The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on April 11, 1865 · 1
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 1

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1865
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fafelJUiaea Ballot (Except: SanAan . I- AT THS BUN IRON BUILDING. tCnSXlBT OOKCTS Of BAXTIHOBI A3TD SOUTH ITS BT A. 8. ABKI.T, & CO. THX BTTS Is served by the carriers to their sut?scrl-)?rg in the CJty and Districts, and in Vsurroundinr CMe. Vuteeea and Towns, for TWELVE- AND A CALK- CKfiTa PKK wsek, payable wee&ly only o toe carriers by whom served. Fricb fob MAU.ISS. Sinpla copy, tore cents: tree month, aereniir-flne cents; three months, oimyw-friar and .ftrty een; six months, tkre dollars; ona rear, six dollars. No papers are seat from tua-offlca longer ttaa paid for. THU WTRKT.T StTN On nOllftT ftfifl 8-hS.lf HBf. TVTOTICE. The Anrual Meeting of the Stockhol-JLN ders of the ATLANTIC AKD GSOKGS'S CEEKK COAL COMl'ANY far tin Klectlon of OIH rers for the entiling year, will be heldattho COM-JPANY'S CFKICS,No. 41 Recondstreet. on THUtiS-!&Y,the 0th April, between tie hours of Xi audi O'clock. The Transfer Boot SWlll Tie closed from the loth vtiU the 2lst inst. JOHN M. WcKLhOT. alO-lO.t Secretary. f OMMEIJCIAL AND FaKMEKS' BANK. P J Baltimobb, March 17, 1RJ5. J By a resolution of the President aud Directors, passed this day, the Stockholders are hereby rs-mestt d to attend meeting to be held a, their Hank-leg House on TUESDAY, the 2d Cay or Ma? next, at 12 o'clock, to autnorizo the Bank to adopt tne united States National Banking Law. TKUMAN CROSS, m20-2awtMy2; . Cashier. iOOMMKLClAL ANU FAHMSKS BAN tt, T" ij BwrixonE, April 4;b, 135. 5 Stockholders In this Bank are hereby notified that tin ELECTION i'OH DIRECTORS to serve the ensu--irgyear will he field at their Banking; House, on MOKDAr, the first day of May next, be.weea the bonrB of eleven and one o'clock. tG-eotMyl. Tlil'EMAN CKOS. Cashier. T?AEMEl;S AND M&KU8AN US' BAJNK, JD BALTIMOB8, A pril 6. 1SG5. The President and Directors have this day declared a DIV1DKMD OF MX 1'Kli CEN V. on tlra capital stack of this Banfe for the lass six months, and en extra DIVIDEND of FOUK FEK CkNI . both psyabie on and alter Wednesday next, tiie Ilia. In- 1 be State tayes are paid by the Bank, and la con be State tayes are paid Dy toe uhuk. aaa iu cuu-nuywlth the Uni:ed States Internal l'.c-venue i, the tax f fire per cent, (twenty cents per re) will be deducted, leaving turee doll ir and ic r mi t law. iih cnt9 rer share to the fctockholters. --- JAM SLOAN, apS-4t. . Cashier. OF I- ICK OF THE COMMISSIONERS VOU OPEN-IKG STKEKTS. Baltimore. April Ttfc, 1W55. The Com it lesion ers for Openitia: Streets in the City of Bali imore hereby clve notice tht th -;v have riepofclted with the Kegister of the city for exsnlna-tion a statement of the Damages, Eipenses and Honr-flta fnf nnAninir rulhnnn atrept. All. two BI- placatory mops of said street, and that the a-sss"-r mcnt will extend to and embrace both sides of said street, as contemplated to be opered,from Bilti-rr ore street to the Cemetery wall. They herety further give notici that thy will meet at the tniy Hall on WEDtHKSUAY, the Uth day of April, at 11 o'cock A. M.. to revise any of the etveral matters set forth in said s atemnt, to which any person claiming to be interested therein shall vu lutttuny uiaa.r uujetiiuua. By order of the Commissioners. PHILIP T. DAWSON, Clerk a?. It? - to Commissioners. OFKICE CLEKK OF COUKi Otf COMMON FLEAS. BM.TTMOEE, April 5th, TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CCNCEKN- In compliance with en art passed by the General Assembly of Maryland at the January session, 1305. the C:ersof the Court of Common Pitas hereby gives notice to all persons requiring State licenses that they mnst renew the same on or befoie the first day of May next the old provision allowing ten days In May for re-tewing bavinpc beeH fully superseded b? the passage of the above law. I will be prepared for renewing on and after the IStn instant 'a&6t J AS. D, LOWBY. Clerk. 3ST JOTrCTC Is aza-'n given to all persons INDEBT kSD FOK WATKIi KENT AND WATnH TA that Asenta of the Water Departmeat are ecpael In shutting otf water from preiuises where the water Dills are nnpald. And when tnrne t off one dollar additional la required to be paid before the water is turned on again. Six per cent, dnctiaa will &e allowed upon all bills for 1S55 which may t3 paid during the present month, April. GKOSGB MKHHYMA-yr, a5 6t? Water BegUrrar. THE PHTLADEIjPHIA, W1L.M.1 w&TON AS1) BALTlMtBK KAILKOAD COilPANY. March 16th. 1863. The Board of Directors have declared a semiannual Dividend of FI ViZ PEK CENT, e'eir of Government Tax, on the Capital Stock of the Company, payable on and after 1st. of ApiU nxt. ALFKKD HOtiNEFt.Sec'y. Stockholders on the Baltimore List will bo paid at the Farmers and Planters' Bank, Baltimore, until the 23th April. - rsls-Sw! BANK OF BALTIMOKK. Maeoh 14ta. 18a5 -In accordance with an order passed by the Presi dent and Directors, a General Meeting of the SiocS-Iioiders will take place on WKDNESuAY, the 3d of May next, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Banting House, to determine whether or not it is advua&ie for this Bank to become a SATIOSAL BAfR. mht5-tMsy3a P. GTBSON, Cashier, MKKCHAKTS' BANK, I BAT.TIMOBK, March 7th. 1S-15. J By a resolution of the President and Directors passed this morning:, a cll for a Meeting of Stock holders is made for WEDNESDAY , the i;th of Apr J next at 12 o'clock, to be held In their Banking Hous e, to determine the propriety of cnisiti tae pi cs Jilt into a National Bank. D. SPKIGG. m7 t.Api9. Cashier. STATK OF MAEi'iAM), ThtlASUR T OFFICS, Axs, April l5t, 13; NOTICE FOK PROPOSAL FOK "if DRYLAND DFNCiti OS BOUNTZ LOAN." NOTICE 15 HSKEB Yfi IY N, that SCALED PF-OPOSALS for TWO MILLIONS OF DOLL IKS will be received at the office until the FIciST OF .MAY, 1805, which propoea s may be mftl"? for the whole, or any part thereof, of the ab i?3 amount: and, when accef-ted, the aoioant awarded to aiy bidder mutt be paid to this oflioe on or uef jr the tenth dsy or May next.'.roai wtilch day tatir-!it wld be paid on eaid Loan, and certiacaes i ttock issued accordingly. Tl e whole amount of !o la authorized b the General Assembly of Mirylind at 'ts The act above referred to. The stock or boids tD be " fEBued for said Loan will be redeeoiab.e at the pleas-tire of the Btate. in not less than ten nor more than fifteen years from the date of Iwu?; nd untu re-dtemed will bear interest at the ra'e of six per cent, per ainum.payabie on the first days of J nun-ry ard July ia every year: a sneciil tx h-iii-j; provided by the set authorizing the Loan to met; ilio Interest end create a sinking fan! for the payment of I he principal thereof. It is proper that taoee deI ois cf bidding for thl3 Loan should be advised tha' our present i'tite debt is comparatively nolliinrj. The nuai-iil aebtis placed at ten ml lions cf dollars; whils: 'he praiuetive etocke held by the State fully equal this araoaat. CcmmunicstiocB containing proposal for said . Loan should be addressed to the un4ers:gn3'l.Trea-surer of Meryland" at Annapolis, tndorsea, ''Proposals for Defense Loan," which proposals will be opened by him in the presence of the uovernor and Comptroller on the Srtt day of May next, when said Loan will be awarded to the highest biilerj; and on payment being made therefor certificate of etcck, payable and bearini ltterest as aforesiid, will be Issued: the right being: reserved tos'd Gav-rrnoi. Comptroller asd Treasurer, or a majority of reject any or all bids for satlsfae'ory caue. Any further Information desired can be had on application to the unaerfcijned. . IL FOWL'S B, a 7-t.Ml Treasurer of Mar; land. "UKOOKLYN -T LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, BKOOSLYN. T. Y.. and 141 BSOADWA Y. 2,'EW YORK. CAPITAL AND ACCUMULATIONS $173 COO. MUTUAL The Directors of fiis sound and reliable JDsltnt.lon are composed of the most enbetan ' TJal citizens of Brooklyn and New York. Extra inducements are effered by this Company to those seeking Life Insurant. CHRISTIAN W.BOUCK, President. KichasoH. HAKinxe, Secretary. X. iKi-'UAL,r a, General &gent. m22-6rti 57 Second street, Baltimore. TsJOltTH AMERICAN TRANSIT 1STSUKAMB JM COMPANY OF PHIL AL'KLPri t&, CAPITAL HALF A MILLTOS OF DOLLARS, Inburet Ayaintt jUh of Life or Injury from Accident lj Trarel or Otherwise. Three dollars per annum will secure- policy for -SHOO, with f3 weekly compensation for2u weeks. If disabled for that length cf tire Ten dollars per . annum will secure a policy of I J,CO0, wiUi io weekly cotr.pensiticn. Twenty-flye dollars per annum -will secure a policy for $5 ICO. with S23 weekly compensation. WHo medical examiaatlon required. Policies ls'ised at once by the Company's Annt without tn delay of sending applications to the Home Office) for from one day to thirty three, six and twelve months. Pamptlets containing full explanations furx,l?he1 by K. C. LVCKb-TT. Ftate Agrent. Office 83 Second st , Baltimore. GEO. W. AiOKl.i.NG. Associate Aeut. n-i2S-ec6tl - Sejond St.. Baltimore. M ASONIU BOOKS FOK BALE AT WHITNEY. MEDAISY 4: CUSHING1. Ko. 6 Nokth Eowaid Stkeet. Cross's Masonic TEXT BOOK: Do. do. ClIAlil': r-rew'S do. HAND BrKK; Webb's do MONITOR: ioore'snew Masonic IRliSTLE BOARD; Gray's MYSTIC CIBCLL; Mackcy's HAKUAL OJ' THE LOjfK; DO. rt'EEMASOA'a LEXIIMK; Do. MASONIC JUUlSf.-CUDRNCif; Chase's DIGEST OF MASONIC LAW: Kcoy & SlcUe's FREEMASON'S MONI- TOR. mSO-lt? DOWNWARD THE ECaLE () PiiiCKd w , , . TAKES 1T3 WAY. luasoc's BLACKING at 50 cents per dozen, fcose, Almona, pim and White Castile 20AP. at . 60 cents per dozen. H AIR-Pltifi at IS cents oer hnndrnd fcPCOL SILK at SO certB oer dozpn. M ATrif r684,10 a' 50 cent8 Per dozen. HAltH BAf KS at 10 cent each. FalnK-d SL ATK PENCii at 25 cents ner h-nd'-prf " SIRT BRAID at U cent apiece CORSET VI-' )NTS at 10 and 15 cents a pair Common NOTE PAPER, four quire t r 20 een LIKEN TAPE, wide WidUis. at5J eents per d-en For sale by JOHN Kkkmode. mhiM-im' Ol North Eutaw street. K1Ifl,.Ti,K EAKtrETF mXnuTa13ttikiso ,.1.CE,?,Ife'I IN 1 UK 'ORLD. I am acqaaioted ?-i?.MA- H . T' VK1L "OLD. manufat turer of lielsi-tjt. Jd s Genuine PreparaUors; he occupied the driv-ttore opposite my residence, and was succ ssiul ia conducting the business where others hd not b"en equally so berore him. I bave been favorably impressed with bis character and enterpris . William Wbtghti.Vn, Tina of Powers & Welghtmao. M Manufacturing Chemits, m27-lgiy 9th and Brown streets, Philadelphia. TYLER'S COMPOUND BYJaUP OF " -- GUM ARABIC, vvell known as the ncost Pleasant Bale aid Speedy w Cure for VOUffftt, Colds, Hoarseness, Croup, Whooping Co ah and all AfftciAon.8 of the Ihroat and Lungs. .i8?u,i?rlor enicacy in arresting: stubborn contrhs ftud the first stage or Consumption, has lonff been appreciated by most families and physicians, and it access la rlYing immediate relief from a recent c??fht?,Ic..d'llnpreeeaeDl. B0 cents per bottle. i?BUUl1' torner ot BALTIMOKK and HIGH BXilEAia. r l8l-lm THE GLOHY OF MAN 18 STRENGTH. I'here- JHi' eiuJ ,?n,d?kllilrd shuld iiume. HiSMBOLD'S EXTRACT BU ttU- tarAm. VOL. XVI. NO. 123.1 IIollidat Eteket Thbateb. Miss LnclUe West-era achieved a marked success last night lathe rol5 of Cynthia, the Gipsy, and will appear to-night as Peg Woffirpton, a part In Which she is said to be admlrabTe. The smnalncfarce of Love In a Kitchen, with Mr. Bishop as Pitcher, the poUceman. will conclude the entertainment. Between the two pieces the Band cf the Fourteenth Virginia (Confederate; regiment will perform several pieces. Including th3 Star-gpangled Banner. Feont.Stbsbt Theatke. Miss Cecils Rush will repeat to-night her Impersonation of "Margaret Wilmot," in "Ihe Outcasts." which -she rendered with so much efltct last night. The other part3 will te well filled ' 1 Mabtxaitd IxsTiatjis. Jharpley's Minstrel's, ever fertile In resources, announce an entirely new bill for peiformance at the Institute to-n?3tht. This company is a very complete one. and toatianes to draw fail house s. ; Wenageeib and Cikcts. Thayer & Noyes Cira and Menaserie Company arrived yesterday, and after a parade through the Etree'.s, proceeded to the large lot near the Belalr Market, where their performances and exhibition will take place. Etose Axd IlcssTOJf's Cibcus. The initial performance of this company commenced at the corner of Gay and East streets, and passed off satisfactorily' The exhibition is large and attractive. Eaelt Ceop. We are often indebted to our near ne'shbor, lit r.ry Tsjlor, for copies of the Northern papers in advance of the mall, and ws are now under complimErt to the same gentleman for a mess of cucumbers of full size, from his farm la Baltl-moie cennty, in advance of his neighbors.' Bear it in Mied! That the handsomest Invitation, "Wedding and Church Gabds now issued, are engraved byF.M. Wkerikeii, 153 Baltimore st, near Calvert, over R. Brown's Jewelry Store. To tlie ladies. We Invite your attention to the celebrated Crenm Syrup Mineral Yater at W. H. Read's, 147 Baltimore street. It is the most delightful drink ever introdnced into oar city. i To Whom it 5Iy fouteru. The pnblio will find an immense stock of IIats, in all their varieties, at greatly reduced prices, at Tatio&'s, t opposite Bamma' a. Email lie Faris. "v7m, LT. Read, 117 Baltimore street, one door east of Calvert, is the only authorized Agent for Maryland. J Cedar Camphor lor SlotUs. MaTCh and April are the hest months to ensure your winter clothing against rain by ravages of these destructive vermin. One pacliage now is worth six in Jane. Hakris &; Chapman, Boston, facture it. All Druggists have it. i A Clear, SjhooIi SJsIh and Bsaatiful CoMPLEXioa- follows the use of Hei.t4bolt's COKCE3TKATED FLTJID EXTRACT SARSAPA- e.illa. It removes black spots, pimples and all eruptions of the skin. nit The Eye and Ear. Dst. Gaedses Can toe consulted daily at Parlor 153 Eutaw House, for Deafness, Noise in the Had And ail Diseases of the Eye. lleliabold's Cxfract of Sarsaparilla cleanses and renovates the blood, instils the vigor of health into the system, and purges out the humoTS that make disease. t TL'lie Eye and Ear. Deafness and all diseases of the Eye successfully treated by Dr. Gardher, Occulist end Av.rift, Office at Parlor 155 Eutaw House. To Purify, Enrieli the Blood, aud Beautify the Complexion, use Helsibold's Highly CoscEaTaiMD Fluid Extract of SiESiPAaiiiA One bottle equals iu strength one gallon of the Syrup of Decoction.. i 31. Emporinm of Fashion. 3i. Harry C. Nicely, 34 lFsf Baltimore street, opposite r.Iarylaud Institute. The Cheap Hat Store IS Thirty-four, "Where men of fashion tarry; Do not go by, But stop and try A handsome Hat from CiHARRT." The Eye and Ear. Dr. Gardser, Occulist and Aurist, Can be consumed daily at Parlor 135 Eataw House, for Deafness, Noise in the Head. Discharges from the Ear, Obstruction in the Eustachian Tube, and all Acute and Chronic Diseases of the Ear and - Air Passages. Jsrcd's Email de Paris, for imparting clearness and softness to the Skin, b&anty and lreshness to the Complexion, effectually removing small-pox mark, black worm specs ard all discoloration of the Skin. ' IEmail is especially endorsed by Mrs. D. P. Bowers, M'lie Vesvali, Lucille Western and many other refined and scrupulous ladies. Sold by Druggists, Perfamers and Ladies' Hair-Dressers throughout the citv. Why Injure - the Cesnplexioa by Powders aso Washes which choke or fill up the pores of the skin, and in a short time leave It harsh and dry? It is in the blood, and if you -want smooth and soft skin use Helmrold's Extract of Sarsaparilla. It gives a brilliancy to the -complexion. t Tiro or Three Colds In snccefsion will, -with many constitutions, securely establish the seeds of Consumption in the system, thus converting, vhat was originally a simple, curable affection, into one which is generally fatal. Ordinary prndecce, therefore,- makes it the business of every one to take care of a celd until it is got rid cf and intelligent experience fortunately presents a remedy in Jayne's Expectorant, thoroughly adapted to remove speedily all Coughs and Colds, and one equally effective in the primary stages of Consumption, Asthma and Bronchitis. Sold by all Druggists. XI II oil id ay Street Theatre. An Ovation. Second Night of Miss Lucille Western. Tom Taylor's admirable Play of Peg "WoFFiirGTo, the Actress. ByDuring the evening the Militarv Band recently attached to the 12th Virginia Kegiment, Confederate Army, captured last Sunday week in front of "Petersburg, will perform National and other airs, including ''TAe .Star Spangled Banner'' and "Dixie.7' The Band embraces 12 performers; ihey were four years in ssrvice South, and in all the battles of the Army led by General Lee. They are on their own resources, and resort (for the present) to this mode to obtain aid. A Great Bill To-Morrow night. t Maryland Institute. Last Chance to See SlIARPLEY's MlKSTRELS, Who have been witnessed by over 15,000 Persons 15,C00 Persons 15,0(10 Persons The past week, and all proclaim them The Best Ever peea in this city. Aided hy the Veteran ani Originator, Sam SahforDj The programme is of unusual brilliancy and select. See bill3 of the day. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Commence at 8. Admission 35 cents. Reserved seats 50 cts. Saturday a Grand Matinee for Children, it Front Street Theatre. This (Tuesday) Night, April 11, 1365. Cecile Rush. Cecile Ii'xsh. The Oftcast. The Outcast: Margaret Wilmot, Cecile Rush. Maryland Institute. Sam Sharplkt and the Iron-Clads c very Evening this week, foam Sanford and the entire Troupe In New Act. . Don't forget Saturday afternoon. $ Comlngl Cumiuc. The Great Eyuj stria it ard Zoological combisatioit of 1sc3. Thayer & Notes' Great Uhited St ates Circus, combined with Vah Amburgh & Co.'s Mammoth Mekagerie, Will open near the Belair Market, Mouday, April 10th. Se advertisement on second page. It Maryland Institute. - Sam Sharpley and the great Iron Clai3 Every Evening this week. Sam Sanford and the entire Troupe in ' Ivf A.Ctd Don't furget Saturday att9rnooT, ." 5 ; BALTTI1 ORE, THE SUN. The War News. Nothing later than the official dispatches of General Grant, published yesterday, have been received concerning the surrender of Lee's array. Telegrams from various points of the country, state that the rejoicings of the people oyer this most important eteathave been very general, and highly enthusiastic. A steamer from New York was dispatched yesterday afternoon, one day In advance of her regular day of Eai'.ing, to take the news of General Lee's capitulation to Europe. A proclamation has been issued by the President of the United States declaring that the ports oT Richmond and a number of ott er places in the Southern States.which are mentioned, including Charleston, Savannah and Mobile are closed, and that all right of importation, warehouseing and other privileges shall cease until again opened by order of the President. Any vessel from beyond the United States, or having oa board articles subject to duties, that shall attempt to enter any of these ports will be confiscated. The President is authorized to issue the proclamation by an aot of Congress passed in regard to the collection of duties etc. The Navy Department received yesterday official information that General Steele, c romanding the 13th Army Corps, after he left Pensacola, Florida, had met with decided success. On the 26th of March, he captured 250 prisoners, including Gen. Claustoc, who was mortally wounded, seized two trains at Evergreen, ten miles above Pollard, on the Montgomery (Alabama) railroad, and destroyed the railroad track. ' General Steele then moved towards Blakely, on the east side of Mobile Bay and a short distance north of the Spanish Port, which, according to the latest accounts from other sources, the Union troops were vigorously bombarding. One of the Philadelphia papers piofesse3 to have information that Gen. Stonevain has cut the railroad between ; Danville, Va., and GreeEsboro', N-C , and that Gen. Sherman has occupied Raleigh, N. C. Up to a late tour last night the report had not been officially confirmed. Deserters and refugees, who came into Goldsboro'. N. C, report that the enemy have evacuated Raleigh, and have no force of any aecount between it and Goldsboro'. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, received in Washington, gives some further particulars relative to the recent captures by General Sheridan. Five of the six guns captured were new rnl of the Armstrong pattern, and had never been used. Among the two hundred wagons that fell into the possession of the Union forcrs, was. one belonging to General Fitzhngh Lse, with all his baggage. Generals Ewell, Kershaw, Bulton,-Coise and Custns Lee, who were cap. tured by General Sheridan, arrived at City Point ca Saturday, and were to have bean sent to Washington. Admiral Porter's report of the destruction of the rebel fleet in the James river has been forwarded to the Secretary of the Navy. We pubiish it in full elsewhere. President Lincoln returned to Washington from Richmond, Va-, last Sun lay evening. - . A rumor was current ia Memphis on Saturday that the cavalry force or General Thomas' command had captured an I bnrned Selma, Alabama. The RESorncE? of Mexico Thj interest which attaches to Mexico as our nsrtr neig fiber has been increased recently by The change which has taken place in her f jr.n of government, and a review of her c tadition and resources is at this time conse juenily not out of place. The area of Mexico is 829,915 square miles with a population of 6.390,524 souls, her territorial extent being greater by 50,000 square miles than the entire Pacific ilape or the United States. Of the population but 2.105,-549 are pure whites, the remainder, consisting cf 6.222,00or mixed races and 35,805 negroes. There are in addition 32-.2,ooo wild Indians, end of the whole population but 4,769.?vi9 are returned as civilized. The foreign population, the majority of whom are Spaniards, amounts toUG OQO. - The. annual value cf agricultural prodaetisns is atout 6IC5,000,C0O. but the mineral resources of the countrj- are one of its chief elements cf wealth, the products of the mines reaching some 100,000,000 each year, and that, too, under an inefficient and uncertain system of labor. Besides gold and silver, antimony, copper, coal, diamonds, iron, lead, tic, zinc and other minerals abound. With aU taase natural advantages, the country, when Max-milian assumed power, owed a debt of 173,-000,000, and the budget showed aa annual deficit of over jtS.OCO.OOO annually. The frequent civil wars, which have d?3olatel a country teeming with mineral and agricultural wealth, have been the chief cause of its want cf progress,-ihere having been in the last forty j-ears no less than forty-six charges of gorernmsnt. With a stable and liberal administrative system, which would protect and promote development, Mexico has within her, ia situation, climate, soil and productions, all that is ca'culated to lead to grandeur and power. - Whether the imperial rnle is best adapted to accomplish these ends, remains to be seen. Under Santa Anna it certainly was not. President LiscsLif asd the Washisgtoj Navy-Yabb Work ait?;.-The workmen of the Washington navy -yard yesterday, headed by a band of music, visited President Lincoln, Secretary Welles and other public func-tioiiaries, to congratulate them upon the recent Union successes. The following is the speech of Mr. Lincoln: - I am very much rejoiced, my friends, in the fact that an occasion has occurred so pleasurable that the people find it impossible to refrain from giving vent to iheir Xeeiiags. Applause. I suppose that arrangements are being made for a for rral demonstration either this or to-rnorro evenitg. A voice That's too late. Should such demonstration take piece, I, of course, will be expected to respond, if called npon, and if I permit you to dribble all out of me now, I willL nothing left to say on that occasion. Laughter and applause I observe that you have a band of music with you. I propose having this intPrview closed by the baud performing a particular tune, which I will name. Before this is done, however, I wish to mention one or two little circnmsiaBces connected with it. I a 1 vi ays thought that "Dixie" was one of the best tunes I had ever heard. Our advtrs-bries over the way, I know, have attempted to appropriate it, but I insist that on jesterday we fairly captured it. Applause. I referred the question to the Attorney General, and he gave it as his legal opinion that it is now our property. Laughter and loud applause I now asi the band to favor us with its performance The band immediately complied amid the cheers of she crowd. Letter from Ex-Settator Foote. Ex-Sen-alor Henry S. Foots has written a letter to onetf the Ntw York papers, denying that he cme as a steerage passenger in the Etna to avoid the "passport nuisance," as charged, and stating that his object is to be permitted to return quietiy to Nashville, there to await events. He avows himself to be in favor of peace, and the submission of the South to Federal authority. He says th3t he reported to Gen. Dix in the expectation that he would be placed under arrest, and nas no fault to find with the government officials. Bei le Boyd. The famous Belle Boyd seems to have come to giief in England. A pitiful statement appearfd in the papers a short time ago. to the effect that she had been turned penniless outheraf hotel, thel icdlord retaining her Iut gage, as security for his bill. She was also said to have parlea with all her jewelry, &c., and to be in a state of great destitution. This doe3 not speak well for the Southern refugees in London, or for their English sympathizers. London Lett tr. Marylahd Rfbet. Regimeht. It is report ed that nearly all t f the Maryland regimmt of infartry attached to the late A. P. Hill's Corps of the rebel army were captured among the lare number of prisoners taken in the battle near Petersburg, on Sunday, the 2d list. The re iment, it Is known, fought very despf rauly in the battle of Gettysburg, losing heavily, and with its service since had become very much reduced in numbers. But few oi them were injured in the late action. Dfcfased. Mrs. Louisa. H. D. Roszell. consort of tee late Eev. Stephen Asbury Rossell, 61 the Baltimore Annual Conference, died ia Leesburg, Va , oathe 6th elu . TUESDAY MORNING, GENERAL LEE'S SURRENDER. Views and Opinions of the Press The Anticipation ol" leace, Ac. The surrender of General Lee's array to Lieutenant General Grant, under the terms and conditions presented by the latter, is of course the all-absorbing subject cf remark, so tt at the views and opinions of the press generally will be read with more than usual interest. We, therefore, subjoin a nutnoer of extracts: From the Washington Chronicle. This news will go everywhere like an angelic visiter. It will heal the sick, restore the drooping and fill all the land with thanksgiving. It cannot be a voice of woe to the South, for there is no carnage and death in the terms, and no humiliation in a defeat which could not be resisted or longer delayed. Accepted in this sense, it will be good for those who have yielded too much to the rebel leaders; rejected or will only increase the tortures ot which they are so profoundly tired. The surrender of Lee is the surrender of the whole rebel Confederacy. From the Potomac to the Nueces from the Mississippi to the Gulf from the wilds of Texas to the morasses of Louisiana and the everglades of Florida there wi!l soon not be known or seen an alien flag, or an organized hostile column. The bolt that struck: the head of the serpent parali zed its extremities; and that which is now alive in the land is love cf country the exquisite sense of an established Union; the knowledge that we are free in all our borders: and, let us not forget cur abiding gratitude to God, that he has led us through this bloody war and crowned us with these priceless blessings, by such a peace as becomes a Christian people. From theN. Y. News, anti-war dem. The terms of surrender are honorable to both generals. As between soldier and soldier, General Grant has accorded to his fallen adversary such warlike honor as it is possible fcr the conqueror to concede to lessen the humiliation cf defeat. May the political chief of the Repnblicfollow his example. It is useless to deny that, by the rule of civilized warfare, the cause cf the Southern Confederacy has received a blow that, by the usual sequence cf such military fortune, should decide the contest. After such an overwhelming disaster in the field, peace between the contestants is the natural result. But peace may t e forbidden, even in this conditio?., by an unnatural policy on the part of the victors. For the sake of republicanism, for the sake cf the blood of common origin that, pulses from the exultai-t hearts and the proud thcogh stricken breasts of victors and cf vanquished, for the honor of our country and for the peace of future generations, let Americans in their hour cf victory be just, magnanimous and generous to Americans in .heir hor.r of de'e .t. Peace, if honorable to both sections, would be the most welcome boon that could be votichsaftd to a people so visited with heavy burders and afflictions. From the New York Tribune. The rebels lost much in the loss of their capital. In the less of Lee they lose everything. Lee, net Davis, is their leader. He may te the hea '- of a faction, not of a people. Davis is a politician; Lee a soldier. The military head gone and there is nothing left. If Jchnstonis wise he will follow Lee's example. If he is not wise he will earn the execrations of the South for the useless waste of blood that must follow the necessity of his annihilation. With hira it is aquesiioaof days. He must tow to fate and succumb or accept twift destruction. Tcexe is no other alternative. Ttie most fainthearted, tna most hopeless now at the North need waver or denbt no longer. The most desperate, the rncst determined at the South can no longer hope cr struggle. The rebellion is over; suppressed overwhelmed destroyed-- fought dewn by strong arms, and stoat hearts, and vise heads ended ended as rebellion should be by utter destruction. From the New York World. The correspondence betweea Gritt and Leo, by which, this noble triumph is Echie ved and attested, does tonsr alike t-j the had and the hn rt of the victorious commander and entitles the vanquished to all the re?pect which justly attends tbe frank ard magnanimous abandonment of a strcg-gle become visibly hopeless, and only to be prolonged at a hideous, because an utterly useless, waste of human life and human happiness. We cannot pause to dwell upon the work which may-still remain to be Cone. Rebel airaiis ars still ir. tbe field; the forms of a Teoel government still nominally exist; but only the extremist unwisdom cn our own part can galvanize into any sustained and formidable life the body whereof the heart has ceased to beat with the occupation of Virginia and the disbaiidir g of the airnv of Robert E. Lee. From the N". Y. Herald Lee s army has been for six months the only respectable obstacle to our arms, and now within seven cr eight days, it has been completely wiped out of existence not a man of the whole farce that lately held Richmond remaining in arms. Within that short period the bravest, best organized and most successful army cf the rebellion has been utterly swept away. Never was there a more decisive campaign than this last one of General Grant's. Grantwill now,nodonbt, immediately turn bis attention to another foe. It sluald be remembered that it is now six days since L?e wps beaten at Petersburg and compelled to evacuate that place and tbe rebel capital. Johiston was, in all probabilitj-, informed of that defeat on the same day. that Davis was informed of it the 2d inst. and though he v-as then at Raltif h, it is no. in the least likely that he is there now. He has had aban-dant time to' reach Danviile.and no one ought to be surprised to hear of his being there. Hs there would bring him within easy reach of Grant; and with Grant on one hand, Sherman on the other and Stoneman not far from Danville, we might soon hear of another surrender as cleaa and complete as the one just made by Lee. The op rations against Mobile will be greatly afTVeted by this immense success in Virginia It "has been a point of honor with the rebel efficers defending that place to hold out as long as Lee did, and that the last stronghold of the Gulf States should not be taken while a stronghold was sill defended in Virginia. The news of the fall of Richm nd and the surrender of Lee wi l therefore satisfy the honor of the men at.MoV.ile, and their surrender will be, in all liklihood, the n"xt news from the Gulf This same gloriou news wi'l doubtless disperse the flny-threo thousand rebels on tbe other side the Mississippi, who adhere so loosely to the rebellion that they would not cross the river to he'p it. And thus, in whatever way we look, we see daylight shining throujh thi3 miserable remnant of rebellion. (From the New York Times. The news is tone the Jess welcome because prematurely announced, none the less glorious at d important because for many days considered a foregone conclusion. It is the end cf the Confedeiacy. There maybesp radic r-fforts here and there; Johnston may venture s battle; Mobile may undertake a half resistance; the rebel troops west of the Mississippi may indulge in irregular cam-paigrs; but Lee has surrendered Li, their Commander-in-Chief, and practically Dictator; 1 ee, upon whose shoulders, by universal cor sent, has for half a year rested the fortunes of the rebellion, has abandoned their cause as hopeless. He surrendered an army never surpassed in bravery, in suffering, in persistence in a bad cause an army that had everything to gain by success everything to lose by defeat. The corner-stone is removed the edifice has fallen beyond the possibility of restoration. It is the greatest and most important event for this country sinco the imperishable Declaration of July 4, I77fi, the most momentous fact of the century as aflfdet-ing the stability of democratic government. It will be hailed, not only in our own land but wherever mankind aspires to freedom and progress, as a turning point in the history of man. From the N. Y. Times, 2d Editorial. The great struggle is over. Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia has surrendered to Lieutenant General U. S Grant and tbe Army of the Potomac. The thiillirg word peace the Rlorious factof peate are now once again to be realized by the American people. The profound joy of the nation in this auspicious result cannot be expressed In effervescent enthusiasm and noisy huzzahs, but will appear in the form in which it is so fitly and opportunely proclaimed by the Secretary of War ascriptions of praise to Almighty Gcd, and offerings of honor to the great leader cf our armies, whom he has used as bis instrument to save the nation. The hisiory of blood, the four years of war are brought to a close. The fratricidal slaughter is all over. The gigantic battles have all been fought. The last man, we trnst, has been slain. The last shot has been fired. We have achieved, too, that for which the war was begun that f r which our soldiers have so long and grandly fought, and that for which so many thousands of brave men have laid down their lives. We have achieved the great triumph, and we get with it the glorious Union. We get with it our country a country now and forever rejoicing in universal freedom. Tbe national courage and endurance have their fall reward. The event occurred on Palm Sunday the day which commemorates the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerosalem It will heace-forth be a patriotic as well as a pious holidaz in America. . - : - Just four years almost to a day has tu war APRIL 11, 1865. PRICE TWO CENTS. lasted. It was on the 13th of April, 1SS1, that Sumter was surrendered to the rebels. It was on the ith of April, 1S65, that the great rebel army was surrendered to'the power of tbe Uiicn. The surrender cf the army of General Lee solves a tfcoasand difficulties that but lately threatened us in the future. It simplifies the work of pacification in the South. It gives hope for a speedy restoration of order and fraternity. The terms proposed by Grant are very simple, and doubtless had the approval of the President. AVegetall the rebel oflicers and soldiers, all the arms, artillery and public property; but the efficers retain their side-aims, private baggage and horses. Each officer and man will be allowed to return to their homes, and will not be disturbed. We have r.o icea that Jo. Johnston's forces or any other of the rebel bodies will be of any trouble after this great event. Lee nominally only surrenders his own immediate army; but he isecmmaEder of all the armed forct i of the rebellion everywhere, and in one of his letters he speaks about negotiating with reference to the whole of the Confederate States forces under his command. Thiswill undoubtedly be the upshot of the whole affair. Tbe great rebellion is crushed. The Republic "is saved. Peace comes again. To Heaven be the praise. From the Philadelphia Ledger. With the destruciion of Lee's army, there is nothing left of the rebellion but the heterogeneous and badly beaten battalion under Johnston. They were unequal to the task of fig htirg Sherman's army alone. With that great soldier pressing them from the South, and Grant's liberated heroes coming down cn them from the North, they can have no resource left but to follow the example sat them by their General-m-chief,and lay down their arms. That this will be the result we have not the slightest doubt. For them to continue the rebellion further wculd be but murder, and would call down upon them not -only tbe wrath cf their own people and the nc w suspended vengeance of the indulgent government they have drenched the land m blood to destroy, but would bring npon their hesds the just indignation of the world. We may therefore regard the rebellion as at an end,and locking forward to the blessed return cf reace and a united country, there is before the United States a career of prosperity, honor and power, far bsyond the brightest anticipation of the founders of the republic, and before which all the splendors of ctr rast history will be no mere than is the l ght of dawn to the fall glories of the risen sun. FR02I KORTG CAROLINA. Reported Occupation ol Raleisrh, JT. C. -Operatioi's of Slunenian' Cavalry in Virginia. Philadelphia, AprillOth. Forney's Press has received reports that General Stoneman hss cut the railroad between Danville and Greensboro', and he has occupied Kaleigh, tbe capital of North Carolina. Tbe Goldsboro' correspondent of the Associated Pres, under date of the Gth instant, states that rebel deserters and refugee? report the evacuation of Raleigh, and that there is no rebel force of any account between Goldsboro' srd Raleigh. " The following order has been issued by Gen. Sherrraii: Headquarters. Military Division cf 2i?siss:jpi, in the'field, Goldsboro', N. C, April 1st. Special Field Order. The following is aa-r.ounced as the organization of this army: Ilisrht wing, Army of tbe Tennessee, 15th and 17th Corps, Major General O. O. Howard, ccmmandiEg; left wing, Army of Georgia, l&th and 2f th Cores, Major General H. H SIo-enm, ccmrcaridirg: centre, Army of the Ohio, 10 h Bid 23d Corps, Major General J. W. Scho-flelJ, ccinmandirg; cavalry, Brevet Major Geneial J. Eilr atiick, comciandicg. jvT&jor Geneial J. H. Mower is hereby, subject to the approval of the President, appointed to comicand the Twentieth Corps, vice General Siocum, promoted to the command of an army in the field. Bripadier Geneiel Charles Walcott is hereby transferred from the Army of the Tennessee to the Array of Georgia, f ar assignment to tb command of the division made vacant. Brigadier Gencrel Charles Lwirg having been promoted, is hereby released from staff duiyat these lieariquai ters, and will report to iNiejor General Howard for assignment to duty, according to fcis rank. Eacaof these cemrri.rders will exercise the powers prescribed by law fcr Generals commanding a special department cr armv in the field. By order of . Major General W. T. Shermau. ' FKOZJI THE AR3IT OF THE VOTOSIAC Sheridan's Captures. Washisgtoit. April 10 A letter c'atod Headqcarters Army of the Potomac, Jeth rs-ville, .Amelia county, Va., April 7th, says that on Wcdt -esday tie cvairy urder Seridaa nadta' important capture of prisoners,gun3 iLiif-. as. It appears that Lee's army was hk ; rapidly west as his limited trans j on. ton and the demoralized co&dition of nis troops would permit on the road between Amelia Court House and Jetaersvilie. The cavalry having gained possession cf the Dcnviile railroad scmetime previous wcie not long in discovering his vrhtr?-abouts, the 5th Corps being well up in support and having built entrenchments during Tuesday nigct, preparations for an attack were soon made. The country here i3 very uneven, with thick wcois and deep ravines, mhkirg it extremely difficult for cavalry to operate to any advantage. The second division under General Danes were principally engaged, and the gallant iranner in which they charged and drove the enemy, is highly spoken cf by those wto beheld P., but the rebel infantry came up to the support of their cavalry, forming in the woods, and attacking under cover, our men were forced back on our infantry, but not until a thousand' prisoners, six guns, a train of wagors a mile long, together with the drivers, were in possession of tbe brave second division. Fire cf the guns were new, aEd cf the Armstrorg pattern, said to have been a present from the English government to the Corledtracy, and had not yet been used. They are a beautiful specimen of manufacture. The wagons, about two hundred in number, were mos'ly empty, and were burned f.fter the mules had been cut loose and brought in. Along with this train was a wagon belonging: to General Fitz Hugh Lee, containing his baggage, &c. Intfcis engagement Sheridan took three hundred prisoners, among whom was Bragg's chief of artillery. Tbe flag of artillery headquarters of Northern Virrinia, end many other trophies, were also taken. Major Thomas, commanding the 1st Pennsylvania, lest a leg in the fight. He is a brave cutter, and his command did gallant service. Tbey lor li seven flags, with many prisoners. Cel. Janway, of the 1st N. J. cavalry, wa3 killed. The prisoners taken in the past three days foot up about l.iHiQ, including a number of efficers. Ailmiral Porter's Operations on the Jnmes River The Rebel Fleet le-sti-oycd at Richmond. WASHiyGTOif, April 10. The Navy Department has received the following report from Admiral Porter, cf hi3 operations on James iier snbse quent to the capture of Richmond. O. S. Flag Ship Malvern, April 8, 1SC5 Sir: As the movements bave been of a military character end have been regularly reported to the War Department, I have not deemed it recessary to report anything to the Department. After I was satisfied that the rebels were about to evacuate Richmond, I commenced removing the obstructions below How'e'.t's battery, and in the course of the night tft jr, succeeded in getting a chantel through and removed the torpedoes. The gunboats moved up to Drury's Bluff, where the obstructions again presented a bar to further progress. On the 4th of April I accompanied the President up to Richmond, where he was received with the strongest demonstrations of joy. We found that the rebel rams and gunboats had all been blown up, with the exception cf an unfinished ram. the Texas, and a small tug gunboat, Othe Beaufjrt, mounting one gun. The following is a list of vessels destroyed: Virginia, (flag ship,) 4 guns; iron-clad Richmond, 4 guns; iron-clad Fredericksburg, 4 guns: iron-clad Nansemond, 2 guns; wooden gunroit Hampton, 2 guns; wooden vessel Roanoke, 1 gnn; wooden torpedo tender Shrapnel, and Patrick Henry, school ship. Some of these vessels are in sight, above the water, and may be raised. They paTtly obstruct tbe channel where they are now, and will either have to be raised or blown up. The Beaufort and the Texas I have taken for the use of the navy. The Tredegar Works and the Naval Ordnance Department remain untouched. Very respectfully, -Yonr obedient servant, D. D. Porter, Rear Admiral. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy Selma, Ala., Reported Burnt. Memphis, April 8, via Cairo 9th. The Bulletin this evening says that a report prevails, well authenticated, that Selma, A!a.,-wa captured and burned a few days ago by the cavalry forc of Qea, TbgniW com.iftad. Affairs in Rithnioad. Meet Insr of Legislators and Others to Consider a Proposition from President Lincoln. Washsikgtos, April 10. Reliable information from Richmond, by a gentleman who left there yesterday, represents that General tehepley, by order of the President, has given safe conduct to Senator Hunter to come and go from that city. He is supposed to be on his estate in Essex county, fifty miles from Richmond. There were no prayers offered in the Richmond churches yesterday for the President of the United States, and none for the Southern Confederacy. The citizens generally regard the war as over, and further resistance, therefore, as unwise. The Richmond Whig of Saturday says: ' "The statement that there would bt a meeting last evenir- g of such members of tbe Virginia Legislature as still remained in this city was not strictly correct. Therj wasto meelirg of legislators or others, but simply an informal conference and consultation of private itdividuals, among whom were five or six members of the Legislature. The motive cf these gertlemen in coming together was to hear from Judge Campbell the terms nron which President Lincoln hasexDressed himself as willing that Virginia might return to the Union. "Messrs. Jos. R. Anderson, David J. Burr, Kathaniel O. Tyler and H. W. Thomas were appointed a committee to inform the Legislature ard Gov. Smith of President Lincoln's terms; and Judge Campbell was requested to accompany the committee, who were to leave the city so soon as passports could be procured. It was said to be probable that they would get off this morning. We prefer not to state our understanding of Mr. LincolE's terms, as our information on that head is not official." The only information received in Washington of President Lincoln's proposition, here referred to, is that it was of a very liberal character. A number of gertlemen returned from a visit to Richmond to-day, among them Hon. Jas. G. Blaine, member of Congress from Maine. PrccIamatioB by the President of tUc U. S. Washisgtos. April 13. The following proclamation has been issued by the President of the United States: Bjllie Preiidciti. cf the United States of America.. a proclamation: Whereas by my proclamation of the 19th 'and 2T;h days of April, 1SG1, the ports of the United States in the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas were declared to be subject to blockaie; but Whereas the said bio-hade has, inconsequence of aciual military occupation by this govern in ei;t,sir ce been conditionally setaside cr relaxed, in respect to the ports of Norfolk ard Alexandria, in the State of Virginia; Beaufort, in the State of North Carolina; Port Royal, in the State of South Carolina; Pensacolia and Fernandina, in the State of Florida, and New Orleans, in the State of Louisiana: and Whereas by the 4th section of the act of Congress, approved on the 13th day of July, 1661, entitled an act further to provide for the collection of duties cn imports, and for other purposes, the President, fcr the reasons therein set forth, is authorized to close cer ain ports of entry. Now, therefore, be it known, that I, Abraham Lincoln, President of tbe United Stages, do hereby proclaim that the ports of Richmond, Tappahanncck, Cherry Stone, York-town and Petersburg, in Virginia; of Camden, Elizabeth City, Edenton, Plymouth, WJshiEgton, Newbern, Ocracoke and Wil-miigtoiJ. in NoTth Carolina; of Charleston, Georgetown and Eeauf irt, in South Carolina; of Savcnnab, St. Mary's, Brunswick and Darien, in Georgia; of Mobile, in Alabama; of Pearl River, Sliieldsborough, Natchez and Vscksburg, in Mississippi; cf St. Augustine, Key West, St. Marks, Poit Leon, St. Johns, Jacksonville and Apalacbicola, In Florida; of Teche and Franklin in, Louisiana; of Galveston, Lasalle, Brazos de Santiago, Point Isabel, and Bownsville, in Texas, ara hereby closed, and all right of importation, warthcusing and other privileges shall, in reepect to the ports aforesaid, cease, until they shall have again been opened by order cf the President. And if, while said ports are so cicsed, any ship or vessel from beyond the United States, or having cn beard any articles sarjeet to du-ies, shall p-ttempt to enter any snch ports, the same, to-gether with its, apparel, furniture and cargo, shall be forfeited to ilie United States. In witness whereof. I have heresuto set ray band and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Dene st the city of Washington, this 11th day cf April, In the jear of our Lord one thct.sand eight hundred and sixty-five, nnd cf the independence of the United States of America the cighty-nin1h. Abraham Liscolit. W. H. Seward, Secretary of State. - The Surrender or Gen. Lee Popular Rejoicinsrs. CiircursATi, April 10 The news of the sttr-riBctrcf Gcuerdl Lee's army was received here about ten. o'clcck Isst night. The news spread rtpidly throughout the city, and immense crowds filled the streets. Bonfires were lit at every corner and Hazing roeketa filled the air, whilst cannon were fired from various points Te demonstration was continued all night. Philadelphia. April 10. The rejoicings which commenced here iast night on the anrourcement of the surrender of Lee, were kept up all night, and are still in full blast. The firemen, with their engines and bauds of music, are parading the streets, and the Union League fired a salute at noon of two hundred guns. Aibast, April 101 A. M. There is great rejoicing here over the news of the surrender ot Gen. Lee and his nrmy. The news was received at about io P. M , and about midnight State and Pearl streets were filled with people. Tbe bells are ringing and cannon firing, while the multitude are indulging in fireworks. The Governor was called up and britfly addressed the throDg gathered around his residence. Providence, R. i., ApTil 9 midnight. Bells are ringing, cannon are firing, and the citizens are cut rejoicing over the news of Lee's surrender. WiiMTSGTOi?. Del., April 9. Wilmington is In an uproar and a blaze of glory, rejoicing over the greaXvst of victories yet achieved by our aims. Guns are firing, bells are ringing, and a large procession is proceeding through the streets. Such an excitement was never before witnessed in this city. Pittsburg, April 9. The news to-night brought nearly the WThole population into the streets. The recruiting booths were turned into bonfires, salutes were fired, speeches were made, and bands played. Trehto!, April 9. The news was received here with cheering andrirgingof bells. The people are turning out en mass to receive and rejoice over the glad tidings. Washisgtoit, April 10 The City Councils tc-night passed a resolution that, in view or Lee's sui render, and the assurance it gives of a speedy restoration of the Union, the citizens of Washington and tbe general government be requested to manifest their rejoicing by an illumination on Thursday night next. Fbederick, Md., April 10. The news of the surrender of Lee's army was received herewith joy. All the fire and church bells were rung, and flags displayed from all parts of the town. A salute is now being fird,and business is nearly suspended, the people being too much excited to attend to business. The President Called on for a Speech. WASHiHGTOir, April 10. Several hundred persons gathered before the Executive Mansion this afternoon, at hall past five o'clock, when frequent calls were made for the President, who appeared, merely to say that if the company had assembled by appointment, some mistake had crept into their understanding. He Mad appeared before a larger audience than this one to-day, and would repeat what he then said, namely. He supposed, owing to tbe great good news, there would be some demonstration; He would prefer to-morrow evening, when he would be quite willing, and. he hoped, ready to say something. He desired to be particular, because everything he said got into print. Laughter. Occupying the position he did, a mistake would produce harm, and therefore he wanted to be careful not to make a mistake. A voice "You bave not made any yet." The President wa3 greeted with cheers, and after ' bidding the people good evening, retired. New York Bank Statement. New Ycbk, April 10. The weekly statement of our city banks shows the following totals: Loans decrease, 8300,000; specie decrease, 530,000; circulation decrease, 100,000; deposits increase, 1 500,000; legal tenders increase, C3.43S 000. The Commercial says there has been an exodus of gold speculators during the last fortnight, and it will tot be surprising to find gold sales confined to the regular broken of the board soon. - - - The 7.30 Loan. : Philadelphia, April loth. The subscriptions received by Jay Cooke to the 7.30 loan to day amount to $2,873,050, including &200.000 from Noifolk,'$120,000 from DesMoines, Iowa, and 0400.000 from New York in a single subscription. a, ADil 10. Tha stAiintf nft flf? a Win, which, was to sail to-morrow for Llv- erp ooi. was aispatcnea this afternoon at four o'clock, to take out the news of Gen. Lee's capitulation. She is an ne trim and will undoubtedly make a quick passage. The celebration ot the great event here today has been principally confined to a display of flags, and cannon-firing. Owing to the prevalence of a heavy easterly rainstorm the sky has been black, and the weather most unprcpitions all day. The Christian Commission at Rich, momi. WAsstscTos, 'April 10th. The Richmond Whig of Saturday says that the Christian Commission issued 1,300 rations yesterday, chiefly to the suffering poor, who were burned out by the fire. The quick adjustment of the commission to the relief cf th? sufferers is a- roble demonstration of its noble service. ' Release of thefct. A11ans Raiders. ToHOJfTO. April 10th The raiders wer brought before the court this morning, and. all discharged, except Young, who was committed for trial. m m Frocedlngs or the Court. Reported for thfl Ealtto or Sun. Untied States Circuit Court. Present Chief Justice Chase and Judge Giles. The eleven cases on the appeal docket were called and. disposed of as follows: Uni-ed States vs. the Schooner Gen. Cropperbefore reported. Decree of the District Qourt a farmed. The Schooner Caroline and Cargo vs. th? United States btfore reported. Decree of the District Court affirmed. George Weems, owner of the Steamboat George Weems, vs. Philip M. Pyfsr before reported. Decree of the Distric t Court alarmed, with leave to set aside judgment. Th United StAtes vs. Thomas WorJen before reported. Judgment of District Court affirmed. John W. Watkics and others vs. the United S'ates. JudsmentolDistTict Court affirmed. Another case (same parties) marked for trial. United States vs. the Schooner Fashion. Continued. United States vs. Slcop Train A. Bounds. Continued bv consent. Joseph A. Pearson vs. the Schooner Mary Virginia. For trial. White, &c, vs. Applesarlh. Continue! by consent. M. M. Carbalay vs. the Steamboat Keyport. For trial. Court adjourned until to-day. Superior Court. Jndsre Martin. Albert Sig-mund vs. the Howard Bank of Baltiaaore before reponed. Action for damages for not delivering possession of a house according to cottisct. In this case the court instructed the jury as follows: "That if the jury believe from th9 whoia evidence tht-t the defendant mad? the leas in evidence mentioned to the plaintiff, dated on the 21st day cf March, 1C0, and that th defendant made the agreement with Bialla in the evidence mentioned, dated the 21st of February, lS5t, and that the said Bialla was in possession of the premises respecting which tk is suit is brought, under the sail agreement of February 21st, 159, and made no other title cr right, then the plaiatiiF is net entitled to recover, though the jury find that said Bialla continued to hold said pro-pertv after the 1st cf July, 1?'70 " The jury returned a verdict for tha defea-dant. The jury was finally discharged. Criminal Court. Judge Bond. John L. Tha-mas, Jr., Esq., State's Attorney. John Andersou, colored, indicted f jr larceny of Ticstage notes: case stetted- J-Iatthew Harden, indicted for larceny; casa stetted cn payment of costs. State vs. Mary Ann Marshall; case stetted. State vs Rebecca Lee; refore reported; demurrer under curia. WilliamMcBride and Bascsm Philips; coset cf larceny; heretofore reported; postponed t April 17th. Samuel White, indicted for keeping a gaua-blii.honsa; returned non. est. casecoutinned. Jacob Mulhausen pleaded guilty to selling liquor on Sunday, and was fined ?73 and cos's iii one case and f 109 and costs in another cae. The grand and petit juries were discharged, and the court adjonrned until to-day. Circuit Court Judge Alexander Mar v Ann Taylor vs. William Taylor. Petition for divorce a vinculo matrimonii. Wm. C. Pennington and others vs. Emily L. Harper eval. Decree authorizing the trustees under the will cf Catharine Harper to sell certain leasehold estate and invest tha proceeds in public securities, cCt Crpl:ans Court. Letters of administranoa were granted on the estate of Mary Scott t Robert P. Brown; on the estate of Joseph W. Wheeler to Darius Wheeler, and on the estate of George T. Fugitt to Mary E Fogitt. Court cf Common Pitas. Judge King. John Dowell vs. Win. GraEge-befors reported. Jury cut. ReDorted for the Baltimore Sun.l Circuit Court for Baltimore OotjjrTT. TovicrUovm, April 10, 1365. Before Hon. D. O. H. Emory, judge; Jchn T. Ensor, Esq., State' attorney, This court assembled again this mornirg pursuant to adjournment, with a large nnm ber cfpersons in attendance. Jno. H. Lor enecker, Esq., clerk, drew the following gentlemen, 23 ia number, to serva aa graiid jurors, the remaining 20 being held as petit jnrcrs, said list of jurors having been previously returned summoned by SherlfT Thompson. Grand Jury Edwin L- Parker, foreman; Wiliism Gent, Joseph H. Wright, William M. Gare, Syrus K. Mnmiaa, Cornelius H. Cole. William Parker, Thorns? Wooden, Edward. G. Freland, James W. Tvsou, William Foster, Thomas F. Forsyth, Uriah Carter, Stephen Parrish, Philip Clark, Jacob Huff. Joshua II. Parker, Joseph Leaf. Geo. Chil-ccat, Gerard Burnham, John Cooper, Car-ville Councilman, and Eaward R, Sparks. Petit Jury John W. Treadway, Stephen Blatchford, Abraham S. Cooper, tamnel W. O wings, Richard Tyson, Caleb Cross, Georga W. Anderson, Luther Timanus, Charles Thomas, Micajah Meredith. John Cross, David Sindall, Nicholas Walter, Wm.C. Strong. Aqoilla. ilatthews. Jesse R. Yingling, Edw'J. Levering, George E O. Dell, Jabez Armacost, Thomas E. Ensor, Ritter. Wesley B. Coursey. ChristianInselman, David Black-lcck, and Clayton Pines. His honor Judge Emory then charged the grand jury, calling their attention to the important interests and responsible duties entrusted to them to the merits of the oath tbey had each one taken, ana also refer-icg them to the several acts of the code relating to treason, &c- The oath of allegiance, as required by the new Constitution, was here administered by" John W. Wheeler, Esq , deputy clerk, to aU jurors, both grand raid petit. The magistrate's appeal docket was then taken up, and several cases continued, passed, ice. The case of the State vs. Charles Madfeldt, wassetfor trial on Friday, April 14:h. The case of the State vs. Henry Brozsna and others, was set for trial oa Wednesday, April 12?h. Adjourned until to-morrow morning ten o'clock. K. Court op Appeals, AjrH Tern, 1865. Annapolis, April 10, 1865. No. 13. Baltimore Chemical Manufacturing Company vs. Geo. W. Dobbin; an appeal from the Superior Court of Baltimore city. The argument of this cause was commenced by Geo. H. Williams for the appellant, and O. Miller and Geo. W. Dobbin for the appellee. Destruction of the Harriet De Ford. -Corn. F. A. Parker, of the Potomac flotilla, telegraphs to the Navy Department that the Harriet Be Ford, which was captured at Fairhaven on Wednesday last, and carried, into Indian creek by 27 rebels under Captain Fitzbugb, was fired by them as soon as the gnn boats got in sight, and that she burnt to the waters edge. Wash. Star. Aucnos Sale of Cottoh Goods. The entire stock of cotton goods in New York be" longing to the Atlantic Mills, nlass., and era-bracing about 2,000 bales, was sold at auction on Friday. The whole stock was sold at a decline of from four to five cents below the job-bing prices of the day previous. M1 ISS ANNAK-WIKKH (nowlMrs. Nace) wishe to Inform her old customer! that ehe la at 7 HiAKKLLN 8T., and will CUT. HI ana HASJi vniibt3.o, a-bt- LL PEKSOK8 having Claims agatnBt the lata firm of B. WaLKLNS A CO. will present tha same immediately for settlement to JULIUS iHB MAN. r o. 8 M. Bay street, a1-3t: T1 NEGAR, Superior CLARIFIED VI KEG AU, at V SO cents per gallon by the bbl. and 40 cents by the tingle gallon, at JACOB SAUALKNIGr'S Vinegar Depot. 1Q Columbia street- fr4i.t 1 Of! BBLB. APBLKS 1UU KOS BALE, COEITER OF KAGKli BTlittET AKD 6EEBST. MOUNT AVEKUK. a7-3t:' tOA L OIL FOB 8ALK, ia onantiues to suit pur-J chasers by li. W. HAMILL CO.. Manufacturers. a7 ct isa South Eden at. 1OUiKi;TTB. of bent quality, at moderate price, in GuanUue to suit, in uumn Li STKK ft CO., m23-lm! Ko. HON. Howardst. YLDAJi 60 barrels Clarified CIDKK for aale by FKABAON 4-EOLKMAm. IOC Lombard street- mam OUDKBTT E . 60 tons roUDRKTTK Tot sale by liAt At. AJJiaBUa BUCK, ml6-lml ioo Light Street wharf. BALI. - TURKS ISLAND SALT. , . . WORTHINGTON FltTE and GROUND ALUM SALT. For rale by BAMTJKL T. PSAKCK, a6-lm! OS Exchange Place. GLAKLT Vf INKS. 1 IX.0 caaea St. J alien and other bi and Bordeaux Clareta; 50 casta St. Julian, BU Eeterha. Montgomery and ether brand. BHBKKY Vf INKS. 100 cask, various gTade. CHAMPAGNE WINK ft LOCO case CUC0.UO CRAMPAONUB and other favorite brand. . CCGNAC BKANDLB.S. Oil Vintage. BYK WKISKT. and BOURBON WHISKY, choice brand I. 400 bbli. la atcre and tor le by J. B. CHAR RON A CO- ap3tf C0CUaTeraftd49ui5M4.

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