The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1953 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1953
Page 17
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RSDAY, JULY 18, 1958 BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt r I'D BeTTER " FOR gfMND "•TMflTS HIS g (ARTC.)' COURIER NT5TTS PAGE SETBNTTBIf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami yOU'D MAKE LIFE SWEETER FOR ME IF, WHEN VOU GIVE THIS LONCi MILK, SOUP &KA.VY, VOU'P WIPE r-r HIS CHIN ' 1 DON'T KNOW- SHE HUKDLSP ME AMP TWO CHAIRS. THAT HOW you SOW « LflM 'g^OR^ W£RE SRAl _ ^ FAVORITE WAY Y<?ue OF OUT OF A ^ ^ v COMA/ WHAT 6TAKTED 1 - TKe 6TAMPSDE ¥ A WRESTLING PUPIL, _ (SIVE gOY AM A-PLUS- HEROES ARE MADE-MOT BORM pree A IWIELWWP £EARO),cneri AND FABIAN! AMAIZA, ANP HAVE HEAD-HUNTgp LOOK.! H£K NOW... T1 PLANETARY WAK! A/WAI2A FIND MELLO AT A NI6HT $fOT WITH FABIAN FWIPey... iead Courier News Classified Ads. TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Ill N*rtk Broadwuj fbaai 4511 and 4512 For Better Plumbing, SELECT CRANE & STANDARD FIXTURES Earl Walker Phunblnr * GUI Fittinj 418 South Lake Phone 3553 Smallest Farms Japan is a land of small rice nd silt farms and is said to have the smallest of any nation in the world. The average holding is less than three acres. "Fill that ah&kei wttii V Morton, friend- WMIN IT RAIN* IT POUR!" FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant- Promised Land Massacre Mbuntaks by Frank C.Robertson rxva ought lor a moment, then said slowly, "There's a wagon train oo the way captained by Nate Wilkinson and it'd be a rich baul lor Zad Barnes. He'll need Tobey'i Indians to loot it" "That's a tact." said Jess Wil- (Uams. "He wouldn't try it with- 1 |Out Tobey and his Injuns. 1 * "Then Tobey'i! be back," Pete aid, thinking aloud, rather thani talking to the old outlaw "What's more. Zad will know that Nate and 1 1 will,b« back, and he'll want usi to see Betty it he can capture us. His mind runs like that." "1 reckon that's what he'd like to do," Jess agreed. "Listen. Jess, if we're to help, Betty you've got to tell me all you know." "I dont know much," the old man said. "Late years I ain't done nothin' much except run this ranch fer Zad, and try to perfect Betty as much as possible. Course, I know what's been goin' on. and how Zad has got rich workin 1 with [the Injuns and a few white out- jlaws robbin* emigrants." "That's not much help. I already [knew that." "I know somcthiri' about the slave trade too," Jess said shamefacedly. "It's somethin' even Zad •in't proud of, but he does it to faint hope that it could possibly •keep Tobey in line." "I don't think he'd be above .anything, but what about it?" "It used to be big business. The an' buy women an' kids that the Utes and other strong tribes captured from the weak ones like to Tobey or Juan Chec. these DtRgers. The government stopped that mostly, but Tobey he help was not so urgent as Betty's, seen a chance to prey on the small and had the cases been equal he bands out here on the desert, so realized that Betty would still he gathers up all the kids he can and sells 'cm. Pete Morrison nodded. He had long suspected what old Jess tolc was likely to do something rash that would cost him his own life and destroy what little chan-e Betty might have. Pete said, "Jess, would you be able to go to Two Rivers?" "Not today. Tomorrow maybe." "1 would like you to try to give the white woman down there a message from me. I'd write a note, "Mebbe you seen > Navajo named Juan Chee down there? ie's a scout for the slave traders, Renegade from his own people, 1 but the last one I wrote almost icar. He hangs out around Two livers, and when there are slaves enough Zad makes the deal, and Tobey delivers 'em some place where Chee has his people Waitin'. Zad meant to sell Walter to 'em, although he'l older than they want. They run 'em into Mexico." "A fine business! Is there any chance at all Barnes will try to sell Betty to Chee?" "He can't He's promised her to. Tobey." "You're sure Betty isn't in Two livers yet?" "I know sh« ain't." • 9 • >ETE was at the end of his rope. Searching for the girl in a territory that covered hundreds of square miles would be useless. Tobey was too smart to bi slipped up on. He asked. "Does Zad himself know where she is"" "I doubt it. But if he did rou couldn't make him tell if you broiled him over a slow fire," Jess said positively. It was hard for Pete to accept 1 defeat, especially when it meant| what it did. But another success- ul raid on Zad Barnes' stronghold cost Walter his life so I won't ask you to take the risk." "If it'll help Betty I'll take ft." "I don't know that it will, but I'll write one and you can use your own judgment." "I might be able to slip her a note, but I wouldn't dast talk to her." |DETE penciled the note, but .. found it difficult to word. When finally finished it read: "Dear Cass: I know that you hate me bitterly, and that tor some unknown reason you are infatuated with that butcher. Zad Barnes. If you want to throw your life away it's all right with me, but in the name of humanity 1 ask you to try to do something for Nate Wilkinson's daughter who was kid- naped years ago by Barnes, and whom he now has given to the murderous Indian, Tobey, to be a slave. Pete." Having written this much he (left two inches of blank paper, then added a postscript: "If you want to get in touch with me. this man can tell you how to do it, )Ut don't talk to him in Two seemed hopeless, and there was Rivers. It would cost him his life. 1 do any good. He wished that Cass Dean Cass was smart. She would know enough to tear off and de-, stroy the postscript to protect Jess wasn't down there. He had warned Williams, and keep the main body her, but iht still couldn't know Mexicans used to come up here what kind of people she was Hv- least Cass Dean's need (or lave the preference. Cass had got- len herself into her predicament out of sheer perversity. He could expect Nate back soon, him. but the words filled In many for the man would wast* littl« i of the note which in case of need she could show Zad 3arnes a< evidence that she had no use for ng among. If she angered Barnes she too would probably be traded Pete, and was in love with Barnes. Pete .could foresee that it might possibly save Cass from the same kind of fate that had overtaken had the cases~been cquafhc Betty. She was adroit enough to handle Barnes so long as he was not suspicious of her. And Cass might find out something about i ; dclnils. "Tell me more, Jess," hcllime after he learned that hls.nod. said. Daughter w" • prisoner, tnd ht{ Betty. Old Jess read the nole, then slipped it Into his pocket with • (T« IW Continued) Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 THURSDAY NIGHT, JULY 16 6:00 Best of Groucno 6:30 TV Theatre 7;00 Dragnet 1 -.30 Theatre 8:00 Martin Kane 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 My Little Margie 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Playhouse of Stars 10:30 Arthur Murray 11:00 News 11:05 Indusrty On Farads 11:20 Quick As A Flash 11:50 News 12:00 Sign Off FRIDAY. JULY 17, 1953 .7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Prologue to Future 9:00 Shopping at Home 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Vacation Places 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Guiding Light 11:30 Garry Moore 12:00 Meditation 12:10 News . 12:20 Farm News 12:30 Homemakers Program 1:00 Big Payotf 1:30 Welcome Travelers 2:00 On Your Account 2:30 Ladies Choica 3:00 Atom Squad 3:15 Gabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Industry On Parade 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Flicker Comics 5:15 News 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Eddie Fisher 5:45 News Carvnn 6:00 The Goldbergs 6:30 Playhouse 7:00 Doorway tn Danger 7:30 Talent Patrol 8:CO Cavalcade of Sports 8:30 Greatest Fights of Century 8:45 Big Playback 9:00 The Doctor 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Names the Same 10:30 City Hospital 11:00 News 11:05 Masquerade Party 11:35 Film Featurette 12:05 News 12:10 Sign Off "I give 'em about on« more »ea»on b«fort they join our checker league!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A PUCE LIKE TMIS i ALWAYS PUTS Me UP I |fJ THE CLOUDS ' HOW ABOUT W ? , I'D FF.ELMIXH BETTER. IF YOU COULD LENt> MB SOME CHAM6E TO TIP THE WAITER. I O a o ** vt OONt WOSRY, SISTCR.M ^--— -V [T. .THE MANS AWD, I TRl YOU/ i WOULDN'T DIRTY w \J<NOW, srw OUTA MY V. IF YOU HADN'T COME IN HEBE HANDS ON TH'OLO )WAY, LAWSON,' ANV MOREA WHEN YOU DID, JUDY, i BELIEVE TOAD! 7 CRACKS ABOUT.ME AND MY llh^ HE'D HAVE THROmED ME/ WIFE'S MONEY AND I MIGHT NOT CHECK MY TEMPER,' WELL, ITS ABOUT TIME, I MUSI »Y.' ,ZlF?>OU WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU LOOK AS IF YOU WERE IN A.STRKT NOTHING, TONI, BABY... I HAD AFP* O. O a. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop SM Cl. Like Me. r"r.», 6N1 KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorite, 19% port! Fine treated for drj application. H2.50 p«r IH Ibt A. H. WEBB , CULVERT TILE CO. niw»r it. gut* LIM rh MM O c> 5 0. THEN *-x HOW DO.l YOU KNOW HE WEIGHED POUNDS HE BROKE MY LINE!! A 91- POUNDER I TELL. VOU, HAZEL, HE'S GOIN» TO MAKE A FISHERMAN m GNW.' NEXT TIME TOU FEEL CONVERSATIONAL. PROP IN. I'M A 600P LISTENER. I 5STTEK PUT WWN WSB TO THI$ GUX WWSS HE'LL WANT TO FIX HUNT'S WASON COE5NT LOOK UK6 THIS YOU SONNA SET OUT OP HERE' BASYS GOING TO TALK, : A CKAZV HOUSE } PUT I'LL GIVE IT TICKET STU5.' rS ANOTHER TRY/ ...HAF INFORMATION HE THIWK S'OU SHOUlP KWOttl. SUT 15 AFRAID OORDOM'S KILUKIS HIIUOO,.,AWD IS HIDIkla ACROSS TUB RWER'. GOUT... 1HE POLICE CWTMM TOUP WJGHT FIUD S'OU llEREl A. FRIEND OF N\K. JOKPON V/OOLO LIKE TO SPEMC TO SOU AT OMCE 1 . F1MD CHARLIE KOffv DOUBT HE MOSWEK.VOUK. QU65TIOW5 ABOUT JOP.DOU 1 HSB6... /LEAD HIM TOW BOAT., Til BE, \NMTIMfi! GUESS f^SOUT / VE^EVEKYBOW BUT EVERVBODY ( TOMMY MAWK! WHKTCHA TURNED OUT V KECt^QN WENT TO SEE US I MTVI HIMl OFF. EH.BOY? <. HE MUST WHAT9, ' MEAM HE MEAN, K3P? / YELLOW STONE) rr NOT GO TO BG SPIRIT. 1 YOU TAKE UM RIVER FALL DOWN FROM 5W SO WITH THE COMING OF THE NECT ONVN THE QUEST OF THE "HAIJNT" IS RESUMED... UP THE YELLOWSTONE.. yOU WANTUM / WHY SEE 5PIRIT OF t NOT? BUBBUN' MUD, YOU NOT GO UP MISSOURI! \\OVO V! ,WB.6S«B«E'. OPEW VT.I , fVXV 1 R\6W ! JSKiT twass. o'cvoc« itom mvi . UNO RWiW-OOT -• ftri' KlfWl i:^:w««£ffi? g

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