Davenport Morning Star from Davenport, Iowa on December 14, 1902 · Page 7
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Davenport Morning Star from Davenport, Iowa · Page 7

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 14, 1902
Page 7
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v · - ; ^·^:^tf* : S-I-.:-**!- '- - , .! I ' ' - » ' . " K , 1 * ,' . · · ' . - · . t - · . I i .- '· · '..' '·'·". -··"'.···.''·· . ;V/!iVj?- : v\ ··· "/'···".' V, ! · · . . · " · ' 1 * , ' - - . · * . V. *··' ' " \ ·* - . . , - - · , * * L 1 *.' '* DAVENFORT REPUBLICAN. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1902 -,' t-J -.* Iron Bed, brass railed, bow foot, white or green, any sJze, like cut $4.90 DON'T WASTE, TIME OR MONE.Y. DON'T SHOP AT THE EXPENSE, OF STRENGTH AND COMFOB.T. COME- TO HEADQUARTERS Morris Chair, massive design, solid oak. well made, loose reversabl? cushions, like cut $5.20 ITURE Remember When I Say LiKe Cut, I Mean It if rff(. . H i i\*yw \ Child's Booker, rich g-olden oak fi n i s h, wood s e a t , carved back, like cut Large Dressing Case, solid oak, full swell front drawer. Large French bevel mirror. Just | | like cut I I , Massive Hococo Couch, 32 inch wide, heavy frame of oak or mahogany, made with steel construction . springr just like cat Music crrblnets A larg:e variety in genuine m a h o s a n y * walnut a n d Verna Martin, a very , pretty one k Massive Sideboard, like cut, solid oak, polish finish, large French bevel mirror, swell |'7 top drawers 1 fi Ladies' Dressing Table, quarter sawed oak or raa- hagronv highly polished, swell drawer. French bevel mirror like cut 0. s ·sad Handsome Book Case and Desk Combination of quarter sawed .oak, polish finish, French Bevel Mirror like cut Fancy Rocker. Just like cut, Quarter sawed, golden oak polish finish, very comfortable and well made a y 'MW*.* Misses Rocker, solid · golden oak finish, wood seat, like cut «*·· yr ' "a ^IVjI 4h « '^^TM ^ ·U'-r i. lut m Largo Cobble or Wood Rocker, high carved ba.ck Seat \l Child's GoMen High Chair, \vood Kocker like cut [mi Our assortment of Ta- bouret tes are worth your attention. In all the different w o o d s ; o n e very similar to cut ^ « Oak seat ^ .A 7* h^W- '^' .r«» '4 ffrYstjrr-. "*-- ·r, !*·»--'^^·r*. _ ¥/hen .*«*ii Chiffloner, solid drawers just like cut oak, fiv« Elegant Large Turkish Koclcer, genuine leather fill e3 in hair, best tempered steel springs. just like cut cr Elegant largre Arm Rocker, golden oak finish, higrh carved back. Cant be beat ·VJ Fine Ladies' Desk, made of quarter sawed oak a n d mahogany, highly -polished .."........; 3? sa; f Large comfortabla Rattan Rocker similar to cut SS- i V -- £ *.*-* r,^' 'V-R_^ .11' r*r--i F tai I w N ·l^ *._ · If! ,u Handsome S-piece pnrlor suit In polished mahogany finish, frame richly carved, covering of line silk damask. Just like cut I Center Table, ^olid oak polish finish, 24x24 inch top. French shaped legs. Like 1 cut I . fTV»V' Solid Oak Quarter Sawed Library Ta ble. French shaped legs, highly polished, like cut Handsome Divan, highly polished mahogany finish, spring" sea,t, upholstered in a variety of covering just like cut China Closets, solid oak bent srlass ends, large glass door, hand polish finish just like cut Fancy Parlor Rocker in fine sawad o a k o r mhog- a n y polish finlah. Juat like out A A l i i O l i . 13.50 emem can 1O9 AND 111 E. SEC 9 DSVENP fiOWS Extension Table, solid grolden oak polish finish, legs of rope Uvisied pattern and extends "7 six feet / » ILL EPS CES HOLS F OUK STOC CHASES Beautiful Parlor Corner Chain from mahogany finish, with covennga rich silk damask, tapestry or velour uiiiiiiuiiiimiiEimiiKininiiiiiKiUBiaimm | FIVE DOLLAR PRIZE | 1 IN GOLD--Free to AH! 1 £ Doi^ yoa want Five Doi- 5 S la* s to spend for Xmas S 5 We will give five dollars to 3 5 that boy or girl under sixteen S ~ years of age who writes the best £j = description, in poetry, of Young "^ S fc McCombs* Spot Cash Depart- S £ ment Store, story to contain not S £ less than fifty words, no more E 2 than one hundred. The story s E has to contain these items: S S (Young McCombs' Spot Cash S Department Store), and Largest SS Line of Christmas Novelties. 2 5 Write on one side of paper only. S £ Be sure to sign your name and S address plainly* · · . . 3 E Competition closes at mid- S MISS ROSENF1ELD GIVES PARTY WITH 60 GUESTS In Honor of the Bridal Party of Ap- · f* proaehing Wedding. t nigh.t r Dec. £2d, and the five dol- lafs" will reach 'the winner Dec. i23d in plenty of time to spend for Christmas. . The description winning the prize will be. printed in all the papers Dec. 24th. Please address Prize Editor, Care of Young ^McCombs', Bock Island. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEiiiiuiiiiiiiim The dancing party given by Miss Irene Rosen field, of Rock Island, at which the bridal party, Cassell-LIUig. were guests of honor, -was a very elaborate social affair. About sixty young people of the three cities participated in the pleasures of the evening. The beautiful home of the Rosenfieu-.a' was elegantly decorated, the dancing hall being in Christmas evergreen. The lights from chandeliers, in the center of the room gleamed through a mass of rich holly. From this ropes of holly were festooned to the corners of the room. In the tiorth end of thfe room an alcove was formed of palms and here Petersen's orchestra discoursed delightful valses and two steps. A Turk- }-h pavillion was formed by rich Oriental draperies and lighted with green shaded tapers. In the center of an Oriental table was a large cluster of carnations and hyacinths. The arched entrance to this Eastern monovalion was in holly. The whole conspired to make a brilliant and beautiful scene. The costumes vied with the general beauty. The hostess wore white chiffon over white taffeta elaborate trimmings of lace. The bride elect, Miss Cassell, wore a lovely creation of.white embroidered chiffon over taffeta; The supper was served on small tables seating six guests. Every other table had a bridesmaid' rose houqnet -for a center piece and every other table a»caiKleia-' brum with Jewish tapers. The tables were garlanded with smilax, the bride's table cloth being beautifully hand embroidered in brides maid roses. The cliamielier was festooned in smilax and pink roses. The ires were all in harmony with tho occasion, being hearts, cupids, etc. TWO LETTERS ADDRESSED TO SANTA GLAUS One is. From No. 9 School Girl and the Other From Fireman. I The following letter was directed to Santa Glaus in care of the Republican. v \ r e t h i n k he will grant the request, of the little writer who thought of the poor first: Davenport. Iowa. Dec. 12,1902.--Dear Santa Glaus: I wish you would give the poor children more presents than you give me. I go to number 9. that is the number of my school that I go to. I suppose that you are busy making toys for girls and boys. I wish yon would take a kiss. I was going to write before this. Well this morning on the walk all the way to school it was nothing but ice. I would like to have a double guide sled and a big clollie. .Yes a HU.le rabbit that leans on the floor. And a ring and a bell and a little jacket for my doll. And give mamma a very pretty present. And papa a very pretty present. And my brother and sister. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Your loving friend, Helen Wright. Another letter directed to the old Saint, in care of the Republican, is printed as follows: Davenport, Iowa, Dec. 13, 1802.--Dear Santa: I have been a good boy and I want you to bring me lots of things. A jumping jack, a rattle,,a.rubber dollie, a little wagon, a train of cars, a gun, a sled, and, and, a little fireman's suit, a l i t t l e firo wa.^on. and a patrol, and a big', big, hng of candy and nuts, and I cannot think of anything ^Ise, so goodbye, I am your l i t t l e friend Fred Riablc. Fireman, No. 5 Hose. Ordor your con I ol W. if. Ctaitssen. 'Phone 136, Fifth and ~ " TRADES ASSEMBLY FORMED BY THE LOCAL UNIONS. Meeting Was Held at Union Hall and Officers Elected. 1 i f \ The organization of a trades assembly for chis city, a central body for the various labor unions, which was agitated last August, has been effected by the representatives of the unions, who had been instructed what action to take. Eight of the fifteen unions of this city have already joined the trades assembly, and a number will seek admission at the next meeting, which is to be held Wednesday evening. P. T. Menton of Boone, slate organizer for the state federation o£ labor was in the city and conducted the meeting. The following were elected officers: President, Gus Wilson of the Musicians' union; vice- president, J. C. Minett of the cigar makers' union, and secretary, E. Love of the electrical workers' union. The remainder of the officers will be elected at the next regular meeting. PROGRAM FOR CONCERT BY PETERSEN ? S BAND "Will Be Given at Lahrmann-s Hall This Afternoon. The regular Sunday afternoon concerts that are now being given by Albert Peterson's orchestra at Lahrmann's hall will undoubtedly prove a strong attraction for local concert goers. The orchestra is under the direction of Albert Petersen. The following attractive program has been arranged for this afternoon: a. March--Give the Countersign Scouton b. Overture--Far West Koppitz A Lesson in Flirtation Englander Selection from Maid Marian.. .DeKoven Fauf-t rant as ie Gounod a. Quartette, from Rigoletto Verdi b. Anvil Chorus Verdi Waltz--Vienna Beauties Zichrer Selection--Prince of Pilsor Lueders Latest Hits Harry von Tilzen Galcp--Midnight Alarm .Lincoln Handy Volume Classics, in "*ull Leather bindings, at 75 cents to $1.50 at White's Book Store. Oriental Busts and Placques at Lor onzon's. Third and Harrison. FOR G A R S AND P I P E S tot Christmas Gifts ^ SEE HICKEY BROS. REPORT OF POKER GAME WAS ENTIRELY CORRECT ^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^JJfcA^^j^^rffc^^^» * Apparent Contradiction Explained by the Method of Play.-i . . m u t It developed yesterday that a number 'of persons not familiar with the methods of playing poker in the\upper part of the Fifth vrard- conjectured that the fact that an Oak .Lane man took the money from a Walling court resident, the latter having five kings counting the joker as one and the. former having a royal Sush, indicated that one or the other of the men had a kins up his sleeve. The general misappre^" hension regarding the matter amounted almost to a scandal, and the Republican office vras called up frequently yesterday for an explanation of the matter. The suspicion that cue .or the other of the gentlemen, cheated ' a t cards Is very unfortunate,'inasmuch as both are very far above such an. action. The facts of the game were as given in the Republican yesterday morning and \vere given with the idea that tbose at all familiar with the game \vould see at once that the Walling court and the Oak Lane men were playing "deuce wild," that is, they were counting a deuce as anything they might choose. This is a standing rule of draw in tuG Upper Fifth, In the game in question, the Oak Lane man held a deuce and found that by counting it as a king he , could make a royal fiush out of his i hand. It was entirely within his rights to do this, and no objection was raised to his claim that he was entitled to the money. Those who are not familiar with all the ways of playing the-national game should "sit in" at a game with the gentlemen in the Upper Fifth, and get instruction in all up-to-date methods of play. $81 ? OQG,OGa. The Americans consumed $81,000,0(W worth of candy last year. Maehr's share in this lerge sum is getting larger each year. Pure candies, perfectly fresh, made of the finest chocolates, nuts, cream and fine flavors. Made fresh almost every hour--made right on. the spot. These are the points that make Maehr's sweets so popular. Try some. Chocolates and Bon Bons put up in line boxes and satin lined "baskets just the thing for a Christmas present. 30 cents--50 cents--$1.00 to ?1Q.OO boxes. All our own make. Headquarters for Christmas trees and decorating material at the Biederbeceke Miller old stand, 107 and 109 West Second stret. Nichols and Lorton. OFFICER JENSEN ARRESTS FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE Man Captured Wanted on Other Side of the Kiver. A. J. Glynn. wanted in Rock Island for the theft of clothes, was arrested on this side of the river yesterday by Officer John Jensen, the driver of the ambulance, who is patrolling OflScer- Quinn's beat, while the latter is on his annual ten days' vacation, and -while the ambulance is "in the hospital,*' getting several new coats of paint Chiet Darnell of the Rock Island department came over and took Glynn. who admit" ted lus guilt and promised to show where he had put the stolen goods. HAVE BEE3ST SPOTTED That suit of clothes that you have. been wearing so long and which are all covered with spots would look much tetter if they were put through our steam cleaning process. Give us a try,. The New Pantorium, 317 Brady street Phone S114. -* PKEE SOPA PILLOWS While they last wo will give a full size pretty sofa pillow with every can of Baking Powder. This is an exceptional offer and should not "be missecL Call at our store and see the assortment. Grand Union Tea.Co., 226 W. 2d St. ?istmas Sniokidg Jackets, Silk Silk Mtrfflers,. single Silk Neckties, single Henry Willie Newton at Apollo Club j NEW FICTION. Concert at the Burlis, Dec. 17. P O R E L I L MOSE For Children Free With Baking Powder. UNION TEA CO. 226 W, 2nd Street. The Blue Flower, by Henry Van Dyke. The Two Vanrevels, by Booth Tarkington. Woven With the Ship, by C. T. Brady. Cecelia, by F. Marion Crawford. Temporal Power, by Marie Cor- elH. nnd all new fiction, at White's Book Store. Subscriptions received for all Maga- xines and Papers, at White's Book i Store. PARTY SUPPLIES Paper cases. Laces. Doylies, Souvenirs, Individual ice cream. Fancy forms. ! Fancy cakes and Party Candies a t ' Kreil Co., 218 Brady, Phone 6;J2, Umbrellas box displayed Imported Web Sospende* And many other good things Call and see them. Silberstein ros One Price Clothing Plouse 216-218 W. Second St. .... VX - « v r J . . -T - ··..-* -' · -:'\ r , · , -1 f c . ^ -. T-. · ' i 1 i :' *. * -.· -1' - * --.^r r - » . - · -" « ' * ^ -f. * *· _ " » - - M i *' ^^^v:#;.fe^ v .-.-Siiik^iiiski * i: '· f · ,tr .. , , ,\ · * r f · · / " . i . . , ·'' . T "\ * *. '- '. · , * * ·· ' * j · i^X^'-^yiiTv'.ji'v;' A#i^

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