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Sawyer Sparks from Sawyer, Kansas • 4

Sawyer Sparksi
Sawyer, Kansas
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SAWYER SPARKS. Restore Vitality Lost Vigor and NERVITA PILLS E. H. Wynkoop, Auctioneer. Will cry sales in Pratt or counties.

Sawyer, Kansas. Published every TllUWday, Jonh Hiskoll, of Laroede, has been visiting old frionds in this end of the county for the last two weeks. Eekloston andHueyare putting down a well for Uncle Dob ltat-clilV just across the street from the ever a success, no mind was ever great, no heart was over true. Word has been recoived that Henry Hartley is married, we doubt the statement but stand ready to'congratulate him. Honry i is a son, of H.

P. Hartlov, Elm towmhip, and was ri is up aim ng us, lie has many friends hero, anu ho will start out in married life MA (J KICK Mi'UONAU), Ku'TOU. LONG-HITE Crystal Steam Laundry, WICHITA, jt Jt jH KANSAS. EFFICIENT WORK AND PROMPTNESS OF SERVICE Sa i sf act i rn toed W. E.

Dlnklns, Agent, Qjftoe in Reed's I tore. Bosket goes Jtho first and third Tuesday of each month. Core Impoteney, Night Emissions, Loss of Memory, all wasting dls-ejBh eases, ail effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion. mSP A nerve tonic and blood builder. Brings the pink MPhPA glow to pale cheeks and restores the fire of youth, By i mail joe.

per box, 6 boxes for $2.50, with our bank iJfew' able guarantee to cure or refund the money paid. SftsSnk Send for circular and copy of our bankaUlo guarantee bond. livcrv barn. PILLS CT8. SUBSCRIPTION, $1.00 Per Year.

Now that the lirst rairi of the MISS FLORA FINGER, Instructor on Piano and Organ. Terms reasonable. season has conic and according to the old saying wc are to have a good crop year. NERVITA TABLETS EXTRA STRENGTH Immediate Results (TBLLOW LABED Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Power, Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Hurley McGltil'n is helping Tom Entered at the. postotfieo tit Sawyer, second-class mail, March, t), 1001.

Knight in the shop, the rush of soring work is too mush for lorn to handle bv himself. UIKaDS, XalCSlS, X-utiUlHUlMl aiuaiui n.i.uiu iuauu.liu, Paralysis and the Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or Liquor. By mall in plain package, $1.00 a box, 6 for $3.00 with our bankable guarantee bond to cure In 30 day or refund money paid. Address NERVITA MEDICAL COMPANY Clinton and Jackson Streets CHIOACO, ILLINOIS Bom oy, ir, Li. i'.

ilucklin, the druggist, Snwjer, SATURDAY. APR, 1 Ooorge Sellers is treating his house to a coat of paint. George C.F. BUCKLIN, M. D.

Resident Physician and Surgeon Day and Night Calls Answered Promptly. omen iiorns, WHHN AT I.KIMI'UK. ays that he has found out that talk is cheap but that it takes V-WW 1 us w' -iS Mi W'W'J' 4M'' Vi'V. money tc but paint. One hundred jfOOd envelope with your name mid address printed for 40 cents.

Your laundry will go to the Wirhith Crystal the first and third Tuesday of each month Dinkins. Tlie Mail and Breeze, of Topeka the host weekly paper in the west and the Spakkh for $1.50 a year. The Mail and Jlrow has cut a swath i hriiugh the of Journalism distinctly its own no other paper like it. It. is devoted to Kansas and presents the state in all its types and shadow.


SAWYER KANSAS much about it but when you mention horse trade to him he is as keen as a broken down trotter. There are always some people i Of coming to Sawyer and calling on S. E. Mack, your who think that if they are not at the head of everything in the II welcome will be a royal one, and no ohm will be better pleased Farmers Attention! All parties interested in raising Tine Horses and Mules will'do well accompained by more good wishes than tho averago young man. ADDlTOOTrtDCAL.

Try a ton of our f-1 coal Finger fe Sons. Those famous littlo pills, Do-Witt's Little Early Risers will re-movo all impurities from your system, cleanse your bowels, make regular, Bucklin For first class laundry work try the Wichita Crystal Skin troubles, cuts, burns, scalds and chafing quickly heal by the use of De-Witt's Witch Hazel Salve It is imitated Be sure you get DeWitt's, Bucklin See the celebrated Rock Island listers and cultivators at Fingers. You cannot enjoy perfect health rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes if your liver is sluggish and your bowels clogged DeWitt's Little Early Risers cleanse the whole sys-stemThey never gripe, FBucklin Send your laundry to tho Crystal Laundry, Elmer Dinkins, agent. Get your Alfalfa, Bermuda, Cow Peas and Blue gnus Seed from Fingers, Spring coughs are specially dangerous and unless caret! at once, serious results often follow1 One Minute Cough Cure acts like magic It is not a common mixture but is a high grade Mrs. S.

S. Comer has put in a fine line of cigars at the Nota Bone Try thorn. See the line of ready trimmed hats, ladies trimmed street hats at Reed's. country that it is going to the devil. Watch thos follows for thev are the ones that raise mort to show you good at prices that will please than wd will.

We are crowded for room and in order to clean up for a Sl'RINO than any one else. STOCK will sell all winter stock at a discount. You can see Uncle Jake Blaek- REWARD I I SOME PRICES to call and inspect our stock We have a Fine Jack and a Trotting Stallion, also one 1800 Draft Stallion. Terms to suit the times. Wo solicit your patronage.

weilder has an eye to business by the way he talks up tho implement trade. Uncle Jake believes in every man tooting his -own horn. Undo Jake is good for various We pay the above reward for any case of Liver Complaint, things. a man don't want to Wool Kersey Pant $1.50, abetter one $3.00. talk cultivators, listers, or hin Can be found at onr farm miles northwest of Sawvcr.

der he will then spin you a yarn Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with Liverita, The Up-to-Date Little Liver Pill They are purely Vegetable and never fail give satisfaction. 25c boxes contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c boxes contain 1 5 Pills. Beware of substitutions and imitations. 1 All Duck litifikl coats at cost. A full line of gents under- wear and overalls at a very low price.

that will put a grin on his face so that he will go away feeling bet-than he ever felt before. W. A. and J. W.

Thornton. Yes some people predicted that A ni towel at 5 cents. Cotton Blankets at 75c. LANDS Sent by mail. Stamps taken.

Nervita Medical Corner Clinton and Jackson Chicago, Illinois. Sold by Bold by, Dr. V. P. Jiueidin, the Uniggisti, sawyer, Kansas.

the Spakkh could not last more than three months, but they are disappointed. The Sparks in getting better all the time; and now In Pratt and Barber III A full line of Cloves and Mitts, cheap on the Bargain Counter. I carry a osCounties Kansas. those verry poople are ashame to acknowledge defeat, but try and borrow from the man who has Ranches and Improved Farms ii stood by it in the start. Self For Sale by W.

P. Finger. Complete Stock of "We List a few as Fallows: richenous is w.iat hurts them, besides they say the editor in an Ungodly man. Would'nt that jar yon. No.

1 Farm of 100 acres 1 miles; of Sawyer, improved, 40 Fon Salk One-half section of improved land three miles north of Sawyer. For furter particulars inquire of J. C. Carlisle, Suwyer, Kansas. "I had piles so bad I could get no nor find a cure until I tried DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve After using it once, I forgot I ever had anything like piles" Boise, Somera Point, Look out for imitations Be sure you ask for DeWitt's, Bucklin See the new Dempster Yanless windmill, for sale by Parkes, the well man.

"Last winter I was confined to my bed with a very bad cold on the lungs Nothing gave me relief Finally my wife bought a bottle of One Minute Couirh Cure that Dry Goods, Goceries, Boots and Sho acres in wheat, 90 acres in grass Pratt Clatter. D. W. Blaine went to Wichita 70 acres in cultivation, a bargain. Price $2,200, Tesday mornii g.

I will pay the highest market price for T5 1 No. 2 100 acres 2 miles of Saw roauce The new Easter hats were quite 1 1 yer, fenced, no wheat, with spring crop. Price $1,200 noticeable Sunday. R. D.

Blaine made a buinsess No. 8 1(50 acres 2 miles of Saw trip to Kingman Tuesday. yer, nno land all spring crop. Rube Crick is happy since he Come and see me and make my place yottr headqiulrtera. iSt has been released from quarantine Price $1,400.

No. 4 miles from Sawyer, 70 acres in wheat, improvements The grand glorious Order of effected a speedy cure I cannot speak too highly of that excellent reniedv" Houseman, Man-atawnoy, Fa, Bucklin Finger represents the Farmers Alliance Insuraeneo Buffaloes has been chartered here. all new Price 11 ,800. I Rember, S. E.

MACK always at home. The Free Methodists held their quarterly meeting in the Christian See What I Have to Say of Mcpherson. church. N. 5 1(50 acres i mile from Sawyer about 00 acres in cultivation, some wheat and oats, place rents for of crop.

Price $1,150. No. 0 1(50 acres i mile of Sawyer, 10 acres in wheat and a bar You will waste time if you try There was a mass tomperohce to cure indigestion or dyspepsia meeting at the Urespytenan church Tuesday evening. starving yourself that only makes it worse when you do eat Homer Shrack has commenced gain about 80 in cultivation. leartilv You always need plenty of good food properly digested Price $1,400.

at Dave Blaine's and will remain until he takes his office in May. kodol Dyspepsia Curs is the result of years of scientific research for No. 7 040 acre ranch, all grass 100 acres good for cultivation, part something that would digest not i i i 1 ly inch well, 12 foot mill nly some elements ot ioou nui every kind And it is the one re 100 barrel tank, 1 mile from Saw Next Week yer. INTRODUCTION Ve take pride and pleasure in presenting to our and patrons the most extensive line of harvesting maohiheiy and farm implements manufactured hy any one house hi the world. It also gives us great atiiaction fo flrinq.nnee luu weived the Grand Prize at tho Paris Exposition for the escel-lenco of our machinery; this was the highest award obtainn The rapid-increasing demand for Osborne mac liinory, neci i I the recent enlargment of every department of "our factories, gives us the greatest encouragement regarding u)(, fltj.ure popu-larityof our goods.

Our reputation in the p.ast shall be our gurantee for tho future maintenabce of oac'- of our njachinea fti a standard of merit. In foli yo image for the coining season we are absolutely certr ility to satisfy the most exacting customer. Osborne Manufacturing Company. F. Keyes, Agent.

No. 8 800 acres, one of the best ranches in Barber coilnty, water runs full length of land, lino land About sixty of the men working on the Rock Island extension came in Monday night having struck for higher wages. Elm Creek Ripplings. A good attendence at Sunday school. Parris Hittle is setting out a ten aero orchard.

Sylvester Gribsy, one of our brilliant society swells attended church at Lake City Sunday. Miss Olga Davi, who has been to farm, 8 miles from Sawyer. For full particulars address. W. P.

FINGER, C. FARKES. medy that will do it, 1 1-sucklin Finger does all kinds of notary work, a full line, of legal blanks always on hand. "I have been troubled with indigestion for ten years, have tried many things and spent much raoii ey to no purpose until 1 tried Kod ol Dyspepsia Cure I have taken two bottles and gotton more relief from them than all other medic i nes taken I fool more like a boy than I have felt in twenty years'' Anderson Riggs, Sunny Thousands have testiliod as did Mr. Riggs, Bucklin SAWYERjM.KANSAS.

attending school at Coats has joined our society circle again D. U. Taylor will raiso society chickens, at least ho has built a All hviTTg land to sell would do well to list it with W. r. lunger.

chicken house 50x00 with a parlor He will sell it for you, charging a reasonable commission for same in it. George Rooks, on of Oklohomas prominent citizens, was in this when land is seld. SCHOQLPROGRAM. At the School House, April, 13. vicinity tho first of the week on SPACE are practically annihilated by the ocean cables and land telegraph syi-tenas which now belt the cir Dyspepsia Cure Digests what yon eat.

This preparation contains all ot the digestaat and digests all kinds of It gives Instant relief anil never tails toeure. It allows you to eat all the food you want. The most sensitive stomachs can take it. By its use many thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed. It is unequalled for all stomach trouble-.

It can't hp Yml da yen goad CUll hv V. C. IlvV. Cliifti'C 't'lio i 1 bulU cubUUhSfcM (Ism the Ml-, siae business. J.

A. McCoy has finished asses- inz Elm township. He says that this townhips is is in better con dition fininically than it ever was before. THE NOTA BENE HOTEL. cumference of OldEsrth in so many different directions.

"Foreign parts" are no longer foreign in the old meaning of the term. Enrope, Afrfca, Asia, are "next door" to us. What happens there to-day we know to-morrow if we read THE CHICAGO RECORD, whose Special Cable Correspondents are located in every important city in the world outside of the United States. No other American newspaper ever attempted so extensive a service; and it is supplemented by the regular foreign news service of The Associated Press. For accurate intelligence of the stirring events which are shaking the nations of wars and rumors of wars of the threatening dissolution of old governments and the establishment of new of the onward sweep of the race in all parts of the world the one medium of the most satisfactory information is the enterprising, "up-to-date" American newspaper, THE CH-AGO RECORD.

Opening song bj- school, Happy Welcome to nil Opening address Recitation, Dr-isie Dialogue, A Misunderstanding Recitation, Ruth Clnuvbill Doll Drill, By twenty pupils Dialgoue. By the Gossips Recitation, Hazel Jordan Dialogue, How She Cured Him Duel Bertha Lawrence and Myr- tlo Corner Recitation, Myrtle Holder Drama. Fools Step In Recitation, Maggie Gore Caittata.Tho Awakining of Spring Tableau Recitation. Edna Rader Red, White and Blue Drill Recitation, Yelma Webber Closing Song, Good Night J. H.

Bingman, of Highland Kans, who purchased a piece of land near here a few weeks ago. came in Wednesday with his brother to purchase another quarter. W. E. Ohamberlin has organized three Sundav schools on the creek.

Mr. Chamberlain is taking an active part in Sunday, school work and no doubt every one appreciates his efforts. Little Willie Arthur Rowhut is planting a garden and is fixing to can everthing that is eatable, the people who live close to Willie and see him drive off to Sawyer every Sunday anticipate a union soon. Let your thoughts, your actio is and your daily walks be in hari-mony with thelnflnito, and all the Blessings of the Divine are yours. Without Divine aid no life was ISABEL CHIMES.

Our farmers are planting corn. Everybody soms happy and are jumping into the spring work. Mr. Hewrit is erecting a large house and barn on his farm one mile East of Jop Rlackweilder will soon go to Enid, where he lias secured a position on the Santa Fe. Mr.

Aldrich has put a stock of goods in the Phippa building and is now ready to accommodate the people, Table Suppplied With the Best the Market Affords. Specia Attention Given The Comfort of Every to Transient. Guest Assured. Give me a trial. MRS.

S. S. COMER, Proprietress. AGENT For Mrichita Steam Laundry. taik' goft the swa'l and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Urre man of the world oc Mercator's Protection, ahrmt MUrIA FREE of Incfcai In site, beautifully printed In colors, with a large-scale map Eurone on the reverse side, will be mailed to anv address Free nf eharce OB rerelnt of fmue.1 raenmwwiit hv twt 9M.n, cover postara tnd vrrapplnp. The maps illustrate clearly bow comprehenstvely Ike pect3l cable service cf Tun Chicago Raooac covers the entire dviliied world. Ad-Qresa The Chicago Hccosd. in Madison street, Chicago..

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