The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1953
Page 2
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PAG« TWO BLYTHEVTLLK COTJRIKB NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, IMi Phone Rate Hearings Recessed Again Until July 23; Bell Up Next LITTLE BOCK (AP) — Hearing on Southwestern Bell Telephone Company'* application for an Arkansas rate increase was recessed late yesterday until July 23 after a one-day resumption before the Public Service Commission. The next installment will be devoted to additional testimony by witnesses ior Southwestern Bell, which is seeking to make permanent a 2.35 million dolar a year increase now being collected under bond and to Ret approval for 1.5 million dollar increase for the future. Bell presented ila direct testimony when the intermittent hearing, opened in April. Testimony to be given later this njonth will be in attempted refutation of opposing testimony that Bell does not ned an increase or in uny case not as large an increase as it is asking. Yesterday's hearing was for cross examination of representatives of Arthur Andersen , and Company. Chicago accounting firm, which was engaged by the Commission to make an independent survey In connection with Southwestern Bell's request. Attorneys for cities opposing the proposed increase brought out tha S. Lloyd Nemeyer of the Andersen firm had not consulted their wit nesses or examined data they ha( assembled. ; Nemeyer said he had not "been invited" to consult with the cities representatives and PSC Chairman Lewis Robinson said the witness was "under no obligation" to seek out the protestanls. The cities' attorneys obviously were surprised when Nemeyer testified on cross examination several weeks ago that Southwestern Bell needed an increase ol around three million dollars above its former rates — those in effect before the bonded Increase was made •— to give it a return of 6.3 per tent on a rate base of some 40 million dollars. Questioning of Nemeyer developed that Andersen and Company *»« charging J17,5M for its services in the rate case. Wiley Hopeful Korean Truce Will Settle Asia Condon Hits AEG For A-Test Ban WASHINGTON W) — Rep. Robert L. Condon (D-Calif) lold the House yesterday he believes the Atomic Energy Commission "did not fairly evaluate ; the information concerning me" when It barred him from witnessing an atom bomb test at es Vegas, Nev., May 7. "Furthermore, I deeply rcs,enl. the manner in which thfi AKC handled this whole affair," the freshman congressman said. WASHINGTON f/D — Sen. Wiley (R-WfK) snld yesterday he is hopeful that, post-ti-uce politicfil negotiations in Korea may open the way for peace in nil of Asia. Wiley, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bald in an Interview he believes wide cracks are developing in the Kremlin which mlRht lead to RM Independent move by the Chinese Communists to arrange a settlement for Asia. "I'm sntis/ied Ihnt the Chinese people are sick of war and after an armistice has been arrange, c in Korea, they will be vitally interested in making some arrangements for peace in all of Asia," Wiley said. Wiley and many of his colleagues are assuming that an agreement with South Korean President Syng- man Rhee reached by Walter Robertson, assistant secretary of state has paved the way for a Korean cease-fire. Sen. H. Alexander Smith fR-NJ) said Roberl.son will testify at a closed session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday to give details of the agreement with Rhee. He is likely to be questioned closely about a proposed mutual security pact with Rhee's government. PIPELINE SET-Above News- map shows where the U. S. arid France have agreed to construct ft pipeline from Dong ex to Metz. The 400-mile line, cost- ins $25 million, will be operated by "Trapil," a commercial oil company controlled by the French government. The fuel- oil line will bf of fjreat strategic importance to U. S. ground and nir force units in Kurope ns well as to other NATO nations. Girl's School Dispute Settled LITTLE ROCK W — A "misunderstanding;" over the status of the board of the Arkansas Girls Trnin- ng School and of the school's superintendent, Mrs. Maxlne Cogbill, apparently wns ended at n jrief conference In Gov. Francis Sherry's office yesterday. Three board members told 3hcrry they had no Intention of •eslgnlnir. They said Mrs. Cogblll ind agreed to withdraw her re- ilRnntlon and remain as superin- endent. Cliff Dwellings Remains of some 300 cliff dwell- ngs, said to have been built and iccupled from 900 to 1100 A. D., re in the Walnut Cnnytm national nonunion!., northern Arizona. low Pockets OKLAHOMA CITY (/P) — Police thought Hlglno Jamcnez' pocKets were sagging suspiciously low and stopped him. A search produced 21 sets of dice, officers reported. He was charged with possession of gambling paraphernalia. WARNING ORDEE In the Chancery Court. Cliloka- snwba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Louise Cranlck, Ptf. vs. No. 12428 Orrin Edward Cranlck, Dft. The defendant, Orrln Edward Cranlck, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Louise draniclc. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1953. Geraldlne Liston, Clerk By Lnverne Ball. D. C, Percy A. Wright, atty for pit. Claude r. Cooper, Rtty ad iliem. 6J2S Tjl-8-16 Things Just Sort of Happen To Comedienne Imogene Coca By BOR THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wl — Things Just sort of.lisppen to Imogene Coca. Take her pots. She rented a Brentwood mansion fois, the summer and the swimming pool looked lonely. So she bought a couple of ducks and called them Mllard and Qrover, nfirr the 13th and 22nd U. S. Presidents. Now her house guest is sick In bed with a virus which the doctor says may have cen carried by the ducks. Then there is her French poodle. He was named Apry because he was supposed to be apricot-colored. One elbow turned out that way. The rest of the dog Is a washed- out white. The co-star of "Your Show of Shows" is spending her vacation 'com TV In a liuite home that once )clonHc<! to MUlon Sills. "The •ooms are so bipt they make my ears pop." says the constantly be- eapruered Miss Coca, who is here with her hu.sbjmd, Robert Burton. Why did she come to California? That's another example of the :oca complex. "I knew our producer, Max Leib- Tiari, was coming out here, r/id I bought Sid (Cae.sar) would too," he explains. "I thought it would a wonderful opportunity to plan ext season's snows. So then Sid ccided to RO to Westport, Conn, on the day I arrived, Max eft town for 12 days'" But there was another reason or her journey. She wanted to ome back to Hollywood as a wln- er. "I had played here twice he- ore," she remarked, "and both mes was not too successful. The rst time was when I was appear- IIIK with Jules MunsMn »s part of George Olson's show at the Palomar dance palace. It burned down the week after we left. "Then about five years ago, I appeared at a place on the Strip called La Papillon. It wasn't a very good engagement; the audience was too chic or something. Anyway, the place went broke a few weeks after I left." See what I menu about things happening to Imogene? The comedienne is more subdued than her TV personality. , and a Kood deal prettier in person. May- Ije Is the California tan. We discussed the plans for "Your Show of Shows" in the fall. "It's going to be much different," she said. "I don't know all the changes, because Max hasn't made up his mind yet. But he is lining up some bit? Hollywood names to appear with us. and we will have some new gimmicks. Most of the supporting acts will i not be back, except as occasional I visitors." I 1 /ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of Commissioners at Drainage District No. 17, of Mississippi County. Arkansas, in the office of the District of the First National Bank Building, Blytheville, Arkansas, until 10:30 o'clock A. M. (CST), July 29, 1953, for excavating approximately 28,100 cubic yards of .material (ditch cleanout), approximately 2.6 miles, at which time j and place the proposals will be pub- ! licly opened and read aloud. Anyj bid received after closing time will! be returned unopened. Copies of the plans, epeciflcations I and other proposed contract docu-| ments are on file In the office of Drainage District No. 11, at Blytheville. Arkansas, and are open for public inspection. A set of such documents may be obtained from C G. Redman, Secretary of the District, upon deposit of Five Dollars ($5.00), which deposit will be refunded to each actual bidder upor return of such documents in gooc order within live days after receipt of bids. The character and amount of security to be furnished by each bidder are stated in the above mentioned documents. Bidder must be licensed in the State of Arkansas, and no bid ma; be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for receipt ol bids fo: at least thirty (30) days. The Board of Commissioner! reserves the right to reject any or at bids »nd to valve informalities. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF DRAINAGE DISTRICT WARMNG ORDER In Ihe Chancery Court, Rhlcka- •awha Olfttrlct, MIulMfppI County, rkHnitnu. Lucius Vnssar (Col), Ptf. vs. No. 12428 Ethel Vassal- (Col), Dft. Tlie defendant, Ethel Vassal 1 , In lercby warned to appear within hlrty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Lucius Vawmr. Dated this 7th clay of July, 18E5:|. Geraldlne Liston, Clerk N THK CIIANCKUY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI OUNTY, ARKANSAS Jewel Gammons, Ptf.. vs. No. 12441 James Frnnklln Gammons, Dft WARNING ORDER The defendant, James Franklin Gammons, Is hereby warned to ap pear within thirty (30) days in thi court named in the caption hereo and answer the complaint of tbj plaintiff, Jewel Gammons. Dated this 14 day of July, 1956. Geraldlne Liston, Clerk By Opal Doyle, D.C Keck & Partlow, attys. for ptf. Frank C. Douglas, atty. ad litem By Laverne Ball, D.C Taylor & Sudbury, attorney foi ptf. James Garner, atty. Ad Lltem. T8-15-22-29 DRUGGISTS RECOMMEND H because it t n ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST Loses Other Arm FORT WORTH. Tex. (/P)—Howan Blgham Davis. 29 .a Fort Wortl ex-convict, had his right arm am puted Monday nipht after it wn; shattered by a shotgun blast In f tavern quarrel. Six months asm, Davis lost his left arm In a similar shooting. MOX In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Start* Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Alwayi A Double Feature LAST TIMKS TONITE TO HAVE AND NOT HAVE With Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall —PLUS— • RICHARD GENUINE A UNiVERSAl-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE ALSO COMEDY THURS & FRI with RAYMOND I « UNIVERSAL-INTERMOMl picture " —PLUS— ALSO COMEDY ••••••••••••••••••••*•• You i 1 friends Coke with food And why not? Coke has been the favorite of four genera-, tions of Americana. Its delightful flavor blends perfectly with good things to eat. 6 Bottle Carton 25c Plus Deposit lOTtllD UND1I »UTMOII1T Of tHI COCA.COIA COMfANt IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE A CoU" it a r« 9 u|*r*d tfod*.(Yio'k. , fi) 1933, THf COCA-COlA COMHMT The Best Family Reference Work Available is: WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Parents: The lime to answer their questions is the time they are asked. Can you do it easily? Do you have an up-to-date, pictorial set to refer lo? 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