The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on August 13, 1904 · 6
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 6

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 13, 1904
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6 THE SUN, BALTIMORE, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 13, 1904. DRY GOODS. WHY PAY MOKE FOR Watch and Jewelry Ue-lwirs, when expert and warranted work can be had here at thexe prices; Wau.-u 'leaning, 75c. ew Mam Springs, 7oc. S.ones Unplaced in Jewelry, 2.V-. First Floor. 1 TTOT7T?S USUAL SATCR--Lw XIUUJXD DAY' BUSINESS lored. 8.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK, for $7-45. MEN'S $3.50 SERGE COATS FOR $2.25. Men's Fine All-Wool Blue Serge Coats, nnlined, color guaranteed; pockets stayed with satin tape; regular, slim and stout sizes. 8.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK, for S2.25. Third Floor. MEN'S 25c. SILK NECKWEAR FOR 12V.e. Men's new and choice All-Silk Reversible Four-in-Hands and String Ties. They are this season' mopt select patterns, consisting 'of light, medium and dark colorings; full length and width and perfect in every way. Made to sell as a leader for 2oc. FROM 8.30 TO 1 O'CLOCK, FOR JCST HALF PRICE ., 12c. Sale First Bargain Square, Howard Street. MEN'S COc. NECKWEAR FOR 33c. Men's All-Silk Black Reversible Barathea Four-in-Hands, extra length and stylish shape. Three for l.OO, or, each, 35c. Lexington and Howard Entrances. OMEN'S G WASH SUITS FOR $2.75. Of White India Linen, Lawn and Percale, all well and neatly made; some hare embroidery trimming, others have tucked waist; full-flare skirts. S.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK, for $2,75. WOMEN'S U WASH SKIRTS FOR $2.98. Of Plain Blue and Tan Canvas, also Black and White Shepherd's Checks, made with pleats and prettily trimmed yokes. Will cive great service; well adapted for outings. 8.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK, for $2.98. S2.9S WASH SKIRTS FOR $1.C9. "Vash Skirts of Covert Cloth and Pique, full flare, well cut and made, $1.60. Second Floor. WOMEN'S WASHABLE NECK WEAK, WORTH 29c, 35c AND 40c, FOR 22c. In many distinct designs, Including Buster Brown styles. Turnovers, Embroidered Lin on and All-Lace Stocks, in White. Cream, Pink and White, Blue and White, lied and White and various other colors. S.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK, 22c. WOMEN'S Toe. COLLAR AND CUFF SETS FOR 45c. These tasteful accessories becomingly finish off the summer gowns. They come in Green, Linen Color, Pink, Light Blue and Navy;piade to sell for 75c. a set. 8.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK. 45c. - First Floor. THIS MORNING'S SPECIALS IN SPORTING Lawn Tennis Nets for M.59 Lawn Tennis Nets for 51.00 Lawn Tennis Nets for S1.9S Lawn Tennis Rackets for 54.50 Lawn Tennis Rackets for SI. CO Lawa Tennis Markers for M.25 Regular League Baseballs, stitched, full weight, horsehide cover, 50c. Baseballs for 23c. Baseballs for 10c. Baseballs for We. Catcher's Mitts for $1.25 Catcher's Mitts for $1.69 Catcher's Mitts for 1.0ft 1.2J 7!c 1.K $3 !!S 7!c. double-for.... OSc. ... lftc. 7c. .. 75Jc. .. ftSc. ..91.3S SATURDAY GROCERY SPECIALS. HAMS. We offer 1,000 finest, small, selected, sugar-cured, little, lean Hams freshlv smoked ' Tfc,. Hams are the finest produced and positively cannot be duplicated elsewhere tSd"er Tte 10T pound; all small sizes. Saturday only, pound . XiirVc. it BUTTER Freshly made Elgin Creamery; highest grnd-r' produced ; 1-pound full-weight prints; pound 21c, (Not delivered.) SOAP Fairbanks' Fairy: 3 cakes for lOc. WEBBING 'W Wedding Announcements. At-Home and Visiting Cards. LYCETT STATIONERS, 311 N. CHARLES ST. Engravers to Society. DOWNS' ' I WEDDING INVITATIONS. j Jas. H. Downs,; rk Society Engraver Stationer, k j 229 N. Charles St. g TO THE LADIES. HEADQUARTERS FOR DOMESTIC. NEW HOME AND STANDARD SEWING MACHINES C. F. FISKE & CO., 312 West Lexington street. Don't be., deceived by fictitious advertising. We are the headquarters (also agents) for Butterick Patterns and French Pattern Books. j24-lm AUTOMOBILES. THE CADILLAC IS ALL GOLD! With the least power and the lowest cost the Regular Stock Cadillac, driven by Mr. Lemont, carried four people, with their heavy-Photographic outfits, through the severe two-days' White Mountain Endurance Test without ever a hitch and Won the GOLD MEDAL. If you want to be among the winners drive a Cadillac Runabout, $750 and $S00; Touring Cars, $850 and $900. MAR-DEL MOBILE CO., SOLE AGENTS FOR MARYLAND, 617 and 619 W. Pratt st. r BOTH PHONES. MARYLAND AGENCY. CADILLACS. WAVERLY ELECTRICS All makes Mobiles thoroughly repaired. Bargains Second-Hand Autos, various makes. JLiB-UEL MOBILE CO.. Both Phones. Q17-lft W. Pratt st. FOR SALE AUTOMOBILE RUNABOUT, 6 H.-P. : good as new; $400. FRED FADTJM, 4tOH West German street. al3-2t MISCELLANEOUS. MAXIM'S MAXIM. VICTION THAN LOUD BOASTS. When Maxim, the famous inventor, placed his gun before a committee of judges he stated its carrying power to be considerably below what he felt sure the gun woidd accomplish. The result of the trial was therefore a triumph of surprise instead of disappointment, as it might have been if he had overestimated his gun's efficiency. Our claim regarding Newbro's Herpicide is based on actual scientific facta. If a living germ is causing your hair to fall out it's the most sensible thing to kill that germ. Newbro's Herpicide does this quickly and effectually. Destroy the cause, you remove the effect. Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c. in stamps for sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit, Mich. Williamson & Watts and M. S. Kahn & Co., Special Agent. - . ajPERLIIIIE DRY GOODS. THE STOKE CLOSES TODAY AT 1 O'CLOCK. DO YOLK SHOPPING IN THE MORNING. LEXINGTON, HOWAI AND CLAY ST3. - Plan to Be Here and Profit by the MONEY-SAVING SPECIALS ON SALE TODAY FROM 8.30 UNTIL 1 O'CLOCK ONLY. The following "12 in 5" Attractions are designed to strongly appeal to your sense of economy inducing morning shopping (the best and most logical time) and concentrating the INTO 5 HOURS. MEN'S $12.50 AND $13.50 SUITS FOR $7.45. 83 Suits of Blue Serges and Fancy Cheviots, single or double breasted styles, in regular, slim and stout sizes, stylishly cut and thoroughly tai GOODS. 25c. Fielder's Gloves for 4Sc, Fielder's Gloves for 75e. Fielder's Uloves for $1.00 Fielder's (.loves for... EOc. Baseball Masks for $1.00 Baseball Masks for lftc 35c, 5Jc. 7S)c. 3tc. jiaseoan jiasKs tor... ...$1.36 Hammocks fn:ir-rK- $1.98. far....A.7.r....."l .... rctfularl$1 Garden Sets consisting of Shovel,' 'Rake and Hoe ; set for 75c. Dressed D0II3 for "V.""' Siici Fifth'Floor. TEASRntirrol r-..i ; V fc . . vvjun, jur icing: the regular 65c. grade for 35c. pound; 3 pounds Mocha and Java; 4y4 pounds for 1 ; pound' 2Gc. CLOSING OUT! TRUCKS, BAGS, SUITCASES. The remainder of our stock must be closed out to retire from the retail business. No Reasonable Offer Refused. A chancfi nf a. lifetime t.n get good Traveling Goods at your own price. STEIGER'S, 215-215 Nortli Eutaw Street: ..MRS. FISH GIVES CIRCUS Xovelty At Fashionable Dinner In Newport. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Newport, K. I., Aug. 12 Without a novelty of some sort the Newport season would not be complete. This was offered tonight at the house of Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish, on the ocean drive, where a large dinner party was entertained. After dinner the guests assembled in the ballroom, where a miniature circus ring had been arranged and in this was given a performance by a troupe of trained animals now performing at Freebody Park. There was a Shetland pony mounted by a good sized donkey that jumped hurdles, a milk white goat that walked a tight rope and several dogs that did all sortsof tricks. The pony, a most intelligent beast, answered all sorts of questions by pawing of its hoofs, and when asked the age of the hostess gallantly placed It at 25 years. Needless to say there was never before seen a better behaved lot of animals in polite society. Mrs. Pembroke Jones will give a large dinner next Monday and Mrs. Cornelius anderbilt has cards out for August 17. SOCIETY IN WASHINGTON Assistant Postmaster-Gen. Wynne Going Abroad With His Family. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Washington, Aug. 12. Assistant Postmaster-General Robert J. Wynne will sail for Europe on August 20 on the Germanic from New York. lie will be accompanied by Mrs. Wynne and their daughters. Miss Ida and Miss Ruth. Mrs. Wynne's father, Mr. Owen McCabe, will accompany the party as far as New York and from there will go to Atlantic City for a few weeks stay. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Noyes and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Noyes are at the Poland Springs House, In Poland, Maine, where Mr. and Mrs. Crosby S. Noyes have been since early in the season. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Noyes will remain until the flrst week in September. Mr. Gist Blair sailed last Wednesday on the steamer Baltic from New "Xork for London. He will be absent for some weeks. Rear-Admlral Terry, former'commandant of the Washington Navy Yard, who has been in Honolulu for the past year, will return to Washington with his family in December. The Admiral will be retired during that month and they will make their home In this city, much to the delight of their many friends here. Miss Eleanor Terry is one of the most popular girls in the navy set in Washington, where she has spent many years. Mr. E. Livingstone Cornelius, of Balti more, Md., clerk to the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, was married this evening in Brooklyn to Miss Alice Anderson, of that city. The ceremony was performed at 6 o'clock and the young couple will sail tomorrow from Philadelphia on the Haver-ford for their wedding tour. The announcement of the engagement of Miss Martina Potter Jones, daughter of the late John Davies Jones, of this city, to Marchese Giuseppe Lanza d'Aneta, one of the most popular members of Florentine society, is something of a surprise to the young woman's manv frlenda .ah jailed in the spring with her mother for T f n I V nftor cnonrltnrr Yia ti.ln4.M i - . v , - 1' " me t iiiiri ucie at Willard's Hotel. Miss Jones is young, beautiful and wealthy and has spent the greater part. of the past two years on the other side of the ocean. Her mother was Miss May Potter, of Cincinnati. The engagement was announced yesterday In Florence, where she and her mother have been for some time. The wedding, it is believed, will take place in that city in the talk Miss Jones is a debutante of two years ago. TO PROVIDENCE BY SEA. The following passengers sailed for Providence yesterday on the Merchants and Miners' steamer Howard, Captain James : Mr. and Mrs. ST. C. McGrath, II. H. Bindard, J. D. Hooper, A. Constable, W. W. Sweisfort, 1. E. Dick, P. Bromley, II. Schneider. Mesdames G. F. Walls. Frantz, Hileman, Ashoff, C. A. Schroeder, C. Abrams, J. C. Parkin, B. Bennett. C. E. Stokes, Misses E. Stokes, A. G. Mynkoop, K. Constable, A. Sholtzer. Emily Stokes, , P. Beaucamp, Elizabeth Stokes, B. Beaucamp. E. Graves, Messrs.. P. Dougherty, P. Lee. P. Logan, A. Constable, J. Conrad, W. H. May. Jr. H. E. Dichelman, r. a. Hooper. L. Massey, " F. Bowen, B. Bennett, G. Hinel, E. A. Wesley, P. McKay, H. Erney. I. Abemis, I. L. Miller. U Berki. SOCIETY NEWS Events Of Polite World, Present .And To Come. BALTIMORE AND VICINITY Personal Items Of Interest To Headers Of Tlie Sun Abont Their Friends At Home And Abroad. I I THE SUN" will "be pleased to receive items, such as engagements, weddings, parties, teas and other Dews of personal interest, for the "Society News" columns. The items should be indorsed with the name and address of the sender not for publication, but as a matter of good faith. State whether you prefer them to appear in the Sunday or daily issue. PERSONAL. Mrs. Atherton Seidell, of Washington, D. C, Is visiting at Glennnn for n few days, previous to her departure for Europe. Dr. and Mrs. A. Seidell, of Washington, will sail for Bremen on the 17th inst. Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Mackenzie of West North avenue, after a driving trip through the lower counties of Pennsylvania, are at the Mackenzie country seat, Inverness. Mr and Mrs. John Noeth and Master Harry Noeth, of 738 Dolphin street, are spending their vacation at the Hamilton, in Ocean City, Md. Miss Grace Wilcox, of 1206 North Eden street, is visiting her sister, Mrs. John W. F.del, at Wilna, Md. Mr. Ettulbert L. Whitehouse, of Park avenue, is spending a vacation In Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Fairley and Mr. and ivrrs Charles Alexander Seibold are spend ing several weeks at Wetpquin Hall, Ocean City. Mrs. M. A. Adams is spending the summer at Rosemont, St. George's. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fairley and son. of North Calvert street, are visiting Mrs. Thomas Fairley at Rosemont, St. George's, Miss Agnes Donnelly, after. visiting Mrs. Thomas Fairley at St. George's, has returned to Baltimore. Later she will visit "Waynesboro, Pa. Misses Edith and Rebecca Cockey, of St. George's, and Miss May Sheridan have returned, after an extended sojourn in Kent county, Maryland. Mr. and Mrs. Jdseph B. Hellmann, of Chicago, formerly of Baltimore, are stopping with their brother, Mr. Henry J. Hellmann, 708 East North avenue. They have seen the St. Louis Fair, aud before returning home will go to Washington, Harper's Ferry, and Dayton, Ohio. Mrs. Thomas Higdon, accompanied by her daughter, Miss Mabel Hlgdou, and several friends, including Miss Ella May Hig-dou, Miss Annie Arnold and Miss Ella Bluchey, are spending the month of August at Tolchester Beach. Miss Pauline Gill Espie, of 1517 West Fayette street, is visiting Miss Shipley, of Mt. Airy-Misses Margaret and Mary Carey and Miss Acmes Kirbv. accompanied by Miss Mary Roche, of New York, have been spend ing some time at Thousand lsianas, rsiagara Falls, and Toronto, and are now visiting friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Jones will leave for Ocean City, Md., on August 17, to spend the remainder of the month of August. The following Baltimorenns are at Chau tauqua Cottage, Mountain Lake Park, Md. : Mr. and Mrs. William Jentner, Miss M. Daugherty, Miss Mamie Mollman, and Miss Adelaide Mollman. Miss Mary E. Hanley, Miss Mamye Kil kenny, of 1126 Forrest Place; Miss Gertrude Osing, of Belvleu-Air, West Arlington; Miss Sallie Travers, of 1619 Harlem avenue, are spending a week's vacation at Taylor's Island, Dorchester county, Maryland. Mr. D. Dodge Woodward, of Annapolis, Md., is at Atlantic City. Misses Mary E. and Elizabeth L. Kemp will spend a couple of weeks at Falls- ton, Mil. Mr. G. B. Hammond, of New Market, Md., spent yesterday viewing improvements in the burnt district. Miss Bertha C. Droste Is at .the Clifton, Atlantic City. , Mr. W. II. Walker, of 447 East Huntingdon avenue, is visiting at the home of Miss Mgmie Kirk, near Woodlawn, Cecil county, Md. Dr. Ella X. Quinn, of 518 East North avenue, has returned from a two months' vacation at the seashore. Misses Mabel, Ola and Beula Quinn, of Queenstown, are visiting Dr. Ella X. Quinn, at 518 East North avenue. Mrs. Gassaway and Miss Whittington ore among the arrivals at the Clarendon, Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. William Haughry are spending a week at Pen-Mar Park. Mr. and Mrs. J1. W. Gunts, Miss Ada Gunts, Miss Anna and Master Robert Gunts are spending the month of August at the Hotel Altamont, Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Caulk are at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City. Masters John Campbell Foote and Charles Vernon Foote, of Baltimore, are spending the mouth of August with their grandmother, Mrs. Mary E. Frey, on her farm at Mountain, Md. Misses Jennie and Elizabeth Dall, of South Baltimore, are spending several weeks at Atlantic City and Philadelphia.' Mrs. Dr. C. S. Neer, 619 South Tatterson Park avenue, will 6pend two weeks at Park Ridge. N. J. Mrs. R. A. Pallisee, of Brooklyn, N. Y., accompanied by her young daughter, is visiting Mrs. Lydia B. Dease at her residence, on Eighth street, Walbrook. Mr. L. Kludy, 208 West Mulberry street, Is at Glen Rock, Pa., for two weeks. Mrs. F. C. Bressler and daughter, Gertrude, 1713 Bank street, will spend two weeks at Wilkesbarre, Pa. Mrs. Mary L. Morrow is spending the month of August at the Mountain House, . Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. Miss Helen Barber, of 107 South Colling-ton avenue, has gone to the mountains to join a party of friends en rotlte for St. Louis. On her way home she will be entertained by Mrs. George Mitchell, of West-ernport, and Miss Genivive Mansfield, at Oakland Summit. Misses Belle anof Emma Miller, of 1523 North Broadway, with Miss Lollie II. Horstmeier, are spending several weeks at the Berkshire Inn, Atlantic City. Mr. C. L. Scrimger and son. Master Albert, have gone to Montross, Va. Miss Isabell Watts, of North Fulton avenue, is spending a fortnight with her cousin, Miss Ethel Rogers, at Timonium. Miss Lina Woobus and the Misses Sis-sons are at the Star Villa, Cope May. Misses E. May and Katharine Loughran have returned from a delightful trip spent at Tilghman's Island, Maryland. Mr. Charles N. Bennett, of Owings Mills, and Mr. A. C. Reid, of Virginia, will leave on Monday for St. Louis and the West. Mrs. E. R. Cleaveland and Misses Eva Seldner Cleaveland and Mardle Cleaveland are at Spencer Hall, Atlantic City. Miss Rose Batchelor. 1005 Forrest Place, has returned from Atlantic City. .Mrs. Henry Pfeifer and Mrs. ' Benjamin oegeline, of 1111 Greenmount avenue, with orr.Sons' and Mlss Alice daysman, of 1202 East Lafayette avenue, will spend pait of August and September visiting friends in Virginia and other Southern States. Mr. and Mrs. James Barnett, Miss Mazey Barnett, and Masters Herbert J. and James Lawton Barnett, of South Collington avenue, are stopping at the Hotel Rossruore Atlantic City, for the remainder of August.' Miss Margaret Fay, 'of 21 East" Ostend street, is visiting friends at Buena Vista. Lieut. Harvey P. Mcrhiser, of the Southern district, left yesterday to spend a furlough at Atlantic City. Capt. Georg G henry, who with his wife has been spend ing a rew weeks at Providence, R. I., returned and resumed command of the district yesterday. Miss Anna Griewlseh, of Chicago, who is visiting Miss Lohmeyer, on Carrollton avenue, will sail for Europe the middle of next week. Deputy Register J. Sewell Thomas and his son are at the Ebbitt House, Atlantic City, for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Malcolm Griffin, of 1422 Mount Royal avenue, are guests at the Hotel Wiltshire, Atlantic City, for two weeks. , MiS3 Lllliam Sellens.of 1527 North Caro line street, is visiting her friend, Mrs Harry Reynolds, of Waterbury, Conn. Miss Mary Forbes is visiting Miss Sara T 1 jsarKer at Kuaorook l'ark. Mrs. John A. Barker and Master Francis Barker are at Portland, Maine, with their mend, Mrs. p. I. Deering. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Brannafi left today to spend two weeks at the Hotel Austin, At lantic city. Mr. Evan II. Morgan, president of the First Branch of the City Council, will leave today to spend a few weeks at the St. Louis Exposition. Mr. Harry C. Kilmer, reading clerk of the First Branch of the City Council, left last night on a business trip to Denver. Miss Mazie Snyder is spending the month at Atlantic City. Mrs. Michael Grogan, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Rauh and their .cousin, Miss Mamie Kaifer, arc spending 10 days at the Hotel Thompson, Rock Hall, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Edwnrd I. Clark have returned from Buena Vista Springs, Pa. Mrs. William Fletcher Pentz and Master William Fletcher l'entz are visiting Mr. aud Mrs. Noah Cramer, at Frederick, Md, Misses Trosler Simmons Pentz and Virginia Leslie Holloway and Masters Raymond W. Thompson and Charles T. Holloway, Jr., and maid are visiting Mr. and Mrs. William J. Shure, of Hill Crest, Harford county, Md. Miss Alice Leary, of North Calvert street, is spending the month of August in Shep-herdstown, W. Va. Major Medorem Crawford, commandant' at Fort McIIenry, will leave today for Buena Vista, Pa., to spend Sunday with Mrs. Crawford and their two children, who are spending the summer there. Mrs. W. M. Burganv and Mrs. C. E. Bur-gan, with their children, have returned from Rehoboth Beach, where they have been spending several weeks. . Mr. D. Allen Wllley has returned from a visit of several days in New York. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Ileineman and Miss Hilda Ileineman are at the Hotel Majestic, Atlantic City. Mrs. L. Dulaney and daughter, Edith, have returned to the city after a very pleasant trip of 10 days to Hurricane Hall, Ccn-treville, Md. Miss J. Marguerite Boggs, of 2825 St. Paul street, is at Parkersburg, W. Va., and will spend the remainder of the summer at points in the Alleghany Mountains. Mrs. Frank W. Cassord, Miss Gertrude Cassard and Miss Stella Cassard are at Mount Holly Inn for the remainder of the season. Messrs. Wentworth Tucker and Carll Tucker, of Albany, N. Y., are spending some time at Mount Holly Inn. , Miss May Heberton Kerr has returned to Mount Holly Inn after a stay of some time at Capon Springs. , Mr. N. B. Horton, of New Y'ork, is at Mount Holly Inn. Mrs. It. r.'Pindell, of 315 East Biddle street, is spending 10 days at the Chesapeake Hotel, Betterton, Md. Miss E. V. Hobbs, 1331 North Strieker street, is spending a veek at Street, Harford county, Md. Mrs. George H. Thomas Is at the Hotel Birstol, Asbury Park, N. J. Mrs. Mary Lee, Miss Jennie Pentz and Miss Florence Pentz, of Baltimore, are at Niagara Falls at the Imperial Hotel. Mrs. L. G. Frazier, of Fulton avenue, Is in the Blue Mountains for tlie rest of the month. Mr. J. H. Harper, of New York, is stopping at the Rennert. . Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Townsheld, of Philadelphia, are guests of the Stafford. Mr. W. G. Dunnington, of Farmville, Va., Is at the Belvedere. Mr. B. R. Inglls, of Madison, Fla., is at the Eutaw House. Mr. F. II. Knapp, of " Chicago, is registered at the Rennert. Mr. Charles Gifford, of Detroit, Is stopping at the Stafford. Mr. J. W. Mayer, of New York, Is registered at the Belvedere, t Mr. L. M. Hall, of North Carolina, la at the Eutaw House. Messrs. Thomas E. Kichard and B. F. Mendel, of New York, are guests of the Rennert. Mr. James D. Rhodes, of Pittsburg, is registered at the Stafford. Mr. B. II. Rogers, of New York, Is at the Belvedere. Mr. W. F. Witherall, of Rochester, Is at the Eutaw House. Mr. W. M. Henderson, of North Carolina, is stopping at Rennert's. Mr. and Mrs. Josh Smith and daughter, of Chester, Pa., are guests of the Stafford. Mr. O. S. McKenney, of West Virginia, is at the Belvedere. Dr. II, J. Thomas, of North Carolina, is at the Eutaw House. Mr. W. H. Reynolds, of Cumberland, Md., is registered at the Rennert. Miss Emma Dashing, of Chester, Pa., is a guest of the Stafford. - Mr. C. E. Borden, of Richmond, Va,, Is at the Belvedere. Mr. B. P. Dumavent, of Richmond, Va., is at the Eutaw House. Mr. W. R. Stowe, of Boston, is at the Rennert. ? Mr. J. N. Rozengran, of New York, Is registered at the Stafford. Mrs. William P. Price, of Weymouth, Mass.', formerly of Warren, Baltimore coun MUSIC IN PATTERSON The program for the public concert by Park this evening, from 7.30 to 10 o'clock, March "Blue and White" Brand Overture "Lebenslust" Latann Waltz "Peggy O'Neal" (request)... Blanke Intermezzo "The Gondolier" .Powell Trombone Solo "Columbia Polka" Rollisou Mr. WiUiam Kaiser. ty, Maryland, will return home today after a three months' visit among relatives and friends of Baltimore and Baltimore county. She spent last week with her brother, Mr. Thomas Cuddy, 710 West Cross street. She also visited her mother, Mrs. Elihu Cuddy, of Blue Mount, Baltimore county, Maryland. General and Mrs. II. L. Haskell, of the United States Army, are at the Belvedere. Mr. H. L. Hanline, of Philadelphia, Is at the Eutaw House. Mr. and. Mrs. A. A. ,Ezekiel, of Alabama, are guests, of the Rennert. WTEniJIXGS. Itoddlck Knii. Miss Stella May Knipp, daughter of Mrs. Julia C. and the late John C. Knipp, was married Thursday to Prof. Marshall E. Roddick, vice-principal at the Maryland Blind School. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride, 2510 Druid II 111 avenue, and was performed by lnu brother, Rev. J. Edgar Knipp, of Doshlsha . University, Kyoto, Japan, a missionary now in this country on I'nrlough. Rev. G. Gossard, pnstor of Salem United Brethren Church, assisted. The weddiug was quiet on account of the death of the bride's father. The- bride wove a gown of white silk mull over taffeta and carried Bride's roses. After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Reddick left on a trip to Martha's Vineyard, New York, Boston and Philadelphia. They will reside at Walbrook. Houston Boone. Miss .Mae Boone, daughter of Mr. Grafton Iioone. of Robinson, Anne Arundel county, and Mr. George Porter Houston, of Baltimore, were married ye'sterday morning at the icsklence of the bride's aunt, Mia. H F.-IIainmlll, at the Cecil apart- ment house, Eutaw Place. Rev. Dr. J. St. Clair Neal. pastor of Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, performed the ceremony. The wedding march was played by Miss Lucie Houston "Wickes. After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Houston left for Atlantic City, where they will upend their honeymoon. WATEBMELOJt PARTY AND DASCE. The Bon Ton Social gave Its annual watermelon party on Thursday at the home of Miss Anna Moon, 425 East Fort avenue. The lawn was handsomely decorated with potted plants, lanterns and nags. The evening was spent in playing games, dancing and solos by various members of the social. The Bon Tons will give their monthly dance at the Gentlemen's Driving l'ark Monday, August 22, under the direction of Prof. Horace M. Bell, assisted by Farson's Orchestra. HICKORY CUB Ol'TISG. The Hipkory Outing Club of Baltimore Is stopping , at the Hotel Resurvey, Neavitt, Talbot county, Md. The members are spending their annual outing in dancing, sailing, fishing, bathing, clay--pigeon shooting, baseball, touring through the count fj and straw rides. The hotel is beautifully decorated with bunting, flags and Japanese lanters in their honor. The members of the club are as follows : President Chief A. E. Emrich, of the Baltimore Fire Department. Vice-President -Harry L. Armstronjr. Secretary Georpe Rnhl. TreasurerHoward L. Franck. Mr, and Mrs. George Ruhl, Misses , Beuhla Shores, Katherine Massey, Marie Franck, Elizabeth Brown, Messrs. Charles Schmidt, Clarence Myers, Harry Carson, Otto Fisher, Thomas Ball, Sadie Massey, Elizabeth Ruhl, Bertie Ball, Fannie Ball. Adolph Fisher, Cooper Ball, J. T. Morrison. TO HAVE OUTING. The first annual outing of the Ninth Ward Republican Association will be held at the Bell Outing Club shore, Middle river, tomorrow. The time for holding reg ular meetings of the club has been changed from Thursday to Mondayevenings. AT REHOBOTH BEACH. The following Baltimoreans are at the Hotel Casino, Rehoboth Beach, Del. : J. Frank Haynie and family, Jacob Greenbaum and family, J. J. Lanahan and family, Mrs. A. H Weaver and daughters, Misses Marcella A. and Stella L. Weaver; Mr. E. K. Moms, Mr. H. J. Packham, Mr. Charles W. Wells and Joseph A. Kansler and family ; also Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Ruth, of Kent Island. .-'- THIS KITTEN HAS SIX TOES Engine Company Would Adopt It But For Otlier Vet. A peculiar specimen of the cat family was exhibited at No. 11 Truck Company, North avenue and McMechen street, yesterday by Mr. Nicholas Hartshorn, one of the mem bers. It is a high stepper, and when it walks its leg action Is similar to that of an elephant. This peculiarity is due to the kitten hav ing six toes on each foot, all the toes being In front of the feet, so that the latter look very large and clumsy. Mr. Hartshorn has the mother of the kitten, which, he says, is a thoroughbred Maltese. The men of the house took to the kitten at once and were very proud to wel come a pet so unique, but there were other cats in the house, and several conferences were held to determine what to do with the visitor. There was Wallace, who can climb a ladder and go to a fire clinging to the truck with one paw; Maud, who refused to rest any place but tinder the signal desk; Gin, who catches all the mice, and Pete, who Is ever playful. The captain looked at the lieutenant, and the lieutenant eyed the men. n The six-toed freak must go, and It was not long before Dr. Grimes walked In and was so taken with the kitten that it was awarded to him. " PARK THIS EVENING C. Dorsey Waters' Band in Patteson Is as follows : Overture "Fra Diavolo" (request) Auber "A Musician Astray in the Forest".... Hermann Selection "Bohemian Girl" (request) Balfo Ballet Dances "Faust" Gounod March "Sunshine in Georgia" Campe IN SUBURBS AND COUNTY Druidville Disturbed By Persistent Burglars. HARD TO DRIVE THEM AWAY One Store Knimacked I'nxneoenwf nl Attempt To Force Northern Central Station Safe. The residents of Druidville, a small portion of what is knowu as Woodberry, ar aroused over the depredations of a boh! gang of thieves, who during the post week have robbed one store, , tried to force the safe at the Wooflberry station of the Northern Central Railway and attempted bieak Into half a dozen or more stores hi the village. The one successful burglary was committed Wednesday night. Thursday nlg'U the burglars confined their efforts as fa as is known to Third avenue below K.'lHa road. Their pcrsl dent attempts to continue at their work, even nf t r Hie peopi-j had been put on their guard, have con-vinccd the storekeepers and other residents of the suliurb that the robbers are desperate characters and precautions have been made to frustrate further uttemrit. The iirst visit of the thieves was vit'c to the grocery which Is kept by Mr. Charles A. Miller, at 205 Druid avenue, adjoining Mr. Miller's home. They forced the icsvr window Wednesday night and took a grid watch valued at $.10 and a pair of gold ci.ff buttons which cost fS, and also secured about $5 in money from (be cash drawer, besides rifling a small toy nanit in which Mr. Millar's children had beii saving pennies to the amount of about ?1. After searching the store they ransacked the first floor of tlu? udjaccnt dwelling, bet got nothing of value. They, made a meal of tilings found in the family larder, and threw a half bitten piece of bread up the steps toward the second floor. Mr. Miller had in his back yard a big watchdog, in which he has reposed perfect confidence for the past four or live years. To get to the store window the burglars had to pass the dog-house, but the animal was not heard to bark. Since the robbery the animal has remained in the corner of a shed, and has not shown any desire to be fondled or noticed by the members of the family. Mrs. Miller says she thinks that either the men gave the dog some drug or it had previously become familiar with them and was not alarmed by their presence. In either case she doesn't want the pet any longer, and yesterday she sent word to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to take it to the pound and kill it. Dr. W. C. Field has a decidedly different feeling for his dog, a handsome mastiff, whch barked loudly Thursday night when the men tried to force the front door of his drug store, 208 Third avenue. Had it not been for the dog it seems certain that the housebreakers would have entered the door, which was secured only by. a slight lock and bolt. At Mr. Miller's store a heavy meat hatchet was stolen. This, it is thought, they used to pry open doors and windows. Heavy bolts and iron screen at the Northern Central Depot, foot of Union avenue, appear to have offered no serious impediment to the burglars. They had comfortably settled In the main office, had a lighted lantern and were about to go to work on the safe when the watchman employed by the United States Cotton Duck Corporation noticed the unusual activity there. On his approach the thieves lied, and he did not even get a close look at them. The audacity of the men is shown by their persistence. A few minutes after. Dr. Field's dog had driven them from Third avenue aroa d. the corner to Carroll street, the burglars made an attempt to get into the grocery on the opposite side of the street. They were then seen to cross and try to enter the dwelling at 20G Third ave nue. Another tried to force open the door of 210, which adjoined Dr. Field's store on the other side. By this time the resi dents of the neighborhood began to appear at windows, and the gang made off. In Honor Of Minn Eliza Lippett. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wight And Miss Margaret Wight gave a dance Thurs day evening at Kalorma, the home of their uncle, Mr. James Montell Wight, of Marble Hill, near Cockeysville,' in honor of Miss Eliza Lippett, of Clarke county, Virginia. The house was decorated with palms, ferns and flowers. Music was furnished by Miss Margaret Wight, pianist, and Mr. Alexander France, violinist. Refreshments were served. Among those present were : Mr.-and Mrs. William H. Wight, Frank Evans, C. Frank Farguharson, William D. Wight. Misses Eliza Lippett, Nina Wilson, Clarke county, Va. ; Claire Mister, Aneta Khnefer, Florence Wilcox, Selda Lord, Dorothy Horner, Fannye Bayly, Bessie Hutchins, Mary Bayly, S. Belle Cockey, Anna Merryman, Daisye Cockey. Messrs. George Mister, T. P. Williams France, A. Elzey Waters, H. W. Vickers, Jr., Page Boyce, Chestertown, Md. J George Wight, George Chipman, Alexander France, Guy B. Grort', Frederick Boyce, Edgar Hutchins, ' William Henning, John Little, Haj-wood Boyce, Harry S. Carroll, Frank Wight, William I). Groff, Graham Boyce, Thomas Atkinson, B. Dunlop Wight, Sunimerfield Baldwin, Jr, Misis Woods To Tell Of Mission Work Miss Katherine Pearson Woods, author of "Metzerott," the history of Capt. John Smith, etc., who has been spending the sum mer at Luthervllle, will tell of the mission work that is being conducted under the aus pices of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the mountain towns in Western North Carolina at a meeting of the Woman's Aux iliary of St. John's Episcopal Church, Mount Washington, at the residence of Mrs, John M. Carter Thursday afternoon, August IS. Miss Woods spent last winter at Mor-ganton, N. C, where she had charge of one of the parish schools and of the mothers' clubs organized in connection with the school work. She plans to return to North Carolina the latter part of this month and to take charge of mission work that is be ing organized. at Marion, N. C. Give Bovtlingr Party. The fifth of a series of bowling parties was given last evening at the alleys of the Catonsville Country Club by Mr. William J. II. Watters, Jr. Those invited were : Misses Katherine Knapp, Ellen Boone, Swindell, Boone. Messrs. Sidney Watters, Dr. Jesse C. Coggins, A. R. H. Uanson, Jr., Wilson Wliite, B. Albert Whiteley, George It. Gaitlier, Jr., Granger Gaither, Samuel Theobald, Jr., Kowland C. West, Charles Baker of K., WiUiam Knapp, Alfred Knapp, Stewart Graham, Ralph James, George W. Knapp, - George Baker, Charles Lowndes, Car Strike Market Wagron. John S. Royston. a farmer and hueksster at Philopolis, Eighth district, was driving along York road, near Burke avenue, low- son, at 0 o'clock yesterday morning, on the way from market, and attempted to turn out of the pike Into Burke avenue just as a York road car came down the hill. Seeing that a collision was imminent, he whipped up his horse, but could not prevent a smash. The wagon was struck and over turned. Mr. Royston was thrown to the ground, and cut about the head and left arm. The wagon was badly damaged, but the horse was not much hurt. Mr. Royston was obliged to leave his wagon by the wayside. Alias Mary Wheeler Buried. The remains of Miss Mary Wheeler, daughter of Reverend and Mrs. J. R. Wheeler, of Reisterstown, who died of consumption late Weduesday evening, were laid to rest in Gienwood cemetery, uasn- Ington, yesterday. Services were held at the deceased a home, in ueisterstown, at 10 A. M. Rev. J. K. Amos, of Relsterstown Methodist Episcopal Church, was the otll-ciatlng minister. William Berrymau was funeral director. Go Flshlinc At Pntapsoo' Xe.?k. ..... ..... r... iini-ttiillil ftitt IPrtlfl. pilil.V vil l'v """" - -1 - " own went fishing to Patapsco falls ters Thu rsdny. Among those who went were: Mixw VI II 'iihila Brook. Knthct liio Ylngllns. Edna Harden. Klmer Johnson, Wtllinni Brook. Henry YliiKMng, 1-Vltoii WVlk-r. niielt Y1iiUii, Ml-IMI Jl brrt Aniirll, HcnrHilnle, in, j. JcsMp Ytnwllnu. Cluii'Ut'O ltiiHi-inan, IS Potaloc Weluit J 1 Pounds. Mr.'JMiwe Bauer, gui'deiier and florist on tt country place of Mr. It. -D. Hopkins, Mx liUeld tiveuuc, near the Frederick road, the wewtern ntilurlH, brought to the of- c KttM lust ntirht 12 large uota twii, WhlcU vvebiUvd ii iouud. Tuo no- tatoes, Mr. Bauer said, were dug at random from an acre plot and are representative o the entire crop. They ore fine specimens of the early Ohio variety of tuber, of a fine pinkish cast, with deep eyes and unusually regular or form. K nun demerit Announced. The engagement has been announced of Miss Emma Bass, eldest daughter cf Mr, and Mrs. James Bass, of Beaumont avenue, Catonsville, to Mr. Raymond Miller, eldest son of Rev. I). G. Miller, formerly pastor of the Catonsville Methodist Episcopal Church but now in charge of the Methodls't Episco pal Church at Westminster, Md. The wed ding will take place at an early date. Suen Ilnnltand I'or Divorce. Mary Clara Markel, by William H. Law rence, her attorney, yesterday sued her bus band, John Markel, Jr., at Towson, for on absolute divorce, for ollmony pending II tl gallon and counsel fees, asking also the care of her Infant daughter. The bill charges Hie defendant with drunkenness, cruel con uuct and with unfaithfulness. Pleasure Circle Incorporated. A ceitilicute of the Incorporation-of the Imperial Pleasure Circle win left for rerun yesterday at Towson. The Incorporators mm oineers are: X'residenr, Ueorge P. K.-mitinon; vice-president, George Sehoen-hnls; recording secretary, John F. Hemleyj corresponding secretary. Oliver II. Preston; nnancial secretary, August II. Hemley. Lodjfe Meeting Adjourned For Fire, The rear of the house of Mr i: liott, of Hereford, took fire Tliiii-sd.i v nirrht from some unknown cause. Neighbors put out the blaze before much damage had been done. There was a lixli'p in kpmkioii iw and the members responded to the alarm of nre anu lormeu a bucket brigade. Will Be Wed At St. Joseph's. The marriage of Miss Gertrude Seally, uaugnter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Scally, near Cockeysville, to Mr. Michael Noppen-berger, of Baltimore, son of the late Joseph Noppcnherger, of Chestnut Ridge, is announced to take place August 24 at Go'clock P. M. in at. Joseph's Catholic Church, at ie.a.s, jNoi-UK-in Central railway. Ratlin Hold For Mnrder. George W.-Ratliff, colored, charged with the murder of John M. Brldgeford, colored, on August 10 near Sparrows Point, was arraigned, before JusWce Herbert yesterday at towson and committed for court. Bridge ford was shot and died at the Maryland oenerai Hospital the same day. Suburban Personals. ' Mrs. L. W. Baker and family, of Grange, are visiting Mrs. Baker's parents, Mr. aud Mrs. B. F. Hershner. at Gorsuchville. Mr. Clayton Baker, of Baltimore, is at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Baker, of Gorsuchville. Mrs. Anna Thompson and daughter Beu lah, of Baltimore, who have been visiting Mrs. Thompson's niece, Mrs. S. W. Black, ol hlte Hall, have returned home. Miss Bessie Bankard and Miss Maude Stemmel, of New Windsor, are visiting Miss Edith Ayres, of White Hail. Miss Lula Norris and Miss Elizabeth Bosley. of White Hall, are visiting Miss Same B. Ensor, of Sparks. Mr.. Joseph Roberts and his granddaugh ter, Miss Maggie McClintock, of Wilming ton, Del., are visiting Mr. R. G. McCol- lough, of Shane. Mr. Charles II. Wise, a member of the Board of Supervisors of Elect ions; Mr. Rich ard II. Wiley, Mr. Asbury Slade and Mr. Charles L. Wiley, all of White Hall, will leave this morning for a two weeks' trip to St. Louis.- Mr. and Mrs. Henry McKee, of Towson, have gone to Winchester Inn, Winchester, Va., for an indefinite stay. Mr. Martin J. O'llnra, chief clerk and cashier in the office of County Clerk Cole, who has been spending a week at the Ho tel Brighton, Atlantic City, has returned to Towson. Dr. John E. Bolte, who is suffering from paralysis affecting his. right side, is in a slightly improved condition. Since being removed to his home he Is attended by Drs. Norris, Shipley and Ward, who think he will recover. Mrs. Robert W. Griffin, of Taradlse Lane, Catonsville, has as guest her mother, Mrs, Anna C. Simonds, of Washington. Miss (Lillian Correll. Mrs. Correll, Mrs Tunis and Mr. El K. Edward have returned to Baltimore after a short stay with Mrs. H. M. Davis, at Catonsville. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Van Gundy, of Bal timore, are spending the summer in Catons ville. Mrs.Davld M. Stultz, of Ingleside ave nue, Catonsville, Is spending a fortnight in Frederick, Md., with relatives. Mr. Robert Griffin, Jr., of Catonsville, who has been spending his vacation at Dame's Quarter, Md., has returned home, Mr. Alvin Bass and Miss Llllle Bass, of Catonsville. have returned from a trip to Niagara Falls. A license was issued at Towson yester day for the marriage of Howard Edgar Sanner, 22 years old, and Miss Cora W 11 son Sanner, 23 years old, of 918 Apple-ton street, Baltimore. Harry W. Sanner obtained 'the license. Miss Thillipa Star, of Roland Tark, Is a guest of the Misses Gray, of Glen tails, for a few days. MIs3 Merrill Caples and Miss Green, of Sandyville, are at the St.' Louis Expo sition. Mrs. William Duvese, of Pleasant Hill, has returned from a visit to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Howard, at Western Run. Miss Lida Howard accompanied her. Miss Daisy Aiken, of Baltimore,' is a guest of Miss Agnes Frazier, near Finks burg, for several weeks. Miss Myrtie Carter, of Libertytown, Frederick county, is visiting Mrs. Payne at the home of Mrs. John McEwen, Pleasant Hill. Mr. Albert Knatz, of Baltimore, Is visit ing Mr. E. S. Knatz, of Pleasant Hill, for several days. v Mrs. E. A. Groff, of Baltimore, Is at Eu reka Terrace, the home of Mr. G. T. Legg, for several weeks. Mrs. E. A. Warner and two children are paying a lengthy visit to Mrs. Warner's 6lsters, the Misses Gray, of Glen Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Keller and daughter Katherine, of Orangevllle; Mr. John Grif fith, of Severn ; Mr. Emory Keller and fam-iry, of Owings Mills, and Miss Mary Keller, of Baltimore, are guests of Mrs. Joseph Ritter, at Relsterstown, this week. John 11. Grill, of Towson. is at ths Stockton Hotel, Cape May, N. J., for n week. Mr. Herbert Angel!, of Scarsdaie. N. Y.. is visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Ylngling, of Relsterstown. Md. Miss Cecelia Anderson, of Gutman avenue, Baltimore, Is v'slting her sister, Mrs. Edward Galloway, of Texas. Misses Blanche and Edith Chipman, of Ashland, will leave tomorrow for two weeks' stay with their cousin, Mrs. Frank Prather. of New York. Mr. F. E. S. Wolf, of Cockeysville, has returned home from a visit of several days in New York. Mrs. Lilly Devreso and children, of Green Spring Valley, have returned home after visiting her mother, Mrs. Jarrett Howard, of Western Run. Mr. and Mrs.. Shelmer Talntor and three children, of Philadelphia, nre guests of Mr. Paluter's relatives at warren, tigum district. Mrs. Ella Tearco Hayes, wife or- Rev. Edward Haves, nastor of Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, is visiting her father, Mr. Jonn ii. rearce, at Monktou for a week. Mrs. Emanuel W. Herman anu cninireo, of Lutherville, have gone to visit relatives af Baden, Pa. Miss llolten Tracey, of Asiuanu, nns re turned home from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Lucy Johnson, of Ellteott City. Miss Rose Goldberg, of 109 North Bond street. Baltimore, U the guest of her nunt, Mrs. Mordecai Goldberg, at Cockeysville. Misses Marie R- Emiiy v. ana uosane Buck, daughters of Mr. William II. Buck, Jr., cashier of Cockeysville National Bank, leave today to VISIT tlieir oroiner, tnieii Buck, a cadet nt the Naval Academy ;n Annapolis. Mitt. Eliza Hick, mother of Mr. John W. Hicks, of Evna, Fifth district, continues very 111. , ' MUs Marve T. Rldgeiey, near barren, Is spending some time with her niece and sister, Mrs. S. Duncan Black, of North Baltimore. Mrs Ella M. Duncan, of Marble III'.I, Eighth district, Is visiting Miss Call! Owens at Glyndon. Suburban Miscellany. T Piters of administration were granted by the Orphans' Court of Baltimore Conn- ty yesterday to Maggie r;nsor on tue per-si nnl estate of Luke E. Eusor. A license was issued at Towson ror tne - jm lltlA... II 1ll,Y.rcl frtlnretl !t marriage oi viumu w. years old, of 28 Second street Canton, and Addle 10. Bailey, colored, 23 years old, of Colgate Powtofflce, Baltimore county. Tim trustees of Trenton ecuooi trlct 5, have appointed Mr. Harry 1 Bollnger, of Glyndon, principal. Mr. Jacob L. Fowble, of Cockeysville, ! , erecting a barn for Mr. William H. Wlgl to replace the one recently destroyed b fire. The structure will be 72 feet by 4 feet. The Northern Central Railway Compnn ha? placed an electric bell at Beaver Di crossing, near Cockei'sville, for wnrnln at night. The Cloverleaf Club, of Towson. bnd straw ride to Lake Montebello last night. Rev. Richard N. Edwards, pastor Darlington Methodist Episcopal Chnrci Harford county, preached last night i the tent meeting being held at Towsoi There was a children's meeting In the af ernoon conducted by Rev. John R. K wards, pastor of Towson Methodist Epl: copal Church, and Rev, J. L. Straughn. CAMP ATTENDANCE GROWS ISmory Grove Services Are Xovr 7 Full SttIiik. The ideal camp-meeting weather yestr day served to bring out an Increased n tendance at Emory Grove. At 1 1 o'clock Re .lames p. Wright, pastor of Union S.piar Methodist Episcopal Church, preached "Confidence In God." In the nfternooP Biig.-Gen. Alexander Lninb. of the Salv.'' Hon Army, gave a Bible reading. Meeting of the children and young people were hel at the usual hours. Rev. J. H. Itrungl ' continued the Blhle readings on "Sin" nj the young people's meetlnc. the specl.i topic of this reading being "Ignorance." In the evening Brigadier-General Lam preached the second of his evangelistic ff moils on "Salvation, the World's I lope. I Rev. E. U. Lawer was organist for the da! and Rev. L. E. Dutton led the singing. Ml-Fannie B. Peorce song n solo at the chl dren's meeting. This morning Rev. John Edwards, Baltimore Circuit, will preach lit 1 1 o'cloelf In the afternoon Brigadier-General Lam will give a Bible reading, nnd In Hie evei ing he will preach. Rev. II, F. Roll, paste of First Church, will preach toinorro morning and Brigadier-General Lamb wll conduct revival services In the nftenux and night. , The n n mini meeting of the Ladles AunI llary of the Emory Grove Association Wii held In the tabernacle yesterday afternoon with Mrs. S. M. Alford In the chair. Tli I'Pllnrf rtf lift ,rnn en iai Afro T 1 1 n I showed that the society had contribute! generously to camp expenses, and there 14 a nanusoine naianee in tne treasury- lies lutlons of regret over the loss of Mrs. Wll Ham Mct'ubbin and Mrs. David Abereroin ble were passed. The following officers wer elected for the coining year: President Mrs. Henry Ilupfuld; vice-president, Mr W. T. Conn ; secretary, Mrs. O. R. Taylor treasurer, Mrs. i . jenness; correspond Ing secretary. Miss Mary Bryerly; exeeutlv committee, Mrs. W. A. Buckingham (cbali man), Mrs. Paul Stewart, Mrs. Charh Foard, Mrs. J. J. Watson and Mrs. Doi ahue. UlESTS AT OCEAX CITV. One of the features at the Allan) Hotel, Ocean City, Md., this week has beef the musical programs given by the orchestra of which Mr. John F. Wurzbnclier, o Baltimore, Is director. Separate program for dancing and for the cafe were at ranged. The hotel Is well filled with guests tun among the arrivals during the week wer the following: From Baltimore Col. W. Frank Tucker and wlM Afi A tl il.tun. ,:r. ,i.. !..... -nr. a ..... . . v.. ainiiiiiii vti.v; Mini itmiftiiici, i.j i , a. Binswanger, Mr, Joseph Paul and daughter, Mr. A. Knper. William F. Murbtick. William II. Uidn John L. Norwood, Charles W. Jansmi, J. I. Wis. Fred Strodtmnp, Charles E. Meade, Frank J. IlnM win, H. C. Shun'aer, J. M. Dennis. F. Dent, .1 O. Wright, K. K. Morris, Frank M. Gosman, Mr Nizer, Mrs. Collison, Mr. W. P. Newman, Mi Charles II. Snow, Jr., Mrs. Spencer Lane, Mis Ai,. nes Mcabb, Mr. E. Griswold Tbelin, Mrs. A. 11 L'mbach, Miss Catharine I'mbach, Mrs. France Wagner, Miss Vera W. Wagner, William J. Ksii mey, Mr. and Mrs. 3. Mowell Hawkins and tu children, Mrs. W. B. Smith, Mrs. M. A. Pease an Miss Alice Dolliver. Mr. and Mrs. 13. C. Livingston, Master Norri Livingston, Mrs. II. M. Crosby, Miss Lizzie Crosbv Mrs. William G. Hudgins, Miss May L. Budging Mr. W. M. Hediau, Mr. T. Wallis Blakistone. Mill. D. Bush. Mrs. 13. II. King, Mr. George I Payne, Mr. J. C. KroegerolT, Mr. Douglas Thoma and Mr. C. I. Reynolds. Miss B, Wentworth, of New York. Mr. N. G. Harden, of Canton, Ohio. Mr. 13. M. Benhan, of Cincinnati. Arthur K. Austin, Miss Caroline Mace, Miss Viri ginia Tubman, of Cambridge, Md. Mr. Milton L. Veasey, of Pocomoke, Md. Mr. John W. Friend, Jr., of Petersburg, Va. Mr,. Nat F. Crow and Miss Irene Lockwood, o: Philadelphia. ' Mr. J. W. Pashiell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Leviness, Mr. E. D. Adkins, Mr. L. O. Hooper Mr. Veasey, Hon. W. H. Jnckson, Miss Kadi Veasey, Miss Lily E. Hoen. Mrs. Charles A. Hill Miss Duane 8. Hill, Miss Mary E. Hill, Miss Mar caret W'cstcott, Mr. Charles W. Hill, Mr. Themn C. Hill, Mr. Luther W. Hill and Mr. and Mrs. 1 Uman, all of Salisbury. Md. Mr. and Mrs. E. Jamea Tull, of Pocomoke City Maryland. ' Mr. H. F. Covington, of Princeton, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lankford, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Demuth, Mr. Edgnr Demulh, Mr. Percy Dcmutl Mr. E. B. Showell Myers, 5Ir. and Mrs. William F. Harris and Mr. Frank H. Huth, of Philadelphia. Mr. C. W. Bider. Mr. C. A. McAllister. Mr. G A. Kock, Mr. J. B. Bane, Mr. H. H. Kerr. Mr Charles F. Crane, Mr. G. N. Webber, Mr. A. Camp bell. Mr. Clnrk Wairnaman. Mr. II. 13. Wiiggnman Mr. It. J. Taylor, Mr. H. B. Fongeray, Mr. F. bi Miller, Mr. James F. Mackin, Mr. and Mrs. Paviifi Mooro. three children and maid, Mrs. Lawreneil Gardner, Mrs. W. K. Handy, Dr. William L. Uobl ins, Mr. H. C. Evans, Mrs. W. T. Bockolew, o; Washington. Mr. Charles Webb, of Monterey Inn, Ta. Mr. William Ford, of Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gibbs, of New York. 5, Would Have Lunacy Laws Amende! At a meeting held last night at the resit? dence of Mrs. llulme, 2201 St. Paul strccl Miss Margaret Starr, author of "Sano or'i Insane." made an address in which si c as- serted that there Is need of radical change in the lunacy laws of the State. Sh ndv rated Biich modifications of the existing laws that the rights of those who are com- mitted to institutions win oe moie minuyi safeguarded than she declared Is the cis.?. at present. She also presented a petitlo!i. Ti-bich she asked those present to sign, nndj which is to be sent to the State Legislatures requesting that body to make the suzges'.ea amendments to the present laws. Irony. RvilHt She rules her husband with a rod of iron. K,nI miesa that accounts for niv seeing bow chase him with a pokor tula morning. Clilongci ournal. I " 1 SOME DAILY HINTS TO Ol'R HOL'SEKEEPISItS. For Svsvay, Apoust 14. Cheerfulness is like money well expended In charity the more we dispense cf It tha greater our possessions. BREAKFAST. Melons. Cereal and Cream. Poached Eggs on Toast. Blueberry Muillns. Coffca. DINNER, Consomme. Fricasseed Chicken, with Toast Points. Mashed Potatoes. Cauliflower, Hollandalse Sauce. Dressed Lettuce. Blackberry Dumplings. Blackberry Sauce, Coffee. SUPPER. Cold Veal. Stuffed Tomatoes, with Cucumbers. Mayonnaise. French Bread. Sliced Peachea. Cup Cakes. Tea. BLACKBERRY DUMPLINGS. Sift together one pint of flour, one-half teaspoonful of salt and one teaspoonful of baking powder; rub In one tablespoonful of butter nnd moisten with sweet milk. Knead lightly and roll out very thin. Cut with a large round cutter, put a few blaeklH'rrlca In the center of each round; fold over the dough, roling it carefully, so the oix'ning la not visible, put them in a butter pan,' brush the tops with milk and bake 15 minut e in a hot oven. Serve with blafklxrry sauce. Cream one-third of a cupful of butter, add gnulu-ally one cupful of jiowdered Bugnr, turn the etillly beaten white of one egg and finally two-thirds of a cupful of mashed blackberries. Copyrighted. Fels-Naptha Soap and naptha combined ti save half the wash-day labor; hal the wear on clothes. - Ftla-Napth rhlladelphi

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