Exhibit Here Tomorrow A free exhibition will, be given tomorrow afternoon by the Navy In front of the Goodyear Store on Main Street. The show, sponsored by the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit, Millington, Tenn., will open at noon and continue through the evening. The mobile unit will feature the latest jet engine used in the Navy's carrier-based AJ and the Air Force's F-81 engine, cut-away for exhibition purposes is capable of 702 miles per hour. For comparison, a conventional propeller type engine used in Navy fighters will be shown. Other objects on a.cplay will be instrument panels, machine guns, bombs, and rockets. Youths Return To Red China HONG KONG W)—Young Chinese by the hundreds are entering Red China through Hong Kong from overseas Chinese communities. On two days this month more than 430 Chinese students and workers went behind the bamboo curtain after arriving from Pakistan. India. Malaya and Indonesia. Most of them say they are convinced that China has a new and lofty destiny and that they want to work toward it. Some are from families of communist or leftist sympathies who are dissatisfied with life abroad. Some are recruited by the Reds for special activities. Some simply are unemployed youths who want to try life in China and managed to wangle free or cheap transportation. Negro Legion Officers Installed Winston Johnson was installed a commander of the Blytheville Negr American Legion post in ceremonic conducted last night in the w. I Cobb Funeral Home rooms on As Street. Other new officers of Wadford White Post No. 438 installed includ James Green, first vice commandei Ernest Evans, Jr., second vice com mander; Burchon Walker, adjutan Boston Williams, finance office] Elbert Williams, historian; Edd. Griffin, chaplain; Harry o. John , son, sergeant at arms; and O. C i Love, public relations. Atom Cannons Not Overseas WASHINGTON M>)—None of th new atomic cannons are oversea. 1 the Army said yesterday in re sponse to questions prompted b rumors that some of the big weap ons have been sent to Korea. It is known, however, that th' Army has enough of the 280-mi!Ii meter guns to equip some Ameri can forces in Korea if Presiden Eisenhower should consider it act visable. Such a step presumably would bi considered anew if the Commit nists do not quickly agree to ai armistice and if they continue all out offensive operations. Contrary to popular belief, many Indian tribes in the United States did not practice scalping, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Beef Pulp Is Feed CRGOKSTON, Minn. «•)—Driec sugar beet pulp can be used success) fully to replace two-thirds of th< erain ration for fattening beef cat tie. H. D. Faiisch, animal husband man at the Northwest Experimen\. Station, said the pulp is a palatab.'ld feed that tends to spur the mals' appetites. HUBBARD HAS A big 9 1 /i-cu-ft, dependable, all- new General Electric Refrigerator that's got every practical feature you could want. And so compact. • Big full-widih freezer • Space Maker door shelves • 2 big vegetable drawers • Full-width chiUertray • Aluminum shelves • And lots more you should seel Also available in Model LA-92K with one vegetable drawer and without Space Maker door shelves, at lower cost. SPACE 1 REFRIGERATOR MODEL LB-92K ONLY 3 70 per week after small Ovar 3,500,000 G-E Rcfrtg- eratort with sealed-in lyi- yearj or longer! We Give The Best Trades In Town HUBBARD & SON Phone 4409 FURNITURE Blytheville For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick.

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