Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 27, 1953 · 38
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 38

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1953
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CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE Friday, March 27, 1953 Spt.Bus. Page 2 ' F BRUINS DEFEAT WINGS, 5 TO 3; SQUARE SERIES Close Defense Thwarts Detroit Chances Detroit, March 26 (JP) A tight Sugar Jim Henry, carried the Boston Bruins to a 5 to 3 victory over the Detroit Red Wines to night and squared their Stanley : cup hockey semi-final series at one game apiece. Boston built a 5 to 1 lead as 13,357 watched and then its close checking defense went into action, frustrating the Red Wings time after time. Boston played five men back. This worked until the last two and a half minutes, when Metro Prystai clicked twice for Detroit within 30 seconds. But by this time, the Bostonians had the game locked up. Lineups: Boston Detroit Henry ...G. Sawchuk Quackenbush D. Goldham Godfrey D Kelly Schmidt C Favellch Klukav ............ V Howe Dumart ............ W. .............. Lindsay Spares Boat on Larcae, Armstrong. Pandford. Mac-Kell. Sullivan. Crelghton, ilclntyre, Lund, Toppazzlnl. Pelrson. Detroit Wolt. Pronovost. Hay, Hrymnak, Leswkk, Pryatal, Skov, Delvecchlo, Wilson. Bourn. Fielder. Boston ..2 1 25 Detroit 1 0 23 FIRST PERIOD - Scoring MacKtU Pelrson, 7:56; Howe Lindsay. Prystail. 8:54; Creishton Toppaz-Xlnl. Mrlntyre), 14:09. .. Penalties Lindsay. Mclntyre. SECOND PERIOD t?OTin Klukay Schmidt, 2:10. Penalty Armstrong. THIRD PERIOD Scoring Feirscn MacKell, 10:04; Creich-ton Topparzinl. Armstrong). 12:58; Prystai WlUoQ. Deivecchio, 17:38; FrysUi Woitl. 18:08. Penalty Schmidt. Referee Jack Mehlenbacher. Linesmen Doug Davles and Sam Babcock. Sullivan's Homer Helps Gophers Top Houston, 5-4 Houston, Tex., March 26 JP) After being held hitless seven innings, the Minnesota Gophers used an eighth inning home run by Tom Sullivan today to beat the University of Houston, 5 to 4. It was the first hit off two Houston pitchers. Wildness of Ronnie Zeller, Houston starter, had allowed Minnesota to score three runs in the fifth on four walks and a wild pitch. Prep DsssbsU YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Hyde Park. 4: Morran Park, 3. -Vocational, 10: Lindblom, 3. Wells. 10; Waller. 3. Steinmetx. 10; Roosevelt. 2. Austin, 6; Lake View, 5. GAMES TODAY MISCELLANEOUS Games start at 3:30 p. m. Foreman-Sen ars, Kil bourne park. Harrison-Austin. Douglas park. Hyde Fark-Lindblom, Byrne field. Wells-Boosevelt, California park. Lake Vlew-Taley, Humboldt park. Walter-Crane Tech, Altgeld park. Here's the Blow by Blow Story of 26th Annual Intercity Golden Gloves Bouts BY WILFRID SMITH The blow by blow story of the 26th annual Intercity Golden Gloves bouts in the Stadium last night: . 113 POUNDS Alternate Manny Moreno, Chicago, beat Bobby Headden, New York S. .The boys fought toe to toe without letup. Moreno received a cut over his left eye which was inspected by the Chicago team physician at the referee's request. The bout continued and Headden nearly was stopped in last minute of the round. Moreno continued to aim for M!Um' Uono" Headden's head and had the New Yorker holding on. Moreno took body punishment but rallied. Moreno was. the ' aggressor in the last round. They kept exchanging rights to the head. Championship Joe Willie De Meyer, Chicago, beat Jack Spurgeon, New York 3. De Meyer's southpaw tactics bothered the New Yorker. De Meyer opce had Spurgeon almost out of the ring when the easterner held on as he hit the middle rope. De Meyer had the better of the fighting in the second round. He was warned for holding, but Spurgeon also was warned for hitting low. De Meyer closed strongly. A left hand to the stomach dropped the New Yorker for no count in the third. The referee ruled it a slip, but Spurgeon lost his zip. 118 POUNDS Championship Dick Martinez, Chicago, beat James Lane, New York 8. Martinez gave Lane a boxing lesson in the first round. The Chi- cagoan did not ; have the power of the New York . champion but he I was his superior I in skill. Lane rushed in the second i U solid right to the stomach. . Martinez was " sw: sharper and hit Dick Mar tinea . , - , inside of Lane s leads. Martinez did everything except knock out Lane in the last round. Twice Lane escaped by heading into the ropes. Alternate Junior Trujillo, Chicago, beat Johnny Herring, New York 3. Trujillo's sharp, shooting in the first round had Herring puzzled. The New Yorker was a target for the Chicagoan's accurate right hand punches. Trujillo's left hand stabbed to Herring's face in the second round. Herring's punches were strong, but Junior carried the attack. Trujillo stabbed and boxed in the last round, and always was a fraction of a second faster in delivery. 126 POUNDS . Championship Johnny Butler, Chicago, beat Edson Brown, New York 3. Butler beat Brown to the punch repeatedly in the first round. The New Yorker appeared confused by Butler's fast punching. Butler stunned the world Olympic quarter-finalist with a left to the jaw midway in the second round which knocked the New Yorker down for an eight count. Keeping Brown off balance with his fast punching, Butler sped to Chicago's ninth victory against New York's five to assure the Windy City of the team title. Alternate Samuel Rollins, New York, beat Joseph Catalano, Chicago 3. Catalano had Rollins in distress, but the New Yorker weathered the storm and pressed a long range attack which rocked the Wells High school student. Catalano backed Rollins into a corner early in the second round, and pressed his advantage with right hand punches. Rollins had the better of the punching in the third round. Catalano misled a series of long range punches and Rollins landed to the body. - 133 POUNDS Championship Herb Mickles, Chicago, beat Joseph Tufaro, New York 3, There were only two brief flurries which caused the crowd to buzz. Tufaro twice had Mickles backed into the , ropes, but the more experi-enced Chicago battler would not - be cornered. Mickles cut loose with a barrage of rights and lefts, and at one time nearly had Tufaro thru the ropes In the second round. Mickles continued his effective counter-punching in the final round. Tufaro went into a clinch at every opportunity, and was on the defensive most of the time. ' Alternate . Henry W. Smith, New York, beat Timmie Jefferson; Chicago 3. Smith caught a hard right early in the firth round and took an eight count. Within the minute, Jefferson was knocked down by a right to the jaw. Smith was groggy from rights to the jaw at the end of the round. ,The' second round was slow and each was ineffective. The fighters went all out in the last round. Smith went, thru the ropes on his ( 1 " . J - J w I Herb Mickles I - 1 6 i I ft r Tony DiBiasa back from a punch and a push, and Referee Johnny O'Donnell helped him back to his feet. Smith landed a right to the head and while Jefferson did not go down, O'Donnell gave him an eight count. Jefferson, on his feet, protested. ' 147 POUNDS Championship Tony Di Blase, New York, beat Richard Wall, Chicago, 3. Di Biase took the offensive from the start Altho Wall was never sin serious . trouDie, tne iNew 'Yorker tagged ; him with some stiff lefts. Wall stemmed Di- Biase's closing flurry. The New Yorker con- 1 tinued to force the fighting in the second round, and scored with sev eral good left hand blows. . Both were punching hard at the start of the final round. Di Biase, continuing his in-and-out tactics, got to Wall several times. The Easterner continued to force the fighting. ! Alternate Reybon Stubbs, New York, beat Charles Glover, Chicago, 3J. Glover's left put Stubbs on the floor midway in the opening round. Both were pummeling away as the round ended Stubbs launched a furious attack to open the second round. Both fighters were aiming at the head, with Glover content to await his openings. Halfway thru the final round, Glover slipped and went to one knee for no count. Stubbs was swinging all the last minute, with Glover countering well. 160 POUNDS Championship Bill Tate, Chicago, knocked ont William Ford, New York 1. Tate walked Into the New Yorker cautiously. Tate measured Ford and dropped him with a right to the head for an eight count. The New Yorker seemed scared. Tate hit him again with a right and Ford took the count altho it was apparent , he could have gotten up. The time was 2:26. Alternate Sammy Williams, Chicago, stopped Angelo DeFendis, New York 2. Sammy stunned DeFendis with a short right to the chin in the first round, but the New Yorker rallied with a strong body at tack. Angelo struck a left to the jaw early in the second round. - Wil liams clipped Angelo with a short right to the jaw and the New Yorker fell to the canvas dragging Williams with him. Williams got up and smashed a right-left combination to the head. The referee halted the bout at 2:26 of the second round. 0 0 The , truly discriminating have a faculty for choosing only the finer things of life. This, perhaps, is their most magnificent possession, for it is reflected in all they do and acquire. F6r generations, these respected people have chosen Kentucky Tavern, ''The Aristocrat of Bonds," because only this magnificent whiskey satisfies their discriminating tastcs. Glenmore Distilleries Company, Louisville, Ky.. Y- - 1 jP j""! ((ir trad, price.) HO OTHER BOND CAN MATCH THAT KENTUCKY TAVERN TASTE i - Charles Liston HEAVYWEIGHT Championship Charles Liston, Chicago, beat Julius Griffin, New York 3, Liston, after pounding home a short right to the New Yorker's mid section, slipped to his k n e e afid was forced to take an eight count. Lis-ton steadily bored in. Liston smashed Griffin with repeated combinations to the midsection and head in the second round. Griffin's defense consisted mainly of clinching. Liston repeatedly outpunched his New York foe in the third. At the end a stinging right and left to the head left Griffin a bit groggy. Alternate Robert Jefferson, Chicago, beat Euby Gumbs, New York S. Gumbs attempted to force the fighting, but Jefferson was equal to the occasion. The Chicagoan had Gumbs in distress late in the round. Gumbs missed a right and fell into the ropes. Jefferson, late in the second, invited the New Yorker to fight, with Gumbs accepting the challenge. While Gumbs attempted to bore in and fight at close quarters in the third round, Jefferson consistently blocked this maneuver. Jefferson's long left jabs were effective as the round drew to a close. 175 POUNDS Championship . Harold Carter, New York, stopped Calvin Butler, Chicago 2. Butler's change' of stance bothered the New Yorker. Neither landed a solid blow in the first round. In the second, Butler landed with both hands. The Chicagoan hurt the New York champion with a series of rights to the body. Butler was pounded in a neutral corner. Referee O'Donnell stopped the bout as the bell ended the second round. The time was 2:59 and the crt vd booed the decision. Alternate Eddie Jones, Chicago, beat Bernard Huart, New York 3. Both fighters showed a willingness to mix at close quarters. Jones had the best of the in-fighting. Jones continued his pressing attack in the second round, and scored with sharp body punches. Huart was on the attack as the round ended. Both fought furiously in the final round until Jones slipped and fell. Referee O'Donnell called for an eight count. Jones put Huart down with a right and had the New Yorker in distress at the bell. Oports TcIcccgIg TONIGHT 9 p. m. WTiBQ Boaing: Paddy Toanf va, Ernie Durando. 9:45 p. m.WNBO Greatest flihta o eetV tary on film. CoIZene BascbsU YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Northwestern, Sis SaaBey Field tFla., 8, Minnesota, 5; Houston, 4. Duke, 5; Clemson, 4. Delta State, 8; Aurora, . Ilmhurst, 8; Southwestern tTenn.J. 1. GAMES TODAY Northwestern TS. Saafley field at "ensacola, Fla. Michigan state TS. North Carolina at Camp LeJeune. Illinois Normal mi Memphis Navy. O j s sas aM. ar - The Martin Firearm Company, craftsmen in steel and maker of precision guns sine 1870. offer you a auperb new razor blade at remarkably low coat, Dowble-Edg end Single-Edge Martin Blades, 12 far Tit. Injector Type, 20 lor 59f. The Marlin Firearms Co. New Haven, Conn. o DID HE. SAY MARTINS WO SCOTCH P NO HE JUST-SAID SCOTCH ' "SSS 5 ... -sSTDHi' -iV am am um I ' A'- ' ij m W''W-Wn.w V .a Your FOX DE LUXE Dealer has the official entry blanks now.' V Gel one today, team oil about this easy, exciting contest. v-i v vS n f?x ffl ' : :- ' - BC&lui69.i , L fit. ' f .'1 " jy Q I ' I A beer 4 m mm mm mo m mm mm Mrs .,-Tt.r,l u Tiinj.rril , , mJtJj..,.l( ra't 0r-' - a. 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