Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 24, 1941 · 14
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 14

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1941
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14 fci-? CTTICAGO DATTTr THTBTT3STE: MOXDAV. ' MAUCH 24, 1941. H. A. DE VRY DIES WHILE BOWLING; MOVIE PIONEER Heart Ailment Is Fatal to Equipment Maker. TODAY'S RADIO BROADCASTS (Outrifl Mumlxrri Time. I hHOKT WAVt BERLIN 7:15 p. ra. News in English. DJD. 11.77 meg.. 25.4 m.; VJZ. 11.80 meg., 24.4 m. IRELAND :00 p. m. Irish program, til. 1)0 kil., 47.17 m. BERLTN-S:30 P ra. News in English. Wn 11.77 llfiman A. Dp the usp of motion ticnal purp cses and the inventor or manufacturer cf a number of the devices which developed the motion pic-t u r e industry, died of a heart attack yesterday while bowling 8t 1501 Beryn avenue. Mr. D c V r y. founder and president of the De Vry, a pioneer in pictures for educa- V-Ml,.. Herman A. Da Vry, Vry corporation, meg-., 25.4 ra.: meir., 25.4 m. LONDON 10:15 ain Speaks, meg., 31.3 m.; nieg., 25.6 m. OJZ, ll.t0 p. m. Brit-GSC. 8.58 GSD. 11.75 Chicago ireqiencifs. W-G-N 7 SO wind coo WMAQ 070 W HUM 770 WLS 870 WKNR S75 WAAF 02O WCFL 970 WCBD 1080 WJJD 113( W.IOI1 1200 WSBC 1210 W EDO 1210 WMRO 1250 WGES 13M0 WHFC 1420 WHIP 1480 ITuo 705 of the nation's SR2- broadcasting stations will begin operating on new frequencies wave, lengths next Saturday, March 29. W-G-N will continue to broadcast on the clear channel of 720 kilocycles. All stations with frequencies higher than 730 will be assigned somewhat hither frequencies: all lower than 730 will remain the same. The new Chicago station loir will be printed starting Friday. which manufactures motion picture equipment for use all over the world, was 65 years old. Ills home was at .33 Hutchinson street. Eorn in Germany, Mr. De Vry came to the United States as a boy. lie bean his Chicago career as a builder nf contrivance for the illusions of Harry Krllnr, Howard Thurston, and other tiii;e magician. Then he became a camera man. Orlcinal Capital $125. Interested in the trowing field of ri'iotion pictures, tie turned to invention and manufacture in 1913 with a capital of 512j. His first invention, a portable motion picture projector which could be caniert in a suitcase, proved a success. In 1914 he founded the De Vry corporation, which was bought by the Q. R. S. player piano roll company in 1929. He then formed Herman A. De Vry, Inc., which became the De Vry corporation again when he bought the Q. R. S. company in 1932. For many years Mr. De Vry was a close friend of Dr. Lee De Forest, inventor of the tube credited with making radio transmission of the voice possible. Mr. De Vry claimed credit for manufacturing the first talking movie equipment with plans drawn by Dr. De Forest. The manufacturer also was credited by business associ ates with making the first sound pio tures for use in the home. Formed Training Group. He believed that the greatest serv. l'-e of the motion pictures was in the field of visual education. For that trason he founded De Forest. Train inc. Inc., which trains thousands of students in the United States and Canada for technical work in elec-tiicity, motion pictures, radio, and television with the aid of motion pic tures used in their homos as textbooks. His widow, Mrs. Ida De Vry, survives with two sons, William C. and Edward B. De Vry, and a daughter, Mrs. Emma Carlson. Mr. De Vry was i cousin of Ihe late Cy De Vry, di-lector of the Lincoln park zoo for many years. MORNING CITIZENS HOUR WILL SALUTE FOREMAN HIGH The Citizens of Tomorrow program at 4:30 p. m. tomorrow on W-G-N will salute Foreman High school. Six hundred students from the northwest tide high school will be studio guests during the broadcast. Miss Catherine A. Ryan, principal, will speak briefly. The school chorus, directed by Myrtle Kelson, will sing several selections. The Chicago Tribune news quiz will be conducted again, and three more names will be added to the roll of honor. The new names; Anne Porter, Lansing. Mich.; William II. Hahn, Rockford. and Emma Jean Askby, Lvansville, lnd. Among the special guests expected re Mrs. Edwin G. Foreman, widow cf the philanthropist for whom the school w as named, and her son Edwin G. Foreman Jr.; Henry' Schaulsman, American Legion leader; Mrs. Herbert Carlton, president of the Parent Teacher association, and Airs. Arthur Robitscheck, former president. Indicates MBS program. J A:30 A. M. W-G-N Breakfast Time irol ics. 0:30 A. M. W-G-N Ashland Avenue Hillbillies. WHHM Rise and Shine. WLS Morning Devotions. 7:00 A. M. W'-fi.N ,m.l Morning prog WM AO ciiiliurhnn hour. WltliM News of Europe. . WUI-Cant. Heme. 7:15 A. M. W-O-N Fvcrvili.y Words. WLS Doe lliirlinit liiim. T:-JO A. M. W-G-N Good Morning. 7:2.1 A. M. W-G-N Nothing lint Truth. 7:30 A. M. -ti-. I. nod .Morning prog wjjii-christian Science. WhiiM Musical Clock. WLS Mac and Bob. WHIP Del hany Church. 7:35 A. M. W-G-N Upper Tsm. 7:40 A. M. w-u-r inn Morning prog 7:-J.l A. M. W-G-N Muslo with flavor. wjju weather bureau. WLS Uncle. Charley. 7: Art A. M. WBBM Aunt Jemima. :00 A. M. W-G-N Your Morning News. wm Ay Your Neighbors. WCFL Breakfast club. WBBM Musical Clock. WLS Howard Peterson. Kilo A. M. W-C-N Gospel Singer. M:.tO A. M. W-G-N M orninc Melodies. W M A Q Co free Time. WBHM Brighter World. WLS Church hymns. :3A A. M. W-G-N Good Morning prog 8:1.1 A. M. W-O-N Wishing Well. WBBM Church hymns. WM AQ Norman Ross. WLS The Rangers. :0O A. M. W-G-N Arthur Godfrey. w MAQ Houseboat Hannah. WCFL Song, of Romance. WBM Kathleen Kami. WLS 1'rairio Ramblers. WIND Start Right. !:10 A. M. WAAF Canary Serenade. 0:15 A. M. W-G-N The Deacon. WMAQ Morning Moods. WCFL A 1 vino Key. WBBM Myrt and Marje. WLS Vic and Sade. :.-10 A. M. W-G-N Keep I it to Music. WBBM Stepmother. WMAQ Ellen Randolph. W.T.TD Adult Education. WCFL Sammy Kayo. WLSMary Marlm WIND Hawaii Calis. WHIP Budapest hour. 915 A. M. W-G-N June Baker. WIND Bob and Bonnie. WBBM Meet the Missus. WLS Pepper Young. WMAQ Guiding- Light. 10:00 A. M. W-G-N Tom, IHrk, Hurry. WMAQ Man 1 Married. WBBM-Treat Time. WAAF Orchestra Pit. wind Weather bureau . WLM Happy Jack. WHIP Lithuanian hour. 1 0:0.1 A. M. WIND Keyboard Capers. 10:1.1 A. M. W-G-N Dim Pedro. WCFI-e-Don Artiste. WIIBM Martha Webgt.?r. WMAQ Against the Storm. "I'S Inendly Neighbors. WJJD Mimical Poriiaits. 10::tO A. SI. - W-l,- u.irhrlor's Children. WBBM Big Sister. WMAQ Road of Life. WLS -Julia Blake. WAAF Mythical Ballroom. WJJD Melody Market. WMBI Shut-In program. 10:4.1 A. M. W-G-N I hula's Love. WMAQ David Hartim. WSBC Restyled Rhythms. WBBM Aunt Jenny. 11 :0O A. SI. W-O-N Editor's Daughter. WLS Martha Crane. WMAQ Kitty Keene. WJJD Food Reporter. WHIP Sanctuary Service. WBBM Kate Smith. 1 I :05 A. M. WJJD Listen Ladies. 1 I : 1 .1 A. M. W-G-N Quiu Rjsn's news. WJJI) Missing- 1'ersonn. WBBM When a Girl Marries WCFL Phil Lihbv. WMAQ The O'Neills. J 1 ::iO A. SI. W-G-N I.en pialvn. WAAF Rhythm Kevue. Wl'l'Wlorsce Heult. WMAQ Farm and Home. WI.S Dreamer Hongs. WJ.I I) Safety Court. WBBM Helen Trent. 11:4.1 A. SI. W-G-N As (he Twig Is Bent. WBBM Our Gal Sunday. WIND Bob Atcher. WAAF Morning' Ballads. AFTERNOON NOON. W-G-N We Are Always Young. WLS Dinnerbell progTam, WAAF Symphonic hour. WBBM Beautiful Life. WIND At Your Service. J3:l r. Sf. W-G-N Edith Adams' 1 nlure. WJJD Music Please. WBBM Woman in White. WMAQ Tunes and Tips. WIND Checkerboard Time. WCFL Serenade at Noon. f::to r. M. W-G-N Markets. WBHM Right to Happiness. W.I J l Noonday Services. WHIP Woodlawn hour. WCFL Sophisticaled. Ladleg I '.!:;& P. SI. W-O-N ar Gypsy orrh. fti4H f, SI. W-G-N-Harold Turner. WHBM Road of LUe. WI.S Question Do. WMAQ Doggy Dan. WCFL lion Artiste. 1 2 :tiH P. M. WMAQ Three to Get Ready. 1 :00 P. 51. W-G-N lion Norman's Date. wind Dalian hour. WTPL Man on the Street. WBBM Young Dr. Mslone. WMAQ Light of the World. WLS School Time. 1 :IB P. M. W-G-N Painted Dreams. WMAQ Myslry Man. WCFL Meet the folks. WJJD Sporta Revue. WAAF Rhythmic Age. WBBM Joyce Jordan. 1 :.'M) P. M . W.G-NT Marriage Romances. WLS Homemakers' prorram, WIND Board of EducaUoo. WCFL Guess Who. WAAF Clambake. WMAQ Valiant Lady. WJJD Melody Matinee. WBBM Fletcher Wiley. 1 :43 P. SI. W-G-N Make Believe ll;illroom. WHFC Buig Crosby. WBRM Home of the Brave. WIND Race Results. WMAQ Arnold Grimm. WJJD Bill Anxon. ;i:lo P. SI. WBBM Mary Mclinde. WLS Orphans of Divorce. WMAQ Mary Mariin. WHIP We Are Americans. 1:1.1 P. SI. WMAQ Ma PerkiiiB. WAAF Master Melodies. WBBM Somr Treasury. WLS A m alula. WCFL Serirei Rndinoff. 2:.-to P. SI. WBBM School of the Air. WJJD Board of Kdueatiun. WCFL Mimic Appreciation. WMAQ Pepper Younsr. WLS John's Other Wile. 3: liS P. SI. W-G-N News. WLS Just Plain Bill. WAAF South American way. WMAQ Vic and Sado. WJJD Ben Kanler. :i:0o P. St. W-G-N Hits of To.Imt. WM AQ Baek-tace Wile. WfFL Danceland. W.I.JD Demo-raey in Action. WBBM Portia Blake. WKNR Mother o' Mine. :t :13 P. SI. W-G-N Harold Turner. WMAQ Stella Dallas. WENR Betty and Bob. vviijBji we. the Abbotts. 3:30 P. SI. W-G-N Radio iin rlt.h. WKNR Club Matinee. WMAQ Lorenzo Jones. WJJD Tea Rhythm. WBBM Hilltop House. :i:15 P. SI. W-G-N I.en Salvo. WMAQ Widiler Brown. WBBM Kate Hopkins. 4:00 I". SI. W-G-N Lawrence Salerno. WMAQ Girl Alone. WKNR Youra Truly. WJJD Sal onettes. WBBM Goldbergs. WAAF Hollywood Murmurs. 4 :1.1 P. SI. W-G-N Uncle Henry. WMAQ I .one Journey. . WBBM The O'Neills. WAAF Tea Time. 4 P. si. W-G-N l.nne Ranger. WBBM Shopping with Missus. WMAQ Guldin-r Light. WKNR Josh HiBBins. WAAF Salon Concert. WJJD Down Melody Lane. 4:4.1 r. SI. WBBM Scattergood Balnea. WMAQ Beautiful Life. WENR Midstream. WMBI Student Message. R:00 P. M. W-G-N Sensation Syncopation. WJJD Gems of Melody. WJOU l'arado ct Bands. WMAQ Of Human Bondage. WBBM Man on the Street. 5:15 V. M. W-G-N Orphan Annie. WIND Walkathon. WMAQ Musical Kntre. WBBM Hedda, Hopper. WCFL Lorelta. WENR The Bartons. WAAF Soiiits of Ihe IUnse. o:.0 P. M. W-G-N I'. P. News. WMAQ .lack Armstrong-. WCFL fiaew Who. WIND Kddie Chaee. WENR Drama Behind News, WJJD Snppertime Frolic f:.'10 P. SI. W-G-N Hits of Today. A:45 P. SI. W-G-N Cant. Midnight. WBBM World Today. WCFL Jack Kelly's orch. WMAQ Fort Pearson. WENR Tom Mix Shooters. WAAF Dinner-Dance. Today's Features EVENING :00 P. M. W-G-N Dr. Preoton Bradley. WKNR Organ Moods. WMAQ Sweet and Spanish. WBBM Amos "n" Andy. WIND Muslo How. !l P. M. W-O-N Hob r.Uon. W KN It lli ltrr Jiiinlfies prog. WCFI -Musical Motorcada. WBBM Lanny Rosa. :.'IO P. SI. W-O-N C m nt. Heme. WMAQ Henry Cooke. Wr'l Hal Tot ten. WHBM Brain Battle, WIND Sonirs for Supper. 0:1.1 P. SI. W-G-N Inside of Sporta. WCFL Music Time. WLS Franier Hunt. 7:00 P. M. W-G-N Play Broadcast. WMAQ Telephone hour. WHFC Irish hour. WLS I I.ove a Mystery. WBBM Those We Love. WIND K. of C. Founder program. 7tl5 r. Sf. WCFL Mission Melodies. 7:.'i0 P. M. W-G-N Billy Repaid. News. WCB'L Labor Flashes. WMAQ Richard Crooks. WBRM Gay Nineties. WIND Irving' pflatim. WLS True or False I 7:45 P. SI. W-G-N At the Sports Desk. WCFL Swing It. :00 P. SI. W-G-N Gabriel Hratter. WBBM Radio Theater. WMAQ Dr. I. Q. WIND Scattergood Baines. WENR You're in the Army. H: 1.1 P. SI. W-G-N Uuin Ryan's News. 8:30 P. SI. W-G-N SI usic I. . WMAQ Show Boat. WENR Basin Street Music. WIND Eddie I'hnse. O:O0 P. SI. W-G-N Raymond G. Swing. WBBM Guy Lombardo. WMAQ Contented proeram. WENR Famous Jury Trials. WIND Plavshop. I:l.1 P. SI. W-G-N Who Known WCFL M iimo America. ::to I'. SI. W-G-N Pageant of Sfelody. WBHM Blondie. WSIAQ Burns and Allen. WENR Radio Forum. 10:OO P. SI. WMAQ Pleasure Time. WENR Ten o'clock Final. 10:1.1 P. SI. W-G-N Golden Gloves Pre view. W KIM' Tommy O'Connell. WBBM Sister Emmy. 10:.'I0 P. SI. W-G-N Special urogram. WCKL Music trovers' prog. W M A Q Lo 1 1 H reese. WHFC Irish hour. 10:1.1 P. SI. W-G-N Lew Diamond. WBBM Jimmy Hilliard. 1 1 :00 p. SI. W-G-N Late News. WBBM Music Masterworks. J 1 :1.1 I'. SI. W-G-N Leichton Noble. 1 1 :30 P. SI. W-G-N Ted Fio Rito's orrh. WENR Joe Sander's orch. WCFL Club Midnis-ht. siiiiMi.ii r. W-G-N Mike Riley's orrh. WENR Music You Want. WIND Nito Watch. WfFL 1 000 Club. 11:15 A. Sf. W-G-N SI el Slarvin'a ereh. WBBM Lionel Hampton. 12::iO A. SI. W-G-N Mr FarUnd Twins. 1 :00 A. SI. W-G-N Lew Diamond's orchestra. ON W-G-N. Central Standard Time. Your Music I. Q.. a quiz program on popular and classical music, present ed in cooperation with the Chicago Symphony or-chest ra management, is scheduled at 8:30 p.m. John Welcher, eoncertmeister of the Chicago Sym phony orchestra; Milton Edwards of Music News m a g a z i ne, Joe Emerson, radio singer, and Doris impressario, will be experts. An added at- OBITUARIES William H. Schmidt. services for William II. bchmidt, a retired banker, will be held tomorrow at 3 p. m. in the chapel at 5708 Madison street. Mr. Schmidt, who was 72 j ears old and lived at 185 North Leamington avenue, died Saturday night In University hospital, lie formerly was executive vice president of the now defunct Northwestern. Trust and 'Savings bank and in 1930 was president of the Chicago and Cook County Bankers' association. His widow, Sophia, and three sons survive. Bill Anson je, fashion MISS CONSTANCE ROURKE, FAMED AUTHORESS, DIES Grand Rapids, Mich., March 23 (JP) Constance Mayncld Rourke, 55, author, critic, and a contributor to numerous magazines, died here today. She had suffered a fractured vertebra In a fall at her home last week. Her book, "American Humor a Study of the National Character," was adjudged one of the 15 best books of 1931 by the American Library associa tion and one of the most outstanding written by a woman in the past 100 3 ears. Miss Rourke was born Nov. 14, 1885, in Cleveland. She was graduated from Vassar in 1907 and studied at the Sor-bonne. Paris. From 1910 to 1915 she fljn instructor of English atVassar. Her other works included "Trump-ms of Jubilee," " Troupers of the Gold Coast, or the Rise of Lotta Crabtree," - Davy Crockett." "Audobon," and "Charles Sheeler: Artist in the American Tradition." q0 ilwtk with evary r-vica, whan desired, in loin end Son chapels-no additional charge). fXU0L. FIND SALESMAN'S BODY IN LAKE NEAR SCOTT ST. The body of a man found frozen in the lake off Scott street yesterday was identified as that of Nathan Cohen, 39 years old, 310 West 72d street. New York City, a clothing salesman. There were no marks of violence on the body and police believed he had slipped into the lake accidentally. Cohen's disappearance was reported Feb. 22 after he failed to return to the home of friends he was visiting. At noon that day he took a dog owned by Mrs. Lucille Powell, 1400 Lake Shore drive, for a walk. HOTEL 1 IKE ROI.TS 1.10. Davenport. Ja.. March 'J.'l I Special 1 .More than 15() scantily clad residents of a downtown apartment hotel fled to the afreets early today when Are gutted Ihe tipper two stories of the five slnrv buiMinp Pai the board of traction will be the guest appearance of Henry Armetta, screen comedian appearing at the State-Lake theater. Play Broadcast, also a quiz program, will be heard at 7 p. m. Bill Anson Is master of' ceremonies and the show is presented in W-G-N's main studio, where contestants selected from the audience try for cash awards by answering brain-teasers. Assisting Anson are Guy Savage, Marvin Mueller, Dorothy Roberts, June Baker, and Harold Stokes and the W-G-N Dance orchestra. Who Knows?, a spooky quarter hour program based on the psychic researches of Dr. Hereward Carring-ton, starts a new series at 9:15 p.' in. Kathryu Witwer, soprano; Atlillo Baggiore, tenor, and Joseph Johnson and the W-G-N Concert orchestra will share the spotlight on tho Fagennt of Melody at 9:.'!0 p. m. Another of W-G-N's Golden Gloves preview programs will be presented at 10:lj p. m. Guy Savage will con duct the program, which will feature interviews with coaches of the New York and Chicago teams and with Arch Ward, sports editor of The Chicago Tribune. ON OTIIEIt STATION'S. 6:30 p. m. WBBM North Side-South Side Brain battle. 7 WLS I Love a Mystery. 7 WMAQ Telephone hour, with James Melton. 7 WBBM Those We Love, with Nan Grey. 7:30 WMAQ Richard Crooks, tenor. 7:30 WLS True or False? 8 WBBM Radio Theater, Robert Taylor and Ruth Hussey in "Flight Command." 8 WMAQ Dr. I. Q. 8:30 WMAQ Show Boat. 9 WMAQ Contented hour. 9:30 WMAQ Burns and Allen. William J Funeral Drennan, secretary , Drennan. services for William J. who for 30 years was to the Jale Franklin Mac- Veagh, pioneer Chicago merchant and secretary of the treasury during the Taft administration, will be held at 9:30 a. m. Wednesday in St. Andrew's church, Addison and Paulina streets. He died Saturday night in Illinois Masonic hospital. Mr. Drennan was 78 years old. His home was at 1949 Addison street. Phillip W. Huston. Phillip W. Huston, a resident of Evanston for 43 years, died yesterday in his home at 418 Hamilton street in the suburb. lie was 72 years old. Mr. Huston was for many years a trustee of the First Presbyterian church in Evanston. He was employed at the Lincoln Lumber company, 1237 Belmont avenue. He leaves his widow, Evalyne, and a daughter, Mrs. Mary B. Davis. Services will be hold at 2 p. m. tomorrow in the church. Ml r. W. KOCH DIES; N. U. LIBRARY HEAD 22 YEARS Theodore Wesley Koch, Ihe librarian of Northwestern university for 22 years and one of t he nation's outstanding library authorities, died of heart disease yesterday in the Evanston hospital. Mr. Koch was 69 years old. He lived at 716 Clinton place, Evanston. Mr. Koch began his career in the 22 years and one of the nation's outstanding library authorities, died of heart disease yesterday in the Evanston hospital. Mr. Koch was 69 years old. He lived at 716 Clinton place, Evanston. Mr. Koch began his career in the Library of Congress. Later he became librarian at the University of Michigan, and then, after three years as an executive of the Library of Congress, Northwestern librarian. He was the author of more than 20 books, principally concerned with libraries. His widow, Mrs. Gertrude Hum-phery Koch, and a daughter, Dorothy Alden Koch, survive. Services will be held at 5 p. m. Wednesday in the First Congregational church, Evanston. Burial will be private. T. W. Koch. Miss Jessie Bradley. Miss Jessie Bradley, a lifelong resident of Evanston, died' in Evanston hospjtal Saturday. She was (ill years old and lived at 3320 Chicago avenue in the suburb. Miss Bradley was a special nurse for the National Broadcasting company in Chicago. She was a daughter of the late Francis Bradley, pioneer Evanston real estate operator. Services will be held at 2 p. m. today in the First Congregational church chapel in Evanston. GERMAN LINGUIST WHO KNEW 290 TONGUES IS DEAD BERLIN, March 23 JF). The death of Trof. Ludwig Harald Schuetz of Frankfurt-on-Main. one of the world's outstanding language students, was announced in Berlin today. He was 68 years old. Prof. Schuetz reputedly knew 290 languages, dialects, and variations of some of the most difficult tongues. lie once startled an American Indian circus team by telling them in their own language that they were not Sioux, as they advertised, but Pawnees. He considered the Hungarian the most difficult European language. DEATH NOTICES II DEATH NOTICES UNDERTAKERS. Laflira Fyineral Service Information SOUTH SIDE CHAPEL, 63D AND HARVARD AVENUE. MONDAY. BLACK WELL Ida L. 1 p. m. at chapel. fALLAGHAN Mary. S:.'iO a. m. in church. DAVIS Rhoda K. a p. in. at chapel. 11 ERSEY Charles H. S p. ni. at chatM-l. H I' R LEV Maurice M. In a. in. at chapel. OLSON I.aTNii S. p. in. at chapel. TI'KSDV Y. iiU'M N-llruiv. jo a. in. In i-liapct. BENNETT- Fricmt. 11 a. m. at chaiirl. NORTH SIDE CHAPEL, f..0t N. ASIILANDAVENIE. MONDAY. GROSS Caroline E. .'I p. in, at chapel. KELLER Arthur H. 0 :.'I0 a. in. at chapel. LAIJLETTA Nicola. 10 a. m. In church. LEE Ernest N. 11 a. in. In church. OBEKM ANN Eleanor D. 2 p. m. at chapel. TI'ESDAY. BRYAN Charles H. Mrs. Moliie Bergman. The funeral of Mrs. Moliie Bergman, widow of Jacob Bergman, a clothing merchant, will be held at 10 a. m. tomorrow in the chapel at 5206 Broadway. Mrs. Bergman, born In Germany 80 years ago, lived at 4300 South Ellis avenue, and before that resided for 40 years in West Pullman. She died Saturday in Wesley hospital. Three sons and a daughter survive. Dr. Emil R. Liebrecht. Dr. Emil R. Liebrecht, a Chicago druggist for 25 years and later a physician and surgeon here for 28 years, died yesterday in Illinois Masonic hospital. Dr. Liebrecht was 78 years old. He lived at 4246 Henderson street. His widow, Mrs. Selma Liebrecht, survives. Masonic funeral services will be held at 2 p. ni. Wednesday in the chapel at 2712 Lincoln avenue. - p. m. at chapel. WEDNESDAY. KOBERG Hilina. 1 p. m. at chaieL WALLQC1ST Allierl. 2 P. in. at chapel. DE SERVICES TO BE VRY Herman A. ARRANGED. CEMETERIES. j"CR AVE "lot. perpetual care. TneGarden of Memory Cemetery I formerly No. Shore rem. I. N. Chgo.. Sect. B. choice loc. S.Vio. L. Petersen. " 5 1 3 ri.ld-st.. Kenosha. Wis. IRVING tr. blk. 1.1. S?V!": 4 gr h)k s M Ml llnfh Meadow ce Pert H741 MONUMENTS AND MAUSOLEUMS. CEMETERY MARKERS. MONl iviT'i "e-irs Hi.. in'lr fite- MENTS AT T P i,.t.-,nnt . DRENNAN William J. Drennan. March 21. hunbamj of the late Oerlrutle F.. dear brolher of Catherine Warren. Funeral Wednesday. March t!rl. at O a. ni.. irom chapel. "II Irving- Park road, to St. Andrew's church. Interment St. Joseph's cemetery. Slemlnr of St. Cornelius court. No. ft. C. O. F. F.RICKSOS Robert Frl. k.on. Mar. Ii J till, lielnvcd tiuclidiid ul Hie Ijl.- Olive, dear father of Ihe late Ethel Lim! iron, brother of the Isle Carl. errits- Tuesday. 'I p. ni. at lunera I chapel, a..1.'i.v4 Function aicliue. Interment .Minim Olie. FINK Anna F'ink. March 1!M1, ased S.'t years, tieloved lumber of Mat, Jiitm, Mariha. Fannie. Ediin. Mum, and lr. Herman R. Fink. Funeral iloiidrfy. I'l noon, at chattel, "Ills We.l pivi.iull elrei I. GARRETT Frank Garrelt of SunnyiJe avenue, dear brother ( Edilli Hrsy of En- land and Henrietta, 31 arks, luud mi. le ul Edward lark and Vera wuiolan. wvhi-p ! Tuesday at 11 p. in., at hapel. :i!iO.V7 Liu- cuin avenue. Interment Acacia Park. Mem- j Wr of Flat Jauitors' union. PleaM: uuut flowers. i GOERIC Lesetia D. Ooerlc. nee Oeli!en r .March :t. helot ed w 1 1 of Henry, fond inoilier of Waller and Delia. iier l William, Airs. Aliooie 'aiueliu. tieorse. ami Mrs. Elizabeth A null and the iale John. F'uueral services Wednesday, t- p. m.. at her lale residence. 144S Carmen avenue. Interment Montrose cemetery. GOLDSMITH Abe Goldsmith, beloved husband of llegpie. nee !anipon: dear father of Bernard, Dorothy. IVrrv. and William. Funeral at chapel. 6"oU Broadway, Monday. March "4. - p. in. GRIFFIN Norene Griffin of 1117 Congress street, daughter of Ihe lale Jainrx J. and Ellen Sullivan Criltin. tulrr of James, Mrs. Nellie Malouey. Kaliieriue, .lohu, Mr. James McCumbridiie, Mrs. John Purcell. and Eu gene. uneral Tuesday. March '.". at ! :.'iil a. in., from sinters rcuteii". 4.'I4S W. Adams street, tu St. Jariath . Burial Mount Carmcl. S.'K'-l. GROSS Caroline E. Gru'cf 1100 Hull ter-rai-e. l:aiisli. n. III., March 21, 1P41. beloved wire of Wilhsm H. Gro. iter of Miss Amanita M. OhlerUimr ami the John II. Ohlerkimr. At chapel. .ol N. Aultland avenue, I hleao. where pcrticc lll lie held Mi. 11. lav, Majvh "I. at .' p III, Interment !:.., lull. I AiiKcii s,, paper plcane cupv. ANKIN John ti. PanUm, Mar. a CI. Beloved untand of Imrt.iu- A . Ei i-T'Teic; fond f.Uir .d Mr. Evclvij Merciia jbr . Memlicr of ltoci.fc.rd i lil i io.;e. . I A. F. A. M. Funeral eftifi Weeice-s. .1 .'In p nt.. at fuiw-ral honie. f. .' N. Wt. eru atrnne. ctirncr cf F-! r. tat-ir sr.r of Rat en wod hh'se. No. 77". A. F. A A M. ioi rioci, i j,i,,-r "All 1 'R-4IIN Oorse a, p l;ll. of 4 1 T N ! Iiti-baud .if Ihe !.! F i . . ' lather of Ah..- F. St. le : tern., ii eil.t uraiU-J tai!ern R.iiuie at tuner; N. (Vmral .n,i.. A: Tuesday. .'; p ut . iii.-r lull,, il hMl.e. No !'H I tr-rin ul t-.loi 1 ii. Mitit tun. '.";. H ii I M . it-i.:.,.ii i.i.(. .v.,. i.ii;. i l is'"- -r A. IV'rer.--t. 'ci; ;ti.e- i'ai-ir, n. H'ft s f I b..B.e 3! a-3- ACTCH pla e, b. lot ed t Julnl lliulher of r Allien, lil . ii i'- i. .,f n lle cf If- !.,' r' II. e Ret. l..'.jr. '44'. i In..' !le( ill w .f . - rr ni- llolliuanu: s ran.lin.jl uer li-. itren. Keliii at liineral ii.'tiie. v 'lt street, until loe.ii,t. ii a. m. - I'-ei- Ttl.-oat. at '! p. Hi . i v . !--..: lion ii. JPtli and l.'-ir-,a sirr-et. Ij:tr2it;.i I on.ordia. Canal 'JfJ.'., PFCI HI Anna Pee. hia. nee M-.. U' f It T'.'H W. Ainiic nr-i, let .m ?e of r. I.ilhlri. fond inoilier f V!l,iam. V - l m--iune Sir. Mr. inlet ff.r.Ti, Surt Frank. siter of trans. Janie. A5;i-Mfr. ami .Mn. Kaitcnce Jcbr-u'ers. Fi-lieral WtilnrNuv. : a lu . f-.rn caf!. N. Western at iiiie i O-.irn ,,f ae' hlll'. li lnl itiiriil Mount Cjrrjji-I. A.-TJ-taije 7M10. tilltKoW'SKr-Jiiw .h CHil..iki. Cerniiitt road, beloved brother hashiiba and John A., liclaw of John Kafttitibs. fouil Grabs a Bandit and Shouts for Help; Cries Are Wasted Lelitia Severini, 45 years old, grabbed one of two bandits who had unsuccessfully searched for money in his grocery store at 1147 North Damen avenue last night. Using the bandit as a shield Severini prevented the other robber, who was armed, from shooting. Eor live minutes he shouted for help, the bandit struggled, and the other bandit looked on. Then, winded, Severini relaxed his hold. The robbers fled, firing once at the grocery man but missing him. He told police he had $12 hidden in the store. IIEAUTYillk . . . that !s why we send They speak more comfort thousand words. flowers, lhan a DEATH NOTICES In Memnrlain. FRICKE arl Fred Frleke. In fond memory of our dear luisliand and father, w ttu passed away one year ten today: We often sit and think of you When wn are all alone. For memory is I lie only frieinl Thai Kricf can call n own. Like Ivy on the withered oak. When all oilier thine ilceay. Our love for you will still keep green And never fade away. WIFE, SON, AND DAUGHTER. OSTRY Mary Ostry. In loving- memory of our dear one who passed away four years ago today. HUSBAND. SON. MOTHER, DAD AND SISTERS. RAFILSON Jerome Harold Rafilson. In loving- memory of our dear son. who parsed away hi teen years aco today. Oone." but uot forgot Uiu. MOTHER AND DAD. Miss Gertrude A. Hickman, School Principal, Is Dead Rock Island, 111., March 23 Special. Miss Gertrude A. Hickman, 54, principal of the Frances Willard school here 10 years and former music and primary supervisor in the Rock Island public schools, died yesterday evening In a hospital here. She was widely known in Illinois in music and educational circles. . UHi:MJU:IML4MlaJl ''A TEACHER shouldn't have dates or dance or smoke can I be a good teacher and a woman too?'? 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Sprags. Spragw. Wamw Co. VU.-Pr.. Toms. OFFICERS AND TRUSTEES A. A. Carpsnlw, Vic-Pr.. David A. Crawford Pallman Company Vics-Pr.. Manholl Fi.ld Harold F. McCormick Chairman ollh. Board Intarnarional Harv.itw Co. A. 8. Dick, Jr. A. 9. Dick Company Nathan William MacCfcnfi.y MocCh.tnsy, B.ckw W.llt A7.ZARFI.I.A Anlonio Arzarella of C!) Sawyer avenue. La Orange, beloved liusband of Frames, dear fallier tit Anthony. A net t a Vertel. Charles. Mary Rivaldo. Virginia lie Roa. Rose Oreene. and Helen Smitb.- Funeral Wednesday. 0:30 a. m., from reideiiee to St. Franeis Xavier's church. La Graute. Interment Mount Carniel. BARN ETT .Ten n ie Harnett of Toll S. Essex avenue, beloved wife ol tbe lata Philip, loving mother of lrvin. Robert. Morris. Sam, Altiert. Henjamin, Fanny Jeritza, and Lillyan I'ickard, sisler of Abraham and Jacob Soli. Services Monday, U p. tn., at chapel, 3b00 Roosevelt road. BF.RG MAN Moliie Bertrnan, nee formerly of Old IV. 12oth street. West l'ullman. 111.. Inloved wife of tlie lale Jaeob, dear mm her of Anna Rciiibeirurr. Albert. Sam. and Louis, fond sister of Mrs. Louis Kroelilieh, Manny, and lsadore. Funeral services Tuesday, 10 a. ill., at cliaiiel, fj'JUil lirnadwsy. Interment Star of West. Waldlieini. Menils'r of I'eerless ehaplcr. No. l"-0. O. K. S.. and Kjllicr lodge. Free Sons of Israel. IJF.RM INCH AM Catherine liemiini: ham. nee Malone.v, in Kaunas t'ilv. Mo., ilevoteil mother f Arlhur T. of River Foresi. John L. of KrmiKlnii, ami Joneidi P. of hansa t'lty. KaiiHas ily. Mo, Wednes day, March :ii, at 9 a. in., at Holy Name church. Lynn; in Mate at hapel, LinwoiMl boulevard and l.u. Inl avenue, Kaunas Cily flRAnr.KV Jessie Rradley. March C!. 1011 of l.T-'IJ t'hicaso avenue. Kvaiiston. Ill Funeral services ' i. m. Monday at Firi (oncregaiional church chapel. F.vanetun lnternuiit private, l'lease omit flowers BROGAN Michael H. Brocan. beloved husband of Mary Inee Grarel, lather ot Alice. Mrs. Catherine Bunt. Michael. Mrs. Mary :stosilo. and the late Maruaret, brother of Mrs. Margaret Maas Collins. Funeral Tues day, a. in., from luneral home. 64.'I8 S Halstcd slreel. to Visitation chiir, Ii. lntcr- uielit Holy Sepulchre. Uoul. 0b'0. BRYAN Charles H. Bryan of 4310 Clarendon avenue. March 1!H1. beloved husband of Mrs Leslie I'hillippo. At chapel. 5501 N Ahhlaud avenue, where services will be held Tuesday. March 25, at p. in. Interment OukridKC. CAMPBELL Hes. Slaey Campbell. March VI. 1011, of l.T-.'.'l Wiuuemae avenue. Iieloved wife of Oordon L.. sister of Carolyn and Jean Stacy. Services at chapel, 2701 N. t'lark-ct., Monday. 3 p. m. Interment privale. Princeton. III., papers please copy. CHAPARAS Lena Constance Chaparas. beloved wife of Hie late Lewis, fond mother of John. Kathryn. Mary. Georpia, and Chris, sister of Nicholas Cordatos. Funeral Wednes day, at 1 p. m.. from luneral home, 64.'iS S. Halsted street, to St. Const rintiue church at 1 :.-lll p. ni. Interment Fvcrtreen Boulevard 0001. COZ7.I Michael Cozzi. beloved son of Mary and tbe lale Alexander, husband of the late Jimeptlllie, nee Mf-.t; fallier of Alex, I lon-sld. and .Michael Jr.. brother of Mrs. Charles Laeavera, Mrs. Alllliony Calale. Mrs. Nuiikio Ferrciano, Kinily and Carmen. Funeral from chapel, T.'li S. Western avenue. Thursday, at ! a. ut. to Holy Family church. Interment Mount Carmcl. Information call Scclcy CROAKP. Annslasia Croake, nee Briit. be loved wife of James CroaUe, fiuul mother of Kllen Sharkey, aunt ot Maruaret Knit Minirey. sisler of Thomas Bntl. Funeral Wednesday at lOi.'to a. in. Irom luneral Inline. Jltiti tlS N, California avenue, corner I'alnier slreel, to St. Sylvester's church. Interment St. Joseph's. Member of St. Sylvester's Talieinacie and Cincture society and Annunciation court. No. 1!, W. C. O. F'. Information, Humboldt 2773. CPRRY John Clifford Curry Jr., son of John Clifford and Lottie Curry, brother of Lenora and prandson ol Mrs. A. C. Curry. Services Monday. 2:.1il p. m.. at chapel. 720 Lake street. Oak Park. Interment Glen Oak. DALY Joseph M. Paly, auddeuly. husband of Helen Moran Daly, lather of Jaclt A., beloved son of Margaret Keating' Daly and the late Michael, brother of Bart J, Mary M., Frances K.. James J., Helen J., Catherine, and William J. Daly. Funeral Tuea-dav, March 25. at 0 a. m.. from residence, 4020 W. Comrress street, to St. Mel's church. Burial All Saints'. Ked. 23a4. DAVIS Jaequelyn Joyce Davis, lovlnc dauch-ler of F.rvin S and Gladys, nee Nieman Davis; Krauddaushtcr of Albert C. and the late Alma. ereal-eranddauBhtcr cf Catherine Wilson of Celina. O. Funeral Tuesday. I P. in., at late residence. 820 S. 1 tith avenue. May wood, and 1:30 p. m. at St. John's Lutheran church. May wood. In terment oakruue anncy. iniormatioii. i. DONOVAN Charles J. Donovan. 8114 Mary- ; land avenue, beloved husband of Gertrude J. O'Nrill Donovan, fond son of Mary L. and the late Dennis Donovan, brolher of Helen, Mary. Dennis Jr., aud Paul. Funeral Wednesday at 0 a. nt. from funeral home. t;f15 Wenlworth avenue, la St. Francis de Paula church, "?Rih street and Dobson avenue. Interment Calvary. 4l"-0 W ot Hmh , broiber-unele ol Florence and liealrice. .Memlicr of American Legion post till. luneral TueiMliiv, tl:4.'i a- in . fiom ctiaiiel, .'lull VV. i eruiak road, to Fpiptiauy church, liilermeui M Adallieit's ccinclcry. lofnniialiuu, cll Law u. 0790 or Hue. 4.J3S. llAPPK-Niua lvarl Happe of 915 William street. River Foresi, wile of George William, mother of i.tMiutB Wanden Hapie. .laucbter of Mrs. KluxU Hisert. sii.r of Mrs. Ale Saw.wr and Per.-y I. Hisert. Services Tuesday. 1 :.'iil p. ut., at chaiel. 7 20 Lake tt i.-, i, oak Park. inUrnicul Scheneclaily. N. Y. HARRIS Mark 3. Harris of Standard club. Iielovcd tinela of Harry Harris. Leon Harris, and Mrs. Leon Lewis. Funeral Monday, March 24. at 2 p. m., at chapel. 030 FI. 47th street, to Fee Sona cemetery. Family at Windermere Hotel East. IIARTMF.ISTER Harry A. Hartmeister. be-loved husband of tbe lale Harriet I nr. Truittl, brother of Myrtle Hartmeister. of i'ort Worth. Texas, uncle of Mrs. Irene Harvey and Jessie Matthews.. Funeral Tuesday. 11 a. nt.. at chapel, 234t W. Madison street to Waldhcim cemetery. nF.BF.RT Victor A. ITebert. March 23. beloved husband of Mary Klla, fond father of Mrs. Jane Gurne.v, Alan and Walter, brother ot Mrs. Mary C. liunn. Funeral services at chapel. K. C3i1 slreel at Kvant avenue, Monday evening", March 21, 15)11. S o'clock. PKHPF.K Miuni. Iioulevsrd. ate nun lo r til .M . Swarlz. t lurii Kind. Edward Perper, ,1C year. ; i ri 'lui-e . Mtini-l Gt !.u. ilte Kal-n l.i.'e. six firaod'-liiMren. FiinTai 4225 W. itiKi-viit r.;j1. MuUt.. Illlernteut Roseniont Kut. fiotn.-rs. liiforuiaiiou Laud?e ' f F.CBsn-je4. I'FVSXF.R Ibni l. Bernard. Nsiliaii. licrnl 11 a. in M, Ri,.leit !..,!. lo no. i'h -e ,fii v-lir. twlfiv.s2 i tiu. Aiw. and c,'.,t si t h-r I. Il.l. r:ii. ct Jc-m .t l'..:,r!. t: cB-nr-i. . 2 p. 23. T -4- 2 Wsi. PHFI l" Wall .re R ,.!,- avenue, .odd nit, ii ,.rt I n-rln l-Ueii.s !..!,, l! I tlte. Keoii. !li. Uiiti i'.tf" liHieiai 'I ii.slav, 11 .'.O it I.IIS. lltl.'iU M llatl , i re- chiiir h, Iniermnit i. M t ' v rf ' cf M tier til . 1 t -.r J t ii r Wrt7t t,-.?'.s. K A LIN A Stanley Kalina. late of 2S42 W. 21st place, beloved sou of Jacob and Mary Inee Wostratzkyl. brother of Rose, Helen, Frank, Edward, and Irene Zapotochy. Funeral Tuesday, 8:30 a. nt.. Irom chapel. 3S14 W. 2tith street, to St. Roman's church. 23d street and Washtenaw avenue. KAMPF Rubin Kampf. ase 22. of 3233 Hirsch street, beloved son ot Morris and Lillie, fond brother of Marian. Member of T.vota. branch ll)2t. W. C; Alpha Surma. Iota legal fraternity. De Paul. Funeral Monday at 2 p. m. st chanel. 3ti.'4 Roosevelt road. Interment Workmen a Circle cemetery. Forest Park. KELLY Thomas J. Kelly, beloved husband of Manraret, nee Collins: fond son of Ellen and Patrick, brother of William. Michael. Emmett and Marparet Kelly. Funeral Tuesday. March 25. :30 a. m.. from chapel. 1241 W. 70th street, to St. Ambrose church. Burial Holy Sepulchre. KENNELEY Mrs. Anna Kenneley. nee Scha-beck, beloved wile of Georte A., dear mother of Geortre A. Jr. and Janet. Funeral Tuesday. March 23. at 9:30 a. m.. from ehaiiel, 157.1 Maple avenue. Evanston. Ul., to St. Nicholas' church. Rulce avenue and WashuiKloii slreel. Evanston. Ill , at 10 a. ni. Interment St. Peter a cemetery. Skokie. 111. KFIFFER Nellie Alice Keiffcr. lale of KM18 N. Lalrnlte avenue. Funeral at Salvation Army corps. 1512 Madison street, Tuesday at 2 p. m. Remains at chattel, :t.'l37-.'t!t W. North avenue, until I I a. til. Tuesday. Burial Glen Oak cemetery. KREII.1NG Delia Kreilinr. nee Cannon, dearly beloved wife of the lale Geore Kreiling, fond sisler of John Cannon. Funeral .Vim day at 4 p. ni. at chapel. 3S.I4 -3G Irving Park road. Burial Irving Park cemetery. LEW IN Charles A. Lewin. brother of tbe lata Eslcila and Ren 1-cunn. Remains at funeral home. 31118 Irving Park road itvici'. j uesdav, .March 2a. at il p. m. Interment Mount Olive. LYNCH Katherine Lynch. March 22. 1941 late of 4757 N. Paulina street, beloved wife of the late Joseph T.. fond mother of Helen Conway and Thomas J., daughter of Mariraret A. Hardy, sister of Mayme H. Randall and the lale Lieut. J. J. Hardy Funeral Tuesday. 0:30 . m.. from chapel, 020 Belmont avenue, to Our Lady of Lourdes church. Interment All Saints'. McDARRAH Edward MeParrah. beloved husband of Ann O'Donnell McDarrah. lond father of Thomas, Myles. and James, beloved son of James and Mary, nee Sbeehan; brother of James. Mrs. Marie Marshall, and Mrs. Lauretta Foley. Funeral Tuesday. 0:30 a. m.. from residence. 6426 S. Sawyer avenue, to St. Gall's church. Interment Mount Carmcl. Member of International Lniou of Operating Engineers, local 150. MACK Lois Rita Mack, age 10. beloved daughter of John J. and Celia, dear sister of Barbara. Funeral services Monday. 3 p. in., at chapel. 6200 Broadway. Interment Anslie Emet, Memorial Park. MEYER Frank Meyer, beloved husband of Catherine, nee Breit; father of Joseph, F'rances Verest. Anna, Harkensee, Frank. Mary Quirk, Arthur. Edward, and the late Catherine. Funeral Tuesday. March 25, at S:30 a. ni., from mortuary. 135!i Wellington avenue, to St. Clement's clnm-Ji. and SI. Boniface cemetery. Member of the De Solo court f28 C. O. F. MINAS John Minas. Crown Point. I ml . March 22. 1(141, beloved hiiband of Sophia, father of Harvey, fond brother of Edward C Emil. William. Mrs. Mary Muir. and Mrs. Esther Bertr. Funeral scrvh-es. at home. 2 p. m.. Tucjjay. March 23. Interment Crown Point. NICHOLS James N. Nichols, beloved hus band of Lillian, dear falber of Nicholas J.. Peier J . ami Catherine, fond brother of Peler N. Nichols, brol her-in la w of Mr. Mary P. Nichols, f al her-in-la w of .Mrs. Mnlirl N. Nichols and Mrs Mary Louise P. Nichols. grandfather of James. and Mary Louise. Memlicr of Abepa. North Shore chapter. No. !'4. Funeral Wednesday. March 26. 1 p. m., from chapel. 4642 N. Western avenue. Services at St. George's church. 2701 N. SheOield avenue, il p. m. Interment Elm wood cemetery. 0BERMANN Eleanor Obermann. ne. David son, of 142H Ardmore avenue. March 22. 1941. beloved wife ol the late Louis G,. fond mother ot F;iols Alsterlund. Eleanor, Richard, and Dorothy Obermann. sister cf Edna D. Goltz. At chapel. 65(11 N. Ashland avenue, where aervicea will be held Monday. March 24. at 2 p. m. Interment Memorial Park. O'CONNOR Manraret O'Connor. 7S1S Mer rill avenue, beloved wife of Jerry, fond mother of Margaret and Hugh, sister of Thomas and Daniel McGuan of Chicago. Anthony and James McGuan and Mrs. Catherine Cusiek oT Ennis. County Clare. Ireland, aunt of John. Joseph, and Jam s McGrath of Chicago, and Thomas of Oakland. Cal. Funeral from the home. Wednesday. 9 a. ni.. to Our Lady of I'encc churtb :30 a. m. Burial Mount Olivet. O'DONNELL See McDarrah notice. ' OLSON Lawrence S. Olson. 512H N. Ruthcr- ford avenue, March 21. 1941, beloved husband of Beulal Olson, fond father ot Dclyte and Floyd, son of Louis sod Irenes Olson, brolher of Frank and Philip. Al chapel. 63d and Harvard, where services ; will be held. Monday. March 24. at 2 p. tn. Interment Oak Wooda. in en. ie the l.ile M i ri le I Kulirrj. IH'OURS Annie Terry Hushes, wife of 1h late William Hushes, fond molher of Juhn i RORFRG- J. Hughes, and the lale George and Mebs-sn Hughes. Funeral from chatx-l. 115s N Clai k street. Wednesday moruiiir. Mart h 2. at lO o'clock, to Holy Name cathedral. Interment Mount Caruici. HI'STON Philip Willard Hiision. March 23. lllll, at lus home, 4LS Hamilton sinst. Fvanstou, 111,, bust, and of EvalMie lord llilslon, lather of Mia. Claude II. Hiivls Jr. F'unerat services 2 p. in, Tuesday at lir.t l'resbjleriau churcli. Uvaii.luii. Burial private. PI. I N K - Henry P. .:.- m ',.v-l I. . a .! f Hie 11-. 'J illie. forl-l !.7Hir cf itil;- . r" Laiolli, Id. Itai-r. '-:- i s, ie Slid Ssrsll Sliertnn l-i;c--r;i! T'-1- ! A y . i p. ni. at rhaiw-l, :;n2l Ij-ir-n.. -- lnlei meiil Tempiv Juoea c-ricc'crj. V aldhetm. PI! KSTEr. Gi-orgs E Presto!. N-!ot-..I Js-t. band cf Kllratelli tl4 Hrii;:n-;i c-vn r? fallier of Georg- Jr. Wi!;anrc. H'l-z.ri Fink. Iimgtrd N.-l-on, sr.! Fifna Fre-e. and oo" grandchild. Kun.rI T .".. March at 1 ;il p m. t f.;n as hnrrf. .'Iii2ii lielmont avenue Itirerme-it A-"' Park cemetery. luforrntitiOtt, Junker 4 1 POST Evelyn Pot fne Parker!, ef J:-i Vermont street. Blue I :... l.i.. w; ' nt the lale Fdson. :a':iiit. r of :.zaty-ia Parker, beloved nioUr of Jimp A Thomas A.. William F.. and Robe-rt c. sister of Grace Johnstone, Florecr-. Kart-nian. and Edson Parker. Pat tr..lrt e-f Blue Island chapter. No. 7'9. O. L. Resting at home until noon Tueeriay. ? .j-neral servii"s at chai-cl. 1."05I Gr-t! wmwi avenue. Blue Island. Tuesday, at 2:-! p. m. Interment Oakrid.-e cetceiery. QCIRKEugene Ouirk. I.14" Trgan ft. Harvey, 111., husband cf Jnr..e ire Moncktonl. father cf F-ir is. Rfih-M-. lii'iirsr. and Jean Ellen Remains as -Mineral home. 15324 Turlington sire-.., fisr-vey, lil. Funeral Tuesday 3 U a. an. at Ascension church, Harvey. Zmerzz:t Holy Sepulchre. line. Mat IMma Roherfr r" lltl Man n 23. 141. t-uvr,s . ; Gustav. loving n-joiher cf A'-'Cij-Juouue. the late H- rvr! ar-,1 Ma i.'-At cliai l. f,.Mi N trt;.r,. n r-- V, he) c m'O it h 2. al 1 P. RI'SUELL F.aslwuo .l,n.e,i. W ilium. Polio, k. s Will h held We-si. ni. Interment Mo .ct t, i r.'i.?. of ; Sarah R'1s!I. .1 ll rillir, I -rl OVert W i ft? t -C L lovniif moii-rr f IJitiis-i'i w-;- t Florence. Ssdis II t ail, 11. and M urdo.1. i ursi si residence, 1 ursdav Marca 25, interment Forest Home. at 2 . SCHMIDT Will, am H. S. hmi-ft cf a.--s. Fla.. iornicrly ol uu-ago. bekvl t,M-nst of Sophia, ei. ar fa'he-r of A !ed w. ft -i-sola. Fla.. W aiter E. ot Ch eapo U , Am . Jr. of Pactttc Reach. Cai.. ari the Lit-Helen Marguerite. trotner of H-nrr A. a 1 the !.-! E'lw,-rd J Restinr at fiineryi hJ-- 57U.N W Mnii-ori stre. t. where r-. .-- s 1 lie held Tuesday at 3 p. m. Int-rrr.eet w i' heim. Member of w,iuette hxi.'. Nn f :: A F & -i. M. and Iihttots votca::; .-r j, . 2 . K . 'I . SCHXKBERGER Gott:.e S- hwhrrr-T. - loved husband cf the lap. Ma'a.-:.;- ! r.r . j father of Carrie H ird-ise. G-orce F. E?n,:r. Alice Siemro, and Mik:rd Mero;i. Y i-- services 2:3d p m Mmdiy at f .ntrl home. Ill W. Campbell street. A-' Heights. III. Member ol Arlms'on H;-rT. lodge. No. 112. A. F, & A. M : PiU lodge. No. 314. A. F. Je A. M.r Paia'.'.s chapter. No. 20. R. A. M. I-'jerrr.-rEt Acacia Park mausoleum. SHLTJTZ Anna Shluta. belovs-d w.fe ef late Harry Shlutz. beloved mo'r ct H-nah iilistein. Ixira Palman. Si-.tnv. Bsr-ney Foster, and Minna, sister ef M-. Sarah Gro.sman, Etta Sl-ai. t f .- Iterg. and the tat l'bdlp and (,,;. man. 1'uneral service. Meu.uv. 11 a. m . at resilience. 857 Ainslee street. Inter-r.ert onrregalion Kehiiarh Jseoo crr-ar-crT, Wsldhcira. Kindly omit SMITH-Miles T. Smith. M Ya a"-- -,-. Mar. h l. 1041. te!ored h;-r-aud cf H' :-m Smilli. father of three children. At ' r" . 3d nd Harvard, where srrvi,-es mi hm belli Mondjy. March 24. at I p lis. I., t r-llient Jai ksouv ll;e. S PR ENG EL M r K Sfrensel. ti Mlmrk. March 23. J 114 1 . of 5U22 N , l-sw-wf avenue, beloved w.le of tbe late Aitw-et J. loving mother of Andrew c . Lie.j'efra, i Commander Michael A.. V. S. N . A ' st J, Ihe Rev. John H , Jrnnte A , Offl-er Hrry B . and Mas C . s ster of Josepti A ikI John. Funeral Wedneov, lo a. m . !r-in funeral home. 4553-ell Milwaukee its:;-. to St. Cornelius' church. Intcr--eeni t. Boniface, l'lease om;t Cowers. STANLEY Mrv A. Stanley, r Ma.!J t. March 23. beloved wife r W.lter. 1 -ml molher of lharles A. Mrs G.-e--r U. Iiarrow, Mrs. D. Josepn WurpVy. M-s f. R. Jennings, and Mary E- Stanley, rtirer! from chapel. 7705 Cottage Gr.-- it's. Wedneetiay. 10 a. m.. to St. Franei. -r Paula church. Interment C3iva--y- SWA1N George Warner Swam. Vifli Tl husband of Lotpe Norton, fa-r'-r cf E-nor. Mary, and George W.iras-r Jr Xrem Monday st 3 p. m . at I'n'ted C-ireh f Hyde Park. 63d street and fill' k'cn av-tiue. Interment Winona, Mum. THORNTON Barbara G-ae W-Irr., Tb"e!-lon. beloved wife of Whitw-irih T. J. er mother of Ethel. Victoria Dnvis. sister et Paul Willems of Redwood. Cal At funeral litime. 1732 Wilson avenue. Vrvi'ti Wecsia-day. 2 p. m. Interment private. TWEED Juha L. Tweed. Marco I?4L of fj'.l.ll W. Erie street, wife cf ;e : Nicholas Tweed, motfcer of VI ;"'ira Esi. Resting at funeral home, 31 ' M. I'enlral avrntie. Austin. Funeral Tjet-iiJ-1 :3I p. m. lolernient Arlington Wtr.DRON-JamM Henry Wa!,!-nn. 21. 1H4I. husband of 'he ii'e f.:.-.-r,. liihth WrtMrou. nee Mi-Otil-er Jovsrg fji'Sr of John Maurice and Georse Wa,... Irene I.e Blair-, and Mrs Mare b.i-r M- Flsie Iroehch arid ice lai ly. w..rt. Member of lnlruiie li!:'e No 11:7 v . A. M. Serviii-s at residetse. 4'-'2i 'v t Angre. Mondiy, 2 n. m . um.'- r ts a-..-piee. of inlrinsic Irn'z. No ll-':7. A. F A A. M. Interment tiaUrni-e eaie-rv WAl.LWI.'IsT Albert Wainiw.1 ef e.-.r.h y. Artesian avenue. Mar-it 2.1. IHtl s -. -- husband f Joeplulie. fond f .Sher of I hurt, tienrge, Herbert. K. chard, I ward rif ir. Sward, and Mirc:tn I', t. ren At r!ar!, r5l)l V. Ashland avenue, w tieee .v : Is. held We.tne-cay. March 2tl. at 2 p. -n Interment Ridset;,i. WEIR1CH William P. We n. h. 2! 1 'Wjit land avenue. March 23. lf4 1. beiove.1 h:-band of Caroline, lovinr LiUirr r,t L'r R ard F. of Marc-IIus. Ml. h . HSen Kor.i. and William Jr. of Barrincton. i;i . f-wid grandfather of eurht rmn hi idren. Pas master of Sincerity lodje. No. 6t2. A. F. k -A. M.. and Past Patrc-n of Star of Victory chapter. No. S75. O E. S. Servi-v Weir day. March 2d. at 2 p. m .. at chaoeL 2114 Irving Park road- Interment at Acacia Park cemetery. WYCKOFF Aaron V WyeSof? Oar'y f-lov-ed husband of Elsie, rtee Kimba!!. levins brother of Geor.e G. !.. r.g at f inerml home. 7d"0 W. Grand avenue, at the Cir":. Funeral Tuesday Mar. h 25. at 11 a. rri. Burial Forest Home .emetery. Mernaiase 2IOMI or River t.rove tt'l. Y ACTOR Frark Yactor -r . Mir-h 22 I 4 ! . ts-loved husband of lt.s. Car l1 -r .r Peter. Alois, J.-hn Frank. s- io'-. w3:t.. Louis. Mrs. Viola tij.-i I i x ' . 1 1 . and Mrs Joseph,) K'towai. r neral Vveijuesdav Mnrch 2c, -;'i a rt . from ehael. 2I2! W,-t,stf ie ' r, Hcdwig's church. Inter:rf-r;t ?m. A-:s::s-rX . yoNKLII hert Y. inker .' .! cti of H-e-nuna. fond brolh'r of Mirmte Hy .ml fr. William Yonker l-'uneraJ T'lcs.l-v. 11 a, iw st chattel. 1 716-1 W. ei. stt LiLer-nient Oakrid.t. i'rospect 10vO-si.

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