Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on August 6, 1951 · 32
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 32

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1951
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Trt 2 Page 4 F CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, Monday, Atifvat t, 1SS1 l,lnl1 JiiiliiHlllii.iiili Ml 111 I li if f 1 'CAP7. HORATIO HORNBLOWEFl' THE CAST Cap!. Hornblower . . Gregory Peck Lady Barbara Virginia Mayo El Supremo . Alec Mango Lt. Bjsh . . . , . Robert Beatty Adm. Uignton Denis O'Dea (V4jl QGSV Rj i:d 'lunula 4 1 THE STORY The secret mission of Capt. Horatio Hornblower. a British naval officer, who sailed the i Pa-X '.m I0IV7 ...I C t I Spain. A Warned Broth 1 Hontblow,, .nd the crew jur r of H. M. S. Lydia are restless ' after seven months at sea. Food supplies are low. Finally the ship anchors off Nicaragua.. - ' - To the bewilderment of his officers, who know nothing of his mission, Hornblower goes ashore and meets a Spanish rebel who calls himself El Supremo, with whom Hornblower has been ordered to cooperate to help foment a rebellion in the Spanish army., Hornblower trades a cargo of guns for food and water. Tj VaJ If ta&ie', . " .. .s . - . i 3 El Supremo tells Hornblower of the presence of a Spanish wuMuua uic ui m mi capture ner and turn her over to the rebels. In a brilliant maneuver, Horn-blower's men board the Natividad, disarm its commander, and , turn the vessel over to El Supremo. ' A At sea, Hornblower encounters a Spanish lugger. He learns that England and Spain have become allies and that he now must recapture the Natividad from the Spaniard. Hornblower takes aboard the duke of Wellington's sister, Lady Barbara, who has been a captive of the Spanish. (Continued tomorrow.) TV Star Talks Out of Turn Lands Hollywood Contract Looking at Hollywood By Hcdda Hoppvr HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 5 Dean Miller, from Cincinnati, O., won the all-time daily double without ever placing a bet Here's the fantastic story. On a train en route to Los Angeles, he struck up a conversation with a man sitting beside him in the club car. "You from Chicago?" said Dean.. "No," said the gentleman, I live in Los Angeles. Where do you come from? " " I'm a TV star in Cincinnati," said Dean. " I'm going out to look over TV on the coast, Television's the greatest thing in entertainment It's killed pictures, you know. Movies are dead as a dodo bird." " O? " said the gentleman. "Don't you ever see movies? " "I saw a few good ones this year' King Solomon's Mines,' Caruso,' ' Showboat But pictures are dead. Only thing is television." . . . "That's interest-ins," said the man, " but don't let my companion hear you say that He's in the picture business." "O?" said Dean. "What does he do? " "Why don't you ask him? " The fresh kid did. The man replied, "I'm Louis K. Sidney, and you've been talking to Dore' Schary, head of M-G-M. You might be interested to know that the three pictures you saw were made at our studio." ?So what?" said Dean. "So," said Mr. Schary, "Why not come to the studio tomorrow and make a test? " Dean leaped out of his seat like he'd been shot from a gun, and said, " You really mean it? What time? " . . . He made the test They signed him. Now he's back in Cincinnati canceling his show and telling everybody how great movies are. JETAKE: Gary Cooper goes into St John's hospital tomorrow for a hernia operation. He was operated on once before, but before the Job healed, he climbed a mountain in " Fot Whom the Bell Tolls." Then the thing never did heal properly. . . . Diana Lynn played in " Voice of the Turtle ! at La Jolla, and liked the climate so much that she stayed on. You'll be surprised at the gentleman's game. ... David Selznick doesn't have to worry about his two sons. They'll get a million each when they reach the age of 21 from their horse racing Grandpappy, Louis B. Mayer. T3USINESS FIRST: Dick Krakeur, who produced "Affairs of State," is engaged to marry Lynn Starr. No date has been set, because he has three plays to do before he gets married: "The Philemon Complex," with Ann Sothern; a play with Nancy Kelly, and a musical version of " Casey Jones." Krakeur says June Havoc is terrific in "Affairs of State." . . Merle Oberon writes that she started her picture in Monte Carlo and that her leading man is sure to become a star; then she neglected to give his name. However, Merle can't" wait to get back to her Bel Air home which she refused to rent while she's gone. ... The Jules Steins, back from four months in Europe, said of the war situation over there: "We never heard war mentioned. Europe is too busy giving, going to, and thinking about parties. It's never been more gay." . . . Mar-jorie Main is making her own clothes, and hopes to rent them to her studio for pictures. COUXD OFF: Warners celebrates 25 years of screen sound by giving " Captain Horatio Hornblower " a Hollywood premiere. Doesn't seem like a quarter of a century since voice teachers converged on us from every part of the globe. . . . Billy Eckstein's recording of Hold Me Like You Used To," which Harry Warren wrote for " Skirts Ahoy," is a knockout sure as shootin'. . . . Not many directors openly praise the work of a newcomer, but Lloyd Bacon says this about Mitzl Gaynor: "There's the greatest talent this business has unearthed in 20 years." Lloyd just completed directing Mitzl in " Golden Girl." . . . The French people are furious at Wald and Krasna and their soon-to-be released "The Blue Veil" The French press points out that this is a remake of a popular French classic which came out five years ago titled "Le Bleu Etoile- They remind you that two years ago Wald sent an associate to France to buy the hemispheric rights. Europe has seen it and loved it, so Jerry Wald feels he has a sure thing. ... At the " Out ol This World Baseball Series " tonight, Eoy Rogers and Carolina Cotton won't do any running between bases; they'll let their horses do it for them. Roy will ride Trigger and Carolina's got a pony called Tony. That will give you a slight idea of how crazy the evening's bound to be. (Copyright: 1931: By The Chicago Tribune Dennis the Menace Laess from Paris Lectures Today TRANCE, ballerina dance!" is - fast becoming the theme song of new Paris styles. There's more than a hint of ballet in the crisp and billowing slips appearing everywhere under the 1952 skirts. And Perugia's latest shoe creation is straight from the foot of a dancer. A suede pump that has no heel whatever, it still manages to lift a girl five inches from the ground. Secret is a thick plastic wedge built under the ball of the foot that throws the weight for- Albcrt J. Kens Jr., " The Neighborhood In the City," contirming " llamas Behavie la the City." series presented by the University of Chicago socielecy depart meat, 4 . .. 1128 E. 59th St.. free. Lorain Stephens. " The World of Animals," 11 a. ss.; Harriet Smith, general toar. 2 P- as.. Natural History nmseaas. Grant Bark, each 30 cents. ward to put a girl on her toes. With their romantic rustling skirts, their many slips, and their dancing slippers, Parisiennes have no choice they'll have to waltz their way around town. Th is fluffy Angora & Pompadour will make beautiful stoles and knitted capes 100 IMPORTED FRENCH ANGORA. . ....... . 79c POMPADOUR YARN . . . . . .... ol 39ic a imm iros. LOOP: 410 5. Wells St. WIST: 57 10 W. Modlsaa St. SOUTHIAST: 21 HI. 7lrt NORTHWEST: 3433 L-wrenco Ave. , SOUTHWEST: i24 S. Asfclcmd A. OUTLET STORE: I2S9 S. Union Ave. Open Saaday StaHinn Son. fh 'Hey, dad. Look at thU guy with pictures all over him. CARROLL RIGHTER'S MONDAY, AUG. 6 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A Mon day to be roost conscientious In the performance of all routines and duties. Not a favorable time for taking chances or plunging Into new ventures. Solid, secure methods pay oft splendidly. ABIES March 21 tn April 191 The week may begin slowly, but don't be-ccme impatient. Speed and impulse could prove costly. TAIKI'S I April 20 t May 20 pleasures that are your natural enjoyment can . bring much security for a long time tq come, thru Intelligent future arrangements. GEMINI May 21 to Jane 211 Don't let yourself relax Into a Monday funk. Replace any dreariness with ingenious solutions and new methods. CANCER Uoae 22 t Joly 21 You now have the chance to arrange things so that future routines work out with much more ease.' LEO Paly 22 to Air. 211 You may feel limited and tied. Actually you have an opportunity to be more methodical and to realign your methods In daily routines. VIRGO lAng. 23 t Sept. 221 Dispel any Monday gloom by a cheerful at titude and a remembrance of ' your many blessings. Be exact In your plans. LIBRA ISept. 23 tn Oct. 22 Keep your attitude light and zestful and you can work out from under any apparent limitations. SCORPIO IOct. 23 to Jfa. 211 An old friend points the way to success for you. showing Just what you must uo to forge ahead. Listen well. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 to Dee. 22 Some credit matter may continue to drag on. causing you to fuss and fume. Be patient and this works out properly. . CAPRICORN IDee. 2S to Jaa. 201 Until nightfall, comprehensive plans and projects are fine; meet everyone; plan definitely. AQ V AKICS Uaa. 21 to Feb. 191 Cooperate freely with others: their power Is greater than yours today. Evening excellent for quiet fun. PISCES I Feb. 19 to March 26J Face your responsibilities and duties to others--even opponents. Do your Job and all Is well. IF YOLK CHILD IS BORN TODAY Mroscope Today's child may find early i life rather difficult, since there Is a tendency to learn everything the hard way. Nevertheless, your understanding will help a great deal and once a lesson has been learned, lt will be remembered and used to later advantage. fCopyright: 1951: Enterprlsfn Features, Inc.J Rosenblum and Fain Win National Bridge Tourney in Capital Washington, Aug. 5 (IF Julius I Rosenblum, president of the American Contract Bridge league, won the Miles Master Pair cham pionship, today, in the closing hours of the nine day National Contract Bridge championships. Rosenblum is from New Orleans and his partner, Ben Fain, lives in San Antonio, Tex. Peter A. Leventritt and Richard Kahn, both of New York City, won the master - pairs championship with a score of 781 Y points, from a final field of 72 pairs. Another New York pair, Edgar Kaplan and Ned Drucker, finished second with 776 ' points. Mrs. Helen Doern and Sam De-lott, both of Chicago, had 772 points for third. Retarded Children's Aid Meets Wednesday Night The Retarded Children's aid will have a meeting at 8 p. m. Wednesday in the Tuley park fieldhouse, 90th st. and Eberhart av. Guest speaker will be Ray Graham, director of education of exceptional children for the Estate of Illinois. The aid is an organization of parents of mentally retarded children. Beets with Hamburgers Top hamburger pattigs with sliced pickled beets when you serve the meat in toasted buns. Free Reducing Offer! ARE YOU IN THIS PICTURE? '' i ' 1 i. . St Wanld yoa lit a.w gar with Mm f ('ay tfio new styles? Yon should investic-ata the STAUFFER SYSTEM of figure and weig-bt rontrol. (The method you've read about in Tempo, Vorne Harper's Bazaar. Sat. Eve. Post and Cosmopolitan. It la reallp different from any other method at reducing-. Learn without cost how you can banish u?ly fat from hips. lers. thirbs or wherever you desire. . . . No disrobing-, no drug's, electricity, rigid dieting- or pounding-. Gain a youthful posture . . renewed energy, relieve fatigue and tension . . and acquire the poise and sparkle that go with a lovely figure. . Ask Aboat Oar Aq "Special" r PHONE TOD AT FOK HUE TRIAL TREATMENT WeeJkfy faefger Wc LOOP 10 No. Wsbash t Washington Garland tldg. AN 3-7221 200 Salons Coast to Coast EVANSTON lilt Orringtoa Hihn Building; UN 4-33C7 -Opaa f A.M. f 9 LOOP 30 W. Waihingfoa CE 6.S7I. P.M. Finds 'Alice' Is More Disney Than Carroll "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" Frodaeed by Watt Disney, released by RKO Radie Pictwcs, from the nevel by Lewis Carroll, and presented at the Palace theater. THE CHARACTERS Voice bys Alice ........ ............Kathy Beaanent Mad Hatter Ed Wyaa March Hare Jerry Colons Cheshire Cat Sterling Holloway Caterpillar Richard Haydn Oaeen of Hearts Verna Felton Tweedledam .................... Tweedledec AS by The Walras .....Pat O'Mailey Carpenter ... The Oysters..................... White Rabbit..............Bfll Thompson The Dods...... Rill Thompson . By Mae Tinee Walt Disney's long awaited version of Lewis Carroll's beloved story starts out in promising fashion, with wide eyed Alice playing with her comical kitten, Dinah, on a drowsy summer afternoon. Then, as Alice might say, it becomes " curiouser and curiouser." While the Disney figures' do resemble - John Tenniel's famous sketches, they abound in energy but are utterly lacking in enchantment, and seem more closely related to Pluto, the clumsy pup, than the products of Carroll's imagination. Youngsters probably will find it a likable cartoon, full of lively characters, with Alice's dream bedecked with just a touch of nightmare those who cherish the old story as Thave probably will be distinctly disappointed. Granting that the charms of the story may be intangible and inimitable, and that each reader has his own conception of his pet characters, this version struck me as far more Disney than Carroll. Certainly there are demonstrations of suddenwhimsey and shrewd bits of wit, such as Richard Haydn's unctuous voice speaking for the pipe puffing, conde-cending caterpillar, whose smoke rings spell out his hollow sounding words. The garden of live flowers from Through the Looking Glass has some charm, altho even the little pansies have sour looking faces. The Tea Party has some funny bits, including the Mad Hatter's watch repairing and some implish illustrations, such as the business about half a cup of tea, but not even a dormouse could sleep thru that, and by the time the Red Queen appears, things have become raucous indeed, thereby probably bearing out the contention some people always have held that the classic was a guarded political commentary and actually not intended for children. She's an enormous horror, far uglier in animation than in the delicate sketches of TennieL While it seems to be difficult to 7 k Never fill a pressure cooker more than two-thirds full. put it into words, I think those with a taste for Disney cartoons and who expect nothing else will be pleasantly entertained, but if you've read and re:read the book, you're apt to be as offended, and maybe as unreasonably, so, as the characters Alice encountered after she followed the tardy White Rabbit and went down, down, down. Rep. Van Der Vries Heads Funds Drive in Suburban Area Rep. Bernice T. Van DerVries R., Wihnetka recently was named suburban division chairman of the advance gifts section of the 1951 Combined Appeal of the Community Fund and the USO. Announcement was made by Mrs. Byron Harvey Jr., general chairman of the1 women's division. The over-all campaign goal this year has been set at $9,850,000. The quota for the women's division will be announced in September. The women's division consists of five regions including near north, far north, Hyde Park, South a. nisi'ii.a...: It's Sparkling! m.i fi rn i7?rr rn IT'S SO EASY TO GU WIRE: TRAIN: I. C. Electric Specials From 11:55-1:10: at 1:40 and 2:3StWeekday$. From I1:40-t10: at 1:40 ami 235. J Saturdays-Holidays. AUTOt Illinois Highway No. 1 to 175th and Halsted. . I BUS j Express to track from convenient points . . . Con ha 7-3iei. 1 INCLUDES tU 1st RACE Weekdays 2 P.M., Saturdays and Holidays 1:30 P.M. Heq Kids' TodaM is A Mlf LI fASKIHG sna m 911 ah 1 tl 00U9--l Aiandel Brothers a smart new storc...a fine old name - special! Dcrmetics fluid color mahe-up "Artist Portrait" , Shop Monday 0:15 a. m. to Q p. m. 1 Regularly 10 New complexion beauty -for you with this exciting, liquid foundation. Three radiant complexion colors: No. 2 . . . clear, brunette tones. No. 3 . . . match your tan. No. 4 . . . add a glow. Choose yours ! Plus 20 Federal Excise Tax Mail and Phones-Call STate 2-1500 C.OJ). Orders accepted for 1.95 or more MANDEL'S TOILETRIES, AIR-COOLED FIRST, "STATE V1 MAkEMJP . ! IcnrV -r, i.. 1 w ntfSC J IMC ( PAPERNOOPy Shore and Beverly-Morgan Park. Workers will call on 4,500 prospects who previously have given to the Community Fund. General solicitation on behalf of the .189 health and welfare agencies of the Community Fund will begin Oct 17. 39 S. State St. STate 2-2 160 SEHldDIP- iNc With Nancy ineplatlag Jit perts! ' X4 perts! Won dering hat to do with Silverware that broken or worn? Old pieces you can't hm but don't want to discard? I re com.' mend yon let McVITTIE repair them! They REPLACE & REPAIR modern & antique finishes, including Silver, Brass, Copper & Chromeware. Also clean, bnS or lacquer at modest cost. rick-np cc delivery service. Phone today. Mail Orders Invited. McVITTIE, CAlumet 5-6818, 1600 S. State Su Mere's the Eleetrologlst I lleronmend! Sue IX. lgveld in the Pittsfield BIdg. Yon can be confident that her scientific new method of Short-Wave Diathermy is completely safe and iwe. Over 20 vears in the same location another assurance for yon that she definitely has the right know-how for removing Hair. Warts, Moles, Blemishes, Birth, marks and Fungus Growths from any part of the body permanently! Stop by or Write for FREE Booklet. Rm, 307, 55 E. Washington. DE 2-7288. IIOMEMAKERS ATTEXTIOXi RESCUE YOUR IIO.ME FROM THE SUMMER DOLDRUMS! It's ike EaMg Way to Add Ceol, Sparkling Bemmig tm I'oar Done Try patting away those dust, catching knick-knacks. THEN add glass or mirror tops to yonr tablet and dressers. Amazing what the clear, frosty beauty of glass and mirror does to perk up your rooms . . a terrifio "glamour'' touch! It's so simple and easy to do. Inexpensive too, when you know about this firm that specializes in this service. Prices are from $3 up and a representative will come to your home to measure ahd give yon a FREE estimate. It's the NORMA I GLASS CO, 7530-32 So. Halsted St. HUdson 3-4000. fee GIUFF WILUAMS'ercliesrro a perftcf plasm for a party I EXTRA "FUN SESSION I SPECIAL CHILDREN'S MENUS I first show 4 p. m - 1 CALL Phil" lhtA I W Abash 2-4400 fJY'T BouIevard m Room M V STEVENS noaos YOU, too. can reduce and beautify your positive ' method of weight normaliung. ' Approved bf physician Eveaiag co arses for Career Womea POSTL'Sr COS S. M left l,as A vs. WA 2-3042 4 YOU BR0U6HT RE ATV I s. THE PAPER WEU, - RATS ISN'T THAT A (1D0ALL ) NICE P066'S V C J)? W0R, , .niSxj "j"a'."iia'iA'st yk "Sd -it , . w - sv. - 4 . -a4 Jf '. A. " " X" ;"V A ;

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