Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on December 19, 1972 · 52
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 52

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1972
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52 THE HARTFORD COURANT: Tuesday, December 19, 1972 At Almost; No Marijuana Smuggler-Pilots Reap LOS ANGELES (AP) - The young Canadian who came to the airfield and asked to rent a six-place airplane said he was making a business trip to Ne vada. The field owner checked him out he was an able pilot and his record was clean, - Next thing the owner heard, the plane had smacked into mountain near Barstow, Calif. The pilot was dead, and scat tered among the debris was 880 pounds of Mexican marijuana. Another smuggler was out of business, but the field owner had lost a brand new airplane. "These smugglers are bringing weed over the border like they were hay farmers," he fumed. Although the over-all picture is very hard to gauge, it appears narcotics agents are hardly putting a dent, in the smuggling by air of marijuana. Officials can make estimates only on the basis of what they catch. In Nevada; with its vast Network Spokesmen Challenge Newest Licensing Proposal WASHINGTON (AP) - Legislation which would hold local television stations responsible, when their licenses are up for renewal, for the taste and balance of network news and entertainment programs they carry has been drafted by the Nixon administration. In the first response from a network, NBC said the proposal "seems to be another attempt to drive a wedge between TV stations and networks. "This is regrettable because the ability of our broadcasting system to expand its service to the public depends on a continuation of a close and coopera-i tive association of networks and stations, particularly in the area of news and information without governmental inter- NEEDLE DOCTOR FREE SERVICE DETAILS CAU BELMONT RECORD SHOP 522-2209 I wBssmar MGhristmas. Qfp&oar5f CANDY CUPBOARD CHOCOLATE, GiftWrap available in fifth, quart,! naif-gallon . . sizes Itisli 1 deserted areas made to order for air smuggling, state agents guess that three tons of mari- juana are arriving by air each week, along with several pounds of cocaine and heroin. r Despite beefed-up antis-muggling measures at the Mexican border, authorities in Ari zona, New Mexico and Texas admit the odds are stacked against them in the air war. Arizona Public Safety Agent Lt. . Dennis Dierking ' was recently quoted as , saying it would literally take an army to control air smuggling across the state's 372-mile border. Like most Southwestern states, Arizona has countless small landing fields and strips well away from populated areas. William F. Hughes, a special U.S. Customs agent in San Antonio, said, "We know quite a bit of it is getting through. The amount of mone;'; being made is tremendous.. . ,:;,. . , J "That's a hell of a big sky,,r"seizing less than one-tenth of ference." . - ' Other industry representatives willing to comment said variously, that the proposal makes no sense because they already are accountable under the law, that it is a roundabout way of getting at the networks, and that it is a serious threat to First Amendment guarantees. Clay T. Whitehead, director of the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy, disclosed the draft bill in a speech to an Indianapolis meeting of the professional journalism society, Sigma Delta Chi. Not Vindictive Whitehead, the ranking White House officials in the broadcast field, said in an interview prior to the speech that the legisla tion is not meant as a vindic tive attack on the networks. He said it : is designed to force broadcast executives to take more responsibility for the pro grams beamed into American homes. ,' . The proposal would require a broadcaster,, when his license is up for renewal by the. Federal assorted chocolates Mr wt BOBBIN ARE PERFECT FOR GIFT GIVING Ha) A B w. $m mi v BMl'fM i 1 ! I Thosmcothostgift to como out of Canada. he remarked. ; Also in Texas, a spokesman for the State Department . of Public Safety, said: "Nobody knew how extensive such smuggling operations are because Texas' border (with Mexico) is so long (an estimatel 1,-000 miles). There are probably hundreds of unmarked landing strips on both sides of the Rio Grande River." In the past two years, he said, the, department has seized four aircraft and more than 2,- 000 pounds of marijuana, plus other drugs. ... . Most authorities feel organ ized crime in the Mafia sense is not involved in the drugs-by-air business. Rather, they believe, small groups or individuals "soldiers of for tune types" are at work in the field. ? " , ,; - In California, a state narcot ics agent who asked not to be identified said authorities are Communications Commission, to "show that he has afforded reasonable, realistic and prac tical opportunities for the pre sentation and discussion of con flicting views on controversial issues. The draft bill is understood to be in the Office of Management and Budget. Sources said it remains subject to revision, but Whitehead's public discussion made it likely it will be offered to Congress next year. ", Many station executives de clmed to comment, a few ex pressed puzzlement, and others were highly critical, Greatest Threat "That proposed legislation marks what I consider the greatest threat that has ever been launched against freedom of the press and the First Amendment in this country," said Art Kent, news director for KCPX-TV in Salt Lake City. "Newsmen certainly don't have any monopoly on the truth but neither does the White House. It is obvious from that statement that the White House is trying to get at the network news organizations through the local stations "It's just the latest and most glaring example of the Nixon administration's attempt Ito control the flow of .news and eliminate criticism of its policies." . ...,. Bill Osterhaus, station manager for CBS affiliate KPIX in San Francisco, said the proposal "sounds like a fascinating way to deny a station its li cense . if it doesn t please tne government view of how news should be reported.' ; "'.- "It doesn't make a lot of sense to me," commented Mike Shapiro, vice president and general manager of WFAA TV and radio in Dallas. "The stations already are held responsible for what they broadcast Therefore,;" I don't . understand the need for this new require ment. 1 i 3 m W -; Wo pJr i ' I one per cent of what is smuggled in." Narcotics officers said that where organized smuggling rings are involved they usually consist of four to eight persons to finance, oversee, pilot the plane and make delivery for distribution, across the country, Groups average from one to two trips a month into Mexico to one ring's ambitious two and three trips per week. Each movement is planned precisely "like a general would plan a campaign," one narcot ics agent said. "borne suppliers .in Mexico run their' businesses like a su permarket. One supplier has his own landing strip and buy ers must wait m line to obtain marijuana," a California state narcotics agent said. Although some smugglers fly their own planes it is believed, most ' work through rental agencies. 'If a guy has to use his own piece of machinery, he's going to become known." one observer said. Although . federal agencies have put a, small air force into the skies,4he year-old U.S. Cusr toms Air Interdiction Program has only begun to cut into the traffic. ;-. A Customs spokesman in Washington said the program has resulted in the seizure of 9,000 pounds of marijuana, 12 pounds of heroin and cocaine and a pound of amphetamines and opium this year a tiny amount compared with esti mates of what is getting through. Federal officials are natural ly uncommunicative about the "sophisticated sensor devices and high-speed aircraft" with which they are monitoring the border. The Customs spokes man did say that at least 27 airplanes and six helicopters have been committed to the ef fort. ' Radar, both airborne and in ground installations, is used to pick up planes crossing the bor der at suspicious times or places, but often a wily pilot can sneak undetected through Perm Central To Consolidate Two Stations NEW YORK (AP) A con solidated Mount Vernon station will replace the Prospect Ave nue and Columbus; Avenue (Sta tions of the PennJJentral Railroad's New Haven line Wedfles- dav. . J The Prospect Avenue station will shut down after the departure of the 9:33 a.m. train for New York and the 9:06 a.m. for Stamford. f i Columbus Avenue station will close down westbound after the 9:31 a.mi departure for New York and eastbound after the 7:09 p.m. departure for Stamford.;'5' . .The new station, with high-level platforms 850 feet long, is between the sites of the two old stations and will serve a projected fleet of 144 new cars being built for the line. The old Prospect Avenue timetable will prevail for the Mount Vernon station until a new timetable is published. coM congestion ' imt mmimiuites! V "' J If Riches mountain passes or canyons. "It's just like setting up a roadblock for cars with defec tive brakes," said State Police Chief Martin Vigil of New Mexico. "In a couple of days every body knows about it and they go around it." Undoubtedly the best weapon antismuggling officials have is the aid of informers. The public, too, has contributed many tips that have re sulted in arrests. Madera Coun ty. Sheriff Ed Bates said sev eral smuggling Tings in Central California have been broken be cause of "bits of information about' an airplane landing at strange hours, refueling from gas cans or meeting a pickup truck." A number of enforcement agencies in Southern California have pooled such information as well as money to pay in formers in an organization called the ; Narcotics Intelligence Network. Cooperation is not always the case, however. New Mexico Attv. Gen. David Norvell said recently that the antismuggling effort was being hampered by a lack of communication at the federal, state and county levels." ' -- How profitable is the smuggl ing by air? . '" B.J. Cochran a U.S. Customs agent at Laredo. Te3f.. says a Cherogee Six, capable of haul ing 500 to 600 pounds of mari juana, can be rented for about SCO an hour. ,' "With an investment of mavbe $200 for rental," he said, "they can pick up several thousand dollars worth ot con traband with relative safety." A planeload of marijuana can be bought for a few thousand dollars in Mexico and sold tor as much as $200,000 m the United States. Wrestling Coach Named for Honor AMES. Iowa (UPI) - The National Wrestling Coaches As- sociation has named Iowa State's Harold Nichols as 1972 College Weesting Coach of the Year. . . ... ; Nichols, who also .won the na tional award in 1958 and 190, last spring guided the Cyclones to their 3rd national collegiate title in four seasons. Nichols' teams have finished in the top three in the nation in 15 of his 19 seasons at ISU. The total includes four NCAA titles and seven second place finishes A native of Cresco, Nichols headed' into the 1972-73 season with a dual meet record of 234 victories, 31 losses and 7 ties for an .883 winning percentage. He has coached seven Olympians, 26 NCAA champions and 76 All-Americas. Nichols, who is a member of Wrestling's Hall of Fame, was formerly a Big Ten and NCAA champion wrestler at Michigan, CHANNEL MASTER COLOR TV Si 98 ftuiun ANTENNA msnuu en display at COMBO DISTRIBUTORS ter. Main & Pitkin Sis. . EAST HARTFORD 289-8649 No Leading Colds Capsule or Aspirin Tablet Promises As Much Relief from the Miseries of Colds and Sinus as Fast Acting DRISTAN TABLETS. , When a cold makes your sinuses fill up with congestion, remember, plain aspirin has nothing for sinus swelling or pressure ; But Dristan Tablets work " directly on the critical sinus areas where colds infection can breed when they fill with congestion. Dristan's decongestant opens stuffy sinuses, nelps drain congestion, ease sinus pressure. You can breathe again! And Dristan's antihistamine helps dry runny .. nose, put a halt to sneezing. ' Dristan goes on to reduce fever, relieve headache and body aches. You feel better all over! The leading colds capsules do nothing for fever or aches. No leading colds capsule,' no aspirin tablet can give you as much total relief as Dristan Tablets. So next cold, discover Dristan yourself: TV Previews Drama Set in Norwalk Ghetto 8:30 p.m. ABC Theater Ch. 5B, 6, 8, 40 "If You Give a Dance You Gotta Pay the Band." : A compelling story about two young blacks in a ghetto in Norwalk, Conn., trying to maintain the line between right and wrong in an at mosphere of drugs, crime and poverty. Wonderful performances by the youngsters, Donna Bryan, 13, and Laurence Fishburne III, 11. The plot is about a little girl who saves her money to visit her father in prison, but her older brother, a junkie, steals the money. Her friends rally to her support. 8:00 p.m. Maude Ch. 3, 7, 12 Maude and Walter discover they are slumlords in a black ghetto. They didn't realize it at the time of their original investment, but it comes jarringly to their attention when a black tenant starts to picket their home. Then they try to get out of their investment, to no avail, and try next to dissuade the black man from picketing. Not even Maude's charm helps. 8:00 p.m. Bonanza Ch. 10, 20, 30 Two men get' into a legal tangle over rightful ownership of an Irish setter that Jamie has purchased. A strange court deci Morning Channel 1:15 Sign-On Seminar 1:25 Eighth Day Morning Glory TV Classroom 1:39 RFD 3 TBA 4 8 5B 10 S 5 New England Consumer 5B Jack LaLanne I New England Today 7 . Sunrise Semester 12 Across the Fence 30 1:45 Daily Almanac 4 Opportunity line 5B News 6 8:50 Weather 22 6:55 Today in New England 10 Las Noticias de Hoy 7 News Headlines 8 Special Report 22 7:00 Today 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 A feature to be announced (7). Apollo 17 report. Frank Mustak-as, "beer can artist" (7:30). A feature from Washington, D.C. (8). Apollo 17 report (8:30) News 8,7,12 Underdog 5 Eye Opener News . SB Rifleman 6 Cartoon, Carnival 8 7:25 Local News 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 7:30 Leave It to Beaver 5B, 6 Flintstones 5 Major Mndd 7 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 3, 7, 12 Super Heroes 5 Y Pixanne 5B Flying Nun t New Zoo Revue 8 Jack LaLanne 40 8:25 Local News 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Newscope 8:30 Community Bugs Bunny ' , Jabberwocky I Love Lucy Guten Tag Romper Room ' 8:45 This Is Connecticut 9:00 Flying Nun 6 6 5 5B 8 24 40 24 5 Romper Room 5B, 6, 20 Paul Benzaquin 7 Phil Donahue 8 Not For Women Only 10 Dialing for Dollars Kitty Today Hap Richards Jeopardy Mike Douglas Strum 'n Drummers 12 22 3 4 30 40 24 3 9:05 Art for a Day 1:15 Yogi Bear Show All About Yon 9:25 News Heritage Corner 9:30 Joker's Wild 24 30 40 3 Who, What, Where Game 4 Mother In Law . 5 Medical Call SB Gilligans Island S Comely in the Morning 10 Not For Women Only 22 What Makes Clouds 24 Mike Douglas 30 Flintstones . 40 9:55 News 4 10:00 Joker's Wild 7, 12 I Love Lucy 5 Mid Morning Movie 3 "We 1962 . Joined the Navy" (xx Arnold Zenker - 5B Dick Van Dyke Leave It To Beaver Dialing For Dollars Dinah's Place 4. 10, 20, 22, 30 Sesame Street 24,57 10:30 Concentration 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 .Hazel (' -; 5 New, Price Is Right 7, 12 Andy Griffith 6 Dick Van Dyke '40 11:00 The Sale of the Century Andy Griffith . ' 5 . Password 5B " Gambit 7, 12 j Gomer Pyle " 6 News T 8 Yes, No, Maybe 24 What's My Line 40 1:20 Cover to Cover 24 11:30 Love of Life 3, 7, 12 Hollywood Squares 4, 10. 20, 22, 30 Midday 5 sion puts the dog in a competi- tion against a championship animal to save its life, as well as establish its rightful master. One claimant reveals he will destroy the dog if it loses. 8:30 p.m. Hawaii Five-0 Ch. 3, 7, 12 Andy Griffith and Joyce Van Patten are guest stars as a confidence pair who try to ply their profession" on a top mobster in the Islands. Their bid sets off a gang war and also leads to their daughter's abduction, forcing the couple to seek Five-0 help. It sounds grim but there's a lot of the old Andy Griffith comedy involved. 9:30 p.m. Tuesday Night Movies Ch. 3, 7, 12 "Your Money or Your Wife." Ted Bess ell, Elizabeth Ashley and Jack Cassidy are starred in a comedy about a TV writer whose star walks out on the series. He writes a new story about a kidnapping, then arranges the kidnapping of the actress for authenticity, only the abductors he's hired aren't kidding. Bessell is the writer, Miss Ashley his girl friend, Cassidy the producer, and Betsy Von Furstenberg the actress. 10:00 p.m. NBC Reports Ch. 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 "What Price Bewitched 11:40 Guten Tag Afternoon 12:00 News Jeopardy Password 5B, S, 8, 40 24 3,4,5,7,12 10, 20, 22, 30 6, 8, 40 Book Beat 12:25 News 12:30 Perry Mason 24 3 3 Sonya Hemlin 4 Search For Tomorrow 7,12 Who, What, Where - 10, 20, 22, 30 Split Second 5B,6, 8, 40 Mister Rogers Neighborhood 24 12:55 News 10, 20, 22, 30 1:00 Dialing for Dollars Movie "The Strip" (xx 1951) Me Too Show Stump the Stars To TeU the Truth 20, 30 12 22 All My Children 5B, 6, 40 Mike Douglas 10 Truth or Consequences What's My Line En Francais 24 1:15 Math Magic 24 1:30 Let's Make a Deal 5B, 6, 8, 40 As The World Turns 3,7,12 Three on a Match 4,20,22,30 Electric Company 24, 57 2:00 Newlywed Game e 5B, 6, 8, 40 . Guiding Light 3, 7, 12 Days Of Our Lives 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Celebrate a Book 24 2:15 Places In the News 24 2:30 Dating Game 5B, 6, 8, 40 Doctors 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Search For Tomorrow 3 Edge of Night 7,12 2:35 Animals and Such 24 2:45 Imagine That 24 3:00 General Hospital 5B, 6, 8, 40 Another World 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 3, 7, 12 Geography 2, 57 Casper 5 Eight Steps Toward Excellence 24 3:30 Maggie and the Beautiful Machine 2, 57 Return to Peyton Place 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 One Life to Live 5B, 6, 8, 40 Bugs Bunny 5 Living Word 18 Ranger Station 3 Secret Storm 7, 12 Carrascolendas 24 4:00 Love American Style 6, 40 Biff Valley 5B Sesame Street 2, 24, 57 Million Dollar Movie 8 "Always Leave Them Laugh ing" (xx 1949) Andv Griffith 3 . Joanne Carson Show 18 Super Heroes 5 Family Affair 7 Jeannie 12 4:30 Merv Griffin 3, 7, 12 Mike Douglas 4, 22 Four-Thirtv Movie 10 "A Majority of One" Dennis the Menace . 5 Poneve 18 My Little Margie 20 You Don't Say ' 30 . Flintstones 6 I Love Lucy 40 4:55 Weather Watch 40 5:00 Truth or Consequences 6 Misteroger's Neighborhood 2, 24, 57 Flintstones 5 Perry Mason 5B Film 20 Hogan's Heroes " . 30 Jim and Tammy 18 Gomer Pyle 40 5:15 News 20 5:30 The Electric Company 2, 24, 57 Petticoat Junction 5 News - . ' 6! Film 1 20 Hogan's Heroes 22 Beverly Hillbillies 30 New Beat 40 5:55 What's Happening Update 3 Health?" A penetrating and distressing look at the problem , of health treatment in this country is the compelling subject of tjijg documentary put together by Lucy Jarvis, and narrated, by Edwin Newman. The insufficiencies of health care, for rich as well as poor, is forcefully projected. 10:00 p.m. Marcus Welby, M.D. Ch. 5B, 6, 8, 40 "Dinner a Herb's." Margaret O'Brien, the one-time child star, guest-stara as a wife who goes on a crash diet in a desperate effort to save her marriage and endangers ;her health. The diet is prescribed hy a "quack" doctor. NOTE: Flight of Apollo 17 The final flight to and from moon comes to an end this afternoon with, splashdown , in the South Pacific. Television will cover the landing . and recovery from 1:30 to 3:30, witji splashdown timed for 2:24.,, ,- Shakespeare Group ' "1 William Shakespeare once wrote his plays for and served as an actor in a group known as Chamberlain's Men. Under the patronage of King James I, they became known as the King's Men. Evening 6:00 Flintstones '5 Zoom 2, 24,' 57 News 3, 4, 5B, 7, 8, 12 12 O'Clock High ' 18 To Tell the Truth "'SO Sounding Board ""20 Wild, Wild West - 40 6:30 CBS News 3, 7, 12 Elliot Norton 2; 57 News 22,30 Hogan's Heroes ' 6 I Love Lucy :.;;S ABC Evening News . 5B.3 Maggie and the Beautiful Machine '24 6:55 Newsbeat ;40 7:00 Louis Lyons News 2,57 Kreskin ? Andy Griffith $ To Tell The Truth 5B Hollywood Squares -6 Whats My Line 7, 42 Truth or Consequences ; 8 The Deaf Citizen 4 Dick Van Dyke . 18 Truth or Consequences. 8 7:30 Movietime 18 "All Ashore" (xtt 1953) Dragnet 40 Golddiggers 30 I've Got a Secret I'.'S Dr. Kildare IU That Girl 5 Five by Five: Third World 5 Doctor In the House '"'6 Bostonia " To Tell the Truth Beat the Clock Film .R'-l I Dream of Jeanie Family Game This Is Your Life Movie Time 8:00 Theonie Maude 3 Previewed Above Fourth Estate Bonanza 10, Previewed Above : "i'-tO ' '9 ; i "18 "27 VP i t 2030 Hogans Heroes Temperatures Rising 5B, 6, 8, '40 8:15 Erica 2,57 8:30 Bill Mayers Journal 2, 24,S7 Hawaii Five-0 3, 7, "15 Previewed Above ) Merv Griffin . 5 ABC Theater 5B, 6, 840 9:00 Behind the Lines 2, 24 J7 Bold Ones 4, 10, 20, 22,3 Previewed Above 700 Club 8 9:30 Black Journal 2, 24,,57 Previewed Above in. 411 I INK Tuesday Night Movie 3,7r12 "Your Money or Your Wife" - Previewed Above 10:00 International Perform- ance t ,',3 EATON corporation: presents Edwin Newman narrating "What Price Health?" 3D NBC Reports X 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Previewed Above Marcus Welby M.D. -V SB, 6,8,0 Previewed Above State of Connecticut Martin Agronski News 10:30 Soul 10:35 Martin Agronsky 34 YS7 5 17 11:00 News 3, 4, 5B, 6, 7, 8,10, 12, 22, 30,40 Alfred Hitchcock " S Have Gun Will Travel' EI Super Show ;$8 11:30 Starlight Movie f;;3 "Thunder of Drums" (xxJi 1961) ' Tonight 4, 10, 20, 22, 30 Late Movie j , ;7 "Picasso Summer" (1969) y Cinema Twelve S ?12 "The Cossacks" (xx 1960) Outer Limits 12:00 Southern New England Tonight J8 12:30 Alfred Hitchcock 5 1:00 News 4,56,6,8,10,30 1:05 Boston Movietime .4 "Rich, Young and Pretty" (xj'x 1951) Medical Call ,5B 1:10 Hollywood Finest ; i "The Strip", ' 1:10 Hollywood's Finest 5 "The Man in the White Suit"

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