The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on April 19, 1853 · 1
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 1

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1853
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V 1ST OFt.ETTER.3 REMAINING IN THIS IUL. JUTIMORE POST-OFFICE, April I'Jth, 153. Cffi cially published in th paper having the largest circulation. H-J-Pron eaihnff for Utttr ia the following- liat, will plea .j ibv r advcrtued, otherwise they mny not receive them N'eile Mrs Ellen Nelson Aicinda Nichols Delia I.ADIES' LIST. Allen Sra.h W (Ford Pnasy Adtus Caroline iKord Miss Anna M A rin.tronjc C"le tia Kish Mrs IV! h Arm-itrons A M , Gibson Msry Jane Andrew Lucrrtia lUiper Josephiue W 111 I'J mmtmSLmmi Alcock Mary sj Newbury Mrs Oliver Mra Maria lO Leary Mi Kate iO'Leary Miss Kite ;PucDmer Nancy Auid Virpmia s-itjion Mri Annie iGntfin Mrs Ellen Gray Alice i Elir.aij I k .4 A-t: ' -5 b.Qi mtt - - 7 v ' ' z-ia" T- J 1 - v. - Abrami Je tiarbU Jrr-is.Aniotigst the maiy harnU n?nte?'nts recenUy advanced Itobompte-,h Z1 EaitlD!ore street, may be mentioned Tt ti5"wmiLrble wo of John Mc-r7f i ' . 5h ffDts on Baltimore stret 34 feat, and 1 also to the length of 100 feet on Pine street vprt?cjpal bg s three-stories in height, of talwta,uial Wrfals, Presentintj an orcamen-whS0nt'- withPe window lintels Md cornl-tlb!,,lr0n baicony' of fanciful deaiat dcKrvVi,ne yP ory. and spacious iron Therlre w-W' t0? to 118 "Wearance-for andccu modloVs Parnnenteaertgned well Uy&'if1 whlc admirably adapted to 5' tlfJ K'TO ia work suchasmonumnnP'a,L ?DU The tricklavin- was Sjf.l0?6-carpentering by Wm. XVSd & J&TleK Burk .5la:tir,no. Hir-lrJvP"11 Thomas 'Utile Ann rope JVlrs snsan UambriUMissEmily Pinder Elizabeth , Grant Rachel jPerry Miss Mary .uravell Misa Mary Pinder Alias Hester urai.t Mrs Joanna JParker E'n ifceth sireeo Mrs Mrji Pulley Mary Ann Galway MissDemVjPayrter Mrs Eliza 'Guuther MrsCath (Palters Mi?es VOL. XXXII. NO. 132.1 Atkinson RAW Kattef Miu Gaih fcuvd M iry Kvrusa Klit'ih A "Erawn Annie li Brawn Mrs K Brieen Mary Ulrns Brldsft Brown Sally bruce Cecelia rowu Kweota BALTIMORE, TUESDAY MORNING, APRILl918 T I I I I' ii iir-niisTTHM in ii I,, , " At-JeJO. PRICE ONE CENT. Watson lis fW-lch Bcr, .Winchester W.Wrie-bt Wm jUiadsoa Mrs Rebec iPumphrey Mrs M A Walten Reubnl White J R I W Pithot M rs I Wnsrht Lutii lUilmer DlKi Diary Gomes S Joanna BY MAGNETIC TEL.EGRAPIT, THE SUN. Wootl ward G I Wallace Jas Weissnian G Wielage Ger'd (uliiitiu Mies tVTaryC Protection of Editors and Reporters. A I nil hnc hoAn i - . , . reach 'VIhtt Jane Uustus Mis WoodwardGe'.sRer aophu A iplil -- uaiuiuvix sun . ii j 1 1 1 1 1 ti j i i i t'l i iii.i, 7 no vnniTu rvjAn byR. Taylor. The enterTsin?"' "n.T.or.k. 1 1 "i i rw't . muu xiuii nurK n ipHins iv' tea ane J fKuisin Mrs Mavey GAS FITTI LVG. oVo. 50 HOLLIDJt ST. 1 he subscriber takes this method to inform hie j tnends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to lit up, m tfiM most substantial and workmanlike ' manner, stores, Dwellings, Churciies and Factories, i witn despatch and on the most reasonable terms. WM. MITCHELL. 1 ft. K. Repairs ami alterations promptly attended to. i All work warrantorl. m 'ia-1 m I f Wood R S Welfe Alex Reillr Miss Mary THE PACIFIC'S MAIT S. iRaeston Lciiis i JM Wright E "uiioa a mccnieir Liuu w lsebaufijh VY Wallace Jas IV eppe irn n H ; W ise Hol-t J S Wayne Chas Weld Wrn G Wilson GeaR WarfleldMW Wheeler A C iWilliama tieo Wall Alfred Welsh Wra I W iliiarns JusA Wade E C Weathers Oe v ilson H H Walther Jacob Welch R M ;Wil!ia Rylaud WaltereG K Wheeler J FP. Willaon Edwji i wokJrohenpTiio,rf ciass of sufierere' ! ist1 Tp-et- Wukingm otiir. n.!,,i p.Dn.itvinvi ; T no 5e oftett subjected to great persecution by ac- c;nt coffin, constructed of Italian marble rf i .Z,M?r Mr,er. ' I :"S them by gentlemen thee ob etrVifaS v on aiei Wrirht John S nugnei ansa ciiza HeuiiuickMrsM) "iH Hughes Miss Eliza H-it 1 a V1ts Sirah Hollands Harriet Hart Mrs Sarah J Htljylsl' H Mmtv Bettley Matilda Haird ElixaE urton Sarah J f - ylt y Km ! I;ne Flondon El'iabeth Bishop Marjt C il tlll .IIIIH-- . t Brady Mary K F Bartlett Julia Beach Mary The mails of the steamer Pacific from Liverpool the 6th inst., are at hand, but furnish little of inter-! est in addition to that'riven in our tpWr-r.w Woicott S B & Reilly Mrs Ann Ritchards Mrs Ann Ritehards Mias C A Kitch.irds Misa C A Rees Misa Kmily A ruiLADELPHiA, Atiril 18. JamM O'NVill Inst' "xrutn man noetrv" in the news- . .. Jr-C:rt"rT "T "lry sieps to i . . . . . . I-S TCk Uu fTlTY CABINET WAliJJROOMS. S H ht stabbed another vnnnrr man in a fraf-oc: o I papers. The bill Is to tl rr.M; ri. "?n?.9y,etters Patent of the Lnitedstt Wood John F and constantly counts yesterday. r i 3 r- l . ... "".micv,. , iidimiug uiai tne oononi nrtimr tt:--t:t- Itie subscribers have on hand manutacturinsr a lars-e assortment of wayueow w ist S M iWilliama John WauonJT Will J M I William. Rich Watkms.'as Whitaker S H ; William Wm Wooden Win IHaekett Miss Mary Russell Hntig-et I y?,Yr Ground, in the upper part of the county. uri, miior, or nmnrictnr nf snu nuirc i maiOle anl mitcrioli i - " c " Himer LouisiC Rtisse:! Marv L. . ttlllinar rum inctinlln 1: i -i r mnov Killing him instantlv. o'Nrfii ,memm;t.r,: Datier ofbrxW Woods Dr BW Young1 Cipt JJ er shall be liable to any action or r ntiori. Placed there ,TiV.V .f."?" 1 ' any action shall I iiatiis ir. "i- I . X ,n lne preservation w xsrui was sjsjuuIlHieU LO , 1 1 air and tm 'Hirt Miss Kate C Hiau Catherine L prison by Alderman Fenton, of Kenlinn7 1 ciU or criminal, for a tmmaJSSl to ESZ "ZZSSJ&toV JBardet Amelia A Buchanan Fanny warneia u Whutemore J ! W iilima G N WardRobt W White Day A Wilson Arch Webb Jas E W eiton Wra J Wilson J H Vi ehsrprl..viKi tC VI T Xl !!:.: in m Young Jeha Y.-.uiik' Wm fSECOKrs ITQ u -r-r-TT 1 ,.-TVe Pacific was delayed 30 hours by using a new kind of coal,.whtch-proved theiworst ever burned on board the boat. Parliament had re-assembled. inS CUrt of kruptcy, London, on the 4th inst , a nearimr was eranreil to Alnir rtoir, I in-lv simnio ir, "" ai .. exceea- CABINET rUHNITVRE, lo i which they especially invite their friends and the! public generally. They would also invite their atten- ' Upa to the manner in which they finish their Walnut i Work, making it equal in color to Rosewood. All who are m want ol fine work at a fair price, will please give srey f risci'la TPL.""11' legislative, or other sloti,-s . Hutcnreth v.rsi'larT iriarrifoo Mrs Car V is.v wissiruciion. StlSsrf1hI.v- v,. Zelzener F Russell Mi-s Sarah Rater Mrs F A Scales rfiNrffret S.iaks Miss Eliza bth Slack Mrs Jane M Shields Mrs Agnes chlnea Mra Fredk JBrvUen iVirs M i nii.Aiii.Li.HIA, April 13. The inunieructurreu i i """"'"'a'l'iuv.cfuiiiesoianvstatflmont cnaK i rrrearr ii.-rroo ' . . v- Welmani-L 'Wilner Fredk'Williair.a C T IHopkins Eliztli at Jennings' tavern. O'Neill had Georue w. Solly, in the bar-room 1 a difficulty with - i-tTtiment, or debate in the course of the same ex- great durability ant I urroet s"ew of iU , when the' land- cept uion actual proof of malice in iSSie:,Ti, UvSMj-fl i ' ii i iAL,a A & ('; heirs ot Capt Ricliard Wilson; Presid't Hayne Mi- Elizbth . .' ... . . ' ' . ' - - uaui, I'aia ii I i ijc union; iorresponain Scret iry Patrick Henry Society u a ion rn vrc are amc ui ten us cneap as me Clieap- r-resment Baltimore Printers' I mon; A T W; T Vk ; S G H: Ski:iner Harriet t lorn sejiarated the parties, and So yard. O'Neill, however. Ini.l in ist. The well known durability of tfieir work needs ' LVci i 1 1 ', Mr. Bain describes himself, in comment. COULD Sr. GLANVILLE, ?cJMluie, as "electric clock-maker," of 43 Old no fio ft- , Joh" rhilai,; heirs of Lieut Henry Shrupp; heirs Hirrn .Vim H E H irthrop Mids M L Hughes Miss Eliza Slater Mary L Sloiir.ker Matilda oMiiiicu I " IH....I ouoii. I si uie iew tore urvstai p,i,n. .i .. 'i-lin" I No. . Sharp St.. nar Pratt. '"eim v est; neira oi Laeut vy m Starr; Heirs ot Liavid f uiuia n Ull.ll ne designs attending in person. rtouKins. Sandle Aiiss Sus iu UPHOLSTERY FURNISHING STORE. The subscribers keep constantly in store a trenctai Sickel! Mrs C5"'rop letter are not advertised, but a manuscript lis of those remaining on hand isiay be seen in the lobby of the tiecaericr marw Hckson Elii-beth Joyce Mrs Elizahtli !ii-e Mrs V Annie Sise Miss Mary larkin, alia-! Col. M. C. Fillmore, alias Co'. Polk, whose feats in New York have made him just now notorious, left behind him some characteristic reminiscences in Washington during his brief slid Mrs Ann 1. ???rtU?ent of HOUSE FURMoHIXG UPHOLST-Llv GOODS, embracinsr en,," J".,uon- -s solicitor laid before the t -on it a voluminous statement, coins? over the whole of the bankrupt's historj- in connection with telegraphs, both in Europe and America. Some of these transactions are sufficiently remarkable wvSr? ,u.sual meettn?: of the ironmasters of South Staffordshire, held at Wolverhampton, a decrease of 20. per ten was decided upon. u-re-se The Atrameinmin qi crmm lino - Seftou Miss Miry A Jones Mrs Elizabeth .iy isviue in me Drcast, ana on turninpr to escape he stabbed him a-ain twice in the back, causing his death in a few moments. The quarrel was supposed to be on the subject of religion. O'Neill is a Catholic, and Solly was a Protestant. Tiie (jirtiiner Case. Washington, April 13. In the Gardiner ease, to-Gay, Col. G. W. Abbott, who accompanied Dr. Gardiner and Captain Slocum to Mexico, testified Jacks in Mi Hepie Shock Ann M in i CUR PAIN A1.VP.K1aLS and Trimmings t'ORMCEH, Hands and Ornaments 13D CJCATiOjSf. fatmmes Mary J T Johnson Mr A E. iSlneM uathfriae TT'XGLISII AND CLASSICAlT" B utn Kstell B .dv Caih il Butcher Mrs H liigelow Mrs Cui'Mri- t im Miss Cook Ellen inmiikf y A iice V.i eiH"hto:t Ci- ih t'vTt'WV laLild.l Cl.irke Jane Corcoran Mary Cole vl ,.t .a M Citrna Jane Chirk Eliz'th Cain A iii Caleb Ann (..lumbers Ann M Cavaner Mary Coctin Rachel Crockett Viigiuia Colten M-lildit Canuor Mrs Cocker EUeu M Cook Ellen Crane Mrs Jan 3 C Chapman Sarah Crow Sarah Eileu Jonnatou iiifts 77 Norfolk Line Great Improvenu-nt U has already been announced that the limore i Packet company have trken tfiAr7i7ot.f i team Fenby's wharf, It itetoSi"'? &rChthey now and art0.0 owners of tts t-...j n room. The Johrisi'n Mrs Hanna BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS, Jheehan Mrs racier Elirj'ltfth Jacobsoc Mi-.n-i E . arrets, on uiotiis amlMatring tEAl HER BrJ)S ana Mattresses Piano and Table Covers Fiimiiure Oil Cloths raid Damasks Heard! Kugs, Door Mats and Stair HoAa PAPEK-HANGI JS. 1. AMisimpi.'. i-rmws Ivojliart Mies Jwiiit imitli ariis3 r an M aiuiAji jwi.lAr.uisitu ljUi STY, A- The Suiii!iir;r Session !' ihis Institution will coj.i-liliJIli-e on tim FHiS'l' Tl'I'rnV TNT I A r Tli mere in tf,e early part of last month. The National Intelligencer says: " We have heard of several operations of his on various parties here, some of which came wYtbina hair's breadth cf complete success. A neighbor n hKd, near,1-v beea victimized to the extent oi fcioo; but availing himself of the maynetictele-tVl'n? ar?, from the t itr Bank of fi'ew York Sutiioopp Saraii M rin.ith Mrs Mary evP0I,r,hl h 300 ofhe' crew down with the6 AdaaUvToSK beea taken h is t&JPone?,n, . ...mi,,, various iiuiies aoout caitumalias, lully corroborating- the testimony of Slocum. He identified the letter he wrote to the commissioners, in answer to their advertisement, ollerine- a reward titausbury Mary O location is ea.-v of access, in tiltiiy and pleasant. Hoard, Washing, Tuition, &c, in the Lngiish and iMathematical Department, $o5; in the U!a.-!.s.sieul, $T0. STith irs Keneoca 1 ire fccreens, &.e. Knipe Mr Elizibth Ksurt'itian Mary H Kennedy Ellen Kent Mrs M iry V. Kennedy Mina Ade Kfaier Miss un E; Keogh Mts CUi j Kcsley Catherine Straw Mis Mary ,"Vf J,cw Uili!)itin a set J. C. & W. HOLLAND, Upholsterers, apst lm? S7 Raitimore st., oT-,po:;iie ltoilidav. street, from this' wTafVo 1u!tC to pave the street, and thexr Stevenimi Mis lioG Sprig"? Harriet G E of Buperb go'd watches, as presents to toe Irish no-hucal exites, both those who remain in Van Dht man's Land and thcze. urfcr. , A J: . tan's Land and those who have escan,.,, t l-or city releyeiiee ami HivUier infonnaUon, address l.-iiilo-Ti.Jism1 H. I.. MOOKR. Priiir-itwil. EVV PAPER HANGINGS STOttR Sltoers ft2rs Champ it. so that in a N cv,, . - j, - v m wurt upon Snort tim whot tc 1 1 : otern tjfroline T om; Ki:t;r King E'.lrabelil ACAIi.M V, a I50AKUINO E-uhooi, is locati'd :it tiip hi-ml nt' l.(li: -ottj)t;u to decorated, and a decorated, and Ameri-opriately ,.3iie..w,atcl'.es are appropriately HintlevMroHerbert Swart Martiia R J J FOR EllVf hole, will be alautifully paVed "treet Thi tlt when pave.1 will have si?teVnft S!V ,tPeet the west side of Union dockVa ,7 ti? KautiiHan MigsAnua Teriu Mrs Sonby Cromwell Carolina ait in vaiuaoie. (iriKKN, lij mries from Baltimore, and live miles from West Side, Between German & Lombard St BALTIMORE. S33" I be undersigned, having entered into CO-PJMTNHtt SHtP i7 Cr 1 lumore s- cnecit was not good for SLa??i'e amouPt in ha favored institution, he escaped the trap that hadbeen set for him." -ni-DoLIIiEI.. TO BE soId as Mutton. "nmiaim String, a butcher in Cincinnati, was ar- 5nr?H i yS ?SOfon the charge of killing a dog . and dressing it after the fashion of dressing th PurPse of offering it for sale ii ISS Jhe dofvre-ly dressed, scored and iirenarert fnr nsrirot ....... r., . ... . . ,ia' niijtf lti.cnci i iiptae iiss Anna i hiimx Factory, on tiie lialumore ami tnsquehanna K.ulrond. '1'his instituiiuti is risinf!l to ,, 'Leonard MibsCate 'Tiptoe Misnlaabela to ... " r y a wauctyui: i)T tip a-n.- I uiiuci uiu ill ill Ol moranrv- nt th tcmi:, V - L , O---.-- liiry to College- or Mcoiianieal or Mercantile Pursuits. II. am l) s u .Tnrntr Keuecca (Lock Mien Anaer Tlionias Cl-.rufc-i . . GOLDER & U K DUTCH. bv M fV.Tin tul Z,. K. . J , Deen Ottered Cockily Mary Clarke S L Coudon Bridget loucery Anna LI Deuikon Mary A Doyle Mary Joiii!in Ann Ilull Anna Lynch EUen Tredwell Mr.Alird j-iiiamcr rcss:on ti"ji!is on the l:-t Montlav of Slav. Number Iimitr;.!. Terms for Enslisli bmm-lips ana taKen tbe atiove store, wll keepconstantlvon hand 1 Rbthschl i a.V t. V i k ,ma!lame James de a choice assortment of Frn.-n a.,. i a,.-.,.. ;....-i a oi'n rvouiscn.1.1, aud two Jewish bankers no iLynch Miss Adelaid Tilvard ..'aiHerme f'uti for ClassictU and Mathematical: no other extra. iyi me mines. Also, their reply and his rejoinder. He said his object was to get the reward; and, in (he course of the cross-examination, he stated that Gardiner did not personally point out his mines, bems instructed by his counsel to hold no communication with those commissioners. RobberyArrest for lUiii-cler. Boston, April 17. Maj. Jos. H. Be tret, of Washington, had stolen from him on Saturday ni 'ht. win e coming to Boston on board the steamer C. Vaiiderbtlt, one Railroad bond, Ross county, No. b7, $i,ooo: also, one city of St. Louis bond, No. 20, them1 HS cautions the l,uljiic against buying James Murphy, who murdered his wife in Fall River, by pouring vitriol down her throat, war arrested on Friday last, and conveyed to Fall River lor examination. Marine Disasters. New York. Anril is. The ctii oo ri, ... ANG1NGS. embracins evcrv virit7 o n f-.T i conditions prescribes that the essav oneand will add much to that portion of toe rirT De.vgatetto the American. Maiical Association I a meeting held on Monday aftemoonfSe fofcn ' phj sicians were apini nted dele-atfis from th atzS ical and ChirurgicI FacultyTf MarrSntI I Lcaaen Miss br-dgt Tunm.m tnaAua iLeecombe Mr TraaerMio Koseita Tnrvlnv J vi-". "' thodox l- or particulars address the Punctual. GEOKUi: MOK-UlSt S, fiivect .-tir Post-( lines. Baitimore coiintv. U'les. to which thev invite rhf artPr.tinur.r;iiioirtviu.. Lee Mr3 C Eioniie Thomas' Doeki: i Mary Jhi.c and tiie public generally. Prompt personal attention h'ci'. r to Rev. Dr. Phiinfr. Kpv. nr. 15nfl.-u,- Tlr lLowe Julia A Tuule Miss Jriary E ui to u;e Hanging ot Paper, and purchasers can de II finer, Kcv. l.nac. 1 Cook. Hubert Armstrong' I'm ' ilaiwcll Misi i'1'liouia lyirsRebei-'i pend on having Decorative Pavers, Sec. put tin in a (Moore Miss Mary E Teal Marfirette M Thonms Kelso. E-q. al4 eo;i? oner maimer, t rorti an exitericne nf nmnvmnn, :n ftlausoo Mrs Ularirt I eunel Catherine XJuwry Arn Dykes I)owniu' Sallie L L'wier Mrs L A Dickou Ju'ix A Piltone Mary Delmae Cffth Dunailiv MUs S - suuuu aui;en.iel in fiis siaugnter-house, and two witnesses testified before the police court that they had known the prisoner to purchase a "slunk" calf three days old aud offer its meat in market for sale, and also diseased ho4 The prisoner alleged that he killed the dog to prV cure its fat for medicinal purposes. The court however, sentenced him to pay a tine of 20 and costs, to forfeit his market stall, 4d not toTppr in mantet for six months. wcir jLOCAju juatte&s. OK. CHA'MBERLIN'S COSi'nrtCTAJ. COL-. 1jL(?K cnr.ancnilL- Loaded Kit. iar II ATPI. An important movement has been set on foot at lPtvn IfPl hl W Cal'tains of Atnerlcan tl-intic of tr hC abJOIltion' on both sides of the notes" to ktnen.1" lMCe f advance London, "The Keweenaxv Point Conner and Silver Mimug Company," on Lake Superior Alirh Maccubbiil Mary E rroii;llnsan k.tntR J the business, they flatter tiiemseives that they will be abie to give ample satisfaction to all who mav favor tliem withtheirpatronage. KOBERTGt )LDEK, Jr.. MOKE STKKKT. The O'lirs.- of instruction en-braces imUliLK EXTKY KOOK-KF.Rir.Vi. anH "ir" Mat!hes Rebecca ;VanDanikerM L Mafjlaulin Mary A ! Walters Misi A R Mitchei E;izbrthA Wilson Josephine Alatthews ElizbLbM Wilsore Sophia ap7-iiu, MUHUhAS ii. UIvDL'TCH. RPPiication vttri.ius lieDartineiits if i'iimiiisnaRrf Edmonds Eiib'h B 1 rdtie; Pe:u!i;t;i?::!p: Lecture.; on Commercial JiO THE TRADE. X LARGE STOCK OF WATCHES AVn Besex Mis JciiettaiMcMnllen Mary : Williams Mre Marf .-vmencan ivieuicas Association to meet in Ne ork on Tuesday, May 3d, next: Baltimore citv Dr. Geo S. rihen t v Allegany county Dr. S. p. Smith. Howard county-Dr. X m. Denny, Dr. Joel Hop- Talbot county Dr. C. C. Cox. Dorchester county-Dr. Alex. H. Bailey V redenck county-Dr. S Tyler x Washington county Dr. Jas. R." Ward. Mereaeliie Caicuiation.-. and every other branch per-tamin? to c practical and thorough business edncntiou. Eley .y'lss w iieKeer sirs tt t w nittemore i'ra ri nuis Mis Marrt McGeeMissSarahA ; WasLini'toa Ttlrs A JEWELRY. L. H. JSilLi.Ki: a- rn s-tid on ti TcV1-S siea.m?hiP. e Isabel, left Greve-tu" whirti wrfi 1 Ttj m tOW aSOvernment steam ;,?i"?iCWOuld, af-cot'ipany her as far as St illy, For piiitieuiar-i .-end ind net a circular. Business hours Kuiinon Mra Hea-IMcLeod Mrs uanua; Maria rietta E lVlcPlieronCaroliae Wbeeler Mrs H A mporters of English and Swiss Watch psj sm froiii 8 A. M. V 10 P M. tel4-4iu 'aris and Gentian JEWELRY: ai. iimtiiKyMi.. way airect to Ueh' oiic nuuiii maKe the ring's Straits. Easter Mr Cath IMcKeen Miss Ada IWhite MraTlliz'th me Lily Hotel Extensive Improvements. Ever since this world-renowned establishment, frontin-on Monument Square, passed into the hands of its present proprietors, Messrs. Barnum & McLaughlin, taey have been enlarging its borders and adding to its superior accommodations. snarin nit,- opeu its 29th ind wholesale dealers m American GOLD JEIVK1- rPHE ciTRASKUiMir ACADEMY will A SefiiLm on t!ie 2d of ,Vf A V SEXT. Eitzsiitircous Miss S.McCiilvey Malinda Wilmer Amy Eliz'h KY aim sterling SILVER WARR.nm now i. -....1 :Williim3 MrsGeor Martin Mary tr rZS -w" "Tlce an extract from a letter writ- ashore this morning at Long Branch. She has 7 feet water in her hold, and assistance has been sent to The ship Persian will bilge. Her passengers and baggage were landed safely, and wili com! to the city this alternoon. The ship Martha's Vineyard has sunk in deeper water, and will be abandoned. xvEfPHV,A?ril --Theschr. Ella, from New ork, for Wilmington, N. C, went ashore on Sa-urday night, near Newbold's Point, Cape Hen- l ne a Martiu Miss Sarah , Worden Mrs Reed Fi.cher Louisa C to meet the entire wants of the city, and Southern and Western dealers in car ter i- Mason Mlas Delia AWhite Mrs M;'.ry H ottaw Maiufjld Elizabeth ; Whseler Mrs Ann McMuilen Elizabth V ells Mrs Mary E WATCHES, JEWELRY AND ALSO-WATCn-M A KVM? ffiYSFi. . Hi- tr.y is situated 8 miles South-east of, ca.-y of access by means of a daily line '!: iaucaster, and by a line of cars making '-Jy to r.nd fnna Leanion Place, on the ant Philadelphia Strashuror is .; . Students su pplied with Imth rooms and .1 means of heaitu. Latin, Greelc, French :.'.ii liguages; JlathemaEics. and all those rcesaaty to quail: v vouusr men ami hovs ror Miller Miss I da i Wcrrall Wui C H Mulkern Bridret C-4iuHt.-i: v:;y 1. the ?- if'- Wright Miss Sus E Commercial. TERIALS, of our own imtxirtation. from ili innrfuj. Forret Mrs ML Furnis Mrs F Fuller Mi.s A S Foreoonn Mrs 8 Foettr Mr Almedia Feller Mr John FeenourMis Margt Futton Miss Eliii Forbes Mrs Alex FuryMis Margaret brated Ens-iish aud Swiss Makers. Tiii i.r..h - WoiUh?rnie." MitsB Vate Mrs Anna M atii i r -1 : our business is under tiie especial charge of Mr. Chas. C IVuitz. McLeod Mr C C Morling- Esther C Michael Mrs Eliza Myer Elesnor M A Nelson Aicinda ZacharyMrs (Jala fee; Ss'iioia Again li.varied- Arrival of Gei 1; ly tolead to lar' Vani1'" CV"',1;! aPPe-r hke i:.c .'immure tutu rumor cinses OI our Iiest cn (orp Arlsta. are tausrixt. French and Gennaji sDiitr. to miWiis WATC .I-CASIIVG done at tiie shortest notice, and W'' or design to please the fancy. ALSO WATCH KEPAIKLYG ii the mon skilful inamier? and at the shortest notice. learning tnese lansuaets. '""" s-wumj ur. tjjos. E. Bond ir Kent county-Dr. P. Wroth, Dr. J Fisher RMon Conduct, fr,-Wm. Monteomerv or. tt charge of imj roper ronduct to EancFhln and assaulting ioliceman Small vVhHst in vf,V ' chaige of his dutv, was arreste.1 b thlt the dls committesl to jail for courtly JuVti rJ aEd Michael Tarker, on the chaVe of ""7 drawing a knife with intent to kill aolS J name unknown, was tm bmcf? and released on security for cotTr? bjfjuS yS' Joseph Lowe, on the ciiartre of riotoifc XivT. -arrestetl by officer Baxiyd wteSS f8 t-. keep the peare by Ju tice Rfc vnty Donnelly arrested Daniel Don coior with .iisorderly conduct in hU fam IFd Kemp committed him to jai, fori of s'- ui .remain! ior Heavy mac hinery. and rh tTerr it requirenients for railway pt.rnoses. tli! V-ioJn Kf..,fH? a' sligiittendencvfo'Xr Temis. per session f s ;onths, includinir Board. luition, Was! ible one half in ad- njtioii cc con are tiie rnntrsr-tn pains or expense in order that the weary traveller may find within its walls an inviting and comfortable home. At the present time it & more han nTiX1 SJZev, thC rlsinal bnlWinff, occupyYm? nrarly the whole square on which it is located, whilst the interior arrangements have untle.-srone ich material improvements as to constitute it one of the first class hotels in the country. This may be realized during a brief sojourn, affording one an opportunity to observe the order, quiet and regularity of proceedings which prevail, the attention ol Uie gentlemanly proprietors, aided by their numerous corps of clerks, butlers, stewards &c the delicious bills of fare, and the general cheerfulness and ccnnlort of its apartments. redness During the last six months a most extensive improvement and enlargement of the main buildin-has been progressing, which is now completed advancing the capacity of the house and greatly beautifying the interior view of the entrauces on Calvert and Fayette streets. Th. iai t GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Adams Orson ;Pero Henry C InkrterJohn Ahrana Teoder Demott G loiler haB Ackison Thos De 'A'ranionte Jonkiii Smith Dealers are IVt- t!m .,,... PalmerP-evEB P:.ttlion. Ad- e invited to examine our extensive stock, mienis will be ofiered and our terms made vaitce. ot 5 i) tons which will be : " ? when induct arrs & Co ot June the-ame firm beimr ' ' """ " any other James Jno W Patterson Dav as nnerai anu accomaio.ialtnfj as tttcse of House in tiie United States. r:e Principal will be m tiie city in April, when he ail call on any who may wish to see him. For oar-euiars address JESSE OREN, M. D.. will lnAet0rfPl"Sina for 'ada and France? KH,Wa firm. atrZZ"" P. iron was Jackson A ltd Jenkins C D Jackson Ht , L. H. MILLER & CO., ml-i gwl 2T7 Baltimore St.. comer of Charles. nta5wf Strasburg. Lancaster cnuntv. Pa. VsWfirsnsfr r "V'"""' .' IU.1. ket l. ISIllfT Jackson RerPr . van, i'ii wrirrants. r laiKST PRIZE MKirA!,. !)iiy-rs at 54s. 9d. ("VPEXIXG Oi-'McELDERRY STUEET-CityCol "K " 'lofdaJs. No, First Prize Modal awnnlp.d for nH Parker Hen G Paul Brown Peuti Phil H Pettet Jaexa, Peirce S Piarsoa Thoa Peregoy Cha Piuuor . camli Firuse Jtss . pis. d; JVo. 1, Honorable lkutor-s UFFIC'E, la.ctl ao. 1352. Tf.e Owners AlUo Rv EE; F Atl.m J H iOeonerETu Allen Jaues illemnW W Allen Usury IDsmhard Casp Aler D iDeir Joseph AlbaUirh Graft1 Diull Johu ftl rinor Wm iDoraevHC Authony R E iDouty'Sloses AndaracoJa .'Donnelly Hen Atchison Dr R Doll Daniel Arpel Jacob & Duwee Jno C Henry :DurseyJP i EV -?RL5,ANS' APrfl IS A rumor was prevalent at era Cruz, on the 12th instant, that another invasion of Sonora had been made by Count Pavu-stodanf De thousand men flad joined his General Arista, the former President of the Re-fh.. UC ?f.Me?i(i"' tas arrived at this port in a brig, the captain of which was bribed, for a large amount to bring him to New Orleans. ' Railroatl Acci'lent. Phit.adei.phia, April 13. The earlr train from ISew oik ran off the track, to-day, at Trenton, but fhiVVaS,hU,!t; ?he Passenger were tlSrred '? , 9 l(;Iock tram' and cached here about 1 o'-tOC 'V T'ailsand bagsrage were left beJiind, through carelessness, and didnot arrive till 5 P. M. D.Itgates to the TypogapJiical tnloi.. NEW 1 ORK, April IS. Ths- Prir.toi r-;. t, .f .11 1 w.uiMii rne, o,s., against shipuient. Th nomaml for aicuuuri' iii;tur 1:1 uie A Jackson Henry Jones J E Jehu John Junes J K ie scarcity of ships much GLEXF1ELD PATENT STARCH. felt. oi property!:? iri r.iciiiaerrv street, b-tweu uoiiumcrt and Jeliersc;n. Wooif ami Cannon straets, assessed l.-r Uie opeuir.z oif McElderry street.are hereby at the freat exmbmon, Loinrun, and is now used in L'.vn?onL PROdi-ce Markets. The tran--ictions r. ciss.f-t.! tw.t,-.!, s . Uie Royal Laundry, liein. thus doui y noticed for its Peck Rev ThE nonhed that sinless said asessnients are paid on or beio.-e tne I'.'tn day of July, iSTiJj. it will be th imw ra- - ---- . . ...uiii. n ur 0011 u :rs r. iinn. i... ,.-:.!. sss,,., auu pernaps, by wav of showirw his convenience, strnrt-vi 3tJs.,t iuZ I'1 saoTlD? all liiii t; at !.(i.. - """a", iiiir Johnsrn Nev Jones Amos Jones Wrn . ... v .c. M -.?t. lift f.-T n ....... . .. pickett Dasil Pell Wm 1. . " 'no coiiii nil in Uve amy ot tae Collector, agreeably to City Ordi activs Arms:rnrT G Durly Edw W demand: the latter street, has been enlarged, and the windows, being faiied with stained glass of beautiful de-s.gns, yield soft and pleasant rays of lieht. The questions , and interlacing his Iangua-e Twith nans sji iiir; n'erior de gincr us sarrs .; u J. (a niarii oi Gistmcuon coiiierTeil Oil no (.:uer.) by the Roy-J Cojiinissionera and Jut, from amonsrst thirty or lorry exhibitors, sefs it tiir above every oUier of its competitors. Tlis Starch hsw ikiw besni in use in Baltimore a vear. nances, to advertise the same tor saie. Durell J nines Johnson V F Pierian Nsih Alkiiisan In A mole P o vision amount of oaths, especially annoyin-to 1 lord and seveial other persons r,vil7.7 4" fil -ti-lm CHARLES HOWARD, Colisctor. Pear -e 1 -,pt R jfiurbin Duw iJohason Dr Til Dulaney Jos H Joiea De Clint l ew transactions are Appel H fierce Jas reported i 11 Rice. rVFK'E OF UOMC AND FOKEIGN rni.I.P.i lorrl at last irpnt tr. ,?m 1". n land- Penninirtii J HT TlOX AGENCY." 2-'2 HAI.TIMORK STUFFT ana itjts recei-ei Use niuest commendations from a'i who nave u-,ea it. Amoiij the many teaasoiiials oi its ment! maybe found those of Madame A. Khutie. KXTRi PA Y to Ottieers, Seamen. Ordinary Sea- From the Philadelphia Lodger 1 The Ii-isH Exodiia OS l!t?erty i-treet, and Madame A. Lize. 79 I .l ii.irron :nen, ijaialsmen atid rioys, who have been in me service ot the United States unon t!i fuiurt.f fiiiWrnio street, wl e use it in their Laundries Kubt E Premier Kdwd Price O P Pi es'ion I ir J ?rin a Wm W Pram A ltd Polk CitniWW for Uie riiiest cu the 1 ribune, and a alsh, of the Times, as dele- miS ?r wftI.atlonal I'Pographical Union, which meets at Pittsburg on the 2d of May next. and Mexico since May 13, !34C, is provided for by the aside, told him that the Vaniae he Musicl exceeuingly disagreeable m that placefuS that there was a private room, mrticularlv f ,f5 1 which was called the "swearm - Md?f TZ woutd only co there he mirht Lfd h" bJart'l content The stranger took the rebuke kSdVd nrmore sweating was heard from his li at j -yer Edward IJbses Wm jBaerrenberger Johnson Wm I Christian j.'ordonGerM ! Duffy JonuG jKlunip .MichI j Durly iKitig- P H J Dunne John J Reanan Dr J A iDurhaJB Wm iKiag-sW Robt jDuniiavan Tim Keer M j Dubrent Mu :Kin;sley H M !DrainVC IKilmer Hen C iEmanael D R I Kennedy Wm i srcu ,a.iu v. im maroie, wniist a massive and easy stairway ascends to the uprier stories The two centre buildings on Fayette street have received additional stories, adding twentv rommof. rms and well ventilated ch mbers, and"the front of the entrance will be adorned with a tortieo of pure marble and of classic proportions. The front! on Fayette street is nearly 400 feet and already evi- tore'eS 31 Utlay f the PI0Prie- Jiife sL3TeCalYei1 street has received an a: The Irish newspapers, brought hv the last arrtr-il .re filled with accounts of emigration to the t5?ted -tates, and with lamentations over the " r.t a lame.ntations over the apparent in Austen G H Arratt Wm Antirew F O Ash James Arnold Jame Ballard A H Burtiberger Basey YY ui Baker Jas L Batem.iu W L Badr Get H Biker B W Baker Geo W acus oi congress oi august 31, and ot Marcn 3. 1S53. ' .i . mimes. For sale at rettii! by the Grocers generally, and at wholesale only by the averts. afORTON Sr. LATROBE,, 33 Lombard St.. cor. Frederick. Pennsylvania T.rsriti -V e have now the forms prescribed by the proper de- Putnevsi Watts HARRISBUBG. Pa.. Anril lSTn tt, c. s- partment, antl are prepared to prosecute such claims liurilliu Jas Q.iiinn P itrick upon n oerai terms. Sl'lLAGUii ii. ROOT. f; 1 , - . . A-Aillv JJU15 wtie REMCIVA ! . 7 Enj- Andrew iKemeker CH:; tl.uii.o- s.r.K a3-lm J 2o2 Baltimore street. f J - . ' av '.,5 Prevl0usly passed the House Ev.-.ns ls.i:ic ffi Kinsr Capt B Rawlsia-h I H ATCHE3, JEWELRV, SILVER WARE. -aaat-mc wiui wmcn these emigrants 'Vave their native land "endeared to them hymtufvsS inatStVandTeav? their relatives behLn!- They i " that this extensive departure was not surmsi--during the period of famine, but is so now after a tfw years of "comparative affluence And n warning over this extensive and coatinuaMv ii- Accent. Yesterday morning, a singular acct .lent occurred in a house on SlemmertSiw S VLS me near kiEV S; Jinn f th "7 . . ,ae"' occurying a por- Bevies Caot J Erniti&rt N sicjuuiiuie wm aujourn to-morrow. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. SKJiLtJi FRO-POS-il.S will bt-received at the Kria-ins-r s 1 if. HPILVTACLES. A,D WATCH MATERIALS. tetineay if n iKankin t:pt R KirchnerDrT iRiuheil A U . ... ,,,.Jtt ism, anu ngnteu ty three B see W m iElliattGe tier, in LEWiSRUKG, I'mon comity. Pa., uatil the iii-u iiDoui nve vears. namp,! '" """uwb.aisoniieu with stained glass, and Bikar VS m Kherjian Chi Kellv John Rftuy Roht Vessel AsliO'.e. Norfolk. Anril is. Th; a h WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, s-t., Su Doors from Chai residing therein. 217 Baltimo tiiORE " .&..V.A.UC. .11111 . ap;ears that the hearth near AtiCTista l venty-t-rrcr.tx day of A,rU insttnii, for tile GR--V-t.'IN'G AXD 5IASON-RY of that oart of ri,e srs. RtE3 St., -, l.Tl VisO Vl-Oi r. i'liisjif. ui ana lor I-lenton. f?vr.i ;."-?.:r.r r"urt"uu lne ten us that, from New York, is ' '"""aj-iiisui an ornamental pattern The giass presents an excellence of artistic .'esir rarely equalled in any public or private buildinls Mill WaSPVWIltpit hi- Mi. r tir . Q CEHA SSJt RAILROAD v.-liieli will !,p 1,,-.. ashore at Ivilly Hawk. Bingi Jt H Bine Joh.m F Baurmraeriuer Andrew Biier M F A B mm & Co J C Evan E L KeeneLaptS Eichelberger J Kiuj E M Kleese Heitry Elv John C Keener Lies Edwards Alex KeasijyChs A Ehle Aaron Ke&rney M A Ehrlick Alex Ker&fllarbn (Ralrach : Reilly Orr, !KepponL F Reigle Jjcob Renc Johr. G iHewier A Renshaw T W tiie boroughs of Suubury and Lewisburg, a distance of anout ten mils. lainicis, nuesnave risen, and ie. cruitintr lor "Her Mttjesty's Army" and "rhe Hon East India romnnn v'c im-ij :i -.. , , . "on a wav, ana piwinitjitfst he stove uponlum. Fonunatwy he feslfrfa hob-low or he must have lvn kiiJ. His le-s were much burned, and his body considerald, bruLed f-Dr. Ha.iel was sent for. ar.d rn,Di ' r"rrL . 8aiUnsfofthe Andes. .. . . . . . ...jij. vv . oc r l . i 1 1 1 rri hardt. the j istly celebrated artists. The vie'ws nre i m " ---A HI r l. KI 3Tll 11. 1 A m t NEW 0RK. April IS. Tho cti,.. .-i-. Keepa constantly on ha-d a good and well-selected aj.-orTrnent of FIXE GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, got up ami cased to my own order, and such as I can warrant to ksrep goul time. Also, a variety of low-priced vVAlCiiEe., suitable for the country trade Citizens and Watchmakers irpnnniiv ,iin ..i Profiles of the line, and Specifications of the nmnner r executms the worit.will Ire eth.bited ki thesairf nf. B tin Dr Jas ..w v us l-j V V A t. J III . !Ii III iriit ' - "'V111 l UI I W. 1 1 1 1 1 ! I 1 hey add that no small share of foresigh tis neces' ai v to predict the result of this sot ial revolution 5 H e see notliuitr surprising in this pvfa,,e;, assistance. nee for three dsys prior to tliat date Tr Tne line will be divided into sections of shout n nn s-earners uniier way and radroad cai-s rattlin-' over inclined psanes, whilst in the back-ground landscapes ot varied seasons a.ld t. ihoii ,v-i,.... Si tineirne I ho r ellon r rana'n ry B (es Ch:i W ;Fentoii Snul Kone A J H..rnes Jno W:Fastie lie K;ithren Cli Durry John 'Farrell Pat k King- Thoa Y Barnea Clia Fay .hn Koppel Cha jRegister F Re.imoiid Wm J Realy Saml iRead Philip Q Rhicker RAH 1 C7 U11U lncreasinsr emiirrattnn on.i .. ...j i : ---- - ---------- 0 . " .". iw in length, and propo-als may be maae for each mile separately or for the whole work. uiyu duaiiuwe local! :i:ia See IIIV Stock Of VVatehec j- j sun uouimcuitvm tire- dietin!r snmp nf tho .ac-,.i -it., r .? xu J're This part of the buiidinir was desmo,- m ' r n . 2 ,af.' Apnl ly--sales at First Board or Canton at 29 y: Kne 83: Harlem 6&; Norwich 66 5; Cumbealaod S2U; Morris Can a W i would call the-attention oi citizens anH il(.nb Fmposais may state what imi'orrioii of the amount Barnes Jn.i W aulac A snoi Wm Rhodes T A leave their native Id,5 ,1 eCeAeve thlt generally to my stock of JEWELRY, obtained direct hce, and is said to be the mot elegant and commo diotis apartment of its kind in any hotel. The Second Eoard ot Morris nt 'J.isr, prtt,',,,n r ot payments, it any, will be taken in the stock of thf Companv at par. urn mc iii.ruuiiiciories. sucn as uentlemrn h and Ladies' Breastpins; Rin?s: Lockets: fiiiiisriirs I .s: temperance Banner. The West View Ssns of Tern peraw-e have obtained of Mr. E.- K aL l handsome banner, the front of xrtch is white saMn with a repre settation of a female rr a fountain ot water, with the raoito: " We Twit? faithful to our pledge." The reverse i of I lS satin, arid presents the followimr inscri!tion- " Pret senteil by the La lies of West VpwP v ,L Z Tfi SSxS; V"1??"0 a dependent dLmed Omton29; Eriesi Parker Vein 35; Har- """" uiain. wainui, tne counters ol white ao-uttii x a. B. WARFORD. Entrineer. leni C7. i.raceieis; t,oiii and Mlver i iiu.ihler: Shields; Gold Pens and Pencils: Gold flin-H sn.l fr.h i.',-. ,"1 ny t"i: " "1 " mce 1S inPrP"ated to the ; , ;;".' i'"-iiy iu Ireland. The "Emenld Isle" is overstocked with inhabitants" not be ause CITY COLLECTOR' Ol FiCE, ilau imore. April 14tn, IS53. In Cviifr.rinily wth the provisions of Barnes Frauc FKkob Johanes KoerHera Chs Rich Henry Y Barren Sol Jr Fay James Lauklord Arad Ridrelev Bath Joseph ! Ffirrell Jas M Lacb Cfaaa Rickey M M Bast Sol A iFlowersBF LimbJiisW Ridley B Beeler Hen 8 Fisher C Lawrence H D Rinjold J E Bevernt B F 1 Fisher E Laaer (t Buu- Risdau Eaz-1 Bernihead Mr Fltipitrick J1VI ell iRiddle J icobL Berkeley Er Fitznarri W 111 Larkin Patrick R.iche! , m Sennett Ant B Fleckeny-tine P Levuard W P Ril-T Fr'aci tuaru, r on ami est Chains, ot even- style. Arv toiiditiun of the Markets. I i : i ' ' Ti i n -r hnll l-.-ic Kav, 1 i i ., . . ..-.- ... ...... mill i iii4t ') iiniri. f T.:,iT7'. V " . visiJ:!;e;i t.y tne audition , EW. JORK APril is Cotton-sales of 2 inn riuiiiaiic5s 01 tne .iiayor ami Jitv 'oum-n of Baltimore, tiie uiider.-igned wili r.tfer at public sale. af tii- 500 'iM keen n o-,Mirl utinnle nf liol tl rr a sTi'i-i iL-. "n. .,, a.i. .mil Cof- xenansre, 111 said cilv. on MDMlAV. tiif i.:rn ta.r ,.r r7.:, o ,V t. P.1. ,,u' --sales J 2,000 bags ... " "Liu mvKia. uius aaortimg manv more seats at the table whilst similar improvements may be o!iservil in r , . .. .. J a a-i-i-i sl. i tin, w iin i. oiivc.x, . oneave. I'er May next, at 1, P. Al., the following described - 1 I ... . ."" . UUI.Q1- Saics of 2 it. i777i i- Z r.1 , CU1S ol m-tiuiiaing. DrsierjuBo a , iicneii ac-e ueonara llicl .Kossil Mr Benley Robt , Fitisiinmo J Leiiner K spar Rate John P j nuu. ui 4fi a arts, tr.r or -,n t-i -'"V "rv. 17 "sciisiumn, a lew dayssince th fit n r-hit.l Im nr t - "sj.-f sue - - - ntuiwiini , a iew aavssince thn a child Iseing interred tuloc n- Tsn l.v.1- a-jur i.-chi ami colored Glass. Uetng familfitr with Uie organization ol tne eye, and the adaptation of trias-thereto, I feel prepared to select and fit glass to anv eye that is in a coneition to admit of glasses. I wou'd ...,s, KsiHuiisnment is uuder'oinii- a Bel! Francis iFluxEdwd , Lew is Cpt G E Roae Chas C ,n7n ""asi.ii fop state. case p in an o flelTnear I rankhn. on the ground cf Dr. i.i.i.;n , us .t-r tnmiiiissioners' return and plat for closing tne Old Joppa Road, u.-iless the sever:"! sums assessed litx-n the respective Lois, as benefits to ba derived bv the holders thereof i'r.r thp !n-;n .-f iiu rn.i .V. - 1 . . ossitsi, wiin new and ele . r . 7 7 ...... . . v i. iusj jjvnmiy niiiieu i nuci t 111 LiCSliy AUDI KOCSSd F e7i't.;. iiT r u'nt!s?,'. market east Lynch. At the in- Lynch. At thTn! .ii ui aiiiaa.-iiM oi coiiritrv dealers and Watcbma- jsiunueu uen itzsimraou J Leper nee A IRogan J.ia W srie- gam furniture, paintings and re-decorations, present a house very different from what it once u as. 'CS.UI oois. oittnern at o a $5 12. Wheat . i v :, ssemierran Jonathan Parsons was arrested by Othcer WUliam nsicnirr jnri lijewisinas iwiI.u'. .-rVV "f'l ' ftl'M-TACLES and Spectacle Joppa Road, together wiii. the exps-nses oi'advertiiiitr the same, be paid tirevious to the ihiv of ir. 'tVn., Beale Cha T Thomas, zxn taken be- Thmnnc 1.., "sW Fields Wra Levenieler Hy Rogers Davi om, wiiscii i wm sen at as reasonable prices lore Justice Waltmyer, who. after hearing the cash. I. :iiTir riAA... 11 , e 7i ti-sTi s?aiCS ''UsheU vellow at i itS- P1 Sales of 2.M bhls. at 221,' cent Pork Sales of 250 bbls. mess at 15 87 a si 6 i and K.OSS s ivt Beale Joseph Black Wm B r ijiiu &.diir se LEW1I J Kj FossellJil LeirmonJn evi- t Lots. .iit.uj Rollina A Always on hand a good article of SILVER SPOOX B & Bluruenbur' J ufcuu'c piuprietoi-s to provide mostadiui bly for more than rive hundred guests The following mechanics executed the work Plastering, William Bannister; house eartenter! Caleb Peregoy, painting, Walter Ball; bell hani Forrest Leon'd Li11d5.1v Wilso burjin: a conse in another minv . Letter A. Assessed to G. McComts. frontin? 17 ' ";ui io. ieei scales of 150 bbls - " - giUUUU. -o2 Roh-rta Ri Robin S ii.uuoi. ii 'i u'.ni directions, warranfeit good as tiie i?iIJT.n. -CrV!,r;4',,S!ti'er vvitk a variety of ALB AT A P nar. Commercial Disaster- i.ia at u ;io a 1J. laeon Sa ns nftn M.l Bigg Z Beckett Wra BauLett Jos t rench John Hittlpjoku Chs Ford Warren ILiiei John H Folk Thoa W jLittlefiebl R K in Lam' at Norfolk on tommbus J. Stewart: marhln -rnri- n..s. -s-T.t Robinson Dav isie lota lDst. rniKMc VVATCH TOOLs' An'D MATERIALS of all de Sales of HM lihta ot ov i.4. " ' . , . . l"1 fret on Wolie Mrcet, runniinr back to Star alley, and binding 0:1 the south side oi said McComa-' grLtnd $14 00 -Assessed to J. Lewis, fremiay i 7 feft on Star alley, riitming bacit to Wash Bliss John II IFurnea RevW schooners Robinon Bei.i - . auiLiii itiittiiti in .-: . . Letter B. BerrvCant H enpuons, sucn as filers, ices, Tweezers, Files, I .arn. 4nntj Il.....n . T ' I , t i X u"mil coma suppoitin comfort but because the proceeds of the land are ven? unequally divided between the owner ami til ct.V vator. The old nightmare of landlord sm a-d mi I dlemanism, the mischief of a-es i: ttii with full force upon the majt'y of he tion. Landlords own large estates whi.-v , ihL rent to agents or middlemen, an fsnd the Proceeds in living abroad, and in paying the inferelt of gScI mrt' the result 'of f ormer extrlva- 1 Reagents underlet to small farmers, who hire a few acres or less, containing a mud cVh'ri- A these -smaU holdings" are cuftivated with no other capital than a spade, and for no other crop than potatoes. If the crop be good, the tenant is able to pay his rent and taxes, and live in iseraMr in rags, with bare subsistence and no coVfo t if Hie croJ( fail or be deficient, he and his fain ilv rZ starved. Hence escape fromlta ation Kjtjert that he can expert, and that is dependent Ton wh-d and weather. Who can wonder at the IrishTenan for flying to a country where he can obtain ia dollar or more daily for carryintr a hrd or inrr.n a canal, railroad, or larg?fan,C with the cemintv of '-laying up" something foV future Invettnten perhaps a hundred acres in the West, and 1 wit Ed clothing, and lodging better than he ever knew at home, in the mean time? We do not wonder at this. But we shou d wnn.,, ot r4"";'er at ,V4 u., in K.egs, lo- all cts a $13 rerrcw 10 15 CUi" CIoveraJ duil at 12 to suiuuuir, a. Jenkins. The whole improvement was designed by Auurew Mclu-h- Blair LP Franck Peter ivuLiiison n. ri R-oberts John B v..i..-, -icnus, iiaiiinicis, -viainspriiigs, ver- :. jevye s oi all kma-. Wheels. Pinions. Screws iL1 orLh Carolina, the ftSS Brays JM Friedel John ington street.arid Minling outnesouih Robinson Wn Liggett Ch A Liby Capt Th Linthicum C G Linthicum Jas Lileil Patk Lowe D W Lowry John h-i ""c ui me excellent proprietors. Catue cf the Pcor. A stnlpil mu.t;n. nv. t , side of said BounettJ roster Wm i-AU Robinson Jas S iJTtVIZ Fresc impresses. From the Bond Beni Irord John Le wis- gniunu $14 00 CHARLES IK WAKD, '.'iry C Hector. uoiti ana common Hands, Cylinders. Having made this braricn a subject of study lor the last ten years, I ee! that I can do as weU in this line as any house here fir t -v ' H t-ire-. Kor insoa at Co BoberJosF Fox Tho.-nas ap14-ltn: I"R ..x.Vo s s-iisuieinague oown to the marriage of Kobinson Jno S Bonn; E Furjumn Cha v .-.aisijieou, t.ays tiie Umversitv Tsfrnr-svin. Kutse'l Wm P ri'Y COLLEC TOR' OFFICE. K AT.TI VI( t'.'V. Boarioond W Jit riend 'acob Rynoch A 4 W 1353. In COllfonnitV With thp nrnTHinii. r.f w April the laUer proreedd up the bay.3 1 iaailtalik. The Visit to Raleigh. A large number of th members of the City Council and athTr inrirt t'uests left here last evening in the steamer wt. Carolina for Norfolk, in onfer to be nt of Managers of the "Baltimore Association I f oV the Improvement of the condition of the Poor" was neid last evening in their room, Favette street George Brown, Esq., in the chair. "Ten Wards were represented. The reports of the Agents and Treasurer were receivetl and accepted. Mr. Kir-moved that a committee of thror i, Orders promjitly and carefullv attended to. P. S. WA'lCilES, CLOCK'S, and JEWI ! kinds carefullv repaired. Rudolphi Eii 1 TELRY of Brown Eben B Foibes A C Bouth Jossph iFolck J the ordinances of the Mavor anii Cirv i v'siins.ii'nr itoi al Ruaselle W S some sixty-seven m all of the royal and imperia consorts, there are but thirteen on whose names there is no daiif stain of sorrow or sin. Eleven were divorced, two died by the executioner, seven Baujrlunaii WiljFountain Edw JEWELS Loogpi0 Wm Loney Robt W Lockridge J T Lynah J Ltirx Jo Lynch Lt W S Lvbrand Hy tiniore, the Uiidersirrned will offer at Public Sal, at the Exchange, 111 said city, on FRIDAY, the tti dav of Sanders Dr RJ ul- L WATCHES, and WHEELS Gardner W'rn Boone & Fobs CUT to order. Bands Hiram mn25-eoim Asay, at 1 o'clock, 1 . ;!., the to iowini dnscrihc.,1 n.x Sampson J. 11,1 n,, f . "i'l'-'Sl-U l'T srty as per Commissioner's plat for openititr streets, tor alirnaiin Mr celebration of the owning to-day, of the Weldoa ami Gaston Railroad, running from the former Place to Raleigh, N. C. The weather is fine ami they will no doubt have a pleasant trip ' d Gardner W H Galcher John Gardner tRut-ter Gay Rev J L .PL'!i!ii!r llambursr stre-t. unless r!i. virai .. r"1."' C1"J w uiowea. tnree were ctuellv traduced, three were exiles, thirteen were ba I ih dif. ferent degrees of evii-the prisoners and the heartbroken made u the rest. Ahnnt twm.t s,.. Ivl- sen Jud't J AJIEKICAA AM) FfJREIC.-V AGECY IN H ASHING! ON, JD. C. the undersigned ofi'ers his services in the prosecu vv. ri."i vi iiuiT-isiiMiig uiai coros ot wood for the poor, and Messrs. Perine, Stewart and Colton were appointed. Mr. Thomas moves! tw t-.,.? sessed upon the respective lots as benefit ! be derived i&i.ppinfftuii Jfl .Sauerbers- J D' Seebeck lien'y ny uie homers tnereot. tor the ouernns-of !(r;i,,i,,,; a- , a . . - t M VUt. 171 l I'll" uon 01 Claims rieinre congress and the several Depmt- select a place for its deposit carrisvi m. Xr - "ti . 1f'ni?' vho were denied the rest of the totjetherwith the expenses for advert'sin? the saiiie. be out v.onri'J ti Galloway S.nnl Georj e Paul R .....iiin, nllts iui sue iiftiiMiciiou 01 any Dusmess reuuir- IHM- -itT.. I. ...... ... i ' .. I - Cormick moved that the AS5vOfint inn rMAcin.i v J Mapee J Malone Ja Maccabbin Tis Malambre J A Maloney Jno Marker W O paia previous to Uie cay ot sale. Terms Cash. .ij. nil. itLinii O.L lite s-rtUlUri. 6 s ,r' "Jmu were uroicen, their coffins open Seel.i J Henry Seinmes RoLtD home. aftsr the. tirct J. T.. 1 "! sjmg at Bower G W Brewu Jas M Brinaoa Sjui'1 D Burb.iker Mar Brown Wm Bradley Lriel BriceRJ Browuley L C 1 Brosranio J G I Brody Edwin Braugtit Wm Browu Perry Brookett C H Brooks A S E Brown Wm TheS!eamfitp Pal'o. This fine steamer. Capr-Jackson, which left this Srt on Satim'ay For Charleston, returned on the sme night, ianse! quence of some derangement in he? machinery she had proceeded as far as Thnm. t,..- Vr 1 ersons liHvins' business with the Patent. Indian. election of a President that olfice being vacant a.. .vijtru iu tae lQsuiis oi a revo- ,L.ots. Assessed, o. ti. Assessed to Solomon Philins. frnntino' i-s" - ' . - " -"s"ssc iu escape, liiese Irish npircinnn j . ....!,or Pension Oth es, or any of the Departments bhertier Jacob Sl ertzer A bra AULinuum i-upiuace, ana tnea flung into a trench " '5"''''."'" a -oetter class" in 7 feet on Charles street and biidinr on Ir.t are now dmmrtlntr . V- , itiiiieiii, us in me supreme court ot Uie ..s picMTinifu name oi wm. Ceo. Baker, who was unanimously elected. ' The committee to whom was r..f.-.-Tit suA i- fcheize Henry rsssntc f "V, ,'&..fe "pipers; not tne occu- of Peter Lear 419 on Geriuani Lou Geiignarf et J Gill Capt H " Giliou Dennis Gibson H J Gibson W rn Gill Aaron Gibbons Berud Gibsoi Perry ...i. i i-u if, may reiy on a prompt and faithful at tenlion to their interests. Shippard Thos Maguire iVli Maenshin Fr Bladen Thoa XVluLthew Jas -0. the accident occurred. She has probably left adn ere this will be read. J 1 "S111 snctu Uanl Snaw Dr D jv ws s"-i--iMiiS me s.aiarips ol tne secretarv and yltSHlnSl riz: rra?cis T- King, Chas. ftow- 7. Assessed to olomoii Philips, fronting 12 feet on Charles street and binding on lot first described above jo 60 8. Assessed to Solomon Philins, fronting 12 feet on Charles street, binding- on l,t t'lr Arrival. Schooner Daniel T. ct,, . Magill Patk H Mharplev P r.njiing an extensive J oreitrn acquamtance, I wiii undertake and be responsible for the safe transmission 01 stocks, or Money, to any portion of Europe: and attention will be paid to the collection of Foreign IxOODS DETAINED ON THE ERIE RAILROAD. The Cincinnati Enquirer says there is great com-',a.?nt. ln hat Clty in relation to the slow progress of freight over the New York and Erie Railroad. Merchants who went on from Cinciunali aer their 5rir-mir trnrsitc mi,l o.,.r ... i - - .. . TT-: t,:i.i i 7..- . - -."""6 .u:iaiQ No. farms "on the estate of Lor Donoughmo?e''gd MWlrr1 " s')eaks of "Maddening sight to see the young and vigorous of both sexes, stalwart men and fair women, quitt?ng the te? ""ffons We'4ard this al uwriiisjg liiuiiiiuauu JonriK. Kslsr citi.;t lamiuiii, iium xew lorn, Avith assocts.l S . w :h?-tonPl,iloS ted a report, with resolutions nrawmk JL Brashears Or uiuora lYir Kius'iii a iH iin , I w ."nillrxr ttiot tw mt 11.. . ' 1 V described above, and on lot nf fa llmv m 9 00 crown win in uipson rvovert H iPhowd Ensrled Broanan John G.eim Allifrr Mnh,r 11... c 5 u r 7? rf t 7orneV ertlay arrivesl at this pon.: Tne D. L. was towed up from Rock bar. where she got aground on Safuniar nwiit i tt " No. 43. Assessed to Julius Williard, frontintr" 30 Y 3 ' lu llle siiipjiing oi tnem ue- ",.VJ Ts :i-: anies r,,rnoherrtir"s .....5, ...v .-oii ui me secretarv be to .40 er annum, and those of the agents $400 each per annum, all pavabie Carried after a little !s hai iVr. --.. . ' uruwii wHi 11 wiiiu r in iiaynei er Sinclair Jacob fe-t on Charles street, binding on lot of John Rickert ported Dy tne steamer Sua. xiiaguuii vapL umicr r rancis; .Tiusnam tier Milmenor S C and fair wnnn" r",.Y? l" Taiwan men She has sustained no 30 00 sroot. hum utr.ucn nici.u ; ill ania Hrother Nimt.nn. injury. mo. 04. Assessed to Julius W lllard. f ront,nsr 18 fr. rlitirsr, A7,L ... 17w,w' preferring tne con- k 1 y lril,i.w f"iK "ae not only returned, but have been back four, rive and six weeks, ami still have not received their goods. A State "D rcmmi no' ' ro nT Citizejss. The Le- Brum John R (iorr Chas K v. u,.iu 111 it 1 (iwnorc i.ltiT-t., c i '""'"'"i w u nmnner C on lleiiithaw lane, binding' on lot oi Levi Fire Alarms. The alarm of . ot r signed as a manager of the 13th ward, and Fllis B was elected to till thevacancv. Resr.r,.tir' SOil Whis-h IWmrn r".t."' . . iviarsh Isaac Simmon Tbos noirue i: Ii road e Henry Gojifcrt Cbris Bryon Jas K Goddnrd Thos Brttceo lv Goldsteine A a -. i . i ' . - . ......... W 1 .nartn idaac C Nimnur. .. of thanks to the late excellent rtistrrrrvLT .. i ' oose ownership can be tl?"?! not even that of the rs...-ss:n in h in. jinton. rroiitinsr 14 teet ftlartin Ja yestenlay morning was caused by the partial burning of a large lime-box on the corner of GaraM Baltimore streets, which wrs cn Slude JahiL on Hamburg St., binding on lot of Joseph us iM.uiii.iij nas passeu a Dill providing for the apjiointment of a traveling emigrant aeeut whose duty it shall be to indue emiJUntc tS ,;.' jusas-kss i . . irir;i .1 tit I . , a. fcrannan Rev J Cray W A Son !Sr:orb Kendr'n I,;, tk iS ' .... . ,- kj m: mUI Holmsis.. '"hi. lTsr, cKiT).5 "vel. m s1?1' to liiat of tenaats to nis lordship," a hereil tni-,r i...., . r v.: :v. 2 8" x ixjaxu uieii aa ournert Bunth Michael Irsil ri .:!.- Ml I w A KM. i 'itv Vdleotrsr A ufisim Jas L Buckley J .sirindel J bur less Wash Greg Wra obliged to paVliim a t.ortlon Xr tVT baialley Uapt west to embrace the advantages held out to them in Wisconsin. Hon. J. J. Townsend. lormp. lv mm. The Strikers. Yestenlay morning the shoema Iters working on the ladies branch W watchman ngeL The alar, at 10 o clock on Sunday nieht was caused by the burning of a chimney in Biddle alley. ' Mead Frank Melody Mala A'lehling John MelgeriVfr Meliucan C H IHuler Henry Mitchell R II A YWUI,Ai'.!i,.ti!J.A,..KliKy, AND TAKE MEUi iiush Nicholas Grisaisi RevMr Vkri rl 4Un T Amr-Ut i ' . ... - t,,??rrr'&lKV... P!K. J- ROSE, A Correspondents will be furnished with special references in whatever State they may reside, and in Uie prominent cities of Europe. " G- KENNEDY, Office on II street, between Ninth and Tenth. GENERAL REFERENCES: WASHINGTON. Hon. John W. Macky, Mayor. Baron Vos Gkrolt, Prussian Minister. Henri Rosen Spenckr. iielgrian Mmiter. Gen. VVINFIKI.D SCOT!'.' Gales & Skaton. t'liitcoRiN & iUotis , Bankers. Chubb Ukotheks. liankets. Sklde.m, Withers' & Co., liankers. Joskph IIe.nuy, LL. D. LONDON. Joseph R. iNfiEitsoi.t,, American Minister. J HE PltfSSlAN- MlMSTKR. Lieut. Col. Sykks, East India Company. Joseph, M. P. Ai.b. FoNBi.ANiti E, Hoard of Trade. Edwin Chbwick7 Roard of Health. Gkohof. Pkabody. Ranker. VT W SuiderGe Snyder M H Stuart Js ilvrn Peter .Grove Wm T onhisland and liable to TetS' out of their houses into the highway, whoever "his lordsl in ' by tenants to nastura-j-e hv c,, n.. " or 1 1 1 I Is I Y -r 1 V VKAHS' 'I1SC. Commi.'ifrf.-losepli Walton, chanrl with hair for an increase of twelve per cent, on their wasres assembled at Rechabite Hail, Major John J. Whit- ment "lure, "as accepteu tne appoint- . . Eukley Kdw iGreen Dr JL 'I'll ' I ' rv nun i . i i . .. . . ' ...... in I illli.lliriia nirt. 1 lli-sl; JlrrKirat i.ia ing in his possession a cooper Irani. nni . t ; 1 1 1 e r Henry I'll-1 t-l I II wirt l.i n- '. . . I . . . . . - , . ... . Kerens Hiram ,i. men 111 ) i tiiiii s in ciirr; vim rir h i 'mn s ', swiu, (iioiuciii. Aiier organizing, several new ntMuriATioK of JfROFESSORS. Wm. B. Rogers Professor of Natural Philosophy, Geolosrv and miuerm.unia Stewart Jos S ami l,.l,oiis hail si Wluh' " -"'"P'amt, uy.pepsia, A l , : r a auu lu me association, who sieni-hed their intention of holdintr out w ith t,oi- t.,Si. chum, and other articles supposed to have beeri stolen, vas arrested by watchman Richards, and committed to jail for a further examination bv Justice Ruley. miner n.arvey aieelinnn J J Monarty Capt Stewart ha iineraiogy, and J. Latvrence Smith, Professor of clening to see the pucVve , ortion of a peopl leaving the land of their nativity for a foreign re! gion, because their condition at home is rendered hopeless by an oppressive ,-ctm ,r JZ Burke Thorn, Grimes James Dyers Win S jGreeulaw Jas Byrne John iGriswould HE Campbell Wm 'Gregory Jas D Calvert Geo Griu.e Ch ia E Cnde Ezekiel iGrtty Jossph Caulk Robt W.Gray tvli-Cannoa Saml I Clelland ren for the advance asked. Prenmhtcc i,n,i i. 1'hornH Sterm Hira vuuul") uu luuieria tueuica, nave resigned their EA and Profit bt It. Do vou suffer with anv pain? If you do, use Dr. Rose's Tain Cn-es It cures I'oothache, Sure Throat, Earache, Stiff NVek, or Pain niin uve proiessoi-snijis in tne University of Vir- tions w-cre offered by Mr. John Caney, encouraging the strikers tn liss firiT. in. i.o.. '. . , Morin Jno M Modiaran Tho government. J ,"luulul' Cluirge of Rjblerv. Thomas Conrer an,! Stewart, Siren' ft C Stewart Ja Stewart W More-an R W rm,;J t i.5 n" ; " f 1 nunareu 6","i,lu wiscmai ai uie ciose oi tne present ses sion, the 29th of June. Parkell were yestenlav arrestesl hv rstfl- r A bout this leaving of "horn and kimi. ... uiii i.n in a. scsv iiiuiuicn. ii cures quicKiy Fa'ii m the Stomach or Uowels cures ChilliTitin?, Corns Calwel! Vt T Gruu.m A. dw rilorroo Johu would say a word. ConsirW: n t, ' j " on the charge of havinir taken a sum nf 'Guild Er Mllhlpr lr,, i;iu Hiiy lrniniKui on tne ir-et. It acts like a charm for Stewart iljris apiRiTrjAL happing. In the Massachusetts House ot Representatives, on FVirlarr an Arr'j. ....... force from a colored man whose mmo ic ..r,r-.i r s cuits sis mc stus:. .tjUiiii:-. or nnrs. rsiui rm nimimo uwyoJohuL. I Morau John Guiitman i-'nip IVlont.r Bern and uncertainties to which all Irish tenailte are ex- Sl,' Tt k?W D?t ?ow the' can be very strongly attached to home in their r,a,. i,r,,i a ,i ..,.i ...-. 77 ' r. ji"itii " ii-Mn irom a siiune.n cold it is masrical in its effects, fn iisiiauce was also appnintosl -n .i..-. i Justice Kemp committed them to jail in default of security for a further examination. LEIPZIG. Sair. II .us.n B II -Vol! Heinrich wold Strassburfj S Stevens J.js Stiles Tbos B Starr G R iriiiiii.-o, .si u,, ja, aim au cents. Carter Moses Carlile John farroil Pat Carey Geo Carroil Fr.'nc Carter Albert Chaney l.loyd Church R b( jTkk Hest t.'nt'nH Svhpp hi tms ir.-.n.n r-s n , ' . . . . .." - ' ' 1 r- . ' ' 1 71 Morgan Hwh Aition Wm P Mri .rtv Cnt auui.tcuunci iiiig mc committee on education to inquire into the expediency of providing leal restraints against the mischief now perpetrated bv the mummery known as "Spiritual Rapping." Mr. Marsh, our minister at rnnrfontinn,,!,, . reuses cenDrateii Lou? i vrllIlrlvs iinii:..iu rn..r H.del Wm H jnes J:-. II Haberinaun T H iiniiton Ja JIiviftA of tiie City. The report of Dr. Charles A Leas, commissioner of health, for tn. " shall be to conduct all correspondence, and keep an eye upon the business of the strikers. The resolutions were unanimously adopted. There are about 400 of the above branch of workmen. A large meetinar of Machinists was ni;r "hot.i sr. to all accounts, they must have excellent homes to,of wtehmust be somewhat connected with bad laws and worse administrations, riiiritrpr raor onI mnl .... i : . , , . ' iStubbs S G lis nitj vviii Ionian, wili'lllcr l YiiKMiimti.'.. r. r.r.,......s r.iuin. William C. Rives Thkod. Sav M. De Jonnes A. M. Gi'krry Edm. Lafayette LmNHST0N,Wf.LLS&C0 Hl4.eow t Dr. Fi cgkl RERUN. Baron Humboldt M. Deitf.rici Prof. on Ratmer HAVRE. I.O!. I'lBlMR. Mocney Tho Suton David Church 8 m T H dley R H iVior-iiiken Co ,1i Jnlm l inf from a cold. It allays any irrimtion of tiie Lunsr. and torttiies the system against future attacks. In bottles at 50 cents and $1. Moorehead W i Store r Win exhibits the mortality of the city during that Dei riod at 86 deaths, of which 16 were by consumnT tion, 14 from scarlet fever, 9 still-born 33 were under 5 years of age. n Florence on Uie 21st ult., and has just received despatches from Washington concerning the Dr King affair at Alliens whit) H Still He the Temple, the object of which was the appointment of delegates to meet in Convention for the LiianupDen a l n itch c Chambers Sara H dl Henry (Jluj rn n Sylv lHarritt Jno C Clark Doct IHawkinsJH or Billious Habits axd Bad Coldh. If von a h i; V r.i:ttul,ls- 1 ney u leave kindred. But howl Wi th a determination to send for them, so soon as they can "lay up" money enough in the United btates to defray the expenset of their transportation. And while thus "lavinir ud. thev Stroud Wi are Unions you require a pursrative medicine. If you have a had cold, you sliouhi piiiidvi; itfrom thesro. purpose of forming a grand Mechanics' Union Moor W N Moouey H J Morin Jno M Moore G i The Live Stock. The price nf rwsT-c iHaus Geo W i' few days. The U. S. frigate Cumberland was awaiting his orders. .iviiac tallica r Li ver is out of imi.'r i..n win i. ...... .. .Ta Clautice Fran HamRton Wnt Null en Salr.l S eetner 51 Swiuuey E Spence E .V last few weeks has advanced to hi.-h..- m tv,, 1 he following were elected: J. M. Clarke, K. J Codd, J. B. Hodgson, J. B. Askew, S. Morris POPULAR AMI FAMILV MKDICLEdL SOU) BY SKTII S. HAXCE, JDS BALTIMORE ST., OPPOsITK WtN IRON BUILDING. Comprising DR. UTSTAPv BALAAM CF WILD CHERRY. AY RES' CHERRY PECTORAL. Clark John j Hackett Th P Tiie Evangelical T.iiTirrn a tt iri,., Morg-.,n M M feet, variaiile at petite, and a yc!!iv skin. Take Ur Rose's Aiili-Uilious. or Railro.i.f fills mill mu i'ill for some time past, and the knowing ones state that a still greater advance mav he ami ., .,,tl, i,a uiuiier Sneare . pt A C ark.m, Jo. H surety J.. M,er.EdS ieBn",erTho StiV b- i ? sparing to themselves, thah alter rheir kindred are safely landed and doing well. We couxd find poor Irish chambermaids and hod-car-tiers by thousands, who practice the most rigid economy, in saving the means to bring out an aged soon be relieved from all bad fcelini-, In boxes 12'-" and 25 cents. ' Another Church. A few days since, Win. Tiffany Esq., who is greatly improving his valuable grounds near Madison avenue, informed the members of the Charles st. Moth. Episcopal Church of his willing- Yesterday the average price on the hoof was 4 25. Hogs have been railing for the last month. For sale bv WM. II. Hlfir'.VV & rtsi ciydv . nifanmii .MjrrrF.1,-1, Shaldin-CrtH Cooper ft But- H-.tey Oliver (Mnrdack Mr lsLuim. J H r..Uf l R"-"' A C;Mu!lenix J W Ismith tnil,:irs SWEETS EiCH LIVERWORT AXD TAR. SCHE.VK'S I'lTLMOMUT SVRVP. f , - - ' I'lin 1.1 LKIAN of Eastern Pennsylvania, which has lately been in session at Reading, has elected delegates to the General Synod, and adopted resolutions qualifying th" re-union with that bodv, which had been agreed upon in compliance with an invitation from it?. Impeachment. Charges of impeachment have been officially reported in the iVsur Vm-b- i.-i & HATCH, and C. I'. ROGERS &. liltti' a-..,Vs Assault tcilh Intent to Kill. Hutrh CanfipM JOMi IJI'LL'S SARS.A PA I? I I.I. A. f i;. .. . i, . i h .if .. ii i? U"yerMMhl 'Sieitfei Isrnel E ncss to donate them a lot, on the corner of Eutaw Square and Townsend street, havimr a front r.f irvi and by all the llrtigrists in IJaitinissre, Wasliiinrtoii''ulna, Kiclmioini, Xorfolk. Pittslmr?. Aimniu.i; yer.tenlay ar.-ested by otlicer Schwatka, on the I'O V' S EX f ?S S A It S A V ti 1 1 . 1 . A X IM.MO'S- 1MI E I'M AT H! I.I MM K VT. Winchester, Frederick, Harper's Ferry, ie. ml.iiuA i nurjitf vi iiiinu a--sauiit?u wiui intent to kill Michael GriSin, who, fortunatelv. was not m,.r.v. Osgood' imiia chola(m;i:e. and a depth of 130 feet to Morris alley. According to the rates at which the ground in the vicinity is now being disposed of, it is estimated to lie worth $15,000. The conditions on which it is to hf. m-ssr. PLAXKTT'S HITTERS. 1'CREi.Y VEGETABLE IV THEIR r-minnsr. dr. Hoi-tiirrox's PRi'rfiv. -i hurt. Justice Barry released Mm on producjnjr e GREEN'S OXYGENATED HITTERS. curity for court. I'lON. Their llavor is asreeable. like that of'mild ,,7 V, -..w.n . iwurray not, . Kiust!s George Cherry ire II rriiey ueo 3 i M vers Jacob ft Sro-h'. CobbGardA HlUJamr. MuirheadA ! r !h Win Corknell. DrS Handy Edw H Mury Math E sL! h CoolidePH Harvey Josh Mullen 'J.- pt Smith A Co.tilow T er H srkeo Cft I McC.v M S si j,.h 'a Corvena ii W H srnian Kd v Z Mc Eh oy f, tli Te ,'l Georee Copland Robt Harri.Saml McDowell G 13 Tb.s Cooper Wm .Harriin n J 8 McNeil Eerad Terra! Niah Cniier Ja WHart Hon E B M-.Manus P.,t Tavlor G W Cooper Capt iHarbaup-ii Ben McCanna Wm Tinner II w JiOUr LAND'S K AV I'.ITTI-'K-J l ort wine, and exliilaratinnr. but not owlo-i Pitching Cents. James Wilkins, chanf.l rtt. are that the congregation will pledse themsr-u-oc t s...v, ssstsitri, uncie or aunt, sister, brother or cousin. And we could find some thousands more who do tne same, to furnish a loan for the same purpose to some friend or neighbor, or acquaintance, who has no natural claims unon them. These Irish newspapers say that thousands of letters from the United States conti nually pour into Ireland, nine in part coritain money to aid emigrants in de- And what will be the end? The United States gain productive population, and Ireland loses it. But in the end, the high price of labor from scarcity of laborers will ruin the already deeply mort- render the anticlile s.troiiir iin.l liunrtv MORTIMER'S RHEUMATIC COMPOUND. SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL. erect thereon a church somewhat similar tr. ti-it pitching trents on Sunday, was arrested by officer Gordshell, and fined SI with costs by Justice Ma-gruder. Richard Earner was also arrest. si,- I RS. iOKKIS i ' I". D A if TAtt. . - . - - vk n. itmsiit- ne, by a committee appointed to investigate irauds, against John C. Mather, one of the Canal Commissioners of the State of New York This renders a trial imperative. Grand Indian Council. The Fort Smith Herald learns that the Grand Indian Council of all the Indian tribes is to be held on the south side of the Canadian frontier, iu the neighborhood of the Red Hills, about 350 miles from Fort Smitli, about the middle of May. Guilty of Mrsnrtt rtr.iArt tt TTnt-rtonn diRestive powers; render the circulations healthy, and smoother imjirove the tone of the swteiu. A single buttle, taking a wine-tjia.-s full at a time, before breakfast, dinner, and beioie troiiis to bed. renders Hi PERRY DAVIS' PAfV ICII.I.Kn model of a house of worship, the Charles Street Church; that it be conducted on the pew svstem and finished within a term of rears. Th' MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMKVT. Coi.ney fat k jllarns Ben iMoDaniel Mic Taylor JohnV IS. H. EAI-LVi:STO!K'S VKHMIPI7i:p i.iexion ami rosy, ami pn.diie.-s an entire hs'althy Y". ' a . u M.nioiHafcon Jos Tau jouhua H y?. t a v'ii'1 u jM-Gifiin G W Tanner R W McLANE'S VERMIFUGE. MeL.ANE S LIVER PILLS. ... ...13. same charge byoflicer JSowers.and fined SI wffh costs by Justice Yoe. - w Interfering tcith the JV.itch. John Hudgins was arrested by watchman E leston on the charge intertering with hm. whilst in the discharge of inii.u luuri'iii-t-a sriven in tne citv. vouch tion has been received with great favor, and it is quite likely that in a few years an elegant and commodious church will sdorn the ground. Public Saks. F. W. Bennett & Co.. anconrser-s ""l"'T "7 jWcUeruotl Th Tim.,, u, E W HU.ANDKETH'S PILLS. msr hy actual .'v;eti. B:-c f -r Km: above cualiin s. t-old WHOLESALE AM? IlETAiI bv the so, f-a- t ia f.... ,.i- ti 1 . ... . r. w""" "l 7, Master Thompso:i R Cost-rove Hewitt Jacob J M.Al:s!er fet Thorrpu J,;o Coerell Ed w jHelliog Ronc'b 'McDonnell Pat Timbro W L SMITH'S SUGAR COATED PILLS. RIGHT'S IMifAX I'l-YIOTIHI I,' nri l a -j,, ... l.i un. ..nut ui .i:iryiaiift. .- 11 icrai niscount to th trade. SI-TH HA.VCE, 1"S liallimoro utrnnl i T. E::sT , 2J -WMre..os,o Tinsanus ecob PETERS' PILLS. JEW DAVID S OR HEBREW ins uuiy. j us .ice ivemp committed him to jail to answer before court. Striking an Officer Sarah Mullen was resterdar arrested by otttcer Zellers, on the charge of astault- yesterday sold at the Exchange, a vacant lot of ground on Cathedral street, near Tyson street, fronting 25 feet, with a depth of 120 feet to a 20 leet alley. Purchased by Mr. John Eschbaugh, lor $1,650. n ' 7". ? . " "ici.liiucck J Thorn nt's, ian CoultoiiJa illeu sier Stan McVairt i,. inom.iiLm.un C.nrv Patrick Hemier.on j P ,M.l?h 1 V 2. omp.onC apt POOR MAN'S PLASTER. DAILY'S PAIN EYTR ACTOR. iJ V-BsJ 5i1,!f,..''.l''1 AIUf)MIN'AI. SCITORT b,v l'v 5 I It ACE, I N H A t. I N Cooke Cha. H .HexterMftSon McHeT.rv li. VLZ'y i1'",. hass msii luiuuoriis, ami induce the sale and subdivision of their estates. This will produce a class of landowners of moderate estates, who will eventually breast: down the present landed aristocracy, antl restrain the creation of another These facts speak seriously to us against landed aristocracies, and suggest extensive reformation in our land laws. They suggest to the Federal Government the sale of public lands to actual settlers only, and m farms of moderate extent; and they suggest to the State Governments the policy of making homesteads of moderate extent inalienable in the lamilv. McALISTEIt'S AI,I,-KF.AI.I: OTlVT'ATc-iM'r FT I lap T . vi.i. "ii si . "umeu.iii. Conolin H (J been tried in the Circuit Court of Clarke county, Ala., on a charge of killing George WGilbeit last year. The jury found him guilty of murder in the first degree, and he was sentenced to the penitentiary for life. Another Black Musical Genius. The Democrat, at Rochester, announcing a concei t there, adds as an attractive feature, "a negro boy, fifteen years of age, who possesses remarkable musical talent, and excels as a pianist. This precocious ge I Y't. .- tniituf;iism n .-iiaiin hxk luscnarge ot his tends keepintr a arencral ass..i-n.,..f .. '"' si i a IT sve v j Thompson H W H!"w'i!.AB iN?.Ple E U iTilvavd R,J VV Collins W Collin C HAY'S LINIMENT FOR THE PILES. ' IK. MAROlll'S UTERINE OATHOLICON. Gibson & Co., auctioneers, also sold at the Exchange, a lot of ground on the northwest side of edies, used by Dr F. with such distintruish.-.! siitviw 5' """Ill iisn.ou Math Tol.on Dr r..n ntne cure 01 t;oiiri)s, t;ni,is. :i,iii,,.r,,i.v a...i.... Creation Tboi Henderson W Crubb T B Hitsraroth G U ' iv i J i' honiPonEdw i'iT.A- ,!'""Pii T H Heart Diseases, 1'iles, aii F. iimie ci.mniaint &c.' Dr. F's tMiPPorters: are tiii- mo.-L teri.t .s. i- rencn street, nearly opposite Exeter, fronting 17 feet, improved by a two-story and attic brick dwelling, su'.iject 'o an annual ground rent of $42 50. uroan Liieut High John w .-.iviii. aer J.l OttyerU W i R. .t.i.. Line Join limes Josn, sen . m i.i.- tr: ' . . -itisier nio now known, perfectly stit-purtiti? the back and'ai.-lo-iiicncunnirRiii ltir. s in Afai.s ;md Females P.-ni"..!- Cran n.norii -ti KKItlKF. RAD WAY'S MEDICATED SOAP. Together with many other articles comprised in the inediea! harness. SETil S. H ANC E. m JT.JViMEKINJ CURED. S. G. LiiVEUING re IO r-pecntilly iiiforiiis i!i- p!i!i!!(- he i-i i rrpared to cure the most invitciiite eases f STAMMERING without injury or pain to the p.ttii lit. No detention . . jvua nii ioumuiirsie ivieneron G C Traver T'luiir, isrTho Hr llinaKW !K'..n a iil,er 1 h.ll,P Cr iso t. an ii ... -;r ."' " . nesDilian 1 Cris t' M Gowels, V eak 1: seeding Luriars, I- nilimr Womii &.c Ir. Fitids's Six l.e.- inr -s mi r Vsn'i ,;. ... H PV hV m . l-iOola. Uaol ;Tus.oy Sanl Spihit-Uappixg Machines. The New York Journal of Commerce says a manufacturing house in that city is encared in mot,:,.,, iimJ,i;n, hi.n " . i I i-.ii.uib 1 .1 i-l-rji.1. 1 by . MVte. C. . AHKIi'-?0. Holme R A jNuye.tbeo ITrott '.'apt B nius comes irom -New Haven, Conn." Iellar Doors. The Boston authorities are about to enforce the "cellar door ordinance," which forbids any cellar-way opening on the street, to remain open for more than two hours by day, or fifteen minutes by night, unless specially licensed under penalty of from $10 to $20 fine. ' Two of the Coopers. The late mayor Tavlor nf rSnnlnnnll S 1 . - 1 . . . . . . " . " Craig- A Croat H Critrnoud 1 Crooker Isaac Creamer Jo IVO. 30. ft. L. eorsfr 01 I;s-ii aii.l !jon-b::rd -is vnhti iAii oa diii'iri. s-iii. s; .nun r.iis'iie.-s. i-iiiies, or etfi"i vit;. j, itiief guarau- IHopkins 8aml 'Hopewell Ja Hoifman John lieu s:r no eliarsre. jlNowioky os iTrowbrida-e D Norfolk Jno WiTrayser Pi il P O'BryauMicl jTruett M F Residence in d. BOND ST., fourth door below E. I not street. Hnlliniisvp. M, o:iiit hinm iv.,., a u IJJOGLE'd ELLCTltiC IIAlit UVS will eon vert ' Sfray or red hair to a it li'nrk or l.mwi. ti.o .rv Crawford Ben Hook Jo A "-'Driue rat Tredwell A M uiaham Wm ment it is tvni'..i ham....,, .,i,... i' . muic n-ciup sTeitjeu xier on SOCUritrV for Coui-L Colli ion. The name of the schooner which ratue in collision with the "North Carolina' is the "Ladies' Delight," bound to Norfolk from Hampton with a cargo of rockfiih. Keeping a Disorderly IIoxis?. Nicholas Light-hausr was arrested on Saturday night by Lieut. Hersch, charged with keeping a disorderly house. Justice oe fined him $10 with costs. riolaliyig the H. al'h Lws. John Miles, charged with throwing flith in the street, was arrested by ottieer Morgan, aud fined $1 with costs by Justite. Magruder. Proceedltti of tHe Court. Superior Court. Before Judge Frick. This court was engaged yestenlay with the case of Francis Smith vs. the Mayor and City Council of Bala, more, an action to recover damages alleged to have been done to property by causing the water to over- -flow it, in consequence of deiKisitingmud from tiie harbor on an a-joinlEg lot. Not ronrJuded. Plaintiff appeared as h's own ounsel: u, c. I'M&fUasLa fox the defeaiiiats, 1 m., aim troin 3 to 8 r. Al. tAp23 Tucker Chas E Troutaf r G AF Carlton Kdw HpkinJW Crowlsy H liolu John CurtiJo W HnbbardTH AJTP1 L Lt11J, for the'errowth and pr-f. oAr .t!le J'U'n-m hair, is without a rival; and IliS AAIOLE. (tr SAi, n i. 1 - i...... .1... Curley C Hunt R Gabriel i urcnased oy Jlr. Jonu Regan, tor $4ir. Foundcry Sired Rote. Last evening quite a row occurred at the house of John Sponceler, in Foun-dery street, which drew on the ground seveial hundreds of persons. The cause inav be imputed to an intemperate use of liquor. Officer White firat reached the ground, and whilst about quelling the ati'air was seized and choked by Patrick Flaherty. With the assistance of officer Moon he was conveyed to the middle station. Justice Kemp released him on security to appear at court and answer the ch-irge of assault and forcing ojen the door of John Sponceler, anil for choking the officer. Officer White also arrested David O'Sliannon, charged with resisting him in the discharge of his duty. Justice Kemp released him on giving security to keep the eace. . m Disorderly Cnluct.kna Malone, charged with disorderly couduct, was arrested by watchman Albright, and committed to jail for Uie sake of peace by Justice Yoe 1 rainer Park Tucker Jas Veith John Vineent J G CullenGeorl Hunt H A ' .nj; JIllJtnUI. ICIIUITI Ulfll U?U- ly il'ipleasaiit operation (Vhnvirin-i a rlo,.j,i,.,i 1,,,,,- Cunningham F Hughes Henry sS 1jS A!vd 1H5S, OX STEEL AND liRASS fr r-9.'!"5 ?mps; Letters; Soap and Glass Moulds; Book Binders' Plates made to order. Engraving, Die auiKing and Chasing execute;! in a superior style, bv o r a rCOEHLER, 134 Fay.?tte street. I. a. trrtir from the n.sunlrv rrs'iiiptlv atteiisJ " 111 Vrr.'t for people who live by their wits. The table is like an ordinary one, with a top formed of a thick beard; but concealed within a cavity, in the latter, is a smasl apparatus, with a kind of hammer, for producing the "raps." The hammer is so constructed with a wire running down through the table leg, that the latter has only to be in contact with a nail-head, or something of the kind, in the floor, to enable the operator f produce the raps, by means of galvanism. i ' t The ,ld jobbery The amount of gold abstracted from tiie boxes received at New York last week, by the steamer Union, is about thirty thou-nccikai's- T1i 'gold was consigned to Messrs. Davis aa4 Biooks uiX Jotooa fc iowdea, isuule's her si on k wm ;.:?'7.rvr.t wr fi. e v. ... : . - i ossitiie time. For sale by For sale bj Oliver Jolin B OberS J O'Connill Jno Or. in Joahun Oreo P (J Owing Ja Patterson Jno Paine Joint A Park Robt Pairon Fean L Part John W Parson T fumi Wu a Van Dmu G W Van Allen U O Vaa Bokkelea i,,..,,. VI .u,e soonest rr SETH S. HANC'E. iu K at vi .iiis. luudu, tsiiu sjsaj ui cieti, iur. oneiDaker are brother "chips" in the cooper business. They worked side by side in the cooper shop in davs gone by. J Ex-Gov. Brown, of Mississippi, declines being a candidate for re-election to the lower House of Congress. It is understood he will be a candidate for the Senatorship. !CfJohn Hancock, son of John Hancock, of Revolutionary memory, now over SO years of age, is still living ia Boston, in th.e emoyiaeat of excellent TIMORE STREET, Baf- ' IIIIIIirr- ,IIN f lua vis itt u. m in , ... Bailey, Wash Jjarrauarn rsain nurry John u lavi Ira d Hudson John Daniel Jo H Huut GeoR llavi. De Witt Hunt Geo Dailev Mich'l .Hurley John IJauef Jo D llur.gerlui A l)ris State ; B P4i.jMtl) sHU.Ii0 Rv L Wilkin Jas el l-3m t WsllitiMr F F rjENUlKili! flUJvOii CAi SULKS, flTIS NEVV 1 EA. V ery Superior New Crop TEAS, in large and small Packages, some of which is the most choice for richness and delicacy of flavor ever of-lerca iii Uus city. W. 1. VAN NESS, U19-U VY. Lombard St., e?po8it ih Iaflnnary. G F jLAJICE.

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