The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on September 3, 1929 · Page 19
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 19

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1929
Page 19
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19 British Automobile Industry Is Planning Great Empire Sales Campaign THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1929 WEALTHY GROUPS JOIN FORGES TO MEET U,S. TRADE Companies With Combined Capital of $600,000,000 to Co-ordinate Efforts By LUKIN JOHNSON tBTom The Tribune's London Bureau Copyright by Boutham Publishing Co., Ltd. LOXDON. Sept. 3 Great Britain next year will begin the greatest I push for empire sales of her motor cars that she has ever made. An association of companies with an aggregate capital in excess of $600,000,000, owning coal fields, steal plants, chemicals, cellulose, leather, machine tool works and electrical Ignition plants, will co-ordinate their efforts In groups connected with the automobile industry in order to meet United States competition in every foreign market. The motor industry itself, with a capital of $150,000,000, expects that next year the government will, alter the present Incidence of taxation, which makes It difficult for British factories to build high-power cars. If the petrol tax alone is imposed, then British exporters hope to turn out vehicles that will more than hold their own with the best American products. The total value of next year's output is expected to exceed $340,000.-000 and to comprise 340.000 cars of all kinds. A special effort will be made to secure Australian and New Zealand trade. Contracts to the amounts of $40,000,000 have already been signed by one firm of London agents with branches throughout the empire. U.S. BANK CLEARINGS Bank clearings this week at all leading cities in the United States, as reported to Dun's Review, are $11,525,935,000, and show an Increase of 293 percent over those of the corresponding week of last year. At Now York City, clearings of $8,063,-000,0000 exceed those of last year by 37.8 percent., while the total for the principal centres outside of New York of $3,462,935,000 is 130 percent over that of a year ago. Gains still predominate, increases appearing this week at Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Pittsburgh. Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit. Cleveland. Minneapolis and at most Southern and Pacific coast points. Figures for this week, ax reported to R. G. Dun Co, and average daily bank clearings for the last three months, are compared here with: Per Cent. 27.0 I m.n 1 Aut 29. 19:9 Button I thl!adlphla Balllmor Plttfhurgh Buffalo Chl'-ngo rMrolt Cleveland Cincinnati 8t. Lnuls Kanftn City Omaha Minneapolis ...... Richmond , Atlanta Louisville New Orleans .... Dallas Han Francisco ... Los AnKeles Portland Seattls 4,l.non,nnn Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. !nc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Ilec. Dec. Pec. Inc. Dec. Inc. Bii.rmrt.ono lU.i.'iiTonn fi.7:il.nn(i U 071.000 22:1. ;o, noo l.ia.rins oon 116,300.000 in.v 100,000 44. 041000 41.OM.000 49 9ns 000 31. MS 000 18 S 17 2 3.1 9 0.9 19 3 12 t 10 0 41 a s 3 9 31 3 ft 7 19 1 7.3 ll.S 4 1 Inc 44 341,000 Inc. 47 a.W.OOO Inc. 502,000.000 191 402 000 as, any win s.s.n.oflO inc. Inc. 19 5 2.V3 Inc.. 10 0 Inc 11 0 Total . . New York . .1 000 . . 8.0B3.0O0.000 tnc. 13 0 Inc. 37 S 7w York Average Dally: August to data July June May .$ 000 Inc 29.3 f 2 107 2M oon inc. . 2.219 435,000 Inc. . 1'93 190.000 Inc.1 2.029. 05S.0O0 Dec. 3S 3 2H 0 14 19 TRADE INDICES SHOW CANADIAN BUSINESS GOOD nTTIWi Ont Rent 1 Canadian business moved Into the second half of the year under favorable aus pices. Out or 12 indices reported by the Dominion buceau of statistics, of which three rellect conditions in August and the others at the close of Julr. nine indicated activity on an equal or higher scale than a year earlier. In the table which follows the state of the Index for the corres- ponding month last year Is taken as 100 and the latest indx for the present year Is given as a percentage on that base. The results are: Employment, 107; pig iron. 105: steel, 157; bank debits. 115: car loadings, 100; imports, 100; building permits. SS; exports, 81; coal, 98; coke. 113. Inve.tors Index. 147; traders' Index. 14t. The employment figure Is that reported to the bureau for Aug. 1. Car lop clings are for the third week in Aucust. The stock exchange Indices, one of which is designed for the point of view of the investor and the other from that of the sprculator. are for the same week In that month. All others reflect conditions durin-" the month of July. LOCAL BUSINESS MEN TO JOIN PARTY HERE ?'.4.- 1 twenty Winnipeg busln nin j will Join the Canadian Chamber of I Commerce paitv when It arrives here ' tonight from the raid, en route to j Calgary and Edmonton. A special ! train carrying the party Is due at 835 pm., and will leave for the West 1 at 9 10. At Edmonton. - where the first sessions of the convention are, to be held, the party will have in-; rreased to 2.17. Sessions of the cou-j veniion will be held for two days In I T-'dmonton and three In Calgarv j President of the Chamber Is Willi, in I nil ks. Montreal. I SM atat es fa atastS fcaraaatit Un mt What's Behind Your Stock? STANDARD OIL COMPANY (N.J) Sro.QiL ri.O. I '24 1 '25 i '28 1 '27 i '28 .9,9 (COMMON STOCK 75 I i" I I 0 Tftn . Pmca SUNOS Vai Hin " Low PaiCIS 100 1.00 1.13 1 50 1 50 24.80S.I9i 150 4.72 5.01 1.58 4.Ou?tN"NO Formerly a holding: and operating company, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey is now a holding company only, and Is considered the leading organization in the petroleum industry, its operations being equally divided between the foreign and domestic fields. The chief producing subsidiaries In this country are the Humble Oil and Refining, in Texas, Carter Oil, in Mid-continent field, and Standard, of Louisiana. Marketing fac-cilitles in the United States hive recently been extended to New England, New York and Pennsylvania, in addition to former ter ritory In New Jersey and south east. Recent developments Include half interest In the Ethyl Gasoline Corp., and a contract with the German chemical combine, the I. G. Farbenindustrie, for development of the hydrogenation pro cess or ronning. wnicn is expect ed to produce greatly higher yields from crude oil with Important re sults in conservation of petroleum resources. Net earnings for 1928 amounted to over 108 million dollars as com pared with over 40 million in 1927. a year of generally lower earnings in me industry, mis was equal to $4.43 per share in 1928 as compared with $1.52 per share in 1927. 1 ne dividend record or the company has been continuous since incor poration in 1882. The book value of the common stock as of Dec ember 31, waa $44.89 per share. Current assets were over 700 million dollars, or about flve times current liabilities. Capitalization Funded Debt $120,000,000 Subsidiary Funded Debt . . $47,075,000 Common Stock ($25 par) $620,079,800 Current Data: A price cut has recently gone into effect on Ethyl gasoline. Increasing earnings are expected from this source. REAL ESTATE SECURITIES EX. NEW YORK PLAN Will Endeavor To Make Real Property as Liquid as Other Types Can real estate be made as liquid as any other type of security? Many of the learskig 'real e9tate operators believe it can and that II should. - New York Is about to try a unique experiment in this field In the opening Oct. 1 of the New York Real Estate Securities Exchange. Millions or dollars have been made In the ripe in land values in the last decade in the cities. Rural real estate hac decreased In value (luring this period. Many people refuse to Invest In real estate because it has never been considered a liquid form of investment. The Real Estate Exchange is the first serious attempt to bring liquidity to real estate securities. Many of the most responsible real estate operators in New York are interested in the exchange, and several hankers of national reputation have publicly stated that if the management of the exchange is i competent and the real estate Is sues listed are carefully Investigated, it. should presage a very important new field of security activity. Says George F. Rand, president of the Marine Trust company, of Buffalo, with regard to the exchange: "Its activities fhould enable real estate to occupy Its proper position In the financial scheme and to en list the financial support for the I development of the larger building operations.' That some plan of organization to meke sound rei estate securities mora liquid than they are now undoubtedly will be worked out in the future. Sears Roebuck August sales estimated at $3.1.000,000 vs. $28,958,654 In August, 1928. Eight months sales on this basis would be $261,000,000 vs. $2013fil.086 in 1928 period. Safety and Profit in Diversication GOLD I PROSPECTS LTD. I I I A COPPER PrtOPFRTV IN BRITISH COLIIMBU. A GOLD PROPERTY IN MANITOBA A LEAD-SILVER PROPERTV IN BRITISH COLUMBIA For parttrulars, writ now t I ( ' iAA T.. i f a J Lvnnu a i unveils, sUlU. 25 Syndicate Bldo., I Winnipeg. Iwawly-Jaae U CANADIAN TRADE IS REPORTED AS GENERALLY GOOD t Enormous Influx of Tourists Has Been Great Aid to Retail Business Although soma anxiety la evident In quarters- directly affected by the western crop outlook, prospect! for mora than average harvests In the eastern provinces give the general Canadian economic situation a fa vorable aspect. ' The enormous Influx of tourists during the summer sustained retail trade at a high level, particularly throughout the East, so that collections both at wholesale and retail are generally fair, according to re ports to Dun'a Review, Fall business In clothing Is about the same as It waa at this time a year ago; there has been almost no improvement In the woollen trade Importers of dresses and cloaks are enjoying a receptive market, and retail footwear dealers report a renewal of interest in the better class of merchandise. Sales of groceries are good In the East and fair In the West. Hardware, particularly the items needed in farm work, are moving in larger volume than for many weeks. In general hardware, there Is a iteady movement Wholesale Good General wholesalers report steady run of orders in moderate amounts for a wide range of merchandise. Many orders are of a replenishing nature, as the movement of eany rail goods at retail is on the increase, with the ending of vacationa and the marketing of the crops. Advicea from travelling salesmen show a feeling of confidence in the future among country merchants, with a tendency showing more freedom In covering future requirements. Manufacturing generally continues satisfactory, with furniture factories and sawmills o Delating on full time. Cannerlea are seasonally busy; flour mills are well employed. The shoe Industry, although quiet, anticipates a good autumn business. With paint manufacturers, however, business ia quiet after the spring rush, which continued well into the summer. Manufacturers of agricultural implements are busy. Hide Prieei Firmer Hide prices are slightly firmer, but leather manufacturers are finding business quiet. On the other hand, tanners report Increased business, as compared with, that of last I year. Export trade in flour is lm-proving and the domestic demand is normal. j Packers report export volume under that of last year, but the i domestic trade is normal. Car- . loadings since January 1 to August ' 10 show an Increase over the record for the comparative period of 192ft j Operations of iron and steel plants are being maintained at a high j level for this period, and with the railroads reported in the market for substantial quantities of rails and other material, the steady buying by manufacturers of mining 1 and farm machinery, the outlook In this Important line ia better than it has been in years. j While the ratio of output to ca- 1 paclty of Canadian newsprint mills : waa slightly lower In July than in : June or May, It was exceeded in I only three months last year. Pros- ! pecting In the mineral field continues on a substantial scale, with in- , creasing production of nickel, cop- , per, gold, coal and oil. j (James Richardson V Sons) Stocks of crude rubber In London on August 31 totalled 35.605 tons, an Increase of 954 over preceding week. Baldwin Locomotive Works entered September operating at 35 percent of capacity with $16,000,000 of orders on its books. Sears, Roebuck and Co. will open seven additional tire and accessory ; stores in Chicago and vicinity and 1 11 such stores in Western cities dur- 1 ing early fall. Stocks - Bonds - Grain Investment Bankers Much interest is centred on the progress being made by the companies drilling on the yet unproven structures in Alberta's oil field, where indications are promising. Production here will further stimulate the already strengthening oY market. Gage . Evans . Spencer LIMITED 272 Portage Ave. and 564 Grain Exchange Phone 80 391 I Mines and Marliets Safety and profit in your mining investment tin be secured by carefully planned diversification of securities, regardless of the upi and downs of the market. Many yeara of specializing in mining securities have given ui an experience and built up facilities for service that are invaluable to clients in formulating a sound mining investment programme. Our information service is available to investors without charge or obligation. LIMITS Specialists Mining Securities Mining Exchange Building. Veteran Oil Man Fighting To Regain Huge Fortune ; Joshua S. Cosden Staging Remarkable Comeback After $50,000,000 Crash By JOHN F. SINCLAIR NEW YORK, Sept. 3.-Joshua S-Cosden has come back. It is less than ten years ago since the name "Cosden" was associated with one of the largest fortunes In America. The Cosden Oil company was one of the most aggressive In the field a well-rounded organization and prosperous. Joshu S. Cosden was popular, good mixer and socially among the elite. Reputed to be worth $50,000,-000, he owned. houses In New York and Palm Beach. His parties were among the finest In the land. The Prince of Wales waa one of the Cele bris a. his Long Island palace. Then something went wrong. The company waa taken over by other interests. It was a hard blow. Doubly so be- caues of his popularity and promin ence in the social world. He was forced to sell his home on Long Island, one of the show placta of the country. Next his magnificent estate at Balm Beach was sold. New Oil Business But he had faith In himself and he knew the oil business. He felt that within himself he had the pow er of a comeback. But where waa be to get capital? His flnancia'. condition was herald ed through the length and breadth of the country and this only added to his troubles. Finally he decided to try his hand again at the old game. In February of 1928, less than a year and a half ago, the Cosden Oil company was organized and $3,000,000 of 7 percent preferred stork and 60.000 sharea of no-par common stock were Issued Friends subscribed for all of the preferred. With the preferred was given gratis one share of the common. The other half of the common Mr. Cosden was to receive for bis services. The former oil magnate agreed to go to work without salary. He knew that few aver come back 'on salary.' His fortune was again made. If the common stock could ba made valuable- It was his fob to make It so. He received 30.000 shares of the common stock In lieu of salary. The common stock at that time had no value. In fact, for noma time attar the company war formed, tp?rvrai 1, 1 uu mat ne, iui 11. Back te the Fieltt But to return to Mr Cosden. In March. 1928. with the $3,000,000 The Small Investor Tbe man with $500 to I receives the same careful and courteous attention from us as the investor with J5.0OQ. Our Investment Service Department will be pleased ts) advise you about your investments whether they be large or small. It will pay yon to make last of their experience and skill. Writ tents NflOD.bUNC. MFrtCPOLTTAN BLM. TOEONTO Winnipeg Off let: Terentft Otntral Trust utMtnfl. Branches ait at: Montreal, Ottawa. London, Hamilton, and Now York. Phone 80 151. credit to work on, he returned to the oil fields where he had made his first fortune Ha plunged anew Into his ne-v company a activities with unabated energy. His own desire was to re-establish himself In the oil business and prove to his friends he could do it. For months he was not seen In any of the big business centres. He moved here and there In the oil fields, picking up desirable properties when he could get them at the right prices. He knew his oil country for he had grown up in It. Fort worth waa made his headquarters. His $3,000,000 secured from the preferred stock waa enough to give him the start he needed. Not only did he assemble some of the finest oil property In the southwest, particularly In the West Texas fields but he has gone ahead putting to gether a well-integrated organisa tion that now Includes a first-class re- nnery. Now the company ia producing about 15.000 barrels of crude oil daily and Is carrying on a very aggressive drilling campaign. While Mr. Cosden still maintains an apartment in New York city, New York sees him but rarelv and then only to confer with his backers who have loyally atood by him. But he Is always eager to return to the oil fields of Texas, where he is again carving out another huge fortune. Great Succeaa Mr. Cosden entered the oil business more than 25 years ago in Texas. Hie old company was called Cusden Company but Its name later was changed to the Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation. This was in 1929. It Is now understood that he haa now recovered a substantial Interest in that company. Stranger things have happened than that he again may gain control of the old company. The Cosden company his new one has proved to be a great success, and Mr. Cosden ia estimated to be worth nearly $12,000,000. Not bad in 17 months, from scratch. So Mr. Cosden has come back. But he continuea to work as hard aa ever. Reports from Texaa say he la to be aeen early and late, aur- New Issues The Cumulative Redeemable Preference Stock is to be fully paid and non-assessable; preferred as to assets and dividends; entitled to cumulative preferential cash dividends at the rate of 1 per annum, payable quarterly 1st September, December, CAPITALIZATION (Upon completion of the present financing) 7 Cumulative Redeemable Prefer- Authorlred To ba Issued ence Stock (par value (50 per share $250,000 $150,000 Common Stock (no par value) 30,000 shs. 16.000 shs. Tha Company Jewel Stores Limited, a Company Incorporated under the Companies Act, Canada, has acquired as a going concern the following assets, formerly owned hy A. F. Hlggins Company Limited, and A. F. Higgins Stores. Limited. Three groceterias In the City of Winnipeg, situated at 592 Main Street, 627 Selkirk Avenue and 591 Broadway; aa well as general self-service stores at Roland, Morris and Neepawa, Manitoba Additional to acquiring these assets. It Is the Intention of Jewel Stores Limited to open a minimum of seven gro-ceterlaa in the City of Winnipeg, and ten additional groce-teriaa or self-service stores situated at other points In Manitoba. Accordingly, upon completion of the present financing and expansion programme. Jewel Stores Limited will own at least twenty-three stores in operation at the end of the Drat year Thee sharea are offered for sale when, aa and If Issued and received by us. subject ts the ur counsel, Messrs. Pitblado, Hoskin, Grundy, Bonnest, Montagu and Drummond-Ha. Applicttien will Clark, Martin & Co., Ltd. Bell, Gouinlock & Gillespie, Ltd. Bond & Debenture Corp. of Canada, Ltd. The stttements in this Market Matters CANADA GYPSUM Sales of Canada Gypsum and Alaa- bastlne. Ltd., for the current year are expected to be In excess of $6,000,000. NIAGARA WIRE WEAVING The preferred and common shares of the Niagara Wire Weaving Co., Ltd., will be listed on the Montreal Stock exchange this week. ALQOMA STEEL CORP. Earnings of Alogma Steel Corp. show more than 11 percent on the preferred stock, as compared with nothing a year ago. PLAN MINE LINE The Canadian Pacific' railway will build a branch from the main line 1 near Chelmsford Into the Treadwell- j Yukon mine property, six miles distant. Dominion Construction Co. was awarded contract. AWARDED CONTRACTS The following government contracts have been awarded: Toronto customa house to Lyall Construction Co., to cost $2,057,000. International Bridge at Fort Kent, Me., to Dominion Bridge, value $96,968. Steel work on No. 3 hangar at Montreal airport to Canadian Vickera; value, $43,166 rounded by derricks and oil machinery. No young company is more aggressive and active In the oil fields of the Southwest. Close friends have recently stated that he haa no use for the stock market, and that he does not carry a single account with any brokerage house. Wall Street many look easy to aome but not to one who, like Mr. Cosden. knows another business far better. The meteorla rise again of this former oil magnate shows anew the possibilities In America for a man who has vision and determination Vision and determination and last but by no means the least a few loyal friends. 3,000 Jewel Stores Limited 3,000 Shares 7 Cumu nive. Redeemable Preference Stock (Par Value $50) 6,000 Shares Common Stock (t'.- Pir Vt'ue) Transfer Agent: THE TORONTO GENERAL TRUSTS CORP., WINNIPEG Registrar: NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, LTD., WINNIPEG' ASSETS AND Assets iNet tangible assets of the Company, upon completion of the present financing, and as certified to by John D. Reid, & Co., are as follows: Cash $103,032.27 Merchandise on Hand 81,789.37 Deferred Charges 1,542.90 Goodwill 1.00 Store fixtures and equipment 2o,634.46 Real estate and buildings.... 20,000.00 $233,000.00 The net tangible assets of $235,000 represents $78.33 for each share of Preference Stock ($50 per value) issued. Earnings With four stores in operation for the complete period, and one operating only eight months, the net consolidated earnings, before depreciation and income tax, for the period from 31st of January, 1928, to 31st January, 1929, as certified to by John D. Reid & Co., chartered accountants, were $15,287.84. The net profit for the twelve months to 31st July, 1929, has not been determined by stocktaking, and in the absence of this latter requirements, estimates have to be substituted for the actual amounts. The average rate of gross profit on sales for Units consist of Price per unit: $75.00 and accrued preferred dividend be mtde in due course to Hit both the Preferred ind Common Snares on the Winnir't Stock E xchtnge. circultr. though not guMrmteed, which we acted in EXPECT GOOD RESULTS FROM NEWBEC DRILLING TORONTO, Sept. 3 Basing opln-lona and theory on general results and Information aecured by a considerable amount of lateral work at 125 and 250 feet In depth on Newbec mines. It is believed the diamond drill campaign now to be carried out will be directed to very good advantage. TO1D)Y ia tha bstaia of taeeem in tbe field of spfrnW tifr investment. How moch do you know about the ftrfling power, present Of proepeetiWa of the hare yoa trade in ? An ertihlinhed brokerage Honse cam keep yon posted as to the history and the present position of every issue. D. S. Paterson & Co., Ltd. STOCK BROKERS WINNIPEG OFTTCE -364 MAIN ST. Telephone 80 141 SU at AVE, WIST. CALGARY . . . . Talaphona K IN OtltfOtotm: aaulloa Ontario St. CatbartBos Ontario Macsn Falls Onion Mesttroal . Htm Ctfkc- II West BiekaaosKi Stns. Toronto, Oat. ' Dirtt Wirt S&rviet fcacuwsft offiem OsSrssIs of the Coaapan am Units March and u(cqu st the Canadian Bank of Commerce; cviable .n W!K in part on any: dividend date at V"5 per share and accrued dividend on sixty days' prior notice, having equal voting rights with the Common Stock at all times. Managemaat Tha actual management and conduct of tha Company's affairs will continue in the hands of Hr. A. F. Hlgglna an1 his staff, who have been entirely rearamaihl, for ttts sue cess of the predecessor company's business. These men have been with the Company for periods varying from ten to twenty years and are loyal to the best interests 0f the Com Pny. -v. Jewel Stores Limited In a Preferred Position v the Present As the transfer of the assets to Jewel Stores UmtUd is on the basis of Inventory of January 31st, 1S29, they Mcure the benefit of all accumulated profits for a six months' verted. ' Jewel Stores Limited are only taking actual assets r. quired to operate their stores, A. F. Hlggins Company Lim-' Ited retaining all notes, open accounts and outside Invesv. ments This arrangement permits Jewel Stores Limited ta operate with a minimum of invested capital. EARNINGS the last three years of the vendor companies was 18.397o. On the assumption that the rate of gross profit for the twelve months to 31st July, 1929, was 18 7r, the net profit, before depreciation and income tax, would be $19,427.52. From the above figures it will be seen that, with only five stores in operation, the dividend requirements on this present issue of $150,000 of 7f0 Preference Stock was earned nearly one and one-half times; bearing in mind that upon completion of the present financing there will be twenty-three stores in operation, these earnings are extremely gratifying. The net profit, before depreciation and income tax, based on average yearly increase in sales and average percentage of net profit for the next two years' operation of Jewel Stores, Limited, would be as follows: Year ending 31st July, 19:'.0 ..$39,795.20 Year ending 31st July. 1931 . . fi0.670.80 From the above figures it will be seen that estimated earnings for the year ending 31st July, 1930. after taking care of preferred dividends, but before depreciation and income tax, will be $29,293.20, or at the rate of $1.80 per share on the 16,000 Common Shares outstanding. On a similar basis the Common Shares w ill earn $3.79 per share in the -ear ending 31st July, 1931. 1 Preferred Share I 2 Common Shares Wm. E. Reid Co., Ltd. Edward Brown & Co., Ltd. Arnold, Bedson & Company, Limited. are bgstd on informtticn which purchtsing these secuntic. With about 25 percent of the 500,000 optioned shares having been taken up, netting the treasury 50 centa per share, and with a substantial aum having already been on hand, the company is In a position to continue the campaign without necessity Tor further financing. Meantime, the ore showing at la5 feet in depth measuring over 17 feet in width of close to $40 ore at one point, is available at any time that production may be undertaken. Tarawa Oftcm: M Waat Hondas Stne 4M Blnor Straal W. Cor. Yens a Dundae Ssa. S47 Danforth Avaaua 1M Oaa-araod Avanue Cor. Y,oa 4 Wauustaa SU anaaabora of Standard Steak I approval of all legal details by we believe reHthle, tnd on

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