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3 4 AMOCIATtO jtfttM LIAUD WIM OF THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY EDITION FULL AND IXOLUBIVt UNITED PMEIS RlPflRT 12 PAGES CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1933 TWO SECTIONS FISCAL DISAPPEAR erne Citizens in CALLS FOR REPEAL ACTION mmm is SUED OR Accused of Foreign Ship AIDED IN EVASIONS OF TAXES, ALLEGED Two Ex-Aides, D. H. Blair an'dv A. W. Also Defendants ('Associated Leased Wire) W7ABHINGT.ON; two of 'for- civil largest ever filed in of'Columbia Supreme Court, The suit charges connlv- an9e''wlth officers of unidentified foreign steamship companies to payment of Income taxes.

Accused 'Resides Mellon, ambassador to Qreat Britain and former secretary of the treasury, David H. one-time commissioner of Internal revenue, and Alexander W. Gregg, former acting generaVrcbunsel of the revenue bureau, were named defendants. filed by David A. who recently a market Investigator for the -banking committee, after charging that he Had not been given a free' hand.

was accused in the suit of not -only; falling to collect JIOO.000,000 In 1 delinquent taxes from the steam- snip llnus, but with, placing tho gov- er.hme.nt In.such a position that it was forced to refund'-Some $10,000,000. Enormous Interest Tho suit also asks interest on the 1220,000,000 which would bring the tal damages -up to: maiiy more millions. Action was based on a statute of' 1863, making federal officials liable for double the amount of damages Under tho statute a cltiien may sue of the. Unlte'd States, with whatever amounts collected going to treasury. 'j.

Olsons alleged that the treasury wrongfully per- 't mltted the steamahlp companies to make amended tax bated the revenue apt of 1921 Instead of the acts of 19T6, and 1911. TJie' suit charged that Mellon erred with steamship in Mirc)W-j4P27, the purpose 'of as- 'said companies in attempts to defeat claim of the" United States." May; Call Off Police in Boettcher Hum (Associated Prect Leased Wire) DENVER, Chief A. Ti Clark said today he ing the of police In th 'Chiirlea Boettcher-. cas to free negotiations, between th abductors of the 31-year-old, invest ment broker and Charles fC, Boettcher multimillionaire father of the miss ing THE WEATHER t. f- Increasing olpud- iness followed by weather iMid rain- late tonight or.

Wednes- ay; inoderafe temperature; mod- 'Northern California cloudiness followed by. rain aver and central tonight i Wednesday; moderate temper- attire'; fresh southerly wind offshore, Sierra Increasing okrnd- snow over 'north' and central wiiiiV tonight and Wednesday; continued; cold; fresh west and Southwest wind. BjiQi-ftmento and Santa' Clara Val- cloudiness fol- late tonight or mpderate temperature; rate; south wind. Increasing Wednesday; mperature; gentle COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS BEVERLY To the Editor of the Bakersfleld Callfornlan: a foul In America that when they picked up their paper didn't utter the tame exprestlon, that's too bad," when they read that Mayor Cermak had Lota of state and placet are calling a' moratorium on taxes, takee ue eo lono to think of anything for, ourselves. Funny we thought of It for Europe, but not for ourselves.

Why pour all that. reconstruction money Into a bank when all you had po say was "we are going to pay you but as we are able to p'ay you out." Yeura, WILL ROGERS. JAPANESE RESENI BRITAIN1 ACTION Imbargo on Arms Puts John in New Role of Villain (Associated Press.Leased Wtrt) TOKIO, Feb. British gov- rnment's embargo on new arms shipments to Japan and China has caused hat country to momentarily replace he United States in" the rote f. the international drama, as seen hrongh Japanese eyes.

America's allure' tq follow suit was regarded as urprising. Keen resentment at announcement by Secretary Sir "ohn Simon of Great Britain was manifested-In official circles. Author- ties, however, agreed Japan was self- sufficient and that the embargo would handicap China. Aa long aa the embargo la Impartial and confined to finished there little likelihood of trouble over. It, aald a government apokeiman today.

But If an embargo la applied to Japan alone, the government will have to con- alder leisure of to China, he.aald. Bitterness caused by tho embargo resulted in America's adhesion tb tho League of Nations advisory committee, charged with carrying forward attempts to settle the Slno-Japanese controversy, passing almost unnoticed. A foreign office-spokesman said: "Since the league adopted recommendations (concerning the Manchur- lan dispute) largely in consideration of America's well known desires', the United States could hardly withhold a measure of support. However, its adhesion cannot enable the committee to alter events in Manchuria and deflect Japan its fixed policy there," Spokesmen had doubted if the British, embargo would be effectuated unless America joined. The, United States' abstention evoked some gratified, comment, although officials ex pressed, the-belief that America would have joined had Washington executives the same freedom of action those of Great Britain.

OIL AGREEMENT (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Fe'b. Sen ate bill the United States attorney general to release certain claims to property of the Pan-Amerl can Oil Company and the Richfield Oil Company In return for Was approved today by the Hous lands committee. The government obtained Judgmen of more than, 19,000,000 against tlv Fan-American in a suit arising ou of fraudulent naval oil leases. Since however, both Richfield Companj Its Pan-American have gone Into receivership; of claims hi desired by the govern ment to facilitate settlement df th- company's affairs, with the Intention of Increasing the government's flna return. Urges Heavier Cuts in County's Costs (United frets Leased Wire) MODESTO, Feb.

urg ing more drastic reductions in count expenses, than those recommended the county Grand Jury were circulate In Stanislaus county -today, The petitions wore circulated members of tho Stanislaus Tax Coun pit. They reported the petitions wei rocelyed enthusiastically by count Arrest of Every Member Having Governmental Connection Afoot ALLEGED TO I)ESTROV PROPERTY Buildings of Reichstag Partly Razed by Fire Last Night LATE BULLETIN Feb. 28.. Paul von Hlndenburg disbanding all constitutional for freedom of the press, speech and assembly. Postal and telegraphic privacy, was abolished and the death penalty established for a long series of offenses, eluding assaults on the person of the president or members of the cabinet.

By ERIC KEYSER (United Press Leased Wire) OERLIN, Feb. Hitler government ordered the arrest of every Communist con nected with the government for al eged complicity in a terrorist: plol which began with the: attempted destruction by fire of the Reichstag buildings. A ban on the Cpmmun st and Social Democrat was decreed by Hermann Wllhelm Qoer ng, minister-without in the Miller government. Blame Communists for Fire Qoerlng charged that the. Reichstag Ire was part of a plot for a Com munist uprising which had as its'goa destruction of all government build ngs and "the wholesale looting Berlin." Evidence uncovered today indicated that the Reichstag flre, th main hall of the legislative building a mass of charred ruins, but which spared the library of the historic edl Ice, was deliberately set by a Dutch Communist named An Der Luobbe acting In'concert with a number other conspirators.

Police reported that nfter the fire was discovered, men were seen rush ng through the building with lighted in their hands. Van der Luobbe he had no confederates In his attempt to destroy the government buildings: "We are ready to fight to. the ut most any attempt against the state'i authority," Qoerlrig's official com' munlque said, today. "It can be stated now that the firs attack (of Communists) has been parried. The entire Berlin pollci force-Is In rnidln'ess, and auxlllarloi are being mobilized.

''fo the arrest of 'two Communist Relchs tag deputies have been Issued fo complicity in the Reichstag fire; "The prohibit Ion of the Social Dem ocrat press Includes periodicals, post ers and handbills. "The fact that Van 'der Luebbe con fessed his connection with the Social Democrats establishes the united fron of tha, Socialists and Communists'." Reign of Terror Planned Simultaneously, police revealed Ilia a raid on Llebknecht House, Commu nlst headquarters, last Friday uncov ered for the beglnntn of a widespread reign of Communls terrorism- throughout Germany, hope of civil wur to follow. 'Goerlng's conimuniquo said the. plo disclosed In the Uebknechl house ral included plans, for' tho, destruction all; government 'buildings, museum castles power plant throughout Germany. PRETTY QUEEN Red-hilred Miss Mary Frances Buck, above, today ruled as queen of the.

annual Mardi Qras carnival at New, Orleans. She was selected over scores of 1 Governor Also.Dispatches Messages on Finances, Reclamation SEEKS EXPRESSION AS TO PROHIBITION Asks Belief for Settlers on U. S. Projects and Loan for Bureau Pursuit of Fiends, Waged One Never Has Been Relaxed Press, Leased Wire) TRENTON, Feb. International manhunt for the kidnapers of Charles: Augustus Lindbergh, never relaxed, went on today, one year after he was stolen from his Begun.

March 1, 1932,. when the 21-months-old son of tho famous flyer -was abducted, on May 12 when his. bqdy was found bleak Sourland hills, search ias been relentlessly pursued. Months ago President Hoover admonished law agencies make the case a "live and nevor- lo-be-forgotten" one. His admonition ias been followed.

At tho year's end investigators hac nothing they were willing to' report For six months they have maintained silence. Meanwhile, a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest am conviction of the kidnapers, offered by Jfew 1 Jersey after the baby's body was found, still stands. A new baby, Jori Morrow, was born last'August. Before'he was 5 months old threats of kidnaping were made Two charged with attemptp extortion, were arrested in -Virginia From Scranton, came a letter de mandlng $60,000 'on threat of abduc tion, Jrom Chicago came a warning to "watch your child." New Investl gallons opened for the police. But at home and abroad the search for those responsible for the tragedy goes be relaxed." th President of the.

United States said "until the criminals are Impacably brought tb justice." Mac Ar thur to Lead Inauguration March (Anooiated Press Leased Wire) TUCSON, Feb. General John J. Perslilng -said today' Illness would prevent him 'from leading the inauguration parade lii Washington March 4. General Douglas MacArtltur, chief of staff of the army, will take Perehing's pluee, General confined his room plans to move from a suburban hotel whore ho Han boon for several weeks lo nearby ranch. Friends paid He will remain burp Indefinitely.

(United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. re tiring county Grand Jury labeled the government of. Los Angeles county "archaic, Incompetent and expensive" In report on file today. "There Is no hope for a dent and economical, administration of the county's business so long as th' exomillve authority IH delegated to i seoro of subordinate officers or dl vldod among five' supervisors," th report read. Tin? office of tho county audlto should be "unscrambled." the com mlttep, which drafted the report rec ommenOed, declaring the office wn incumbered with functions foreign its original duties.

List $6,886,894 in Debts; Bankrup (Amiooiatod Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Feb, debts of. William Clar Crittenden, Bap Francisco finanole. attorney and real Restate developo filed, voluntary petition In bankruptc In Ketleral Court hero today, lie HM eil UHSOU- of' ot which I claimed, SMI WUB exempt as persona Mobs, Angry With Nippon, Real Danger (Associated Press Leased Wire) QACRAMBNTO, Feb. 28. sages- dealing with 'State fl- repeBlot national prohibition and relief for settlers on federal reclamation projects were sent to Legislature by Governor Rolph today.

The mes ages were received in the Senate and Assembly immediately after he lawmakers reconvened after heir 30-day constitutional recesa. Expansion Sought The governor asked Immediate enactment of legislation providing for a state convention to pass on' a new amendment to the federal constitution repealing the Eighteenth amendment. He urged speed "that the people of California may be. among the first to accorded the opportunity, to express themselves on this, amendment, adoption of which, in my judgment. Is of paramount importance to the welfare of this state." State Finances In his message on state finances, the governor urged tho legislators to agree on a program for balancing the bud- jet and solving othor pressing problems of taxation, additional revenues and governmental economy.

Governor Rolph asked the Legislature to memorialize Congress to pass two bills affecting the reclamation bureau, one extending relief to settlors on government projects, and another providing for a loan to continue the bureau's operations. He declared passage of the pending legislation was "of great value to California," and was endorsed by a citizen's reclamation committee appointed by him last October. CO-OPERATION URGED BY GOVERNOR ROLPH SACRAMENTO, Feb. 28. (A.

Governor Rolph appeared before i joint of 'the Senate and As sembly here today with a message urging co-operation of the Legislature with the administration toward work Ing out a solution of tho state gov ornment's strained financial condition Tho governor reminded the Legls luturo it disagreed the first half Its session In January with his pro posuls for modification of the'schoo allotment and the old ago pension plan. He said he was not reopening tho discussion of those matters bu that ho merely wanted to remind th lawmakers the slate must find moan By CHARLES STEPHENSON SMITH (Associated Press Leased Wire) J7A.SH1NGTON, Feb. safety lY of 3000 Americans In tho Felplng nd Tientsin area Is the cause of nuch concern to state department of- clals, as Japanese and Manchukuo orces sweep southward through Johol oward north China. Civilians In China never evacuate orders are given by diplomatic nd consular officials. This Is true Europeans as well as Americans, ho have been through so many rev- lutlonti and civil wars that they gen- rally refiiao to leave their homes.

The 1300 marines and soldiers the United States has at Pelplng and lentsln could not bo evacuated, ox- ept by agreement with the Japanese, tallans, British and French, who also ave small defense forces In the two Itles. One Grave Danger Military observers say American (Continued on Page Two) Cermak Condition Giving Physicians Brighter Hopes Press Itemed Wire) MIAMI, Karl A. Meyer said afternoon a complete examination of Mayor Anton J. Cermak ihowed the pneumonia area In his.right lung had not extended alnce yeiterday. "The complete examination' has juat been completed, and ahowa no expanilon of the pneumonic area," Doctor Meyer aald after dictating a bulletin which read: "Mayor Cermak'a condition tlnuei comparatively latlafactory.

Ha hai had three of refreshing ileep. 120, respiration 34. Temperature not taken," MIAMI, Feb. 28. (U.

attending Mayor Anton J. Cermak of Chicago were greatly encouraged today when It was found that the pneumonia area In right lung had not extended In the 12 neae mobs attack. the 'Japanese colonies in those' cities because of the lOSHlbtlity that tho uprisings might levelop Into a general anti-foreign novement similar to the Boxer uprls- ng In IDOO. Tho Japanese have glwen warning hat they will bo forced to throw additional defense forces Into North China' If Japanese lives and property are threatened. Such a development ivould, foreign military men say, result In a situation with far greater jossiblllties for international complications than the bombardment of the hlncse section-of Shanghai last year by tho Japanese.

Europeans and Americans live In practically all parts of Felplng and Tientsin and are not grouped In foreign concessions as they are In Shang- ml. Air raids over these cities -would ie a source of danger. Fear Disorderly Retreat Foreign military men also fear tho retreat of disorganized Chinese forces southward Into Pelplng If the Japanese and Manchukuo forces drive the Chinese soldiers out of Jehol City and send them across tho great wall in confusion. The far eastern crisis Is receiving attention both In and out of Congress Senator Borah of Idaho, yesterday spoke In opposition to any action the United States In joining with European nations In placing an embargo on arms shipments to tho orient. Dem ocratlc House leaders blocked action this session oiv President Hoover's proposal to empower the Presiden to institute embargoes against coun tries In conflict.

INTO CHASE (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Feb. tatlve indication that the Senate stock market Investigation soon would ex tend to Chase Securities Corporation of New York came today when Sen ator Couzens, Republican, Michigan revealed he would submit Informattoi regarding that Investment bankini house to F.erdlnand Pccora, Investlga tlon counsel. Couzens Interrupted the Nations City Company Inquiry to ask Pecora If any Investigations had been mad of the Chnse Securities Corporation affiliate of the Chase NatlonaKUank Tho counsel replied that only super flclnl Inquiries had been made. "I have some Information that shall Hubmlt to you," Couzens said He refused to say afterward whethe the committee had definitely decided to Investigate tho Chase organization "I want to say only what appear on tho record," Couzons replied to questions.

FIVE lOSElES IN RESIDENTIAL FIRE (Associated Press Leased Wire) GRE13NVILLE. S. Feb. young people burned to death In i two-story frame house in Wo Mil village early today. Four of them were trapped In their sleep, while tlv fifth died In an heroic rescue attempt The dead: Lucille Evatt.

20; Mattie Evalt, 18; Ruth Evatt, 14; Robert Ev alt, 12', linogeno Bayne, .3. Mr. and AV. P. Rvatt, parent of four of the dead, and unotho daughter, Huby, 10, barely escaped a the flumes roared through the homo Lawgiver Warns Against Embargo on Armaments (United Presi Lcattd Wire) WASHINGTON, Feb.

Warning the United States to avoid connsctlon with any arms embargo against Japan and China, Senator Lewis, Democrat, Illinois, said In the Senate today that the Philippines "could be made the subject of Immediate assault" If either country were offended. Lewis said that not only was this true of Japan and China, but "of their ally, Soviet Russia." VIEWSMNATE N. Y. Statesman Expresses Himself on Numerous Major Problems (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Feb.

Smith, more dignified and serious than In recent appearances at the capital, warned the Senate finance committee that currency Inflation was only "a shot in the arm" which would injure rather than help the country. Smith favored recognition of the Soviet Government of Russia, saying 'There Is no use trading with them under cover. We're doing It under cover through the Antorg," he said. Smith urged enactment of a one )or cent manufacturers' sales tax to iclp balance the budget so that "th government would be able to throw In a white chip whenever It needed After a breezy entrance, when he tossed his brown derby. and over coat on tho fireplace mantel In the committee room, Smith settled down to a serious discussion of the nation al situation.

He favored lower in terest rates on Reconstruction Fl nance Corporation loans, a speeding up of government functions and i public bond Issue to finance th building of public roads. For Sound Dollar "I'm against cheapening the dol lar by, reducing the amount of gol In It, coinage of silver or the Is suance of any kind of flat Smith said. "Federal highway money Is th most efficient aid for unemployment You get'quickest action that way." He said that Iruspite of labor-saving machinery, sixty per cent of th (Continued on Page Two) LA. ENDS HIS OWN LIFE (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Feb.

H. Baruch, prominent In Los Angele social and business circles, was foun dead In his room at tho Los Angelo Athletic Club early today; Baruch, 38 wits a. real estate broker. Police Investigators said ho too poison, Baruch was the son of tho late Her man faaruch, founder of Hans Bnruc Company, pioneer wholesale grocer company. When he failed to return homo las night, Mrs.

Baruch called the club 11 nd attendants broke Into his room. Probe Ordered of Pickwick Company (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. upon Its own motion, the rullroa commission today ordered an Invest eat Ion into the operation of Plckwlc Greyhound of California, Ltd. Tho order called for, an Inquiry inl the accounting methods, practices rules, regulations, Intercorporate rela tluna cluSHlflratlons of accounts an tlui operating rules and practices tho company. No date has boon ant for the Initial hearing.

Theories Advanced Regarding Act; Under Heavy Strain LETTER MAILED IN PONTIAC LAST CLUE Wife Officials; Widespread Search Instituted (Associated Press Wire) ETROIT, Feb. upon the request ot bis wife, officials; of the Ford Motor Company and Detroit and Michigan state police oday began 1 a widespread search' 'or Ernest Q. Llebold, for more than a score of years general secretary to Henry Ford and fiscal agent for the motor manufacturer. Although no theories as to his disappearance were advanced, fol- owlng the discovery at 2 a. m.

today he was not at h's home, Lle- jgld'a friends and Ford officials said ho had been under a "terrlno strain" for several weeks, working for the manufacturer on plans for easing the Innncial situation in Detroit. At the Ford plant, officials said they "have. no idea" what has happened to Liebold. Close to Billionaire Llebold had for many years been. close to tho billionaire automobile manufacturer and on various occasions had represented Ford in important capacities.

He was vice-president of tho Dearborn Independent, which Ford owned. The only thing in the way of a clue to the mystery coming to police were a report that "Llebold's car had been, seen upstate, and the almost simultaneous receipt of a letter from him, mailed at in which he re-, signed as a bank director. Only Clue men reported to officials that they had seen a car bearing license the number of Llebold's automobile, In Saglnaw, about 100 miles north of Detroit. Previously a farmer near Reese, not far from Sagl- naw, made a similar report. The car, all said, was driven, by a man answer- Ing Llebold's description.

The driver was alone. At the same time officials of 'the Guardian National Bank of Dearborn said they had received a letter from Llebold, mailed in Pontiac Moliday afternoon, tendering his resignation, as a director of the bank. "After having been associated with you since the 'establishment of the bank, It Is with deep regret that'I find it necessary, to request the, acceptance of my resignation as 'director," the letter read. Informed by Wife Detroit police said they were advised of Llebold's disappearance shortly after 2 a. by an official of the Ford Motor Company.

Mrs. Llebold, they were Informed, had telephoned Harry Bennett, head of -the, Ford service department, asking that a search, be instituted. The Ford officials said Llebold left the laboratories of the Ford Motor Company at 11 a. m. yesterday, saying he was going home to sleep.





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