The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on May 16, 1933 · Page 5
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1933
Page 5
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THS WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE. TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1933 Degrees, Prizes To Be Awarded At Convocation CONTINUES In and Some Experiment with Cocaine." Kidd. Howard Vincent, B.Sc, Manitoba, 1930. Major: Organio Chemistry. Minor: Theories ot Solution. Thesis: "A Study of Methylene Qulnone - oxlmea." (As at March 16th, 1933). Kultunen Ella Ekbaum. Dipl. Sc., Dorpat (Esthonla). 1928. Major: Parasitology. Minor: Embryology of Ohorlata. Thesis: "A Study of the Cestode Genus Eubothrlum In Canadian Fishes.' (As at March 16th. 1933). McGregor, James Arthur, B.S.A Manitoba 1923. Major: Agronomy - Advanced Genetics. Minor: Statistical Methods In Agronomic Research. Thesis: "Losses Due to Weeds In Several Crop Zones In Manitoba." McLeod, James Archie. - B.Sc, Manitoba, 193L Major: Parasitology. Minor: Bacteriology. Thesis: T,A Parasltologlcal Survey of the Ground Rodents in Manitoba." Moyae, Adele - Victoria, B.Sc, Manitoba, 1931. Major: A Critical Study ot Algae. Minor: Soils of Manitoba. Thesis: "Soil Algae ot Manitoba." Rlchman, Hyman Isadore, B.Arch., Manitoba, 1932. Major: Advanced Architectural Design. Minor: Model - line and History of Painting and Sculpture. Thesis: "An Architect's Building Plans, Elevation, Sections and Details." ' Rogerson. Edward William, B.Arch, Manitoba, 1932. Major: Advanced Architectural Design, Minor: Modelling and History of Painting and Sculpture. Thesis "An Architect's Building Plans, elevation, sections and Details." Sheets, William E'mer, B.Arch., Manitoba. 1932. Major: Advanced Architectural Design. Minor: Model. ling and History of Painting and Sculpture. Thesis: "An - Architect's Building Plans, Elevation, Sections and DeUils." Slotin, Louis B - Sc. (Hons.), Man), toba, 1932. Major: The Phase Rule. Minor: The Theory. Thesis: The Systems: (1) Lithlum - d - tartrate. ammonlum - d - tartrate. water; (2) ' lithium ammonlum - d - tartrate, lithium ammonium - l - tar - trate, water." Smedley, Enid May, B.Sc. (Hons.) Manitoba 1931. Major: Parasitology. Minor: Embryology of Chor - data. Thesis: "A Partial Survey of ins nematode rarasites of, cana dlan Marine and Fresh 'Water Fishes." Solomon, Ernest, B.Sc., Manitoba, 1930. Major: Cereal Chemistry. Minor: Colloid Chemistry. Thesis: "The Preparation of Fatty Acids Susceptible to Oxidation and a Study of the Variables Influencing Iodine Number Determinations." Tlldesley, William Thomas, B.S.A.. Manitoba, 1931. Major: Genetics and Cytology , of Foras - e Crona Minor: Statistical Methods In Agronomic Research. Thesis: "Seasonal Variation in Food Reserves in underground Parts of S. Arvensls ana a. Kepfns." Wallace, Sadie Ethelyn B.Arch, juanitoDa, Major: Advanced Architectural Design. Minor: Modelling and History of Painting and Sculpture. Thesis: "An Architect's Building Plans, Elevation, Sections ana uetaus." Whlteman. Robert. B.8.A, Manl - xooa, Major: Agtonomy. Minor: Statistical Methods in Agronomic Research. Thesis: "The Relative Value of Early and Late Varieties of Corn for Manitoba." DIPLOMAS Diploma In Home Economics (all as at March 31, 1933) Angus, Mabel Vinetta; Benaron, Sue; Connor, ENGINEERING MEDALLISTS Mo Y I :f - J v. I r Robert Thistlethwaita Max Splgelman The University gold medal in Civil Engineering and the Joseph Doupe gold medal for the highest marks In third and fourth years of Civil Engineering were awarded to Mr. Thlstlethrwaite. . Mr. Splgelman won the University gold medal for Electrical Engineering, MEDALLISTS IN AGRICULTURE, HOME ECONOMICS I, mm t', 'J JaSwi Nancy Bernlce Milton Eugene Hausknecht . Peter Janzen .Miss Milton, of 119 West Gate, was awarded the University gold medal In home economics, and Mr. Hausknecht, of Nivervllle, Man., the University gold medal in agriculture. Mr. Janzen, of Walbeck, Sask., was awarded the special medal in agriculture put up by the Co - operative Marketing Board for highest standing in economics and allied subjects in the agriculture business options of the fourth year, AU three are graduates. IHome Economics Medallist! Y 3 '3 BERN, M. v M.icKJCNZTE 'The 1930 Graduating elate medal 1 for tm niconomjes was wan ny wacjveozie, cc vukwuvbi. Camllle Karkia; Coulter. Mary Ann Balfour; Foster, Charlotte .Belle; Johnston, Winnlfred Irene; Newman. Elsie; Staplefoivi, Dorothy Ruth; Tiede, Use Doratlhea. Diploma In Agriculture (all as at March 31, 1933) Charlton, Robert Joseph; Coulter, Alwyn Murray; Drysdale Wilfred Allan; Hughes, George Bentley; McDonald, Donald; Stevenson, Reginald Bertram; Tit - ley, David Addison. , Diploma In Pharmacy Bezkoro - wyny. - Michel; Eades, Frederick William; Garnett, Harold Russell; Kawksworth, Eric; Keenberg, Louis; Kronson, Philip; McGlll, Robert Maxwell; Mlgicovsky, Baral; Pearlman, Sidney Joseph; Posner, Samuel Lewis; RafTerty, Harold James; Reld, David Harold; Shen - karow, - Louis Edward; Shields, George Thomas; 8tokes, Alfred James: Tedford Douglas Alex ander; Zeal, Charles. 8PECIAL MEDALS Arts Enhralm Buckwold Gold Medal (donated by the Omega Chapter of the Tau Delta Phi Fraternity, in memory of the late EDhraJm Buckwold. B.A.. for the highest aggregate In Economics of the General Course, Senior Division) Coutts, Winston Francis. M e d I e I n Manitoba Medical Alumni Association Gold Medal (for highest standing on the first four 5 ears of the course) McDonald, ohn Roland. Dr. Charlotte W. Ross Gold Medal (for highest standing In Obstetrics during the course) Webb, Elaine Gola Selwyn. Agriculture Co - operative Marketing Board Medal in Economics (for highest standing in Economics and allied subjects in the Agricultural Business Option of the Fourth Year In Agriculture) Janzen, Peter. Civil Engineering Joseph Doupe Gold Medal (for highest aggregate in Third and Fourth Years) Thlstlethwaite, Robert. Pharmacy Menltoba Pharmaceutical Association Silver Medal (for highest standing In Second Year of the Diploma Course in Pharmacy) Zeal, Charles. Flexon Silver Medal (for highest standing In Chemistry of the Second iYeirr of the Diploma Course In hanvacy) Shenkarow Louis Edit' rd. Sfynitc.v Pharmaceutical Asto - ceVH Sfimr Medal (for highest at&uiU&z lhv First Year of the DlpiontsV'f Couwe Id Pharmacy) iyV. ' - FUSES WINS LAW HONORS Misa B.C. genera! efficiency throughout .the X i , . NJ. 77 ." standing sniuKraloeyand Ths medal is jaynted lof , lograryb'jf. of tha SJrst - - Sear, inpionasv uowrj (Gtal)'iil,',,&i!dney i V VAp Iriyni? Prfay. (for highest ;andl'(f ihMtralog.y.and Crystal - four - year ou She Is a grsduatf J 8!. Nottoaa eboolw to the of the Agrlcniturl College. tTRQlGTH) AFTER OPERATIC Senior Plvlsion n Asjts 'und Science) vaiun or iu.w. - !. Winnipeg Scftftiflc Ctwb's'' Se - Prices (awaited !! e ts repent research wofir. ! afeance' doifi at the University hf. Mariitc'!a undef.certa.iu puwiehei cor.d Carte H. Dyson M.Sc, Gunn, C. wtennetb, M.Sc, $7S.0i?;... The Hontsj - abie Alexander MorrC t - txniDition ir. lsw (estaL'ianea : I I l .ff mi lyska, Willie. $80.00; Parsons, Gertrude L, $60.00; Silvenraaen, Pearl, U,00; Stoffman, Isaac W., $60.00; Wall, Maurice B., $60.00; Weekes, Frances E., $60.00. Latin philosophy, third year Ramaekers, Georges, $80.00. . Lstin philosophy, second yesr Letleane, Rene, $60 00. Latin philosophy, first yesr La - eerte, Arthur, $60.00. PHARMACY First year Glmpel, Sidney, $60.00. LAW Third yesr Tarr, Robert H., B.A., $30.00; Soronow, Robert L, $60.00. Second year Craig, Hector J BJi., $80.00; Pierce, Mehjille L., BA., $60.00. First year Stubbs, Harold St. G, $80.00; Palk, William L., B A., $60.00. . ENGINEERING Third yesr, civil engineering Antenbrlng, Gordon A., $80.00; Bar - nacal, John H., $60.00. Third year, electrkal engineering Malby, Arthur L., $80.00; Love, Edwin R., $60.00. Second year Gregory, Charles M., $80.00; Drynan, D. Alan, $60.00. First year Davis, Eliot R - , $30.00; Horn, J. Gordon, $60.00. Architecture Stock, Dan H $80.00; Craig, James S., $60.00. HOME ECONOMICS Third year Leschner, Dora, $80.00. Second year sieeman, xsora 1a, f.80.00. First year Clendenan, Edith J., $80.00. AGRICULTURE Third year Kondra, Peter A., $40.00; Waddell, Wilfred H., 40.00. second Year Forbes, joaepn u S80.00. First year Nelson, Wesley H., $30.00. 8PECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS Association of Professions! Enal neers of Manitoba scholarship (For highest aggregate on nrst ana second years in engineering.) Greg, ory, Charles M., $150.00. 8toughton scholarships In srchl. tectural design, third year Stock, Dan H., $50.00. Second year, Thrift, Eric W., $50.00. Roderick McKenzle scholarship In agronomy (For highest standing in agronomy of second and third year in agriculture open to Manitoba students only.) Feto, Howard B., $100.00. Co - operative Marketing Board scholarships In economics, third ear, agricuiiurw oneinn, rnant 100.00. Third yesr, home econo mics Ryley, Eleanor L., $50.00. . Women's Institutes scholarship (Based on educational standing and general qualities of leadership in nrst and second years oi noma eco nomics.) Sleeman, Nora L., honorable mention; Fallls, Isabella M., $50.00. Robert Alexander Cunningham Memorial scholarship (For highest standing in chemistry of first year In agriculture.) Gray, David L., $25.00. , i : I SCHOLARSHIP WINNER I . B.A. TARR. An Isbister scholarship for the third year in Law, valued at $80, was awarded to Mr. Tarr, who Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Tarr, of 85 Harrow st. CORBET L. DREWRY The University gold medal for the highest standing in Law was awarded Mr. Drewry He is a son of Mr.' and Mrs. Wm. S. Drewry, 182 Campbell st.. Winnipeg. He also wins the Hon. A. Morris Ex htbltlon prize In law, valued at $50; tne Law society nrst prize tor nign - est aggregate marks In final year, and the Care - well Co., Ltd., prize in lourin year. in arts and - Fiskin, Abram, Read What Lydia E. '' Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound Can Do For Women. Let It Help You, Too "I wm eompletely rundowa fmn a'operation for gsil stones. I read bout Lydia E. Pinxham's Vegetable Compound and what it had done for others in one of your little booklets. I tried It and it helped me wonderfully. My nerves are steadier. I eat well and , sleep well. I certainly recommend this medicine for I call It my best friend." Mas. FLoaxMca Knx&M, Lake Anils, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. This medicine has the written endorsement of 700,000 women. Sold by irugjiste. hv the will of thi - late Ohristk.e V. K. Vorris and awsnded for tho best, aggregate standiNg in the full coarse in Law) Prewry. Corhet Lancaster BJL, $50.0(. Chown Prizes in Medicine (estab lished by the Faculty ct Manitoba Medical College as a tribute to their former Dean, Dr. H. H. Chown, and awarded each year to the two students of the graduating class having the best aggregate standing on the subjects of Medicine and Surgery respectively throughout the course) MkHlrlna A rTr Ta1.h land, gold medal and $50.00. eurgery McDonald, John Roland, gold medal and $25.00; Polec. Edward Marion, gold medal and $25.00. Prewse prlre for clinical research In medicine (For original Investigation In any department of medicine, clinical or laboratory, judged upon the basis of sclentlflo quality and validity of results open to undergraduates and graduates ot not more than 10 years' standing.) Me - dovy, Harry, B JL, M.D., bronze medal and $250.00. Thesis: "The Treatment ot Diabetes Mellltus in Children with Normal Diet" $75.00. Junior division science, first year - $75.00. Hart scholarship In classics - Senior division in arts and science, first year Clark, Hart D., $50 00, IS3ISTER SCHOLARSHIPS Arts and science, senior honors division, second year Cramer, Archie B., 80.00; Frazer, William G.. $80.00: Hansen. Stefan. $80.00: Jones, Frank W. O., $80.00; Jack, Colin E., $80.00; Katx, Sidney, $80.00; King, Brockwell C, $80.00; Lee, Margaret H.. $80.00; Siewart - Hay, Ronald K., $80.00. Senior division, first yesr - VBart - Iett. Marearet H.. honorable 'men' tlon; Buchanan, John A, $80.00; Feme. Harry S.. $80.00; Luck!, Emll, $80.00; McKim, Margaret Gh 8000; Purdle, James A., uuu; Reld, Joseph B.; $80.00; Sharp, Mitchell W, $80.00; Smith, Normsn O.. $80.00; Tarr, Alan E., $80.00; Weightman, George E., $80.00. Junior division, second year Frank W.. $60.00; Brook - arrv A.. $60.00: Civkin, Freda, norfclile mentionr Davies, D. Vir - $6000; Hoffman, Allan, $60.00; lstac.'XJaceb, $60.00; McGavln, rtonaM $6000; McKim, Florence $60.00; Og - - i, fcutro A., $60.00; Osta'C. Jessie, $B?m Juniti - division. 7irst voar Come, Norman L, $60.00; 'Ifiskin, Abram, honorable mention; tSyody, iienry, $60.00; He!i:zelmann, Richai - d V, $60.00; Horrioi, John G.. J60.00; Ms. Amputations Association To Honor William Griggs Presentation of a suitable gift will be mads to William A. Griggs,, president of the Manitoba branch, Amputations association of the Great War, on his departure for Vancouver, where be will reside .In future, at a special smoking concert, which will be held in the club - rooms on Thursday evening. The monthly general meeting ot this organizations will be held on Friday, when nominations will be aaccepted to fIN the vacancy on the board of directors, and reports re ceived from various standing com mittees. Blind Are Entertained By Rebekah Lodge A musical evening was organized for the Manitoba League of the Blind by the Olive branch of the Rebekah .lodge Monday evening, D. Ollplmnt was chairman of the gathering In the McNlchol auditorium. The following artists contributed to thhe program: Mrs. Hare, soprano; Will Rook, baritone; Master Eilbeck and M. Mitchell, flautists, and W. J. Dean, concertina. The accompanists were Miss Sparling, Mrs. Eilbeck and Mrs. Rook, MANY INFANTS VACCINATED AT CITY HALL Mothers with babies In arms 1 rilled the city hall basement today j and many of the mothers wore ac - componled by children old enough to walk. It is vaccination month i and today brought a peak of 60 I vaccinations. I May is the accepted vaccination month, not by any special arrangement or ordinance, but because mothers by some tacit consent or unwritten law always begin bringing their babies to the city health department with the opening ut the merry month. Monday 40 infants were vaccinated and on Friday 30. Between 700 and 800 children are vnrninfltAd anntmllv lit th rtv ' hall, and more than half of these are done in May. Dr. M. S. Lougheed, city bacteriologist, is vac - clnator - in - ohlef. while Dr. A. J. Douglas, medical health officer, lends a hand when the rush becomes too great. Miss Margaret Wilson, assistant bacteriologist, and other members of the staff, have ther resources taxed to the utmost during vac cination month. HOLD GENERAL MEETING The Devon, Somerset and Cornwall association will hold its 27th annual general meeting Wednesday at 8 D m. in the Dominion Business college building, St James. The election of officers will be held and life memberships will be presented. A social evening will follow the meeting. Latin Philosophy Winner I EDWARD L. AUGER The University gold medal in Latin Philosophy In the faculty of Arts, was won by Mr. Auger, of 3L Boniface College. Made In Canada You'll like this Powder, too . . . Everyone know what a good cleanaer Bon Ami Cake is how veil It clean windows, mirrors, metals, etc And Bon Ami Potcder is equally good. It contain the same scratchless ingredients as the Cake and comes in a sifter - top can. Most women like to use the Powder form of Bon Ami for cleaning their bath . tubs, kitchen sinks, pots and pans, linoleums, painted woodwork, etc Bon Ami doesn't scratch the many things it cleans so well, doesn't roughen your hands and is odorless. In either Powder or Cake form, it cleans quickly and easily ... and polishes as it clean. BON AMI . . . cleans thoroughly but doesn't scratch. "Hasn't Scratched Yet" Use Tribune Classified Ads for Quick Results Msllinckradt arize In Dhsrmaeeu. tical ehamistry (Awarded in the second year of the diploma course Shenkarow, Louis pharmacy.) SZS.UU. Engineering Institute of Csnsds firize (Awarded In the third year n any department ot engineering for scholarship and participation In student or professional society ao - ttvrues.) Malby, Arurur L fZo.OO. SCHOLARSHIPS Sir James Alkins scholarships In English Senior division in arts and science, first year Bartlett, Margaret tU 12S.0O. Junior division m arts and science, second year Crvkln, Freda, 1 WINS SCHOURSWlFl" VIRGINXA DAVIES An Isbister award for the second year, Junior division in Arts, was won hv Miss Davies. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Davies, ot 293 Yale ave. YfT: V - SHOULD m mm mim CotufltNitlon due to insufficient roughage in the diet should yield to Post's Bran Flakes eaten regularly. A competent physician should be consulted or cases not corrected in this simple manner. MS 1H FLAKES EFFECTIVE DELICIOUS here's Bran you'll like "DRAN benefits most everyone. Post's Bran Flakes is not only good for you, but good to eau This is the proved exper ience of millions whose regular diet lacks sufficient bulk. If you need more bulk in your menu eat Post's Bran Flakes for health and enjoyment Eat Post's Bran Flakes every day.' - As a cereal with milk or cream. Or with berries or (raits. In these crisp, golden, toasted flakes you'll enjoy bran in its most tempting and delicious form. Makes delicious muffins, too. See recipe on the package. MADE IN CANADA

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