The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1953
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 15. RI.YTHEVn.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NIN1 .ondon Sex Slayer Df Seven Hanged By TOM OCIIII/TREE CONDON (#}—John Reginald Halay Christie, 55. the Notting Hill strangler who confessed he led seven women but might have rderod more, was hanged today Pentonvllle Prison. Even as he died, a controversy over whether the mild- peaking transport worker and irtimp auxiliary cop was guilty a baby's murder for which an- er man wa'> hanged three years o. •f-he case of the insanity-pleading olesaler in killing .who walled his victim^' bodies in his apart- ent or buried them in his garden, d shocked Britain as no other urder spree since J act the pper's. A crowd ot about 200 persons, hiding many school children, re gathered outside the prison A truckload of police waited ar the gate but there was no turbance. The continuing controversy hinged on Christie's confession at his trial that he strangled a nei^i- bor's wife three years ago. The neighbor, Timothy Evans, was accused of killing both his wife and baby daughter but was convicted and handed only for the infant's death Christie's confession aroused speculation thai Christie also killed the baby, though he denied this. Queen's Counsel John Scott Henderson, fitter a secret government inquiry, tinnounced yesterday that Christie had lied in his confession and that he did not kill Mrs, Evans. Evans' mother and two sisters remained unconvinced and wrote Queen Elisabeth II last night, asking a public investigation. Seventeen Laborite members of the Parliament also presented an llth-hour motion demanding Christie's execution be stayed so he could testify at such an investigation. The death sentence was carried out on schedule, however. lore Brings'Saucer' Reports ungary Makes Peace * Offer to Tito BUDAPEST, Hungary 1*1 — An- her Coniform partner has tak- a concilatory step toward Yu- slavia. Hungary has told Presi- nt Tito's government she is ady to set up a Joint committee prevent border incidents. Bulgaria gave similar nssuran- s to Yugoslavia last Saturday. Vaiters' Strike Closes ew York Restaurants NEW YORK (*) — A dispute over pension plan for waiters has osed more than. 75 restaurants. iluding some well-known mid- wn eating spots, and threatens spread. The dispute comes with Manhat's hotels and restaurants -vying the business of 100,000 visitors re for the Shriners' convention. A .mechanical harvester for een asparaugs that may save rmers about S80 per acre in la- costs has been built. The mane, which travels at about 2V 2 ies per hour, cuts all asparagus ears, regardless of length, an\ covers about 90 per cent of all ears longer than four inches. ad Courier News classified Ads. WASHINGTON I* — The Air today announced today a powerful new flare for night air photography and said the device has been responsible for some of the reports of flying saucers in the past two years. "Police and field officials were besiged with phone calls reporting flying saucers or planes going dow inn flames" when the 10 million candleepower flare was first tested secretly in 1951 near Windsor Locks, Conn., the Air Force said in a statement. A test near Detroit also brought numerous calls from excited observers the Air Force saiu. Essentially the device is a giant magnesium flare, attached 1 i the wing of a reconnissance plane and controlled by the pilot. Bees to light Britain Royalty RALEIGH (IP) — American beeswax will throw light on the coronation of Britain's Queen Elizabeth June 2, according to W. A. Stephen, beekeeper for the State College Extension Service. A royal commission of the British government has ordered 2,300 soe- cially designed beeswax candles. Forty-two of the candles will weigh from 15 to 18 pounds each. Some will be sprayed with gold. The coronation order will cosC about $15,000. ':» and Automatic Defrost! AMAZING LOW PRICE OF ONLY '31 T AS llTtll AS Per Week aflir down paymint Mtff Froit-Umltor prevents froit build-up. Automatically defiosts every time it needs it hut only when it needs hi REFRIGERATOR HUBBARD &SON Appliance Dept. Phone 4409 Blytheville plellon. I went to PredrlcksburR, —and I'll hnvp lo admit It Isn't Va., where I was administrator for the old Martha Washington Hospital and consultant o[ the architecture for the. New Mnrllui Washing- the most heaiitlful hospiul on the exterior, but when shrubs and trees added to the prounds will certainly add to It n lot. The in- ton Hospital under construction. I terlor is done in soft pastel shades was superintendent of the. construe- that are bound, to give the patients tion and never had I worked as a lift. hard and as many hours a day but! The hardware Is in satin finish enjoyed every minute of it. Don't; ,.|irome. There are five private ever say women are hard to work ,. ooms wmi Uit b . uhs Although ' or ' there are 32 bods normally, 3T can "The board of that hospital, ; | )e accommodated. The walls are which bosun in 1890, is primarily , so ,, n( | proof, throughout Ihe build- Crash Search Ended by Navy 14 Bodies Recovered; Blast Believed Cause HONOLULU «p>—The Hawaltp Sea Frontier has called oft the air- sea search for victims of the Trans- ocean Air Lines passenger plane crash Saturday 350 miles east of Wake Island in which 58 persons perished. Fourteen inultilated bodies were[ made the by-laws'and hud n \vo- which will assure nrounci the ||f recovered from shark-infested wilt-1 mal) prosittent ami they really did '• duty. There \vill be five licensed j crs before the search halted at 41 an excellanl job. 'practical nurses and the doctors in ^ Mrs Mary Hill of Osceola beinu In rharee i>( Hie kitchen in the Osceola Hospital. 1 The nursery will have ten lias-! slnets. Babies will not. be taken out of the mirsei'y only to be taken to their mothers (or feedinc- They will] be shown jil three in the afternoon ! and si'ven al night. No one will be j allowed in mother's room vvtuU the baby is with her with the exception ! of a nurse. | p.m. yesterday. The Navy said the Standard Oil The haspital visiting hours will be composed of women. When they de-; | n( T" Tm y nurse's"dining room will 2 » 1 in Hie afternoon and 7 to !) elded lo build back in 1890 three : o CCO mmodale sixteen Rl "li!" 1 - N" morning visitors will " - - •'-- ' ' b,. allowed unless patient is on tin' critloil list One of the higaest nhlwns nmv is lo establish a blood ank iu the hospital which Is be- plnnnPd on now and thru I were 11 women and 4 men on the board of trustees and the women There are five BrndmUe nurses "After all, a hospital is primar- j OsceoLa are co-operating ily of the humanitarian nature ; cent. 100 per i ually and can cope with situations tanker Lombard! sighted two more and^ I think women fit in the job: The building Is completely mr '--•' ' ' " -• conditioned. Mr. Gonnally stated 1 accepted applications to form medical Ftaff and up to dale he has had 23 applications. Two prominent Memphis surgeons have been extended counesy priviledses and on Ihe morning of the 23rd at seven I up to the romiiHuut.y to got it supplied. bodies but was unable to recover perfectly. They have more time us-j conditioned. Mr. Coimally stated he them. The Navy transport Barrett, which first came upon the plane wreckage, radioed that the piane J crash apparently was caused by an explosion. j that arise In institutions of kind." (The women will Io\ any Mr. MR. CONNAL1.Y came to Mississippi County in May to take over The Barrett added that there was, (he admims tratorship of the Os"no possibility of finding survivors ceola and Blytheville Hospitals, alive." . One of the most encouraging things The Barrett was taking the 14 jj e f ounc j since coming here is the bodies—nine women, three men and i interest everybody is taking toward two children — to Guam. It was the hospitals and also the amount — • • of people who have hospital insurance. He added that he Is a firm believer in hospital insurance the same as he is in burial insurance. scheduled to arrive there Friday. 50 Hurt as Tent Falls FRANKFUtVT, Germany Wl — Fifteen persons were injured here last night when a strong gust of wind taroi' iht a miae People everyplace are beginning to realize the need of insurance tent down on 2,000 tators. canvas clrcu- when the 5' are confronted with an startled spec- unexpected trip to the hospital. Startieo, spec i-innn.llv «,o« nni. nf Ihp mpn Here's Ihe Man Continued from Page 3 Mr. Connally was one of the men in Nashville responsible ror getting Blue Cross in Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Connally and their three children, Thad, Jr., 15, and George, 13, and the apple of Dad's eye, a blue-eyed, blond, curly-headed daughter. Mary Ellen, who is 11 months old, live in Blytheville. inspector began to condemn every | Mrs. Connally is a member of the thing about the hospital. They Methodist Church and has moved didn't know I was making a copy her letter to the Methodist Church of their report. The next morning here. Mr. Connally is Catholic. I called the newspapers to send | This story is merely an Intro- out reporters and I gave them an; duclion and if you like what you've exact copy of the buildings and ! read about the life of Thad Conniil- eouipment that were condemned, ly and you would like to know him which included 50 per cent of the better, let it be known. The joy of this old world, when it's all summed up, is found in making friends. It's nice lo have old friends but im i o r __ : the field is wide open and there's ing'job"and"a°new laundry and new 1 always room for a new friend to equipment, but they really made join the old ones. New comers in a hospital. The newspapers came with headlines that opened the eyes of every city official in Nashville. The hospital got a $90,000 remodel- , It unbearable for me so three months later, I resigned and that was the only job in all of my life I enjoyed quitting. "From there I went to Lewisburg. Tenn. As consultant and construction administrator on a 62-bed private hospital. After its com- community appreciate warm hand clasp. Don't wait for the other fellow to make the first THOSE HAVE who haven't inspected the new hospital, can't imagine the beauty of the interior o'clock, the hospital will be prepared to accept pjuients. Mrs. Nola Knight of Moi-ntain "THIS," continued Mr. Connally.j "is strictly a community project. • There is no substitute for whole blond in ar, ctncrsency." Mi-. Con-i nelly ftnlod he wnukl announce In Ihe wry near future where ulnori • donors can BO to help supply Hie bank. nrw hospitals in the Home'will be dietitian for the Os-1 county." Mr Connally said, "iraln- ceola and Blytheville Hospitals with I rd nurses will be needed more than ever nnoV siiBBesl* to high school seniors If Ihey want a job that's cralil.vlng and wpll paid job when they are planning ihi-lr careers, that nursing should be put at the top of j all yniiiKt girl's list, who can qualify lor the Job. "Girls in this community can live willi their families and still have « nursing Job, wlucli is something they should consder." Mrs. Kale Roccrs Jennings, who will be director nf nurses in the Osceola Hospital was born in uxora, where .she attended school, later attended school at Holly Springs. Miss. She took her nurses course at the Methodist Hospital in Memphis. .During-World War 11, she served \ in the Army and was the first I American nurse \r> lanrt in North Africa, where she was stationed for two years. If you have to go to a hospital. aK-umiiiR that will happen lo every body once in a life time, just think how homey it will be. for your next door neighbor to visit you when probably otherwise they couldn't do it. And for those who aren't on a restricted diet, your family or iriemls can bring your favorite dish over to you or you can call your home town druggist and I'll bet he would be happy-to send a blf chocolate ice cream soda out (or you. Hospitals are usually mlihtly lonesome places after visiting hour* and you feel like you're a million inilps from home when every thinf gels quiet. I'm not exactly looklni forward to going to «ny hospital as a patient but It won't b« half M bad when you look out your window and recojniM every passerby. In a gasoline efficiency means economy. So Phillips 66 Gasoline is packed with super-eflicicm Hi-Test elements! These are scientifically "controlled" to provide (I) easy starling (2) fast engine warm-up (3) quick acceleralitm, and (-1) full power output under all driving conditions. Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil stretches your mileage another way. It provides extra protection apainst wear and corrosion so as to keep engine power up and gas consumption down, over a long period of time. USE PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE AND PHILLIPS 66 HIAVY DUTY PREMIUM MOTOR OIL Ihte HEATING equipment ROUND-UP SALE! $ 40 '30 '20 1RHOE IN TRADE-IN TUBE-IN on your old htatinj appliance • with purchatt of automatic NEW FLOOR FURNACE or GAS WALL HEATER {LIMITED TIM!) DOWN PAYMENT J D mwltlK I* W as Halsell & Me Furniture Company 1!.') S. Division Phont 609« Y OU'LL know right quick what we mean by that headline when you learn what your dollars buy in this great new 1953 Buick SPECIAL, You get a lot more room than the same money buys elsewhere —real, man-sized, six-passenger room. You get power—flash-fast Pircball 8 power — the highest horsepower and compression ratio ever put in a Buick SPECIAL, You get a ride that's big-car soft and steady and level—the Buick Million Dollar Ride of all-coil springing, torque-tube drive, X-braced framing. You get wonderful handling, luxurious interiors, and superb visibility — plus a long list of "extras" that don't cost you extra. And those "extras" alone, at no extra cost, are like a welcome Christmas bonus. Twin sunshades, direction signals, lighter, trip-mileage indicator, automatic glove-box light, dual map lights, oil-bath air cleaner, full-flow oil filter, vacuum pump, bumper guards front and rear —they're all yours in this Buick at not a penny extra. So—how about looking into the good cheer to be had here? How about visiting us this week for a thorough sampling of the greatest Buick value in 50 great years? -WHIN IITTEK AUTOMOBILES AM IUI1T BUICK WILL BUILD THEM- LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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