Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 22, 1860 · 1
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1860
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PBESS AND TaiBCTHB, Dally, Trl-Weakly and Weekly. KDITOB& A!fO rSOrMIZTOBS T L. frwrm, Cuaji H. Rat, WBaUA Baoas, Jimit Uxniu, . ALrmzn Cowtmt. OrriCE kO. 41 L1KK STKEKT invi Or TBI HBS AHD TIID1T9S I Dairy, delivered hi r U. by carrier, per year........ Daily, derivertd in cut, by carri-r, pn week........ 1 aily. to t-ub. rlbera. per yrar Dmilr. to Malt Subscribes., per atx mouth..... Tri-weKiy, per year .................. Weekly ainrle auoscrtners....... " copies..,. ... ............................. " ' t tp-ta.. ...... ................ 1" COl'... " l conies iaod one to setter un of etnb) Money tB registered letters may b- "..I us et our riek . AildiM - PKKss AND TKlBUSE."Chlcso. 8 no . 1 . IN , . . -' . 1-W . 4.1" 10.UU III. MOJTDAT, OCTOBER 22. 160. AppolP-Uneiita of Ham. John W. North. Hoa. John W. North, of Minnesota, will ad drsaa tha people of Illinois on political topics at the following times and places : Junction, Ilupatre Co... .................. .......Oct berSS lAce. ta lr ' Mer'.inj. Whttaoe t'o. ........ Harvao. Melimry Co . ............ ; 2' W arrra. Jr. faK-? Co.. 37 Mrrwi -r. La tal.e Co..... " ,y CK30 " so AppolnlmtDti la Cook t ounty. Hon. Isaac X. Arnold, A. C. Hesing, Esq., Geo. Schneider, Hon. Casper Batz, Solomon Wilson. L. S. Brentano, Carlos Haven, William James, E. Williams, and others. Some or ell of the abore wi 1 speak as follows : Rh la'ami Monday. Oct. 12. 1' ail.-' ...... ..........Tueedav.tart. SS. 4 P.M. Vm Wheeiirir....... Toeailay Even'n, Oct. at lunt n Mali n. Fa.-nr,loo MUoi Thur-day. Oc. 90. 1 P. M. Barrinirt, Oi.trc .. Tt. jn;av Evenint-. Oct.Ieo. Hanover t nuay, Ud.36, U.M.U Kt-.U; M- e! tu Houa. "tmaiDirt.eui:e.............f!atmimy, Oe. XT, S P M. Jill-. V. S-tlu-day. O. t. 7. ! P. M. A-eyoea centre..... ............. atonaay, vet. 3, a a-.-st. Mob. Tltea. torwln' A p point amenta In j ii inoi. Hon. Thomas Cat win will address the people e! Illinois on political topics at the following times and p'aees: October 55. ......OttobTSI. i 'c ..Mrii, Quncy, Adauw Co..... 1 aAalie........... ...... alar., all, Ciak Co.. .....October to. Jlolin 1?. Halts' Appolutmenla, Hen. Jchn F. Hale, of 'ew Hampshire, will address the people of Illinois on political topics at the following times aad places : i vtioiL. D-jaia Co ........-............October 29. . - ?.tifl-le t'o aar'tr.g. b;tstje Co....... W1 ri.. M:H. nrr Co. ...... V trren, Jo Iavie e Co....M -ijfl. '-a, juu&e Ut... ,tober S4. ............. October as. October 2n. October :7. .....'tobrrf. .icaw... .... Octoter M. Appoimitiaulii of Hon. I. H.. Cartter. JLton. D. K. Cartter, of Ohio, will addresa the people of Illinois on political topies at the fol-lowinz times and places : Mwofi. EfflP24tm re.......H.. Oct. Crnlriia, atnoa Co sbf". WaeDinrncn C5 ......... Ml. Vcthoo. effenioa Co . . Iiaqnota. Perry ....... IV it oc Franklin Co. ............. CarbonU. Jcltson t o . .. yt anoa. Wiliim-oa CoH.... ...... e'airo. AUxsndtr Co.............. Caiedoiila, 1'u.a.kj Co.... Oct. 14 Oct. '-5 . .oo. L .. .....t. ;t . .... .Oct. 2 .. ..Oct. no Oct. 1 ............. ..Nov. 1 ..........-Not. 1 Sam. -allowaj'a Appolntnaenta. Hon. Sam. Gailowaj of Ohio, will address the people of lliiaoi" in political topics at the following times and places : PprinrfeM. SaTiartiaon Co- f t. 71 Atian tsaoto.. .......... reona l er Co ..... OUe-burgh, Km.l Co...w Oeneseo. Henry Co...... .......... .Oct. 23. -Oct. 24. ict. m. Oct. 2. V rank Itialr'a Appointments. Hob. F. P. Blair, Jr., will address the people of Illinois at the following times and places : Iewifltx. Foltoa C J. .................... Oct. ffl. Peoria. I'eorl ... .... ... T .-Mllon, Stark Ca.7a, Henry 54. 90. S6. AppolatBienu ef lion. H. C. tclenck aud Uoru Piatt. Hon. Robert C. Schenck and Donn Piatt, of Ohio, will address the people of Illinois on po iuical topics at the following times and places : l.arencTi le Lawrence Co............. October S3 ill. C'armei. Wabasb Co October 24 rarrjle. tt"hite Co.. U( 26 trraL W bite Co.. ............... ............. .Octoter If, airaeld. W'stb; Co. .......................... .October 37 t.ey, K.cblaad t'o.. ........ ... October 24 ft e wtoa, Jasper Co.... . Ictol r 3D Ptieftine, Crawfoid Co................ Oct oner 81 tre Eiuo. Cttmtterl utd C o. ........... ..... . ov"te.r 1 fcringfleld, SaogaiaOBCo..... ........ ........ ..toy'ber 1 Alon. Ill c-b aril KaUsa Appolnlznenta. Hon. Kichard Yates, Kepublisan nominee .'or Gorernor, will address the people on politics! tipics at the following times and places : Cheetr, Randnh Co.......... Tcesday. Oct. K rW.tivtlle.M.C'ia-rCo...............WeuceS'lav, ?4 Tiwia, Pook as Co Friday, S" L'rtiia. Ctiaoioa:ea Co...M.............ratuj-dav, M 37 snTiLle. VenailUQD Co............. Mraday, yiv. JLowejoy-'a Appointment. . Hon. Owen LoTcjoy will address the people of i llinois oi' politieal topics at the following times and places : La Saile, La Salte C? Lernxtoa, 31 c i aT Co. .......... iurtir.rtoa, Iowa ...... ....... otolxrr SI. ............October .October 37. Senator loolmle' Appolnlmenta. Senator Doolittie, of Wiscai.s'n, will address tae people of Peoria and Fulton coiin tie j fol-fows : Peoria.. ............. ....... .......'VredTieaday, Oct. 81. fit E!mte. ...............Tbursdav. ov. 1 At f'tiba (Fu"tn county ........... Frday, ot,2- Al AtoD vr'u'too county )................Salurday, ov. s. 71t. Farnawortb's Appointment. Mr. Farnaworth will speak at Jnsetlnn ................... . ....Tar! ly. Oct. S3d. Hyde Park... ................... .........r rida, Oct. 2otat. Herman Krelamaaa's Appointment. Herman Kreiamacn, Esq., will address his German fellow citisens on political topics at the ollowin? t;mi and places : Carrrrton, Greene Co Oc'. M. Hardin, CaJliitla Co... ...............Oct. 34. Political .Hewtinx la tne KlKntb JDls-rlct. Hon. D, L. Phillips sad William Bross, Esq., ct the Chicago Phsys axd Tribcke, will address the people of the Eighth Congressional District oj the political issnes of the daj at the follow, rs times acd place. Sepnblicans at the ser-eral places desigi.aied are rerpecttnllj requested to advertise and make arrangements for the meetines: lVtii1!. ra!.. Ecrtd Co. ittee&rule.... VOLUME XIV. CHICAGO.MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1860. NUMBER 96. J. M TMSUMIk 0 MCMtDLLt Tb aMwwimg .r. tke raaaa M aawtislngln ai nilLT BVBKaw aaraa a r4aast,ntT : Wara, f8 llMP aflae,) oo. laarrly,-, . . , 2 eacfc waeequent day, '. i , t ''..'L'". " " one mua, fjm 5 .... I I tArae uontat an, ala ; aae year .... .......I $ smb at the Owaatmc Boom. W" All Tranaao AdMrtueanemkt le be sate hi A. j w aeaaaeeaakarreeiaseaaupatisaara. 1 ' ,1! ??r ck wa-a. fbr brut mieta. ..Chrialhn .......... Oct. J2-1S M. - a 11 - " 2413 " Joint IHmdmIooi, I). T. Linetar and John A. Logan, candidates lor Congress ii the lith Coagresaioaal I)is-triet, will discats the pol. - tl :isues of the day xt the foil twing times and p rrp : Orayri!;e.WT:lteOn....M .. Oct r7 Alo.on. Wwtrej 'O.m....h.. ..... .. " xairdeld, Wayne Co...... .. ... ... &4 i'be tLscniwian at Fairfield will be at night. Win, It. Plato' Appointment. Win. B. Plato, Repa jilcaa candidate for Elec- r, will address the people a-t follows : i'taao . ltnDfM....H,MWM.... lXHli ........... a at. "".1 ........................ Xa,ni9hlpa..........a....H....i r.-;T' - firm .... ......... . i.atckotrry ..Oct. SS ... - s: .. Kot. Leonard sreta Appointment. fcprirflfeld, Sniraaoa Co Monday, October S3 Itlr. toTejoy at La!alle. lion- Owen Lore) j will speak at LaSalle on Taeadaj next, in conjunction with Hon. Thos. Corwin. Jodae 'liintall at It oe It ford. Hon. Ljman Tramboll will speak at Bock-ford on Taesday next, Oct. 23d. Hon. K. C. iberland Sritrntk in Ci County. The appointments for Hon. R. C. Bchenck and Hon. Donn Piatt, ot Ohio, at Marshal!, Clark County, on the 1st of Xorember, has been changed to Greenup, Cumberland County, tbe same day. A OvatVOUTlNU lfA.T. Immediately after the result of the elections in Pennsylvania and Indiana had been made known, tha Chicago Timta and Herald, repudiating a l its past professions, broke forth in an open invitation to the Southern Sutea to dissolve the Union. It asked in the fervency of italics : " Will 'ex mi'Xiont offrtt whitt men, inhibiting vvtttry fa timrt at large at the empire of J.ota Aaeo&on, coiuent to be governed by a hot-tUe mtjoriif in another tectum " Since that time tbe Xew York Herald has been p'ying & Disunion bellows with the utmost dilligeDCe, publishing every scrap of treasonable and insane rubbish which coul d ba collected from the Southern press. X careful examination of the evidence which it parades from the journals and orators of that section, diselcses the fact that all the threats, objurgations and oaths indulged in that behalf, are equally applicable to Douglas and his party, if the prospects ot his success were equally imminent with that of the Republican nominee. This is a oo at for ting tact, B9 doubt, Ijt tbe Time and Herald; but is it not the obvious purport of the article to which we refer, in that sheet of the 13th int, that the Times and HeraVI has been really in favor of Breckinridge all the time? A few lunatics in the South are threatening disunion, not merely fa the e vent of Mr. Lincoln's election, bat in the event of the election of any one but their SEaan Breckinridge; and the Chicago Timet and Herald openly encourages their traitorous design. What is the inference 7 . L)vja' Appclntmenta. Two places are added to Hoa. Owen Lov. Joy's sppointments this morning. , He will peak at Lexington, McLean C )., Oct. 251b, aad Burlington, Iowa, Oct. 27th. The Prince done. . It will be sees by oar despatches from Portland, that the Prince of Wales, ne Baron Renfrew, has take his departure from American chores aad is on his way to merrie England. Order esse more reigns in Warsaw." Hon. aUrraan Trumbull at tbe Wilt Ivans. A splendid audience, both in numbers an spirit, gave Hon. Lyman Trumbull a delighted hearing at the Wigwam, on Saturday evening. The distinguished speaker was escorted from his hotel by the Wide Awakes and Lincoln Ban gers in a brilliant display. The effort was noble ose, entirely worthy of Judge Trumbull's fume as a keen and vigorous debater, and his .points made against bis fellow Senator, at ODca "the prince and the littlest of demagogues, were scathing and repeatedly brought down tUe house. It was one of the best speeches deliver ed in this city during the present campaign Hon. J. W. North, of Minnesota, followed Mr. Trumbull in aloiirable and happy style. Aid for Kanaaa, There is much in the present forlorn con dition of the people of Kansas to call for active sympathy and aid in their behalf, lacking as they are, in the present near approach of win ter, of even the necessaries of life, without the means to enable tbem to eeepe to cemmu nilies better supplied. They must be relieved where tliey are, aud the call should not in vaia be m&ke to these whom smiling plenty has visited with, bounteous harvests. The meeting called fcr Bryan Hall this evening should attract a numerous attendance. It will commence H oclocK , A statement of facts will be made by the Rer. Chss. Reynolds, of Lawrence, who has been sent to IKinois for the purpose of soliciting aid. Other sie:.krs will address the meeting. New Poet OtBee Iteealatlon. Assistant Postmaster Armstrong has bronght to our notice a new regulatioa of tbe Department, to gt ia force on Nov. 1st, which every one, business men in particular, should be im mediate! advised of. By the present system, let era deposited, not bearing the required stamp, are detained in the office where deposited while the Postmaster uf t e same advises the party to whem they are addressed, that such letter will be forwarded on receipt of the re quired sta up. By the new role, STon to be inaugurated, all such loiters are to be forwarded fortnwith to the dead letter office at Washington, and immediately become dead letters. This will entail serious inconvenience and loss npon all parties who are incautious in seeing their- letters well and securely stamped, who will not be likely to deem the change a wise or felicitous one. Every person who values promptness in dis patching their correspondence, or even having it dispatched at all, in the right direction, will pay a very strict regard to the matter of st&mps, and see them well secured to their letters. To do this it will be better not o lick all the gum off the stamp, but moisten it such a way as to enab'e it to give the greatest efficacy to its ad hesive qualities. NEW YORK SURRENDERED. No PIoTter to be bad for tbe Fusion Ticket Bevll take the Hlndmoal. From the New York Herald, 19th. From the bad news we have received from Albany, aid from other inauspicious omens, we fear tLat this btate ia lost to the conservative inters si, and may be booked as tafe for Lincoln and the Republican party. The Regency are trying hard to pet money frona the merchants of this city, for the ostensible purpose of using it in the irood cause in tbe interior of the Stete. But a burnt child dreads the Sre. The foo.s who gave their spare dollars for tbe Pennsylvania e ectiou, now repent of their folly, and sav they will not be so easily ctngbt a second time. They were cheated by the little Forneys of Philadelphia, the small fry imitators of the big Forney, and the election was allowed to go by default, whda tne rogues pocketed the gold of New York. It is too som to deceive our merchants again, and they will but'on np their breeches pockets whenever any of the R'gency approach them. The confidence men are of the same cal.bre as the Pennsylvania mendicant, and U tnev once receive! tne alms tnev are bezginj, they would lautih at the donors for their stupioity, and distribute it among their own ean. i ti ere is so much honor among these political thieves as would. influence them to make a fair division of the money obtained under false pretence s. They have no notion whatever of winning the election, and if they say anything to the contrary now, it is only for the dotioie purpose ot ooiatnmg money and IuIIiok the conser ative voteisinto a deep &lee3 c" fetal security. The moment they get their finaers up'itf the contributions of Hew York city, thev wiil siow their cards and play into tne hands of Linco-r Bnd tbe Republican party. The Piilladrlphla Contested Election sutler v. Lcbni., Co reapoodence of the Y. Tribune J -1 HU-ADiLrnia, Oct. 17, 1S60. Thf T9, is a ferment among the politicians t f the It District touching an alleged fraud by which Butler has been returned as elected to Congress. If there be a fraud -at a! I, it is ad mitted that neither Butler nor any cf his friends bad any knowledge of it. Is is emphatically a family quarrel among the different wings of tha Democracy. Ii any cheating has been done they have done it themselves. Lehman, the Douglas candidate, has been floored by tiio Breckinridge men in r - ventre for the Douglas voters bnlting certain Breckinridge candidates fjr the Legislature. Butlrr has received hii certificate trom the Return Judges; but under our law, two returns are made to the Governor, one by tbem and one by the 1'rothonotary, and as these wiil not acree, it is barely possible the Governor nitty omit Butler's name, and withhold a certificate under the broad seal of the Commonwealth. The iraud is said to be thin, and occurred in the Fourth Ward, Moyamensing, a district from time immemorial ruled by the roughest of the the rough Democracy. The Judges of its ten precincts met on Wednesday last aad mate up tneir returns, appointing Wm. By er y, a Breckinridge man, is Return Juage to the Seneral meeting en Friday. Each of tnese ten udeea kept memoranda of tbe vote, as did Mr. Lehman and the reporters, all being copied from a book containing the returns ct the tea precincts, and this book gave Bntler 1 ,k3 votes, Lehman 1,513, and King 13 Tbe Judges signed sucn a return, and delivered it to Byer-Ir to band in to the general meeting on Friday. But on that day he handed in a return giving But er l,loO votes, Le .man 1,389, and King 2U5, tuus defeating Lehman. This last return is alleged to be forged. Some of the signers swear their signatures to it are forgeries, while others say theirs are genuine. Byeily has been bound over to answer for forgery, yet it is well known he can neither read nor write, so that if a wrong bas been done, others must have bad a hand in it. Altogether, it ia a strange affair to happen among the harmonious Ddmocracy, and where the wrong is to be righted we do not exactly see, bother in Court or in Cosgresa. But a Iresh count of the ballets will undoubtedly be had aome-where, and that being done, we are persuaded that Butler will be shown to have a mejority, a", if Lehman has been cheated in one ward, it is fully believed that Bntler has been worse cheated in others. tShould Lehman obtain his seat, it will be some satisfaction to know that be if rea'ly an able lawyer, an enthusiastic Tariff man, and heart and soul anti Lecompton, all which is infinitely better than could have bean said of Tom Florence. THE CITY. Habpie fob ovkmbib. Harper, Oodey, Ar thur and Peterson, for November have been re ceived by McNally A Co., 81 Dearborn street. Fins. The alarm of tire Saturday evening was caused by the confl tgration of a haystack near Dr. Egan'd residence, on West VanBureu street. A PJeaaant Joke lor BelLEverett men. We don't wish to create unjust suspicions against the Committee ot Fitteen dry-gooos men, least of all to make pnblic anything as yet purely private ; but wouldn't it be funny should it turn out that this famous Committee have been sending larga sums of money into Kentucky and other Sttte, where the contest is between Breckinridge and Bell, to help Breckinridge and destroy all the chances of Bell ? Mr. i ancey, who is Mr. Brecainndge's right-hand man, comes North to support Fusion; and what more natural er likely than that Northern money should be sent South to help Breckinridge? Wonla not a Committee lite this of the hellers cf Dry Goods, with abundant wares for the Southern market still on apt to adept such a courser And what is more, have n't tby done it? Are they not doing it all tbe b;l? e have no desire to disturb our Bell Everstt friend"; but are not these things so ? iV. T. Uribune, Harder ot a mtealonary kr Indiana. Special Dlrpatco to the S. Y. Tdbnne.) WasanrGTO. Tfiundiy, Oct. IS, 1866. Judge Greenwood, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, has imloeed to tha Secretary of the Interior a letter from Mr. Rabinano, Superintendent of Indians, riving information of the murder of tbe R v. Morris Brangnier, a missionary to t ie C:o Indium, by a party of Obepapa Hoax. ti.T eacneed the atrocity npon the pret i s that General Harney had given them authority to kill any white man whom they thou'd find settled in tbeir country; but the murder was committed in the Crow country, and not in that of tbe Sioux. Moreover, Gen. Harney's talk with tbem in 1886 referred to the apprehension of United States deserters, and not to the killing of settlers. Judge Greenwood recommends that the Secretary of War be requested to issue instructions to the Commandant ot the nearest military po t to effect, if possible, the arrest and pauabment of the murderers, - - From the Zaaesville Aurora, Hov. 36, 1SW.J New Glus. We advertise to day a new style of glue, which must be needed in every house. This is reported to be tbe identical glue with which the man glued hi og together after he (the dog not the man!) had split himself in two halves by running against a sharp post while in pursuit of a rabbit. It is related of this unfortuuate dog that he was stuck together with two legs up and down, and remained so for the rest of his life ; albeit he was a more durable dog after than before this slight accident, becauae, while he was running on two legs, the other two were resting, aad be bad only to iop over on the wated leg, uad go ahead; afresh. This only abows that care shoald be taken ia Bask Ball. The matches vbtyed on Satur day between tbe Ossowatomie and Niagara Base Ball Clubs, resulted in the following scores : Niagara 23, Oisowatomie 11. ISobbis ds Hyde. these enterprising news men at No. 100 Dearborn atreet, hare Harper's and Godey for November; also all the late dailies ; also " The Rambles of Fudge Fumble," and a large variety of fresh literature. Fall raon A Window. One of the em ployees at the Matteson Hoose named Thomas Leary, waj severely iijured on Saturday by fallirg from a second story window of that ho teL - Mobs Fencing. A man named John Kaeely has been arrested as a fence. Not tb at be is of the "fence, to enclose " order, but he will be encloetd suitably if found i nilty, for receiving stolen gods, the partaker being as bad as tbe thief. Quick Wobk. The schooner Cartwright, Capt. Christian, arrived at this port on Friday last, having made tbe round trip from this port to Port Colborne with a cargo of wheat, bssides going to Erie for 400 tons of coal all inside of fifteen days. Wacoh's Italy. Kingsbury HaU was crowd. ed Saturday afternoon and evening by juveniles and adults eager to witness a most faithful and beautiful pictorial representation of a country is which every man feels a greater interest than iu any save his own. It will be exhibited again this evening. We hope that all may see it. The Pbizb Piakos. At the late Homceapathic Festival two superb pianos at $500 and $800 were put up, but not drawn, the tickets not ue- entirely disposed of. The drawing, however, will surely take place when the tickets are sold. They may be procured at Ualsey A King's Pharmacy, No. 163 South Clark street, and Vincent & Co.'s Pharmacy, No. 102 Washington street. The Wiatheb. The following is the range of the thermometer for the week as taken by E. L.O'flara, Apothecary and Pharmaceutist, 30 West Randolph street, corner C.'nal street : DAT. 7 A. K. 12 at. 6 r. V Sunday, October 14............... Holiday. " 15 Tuesday. 16........ ., Wedn'day, " 17 Ttiursday, " 18 Friday. " 1'' Saturday, SO S7 40 44 41 44 87 SO 60 t9 63 A3 60 to sa E. I. Tixkhah, A rumor utterly groundless has prevailed, that this gentleman was to connect himself with a new banking house, and we regret .its being admitted to! our last issue. Manifestly it does injustice and injury to Mr. Tickham's present well established banking house, and the correction shonld travel as widely as the statement which Jt is intended to repair. Bread is likely to b3 plenty this ytar. But its quality depends much upon the way it is made. Those who prefer bread perfectly light and sweet, must recollect that DeLand t Co.'s Chemical Saleratus is indispensable its manufacture. It can be procured frorn any gocd grocer or storekeeper. It costs you no more than an inferior article, and makes infinitely better bread, cake, pastry, As., than the common saleratus. Sold wholesale by the whole sale dealers in Chicago and Milwaukee. Ikqcests. 03 Sa'.crday evening an inquest was held on the body of a man who was found floating in the lake, near the Reform School. On Friday night an inquest was held on tbe body of a man named James Burrus, a stranger ia the city, who arrived here in a sick and destitute condition, and died at J. B. Tarr's plan ing mill, on South Canal atreet, near the rail way bridge. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased came to his death by epileptic fits, caused by exposure and neglect. Paispdi. Accioasr Warning to Bots. On Wednesday evening of last week, as the the Chicago and Burlington train was crossing Michigan avenue, a son af Mr. Williamson, liv ing near the Illinois Central Machine Shops, whilo cavjii?" npon the cars with a number of other boys, fell wiln lu right arm across the track, the wheels passing over and "angling it a shocking manner. Drs. Hitchcock and Tucker were immediately summoned and amputated the arm. The boy is now doing well. Water Taxes. The Water Commissioners advertise, to day, that the half year's water tax falls due on the first cf November next. Water consumers axe remindrd to pay in November aad save the ten per cent, addition made to water bills at the end of the month. We understand also that by a recent order of the Board, parties taxed for buildings in the water district, and situated on lots not supplied with water, have made to them a discount of twenty per cent, if the assessment is paid in November. New Banking House at Cedar Rapids. We call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Carpenter, Stibbs A Co., successors to Weare, Carpenter A Co., Bankers of Cedar Rapius. S. D. Carpenter and H. B. Stibbs are well known in that community as efficient business men. Mr. R. B. Slibbs, the new member of the firm, has long been connected with the banking business, in the well and favorably known house of Sturges, Stibbs A Co., Wooster, Ohio. No better recommendation could be given to any person, as erery bus ness man in Northern Ohio will testify to. The new firm continues the business of the old with increased capital. The St. Patrick's Fair at West Market Hall. The friends and patrons of St. Patrick's Church are moving in the matter of a Fair for the support of the Church and Schools of the parish. The fair will open on the 22a and close on the 25th inst., with a concert given by the boys of the parish sehooL under the direction of Professor Max E. Girac, tbeir teacher, and conductor of the choir of the Holy Name. In a series of duets, trios, quartettes and choruses, the children will give the public a fair specimen of tbeir musical training and abilities. The programme of the two concerts will consist of popular melodies, and to give the performance more eclat, the Great Western Band will be present on the occasion. A Libel Suit Brought bt a Physician. In the Circuit Court will be taken up to day the libel suit for (20,000 damages, brought by Dr. Alexander Fisher against H. O. Stone. Both parties are well known and prominent citizens, the plaintiff being a practitioner of long standing here. Tbe suit grows out of the professional attendance of Dr. Fisher upon the wife of the defendant, in childbirth. Mr. Stone, at a la'er stage in the case, called another physician and openly made violent a d strong assertions touching the skill and competency of Dr. F., who brings this suit in his own justification and for redress. From its nature, and the standing aid means of the parties, it will be fought on every point of law and evidence. The latter will bring in the testimony of a large number of our medical fraternity, on either side, as experts. That Ol Corner. The Drug stand of Brink erhoff A Penton, on the corner of Lake and Dearborn streets, was for years one of the old trade landmarks of Chicago. Their successors Messrs. Penton A Robinson fully maintained the well earned and wide reputation of the house, and are now themselves succeeded by Smith t Dwyer, who for some months past hare been in a successful tide of business on the old corner. Long associated with the former houses, they possess everything that could be desired in experience or prestige. They have one cf the most cemplete and elegant Pharmacies in the city, and give especial attention, and always with crae and neatness, to the compounding of Prescriptions. They hsve a large aad attractive display ef the multifarious Toilet and Fancy wares that have, tha world over, come to be associated with the trade in drags. They have, also, such facilities in making their stock that they are enabled to offer to cash purchasers at wholesale, inducements equal to any other house. They have recently been forced by the growth of this department of tbeir business, to lease the adjoining p realises on Dearborn street, and with these extensive premises are still pressed by the trad they hers well earned. Tattooing. Tattooing is a peculiar mode of adorning the human person, much in vogue in fashionable circles under the tropics, which, prone as we are to import styles, will scarcely be introduced here, while our sterner climate forbids the tub stitution cf fine drawn lines of India ink, how ever deftly pricked under the cuticle, for thick piled clothing, e peciaily toward the fall of the year. Tattooing, as a style of dress, Las divers ob jectionable points, removed from climatic con siderations. It is painful in its first process, and then becomes painfullv permanent. We can imagine in the Fefjees that the artists in tattoo, periodically introduce their freeh fall and spring styles, which they pronounce very deairable,and each more so than its predecessor, and unmeasurably superior to that of the artist ever the way, in adding to the grace cf the per son. The difficulty is, the style ence put t,, cannot be put off. (Think ef that, dear Mr. Binks, you whose adored hat becomes a perfect fright in three months time.) Thus, when young Tongotato comes out in a full suit of tattoo, lined and interlined as by an engine-lathe of a bank note engraver, his wooing with Miss Tongctea may speed the merrier, and be be quite a buck, but the lovei'4 suit has this about it, that it will survive himself. At three score and ten, if meanwhile he escape being hattie-axed to a barbacue by liis amiable neighbors, the furrows a life of barbarism will have scored upon his checks, will be all tbe more grim and uncomely for the tattoo he din ned ia his day of wooing. The lines in India- irk may have fallen to him in plea-ant places and amid pleasant love dreams of young Feej ;e. but they aie indelible long after the scund of his grinders is kw,and he, for lack of teeth and digestion, plays a feeble part at a m'stianary fricassee. Tattooing is not much of an adcrnmeni in Us best estate, so the navigators tell us, a teetmo- ny corroborated by the grim old visuges, that used to stare at ourselves out of Sunday school books, where they served the purpose t f the ' ttub" in the game cf "pitch pennies, a game in which we and our coppers freely met and freely parted. Bad as it may be, it is a style of ornamenta tion everybody accords willingly to the Feejees, and fully in keeping with their social manners and customs. What better could you expect in a race of savages more willing to devour the gospel messanger than the message he brings. So everybody is content to leave tattooing to the Feejeeans, horrid barb rians that they are. But is all the tattooing left to them? Have we none of that style of thing here ? Don't go off in a tangent, and tell ss in triumph that you do retr ember an Ancient Mariner, whose braw ny forearm was the marvel of your young days, what time in grim gentle ess he allowed you to admire an exciting whaling scene, or c full outfit of old junk in Ui3 auape of uhains and anchors, or a very rotund belle with very large muscular developement cf limb, etched indellibly into his weather tanned cuticle. We ask you had he any of that style of art in his face and your ne. ative dismisses the old man of the sea at once. In Fefjee the face divine comes in for the chef d'oeuvret of the art tattoo, and assuredly we are now after tbe highest styles cf the art. The face is the best t f tablets, and the Feejee operator knows it. We maintain it that tattooing is very much in vogue in our communities. Scarcely a face among us but bears these tell tale lines, that we begin to score in youth and which never leave us, nor get erased eren when Time kef's us her new wrinkles- It is a startling fact that should be under stood. The lack of appreciation thereof leads to inattention and neglect, and then the tattoo ing goes on apace, mere is old inreepercent, tattooed from chin to the line whence, long ago, the hair began to depart from its duty of thatching his scheming brain. Avarice has been tattooing him these three score years. How thickly are drawn the lines, the checks snd oounter checks, Hard old man that he is, the history of the process ia in Una engraviog on lis face. Then too. Old Bibulous has bee nat it these fire and forty years in another style of tattoo, and his branch of the art is one so perilous that it has very few old profes ors. They generally die early, and prick the tattoo in very rapidly. We have in mind plenty of jouDger art students, whose rule of life seems to be tbe worn old saw of the copy-books, "no day without a line." They give whole days and nights to it, and pass hours in steaming bar-rooms and hct haunts of vice, as if tatto. ing wai their sole business. How fresh young manhood changes in the process, wbi'e the countenance is taking on those indelible lines that you may read across th street, deep, penetrating, evading all disguise, and growing plainer and plainer ts the work advances. This branch of the tattoo trade absorbs a vast deal of capital and t nter-prize, and keeps in operation large establishments especially devoted to mark ing patron?. In all the isles of the se i nothing can be found to equal the promptness and despatch with which thii style of thing is attended to, especially iu our large cities. But we must not get ourselves at sea among the many styles of the art of tattoo in vogue among us. The passions all do a liberal business at it, each in their own way, and it is interesting though shocking to witness the pa tience with which saany give their faces up year after year, to these operators, while Pride, Hatred, Selfishness, Cruelty, Falsehood, Greed, Ignorance, and the rest, each work away in their own style. So general is the art, indeed, that . carcely a face of either sex has seen twenty summers without having thereon the work blocked out which after years shall fill up, writ-ing thus your history in your face, and tho?e heart communings and little pet weaknesses of your nature, in such a tell tale manner, that the waj faring man, though a fool, and never having had the advantage of your acquaintance, need not widely err, in telling you which of the operators has been at work for you. Don't remain deluded in this business, and believe, longer ,the tattoo exclusively a Ftjee institution. Think of it and make up your mind that the fashion is one whose styles are laid t ut before you, and we leave you with the advice borrowed from the tailor and milliner, "study a becoming style." Give a tithe of the time to the selection, you gave to the important ques tion of your new fall and winter attire, and get a good reason for consulting your mirror if you study it, to see how comes on the tattoo you have chosen. Tattooed you must be it is not optional. In Fejee it may be. New Street misalon Sabbath School. A Sabbath or two since we noticed the New Street Mission Sabbath School as they were returning from their seni-sncual meeting at the 1st Baptist Church, reaching from Dearborn to Clark atreet, numbering two hundred, teachers and scholars each class having a beautiful banner with an appropriate name, and making a very fine appearance. Four years ago this School was organized in the suburbs ef our city. The Annual Report of the School, made at its recent anniversary, shews that, commencing with 51 scholars ar.d 10 teachers, it has gathered in over 800 children, and engaged the services of 600 teachers. Of these, 330 have been dismissed pa account of changing residence and deaths, and 250 to form other schools. It has now over 200 scholars, with 26 teachers. Their former house has become too small, and a larger one is needed. By the munificence of one of our noble hearted christiaj ladies, they have purchased a lot on the corner of Bridge and La Salle streets, and intend building a fine addition to their house. To raise the necessary means, the Rev. W. W. K verts, D. D , is to deliver two lectares in Bryan's new hall, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings of this week. The subjects " True Manhood" and " True Womanhood" are well calculated to call forth those talents which hare already acquired for the lecturer so enviable a reputation. Many of our citixsna wiil remember with pleasure the ab e addresa before the Touug Men's Christian Association on a fo mer occasion. To snch, a notice of the lecture is quite sufficient. All while enjoying the literary treat, may have the added consciousness of belping in a good cause. To Laboring Man in Chicago. I have four applications for men and well-grown boys to work in the eouutry at from ten to fifteen dollars a month timing the winter. There is a great demand for men among the farmers, and ne man or boy need be out of a job who has a will to work. Apply to Koaan Coulter, Minister at Large, 16 Randolph street, from 1 toe o'clock r. a. . The Philadelphia Kxeuntonlau. On Saturday morning between ten and elev en o'clock, the delegation fron Philadelphia was formally recsivedi n the -Exchange Rooms, by the members of the Board of Trade of this city. Ira Y. Munn, Eiq., President of the Board, in the chair. Julian S. Rumsey, Esq., chairman of the committee of reception (appointed on Friday) reported that the committee bad performed their duty, and that the gaeats of the Baard were present. J. C. Wright, Esq., then offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously passed : WtrzaSAS, TM Board has been honer?d with the attendance oo 'change this day ot a large delegation fr m tbe Board of Trade and tne busi'iees men of tbe city of Pniia-delphia, accompanied by several gentlemen from the sister c ty of Clevlaf.d. therefore, Itesohted. That the Board re-ogrdzaas one of tbe marked features of the limes, the imniene increaeinz trade in mer-cu uid'e. c mmerce ai.d maoutacturea of t he ci y ot Philadelphia, wl.ich has within a few yearat ken the h'gh pr-s Uon of a eetjerous and energetic coflrpetito--, of tbe great commercial emporium of tbe Atlantic aboard- That in her ex:n-t;ve railroad connections with the West she has opened op to us most desirable facuit s for tour hat go of CGmtnodiiiesand for marketing the TStiedand groau. pro-ductionft of tbe West, ad i detervlna vf our nioat c.rdial cooperation in etrry.n cut her artahes In regard to her trade. Jtartfretf, Th t we ball with measure th" increasing hua'-neae a:-d eT.denceof pr'sperity of the great PennsvlvaiJa route from tre West tj tbe ea board. and the facliMes tlias att..rded lor tbe grow. rig trade aod travel between -he cit ea of Ch:cajf,o and Fhiiadtlpb a. and that we do taten-i t - tee ' elegatio-i now pie&eut with us. with thetr fr.ettds from CievelaLC. a m 'Rt cordial and hearty welcome to our ci v. and to our Board, and we bo. e i may prove the forerunner oi acon.mercuu tttu social ntercane between us, wmcn shall in the no distant futu:e far Burpass tbe ezDt ctations . f the most sa&eruiue trienda of the new route ana the growing trad-. L ii'wfs.. That we, as merchant, yrll moat heartily cooperate with the mtrcha-itt anti manufacturer of I'h la- olphia in loterirg the direct trade between cur c'tizenfl, ana w- do not esiate in announcing to our guests that we or tnicugo ate er:weiy competent to leeu uie Wirmana nave a large iciu Mr. Wright also added a few appropriate and eloquent words, welcoming the ei:izns of Philadelphia to Chicago. Ha referred to other del egations from various parts of the country, and stitsd that none were received with greater pleasure than the present one. He alluded to the high position which Philadelphia and Phil. ade'phia merchants occupied ; and expressed a hope that the relations between them and the Northwest would be strengthened by the new Pennsylvania route of traveL He drew a pic ture of what Chicago was but a few short years rince, and what it now shall become, that the receipts of produce were greater than those of any two other cities on the globe, and that the people of Chicago would be most happy to supply Philadelphia with grain, in exchange for iron and manufac'ures. Henry Budd, Eiq., cf Philadelphia, respond ed on behalf of the delegation, and thanked the Board for tbe h'arty greeting which they had receive!. He said that tha newspapers which know everything, hid truly said, they were uniting pleasure and business in their visit. He was gratified to state that they bad been re ceived everywhere with a cordial welcome, bjt the Philadelphia would cherish in their recollections, most gratefully of all, the hospitalities and welcome of Chicago. ' Mr. Munn. having made a few appropriate remarks on the occasion, the Board adjourned for business, and the delegation freely mingled with the members of the Boarrf, while the usual amount of buying and selling went on. The excursionists left on Saturday evening fjr Milwaukee, to return to our city again on Monday. Our Fire Department. Matters hare come to be reduced to an excel lent system and order under Chief Engineer Harris ia our present Paid Steam Fire Depart ment. The machines are kept in fine order and turn out with most commendable promptness at an alarm. Both horses and men seem happily to understand one another and themselves, and the signals from the Court House bell. On the second quick stroke the quadrupeds are on their feet in a state of great excitement. Not unfrequently, when the alarm fines the horses standing;, harnessed to the machines, the beasts start of their own accord, and on one occasion the animal attached to a hose cart got half a block away before his driver mounted to his seat. Whether he wuuid have counted thn strokes and made for the right district is an open q i tta,n, out certainly the intelligence inherent in these horses, and quickened by habit, makes tbeir mancauvres on the occasion f a fire-alarm well worth watching. They run ke loxes, ears pricked forward, every nerve and muscle doing duty at top of pressure, and yet all intelligently and under control. Thus much of the hoises. The men bunk at the engine houses, and are peedy at turning out " when the bell rings." Less than a minute eufEces to set them all at their posts and the machines out on the street at a hand gallop. It is a striking spectacle to se these iron chariots of war moving on in a grand charge against an old enemy of man, no alight foe when he becomes a rebellious servant. How this flying artillery laughs to scorn tbe toiling pioneers of the olden school, gallant as they were to man drag-ropes and haul huge machines miles away through mud or snow, and then toil for hours at the brakes. How tardily horse power and steam came in to relieve such expenditure and .waste of human thews and sinews. Now, a firm hand upon the reins of the flying horses, a skillful handling of fuel, and manipulation of "spanners" when the plug is taken, and then the light torch which opens the valves that is all, steam does the rest, and the crowd are free to lock on, or a:d, or steal, as they may prefer. Slowly the change was introduced, chiefly because firemen were voters, but now none think of questioning steam, and its right preeminent to combat fires; homoeopathy in fact, timilia timtliiut ; set a rogue to catch a rogue ; light a fire to put out another. Every body is pleased now, and no more desire to return to the old hand machines than to go back to Frink A Walker's stages, aad passages by sail craft. It lessens the danger of fires both in an increased efficacy in tbeir extinguishment, and ia totally extinguishing that love of "running to a fire" which ia unscrupulous bosoms used sometimes to burst into a flame and kindle incendiary torches thereby. The attendants of the steamers are paid, aad Steam himself can be trusted with any amount of eeprii du eorpe, setting aside his infrequent tendency for a "hut." The introduction of steam machines in Chicago, has proved a success, satisfactory to every body. Property owners rejoice in an increased security. Underwriters are mads happy by greatly lessened risks and largely diminished losses. The lists of fires compared year by year will show both these faets. But one thing is yet lacking, which should be suppUed. This splendid fores is without a means of guidance as to intelligent movement. One system of fire signals fits upon our vast ex-ttnt of city like a sohoolboy's jacket on a foil-grown man. The signal for any district is a poor hiat as to direction, a-d the steamers can only strike out at a venturs, hoping to fall into the di-eet current of thos3 better informed. A fire in the suburbs they neednot attend at all for they would find no water. There are, worst of all, many false alarms leading them many a long and fruitless chase, expensive, too, since fi ty dollars is a low estimate for the cost to the city of a run of our steam machines, unattended by any accident. We need the Fir Alarm Telegraph to givj at every engine house the exact location of the fire, and this which has been fully tested in other cities must be adopted here. It will put an end to false alarms, enable the Department to discriminate in their attendance upon actual fires, and in every respect prove the other if not the better half of our present paid (ystem. Tbe New Poet OOtee aad Thereabout. A large force of Workmen are now busy upon the fixtures of the new Post Office, and it will be ready for opening by tha middle of Novem bar. In the meantime we notice an extraordinary excitement, a sort of pine epidemic, prevailing among the wooden buildings of that vicinity. They are all of them breaking out into shop fronts, and taking to themselves airs in the way of beer saloons, pop shops, pea nut stands and other varieties ot business for which the space of a fair sized dry goods box is large enough. If buildings could enjoy a joke, the great government structure would doubtless burst opea all its doors and windows in a broad grin at tbe dust its little neighbors are kicking up, each preparing itself to be an important trade centre en a capital of a few dollars. It is consoling to believe that none of them will long survive the march of improvement, which will shortly sead erery pine tree's son of them scurrying away to the suburbs, to be replaced by first class structures. bs Lubiu's Genuine Extracts, new varieties just received and warranted, by E. H. Bergen t. Apothecary, cor. Bandolph aad State streets. Tan " Truth Ward Temperance Leoion."- This organization will hold its firit meeting for the ensuing quarter this (ifond y) evening at 7i o clock, in Edwards' Ch&pa!, corner of South Halsted and Harrison streets. The address of the evening wiil be celivered by C. J. Hull, Esq., after which, short temperance speeches will be made by several able speakers wbo have promised to be present. The temperance pledge will be administered to all who desire it. are cordially invited to be present. Robert Babrt, President. A Lazy Maw Found. How goe the stove ? I would say that it " goes elegantly I" and is fully up (in every respect) to the repre sentations set forth regarding it. I used the stove in my hall way, running the pipe up through the eBtry way of the second story (my house onlr has two stories), and the beat was amply sufficient to warm the whole second story without any other fires on that floor (and I had none). The stove is an economical ourner, regulated with great tote, and the only trouble my man found (be is a little lazy) was to cut in coal every morn ing and evening, and take oat tbe ash-.s. I would be obliged if you will not m ke my testimony as to the merits of the stove public : but will ne nappy to nave you refer to me, as I can wi'h pleasure certify that I believe you are offering tbe public tbe beet stov i t ezerv rtepeet that hee tver been effered J or tale. 1 remain, yours, Ac. r. r. . it was at raingston uotei, nicgnon, J. Y., where I first saw a Li'tlefield Coal Burner. The keeper of tbe bouse is perfect y in love with his stove : he putter around it, tite and lookt at it, taik about it, bnd I expect dream about tt, and what is be'ter lean au proDaoly, he is tbe means of selling a number of them. Af TORIA, 1660. i itt'efle'd1. Railway Coal Burrer. I This ot jettto was subaequefetly witLd awn. This Coal Burner may be seeu in operation nd are for sale at Van Scbaacks Housekeepers Emporium, 47 State street, where also will be lound nearly every artiat nauwea jor houte- keeping. Republican Rally. At a meeting of the citizens of the 2d Ward, held last Friday evening. a committee was appoi - tea to report a consti tution and permanent officers. Said report will be presented to an aCjunrned meeting to be field at tne uage House, corner ot state and Twelfth streets, on Mondav evening the 22d inet., at 71 o'clock. The Republicans of tha W ard are earnestly invited to attend and per fect arrangements, in, order to carry the Ward Dy a triumpfiant majority. J. Vf. Bell, Chairman. E. Den man, See'y. Nobth Side Wide Awakes, Attention ! You ere requested to attend a meeting on Monday evening at half past seven o'clock, at Republican Headquarters, 147 Clark street, si business of importance will come before the meet ing, do not tail to attend. By order. J. H. Cltbodrn, Captain. Neto atibmisfiiuttti. i i i l 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 South Clark Street la the LAMP AND OIL EMPORIUM 12 2. LOCAL MATTigalS, jSPGo to John icnea, lid Dearborn street and get your clothes cleaned and repaired. They will be well done and at prices to suit the times. W heeler A Wilson's Sewixo Machines. We prefer tnem lor family nse. TV'euj lark a noun. They are the favorites of families. JV". T. J. met. ' It has no rival. Scientific American. awards or 1860 A3 tar as heard fbox. First Premium or TJ. S. i air. Tebmont State Fair. New Jersey Stats Fair. Kentucky State Fair. Ohio Mate Fair-Illinois State Fair. Wisconsin 8tateFair. Chicago Mech. Institute. And at hundreds of County Fairs throughout tne union. Office 167 and 169 Lake street. Geo. R. Chittenden. General Agent for Illinois, Wisconsin, and, iNonbern Indiana, oc20-5td 2Lw Kerosene Lamps, COAL OIL LAMPS. All Prices, According; to Quality. Wholesale ana Retail. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. DO. LAMPS, LAMPS. Kew York, Sept. aad, 1850.3 Joseph Burnett, Esq. Dear Sir : For some time past, i nave Deeu using your Oocoane, and consider it far preferable to anything I bare ever used for tbe hair. If my endorsement is of any value, you are penectiy at unenv to use it. Respectfully yours. Oct2 lm-WFAM jf'rank Lbsub. Ladies aad gentlemen who are looking for a Dyehouse where they wiil get their work well dine, either in dyeinti or cleaning, in all ita branches, will find such by calling at the Boston Fancy Steam Dyeing Establishment of August Schwarz, No. 73 South Clark street ana loi Illinois street. ocisxlw tdg All should not fail to read the advertise ment of Prof. Wood in to-day's paper. se&-lv W C. B. SCRIVElf, Aikertumg AgaU, Si Durban. it aHioriwad to rsreisv drsrtisannan er (Ait emd all tits Ltading Paper af IA iPortAwat. Jal-bsM-r PARLOR LAMPS. CHURCH IiAJIIPS. KITCHEN LAMPS. CHANDELIERS sea iaa, laa, lass, to loin the kdvnia-r 1b iliiTH'r?,! I SOIltll CISpXI StlT66fi cy, mat win realise per annum. AdtLre's O. P tine; of the Press and Tritunc. oc23j.2t S9 000 TO LOAN FOR 2 TO uuudi Trfliiji, ixs aoam juwk Etreet. oc&aii WANTED A Competent Seam- T T strM. who nriieirinda cutting and flUin. winhM to olttain a permanent tutuation in Chicago or Ticinity. TJnqaestioaabiere?e:eacea (Wen when required. Ad rena Jkt. i , at this office. ociSct THE PARTNERSHIP EE-TWEHN William Wood and Jonn Mi !er th;s ay bdls olved by mala corneal. WILLIAM WOOD. oca It JuuN MILLIiK. I Oll SALE A few more of those Ladders, from 13 to 90 feet lonr. mannf.etiired imm Jiew lorfc Slate Spruce Timr. Closing out at Uc. per aewM-Sm CH&S. L. NOBLE. oU ens Ct eod n'l LITTLE, BROWX fc CO., !! WASaiKQTOX BTKIIT.. .BOSTON, BblGWM. TRFAT, Las a of (SAGINAW LUMBER, mosrly dry t Caro boards for aie to ar'lv i or on arrival, weil pr-portioaad for lengths. Ca-y eons'sta of 2-25 M ft.. 4q M better than common. wmcn are ix. ift anu a in. in imcKness. Tae ca go it ot-vUe into Uireeuiiferr?nt iavoicte iii'ts of La ii e cated Mth Inst. A full description at tie ofSc";. coinrof Canai and Wet Waehlngton atreeta. ALBaKT J. sTEELK. oczzusua- it BOARD A Gentleman and his wire, or one or twa sinfle centlrmn will find board a&d pleasant roTJis, .urniaad' or aoftrruidhed. w.thin lea minute w irm me uourt uoube, west aiae. Addresa P. o. box 3313. ocKdSOT 9w PIAXO ior SALE A good Piano, nearir new. win V- wld c'.ean. Inouir. at Watson 'a FuQtcgtaph Ualiery. 1S1 Lake ttreat. oaii-it Publish this Day A HISTORY AND ANALYSIS OF THS CocstitutloB of the Ualted States, With a fall Account of the Confederation! which preceded it ; of the Debate and Acta of the Ceorefition which formed It ; of the Judicial Deeia'otu which hare exnitnicted It ; with Papers and Tables illustrative of the Action ef the Goyeniment and the People under it. sio RE ARD Lost on Road from Evmnslon or in the city. Porte ltf onaie eon- ta.nizES) in bills a note rr S1UU rawn Dy 1,, uunon, payable V J. C. Hobba, daeOct. 14, I860, horn other pa p rof valaeto owm-ronly. the abore reward will be Hirer to any onelearisg it at the office cf a. (J. Vft ARSON Or UU., 17 Water tl. ocgaau Br SATHAN1IL C. llmo..... TOWLE, of the WaaMnxtoa Bar. Prtae.fsl.JS, pLERK WANTED A Rapid writer and correct in fieures. can obtai n a situation as Estrrt lerka the Lamp and OU Empcr.nm. Arply immfdiatelv. t- la- OU- ClaJ3.Blt This Book fives a else . in th. ('.!. - - ann rau aooxranr. oi me aMDales tlil- " trhieh adopted our Constitution, and of a. o. OABraaxEau ICIiANGS & DEPOSIT Bank Jlf or 0AB PEJTTEB, STIBBS if- CO. (ctrcczaeoam to w k a a I, eAirara oo.) rcilAK SAFIDS, lO Vi A. K.rmnTKCia Read, Dreiel a Co, Sew Tork ; Hofrman A tielpcke, t hlcago. laOcl -ly THE ADVERTISER WISHES X an engagea est with a first clag Jobbirg Horee or tnannfacmrea aa solicitor and snUaman. Wlio has had aatflcieat experience, ad an acquaintance with first claca baye in luiaofa. W econln, lotraaTid MBourL to mate hlma. If raliiable to such lArties in this City. Piilade;phia or iNtw York nnqueftionable referen-ea suam:ttd. Adcjcas"WJCSTERN TBA JJV tox 338, P.O , Chi-Oago. oc22x3t E. GOODRICH & CO., 154 - Soutai Water Street, - - 154 Manufacturers and General Dealers in Oils, Alcohol, Camphene and Fluid, Have constantly cn hand the very best Qua lily of GENUINE KEROSENE, Colorless and inodorous. Also Carboa OH, the best brand et f oal 1 1 L, lor 9 -le at manufacturer's prices, transportation tev'coa! Torch Light Oil at a low price. ecBd 08 tnet a. K. QOUDRI..H Jt CO. "VTOTICE CHICAGO WATER J WORKS All owners or oc-nipaatsof bui'dinga e applied with water by tbe Ciuca!0 City Hydraulic Com pavny are hereby notified that the seso d sem.i-ai.rnal pay-ment'of the ?ear commencing May 1st, Igep, and enaing May lat kfel. wiil be due and payable on the lat of NoejB-ber next, at the Wat r Commi'sianer'a OfB e. corner of Lake a -d Laaaile streeta, room Ka,4 or iUarine Bank. Tbe payment herein dtctared to be due on tbe ltof .November next is for the nesef water for the half year coxn-me eing w th that day and ear tag May 1st, . Owners or occupants of buildings woiCj are cituafd on lota adjoining oy street, avenue or alley tb rough wheh the dUtribatirg wntex p:pvaare laid but which sre not supplied with water, are also notified that the second rearl-annuai pivrnnt fcr tne asiewnent for the year commencing M ar lit, l&Cd, and ending May 1st, 18U, will be due and pmyisb e at tbe same fme indplacp. 'y order ot the Board. . W. TINKHaM, Secretary. Water C-omm'SfeiopeaV Office, Oct SO, 1HE'. oc32daoe iOt LOST A Check drawn by Eldred A Bilcotn for three hundred dollar us Merchants Savings oan aid Trim Co dated Oct. 1ft, No. 1;SJ, was lostthisdaT, and the payment of the saite is stopped. W hoover will return said cnecx wil1 b e rewarded. oSxjt XDRE1S A BALCOM. TIIE NEW POST OFFICE WILL be occupied on the 1st of November. A large an4 haiidsom svre and basement, separate or together ; ales ce and rodiing rooms wiil be rented chan. Apply at the bulli ng, room IH, B. . MiaKW AN, oclfSdJW aw U L'earborn street. T ANTED TO EXCHANGE FOBOITT rROPEBTY, A FAR Osa-latisr f 10 aa Address Bent 14- Brairia and 40 acres of timber lant oetldlTT let aX WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Any one hayins aa Express Wagon, Bores and Hax-nass, or a doti )i Team with Wagon, or lray Bone, L'ray and Hinrw, and wiaa'ras to dispose or ttjam la eichaofe for Fanatnf l and '.Ti hticfauran. oan have the opportunity to addis-tus foat Ofttce Boa 8ss. seM diM I m 170R MILLINERY, DRESS AND X Cloak niaktiig, Panerna and Maehiae stitch iar, ge to Hies A. a JtO&KMS, J 19 ftomt . OUrs street, Ceiawne. lUWaJUl ft. i. KiiJjiA&PftOB, ior a Constitution proposed by Ma ison, Ran dolph, Pinclrney, Hamilton and others. It relates what the founders of oar gore m.-iei tsald ai.d wrote in regard to It, and sires an imparti I history of the rarioua events and measures which led t its -rmation. The publishers believe it will prove to be a mos useful and interesting book, and indispensable to all who wiah to un-dentaod our political institutions. They a-k p- r icalar attention to the following testimonials to ita ralue; Prom Hon. Hannibal Hamlin. I have exami ed your 'History ani n-ry-ie of the Constitution,' and And It well adapted to the purpose eug-gffcted in the preface. It must prove a valeaole work fcr tap scholar, the statesman, and tbe legal profesaioi, and will be useful to ail who desire a correct under tar ding of the Constitution of the Republic In which we live. From Theoph.lus Parsons, TjL. Dane Professor of Law In Harvard University. "This nnall vol a me embodies the result of wide re-search and of Intelligent .Ednstry, and centalns a vast amour t of Interesting and valuable Information. It is indispensable to every one who desires to understand the formation, the construction, and the operation of oar na t.0nai Constitution." r i. H'n. W. P. reeseude-a, TJ. S. Senator from Maine. A raKipUatiox auzh as this appears to be, is suuca needed, snd I have no doubt, that as a ter-book, tne work will be of great value. The plan is a good one, and. so far as 1 can judge, has been faithfully carried out. By traelng the history of eaca e ause f the Constitution, to-getfier with the reasons for its adoption, and appending the judicial construction, if any, under one h -ad, you wiilp resent at one view a mass of important Information which could only be otherwise acmixed at a great expense of taiiiie and .abor." From Hon. D. S. Dickinson, formerly TJ. 8. Bens tor, and Governor of New Tork.l I have examined the general plan of the work yen propose u publiah, and, s? far as 1 can judge from the prat ace, table of conteota, and sps-inien shecu oefore me, 1 rega'-d it with exeeedisg favor. With yeur plan sneoessfrii ly executed. It cannot fall to be replete with interest and instruction, an I shall, for one, aai its publication with anxiety. ocldafct-wed,sauwed THE SUNNY SOITH. REV. J. II. INGBIHIM. PRICE, sua. Throne of David. l-RICI, Sl.JS. Pillar of Fire. PRICE, S1JS. Prince of House of David. PRICE, SI .25. Wor Sale hr W. B. KEEN, BewkaeUer, Ho. 141 Lake straet. s OAPS! SOAPS! SOAPS I TOILET SOAP DEPOT. Cleaver' Honey Soap, Lorn Sea's Honey Somt, Low A bon't B. Windsor Soap, Low non't Glycerine Soap, Jiimm ifl (flyeerme Soap. Very Old GattiU Soap. Lubm't Soap highly m fumed. Afayteyt i Together with a Sue assortment of the very seat Tsflet fcoapslntaK. J H.RWD4IJII., Apothecaries and Cbmlsta, 144 aad 14 lake at. Iftlm in Toilsa and Fsaey Poods. TTOOPS, HOOPS. HOOPS. Four XI Baadrod Taoosmnd Extra Flat (Floor Barrel) Moot, rroaa Mil !, for ssa. by C. J. HAGal.Ia, eefiaw. - ear. Beet. WaSst as Sails sta. amttBtmmts. auction 3al?s. G RAKD WIDE-AWAKE PROMENAtE CONCERT, to be fiven by tb. NOBTH SIDE WIDE-1W1KK CLUB, AORTH MARKET HAlL OFFICERS OF THC JlTENHJO. aaiisrr-Aiona narvey. L-.rrAr . ri. sjlytOttra OCMXTTTCE Or ARRaXGCMEHTS. A. parrey, J. H. . 'lyboorn. Ira V . Until, J- Wilder. iwrtre knerr, o. J. cuaulril. C. Tumucliff-, L Altrar. DECORATION COMMITTER" D Mclean- F. Hr.k.r U E. Pra-Trf. un tic, rt. a,, ta soe. KiOiara Barnard, K. allokke. JY GILli t RT A ShAMPWO Aoetloneees at I.k. .me Superior Household Furniture and Ei nwn Dens, AT ACCTIO.N. OV Til lam v .... . . . 1.:' ""a - """"""".a s w o'cloelr. w.willt- r,""" "aitnsuvc ; aaaortm.i.1 orrurat ue Ac ooi a ln u, part Tew a Tet-, fca-y at,d Ki""'ci a' ra U , r ano Bloois. Bat Traaa K,..a Vl. ... i. .. Wa.0-.' .m""i'. TV TSI..... M .JoeaLv - a .nr-ton i: Frank femith. F. basse. 1: kTCPTinw rnyvtrrn H.E.Wade, E hlnsner, chaa.Insrtioli, Fred. Targes. HOKORARY MAXA0CKS. lion. W. B tartan, Hon. 1. Jf. arnoll. Hon. N. B. Jifd. a. '. Laroad, tsq. i a-pa' Bota, aeq Iu Bales. JUt(. v. Haws -n. S q. O. fehni.ier. ttto. Jobn Abton a so. w. f onirer, a) J.e. Knmiev, Baq.O. 8. hnbhard, kaq W. R. As (s. M. W .in, aq. J. J. Ricnart t, I a FlXtR MANAGERS, ft. Ta-nicVffs. Ilaicsn Mcueaa. K. Knaoaer, Ctas Vrr-, i,. u. Mari n. An. Brannlrf. I. rrsttGue, Frank urebn. The iffST.iitWldAwakeCraosofttieeityaresi)erialv IraTltaH 1 til SUlaWsfl .11 (nil ni'..- TlC-et 60 OH I ftCt Ia Iw hiil n'tna pAmmitU. A . v.ciAirum suits VI UWleaDra Of UjC 4JI ift. m uc pragrsaume wu, ne -n rtiV amoaived. o-2ti !rr atsbosV sewiraar K.a r7 TTf vT1 . d o 1. Ware. l u wrsAri rZ ' IZ tx taee('' ru:t, i, k , t careaiia snd v tn-lsi ,l 4 Carpets, w -- " ay Eg rrMjiV ArlCtlOPffT- 17 ft M oVICKEK'8 TUKATiii.. kauisgb street, between Bute and Uearboro. W Doon open at t o'clock. Performance to cmroenoe I ia O'lkh-a. KiallnlMMnhnnll.t ill ...a . . till f. o r-nolr 1 " " nanta i l'r va;a Kma aa tat ami aa ... MONDAY, OCT. 22. LAST alGHT OF THE NEW ijESSAa10?T DRiMA. THE NEW SENSATION' DRAMA THE QUADRO JN. THE QUADROON. THE J-OUKTH BLLOD. THE FOL'RTH BLOOD. THRILLING EFFECTS. THHILL1NU KFfECTS. BRILLIANT TABLEAUX. BRILLIANT TABLEAUX. THE SLAVE'S TRIAL. THE SLAVE S TliLAL. THE INUNDATION,, 111B HL.AUAI1U.V. THREE CHEERS FOR FREEDOM. THREE CHEERS FOR FREEDOM. ' This Tei Drains mn,t re wilbdravrt nftr tl.- axr. n-ng. In conf querc- of tbe engse&.en of the popsir r comet-nne US8 M RION McCAKl HYatd k. FE-JjIX VINC-EIST, from Laura Ktene's Tat aire, wuo woi "INGaBURY HALL. 1HUKSDAY EVENIS8, OCT. 18TH, On Wednesdaj aad Saturday After- ttuef, ww. ax axajiBma WAUGH'3 MAGNIFICENT allirror of Italy. The thf at re ef the war of Empires. The mot magnilta? nt series of Hanoramie fainUnsrs in Utie coontry, with th new ana briliaiat a tractions of He illuuiiniaioDs of fct, FeUr s i iiurui, uioor4i or miiaa. tfec. W Sirgtc uekets cenu. or six for if OO. f'hlld-reu lftcei.ts. To afternoon Mh!i.!timu I atni. i a r is . fhUaren lO cts. Ioors open at X o clock. Commence Gr. MIRASOLE'S DANCING Corner W adison and Clark 81 s. Entrance on ItLadl on. Class open at all titaes for betrinnera. CHUVI-asN's OiaASS everv 'IumIav mnfl Kstnn! Pea- rents sKjy allowed as vifitora. Astemlty every Ttitdsy jMgnt, ior rcnoiarsand Fr-fna, and ne persons ann it ted ritri wiuw; lutruuacej ot scuoiars. see 034 q TRANCING ACADEMY, No. 195 dlu(h w.rrrv, oorner or vena. MADAM AKEKSiRSJW S AOADEMT Is now onen ior toe seaeon. Davs f tiiitm wntMj. .- an t Saturdays. Kor ladi a, from to p. at ; for get, lie-men, a to 1- H p. m Children's clwts on triatardava only from 3 10 p. m. IMvate iessons at ai! huurs 1 ot occupied by classes. lLvery vahety of dancing taught. AU the iaauiuna rie nances itagnt ir one course of Ifeacm-. Ma-Cim A. bas lust received and will Immediateiy introduce tne new and beautiful Waits La Coska, and the Vazurka Gal iop : also, tlie Prince lmpenale an l lJoIka kedowa ;aadrilles. ('cholars toires wpesiy Monday xa. acta, at vi Jeu wv.iaxai o m,ry.y iiuig rWrJUUB. SfCaCElalA iaHatmu. IS rANTED A Druggist's Clerk, a. oouw uiars. si re ex. ocSOzt TEACHER. A Recent Graduste -A. of TateVilece, wbo has had exigence In tacL'ng, w shea to find emolovment as a tpudpr for a faarhMir da ly. 'ihe most tAOsfactory reft recces r.ven. Af'd'-pss r. j. oi at. ocl9z4t 7 ANTED By a young man of - iw meraii inn min irr aitns.tinn Tri.w i. Hish School or Acaiiemv-orPrit.c.i .wi nf a P.n.l,. h-,i Ur-xc:ptiouable references iriven. AdJrtfc h iam' tiandwich. Hi. ocHrlw WANTED IMMEDIATELY. V V V I Ml 1 Yin a sar m rvi ltua TIU 1T1IV n a -v which the highest market price will be paid in Oi-sh on delivery at our Frees, ItUzwell St., corner of B.i Island CLVsavt .0 Vsut rhitan rirrJDIlr u u mr : tr r ww- "vawvaukagv, A loaCUl Hi L ' 1 n ttrt. ocmiaim office 45 Market st. WANTED A Stock of Dry Goodn. itwe rv.ClotriiTiac'. or Boots snd Rbona Tn lldiinri I or JJTSaSBI'Vfa Or 1 nlmDTATMl KaXkl Kataia Chicago, afilwauaeeorPcrtageCity. Wis. Anyooewi h-l"f ' mike an eiinm tarUi nUa a aaii.lrau X n kn 913, cnicago. ociuxlw WANTED. Agents to engage in a Ttltasant and nrofltMhl P.iirivMia in ea-hCk. i mm miu vTCaabiwuitxai ui guou auurees can mane From 92 to $10 per Dy Call between the hours of Sand 11 a. w mnA e ana. a at 6o. H Masonic Temple. ODDomte the Post ofiw a. auaress, citc,ting stamp, P. O. Box 3ft4V t hicaco. uuiuuxnim L'OR SALE 18,000 Acres of land I near Fort Dodjre. Iowa at alow nVnre 'or raa',. An. ply to A.J.8Ai,UyWAV a CO, ! Lak- sret. nicajo. cc-2or:3 0 iw FOR SALE Any person winhiEg to partTti'n an offioetn a store or warehons. em Bi.d ssch and boards for sae cbeao bv hMIT H AllsiIK. llroacisaa. aucceasors to Pentoa A Co. as Lake atraia,.. Chicsjro. .si 70287-iw PEDDLERS' "WAGON for Salo. ILtht Peddlers Wartt nMrrrnr. Witt ebeap. Apply to (.AO. E. I OKtalluJS. 29 Late etreca. (Bit-ttatrt.) .cl".raw OR SALS. 360 Acres of Choice find LANDS for sale or exchange for eood Citv Pro perty. The land is in Wiwonstn. on tbe Oconto River, thirty milnfl alKve the moutn, near Eld ridge & iiaicon.'s Milts. Alss, two valuaois H'-rses, l-aicgy. Barn-ss. etc or fun her intnnaiion. apply to ROiJ'f K. HILL, ocio aiH im f ropnet' ror uaraen i.r.T xfuus1. PATENT RIGIJT FOR SALE. vslmb s Patest Kiarht fer an article in trenerjl use, anl cheap manufacture. To aroti.modate men of i uua mean joui.ty Kigats w.U be sold cbesv. Address W DUiiniu'Caft,, OClDK'W FOR SALE. The slock of a well established and nmitable masufaetnrinr corvee r r this elty smouating to $o,ou0. One-baif cash and etxeu1 sh jrt paper, bance in wt-: located reai estate " ' or farming lAfialaia the cuuntry, AeW" cltT D, r ' . Uaa isanaaiBmvBastBV' "7T1m Via iient. T O RENT. A Comfortable and well furnished House, with all the modern imtrove- ments and conveniences, stable snd carriage house. ner bicago avenue, and within a ndnute's walk of the C-ark street ridlroad. Any respectabie Tsm'iv wanting snca wi 1 p.ease direct to W. Y. B jx 4390, Pos -fl)ce, with addi ss, when tbe p-eirises may be seen. ocllxHt TO RENT WITH BOARD A en it cf unf amish ed roo s at 20 State sU. corner of Adams street iay boarders csja also be ace rnuo- OC17XW TO RENT That large Dwelling house on the earner of Harrison and Bdftalo atreeis. Ail new y papered and pamted, with seas, batt. celitr, all n first rate order. Laige lot and s' able. A pp. v to J 'Is IS fc. UJilAaaOl, st o'clock. a1 liandolph street, from 10 to It OC1TSJS-1W TO RENT The Commodious More, No. 4et orth rjlark at-eet, under tbe Foster Bonse. A first rabs lotton for busnesa, particuUrly C oulng. dataware. die Apnly to GEO. F. FilSIEK, or Al. H., of tne i oater bouse. odtt-eiTt 2w TO RENT One New BtlCK HOUSE, with larje yard and laTee barn, on Otd street east of alien igan A venne one of ll-e nrx-st locations tndneighborhoodsln the city. Kent only ,34 p..-r per monLn. Appl on the premises, or address P.O. iox QO. niaSd!3.lm TO BENT Four Story Brick Store, with cel:ar 9 by 163 feet, en Keith water street, designed for Storige. Can be rtnUd fcr pork-cut' ting andpackinc. Apply to O. Vf. AiAMti, o 1M Korth Water street. seatCxlm TO RENT First-Class Stores to Kent. Those two lar-e stores In Portland Block, Deaibom ecreet, recently occupied by the Jtew York Mt.r-tl. Company, aad A. r redin. App y to J.H. PAKtl.K, TO Watriington street. aa1-P4ft.1m a NEW AND SECONIi Habtd PiAjroe forsalelcw. Pianos a, d afelrKieons to Rent. Orders for Tuning sfiaooa, M e-odeoas. Orfrans, and ali kinds of Musical Insti j-enuproniptlyatiende'Jto. AU kinds of KaatCaVl Instrn rents repa;redl at short notice. iioarctng. BOARDING There are now va-cart a SSS and SSS 8-rath o-ark street, some p.easant from 1.111.1 suitable for famiUes er single kentle-me. it is also a convenient locattoa for day boa-den, as It is only one bl je frojl in. new Foal Office. Tertns mod-sjate. oe.rn.iw BOARD WANTED A Gentle-man desires btard with a respectable family where there are few or no other hoerda, where he can nave a room with are. South Divi-i n. wltoin ten minutes wsjs of Ctty Hall pTeferrfd Be eienoes ezcnaned. Adortrts yr. h.. P. o. noi 4841. cciMgH-st BOARD. A Suite of Front Rooms to Kent, with Board, at 1 and 91 Mlchigaa avenue. Reference. required. octlOdaM lm BOARDING Pleasant rooms with Board can be obtained at 'o. 4 Tan : Boa a street, between &late and Wabash avenue. o;li.m BOARD WANTED. A young man wishes to obtain beard 1. a private tamiiv where tne eomtoru of a home aaay be had. Price OS 00-ie ir otherwise rrfls'aotory. Couth hide preferred. A t-jtressP.O-BolataSl. QClSllw PIRITUAL MANIFESTA- TION9 Miss ADA I. HOTT, Writ! v and Rappin Test Meiium, will give stulng for the invest isr tion ot tLese peessaaena, freca ta.SL.tSwP. a, at Bio. 94 ttoutri lTiarilainea street. Terma, IM aa hour for oa or two LADIES AND GENTLEMEN who are lcoking for a Dvehonse where t'.ey will get tbeir work veil done, either in dveifig or cleaning, in ah iu branches, will And such bv ceiling at the Bus oo taarv ttteam .Dyeing svetabhsnmect of henry bchwara. No. TS BonU Qiark street and fts Ulntois street. oclSxW TRACKING BARRELS ALWAYS JL mm asaad satd for ssae. OCl7tn-aaa 3 Y WM. A. BUTTE US fc C HOUtSD AND LOT ON WABASH AV 'f" AT ArCTIOW. Oil TCE8DAT AFTERNOON, CCT.30, AT SOClAH. t Oa the Fremlaea, V. t l il , a . r, ... .. . w " . "out. arjo its tiale en Wab a WaLah I.f,?"0"1 r t- I' Lu """ M feel , aJrl.TrJ, Ttl! rnc',J ' "ey ilf et,w i rt,M...j . T w.,u,,rni rrms. a kilc..- l. .VWZ farther part!-,. 1 . a-aaruorn SirFl. ecl txd aid. A. BUTi AKji A i'f . a. Yy jvi. A. BUTTKIiS & CO, CKNEBAi AIICTIOKKERa. lvlrtctly apposite toa IresMeu saoase. FtTKNITCHB BALE At x o'olsck a. at. M COO US BALK temamm, m 9 l- eftioet, J, jm. . AT OTja SALEHBOOH. RlT a waitMir., arry woooe ftnot. all arc. aua.t.-a' i. J. K. KlalT'ord'. Olive Tavt Olire Olive Olire Olire Olire Olive Olire Olire Olire Only and rs other pr-par.ttoa ire con.pour ded with tb, view of a tenera ealeUseverbeea able to ob a'a Ut mooials from person of cuch prcra; ? Law. Esq, rtflhaveB.. New tork "" llrapsm, Eaq . liarke', N. 1 laoaxow Wmn. Km.. AilDy. N.l (tea. lirrrOaara, Wa-htn.ton. D.C loi- "asm Coir. Hanfori Cona. ' -( Hii.BS.A. bav Je.iiua l.aavrrr. Editor lode pendent. N. Y. Rrv. E. Haioarr. Ed. Exam ner. 1. T II. W -aoa. Agent ut Aatri can Bilae Union. N V. Revo, r a. Snsaiaa, Butlernutt. hw lore. "n. La jxaan, Ex .ter, K. H. And ttors taaa 100 other wellkaowi persons r. rr. ft", Ian Tar. Tr OLIVE TAR. " OitlTI 1 An IS HtBAIaST ITS fheaing Balsamic odo-s are brusiafbt li, p jcontect with the lining mtwbraee tr itm, m. ST OUre Olire Olive Olive Olive Olive Olive I Olive Olive Olive Relieving at ofe ary pa'n or opp sslc-r, ai d seali: g any irritation or L fljaS-.t. lion. Wbst Olivc Tin ts TAmr 1 row rA It Iot ma an oneg;hlei iscoth im ajd Heal ng Pyrup foz ijouihs and al: 1 1. roet UW stes. Wiisw Olivi Ta is Arrutn H W agLetic or oonc eurtc iv num. ersren 'er t a root-t spev1v , fan AiiMlbllator. Jl've far is not sticfcy, tloat nutdittc J.CT i ift y cenu a bottle. j. r. nriro&jyn Mwmn sussf mUphur Motctr Are sol'ible prepamimn of Itod and suipnur, loeutiai witn that existing in the blood ot aperffctir faea thy pr-of. L7n.tirig with the dved foi "j biy Kevitaviise snd furify i be F o d t e 1' pa.t Janrjvy tothenroushyntfn ' Thev nvigorate t ne 1 Wn- Tnv t'tri'ag'n'!. the Vletmi n 1 her Ke-u aie sue Secretions f the B'dv Ara area-peciflcforau Female West dki i niGB On DoLbtva a Faocams bTArrORD'S OL!E TsH. IS'iAf 'ORu IRON A1 fcCL- PHL'K POWDERS. STAl-l'OKO S INhaLKR. or saie dv SMITH sfe 1 W YEU. ( ncf esfO'e to Pen-on 4(VM Wbo esal- ano Retail Agents m Chicago. ocl&a!ar-''mirt,. Tar. Tar. Jar, far. far. fur. Tar. far. iiiir. Tar. fJREAT VICTORIA EKIDGhi V OPEN. This lm t ense iron struct irt. ,ri tw iniles In length, ftbe longest in tbe world ) erected facrosstlt RIVR ST. LAWHENCK At Montreal, ate eot of Six-end i-Ht'f MlMrm nf Aara, to connect tne Eastern and Western iivUkns vf t)ws Grand Trunk Mtaitwity OF CANADA. r ein for public traffic. Th's rnad nf nearly 1.101 mllee in lengtii, la operated under OVX MAJfAOJCMENT FROal PETROIT. MICH. TO FOKTLA-lMit MJt. And there ts on'y OIVTJ iTBeAKOB OF OAVe4 Trom Chicago or the M1sissippl River ke Port lanrf or H'y ton. Quickest and nost C'ovei,isiS route f.r travel Le-tween tbe houtb and West and Canada and JSVw kngtaid Passengers and freigbt bO'-ked through ai! parts of Canada and the Mew Englaiid btates, also to and f rom CHICAGO AND L1VMKPOO& And the Goat nettt of Europe, at corns' der brv vedoei- m. py 'ejuiarweeaiy nneoT uji i tii.TA i JL- ANI ELKol'KAN UAIL STKA U CaiV .iv.-y r,.a Quebec every hatnrdsv, 'j(t from Live-rmx! evcrv Weai neacusy throuzbout the year, t or furtawf pn ten tars autMS' to WALTER t-HANLY. Oeneri! Manager. Mentrea:. JAa, WAKRAvlv, Oerl West "it Aent, Ko. .3 l, strett, Uaderthe Ada'us Ht.u. :hloago. TTN1TED STATES MAD U Oaly Weakly Line U CORK, LIVERPOOL, And a.1 tbe prtneipal cities of Great Britain 1 tbe .'-cat aen oi a urope, cauins at t,aeerasto trra, iC'.rcj iren.. TUB IrlOIfTKEAI. fi All, Ocean Steamship Commit n?'r. FirswilBss full oowered Clvde built steam.ta e-ir...'1. tion with tbs OKAND TRTjMK KA1LWA1 ttl.'a.syl-. sail every haturday from Quebec, carry ins aue UnitedfcisttvA and Canada Maiis and passeng-ers : Bohemian. Oapt. Mcafaster.l TIovaHeotian.t.'a'tt.Bo ku, lSortli Briton," (France. I rt'tb American. A''k. Axielo Saxon, Balauttne. f Canadian. !w. two new snips, (BU'.ojr.n. Quick ret. Ohtapest and must a hmm.. Tars irom CUieato r Ai wtutri t t,ueeattowi, (.a. , . laverpoel : laS. ' ,, ,,. ..... SMV arf il , fiu.foundwtlBcookedproviaions....r ateturnT Tlckeia'lrstOuasaoodIoraioaiJla,ii, aiatj. Bieerasre. Certificate! leaned for brtnrtnf mat pawetttere from the pnndpa' towns ot Great Britain and Ireland, by ahc stsamers r aaiUnk vessels, at very recused ratra. Tor freia-ut or uaaaaj-e apjly te tne Oou ett,y , Oenere A elite, bLbel A rieaTTe, 19 Water street, i.l'rpvl Cot ud IruW, and 3 Broadway. .New York, w tn . Urtaaa a, Detroit aad MliwaukAS w'kkVok"'' Grand True. Hallway offluti, 11 i,aae-. dk7 latp Under Atlanis Ho-t?. ).'-t r. CEO. A.SCAVEBJIS, TS l)aaEaaia stfeat. JAMP AND OIL EMPORIb ?-i Clias. Ia. Noble, la r-T.Aag BTKII r........... i aetwesa Waaolnstoa and ai&dis-x attest, SEAVLEB Ilf ALIa Oil Kerosene and Coal Goods The oaly party la Chlcafo to whom Downer MuSa -BXTBA SaSBOSBNa.. This Oil is pure and not adulterated with cheaper loi All aood brands of Coal Oils, Lamps Ior Churches, f ii BuildlnfEs, Stores, sec. Agency of Bldweli's Coal I Grease and lMput of Grafton Mineral Feint Company. atiau-og Seals) p s EWTNG JJACHINE AGKNTb. Wanted in every County throughout tue afetUra fitaies to sell TeBaC Improved $30 Bevrlac lSav delne. These Machines an adapted ts all varieties of work. Family 8ewlx., Tailoring and Bootand Snoe Mak-n Tiity have met witn a vcryAarge aaie durini the past year, (if lnun.yraa.aln.w AdrJrouN(j ft elylstp aiarAD ladurer-, C - ago. III O HICAQO SALESROOM. lAHt nTfttEt 4 Ths Horn cold 11 A N IN HOU: bv iji Q Botrvsmik is very fasclna'ine. Like , .,1. . fawaty day if you taae Lead ol it, 1 "HnArT. W io.-'Kemstn It-yiUJMANUE UF STRIK- a - A Romance VOlS . ai.00. and success lekV Uim. A Saamiitv. beauty and power. The HOILI Or U v A-!- i ti Or, THE ILIXia OF OOLI. by e Sou: hero Lady. Two band' erne I'mo. lew Euiuons also ready of t e tnree greai. ril o veiS OT me ysaur : t r. u aaa xo, ev tv a - it at F1IK Frir nf RaaCO. U, xs. ctruaa , i i-nag a,. ryUE TWO DICTIONARIES. WEBbTER' UHABBIDOED DICTIOHART. Kw Pictorial Adi ion. Price, StOU. wORCE'TER'S QUAKIO DICTION AKT. rtctc-rial Edition. S7.0U. It. J. OOoeVa A CO, ocis 111 lAkesjwat. R G. GOODWILLIE'S e WHOLESALE PACKING BOX FACIG&T, ooumn vxacm asm matsea srs. Orders for Boxes, Trnnk bodies and CVid ' ra v. ts will receive prompt attention. x0. Box 372 U a j, &L &cI7-ly.d-L A LL PERSON SHAVING claims asrarnst the lt Irm of 8TEV KM4 A HU- TO are hereby notified to present thr saxne tot:i , nds-r signed, at h's OiSce. 'o. 114 booth Waier s lent, etor the Hd day of lSovmber next, at which Utu-r tne aiwu ta m p ssesstt n will be aopl ed to pay men . of tne indebr,sa-Bssof sad Arm, a-c rdlagto the oondi'loos of a eertaia deed of assignnient bearing date tne lytii dy of Marea, A. i. lilM) H. W. HLN.iALlL, ocU dl lm Astiirase ef Stevens A Heaton. N TEW ilKSS PORK.- It. have on haed for sale JYett Heavy tZ: JPrkm Our ewa Sraad. wnla we ser t th trad, at th lowatt cash prtue. TOBBT A BOOTH, PACE1HB HOUSE, OL STREET BRIDGE, SUVJTrl BKAliCil. eclTdS-w VTAILS CHEAP. 2,000 kegs as. j. 1 sortso utn Nalis, arssa en no poo, rorsaa, sx Bo. 19 (south Market street by easjesie-sw

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