Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 17, 1942 · 16
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 16

Chicago, Illinois
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Friday, July 17, 1942
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16 CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE C QFElDAYr JULY 17. 1912. Offer 8 Point Plan to Merge Two Churches BY THE REV. JOHN EVANS. An eijht point plan for organic i union of Presbyterian and American Episcopal churches, as adopted by a joint commission of the two groups, w as made public yesterday by the Rev. Dr. William Mclnnes of the May-fair Presbyterian church, stated clerk of the presbytery of Chicago. Altho the form of government of the new church was described as being essentially Presbyterian, Dr. Mclnnes explained that bishops or " chief pastors" would be included In the setup. These would preside over presbyteries or dioceses in the same manner as moderators now preside over presbyteries. The difference, from the Presbyterian standpoint, would be that Presbyterian bishops would officiate at confirmations unless they chose to delegate such service to "a tJuly authorized presbyter." A presbyter is a priest or minister. From the standpoint of the Episcopal church, the chief departure would be the adoption of the system of the ruling eldership. Dr. Mclnnes explained. The ruling eldership in the Presbyterian church, like the episcopate in the Episcopal church, is a basic feature. The plan calls for no attempt to " abolish diversity in worship in local organization until greater uniformity resulted naturally from fellowship in th United church." The plan for joint ordination of irinisters. as proposed last year. Dr. Mclnnes said, has been set aside for the time being. But at the request of Dr. Lewis Saymour Mudge of the Presbyterian church at the recent meeting of the joint commission in Atlantic City, a new committee has been formed to study a possible plan cf supplemental ordination to unify the ministries of the two churches. " Among members of the joint com mission well known in Chicago are Henry P. Chandler, former Chicago attorney who now is the director of the administrative office of United States courts, Washington, D. C, and Bishop Frank Wilson of the Episcopal diocese of Eau Claire, Wis. The eight point plan, in part, fol lows: 1. The Bible shall be the rule of faith and life: the Nicene and Apostles creeds, the statement of the church's faith, and the Book of Common Prayer and the Confession of Faith shall be held to contain the ystm of doctrine. -2. There shall be freedom In forms rf worship unless and until the United church agrees on a common form. "The two sacraments instituted by Christ." baptism and the Lord's Supper, shall be observed in the United church. The point then out lines the elements to be observed in the-two rites. 3. The government of the church shall be administered thru a series of graduated councils or judicatories such as the vestry or session, the ciocese or presbytery, the synod, the general convention, or general as sembly. In these councils, the bishops, the presbyters, and the laity shall have coordinated powers, constitu tionally denned. 4. The ordaining of presbyters or priests and the making of deacons or licentiates shall be by bishops and pres byteries; consecration to the episcopate by at least three bishops and the presbytery of jurisdiction. Provision is made for the merging of the diaccnate and licentiate orders. 5. The ruling eldership shall be re tained. 6. The presbyteries and the laity shall have equal voice in the councils of the church with the bishops. T. The present constitutional rights of congregations shall in no wise be affected, unless and until the United church sees fit to modify them. S. Confirmation shall be recognized as a rite of the church and shall be administered by a bishop or by a duly authorized presbyter. The plan, if adopted, must pass thru many steps as required for con stitutional changes in both churches, Dr. Mclnnes said. Thru the Looking Glass At a recent conference in England attended by women and medical of-Coers In the armed services and British industries it was revealed that the exigencies of life in war had actually improved rather than lowered the health standards of the wemen of the country. The most noticeable Improvement, sse were interested to note, has been in the care and cure of foot ailments among women entering the various services. Women are not rejected, it seems, for foot defects. The adoption of scientifically designed shoes. widespread education in foot hygiene, and the provision of trained chiropodists have combined to cure vast numbers of the women of the foot ills with which they entered the serv ices. And the health authorities are confident that this will prevent future breakdowns in health or We have an Idea that this history will repeat itself to a certain extent in this country. Already the work ing women are wearing more sensible shoes than ever before. But they are not as Interested as we predict they soon will be in correct foot hygiene and medical care. Proper shoes alone will not correct real foot ail ments, tho Ihey do help to a great extent in cutting down on what are known as "industrial fatigue" and nervous irritability. They prevent accidents, too, and that's vitally lm portant. Foot exercises, prescribed for the Individual condition, will be coming Into their- own In the future. And the chiropodist's services will be valued at their true worth. Women in industry will have to be women who enjoy foot health; they'll be useless in the long pull If their health and efficiency are damaged, as they inevitably will be. by neglected foot aliments. Eleanor N angle. Two Softly Styled Frocks WOMAN'S AND MISS DRESSES. Dressy, but not fussy, are these two frocks. They're perfect for " dates and strictly feminine parties, too. Gay the lines of these dresses are simple fashion honors. Style No. 3541 Is designed for sizes requires 3 yards of 35 inch material for also included in pattern. Style No. S527 is designed for sizes 44 and 46 inch bust measurements. material, 1 yards of edging for a street included in pattern. Each pattern costs 10 cents, plus 2 cents to cover mailing cost. Address orders for Clotilda patterns to Chicago Tribune, P. O. Box 537, Grand Central annex, NEW YORK CITY, including 10 cents In stamps or coin, plus 2 cents to cover mailing cost (coin preferred) wrap it carefully, for each pattern ordered. IMPORTANT: Be sure to state clearly the number of the pattern and the sue desired and write your name and address plainly. The summer pattern book costs 15 cents, 10 cents if ordered with a pattern. According to Culbertson ICopynrbt: 1942: By Ely Culbertson. 1 One of the fascinating features of bridge is the unpredictable but none theless vital importance of cards such as tens, nines, and even eight spots. Of course, to realize their full value. a player must know how to manip ulate them. South, in today's hand, did know. North, dealer. . Both sides vulnerable. Match-point duplicate. NORTH A A 6 2 V A 5 48 3 K J 10 9 i 3 WEST EAST . J 10 9 7 A854S SQ 10 64 V9 8 7 2 K 7 3 4 6 5 4 82 76 SOUTH AK Q K i 3 4 A Q J 10 9 A Q 5 The bidding: North East Sooth West 1 cinb Faaa 2 diamonds Pasa 3 rlube Tana 4 no tramp Pasa 5 hearts Pasa 1 bo tramp Doable Pasa Pasa Bedooble Pass Pasa Pass Blackwood convention. - The spade jack was opened and de clarer immediately took stock of his sure tricks. These were 3 spades, hearts. 1 diamond, and 6 clubs. a total of 12. The all-Important 13th trick could come normally from a successful finesse in hearts or dia monds, but declarer wasn't taking any finesses on this hand, particularly when West had doubled. There were only one king and one queen "miss ing"; to justify his double even remotely. West most have those cards in addition to the likely spade stopper. Had there been no other play than a finesse, declarer, of course, would have tried it rather than surrender. But there was another play, made possible by dummy's holding of so lowly a card as the diamond eight! After winning the opening lead with the spade king, declarer prompt ly cashed the spade queen and the diamond ace. He then ran off dummy s club suit, discarding the nine, ten and jack of diamonds. Now, by cashing the spade ace and discarding the diamond queen, he put West in a vise. Dummy still held the diamond eight and the A-5 of hearts; declarer the K-J-3 of hearts. Having to reduce to three cards. West had the unpalatable choice of letting go the diamond king. thereby establishing dummy's eight spot, or of throwing away his heart protection. He chose the latter course. Declarer thereupon cashed the ace, king, and jack of hearts for the fulfilling tricks. Without West's kind hearted double to guide him, declarer might well have tried a finesse instead of the far more complicated Vienna coup. Tavern Club Party. Mrs. Jones Jarratt, Lloyd Partridge. and Irwin Meyers are among those entertaining at dinner and dancing at the Tavern club tonight. The danc ing will be held out of doors on the terrace, weather permitting. 354-1 sizes io-go prints are ideal selections, because and allow the fabric to do all the 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Size 16 street length dress; evening version 12, 14. 16, 18 and 20, and 36, 38. 40, 42, Size 36 requires 3Vi yards of 35 inch length dress; evening version also May wood Post of Legion Opens Its Festival Today Maywood post of the American Le gion is opening its annual summer I festival today on the grounds of the Proviso Township High school. The money derived from the benefit, which continues thru Sunday, is to be invested in war bonds for the rehabilitation of the town's young Bataan heroes and others who may need assistance upon their return to civilian life. Wings for Norway Group to Meet Monday Evening An open meeting of the Swedish- American drive. Wings for Norway, Inc., will be held in the hall of the John Ericsson lodge at 6318 Yale ave nue Monday evening, it was an-nounced yesterday. The drive has been organized to raise funds to buy training planes for the Norwegian royal air force in training in Canada. French Composer to Give Last of 3 Lectures Tonight Nadia Boulanger, noted French teacher of music and composer, will deliver the last of a series of three lectures on music's changing and per manent values at Rosary college in River Forest tonight. The lecture begins at 8 o'clock and is open to the public. The Housewife If you use a small pocket lighter for your smokes you will want to pro vide yourself with a new liquid fuel, put up in bottles especially for these gadgets. A small glass jar holds the liquid and it has a little pump which empties it, by pressure, into your pocket lighter. Very convenient, and not a bit costly, either. Edith Weigle. Lectures Today Mario Pabst, " Plant Lire." 11 a. m.. and Elizabeth Ilambleton, guide lecture tour. 2 p. m.. Field museum. 28 cents. AMUSEMENTS ERLAtlGER AIR SEATS COOLED NOW OPENS NEXT SUNIIAY NIGHT A Sparkling Nexv Musical Comedv STAR CAST- Glamorous Chores of 36 Mat. Sat. Only $1.10 to $2.20 I m nrilC 41 t LA ITCH WEEK flMrCrCId AIK CONDITIONED "FUNNIEST SHOW IN TOWN." CASSI DY. SUM EVES. INC. SUN. MAT. TOMORROW JLitte-SS ROUE HIGHER LJaa'55 BLACKSTONE MATINEE TOMORROW 7th A Mlthlean . AIR COOLED II 9 4 3-ACTKAXC &vrm BUDDY EBSEN SKETS 6AUAGHES Prleas: Evil. II. 10 to 12.73. Mats. M to 12.20 Movie Mixes Orson Welles and Tarkington "THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS." Produced end directed Ity Ornn Welle. Released thru KKO-llarilo. From Booth Tarklngton's novel. Presented at the relate. THE CAST. Eugene Morgan Joseph Cotten Isabel Mlnafer .Dolores Coetello I.urjr Morgan Anne Baxter (ieorge Mlnafer Tim Holt Annt Fanny Agnea Moorehead TJnele Jack..... Bay Collins Branson Rraklne San ford MaJ. Amberson Richard Bennett By Mae Tinee. Good Morning! Th movies make strange bedfel lows. . . . Like Booth Tarkington and Orson Welles. Booth Tarklneton's novel of Ameri can life, which won the Pulitzer prize Imanv vears aeo. was adapted lor tne screen, produced and flavored witn narration bv Mr. Welles. The storv proper is preluded by . shots and description of earlier ana more leisurely days and customs. . , Life In a small town at the turn of la century. A town overshadowed by the magnificent mansion and the qver-bearine ways of its owners the mag nificent Ambersons, who tnougnt themselves too eood for human na ture's daily food, and in living ana dying learned otherwise. This portion of the film Is pleasing, and remindful of the greatly simple Tarkington, with his penetrating and sympathetic understanding of his fel low man. . . . But as the picture unfolds, sets and photography be come " Citizen Kane "-lsh and Orson Welles is off again. The principal characters are Isabel Amberson, who doesn't marry her true love, Eugene Morgan, because serenading her in an inebriated mo ment, he makes a fool of himself; Morgan, and George Minafer, Isabels son by the man she weds in pique. Upon the last is lavished the affec tion Isabel wouM have divided with a loved husband. George grows up into a spoiled and impossible boy, who, later in life, bitterly and determinedly prevents his widowed mother from happiness which might have been hers with the lonely man who had been her first and only sweetheart. ... In the end all of the Ambersons get their "come up- pance" which has been so earnestly wished for them by unsympathetic neighbors. It was delightful to see Dolores Cos tello again. She is as lovely as ever. and I hope we'll be having her with us often. . . . Agnes Moorehead, play- ftGQG) flQW Hill - ( onmuG OGKBO I ) It(3 -A 1; $ri : motiff? 5 ; - :;M 14 ! M 1 ZIS I 6000 Dempster St. Mortoa Crave Take IT. 8. 41 to Dempster St.. turn west at Dempster (30 MIN. FROM LOOP1 Offers Free Cab Transportation FROM DEMPSTER ST. "L" STATION TO THE CLUE Starring HARRY SAVOY (Formerly with Jack Benny) NATIONALLY KNOWN COMIC AND CAST OF "12" STARS A SHOW LASTING I'i HOURS DINNER $1.25 AV.Simum ovat Jimmy HIS ORCHESTRA NEW SUMMER REVUE PAy (BH0 ray Looking at Hollywood by Hedda HoPPer Hollywood. Cal.. July 17. How's this for a laugh? Walt Disney's "Bambi" Felix Salton's story of a deerj. to be' premiered early in August, has started an undercover movement among the sporting world to boycott the production unless a foreword is inserted to the effect that any Walt Disnrr. s 1 m 1 larity be tween huntsmen depicted only by offstage gun fire and themselves is purely imaginary of something! " Man " who enters Bambi's forest only to kill is oddly enough the villain of the piece, and our mighty nlmrods are in a regular tizzy! These intrepid gentry, whose Idea of heaven is to crash the newsreels, draped proudly across the hapless carcass of the day's kill, are thrown into a good ol' fashioned sweat by Disney's tender and heartwarming presentation of the animal's side of the case. Where In heck do you suppose they ever got the name sportsmen"? A.bnt Guf. Cobina Wright's party was a hit with every one except the guest of honor Diana Barrymore's mother, Michael Strange, who won't arrive ing Fanny, Isabel's maiden sister, presents a searching study in frustration. ... Anne Baxter, is refreshing as the widowed Morgan's daughter, and Joseph Cotton is well sweet as Morgan. . . . Young Tim Holt does as well as any one could with the role of young George. . . . All of the acting is commendable, but somehow, for me, the characters seldom " came alive." . . . And I guess I wasn't alone in that reaction, be cause people sitting around me exhib ited a baffled restlessness. S you tomorrow. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN A FILM OF INTEGRITY AND BEAUTY! TIME MAGAllHB STIRRING . . . FASCINATING. THOUGHTFUL! HAS TINII DONE MAGNIFICENTLY . EXTRAORDINARY ... AUTHENTIC I WOLH KAQtHAH EXQUISITE . . . ADMIRABLE . . MEMORABLE! BEAUTIFUL . . . UNUSUAL . ELOOUENT! - OOMt AROEN ttecras IAVDCC1A( v a ivvf in PEnson A Estnpar Show... bars-ia with StMicb-Saich. ars. olWa with tela aad aatarla the RIALTO CURVETTES. I TT assT limit Sbur CtitiMtM xn MS A H ALL NEW SHOWS AT 5 P.M. Latest Additional Films of MIDWAY BATTLE! BOMBING OF CARRIER Y0RKT0WH! FILMED I'NUKR FIRE! CONVOY in : GIANT BATTLE! : Sat Axis Bombers Crash la Sta! First Films . . . PORT MORESBY and DARWIN IN BOMBING RAID! DRAMATICS Flntt Iimld Pictures NAZI SPY TRIAL : rlX'S OTHER WORLMNKWS MARCH OF TIME arttiatf INDIA IN CRISIS" nST IMWI tTW w wii . jmmvmnv rnn-i wma aararaaa man RE0. FIELDINS I Ua.lJqt?lottoor,, lOOm TAUIMTOin atvaf With Amok Csttta Dftlam Csstslla m lociar . Taa Molt . Ity CelCas aaats MufinnE Rkksra ImiwK 3t &1 MONROE COOL AIR CONDITIONED "MARCH OF TIME jeania "WHAT'S COOKIN'?" MURDER ir THE Bid llJe BUY U. S. WAR STAMPS h mm till end of week. Diana won't marry Bramwell Fletcher till she finishes " Between Us Girls." When Cobina's butler didn't show up, Cary Grant, Edgar Bergen, Reggie Gardiner, and Harry Crocker did the honors for her. Harry found a pitcher shaped like a cow, then chased among the guests with that lartile fluid. Cobina's two proteges were present Gale Laughton and Judith Gibson. Moro Fun. Marjorie and Jack Cummin gs swimming party was a great success, too, except that nobody swam because guests including the Lee Bowmans, Al Halls, Ruth Taylor who wore a jeweled clip with her gingham dress. Andy Lawlor, Ad Schulberg, the Sam Jaffes, and many more were too busy eating hamburgers, corn on the cob. and a dessert that cooled you just looking at it. Half a watermelon was scooped out, then filled with raspberry ice cream, decorated with chocolate seeds and boy! was it good! Each serving had a huge American Beauty rose In the middle, which we swiped as souvenirs. That Marjorie has the best darned taste. Latt, but Not Ltatt. Then to Edward Everett Horton's place called. Belly Acres the house that laughs built. There was Carmen Miranda in a watermelon colored suit, four huge clips on the lapel of her coat. First time I've seen her without a hat. She wore her hair in a huge pompadour in front, slicked straight up the back, and held with a couple of combs. Each hair was trained to stay put not one slipped a mooring the whole evening. She sang, without accompaniment, and boy! how she puts over a song. .' . . With her producer. Bill Le Baron, and Director Irving Cummings leading "the applause, Charlotte Greenwood did her famous " David " song. A direct descendant of Felix Mendelssohn played the piano beautifully. John Payne brought his MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN & 'ill Ml fU 25' BUTE DAVIS OLIVIA dellAUD ' A "91 va- C4ioerj30 mum I A CRI I C Madison-Clark. -LATE SHOW LA OAL.L.C COOL "March of Time" "BATB with the FAION" Geo. Handera tltt "YUKON PATROL" '! 'I'Ll'Cl'I'l'l-' ' 'J cB t. m SEX fr (' Eii:is CTIiniA fi E. VAN BUREN IAST W W NOON TO M1DNITE DAY MOST DELICATE SUBJECT EVER BROUGHT TO THE SCREEN it WASTED LIVES" VKmvnrfWTvn rnr"rnT" Anti i.i.-iji.uv f uiiiuuivn Only World PLAYHOUSE 4M?: COOL Com. 11:19 tn Mldnlte 30e to S. til Inrliidwt 2"& . H. G. WELLS' "KIPPS & Leonid Mamina and "BALLET RUSSE f AD if COOI AIR CONDITIONED WbMnn FIRST RUN NFWS RKET.I reSnFiV THE FLEET'S IN Albert Dpkfccr. "AMONG THE LIVING BUY U. S. WAR BONDS I S0l0"-T' :Sa ta I to V.l a Riwj mother, who's from Roanoke, Va.. and when I said the thing I missed most out here was dogwood and lilacs, she 'invited me down next spring, because she has a house In a grove of 200 acres of dogwood trees, and around that a '-edge of lilacs. Ted North, wear, ig silly rhln whiskers grown for a picture, was there with his light o love, Mary Beth Hughes. . . . Cesar Romero, who's in "Springtime in the Rockies" with Carmen, but doesn't get to do a scene with her, said he was cheated. Thia and That. . Hubert Drill, expert card player who's teaching Jimmy Craig a lot of tricks in "Gambler's Choice," tells me there are more women 'poker players in America than men. With women it's supplanted bridge and gin-rummy. . . . Huntington Hartford, ex-husband of Mrs. Doug Fairbanks Jr., intends settling down here. Over last week-end he bought the place in Hollywood once bought for $500,000 by Singer John Mc-Cormack, who lost it when he couldn't pay the mortgage. . . . Myrna Loy's not returning for more pictures. She's happily married and aims to remain ' that way, thank you. Smart girl, Myrna. . . . Dorothy Lamour's picked up where she left off with John Howard. . . . You may not know it, but "Rocka-bye Baby" is the best known song in the world. Deanna Durbin is singing it In Chinese in "Forever Yours." It's being recorded, and copies sent to Mme. Chiang Kai-chek, to be played to all the mothers in China, she hopes. . . . Yes. Rita Hayworth got her raise, which had been promised her as soon as she divorced Eddie Judson. While the new contract was being drawn up, she started going places with Vic Mature. Studio execs again got worried, told her she'd have to stop or she wouldn't get her raise. She told them to go jump in the lake. Yes, she got her raise! fCopyrisht: 1042: By Th Cbiras-o Tribune.! MOTION PICTURES NORTH BUY WAR STAMPS FOR VICTORY AT ALL BAUBAN ft KATZ Air Condition Theatm Comfortably COOL m Opan I:30-"LOVIR$ of KING'S ROW" ANN SHERIDAN aad RONALD REAGAN IIIIISTF S I rSI ft ACTION 8MA8H1 4 Syrian. Gosra Gsrae TOBIAS Plus JOAN BENNETT GEORGE BRENT. TWIN BEDS' ff HOWL HIT! mibcha autn !1S LAKESIDE f o 'JUNGLE BOOK' mi Klpllnt s Hit ta Cslarl WAV MILLAND. PauUtta CODOARO. "LADY HAS PLANS" DOWNTOWN AIABAK t KATZ THEATERS Sf KSMl (inc. tat) CROWDS AGREE... RPR a ims i ine vear $ jr- f. r most startling Tit nirfiiraf , J. ANN SHERIDAN Ronald REAGAN Rob't CUMMINGS BETTY FIELD Charles COBURN CLAUDE RAINS lf,J."AAACH ON, AMERICA" h IMt) A MOWL OF A UrXPPY MATING I 1aWiry FONDA0 DARN ai r - C HARBOR DONALD MB AMY ALAN CURTIS A " rV PAY UCKEN7IE X CECIL S. DE MALE'S .PAULETTE GODDARD ; RAY MILUND J0HN.fA?KE iiimiMOftitiiHiVi 0t a 43. I LAST DAY SPENCER HEDY JOHN FRANK TRACY LAMARR GARFIELD MORGAN MRYCO0NR RGEAHTYORK- TODAY! IfTrWB,B?7I OP. 1:15 1 I H J VJ 1 I j H j BP IIIIIIU M WEO! 71JLM MKT I DAV ' 40 8i:45 ta I (Tax lad.) Proper Garb Adds to Fun of Lake Cruise BY REA SEEGER. Cruise enthusiasts have discovered the fun and relaxation the summer fresh water trips offer as vacation lures. Whether you have one week, two, a week-end, or Just want to get away from shrill telephones and tax Ing routine for one day only, there are excursions by the dozens. Also star attractions around the best shops and stores are the water worthy clothes to help you have more fun. comfort, and change on these jaunts. There are time honored classics of pleated or gored white flannel skirts ready to be teamed with a basque fisherman sweater of red or blue and white horizontal stripes, or with white pull-over sweater and a red flan nel coat. There are the nautical jackets of navy blue flannel with brass buttons and navy blue flannel skirts ready to get together with the sama or with contrasting colored ideas. For hot days there are sailor suits of faded blue denim, complete to sailor collar blouse trimmed with white braid and a red scarf knotted in front. Also in this same blue denim, are the slacks and sailor blouses that pull up round the waistline with a string. One good looking team of sweater and cardigan, called " deck mates." is available in cool white the knitted pattern is made with a linenlike thread with designs of red and blu anchors, star and entwined ropes and are yours for an amazingly small sum. White crepe dresses also flaunt th nautical designs and can be worn for afternoon and for dinner, altho there are long, slinky, white dinner dresses cut with sailor collars and lacing of navy blue or red along the side hips and a fine flare of line around the hem. MOTION PICTURES NORTH BifttWKoikrrsJuMrtiilasY rttrtf mfi tsar I DREW'KYSER WYMAN plus Hono onto V RAT KYSu 1 BAUD your dough, boysf EDWARD G. ROBINSON "" last Wwi lack Cartas IrtatftaCrewtsrl SMASH SHOW! NORSHORE HswarS-Clarh CENTURY Clark -Dlr BELMONT Llaeala-Aihlaas N0RT0WN WMtra-Da IN SLAZINS COLONI E3 o PI G O en RITA VICTOR HAYWORTH MATURE "MY CAL SAL" SAY MUSICAL ROMANCC! Phn ACTION HIT! GEORGE RAPT PAT O'BRIEN "BROADWAY" PANTHEON Lata Faaturat 1 30 CO VENT -wursCMkh-r ul Plus OR. KILDARE'S VICTORY" Extra: Lt. J St. STEWART. -WINNING Yavr WINGS' uniuinn o. "FLEET'S IH" I1U IT MI1U I :J0 II! u Derath LAMOUR. Faa! Aetiaat Plat Salaa Lani la Nazi Suhl "Tha N-V-A-D-C-R-S" PIMP' r- B- ' UlnC GESTAPO "NAZI AGENT" CONRAD VCIOT Plus Gf ORGS SANDERS a Aatlaa-Mltl "DATE wit IK FALCON" julian COOL. Gta. O Brl.a. "TROUBLE AT SUNDOWN" PKia Jatk Ranoall la -TRIGGER SMITH" aa4 "WILO AND WOOZY WEST" A DAFFY DUCC SHERIDAN Sawlaaa COOL SUICIDE SQUADRONS OF ALL NATIONS! ''SUICIDE SQUADRON" Plus CHARLES LAUGHTON aft JON HALL. THE TUTTLES OF TAHITI IXZMi 'YOO HOO GENERAL' vogue xsurzsz COOL Warty Haraiaa A RanS. -WHAT'S COOKIN f 'VALLEY Or THE SUN" Latllla Mall MObE. TJ5T. COOL Judy Caaara. Sklaaay Caaia aaS Saaa. Taai Imt. "SLEEPY TIME GAL" A "Trai. Tramp, Traa 400 15c 'pcisr- 20c COOL 74 SnarlSaa. "NIGHT BEFORE OIVORCE MICHELE MORGAN la "JOAN OP PARIS DEVON omthy "lTmou COOL Wai. HOLOEN. "FLEET'S IN" Laaraaaa OLIVIER Latlla HaararS. RaynaaS Maawy. "INVA0ERS Binrni nu 2413 Llaaala rAril v DiuunHrn s cartoon S awaa Charlia Chaa. "CASTLE IN THE DESERT Gaarsa SaaSm. "DATE WITH THE FALCON" DEAD END KI08. "JUNIOR G-MEN at taa AIR N. CENTER VV..:, COOL "YUKON PATROL" Plus -BROOKLYN ORCHIO' ana Latllla Ball la -VALLEY OF THE SUN DISH w COUPON for Htw4 OlaaarwtKa) davis F4r.': m-rrV; cool Madllaa CARROLL. "HONEYMOON IN BALI Walter pltaoaa. Jaaa Bcanat. Start Ran -THE HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY" BUCK'M "iXh-.SSS COOL LAURENCE OLIVIER. "THE INVADERS ' Phta Oartthy Lawaar. Wai. Htlta. "FLEET'S IN" ARGMORE VWr COOL "THE NIGHT BEFORE OIVORCE" .. "ON THE SUNNY SIDE" RaSay MtOavall FRUIT DISH aaS COUPON tar MAJOR PIECE fa itf ShtfStK aa Btlawat ffft w lv FlattaraaS Dlaaarwart IrUUla Charlia Chaa. "CASTLE IN THE OESERT" Gaaraa SaaStn. "OATE WITH THE F ALCBN "MY GAL SAL-RITA HAYWORTH VICTOR MATURE AND THE ESQUIRE HOUR Ffatura at i flB 3 :. 5 44. g 01 to K raviaw 7:4S 9:41 faa'ur a 39 I 3O-.0 M a beautiful, romantic story directed iti delicacy, restraint and roet.c iraqrj.ra LESLIE HOWARD INGRID IERGMAN ahfi phi '7 N- rLA k. iMw-t ULL.r I1L goo. PK. last I3C PluaTt Jamat I'AONKT. Mwnnlt MORGAN. B M.r.h.J -CAITAINS UF THE CLOLDS" Marlene DIETRirH. Fred MarMURRA Y "THE LADY IS WILLING- Pntfli clm "A" 13M Mont at "L" 8taiia rJk-Lr rmnrfi HHOW TIMTTS. ! KSa'tVI "JOHNNY EAGER- ROSEWOOD 4 OpanlrSS. S FEAT. "MATOR OF 44TR RT." O. MoiDhy. F. Mtrtia "PAR8QN of PANAMIXT C Matt tt. K. trm SURF raulr-tte Godilard. Ray Millani "THE LADY HAS PLAN' tAirCond.J AND THE 5CR.F Dl'iEST 25o 6:15-6:30. Feature at 6:43. 8:40. 10 .1S RDVN M4WD at "L" Station. In Colf DI I IS IMA TT IV Klnllnr's -JT-NGT.K Booar Sidney Toler. "CASTLE IN THE DESERT" nr I 1IYC 1-41 Wllaoti Are. COXRAO TTTIT, ISA liUAii i ANN ATARR. "NAZI AnrST John Wayne. Mtrtrot Dlttrtch. "THE fOIU84' WITjriCnD COOU IIM N. CLARK TRrr"P TT III UOV A Open l:in jrm ATKFS. KILDARF.-R VICTORT" A "TAIJ.FT "f he er' LINCOLN 3,,,V Mat. IV. Ft. vm M. nirtrlrh. "TrT J WTLirw" Pat O'Brien TWO TANKS IV TRINTTAD PAT ft 6400 N. Clark. Or. 1 :3 P. M. Am Aara UtLU Cnnrad Veidt. "VAZT AGENT" SABU in Kipling- s "JVNGLE BOOK" U rata

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